American Ranchers & Hunters Feeling the Flood of Illegal Invaders ~ VIDEO


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Let me tell you why I am worried. I conduct 40-60 Outdoor seminars per year from retail stores such as Cabela’s on up to the big shows such as the SHOT Show. (Yes, Covid slowed my seminars down).

I think it was a year or maybe two years ago that I was giving a series of seminars at the Dallas Safari Club Convention & Expo. In between seminars, I hit all of the booths, trying to network with the vendors. I met with one outfitter whose ranch was down near the border.

We talked for a while, and in talking, the guide’s wife got to telling me a story. It turns out that one of their cabins had gotten broken into by illegal immigrants. It was strange because the illegals had totally trashed out of the cabin. I was raised in Texas, and we always deer hunted in South Texas. Back then, when illegals, mostly from Mexico, broke into a hunting cabin, they ate a little food and drank all of your Big Reds. But, I had never heard of a cabin being trashed out by them.

Periodically, hunting buddies would open up a deer blind before daylight and find one sleeping in it. Or they’d stop by the camp, and you’d give them a sandwich, and they’d ask for directions to Sonora or wherever they were headed. I’ve seen them carrying Prestone antifreeze bottles for water jugs, which 50 years ago was their canteen of choice.

All of the ranchers had illegals working for them. I remember one big ranch we hunted on. It was a 12,000-acre ranch. It didn’t have one drop of water on it, so the ranch drilled wells on top of the mountains (really just hills) and ran 1 ½-inch pipes down the hills to water troughs.

The rancher hired an illegal named Juan to daily check the water troughs. Deer, turkeys, javelinas, and illegals drank out of them. All would have died if they had gone dry. The rancher warned us that if Juan were coming down one of the pasture roads to get off to the side, he’d likely run into our truck. He never stopped or slowed down. When he panicked, he punched the gas! Mid-day, once, Juan taught us how to rope sheep and shear them.

Even though encountering an illegal in the field scared me as a kid, I can’t name one time I ever heard of an illegal harming anyone or anything.

Now, let’s fast forward to today’s border crossers. The above-mentioned guide’s wife said they called in the Border Patrol. Upon examining their cabin, the agent kicked the dirt and said, “Dang, we thought that we’d caught all of them.”

She said what? Of course, you haven’t caught all of the illegals. The agent said no, I’m just talking about the Iranians.

He said groups of 10-15 young 25–35 year-old Iranians were sneaking across the borders. Do you, in your most naïve state of mind, not suspect that these are terrorist cells being planted in America? I can promise you that they are. Do you ever hear Biden/Karine Jean-Pierre mention this crisis? Of course not.

If you don’t live on the border, then you don’t have a clue how big of a crisis we have on the border.

Earlier this fall, I was invited to a sponsored hunt on a 10,000-acre ranch off the border.

The rancher called a few days before I was to jump on a plane to fly down for the hunt. He said we could still come, but it was chaotic down there. INS had stopped a train, and 160 illegals had jumped off and flooded his ranch. That is, except for two that were dead, and I think they arrested 67 that were dehydrated or deadly sick.

Illegals were running wild on his ranch. Helicopters and drones were flying all over. For a good documentary on what is going on, watch the video above.

Due to the above Biden-caused fiasco, we jumped to a different ranch 2-hours north of the border. We’d hunt all day, and then me and my buddy were sleeping in a cabin/lodge. I don’t know if we’d forgotten to lock the back door or what, but due to the wood floors, in the middle of the night, I clearly heard someone walking down the hallway. They stopped at my door and jiggled the handle.

Look at what just happened in Israel. The above is our Gaza. This is a huge deal. We know that terrorists are patient, just like a rattlesnake coiled up waiting for a chance to strike. Look at all of the Palestinians that are at this moment protesting in cities across America. Do you think that they came to America to enjoy the American dream or to destroy it? Are they forming cell groups throughout America as we speak? If so, I’m afraid this will make 9/11 look like child’s play.

And before you say some drivel like I’m a refugee hater, etc., I believe that three times while running meat processing plants, I have been the largest employer of “refugees” in two different states. Everyone in America, other than Indians, are refugees or descendants of refugees. But before now, “refugees” came to America to escape persecution or for a better life. Now, some groups are coming to destroy/conquer America.

It is time for America to wake up. The only rational way that I can describe the actions of the current administration is that they hate America and want to destroy her.

How else do you explain them allowing open borders, accepting and releasing unvetted illegals, letting a Chinese spy balloon transverse all the way across America, and all of the other atrocities that they are committing?

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