WATCH: Brilliant Doctor CONFRONT Fauci on “making life difficult for unvaccinated”

I was very fit and well before [I received the COVID shot], had a great career, fantastic job, was in a professional sport for many years. I used to exercise twice a day, do quite a vigorous cardiovascular workout in the mornings, go about my job, and lift weights in the afternoon. And then I got the AstraZeneca vaccine, the first one, and I started to immediately experience side effects. But I didn’t attribute the side effects to the vaccine. I had the immediate fevers and everything else people got, and I thought that’s it. … The first thing I felt was really bizarre, I’d get this neurological pain all down my left arm and left leg, and restless legs. My wife at the time was noticing I was flailing my arms and legs about trying to go to sleep.

Orbán’s cabinet declares that ‘UK, Germany, France have fallen, Islam is there’

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Orban’s cabinet is absolutely correct, and the problems with Islamization do not apply only to the UK, Germany and France, but to the entire West, with few exceptions. With globalists in charge, reckless, unvetted open-door immigration policies have changed the landscape of the West.  Add bad economic policies and a decline in the rule of law and national security. One need only look at the wave of pro-Hamas activism (especially on campuses) in globalist-run countries to see that the Hungarian government is correct concerning Islam.
The Supreme Leader of Iran recently applauded and congratulated pro-Hamas campus activists in America. The Palestinian “resistance” from the River to the Sea has always been about annihilating the State of Israel and adding its territory to the list of Islamic countries who have taken their territory by force. Now the revolutionary Hamas resistance has been transported globally. HAMAS is the acronym for Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya (Islamic Resistance Movement), and as a Muslim Brotherhood offshoot, it has stated its intention of global dominion. See also HERE.
Hungary’s local and European parliament elections are both to be held on June 9. Hungarian general elections are in 2026. According to the Balkan Insight, “the green-leftist mayor, Gergely Karacsony, is expected to be re-elected” in Budapest,  and the “European elections are likely to redraw the political map of Europe, though probably not as much as Orban hopes.”
“Orbán’s cabinet says UK, Germany, France have fallen, Islam is there,” Daily News Hungary, May 31, 2024:
At stake in the European parliamentary election will be whether war or peace prevails, Zoltán Kovács, the state secretary for international relations and communications, said during a campaign tour on Thursday. He said the Vietnam and Cambodian wars started when French military experts were sent out to these countries, and now French trainers “are going to Ukraine”. Also, when it came to war, a similar situation prevailed as in 2015 in relation to migration," he said, citing a former Economist journalist who told him that everything the Hungarian government had predicted about migration in 2015 was now happening in Britain.
“London has fallen, there’ll be a general election on July 4, there’s an Islamist organisation, and the country’s culture is changing,” Kovács said, adding that much the same was true in Germany and France and everywhere illegal migration was prevalent….

Pro-Hamas protesters take over part of Brooklyn Museum, vandalize artwork, scuffle with police

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With climate fantasists defacing artwork and pro-Hamas thugs menacing people at museums, before too long such cultural installations will be a thing of the past.

“Police arrest 22 for anti-Israel demo backed by pro-Hamas group at Brooklyn Museum,” Times of Israel, June 1 2024 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Pro-Palestinian protesters took over parts of the museum on Friday, hanging a banner above the main entrance, occupying much of the lobby and scuffling with police, witnesses said.

New York City police officers tackled and punched protesters during scuffles that broke out in the crowd outside the museum, while some demonstrators hurled plastic bottles at officers and shouted insults. Other protesters held banners, waved Palestinian flags and chanted boisterously on the steps of the grand, Beaux Arts museum, which is the city’s second largest.

The art museum in the New York City borough of Brooklyn said it closed an hour early due to the disruption.

One of the arrests was of a man who spray-painted an outdoor sculpture, Reuters witnessed. Skirmishes between police and protesters also took place inside the building.

“There was damage to existing and newly installed artwork on our plaza,” a museum spokesperson said in an email. “Protesters entered the building, and our public safety staff were physically and verbally harassed….

Security guards prevented many from entering, with videos posted on social media showing them trying to secure the museum’s doors against the surging crowd, but some demonstrators managed to get inside.

A banner was hung from atop the neoclassical facade proclaiming, “Free Palestine, Divest From Genocide,” while the protesters also set up tents in the lobby.

A pro-Palestinian organization named Within Our Lifetime urged demonstrators to “flood Brooklyn Museum for Gaza,” alluding to the name that Hamas gave to its October 7 terror onslaught that started the war in Gaza. Within Our Lifetime, which praised the Hamas-led attack in the immediate aftermath of the atrocities, says activists occupied the museum to compel it to disclose any Israeli-related investments and to divest any such funding….