Mad Maxine Waters Calls Trump Backers ‘Domestic Terrorists’ Prepping for ‘Civil War’

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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is worried about a civil war and claims Donald Trump supporters are “domestic terrorists.” iStock-Paul Campbell 977454982

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) asserted during an appearance on MSNBC that supporters of former President Donald Trump are “domestic terrorists” who may be “preparing a civil war against us.”

Fox News and other news agencies have picked up on the 85-year-old congresswoman’s comments. She also reportedly declared, “It is not just that [Trump is] a criminal, this is a man who disrespects the Constitution and democracy and we have got to find out what they are doing as domestic terrorists [who] tried to take over the government on Jan. 6.”

Waters, a career anti-gunner, accused Trump of not caring about democracy or the U.S. Constitution. She claimed Trump is “in love with Putin and Russia and Kim Jong-un and North Korea.”

Perhaps the most ominous of her remarks, as quoted by Fox, were revelations that she will ask the Justice Department and President Joe Biden “to tell us what they are going to do to protect this country against violence if [Biden] loses.”

“I want to know about all of those right-wing organizations that [Trump] is connected with who are training up in the hills somewhere and targeting what communities they are going to attack,” Waters stated. “We need to know now, given that he is telling us there is going to be violence if he loses. We need to know what his plan is and how we are going to be protected.”

According to, the California congresswoman is distressed that Trump has claimed his trial was “rigged.”

At that point, Trump appears to have a lot of company. A CBS News/You.Gov poll found that 86 percent of Republicans and 46 percent of Independents believe the former president did not get a fair trial. Meanwhile, 96 percent of Democrats and 54 percent of Independents thought the trial was fair, while only 14 percent of Republicans agreed.

“Most Democrats say it’s made them more confident in the justice system,” CBS reported. “Among Republicans, three quarters say it’s made them less confident in it.”

It was Waters who, back in 2018, encouraged her supporters to “publicly confront and harass members of the Trump administration in response to the ‘zero tolerance’ policy that led to the separation of families at the border,” according to CNN at the time.


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What about Waters’ allegations about Trump supporters “training in the hills somewhere?” Where is the evidence?

According to raw data from the FBI's National Instant Check System, May's background check inquiries topped 2.1 million. There have been more than 2 million checks initiated monthly for more than a year, and though roughly only half may be directly linked to a firearms transaction, it amounts to millions of firearms purchases.

Waters and other Democrats do not want to see gun sales continuing at a steady pace. But a lot of Americans, for whatever reason, are buying guns. Violent crime, police manpower shortages, and even rhetoric about potential violence pending the outcome of the November election from Waters and others may contribute to a sense of uncertainty.

It is nothing new for Trump critics to accuse his supporters of being misfits in one form or another. Hillary Clinton branded Trump supporters as “deplorables,” a brand the Trump crowd accepted with pride. The very reference to “MAGA Republicans” often mouthed by President Joe Biden and others is something akin to social prejudice.

Trump’s conviction gives Biden and every other Democrat down the ladder the chance to call him a convicted felon. Mediaite notes that Biden is already doing it. It will definitely become part of every campaign from Congress to state legislatures. Out in Washington State, for example, the far left, anti-gun Democrat Attorney General Bob Ferguson—now running for the governor’s office—is doing it, posting on “X” (formerly Twitter), “Dave Reichert’s candidate for president just got convicted of 34 felonies. I’m running for Governor to uphold the law. America must not elect a convicted felon for president.”

Republican Reichert is a former King County sheriff and congressman who has arrested criminals, and his candidacy for governor obviously has Ferguson and Democrats worried, even though Ferguson appears to have lots more money in his campaign coffers than Reichert.

Back to Waters, the Washington Examiner also quoted the congresswoman, who stated, “I’m worried that he’s so divisive, and that he’s talking about retribution, and they’re talking about revenge, and I think that that’s dangerous.”

Considering Waters’ previous advice to her followers to “confront and harass” members of Trump’s administration, she appears to be an expert on divisiveness.

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Maxine Waters Calls Trump Supporters ‘Domestic Terrorists,’ Demands Action Against Them

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Trump was convicted in a trial that was so fair, so evenhanded that it would have warmed the cold, cold heart of Uncle Joe Stalin. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Hate Orange Man), however, is still not satisfied. Now, she wants the “Justice” Department to go after the supporters of the man the left loves to hate, and who knows? That could very well be the plan.Waters announced on MSNBC: “I am going to spend some time with the criminal justice system, with the justice system, asking them, ‘Tell us what’s going on with the domestic terrorists." Are they preparing for a civil war against us? Should we be concerned about our safety? What is he doing with this divisive language? It's dangerous, and we’re going to have to make sure that we understand, uh, that we’re not at risk with this man talkin’ in the way that he’s doing.'”

It's fitting: if anyone knows how dangerous talkin’ can be, it’s Mad Maxine. She has a long history of doing it herself.

Back in Oct. 2017, when her bête noire was in the White House, Waters spoke at the Ali Forney dinner for LGBT youth in New York and was in high spirits. “Wow, what a moving evening this is,” Waters told the crowd. “I’m sitting here listening, watching, absorbing, thinking about Ali even though I never met him. And with this kind of inspiration, I will go and take out Trump tonight.”

A firestorm ensued, but Waters waved it away, insisting that she was simply talking about impeaching Trump and removing him from office: “Everybody knows that I’m on the front lines not talking about harming anybody but I am talking about impeachment." I don’t think this President should be representing our country … he creates controversy, he cannot get along with our members of Congress, and I’m going to continue my efforts to impeach him.” How she thought she could singlehandedly impeach Trump on the night of the Ali Forney dinner, she didn’t bother to explain.

Waters showed a taste for incendiary rhetoric on other occasions as well. In 2018, she called on her followers to confront and menace Trump administration officials. “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant,” Waters told a gaggle of her followers, “in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

Then in April 2021, as the nation and the world held its breath waiting for the verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer accused of murdering George Floyd, Waters threw gasoline on the flames: “I hope we get a verdict that says guilty, guilty, guilty. And if we don’t, we cannot go away. We’ve got to stay on the street. We get more active, we’ve got to be more confrontational. We’ve got to make sure that they know that we mean business.” That was too much even for the leftist propagandists at CNN, who ran a piece entitled “Maxine Waters just inflamed a very volatile situation.”

But now she professes to be worried that Trump’s comments about his trial and conviction being politically motivated and dangerous for America’s future as a free republic will move those MAGA-hatted racist redneck yahoos (whom we hear about so much from leftists but never see in real life) to commit acts of violence. Coming from someone who has always waved away concerns about her own potential incitement, this is oddly inconsistent — at least until one remembers that for leftists, the rules they apply to their ideological foes never, ever apply to themselves.

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After all, the object of Waters's unquenchable hatred, Donald Trump, has never called for violence, yet Waters and other leftists insist that he is a dangerous insurrectionist who is bent on destroying “our democracy” and ruling as a dictator. The real worry, however, is or should be over Waters herself and her comrades. They don’t hesitate to use the language of incitement against those whom they hate and fear and are so intent on demonizing and dehumanizing their opponents that they are creating an environment in which violence against Trump supporters will be widely seen as justified and even necessary.

If she weren’t so dangerous, Maxine Waters would merely be ridiculous. Other authoritarians who were inclined to violence, including that little German fellow with the Charlie Chaplin mustache, have been faintly ridiculous, too.

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Biden’s new border move aims to win over voters — but there’s reason for skepticism

The new policies don’t "make a positive difference for Biden in crucial swing states,’ analyst says

U.S. President Joe Biden delivered remarks Tuesday on limiting asylum for migrants who cross the southern border illegally at times when there is a high volume of daily encounters.

Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

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The Biden administration on Tuesday rolled out new executive actions that aim to deny asylum to migrants who illegally enter the U.S. at the southern border, but analysts are already expressing doubts about the move.

President Joe Biden’s measures are expected to shut down asylum requests at the U.S.-Mexico border immediately, because they are triggered by a level of 2,500 daily encounters with migrants at the border — and daily numbers of late have been higher than that.

Senior Biden administration officials said they anticipate that the actions will impact unlawful migration at the border because the calculus will change for would-be migrants, who will now know that they’re going to be removed quickly rather than be allowed to remain in the U.S. for years as court processes unfold.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said early Wednesday that the goal of the executive action is to drive would-be asylum seekers toward lawful pathways and to reduce border encounters.

Mayorkas, in an interview with the news channel MSNBC, emphasized that, while Biden’s action was within his presidential authority, congressional action is still needed.

From the archives (February 2024): McConnell reverses course and joins Trump wing in blocking path for bipartisan border bill

Also see (January 2024): Bipartisan deal on border with Ukraine at risk of collapse as Trump presses Senate Republicans to walk away

He said he expects the U.S.’s “very strong, production partnership with Mexico” under President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to continue under the presidency of the newly elected Claudia Sheinbaum and emphasized that the effort to better control the southern border is a regionwide one.

Analysts’ doubts stem from whether the measures can be implemented, and whether they’ll resonate with voters deciding between Biden and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump in this year’s presidential election.

“The Democratic push for further action on immigration is a direct response to recent polling that has found immigration both remains a top issue for voters and is an issue [voters] believe the GOP is better equipped to solve,” analysts at Beacon Policy Research said in a note. They added that the move comes after the Democratic-run Senate held a vote on a bipartisan border bill last month “in hopes of pinning inaction on immigration policy on Republicans.”

“While Democrats and the Biden administration believe the party’s restrictive border actions can help neutralize the GOP’s advantage on immigration, we are more skeptical,” the analysts said. Challenges will include measures potentially never being fully implemented due to expected lawsuits, as well as possible problems with enforcement unless the U.S. Border Patrol receives more resources, according to the Beacon team.

The American Civil Liberties Union said in a social-media post on Tuesday afternoon that it would challenge the Biden administration’s move in court.

Terry Haines, founder of Pangaea Policy, criticized the new policies as a “nothingburger.”

“Biden’s been teasing border security executive action since February to respond to and show leadership on an issue that might determine the fate of his presidency,” Haines said in a note, adding that the new move “doesn’t make a positive difference for Biden in crucial swing states.”

Venezuelan and Central American migrants arrive at the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City on Friday. They are traveling in a caravan that aims to reach the Mexico-U.S. border in hopes of gaining asylum.

Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

The Trump campaign’s deputy director of communications, Dylan Johnson, criticized the Democratic incumbent in a statement. Biden “can pretend to care about border security, but Americans can see this for what it is: a desperate attempt to buoy his poll numbers,” Johnson said.

Biden, for his part, blasted Republican lawmakers for not supporting the bipartisan border bill months ago on Trump’s orders.

“I’ve come here today to do what Republicans in Congress refused to do — take the necessary steps to secure our border,” the president said in a brief speech on Tuesday afternoon. “Frankly, I would have preferred to address this issue through bipartisan legislation.”

Gallup polls earlier this year showed that immigration ranked as the top problem in the U.S. for three straight months, though the analytics company found that mentions of the issue declined last month.

Gallup polling data showed that the government (21%), immigration (18%) and the economy in general (17%) were statistically tied in May as the most important problems in the U.S., while mentions of immigration declined from prior months.


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