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Biden Wants to Confine Illegal Immigrants to Texas; Governor Abbott Replies, ‘Guess Again.’

Biden Wants to Confine Illegal Immigrants to Texas — Abbott Replies, 'Guess Again.'
AP Photo/Andres Leighton
It has been said by many that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results, and the Biden administration’s open-door policy on the border would certainly meet that definition. But coming up with the idea to consolidate the rising number of illegal immigrants in one state, without so much as a mother-may-I or an if-you-please to the governor of said state, could be considered the definition of tyranny.

Of course, the administration has continued to plug its ears and shout, “LA LA LA. I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” when it comes to the problems raised by illegal immigration, although it has probably had a harder time doing so when the two cities making the headlines are the effervescent blue Chicago and New York.

As even the most casual readers of PJ Media will know, Biden and Co. have an unmitigated mess on their hands after throwing out the welcome mat (not to mention the welcome app) at the southern border, and the aforementioned sanctuary cities are trying to turn on the “NO” lights in their “VACANCY” signs. As any good progressive administration would do, the Biden camp refuses to admit that it was wrong and will continue to do so until Joe is escorted out of the White House and into a cryogenics lab in Rehoboth Beach. But in the wake of Eric Adams’ woeful lament/eulogy over New York City, Biden and Mayokas have managed to extract a plan from their posteriors.

Biden’s plan is to keep the illegals in Texas. This is despite or perhaps because Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) has shored up border security and has repeatedly shipped illegals to more welcoming precincts. What’s a little revenge among political enemies? It’s worked for every other banana republic in history. Then again, maybe all the beach houses in Martha’s Vineyard are closed up for the season.

But here is where it gets interesting. According to a story in the L.A. Times, under Biden’s proposal, families would be held in Texas. Not the young military-aged men of various nations. Perhaps they will be deported, that is if they are apprehended. Lest I be accused of offering laurels to Biden and his cabinet, I want to state that while the plan does not come close to actually securing the border, one can see how the plan would work.

“Certain” families would have to remain in Texas or other states along the border until they underwent a screening process. If they do not pass muster, they can be easily deported because of their proximity to the border. And how will the administration ensure that these “certain families” stay put? With an ankle monitor, naturally, because no one has ever figured out how to get one of those off.

And it is hardly difficult to disappear in a state the size of Texas. The Times story said that it can be more difficult for the government to deport families than individuals due to the logistics needed to find children and parents. DHS has been mulling the idea of targeting families from Central America since larger numbers can be deported to those countries.

Given this administration’s previous track record with migrant families, I would not place a great deal of faith in this endeavor. Likely, it is all for show and may well never get off the ground, and if it does, it may be so poorly administered that it is of no use at all. Biden will be able to complain to the public about how his administration came up with a plan, but of course, it was ruined by the usual MAGA suspects.

Migrant advocacy groups are unhappy with the plan. And for that matter, neither is Abbott. Fox News notes that Abbott took to X yesterday to not only state categorically that Biden’s pipe dream was destined for the landfill of history but also to declare that in terms of busing illegals, Biden ain’t seen nothing yet.

Hey, Governor, why not throw Rehoboth Beach in there? I’m sure Biden has some room next to the ‘Vette. Obviously, this is a scheme designed to make Biden look like he is doing something about immigration without actually doing something about immigration, and it has the added bonus of letting the administration flip the bird at Abbott.

But on a more ominous note, it also sends the message that Biden and his people have no compunction about throwing their weight around without any regard for federalism or the Constitution. They want Abbott and the rest of us to know who’s boss. To the current administration, the country is its playground, checking account, and social laboratory.