Just in Time for 9/11, NYC Allows Islamic Call to Prayer Over Loudspeakers~Our surrender

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[Editor’s note: Make sure to read Robert Spencer’s contributions in Jamie Glazov’s new book: Barack Obama’s True Legacy: How He Transformed America.]

Did the 9/11 hijackers and plotters succeed? Can it finally be said, nearly twenty-two years after they murdered nearly three thousand people in New York and Washington, that they have attained their objectives?

Back in 2003, Osama bin Laden wrote a letter to the American people in which he explained, “The first thing that we are calling you to is Islam.” Twenty years later, that very call will resound from loudspeakers all over the city that was his chief target on Sept. 11, 2001. (All the 9/11-was-an-inside-job types can find bin Laden taking responsibility for the attacks here). New York Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday announced what Gothamist described as “new NYPD rules” that “will allow mosques in New York City to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer without a permit.”

Adams couched this rule change in language designed to give the impression that he was doing something for people of all religious communities, but ended up making it clear that he was making a special concession to Muslims only: “For too long, there has been confusion about which communities are allowed to amplify their calls to prayer,” he said. “Today, we are cutting red tape and saying clearly, if you are a mosque or house of worship of any kind, you do not have to apply for a permit to amplify your call to Friday prayer.” Well, great, but the only “house of worship of any kind” that has a call to prayer, and particularly one for Friday, is a mosque.

As given to shallow demagoguery as any other Democrat politician, Adams concluded grandly: “You are free to live your faith in New York City.” That’s swell, although the religious freedom of Muslims in New York City wasn’t really restricted before this. Adams appears to be completely indifferent to the fact that there are non-Muslims in New York City as well as Muslims, and there has been controversy over the broadcast of the Islamic call to prayer over loudspeakers for years.

Back in 2016, Gothamist itself reported that neighbors of one city mosque found the call to prayer “too noisy,” and noted that they had “filed 156 noise complaints against Masjid al-Aman.” It’s grand that Muslims are free to live their faith in New York City, Mayor Adams, but do the neighbors of mosques have any right to enjoy a non-intrusive, noise-free environment, at least insofar as such a thing is possible at all in New York City?

The answer is clear now, and it’s “No.” Concerns over the noise generated by mosque loudspeakers have been consigned to the dustbin of “Islamophobia,” and that’s that.

Nevertheless, there are still reasons for concern. The content of what is going to be broadcast is also relevant. The Islamic call to prayer, the adhan, says this in Arabic:

Allah is greater (Allahu akbar) (four times).
I testify that there is no God but Allah (twice).
I testify that Mohammed is the prophet of Allah (twice).
Come to prayer (twice).
Come to success (twice).
Allah is greater (Allahu akbar) (twice).
There is no God but Allah (once).

Or as Osama bin Laden put it, “The first thing that we are calling you to is Islam.”

Is New York City, the site of the largest-ever jihad terror attack on American soil, wise to broadcast the cry “Allahu akbar,” beloved of jihad terrorists the world over? Chief 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta wrote a letter to himself before carrying out his jihad mission, in which he included this reminder: “Shout, ‘Allahu Akbar,’ because this strikes fear in the hearts of the non-believers.”

In the same vein, is New York City really wise to broadcast repeatedly a declaration of the superiority of Islam, a faith that directs its adherents to make war against Christians and other non-Muslims and subjugate them as inferiors under the hegemony of believers (cf. Qur’an 9:29)?

Neither Eric Adams nor any other New York officials will answer such questions. They won’t even be asked them. In New York City and all over America today, any such concerns will be dismissed out of hand as “Islamophobic.” And so twenty-two years after 9/11, the call to Islam will resound all over the city that suffered so much on that day. On Sept. 11, 2001, New York City was attacked by people who believed so fervently in that call that they were willing to give their lives for it, in hopes of receiving the promise of paradise that the Qur’an makes to those who “kill and are killed” for Allah (9:111).

Osama bin Laden had he lived to see this day, would be cheering.

President Biden Awards the Medal of Honor to Vietnam Veteran Pilot Captain Larry L. Taylor, for Conspicuous Gallantry~Biden Abruptly Walks Out Of Medal Of Honor Ceremony, Even Before Closing Benediction

'Lack of respect': Joe Biden slammed for 'walking out' of Medal of Honor ceremony

Vietnam War Army helicopter pilot who risked his life by flying into heavy enemy fire to save four members of a reconnaissance team from almost certain death as they were about to be overrun.

US: Feds flag nearly 75,000 illegals as potential national security risks, including jihad terrorists

SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2023/09/us-feds-flag-nearly-75000-illegals-as-potential-national-security-risks-including-jihad-terrorists;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The nearly 75,000 illegals who are flagged as potential national security risks are just those who are known to be risks. The unknown numbers are an alarming factor. Open border policies present a wide-open, golden opportunity for literally any level of criminal or jihad terrorist. In the past, immigrants were vetted, and refugees fulfilled various criteria just to be deemed refugees.

These “individuals of concern,” once they have entered America (and elsewhere), often then combine efforts with individuals who are already in place, and who pose threats to public safety and national security. The FBI has admitted that a known smuggler with Islamic State ties helped migrants enter the US from Mexico. No free society can survive open borders in the long term.

“EXCLUSIVE: Feds Flagged Nearly 75,000 Illegal Migrants As Potential National Security Risks,” by Jennie Taer, Daily Caller, September 1, 2023:

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) flagged 74,904 illegal migrants nationwide for potentially posing risks to national security between October 2022 and August, according to CBP data obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Certain illegal migrants are deemed to be “special interest aliens” because they may have travel patterns that “possibly have a nexus to terrorism” or may come from countries with such ties, according to a 2019 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) fact sheet. Border Patrol agents encountered 25,627 “special interest” illegal migrants in fiscal year 2022, compared to 3,675 encounters in fiscal year 2021, according to internal agency data previously obtained by the DCNF; however, this data doesn’t account for all CBP encounters of special interest aliens….

….The FBI is currently searching for a group of more than one dozen Uzbek migrants that federal authorities released into the country after they used an ISIS-tied smuggler to cross the southern border illegally.

Former acting Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan told the DCNF it’s alarming that federal authorities chose to release illegal migrants who were known to be special interest aliens.

“So why is it so important to track them down? Because they’re freaking special interest aliens that were smuggled in by somebody with connections to terrorism. Come on, guys. Follow the bouncing ball. I mean, the reason it’s so important is twofold. One, they actually were connected to someone who is connected to a terrorist organization and [two], they’re special interest aliens,” Morgan said….

Nice Timing: Jill Biden Tests Positive for COVID

Nice Timing: Jill Biden Tests Positive for COVID
AP Photo/Susan Walsh
The media is in fearmongering mode; in recent weeks, we’ve been told about a new COVID-19 variant, a new vaccine in the works, and a potential new mandate. Dr. Anthony Fauci has been resurrected, telling the public that studies that dispute the effectiveness of masks are wrong and that if the CDC recommends masking again, they are right.

Many have observed that it appears the public is being conditioned for the return of the pandemic and all the terrible memories from those dark days: masking, social distancing, vaccine mandates, shutdowns, and, for good measure, illegal changes to election laws for your safety.

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So when the news dropped that Jill Biden, the wife of and personal handler for Joe Biden, tested positive for COVID-19, my first thought was, “Of course she did; why didn’t I see that coming?” It was inevitable.

Her Communications Director Elizabeth Alexander released a statement Monday evening.

“This evening, the First Lady tested positive for COVID-19,” the statement read. “She is currently experiencing only mild symptoms. She will remain at their home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.”

According to reports, she’s double-vaccinated and double-boosted and previously caught COVID a year ago. So far, Joe Biden remains in the clear.

“Following the First Lady’s positive test for COVID-19, President Biden was administered a COVID test this evening,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement released to the media. “The President tested negative. The President will test at a regular cadence this week and monitor for symptoms.”

Even before this latest development, many suspected that a psyop was afoot, and Jill Biden testing positive has affirmed that suspicion. Naturally, the liberal media was quick to poopoo such “conspiracy theories” and insisted that COVID is a growing problem again.

However, the announcement of the First Lady’s infection comes amid a spike in infections in the U.S. spurred on by the emergence of two new variants of the virus, prompting speculation that fresh COVID restrictions could be on the horizon.

In the week to August 19, there were more than 15,000 hospitalizations due to COVID-19 infections across the U.S., the most recent monitoring figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show—a rise of nearly 19 percent on the week prior.

Admissions have been steadily rising since July, but are far below the highest peaks of the pandemic and appear to be localized into hotspots. A CDC spokesperson told Newsweek on Thursday it currently has no intention to call for a return of mandated mask-wearing, but didn’t deny that this might change if cases of the new variants were to rise significantly.

Newsweek then went on to dismiss the “conspiracy theories” of various right-leaning voices arguing that we’re being primed to go back to pandemic mode soon because of the new COVID variant. But we all know what has happened to “conspiracy theories” in the recent past, don’t we?

Chinese Nationals ‘Posing As Tourists’ Have Snuck Onto U.S. Military Sites Over 100 Times

Chinese Nationals ‘Posing As Tourists’ Have Snuck Onto U.S. Military Sites Over 100 Times

(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

OAN’s Elizabeth Volberding
1:50 PM – Tuesday, September 5, 2023

SEE: https://www.oann.com/newsroom/chinese-nationals-posing-as-tourists-have-snuck-onto-u-s-military-sites-over-100-times/;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Chinese nationals posing as tourists have reportedly snuck onto United States military bases over 100 times in recent years with the intention of collecting sensitive information about the U.S., according to the FBI and Department of Defense (DOD).

The recent discovery has now sparked several federal investigations regarding accusations of spying.

American authorities believe that the Chinese government is forcing citizens into service so that they can report to Beijing and reveal certain security protocols at U.S. installations, according to a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) story.

Therefore, the growing habit of breaching into military bases poses a possible espionage concern. 

Espionage issues refer to the discovery of secrets, especially political or military information of another country or the industrial information of a business. 

The WSJ also stated that the Chinese nationals represented themselves as “lost tourists” who claimed they had reservations at on-base hotels. The report described how trespassers would often use rehearsed and scripted language when confronted by security officials.

These incidents allegedly took place in rural areas where tourism is scarce and far from a commercial airport, which intensified suspicions surrounding their true intentions.

An anonymous former Senate Intelligence Committee official explained to the WSJ that this type of low-level Chinese intelligence collection is likely a numbers game, meaning that the Chinese government is willing to send a large number of people to the U.S., assuming that if only a few are caught, it would be impossible for the U.S. authorities to establish any connected foreign wrongdoing beyond trespassing. 

The former official added that similar actions of “brushing off” incidents such as trespassing would not be tolerated by Chinese officials if Americans were caught doing the same in China.

Representative Jason Crow (D-Colo.) of the House Intelligence Committee also expressed to WSJ that Congress could begin contemplating new legislation regarding the issue. He maintained that Congress should strengthen security measures at these sensitive sites, due to the rising number of breaching incidents that have been overlooked.

The majority of current trespassing laws are state and local laws, not federal laws.

“We need to work closely with our state and local partners to train them and equip them,” Crow stated. “Right now, they don’t know how to deal with it.”

An FBI spokesperson also responded to the WSJ report.

“The greatest long-term counterintelligence threat to our nation’s information and intellectual property is from China. The Chinese government is engaged in a broad, diverse campaign of theft and malign influence without regard to laws or international norms that the FBI will not tolerate,” the FBI spokesperson told Fox News. “In coordination with our defense and intelligence community partners, along with state and local law enforcement, the FBI is committed to protecting our national security and defense information from the Chinese government’s actions and ultimately, their efforts to undermine our democracy and those who defend it.”

Several U.S. officials informed WSJ that those responsible referred to as “gate crashers,” included Chinese nationals who were captured a few years ago. They had entered a U.S. missile range in New Mexico and scuba divers were seen swimming in murky waters near a rocket launch site off Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Additionally, some Chinese nationals allegedly utilized drones in sensitive areas in order to get close, in-depth aerial images of key military facilities around the country. The Pentagon reported instances of individuals “speeding through security checkpoints.”

Other instances of trespassing include Chinese nationals at the White House leaving their visitor tours in order to take photos of the grounds, communications equipment, and positions of Secret Service and other guards, according to U.S. officials.

Very few of these incidents had resulted in espionage charges.

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