Garland: Attacking His Corrupt DoJ Is Attacking Democracy

Garland: Questioning the Integrity of the Justice Department Is an Attack on-You Guessed It

Garland: Questioning the Integrity of the Justice Department Is an Attack on — You Guessed It



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

With the sweetheart deal that Hunter Biden just got from federal prosecutors, Attorney General Merrick Garland has once again confirmed that he has taken the Justice Department, which was once the envy of the world for its indefatigable commitment to equal justice for all, and turned it into a squad of legal hit men for foes of the Biden regime and a legal laundromat for the regime’s members and cronies, most notably for the alleged president’s crackhead influence-peddling son. Garland himself, however, bristles if you believe your lying eyes on this matter. On Friday he complained that charges that his Justice Department was doling out frame jobs for dissidents and skates for friends of the regime was a threat to — that’s right! — our “democracy.”

As has been pointed out many times, when Leftists profess to be worried about the health of “our democracy” (I know, I know, it’s a republic), they’re really referring to threats to their own hegemony over the nation’s political and cultural spheres. Garland confirmed this Friday when a reporter noted that some Republicans are talking about the corruption of the Justice Department, and asked him: “Do the American people have cause to be concerned about the integrity of the components of this Justice Department, and what do you have to say about how they’re reacting?”

In his answer, Garland went as heavy on the self-righteous unctuousness as a kid drenching his fries in ketchup: “I certainly understand,” he huffed, “that some have chosen to attack the integrity of the Justice Department as components and its employees by claiming that we do not treat like cases alike. Uh, this constitutes an attack on an institution that is essential to American democracy and essential to the safety of the American people. Nothing could be further from the truth.” There it is: attack Merrick Garland and his revoltingly corrupt henchmen, and deplore the dumpster fire they have made out of a department that is supposed to administer impartial justice, and you’re attacking “American democracy.”

Note Garland’s appalling sleight of hand: he equates an attack on his Justice Department, which is a gang of Leftist liars who tried to frame an elected president of the United States for crimes he didn’t commit and classified angry parents at school board meetings as terrorists, with an attack on the very idea of a Justice Department. For he is of course right, as far as it goes: the Justice Department is indeed essential to American democracy, or rather, to the American republic. That’s why we’re in the fix we’re in because the Justice Department is now a public relations office for those whom the regime favors and a no-holds-barred instrument of vengeance against those whom the regime hates. Those who are attacking it are not against the institution at all but against the mess that Garland has made of it.

Garland, however, insists that he and his far-Left minions have behaved with perfect probity. He added: “You’ve all heard me say many times that we make our cases based on the facts and the law. These are not just words. These are what we live by. They’re the foundation of the way we make these decisions.” Gee, that’s reassuring, but here’s a shocker: Garland was not exactly being honest.

Just the News reported Thursday that “Internal Revenue Service whistleblowers are directly challenging Attorney General Merrick Garland’s claim that David Weiss, the U.S. attorney in Delaware, was allowed to run his Hunter Biden tax probe free of political interference.” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) recently asked Garland “to describe what would happen if Weiss wanted to pursue charges against President Biden’s son outside of his Delaware jurisdiction, considering Garland hadn’t made him a Justice Department special counsel.”

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Garland responded, “I promise to ensure that he’s able to carry out his investigation and that he’d be able to run it. And if he needs to bring it in another jurisdiction, he will have full authority to do that.” However, an IRS said that at an Oct. 2022 meeting between Weiss, IRS investigators, and FBI agents, Weiss was told he could not bring his case against Hunter Biden to Washington. “And then he went back and asked for special counsel authority, and they told him no.” Impartial justice!

House Republicans could do a great deal to expose and end the Justice Department’s deep corruption if they impeached Merrick Garland. Aside from Old Joe himself, no Biden regime official would be more deserving.

How U.S. Foreign Aid to Iraq Funds Terrorism Against Americans



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

We send money to Iraq. Iraq funds Iran’s Jihadists attacking our embassy.

In 2020 and 2021, the United States spent over $600 million on foreign aid in Iraq. That’s down from a high of over $2 billion in 2018 and $4.4 billion in 2016. But it still means that we have blown through over $10 billion on Iraq since 2016. That’s long since we officially withdrew.

Meanwhile, where was Iraq’s money going? Iraq’s latest budget dedicates $2.8 billion to Shiite PMU terror militias including Kataeb Hezbollah: an Iran-backed terror group that has been responsible for the deaths of numerous American soldiers.

At the height of the Iraq War, Kataeb Hezbollah was using Iranian IEDs to kill American soldiers. Kataeb Hezbollah is listed as a foreign terrorist organization which makes it a crime for Americans to fund it. But that hasn’t stopped the Biden administration from providing massive amounts of foreign aid to Iraq.

While some U.S. conflicts with Jihadists in the region are old news, Kataeb Hezbollah fired rockets at the U.S. embassy in Baghdad in 2019 and has bombed U.S. bases in recent years. Kataeb Hezbollah killed two American soldiers in 2020: Army Spc. Juan Miguel Mendez Covarrubias and Air Force Staff Sgt. Marshal D. Roberts.

Politicians and the media have mostly ignored the fact that Americans are continuing to be killed in Iraq, that the Iraqi government is funding their killers, and that we’re funding Iraq.

While Iraq funds Iran’s terror militias, the United States funds the UN Development Programme to “stabilize” Iraq and has invested over $100 million into “conflict, peace and security” funding.

The United States has spent over $1 billion financing the nation’s military while Iraq spends billions financing the Iranian PMU terror militias which are expected to approach a quarter of million Jihadis. The rise of ISIS provided the Shiite regime running Iraq with the perfect excuse for discarding the ISF military built by the U.S. and turning over security to Shiite terror groups.

The foreign policy establishment claims that we need to fund the Iraqi military as a counterbalance to Iran’s PMU militias, but that just allowed Iraq’s government to shift even more defense funding to the Shiite terror groups. Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed al-Sudani and his government were backed by the PMUs and are turning them into an even bigger army.

That’s not surprising since al-Sudani is a second-generation member of a Shiite Islamist movement loyal to Iran’s Islamic Revolution. The Shiite Coordination Framework, which is behind the Sudani government, is filled with Shiite Islamists groups with their own militias. For example, the Badr alliance, created by Iran, controls both sizable chunks of Iraq’s military and police forces, as well as one of the larger militias, and has a sizable presence in Iraq’s parliament.

Iraqi democracy consists of Shiite blocs, some Islamists, some fronted by former leaders like Maliki, fighting each other for power and competing for Iran’s favor. Iran has helped them set up militias that, in imitation of Iran’s IRGC and Lebanon’s Hezbollah, also control large portions of the economy, run their own businesses, and scoring construction contracts and oil deals.

The foreign policy establishment has refused to acknowledge that Iraq has long since become an Islamic terror state under the political control of Iran and that the only reason it isn’t more of a threat is the constant infighting between the Shiite majority which often turns violent. If Iraq’s Shiite Islamists were ever united under a single leader, like Muqtada Al-Sadr, a perennial player, it will become as much of a threat to the region and the world as Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Instead, we keep sinking more money into Iraq in the hope of a better outcome.

Iraq, until recently, was on the list of the top 5 recipients of U.S. foreign aid. And the Baghdad regime continues to come up with new ways to extract money from U.S. taxpayers.

Last month, Prime Minister Al-Sudani claimed that the Islamic terror state was going green and pleaded for foreign aid to save the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, which according to media accounts, was blamed on “climate change”. In fact, the Tigris River is a filthy mess because Sadr City’s Islamists pour tons of filth into it. Five million cubic meters of waste are dumped daily into both rivers from sewage to corpses. That isn’t the work of climate change but of Iraqis.

The United States provided military aid to the Baghdad regime and its military in order to defeat ISIS. But what we were actually doing was intervening in a Shiite-Sunni civil war while disregarding the fact that the side we were backing was just as much our enemy as ISIS.

While military aid has fallen under the Biden administration after the decline of ISIS, much as in Afghanistan, even humanitarian aid easily finds its way into the hands of Islamic terrorists.

Iran’s PMU militias control large swathes of territory, including farmland, own construction companies and demand payoffs from nonprofits who operate in the areas claimed by them. Humanitarian aid, no matter how seemingly benevolent, to people in terrorist areas, funds terror.

It’s a hard lesson that we have failed to learn in either Afghanistan or Iraq.

Like most failed Islamic terror states in the region, Iraq is perpetually on the verge of bankruptcy. In an effort to crack down on money from Iraq going to Iran, the Treasury Department restricted Iraqi banks from sending dollars to unknown parties. Since much of the Iraqi economy consists of moving dollars to Iran, this has become a real problem.

Despite the existence of the Iraqi dinar, much of the country uses the dollar. And the United States provides pallets of dollars to Iraq that then go on to Iran. Earlier this year, an Iraqi banker warned that if the rules weren’t suspended, “Within one year, most banks will declare bankruptcy”. That says more about what Iraqi banks really do than about our rules.

And yet no amount of economic problems keep the regime in Baghdad from spending billions on its terror militias. That’s a choice and it should not be subsidized by American taxpayers.

Especially when it costs American lives.

100 parents protest city’s Pride event in Idaho


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

100 Idaho MassResistance parents protest at their city’s Pride event

Event included Drag Queens, sex kits, children, weirdness, and more (see photos!)

LGBT movement annually targets this conservative city. RINO politicians caved in, as usual.

June 24, 2023
Over a hundred local Idaho MassResistance people boldly confronted the LGBT invasion of their town. [All photos by MassResistance.]

In Rexburg, Idaho, over 100 local Idaho MassResistance parents came and protested at the June 10 “Pride Day” event, which was held in the main city park next to a popular playground. The main objection was using a public venue to expose children to the deviance – particularly Drag Queens – that this event has brought in the past.

Earlier that week, more than 80 MassResistance parents had flooded into the recent City Council meeting to demand that the permit for the event be revoked and that a strong ordinance prohibiting lewd public acts be passed. But the RINO (and cowardly) City Council refused to even bring it up for discussion. There were also hundreds of anti-Drag Queen yard signs across the city to voice that demand.

The event organizers reacted to that outrage by moving the scheduled “Drag Queen” performances to a private location in the evening and excluding minors from it, which was a win for MassResistance.

But the Pride “celebration” was still steeped in deviance. It included sex kits being handed out, perverse Drag Queens, and other dysfunctional behavior — and lots of children. Outrageously, several local businesses participated in support as vendors. And it was gleefully attended by the city's RINO mayor.

Not surprisingly, the crowd of a few hundred pro-LGBT attendees appeared to be mostly from other places. That is a common LGBT tactic: bringing lots of people from elsewhere into conservative towns for events, to make it look as if it were well-attended by locals.

The pro-family protesters were peaceful but completely unafraid. Though a few were assaulted by LGBT activists, they didn’t back down and definitely made their point!

Sex kits for the attendees

There was a booth distributing “sex kit” packets – which included various types of condoms, lubricant for anal sex, “dental dams” for lesbian sex, and information for treating the sexually-transmitted diseases which invariably come from that behavior.

Sex kit packet.
They were being given out at this booth.
Replenishing the supply of packets in the booth.
Giving out condoms to the "Pride" attendees.

Drag Queens

The two Drag Queens whose “performances” had been moved from the event still showed up and mingled with the crowds.

Drag Queen "Miss Jay."
This Drag Queen appears to be "Crystal Blue Water."

Weirdness, hate, dysfunction

Every “Pride” event has bizarre, dysfunctional, and purposefully offensive things.

What would "Pride" be without men trying to be women?
They're not shy about their goals.
This man became quite animated when he saw the pro-family people holding signs.
Keeping the youth involved: This was the "Madison High LGBTQ+" table.
Raising money to help people (including children) mutilate their bodies.
Laws mean nothing to unhinged Leftists. Lots of signs were stolen from people's yards. This wacko figured he'd come back and brag about it.

At one point, many of the participants did a “march” around the park. Almost none of these appeared to be local residents.


Pro-family protesters cool off the event!

Over 100 local MassResistance folks came to say "No" to this invasion of the community.

The Left loves to "protest" pro-family events. They're not used to having it happen to them!

These Christian activists brought their message: There are only two sexes - that's what makes a family.
Telling it like it is: "Drag shows for kids is GROOMING!"
This couple's basic unapologetic message: "We're here. We're not queer."
There were also pro-family protesters right in front of the stage where the Drag Queens had been scheduled to perform.

LGBT "enforcers"

The event included a cadre of thug types (below) dressed in green and aqua shirts whose role seemed to be to intimidate pro-family people. We were told that two of them actually assaulted parents. But that didn't work. None of our people were intimidated.


Police protection

The police seemed only interested in protecting the vulgar participants from "harm" – not the peaceful protesters from attacks by the LGBT crowd, or the children from anything.


The RINO mayor comes to take in "Pride"

The RINO mayor of this conservative city came to enjoy the “pride” celebration and to stick it to his constituents who disagree.

The grinning mayor (left) even posed for a photo.

And of course, booths for mental health therapy

One of the lesser-known aspects of the LGBT world is the large number of groups providing therapy for a variety of mental health issues. “Gay” newspapers often have multiple pages of such ads.  No other type of event (e.g., Irish, Hispanic, music, etc.) would have booths for this "service."

Greenstone Counseling offers counseling on “anxiety, depression, trauma ... and more” for “LGBTQ+.”
Misty Mountain Therapy provides therapy and treatment to children and adults for "a wide variety of disorders" for "LGBTQ+" patients and others.

That evening, the Drag Queen performance in a public theater

At 8:30 in the evening at a city-owned theater, the Drag Queens did their "performances" which had previously been scheduled for the daytime event. Maybe 80 people showed up. It looked like almost all of them were from out of town.


Final thoughts

According to the local Idaho MassResistance people, this was a big win! It got the Drag Queen performances away from kids and raised awareness across town like never before.

The politicians and others got a very strong message – and that pressure will continue. There is also talk about boycotting those local vendors.

All through June, “Pride Month” themes and events are being pushed as publicly as possible – and people are being intimidated from criticizing it. The goal is to force their anti-family LGBT agenda into a community’s social, moral, and religious civic culture. But local MassResistance families are pushing back. It’s necessary for everyone to do that!

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WHO Declares ‘Infodemic,’ Announces ‘Misinformation’ Surveillance Program

WHO Declares 'Infodemic,' Announces 'Misinformation' Surveillance Program



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The World Health Organization (WHO), funded primarily by the CCP and Bill Gates tag team, has been very busy getting its so-called “pandemic treaties” into place, which in effect hand over national control of a state’s public health response to unaccountable multinational bureaucrats — whose interests, not unimportantly, are not shared by the populations over which they exercise authority.

Relatedly, the WHO also succeeded recently in instituting “vaccine passports” across the European Union.

Dovetailing with both of those projects of social control is the organization’s declaration of war on something called an “infodemic.”

Via the Preparedness and Resilience for Emerging Threats (PRET) document (emphasis added):

People have now access to an enormous amount of information (which increases during crisis) from many different sources, traditional or digital, including for instance online platform offering pre-print access to scientific articles. Health institutions are not anymore, the only provider of information. This new information ecosystem has generated a new “Health Threat” that accompanies epidemics and pandemics, called infodemic.

Infodemic is the overabundance of information -accurate or not- which makes it difficult for individuals to adopt behaviours that will protect their health and the health of their families and communities. The infodemic can directly impact health, hamper the implementation of public health countermeasures and undermine trust and social cohesiveness. Infodemic cannot be eliminated it can only be managed. This is why WHO and partners have developed the approach of infodemic management which encompasses Risk Communication and Community Engagement adding additional tools and approaches to manage it more efficiently in the 21st century.

The use of the term “infodemic” might seem like a silly rhetorical invention of the kind often used by large organizations and their PR departments. However, it signifies something deeper, which is the rolling of issues ostensibly unrelated to true public health under the Public Health™ umbrella.

I have written about this phenomenon elsewhere in the context of, for example, the Democrat governor of New York fashioning gun control into a Public Health™ issue.

By this method, the government grants for itself an entirely new justification for gun confiscation, or censorship in the case of the “infodemic,” or whatever fashionable social engineering project comes along next.

If the WHO has a truly abiding interest in combatting what it calls “misinformation,” it might consider starting with the Public Health™ bureaucrats who lied over and over and over with zero consequences for over three years at this point.

Or it might start with all the corporate state news actors who claimed, with zero actual knowledge of the ingredients or mechanism of action of the shots, that the COVID-19 vaccines are totally “safe and effective” when the evidence at the time didn’t support either claim, as more and more research now bears out.

Unfortunately, we know how the WHO’s “infodemic” regime will be applied — unfairly, arbitrarily, opaquely, and with no meaningful recourse for the censored.

NYC LGBTQ Activists: ‘We’re Coming for Your Kids’

NYC LGBTQ Activists: ‘We’re Coming for Your Kids’



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

New York City LGBTQXYZLMNOP etc. etc. activists just came out of the closet… as pedophiles. At least, how else should we interpret a lot of LGBTQ activists marching about chanting, “We’re coming for your children”?

Of course, this chant is similar to the sentiment expressed by our esteemed president and his ever-brilliant White House press secretary. “There is no such thing as someone else’s child,” Joe Biden asserted in April. “Our nation’s children are all our children.” Fact-check: false. And in May, White House Press Secretary and open lesbian Karine Jean-Pierre made the same creepy claim regarding parents’ objections to transgender surgeries for children: “These are our kids. They belong to all of us.” These are the people running our country.

The alphabet soup crowd can’t reproduce naturally, thanks to their inherently infertile sexual perversions or genital mutilation. But they are doing their best — or worst — to perpetuate their insanity by indoctrinating young Americans, trying to convince children from toddlerhood to switch “genders,” surgically remove body parts, or define their whole lives around their “sexual orientation.”

The Daily Caller reported on June 24 about the New York City drag march freaks who want your children (at least one marcher had almost completely bare breasts):

“We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children,” the activists shouted as they marched. The marchers convened at Tompkins Square Park and made their way through the East Village before stopping at Stonewall Inn. Stonewall Inn, a gay bar, was the site of a police raid which sparked violent protests known as the Stonewall Riots in 1969.

Other video taken of the event shows protestors with signs reading, “Groom Cissies” and “Drag isn’t for Cissies.”

As concerns rise over explicit drag events marketed to and performed for children, some states are taking action to prohibit underage kids from attending these shows.

And no wonder. Such blatant displays of seeming pedophilic enthusiasm are enough to stand any normal parent’s hair on end.

It’s significant that legislation restricting transgender surgeries on kids or drag performances in front of children are always vilified as “anti-LGBTQ.” In April, organizers actually canceled a Florida Pride parade after legislation was passed banning kids from attending drag shows. How is that not a tacit admission that one of the main purposes of the LGBTQ Pride parade was grooming children?

We need to call these groomers out for what they are. They say they’re coming for our kids — and sadly, terrifyingly, they’re not joking.