Iran Seizes Upon a Chance to Get Even More Money From Biden

(Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader via AP)
You’ll be relieved to hear it: after refusing for years to deal directly with the nation he frequently refers to as “the Great Satan,” the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, paused from screaming “Death to America” to grant his approval for Iran to enter into direct negotiations with the Biden regime for a new nuclear deal. Why now? Well, Old Joe and his henchmen just sent six billion dollars and two Iranians imprisoned in the United States (the deal was for five, but three refused to return to the Islamic Republic) to Iran in exchange for five American hostages. Khamenei is no dope: he knows an easy mark when he sees one, and he is setting the stage for Iran to receive more American largesse., an outlet for news of Iran, Iraq, and the Arabian Peninsula, reported Monday that “Iran’s nuclear negotiators have been granted permission to enter direct talks with the United States,” and enthused “the apparent U-turn by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei could be a watershed moment for the contention over the Iranian nuclear program.” It’s a U-turn because although the Biden regime was in appeasement talks with Iran’s Islamic regime before, it was all done indirectly. Khamenei and his colleagues maintained the stance that the Great Satan was just too evil to talk to, and so all the earlier negotiations were done through intermediaries.

If you’re thinking that those intermediaries were from Britain or France or some other longtime American ally, think again. That would have been far too pro-American for the Biden regime. Instead, Old Joe’s handlers, in yet another of their endless series of decisions that could easily have had catastrophic consequences for ordinary Americans, turned over the leadership of the 2022 Iran nuke deal negotiations to a Russian diplomat, Mikhail Ulyanov. Yes, that’s right: while the Biden regime was conducting a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, it was trusting Russia to get a good deal for it with the Iranians.

Or maybe the relentlessly anti-American Bidenites actually wanted a bad deal. After all, what assurance did Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his hopelessly America-Last subordinates have that Ulyanov would fight for the best interests of the United States? None, of course. And Mikhail Ulyanov even explained in March 2022 that the deal that was at that point in its final negotiating stages was shaping up to be terrific — not for the United States, but for the Islamic Republic of Iran and the People’s Republic of China.

That deal never came to pass. Fate, in the form of the nationwide protests in Iran against the Islamic Republic, intervened, making it too risky from a public relations standpoint to conclude a deal with the mullahs at the same time that they were going to war against their own people. Now, however, the mullahs have ruthlessly suppressed those protests, and Khamenei sees that there is money to be made in dealing with the Biden regime. Amwaj reported that “top nuclear negotiator Ali Baqeri-Kani is ready to meet with White House Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa Brett McGurk in Oman as early as the coming weeks.” If that meeting takes place, a deal could follow quickly, since Mikhail Ulyanov has already paved the way for it.

All this is happening despite the fact that the Islamic Republic has not retreated even a centimeter from its anti-American stance. In mid-September, when the hostage deal was done, Iran’s state-controlled Press TV reported that Khamenei was crowing about America’s decline, saying that “the arrogant power of America and some European countries has weakened and will become weaker.”

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Indeed. And it’s all thanks to Old Joe Biden and his henchmen, who are now apparently poised to hand over even more billions to Iran in exchange for empty promises. One of the principal signs of the American weakness that Khamenei perceives is the Biden regime’s repeated attempts to appease and conciliate the outstandingly hostile Iranian mullahs in the first place. When Obama sent billions of dollars in cash to Tehran, those mullahs used the money to finance jihad terror groups worldwide, including Hamas and Hizballah. The outcome will be no different with the $6 billion Old Joe has just sent to Iran, and won’t be any different with the payoff that is certain to be part of a new nuclear deal, either.

Compounding the criminality of the Biden regime’s stance toward Iran is the fact that without all this American money, the brutal and bloodthirsty Islamic regime in Iran would likely have fallen years ago. Once the new nuke deal is concluded and Khamenei has more American money to count, he should take a page from Kamala Harris’ book and call the White House to say, “We did it, Joe!”

Report reveals that Iran is capable of ‘making a nuclear bomb in one week’

SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

Had the sanctions that Donald Trump imposed continued against Iran, its speed in developing a nuclear bomb would not have been possible, so we know who, at least in part, to thank for this alarming development: Obama and Biden.

“Iran capable of building nuclear bomb in one week, report finds as Middle East tensions flare,” by Anders Hagstrom, Fox News, February 7, 2024:

An Iran watchdog group says the country has enough weapons-grade uranium to build a nuclear weapon in just one week.

The Institute for Science and International Security published the findings in a report on Monday, saying Tehran could produce a total of six bombs in a month.

“The volatile situation in the region is providing Iran with a unique opportunity and increased internal justification for building nuclear weapons while the United States and Israel’s resources to detect and deter Iran from succeeding are stretched thin,” the report states. “Iran’s nuclear weapons capabilities are more dangerous than they have ever been, while its relations with the West are at a low point.”

Iran can “break out and produce enough weapon-grade enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon in a week, using only a fraction of its 60% enriched uranium,” the report continued. “This breakout could be difficult for inspectors to detect promptly, if Iran took steps to delay inspectors’ access.”

Iran has been steadily growing its ability to produce enriched uranium in recent years. The substance needs to be enriched to roughly 90% before being used in a nuclear weapon. Iran has an extensive supply of 60% enriched uranium that could quickly be siphoned off and enriched further…..

Hamas patron Qatar has given over $5,600,000,000 to US universities since 2007

Colorado: Far-left House speaker denies recognition of families of Hamas victims


SEE:; republished below in full, unedited, for informational, educational, & research purposes:

Said Julie McCluskie: “I did not have assurances that members on both sides of the aisle would rise to the occasion, and I had concerns that continuing to bring this issue into the chamber would have had long term detrimental impacts on how we are able to work together for the people of Colorado.”

Yet far-left Democrats are the ones who have caused all the troubles regarding civility in the Colorado House chamber. McCluskie likely didn’t want to appear to be pro-Israel when the Democrats’ thoroughly and efficiently propagandized far-left base passionately hates the Jewish state.

“Families of Hamas victims denied Colo state House visit by Democrat leader,” Colorado Peak Politics, February 6, 2024:

Decorum in the state legislature sunk to an embarrassing new low this week under the rule of Democrat House Speaker Julie McCluskie.

Several dignitaries and family members of some of those kidnapped in the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel were denied recognition on the House floor.

They were banned by McCluskie who admitted she could not maintain civility among the lawmakers to treat the visitors and victims with civility.

Instead, McCluskie demanded respect for the radicals who have recently behaved so abhorrently towards Jewish lawmakers, that at least one has resigned in frustration.

“We must respect the deep personal connections members in this chamber have to this ongoing tragedy. I did not have assurances that members on both sides of the aisle would rise to the occasion, and I had concerns that continuing to bring this issue into the chamber would have had long term detrimental impacts on how we are able to work together for the people of Colorado.”

Nice try McCluskie, but it’s your Democrats like Elisabeth Epps who protested from the House gallery and heckled Jewish lawmakers on the floor who are the problem.

Then there’s Tim Hernandez who took down the U.S. flag on his desk and replaced it with a flag that represents Palestinians….

After his guests were blocked by McCluskie at the last minute, the dignitaries were instead honored in the Senate chambers….

Manny Silva: Should A General Superintendent Resign For Giving Unbiblical Advice?

The Bible is clear on the standard God has set for human sexuality. It does not take a theologian with a PhD to understand it. Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 describe homosexuality as an abomination. Romans 1:26-28 says homosexuality is a vile affection practiced by reprobates. The Old and New Testaments clearly condemn this as sin.

It does not take much reading and “conversation” to come the conclusion that the following summarizes God’s biblical standard:

  1. Marriage is between a man and a woman only.
  2. Sex outside of marriage is a sin.
  3. Homosexuality is a sin. (often mentioned in scripture as an abomination).
  4. Same sex marriage is a sin.

The Church of the Nazarene ascribes to these standards, “officially.” And yet we know that often human beings will say one thing, and then do or say the exact opposite in secret. Even worse, there are Nazarene leaders, including those in the highest places, who are secretly supporting, or at best, turning a blind eye to sinful behavior. And there is at least one General Superintendent (as yet his/her name is unknown) who gave blatantly unscriptural advice to a pastor in 2019.

In January of 2019, Will Campbell officiated a same sex wedding for his brother. He was given advice by a General Superintendent, who give him tacit approval to participate in the wedding. The following is direct testimony by Rick Power at a Pastors’ meeting last year. Rick Power told the pastors the following regarding his son-in-law:

“Will participated [in the same sex wedding] by reading a poem and by praying. And he did that at the advice of one of our General Superintendents who said, “as ministers of the gospel, when we are invited to pray or to read scripture, to perform a ministerial function, we do it.”

A General Superintendent is tasked with the main responsibility of guiding and leading the denomination in upholding biblical standards as well as the rules and regulations according to the Church Manual. That is his/her primary duty, to be faithful to the word of God, and also to lead by example; by word, and by deed.

So now, please let this fact sink in. A General Superintendent told an ordained minister of the church that it is perfectly fine to “read scripture”, “read a poem”, and do pretty much anything else at a same sex marriage, and it will be okay... as long as you are not the officially listed minister on the marriage certificate.

A New Code of Conduct?

Well, that surely is a new way to lower the standards of Holy Scripture! The logical conclusion is this: “it is sinful for an individual to marry someone of the same sex, but it is perfectly fine for an ordained elder in the church to approve of the wedding, read scripture or a poem at the wedding, and then celebrate and dance at the reception with all the others who are celebrating what is an abomination before God.”

That’s the new standard that this General Superintendent has expressed, albeit in private to one ordained elder. Except the problem is that it is no longer private. Pastors in the Hawaii District were told about this, and so what’s to stop them from doing the same thing? More Nazarenes are aware since we posted this information, so what is to stop more Nazarene elders to do what Will Campbell did?

At the Pastor’s meeting, Rick Power continued to rationalize that what Will Campbell did was perfectly fine for any Nazarene elder to do:

“We show up. But of course we draw the line at actually performing the wedding. That's very clear in church polity. So if you're just watching the video, you might think, well, they're both there and they're both officiating the ceremony. But we do make that distinction between the minister of record who signs the marriage license and pronounces the couple man and wife, and others who might participate in other ways by praying or singing, whatever it might.”

Rick Power says that it’s “very clear in church polity” that there is a new standard. Very clear? How many Nazarene elders have received a new memo from the General Superintendents that this is the new standard? Is Rick Power totally making up his own perceived denomination-wide standard, or is there only a tacit, secret approval from the top leaders in the church?

Again, what is suggested is clear. “Do whatever you want, attend a same sex wedding, read scripture or a poem, celebrate an abomination all you want. As long as you don’t sign the official line on that marriage certificate, you are just fine.”

Welcome to the new, “unofficial” Code of Conduct in the Church of the Nazarene. With a wink and a nod perhaps.

Repent or Resign

We need to be equal opportunity Bible believers when it comes to sin. And when it comes to those who are high profile, the standards should not deviate one bit. Recently Alistair Begg, a highly respected pastor and solid preacher, made the egregious error of recommending to a grandmother that she attend a same sex marriage, and also bring a gift! Since this revelation, Alistair Begg has refused to recant from his horribly bad and unbiblical advice. As much as he has blessed so many with his preaching, this man is wrong and must be called out as well. He must be held accountable and repent from his very harmful advice. Coming from someone with such prominence, it can be even more damaging to the body of Christ.

When church leaders are not held accountable, it brings untold damage to the church. The same accountability must be applied in the Church of the Nazarene. The General Superintendent who gave Will Campbell this advice needs to repent of what he/she said. He or she needs to confess this error to the church publicly, because only then will there be a chance to be “rehabilitated”. But if he or she cannot give up this unbiblical idea and admit it is wrong, then the only option is to resign, along with any other General Superintendent who knew and went along with the idea, or ignored the opportunity to correct a fellow leader.

The General Superintendents who were on duty in January of 2019 were: David Busic, Filimão Chambo, Gustavo Crocker, Eugenio Duarte, David Graves, Carla Sunberg.


“Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness”. James 3:1

Manny Silva

Stand For Truth Ministries
"The entirety of Your word is truth, And every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever." Psalm 119:160


“Within the theological structure of the cults there is considerable truth, all of which, it might be added, is drawn from biblical sources, but so diluted with human error as to be more deadly than complete falsehood.”
  ― Walter Martin, Kingdom of the Cults