New Mexico House Bill 50 Limits Magazines To 9 Rounds, Here’s How This Leads To Banning All Guns

With the legislative session beginning in less than a week, a brand-new measure has been introduced that would outlaw large-capacity (above 9 rounds) gun magazines in New Mexico. "As I'm looking, there is not one gun in this cabinet that would be allowed under the proposed law. Similarly, here, as I'm looking in this case, there would again not be one gun that would be permitted under the new law," said the owner of the Los Ranchos Gun Shop in New Mexico, Mark Abramson. Abramson has been providing New Mexico's gun owners with weapons for more than 40 years. But a newly proposed house measure would change the kinds of firearms he has been selling for years. "The Smith and Wesson M&P is one of our top-selling guns. It just wouldn't be allowed. Because Smith and Wesson will not make a magazine that only handles nine rounds because we'd be the only state in the union with that restriction," explained Abramson. The reality is that a reduced-capacity magazine necessitates magazine changes while you are defending yourself from criminals. As a result, defending yourself will be unfair to criminals who won't follow the requirement that there must be 9 or fewer bullets in a magazine.