This May Prove the $260K Wires From China Were for Joe Biden

This May Prove the $260K Wires From China Were for Joe Biden
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
As PJ Media reported earlier this week, subpoenaed bank records show that Hunter Biden received wire transfers totaling $260,000 from communist China in the late summer of 2019. What made these wire transfers particularly interesting was that they listed Joe Biden’s Delaware residence as the beneficiary address for the funds

A beneficiary address can either be the address listed on the recipient’s account or the address provided by the person sending the wire. The wire records do not clearly indicate who provided the address in question.

“Bank records don’t lie but President Joe Biden does. In 2020, Joe Biden told Americans that his family never received money from China,” House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) said earlier this week. “We’ve already proved that to be a lie earlier this year, and now we know that two wires originating from Beijing listed Joe Biden’s Wilmington home as the beneficiary address when he was running for president.”

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Here’s where things get interesting. It is true that Hunter spent time living in his daddy’s house off and on between 2017 and 2019. That makes it conceivable that he was living there at the time of the wire transfers, thus offering a simple explanation for why Hunter Biden would have had the wires sent there: that’s where he happened to be living at the time.

But it turns out, Hunter wasn’t living there when the wire transfers were made.

How do we know? Well, for starters, Hunter Biden was married and living in California with his new wife at the time. He said as much in his 2021 memoir, Beautiful Things, and his proposed guilty plea indicates he was in California at the time as well:

After numerous programs and trips to rehab, [Hunter] Biden got sober in May 2019, the same month he married his current wife. He has remained sober since. Biden remained in California and spent much of Summer 2019 painting and developing plans for his memoir, which he began working on through the fall and into the winter.

Once again, proponents of the narrative that there is “no evidence” that Joe Biden was involved in or benefited from Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings — that relied on his influence — are going to have a hard time coming up with an explanation why Joe Biden would be receiving $260,000 from China when Hunter Biden wasn’t living in his home.

Never Mind Those Hordes of Military-Aged Chinese Men With the Same Clothing, Haircuts, and Tattoos Swarming Our Southern Border

Never Mind Those Hordes of Military-Aged Chinese Men With the Same Clothing, Haircuts, and Tattoos Swarming Our Southern Border
Experts believe that more than seven million illegal immigrants have crossed the border since *President Biden occupied the White House.

The apparatchiks in the Pravda Press downplay the situation by assuring us the invaders are “families,” even though most of the videos we see are of single, military-aged men, frequently from Venezuela.

But the most onerous onslaught at our northern and southern borders is the disturbing number of single, military-aged Chinese men and women finding their way into our country and disappearing once they get in.

FACT-O-RAMA! Between January and March of 2022, 71 Chinese individuals crossed the Darien Gap, the strip of land that connects North and South America, the route preferred by the Chinese. During the same time frame this year, 2,200 made the journey. You can see a video of young, Chinese nationals lining up for buses in Panama headed for the U.S.

Why would Chinese nationals fly into Panama and make a seemingly arduous voyage to our southern border? According to Anthony Rubin, the founder of Muckraker, who filmed Chinese people lining up for a seat on a U.S.-bound bus, they aren’t able to simply fly in and wait for their visas to expire like they did in the good old days.

“This would be for people who can’t fly into the U.S. directly,” Rubin told Fox News. So what they do is they get on a flight, and they fly into some South American country. Then from there, they would go to Colombia, they would go across the jungle, pop out in Panama, and then they would head up to the United States. But this is going to be for people who can’t fly into the U.S. directly. You’d rather just fly into the U.S. and overstay your visa. This is for people that don’t have that access for whatever reason.”

FACT-O-RAMA! Muckraker claims they have found a Chinese document giving detailed information on how to enter the U.S. via the Darien Gap. The document includes a Subway sandwich restaurant in Mexico where one can buy fake permits, how much to pay smugglers, and how to avoid detection at the border, including uninstalling the Chinese spy app “WeChat.” You can watch the Muckraker video here.

Rubin told Fox News that some Chinese people he was filming “do not want their faces on camera.” Now why would that be?

Rubin explained:

Either they are foreign actors that are coming over here for nefarious reasons or, number two, these are people that are afraid of some sort of retribution by the Communist Chinese Party. If it’s number two, well then what does that mean? That means that these people are going to be beholden to the Communist Chinese Party once they’re here. Oh, you’re in the United States. Okay, well, we’re going to threaten your friends and family back home in China unless you do X, Y, and Z. Either way, it’s very dangerous. You can’t allow this to just continue and have all these people cross the border. I mean, it just will not work.

Retired U.S. Col. and a member of Devon Nunes’s staff, Derek Harvey, recently revealed to The Epoch Times that many of the Chinese men scrambling over the border are showing up with the same haircuts, tattoos, backpacks, and “pocket litter,” which he defined as the same wallet and the same type of ID cards. Even more harrowing, Harvey claims they are all a part of a special ops wing of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), and our intel officials are well aware of what is happening.

He also stated that most of the Chinese are coming to the U.S. through the Darien Gap.

“We have Chinese nationals of military age coming into Latin America, coming across the southern border,” Harvey explained in a recent video interview. “They wear the same clothes, they have the same haircuts, they have the same pocket litter. They have the same, ah, knapsacks. It’s like it’s a uniform. And they get processed and they move on.”

Harvey had more shocking news to reveal:

They have the same wallet, they have the same types of identification. It’s all the same. And we have good information that they are products of a… they have the same rituals the same tattoos, and the operating theory by our border patrol and our intelligence elements is they come from one specific special operation unit.

When Asked by “Over the Target” host Lee Smith for clarification, Harvey confirmed what he said—the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Intel officials are well aware of who these people are, Chinese special ops from the PLA.

Again, the Mao-Maos in the left press were eager to tell us not to believe our eyes, the CBP, and our intel specialists.

Bonus trouble! Harvey also stated that Venezuela, Iran, Russia, and China are working together against us and that Iran and Hezbollah already have sleeper cells in the U.S.

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What Have We Learned?

We have learned that intel officials and the CBP are allegedly well aware that China is sending special ops intruders over our border and the pinko press is diligently denying it. Chinese people appear to be using the Darien Gap to make their way to the U.S. in record numbers and military-aged men with the same haircuts, tattoos, and clothing are pouring over the border. Iran and Hezbollah are believed to have sleeper cells standing by. Joe Biden is allowing all of this to happen. What could go wrong?

‘Muhammad’ Is Taking Over the World

'Muhammad' Is Taking Over the World
(AP Photo/Peter Dejong,file)
The demographic jihad is taking the non-Muslim world by storm.

According to a Sept. 11, 2023, report, “Muhammad” is the most popular name for newborn baby boys in Israel (followed by Adam, Joseph, and David)

Although Israel is a Jewish nation, it is also right smack in the Middle East, so this finding may not be overly surprising.

What, however, does one make of the fact that all throughout Western Europe, which for centuries represented the antithesis of Islam, newborn baby Muhammads are also taking over?

For example, according to an even more recent report from a couple of days ago, Muhammad is the most popular name for baby boys born in the United Kingdom.

It’s the same all throughout Western Europe. According to a May 8, 2023, report,

The first name Mohammed has gained popularity in Germany in the past year….  In Berlin, Mohammed was the most popular first name for boys in 2022. Last year he had ranked third…. In Bremen, the first name Mohammed has moved up from third place to second place…. In Hesse, too, the name of the Muslim prophet is on the rise. There he fought his way from eighth to third place.

Muhammad is the most popular name in major Belgian cities — including Brussels, the EU capital; in Oslo, the capital of Norway; and in the Netherlands’ largest cities, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht.

This is to say nothing of other Arabic/Muslim names, which are also topping the charts of newborn baby names. According to a 2015 report, in the UK,

There is a surge in Arabic names generally, with Nur a new entry in the girls’ top 100, jumping straight to number 29, and Maryam rising 59 places to number 35. Omar, Ali, and Ibrahim are new to the boys’ top 100.

Even in the United States, in 2019, Muhammad made the list of top 10 baby names. “Arabic names are on the rise this year,” the BabyCenter said, “with Muhammad and Aaliyah entering the top 10 and nudging Mason and Layla off.”

All this may seem innocuous enough. After all, what’s in a name?

On the other hand, because more numbers equate to more power and influence, many Muslims see their progeny as their contribution to the jihad — the ancient “struggle” to make Islam supreme.

video from last year of Muslims and Danes quarreling in Denmark makes this clear. In the video, one Muslim man can be heard yelling the following words to a Dane:

We have five children, you only have one or two. In 10 to 15 years there will be more Pakistanis than Danes in this country!… The Danes are five million, soon you’ll be exterminated. Look at the Swedes, look at the Norwegians, look at the Finns, man! We are multiples [of] millions, man!

The clamorous Muslim goes on to accuse Europeans of preferring bestiality to marriage — hence their dearth of children. Soon other Muslims chime in. One says, “I just got married and will also have five children.” Others start yelling about how the Danes’ “mothers will be pregnant again,” because their mothers and sisters are “whores” (who presumably sleep around with the Muslims). Others chant, “This isn’t Denmark anymore, this is Paki-land,” and repeat several times, “We are taking over your country.”

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This kind of thinking has a long pedigree. “We have 50 million Muslims in Europe,” Muammar Gaddafi said back in 2006, before more realistically adding, “There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe — without swords, without guns, without conquest — will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.”

Ongoing reports and polls suggest this long-cherished Muslim dream may not be so farfetched. Thus, in the United Kingdom, “Muslim hate fanatics plan to take over Britain by having more babies and forcing a population explosion,” a report  revealed some fifteen years ago: “The swollen Muslim population would be enough to conquer Britain from inside.” Two years later, “Estimates in 2010 showed that Europe had 44 million Muslims.”

One Pew report found that one out of every three people on earth is set to be Muslim by 2070. Another Pew report says that the Muslim population of Europe is set to triple by 2050 — just when all those baby Muhammads are coming of age.

In Germany, about 20% of the population is set to be Muslim by 2050; in Austria, too.  Considering that the average Muslim man is more zealous over his way of and purpose in (Islamic) life than the average German male, 20% may be more than enough for an Islamic takeover of — certainly at least mass havoc in — Germany.

Incidentally, this “baby jihad” can be achieved with either Muslim or non-Muslim (infidel) women. As an example of the latter, a Muslim imam was videotaped saying that, because European men lack virility, their women seek fertility among Muslim men:

We will give them fertility! We will breed children with them, because we will conquer their countries! Whether you like it or not, you Germans, Americans, French, and Italians and all those akin to you [Western people]—take in the refugees. For soon we will call them [and their Western-born sons] in the name of the coming caliphate! And we will say to you, ‘These are our sons.’

Similarly, the diary of Patrick Kabele, an African Muslim man who was living and arrested in Britain for trying to join the Islamic State — his primary motive being to purchase a nine-year-old sex slave — had references that only like-minded Muslims would understand. In an effort, as the aforementioned imam said, to use European women as incubators and “breed children with them,” Kabele noted that he had been “seeding some women over here, UK white,” adding, “I don't [sic] kiss anymore.” (Unlike straightforward mating, kissing is deemed an intimate act, and Muslims, in keeping with the doctrine of “love and hate” (or al-wala’ w’al-bara’), must always hate non-Muslims — even when copulating with or being married to them.

This same strategy is being used in the Muslim world against Christian minorities. Unlike in the West, however, where women freely give themselves to Muslims, Christian minorities are seized and seeded by Muslim men.

Even so, Muslim women remain the primary incubators for this demographic jihad — and many of them see it as their obligation. A Christian Eritrean volunteer and translator, who worked in migrant centers in Germany and was often assumed to be Muslim by the migrants, once confessed that “Muslim migrants often confide in her and tell her about their dislike towards Christians,” and that “a number of the Muslim migrants she has spoken to have revealed a hatred for Christians and are determined to destroy the religion.” How they plan on doing this is telling:

Some women told me, ‘We will multiply our numbers. We must have more children than the Christians because it’s the only way we can destroy them here.’

Not that many Western Europeans seem to care. Some are even glad to see their own kind die off and be replaced by Muslims — such as Dr. Stefanie von Berg, who exulted before the German parliament:

Mrs. President, ladies and gentlemen. Our society will change. Our city will change radically. I hold that in 20, 30 years there will no longer be a [German] majority in our city. …. And I want to make it very clear, especially towards those right wingers: This is a good thing!

From here, one understands the true root of the immediate problem — and, as usual, it is not procreating Muslims as it is perverse Western elements. Having turned its back on its founding faith and Judeo-Christian principles, a moribund culture — typified by nihilism, hedonism, cynicism, and, accordingly, dropping birth rates — simply has little worth living for and is giving way to a more zealous one.

For Just $83,140 per year, Princeton Will Train Your Son to Be a Drag Queen

For Just $83,140, Princeton Will Train Your Son to Be a Drag Queen
National Audubon Society video:
It costs a staggering $83,140 to send a student to Princeton University, and that’s just for one year. Four years of this august Ivy League school will set you back a cool $332,560, and just think: for that kind of money, you could have bought a brand-new Corvette convertible every year and had some spare change left over.

But Princeton has its benefits: you may not be able to tool around in the glorious sunshine with the wind blowing your hair back, but for all that dough, Princeton will take your thoughtful, intelligent son and turn him into a prancing, preening, children’s-innocence-stealing drag queen. And they will do that in just one year, in case you can’t afford all four. Hey, it’s worth $83,140 to get in step with the times, isn’t it?

The College Fix reported Thursday that Princeton has launched a “new ‘Drag University’ program” that purports to “train students in the ‘artform.’” Do parents send their children to Princeton for this? If there are any parents out there (and I’m sure there are, complete with peeling Bernie stickers on their Volvos) who would be pleased and proud, nay, thrilled, if their sons became drag queens), there are cheaper ways to accomplish this than plunking down $83,140 to get him or her or xer or whatever a degree from Princeton.

The Princeton drag queen training program is “open to all undergraduate and graduate students interested in the world of drag,” so students need not be concerned that they might be too young for it. There are no prerequisites or preliminary courses that enrollees have to take; they can go from zero to drag queen with just one course. No wonder Princeton charges so much.

The course goes for the entire “academic” year and covers a sweeping array of pressing issues that every young man who will be graduating from college and facing the future in the next few years needs to know, and know thoroughly. These include “the history of drag, ‘Sewing 101,’ choreography, face painting, photoshoots, and other topics,” as if all that wasn’t quite enough, thank you very much.

On the cutting edge as always, Princeton was actually offering scholarships for this course. An Instagram post stated: “Drag University is a new program housed under the mentorship pillar of the Gender + Sexuality Resource Center,” as anyone would expect. The Gender + Sexuality Resource Center describes itself as fostering “a supportive and inclusive campus community for women, femme, trans and queer Princetonians.”

In line with that mission, Princeton’s Drag University is a full-year program that will “teach about the history of drag, as well as the art form of drag. Sessions will be taught by local drag performers, on-campus partners who know their way around machines, and other students. This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students. The first 8 applicants who commit to the entire curriculum and attend orientation will get a scholarship to cover costs of supplies.”

Generous. This course, however, is so very much in line with the spirit of the age that all the scholarships were snapped up in the twinkling of an eye. The College Fix noted that “the form was updated this week to note: ‘At this time we have reached our capacity for our scholarships, but you are more than welcome to attend our workshops.’” That kind of invitation appears to be extended only to Princeton students, so you’re still in for the $83,140.

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Considering that “pride” is the emblematic slogan and second-favorite deadly sin of the entire LGBTQETC movement, it would have been only natural for Princeton to be effusive and enthusiastic about its new Drag University and happy to respond to inquiries. However, when The College Fix reached out to university administrators, Princeton’s media affairs division, and the Gender + Sexuality Resource Center seeking information about “the number of students enrolled and what pool of money is being used to fund the scholarships,” all of them ignored the inquiries.

Surely they couldn’t have something to hide, could they? Surely they are just bursting with pride about their Drag University, and want all Princeton parents and alumni to know about it, don’t they? Don’t they? If not, why not? Could it be that somewhere underneath their dresses, exaggerated makeup, and wigs, Princeton administrators still have some understanding that this sort of “academic course” is deeply offensive on numerous levels and has no place in any decent university? Inconceivable!