Bank of America Turns Over Information on Gun Owners to the FBI

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — FBI whistleblowers have come forward with damning allegations against Bank of America (BoA). According to Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the banking giant has been revealing information to the FBI about its customer’s gun purchases without a warrant. Now the pair has sent letters to other banks to see if they also violated the privacy rights of their customers.

After the protest at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, Bank of America provided the FBI with a list of customers who made transactions in or around Washington, D.C., purchased a flight to the Nation’s Capital, or booked a hotel room in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Most of Bank of America’s customers that attended the large rally never entered the Capitol Building, and the FBI did not have probable cause to allow the law enforcement agency to get a court order for the bank to surrender the documents.

When the FBI approached BoA about turning over the records, the bank complied without requesting a court order.

The megabank would put anyone in or around D.C. and purchase a gun on the top of the list. By simply being in or around D.C. on January 6 and purchasing a firearm using a BoA product, the FBI would mark you for investigation. The FBI investigated many BoA customers without a court order and with the full cooperation of Bank of America.

“In a transcribed interview, retired FBI Supervisory Intelligence Analyst George Hill testified that BoA, ‘with no directive from the FBI, data-mined its customer base’ and compiled a list of BoA customers who used a BoA product during a specified date range. Mr. Hill further noted that ‘on top of that list, they put anyone who had purchased a firearm during any date.’ Mr. Hill also testified that the list that BoA provided targeted transactions in Washington D.C., and the surrounding area,” the letter reads.

The letter was sent to JPMorgan Chase & Co, Citigroup, Trust Financial Corporation, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bancorp, and PNC Financial Services. The Congressmen are asking the banks to provide any documents or communications about the release of customer data from January 6, 2021, timeframe to the FBI or any other federal law enforcement agencies.

This request is to see if the other major banks of similar size leaked the same customer information to the federal authorities that Bank of America released.

“Congress has an important interest in ensuring that Americans’ private information is protected from collection by federal law enforcement agencies without proper due process. The Committee and Select Subcommittee must understand if, how, and to what extent financial institutions, including PNC Financial Services, worked with the FBI to collect Americans’ private data,” the letter reads.

Many are concerned that the FBI is becoming overtly political and weaponized against anyone the Biden regime considers enemies. We have seen the weaponization of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) against conservative non-profits. The FBI has also used documents like the discredited “Steele Dossier” to get FISA warrants to surveil political opponents. Some of those concerned about the weaponization of government agencies are serving in Congress.

It should concern all Americans (not only gun owners) that big business is working hand and hand with big government. Instead of protecting its customers’ data, it turns it over to the surveillance state without a fight. Gun owners now know that Bank of America is not protecting their data from an ever-encroaching government. The only question now is how far the rot goes.

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Survey: 54% of Protestant Churches Rely on Armed Congregants



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A recently published report shows 54% of Protestant churches rely on armed church members for part of their security plan. (Dave Workman)

U.S.A. — A stunning survey that revealed more than half of Protestant churches across the country rely on “armed congregants as part of their security plan” has just recently been reported by Lifeway Research, even though the poll was taken last September.

The revelation comes 3 ½ years after a gunman opened fire at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas, only to be shot dead by armed parishioner Jack Wilson just a few seconds later. The shooting, which was live streamed at the time—the video warped across social media—shows at least a half-dozen armed citizens in the church sanctuary with drawn guns after Wilson fired the single shot that stopped killer Keith Thomas Kinnunen before he could wreak more havoc.

At the time, Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, ripped into anti-gunners.

“The gun control crowd has been predictably silent,” Gottlieb said following the December 2019 incident, “because the use of firearms by private citizens in defense of themselves and others—especially a large crowd of worshippers in a church—just doesn’t fit the extremist gun control narrative.”

He even had some blistering remarks for then-presidential candidate Joe Biden and fellow Democrats for their “deafening silence.”

However, Biden had been critical of Texas gun laws in September of that year, which earned the Delaware Democrat plenty of scorn from gun rights advocates, including Gottlieb. At the time, Biden contended the relaxed Texas gun law was “irrational.” The December shooting demonstrated otherwise as Wilson and other armed churchgoers were able to immediately react.

But the Lifeway Research report, now coming to light nearly nine months after it was conducted, has some other revelations that might elicit silence from the gun control crowd.

As noted by Fox News, “Approximately 81% of churches — or four in five pastors — said they have at least one security measure to prevent potential attacks.”

“Fifty-seven percent of pastors claimed to have ‘an intentional plan for an active shooter situation,’ which was the most popular option,” Fox News reported. “The second most-cited option had armed church members. Radio communications among security personnel and a no-firearms policy in church facilities were the next most popular security options, at 26% and 21%, respectively.”

The Lifeway Research report notes, “When asked about their protocols when they gather for worship, around 4 in 5 U.S. Protestant pastors (81%) say their church has some type of security measure in place.”

Fifty-seven percent have “an intentional plan for an active shooter situation.” They understandably do not provide specific details, but the mention of armed church members is significant.

The survey also revealed that security measures increase in churches with more worshippers in attendance. “The larger the church, the more likely it is to have armed private security personnel on site and radio communication among security personnel,” the Lifeway Research report acknowledged. “Churches with 250 or more in attendance are the most likely to have armed church members (74%) and uniformed police officers on site (27%). Those large congregations are also among the most likely to have an intentional plan for an active shooter situation (74%).”

Having armed security at a church is not such a new idea. Back in December 2007, following a fatal shooting at a mission in Arvada, 24-year-old Matthew John Murray showed up at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. He killed two sisters and wounded their father in the church parking lot before entering the building, where he was confronted by Jeanne Assam, who was part of that church’s security team. She opened fire, wounding Murray, who then took his own life.

According to the Lifeway Research report, approximately 1 in 5 pastors have a “no firearm” policy in their church, while almost the same number have armed private security. Only one percent apparently have metal detectors at church entrances.

An attack on the Covenant School in Nashville in March showed such shooting incidents are not confined to church sanctuaries. In that shooting, killer Audrey Hale entered the building by shooting her way through glass doors before fatally shooting three adults and three children. Nashville police responded immediately and, as shown by body cam video, entered the building, rushed to find the shooter, and brought the incident to a halt within four minutes.

The Nashville Tennessean is reporting that Hale, a transgender person, died of multiple gunshot wounds to the head and torso, according to an autopsy report issued Monday. She was hit in the torso and left arm, in the head, and in the right thigh.

CCRKBA’s Gottlieb praised the rapid response by Nashville officers in a prepared statement, in which he also criticized anti-gunners for opposing armed school security while pushing more laws to disarm law-abiding citizens.

“Those on the left do not want school resources officers on the job,” he said. “They argue for reducing police manpower overall while dangerous, violent people wait to prey on our most vulnerable citizens; school children and older Americans. And then they demand honest people give up their guns.

“The reason most Americans own firearms is to protect themselves against mentally unstable, violent people and evil, dangerous criminals,” Gottlieb said at the time.

The Lifeway Research report offers a reminder that armed private citizens continue to play a key role in what amounts to public safety, even in places of worship.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.Dave Workman


‘Degenerate’ Transgender Activists Strip at White House Pride Event With Kids Present

'You Are Loved': Biden Defends Transgender Children's Rights, Slams Anti-LGBT Laws At WH Pride Event

Trans Model Goes TOPLESS At White House Pride Month Celebration, Conservatives OUTRAGED

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave: Transgender model and activist Rose Montoya taking off her top at the White House Pride Month celebration



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Do you ever feel as if Americans are practically daring God to try the Sodom and Gomorrah fire-and-brimstone treatment on us? Monday was one of those days for me, as it was revealed transgender activists proudly stripped their tops off on the White House lawn during a weekend Pride event Joe Biden and handlers were hosting.

Besides the vile display being an abomination before one of America’s most historic and beloved buildings, there were children present at the event.

Todd Starnes reported, “Transgender activists exposed their private parts at the White House during President Biden’s gay pride celebration. Multiple children were present. The grotesque moments were all captured on video.”

As Starnes noted, “The president was already under fire for desecrating the American flag at the event — giving preference to the transgender flag. He also offended military personnel by noting that the bravest people he’s seen were on the White House lawn.” Because choosing to deny your biology to join the most popular and most protected group in America right now (LGBTQ), promoted and praised by almost every public and private institution, takes so much courage, right?

Disgusted conservatives took to Twitter to slam the trans strippers. Turning PointUSA’s Charlie Kirk identified the half-naked transgenders, “GRAPHIC: Trans TikTok ‘influencer’ Rose Montoya, posed topless at Biden’s White House Pride celebration. Next to him is a biological female, also topless, who had her breasts surgically removed.” These people need counseling, not affirmation in their sexual insanity.

The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles shared the video with the question, “Which group is more degenerate: the transvestite strippers or the White House staff that invited them?” The video shows Biden posing with the one activist who later goes half-nude.

YouTuber Matt Wallace shared a picture of a little girl at the Pride event, insisting, “WOKE PARENTS ARE CHILD ABUSERS!” Libs of TikTok also said, “This is what happened at the White House pride event. A disgrace to our country.”

The event even caused an international scandal. Britain First Party leader Paul Golding tweeted the trans activists’ video with the shocked comment, “Biden’s gay pride event at the White House had topless cross-dressers! 🤯🏳️‍🌈” Isn’t it inspiring what impression the Biden administration is making on the rest of the world?

Would the White House be equally empathetic to detransitioners, who bravely take the hard road of returning to live as their biological sex, often with permanent bodily damage and with intense hatred from LGBTQ activists? Probably not.

America is being ruled by sexual perverts who want to indoctrinate and mutilate children. God help us all.

Johns Hopkins University Is Literally Erasing Women to Be More ‘Inclusive’

Johns Hopkins University Is Literally Erasing Women to Be More 'Inclusive'



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Johns Hopkins University, which has a longtime reputation for academic excellence, is the source of groundbreaking research, and has a top teaching hospital, is another institution that has given itself completely to the woke mob. I’ve written before about how the transgender movement is erasing women, and Johns Hopkins University proves it.

Under the guise of inclusivity, JHU has redefined “lesbian” in its LGBTQ Glossary (which can be found within its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion resources section on the school’s website) in such a way that leaves little doubt what the true goal of transgenderism is.

According to the glossary, a “lesbian” is defined as “a non-man attracted to non-men.”

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Included within the definition is a sentence explaining that the definition has been updated to be “more inclusive” to non-binary people.

“While past definitions refer to ‘lesbian’ as a woman who is emotionally, romantically, and/or sexually attracted to other women,” the page explains, “this updated definition includes non-binary people who may also identify with the label.”

Got it? You can’t say that lesbians are women attracted to other women because of non-binary people. Is that all clear? Okay, great. But here’s where that explanation falls apart. Here’s the definition of a “gay man,” as presented on the very same page.

Gay Man: A man who is emotionally, romantically, sexually, affectionately, or relationally attracted to other men, or who identifies as a member of the gay community. At times, “gay” is used to refer to all people, regardless of gender, who have their primary sexual and or romantic attractions to people of the same gender. “Gay” is an adjective (not a noun) as in “He is a gay man.”

Well, that’s weird, isn’t it? A lesbian can’t be a woman attracted to other women because of non-binary people, but a gay man can still be a “gay man.” Why is that? How does this make any sense? Why is it that transgender ideology is so anti-woman? Haven’t you noticed that women tend to be the victims of transgenderism?

Not only are biological men being allowed to play and dominate in women’s sports, but lesbians are also being bullied and harassed for not being inclusive when they don’t want to date “women” who are biological males. Earlier this year, a lesbian dating app informed its users that anyone who wasn’t willing to date men via the app was a transphobe and not welcome anymore. In 2021, the BBC profiled lesbians who were literally being pressured to have heterosexual sex by so-called transgender women. We’ve also seen efforts to erase women from language by referring to mothers as “birthing people” and women as “people who menstruate.”

It is obvious that this effort of Johns Hopkins to be “inclusive” isn’t merely a shallow attempt to appease the LGBTQ crowd. Rather, it specifically panders to the transgender movement, which has become the most celebrated subset of the LGBTQ community, and sadly, as with everything else about the movement, women are the real victims. Before long, they’ll have no privacy, opportunities, rights, or identity because of the transgender movement.

LGBTQ Activists Send Bomb Threats to Target Locations for Betraying Their Community

LGBTQ Activists Send Bomb Threats to Target Locations for Betraying Their Community



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

When Target was revealed to be selling transgender clothing targeting children in its stores, the backlash resulted in billions of dollars of lost market value for the corporate retail giant. In a desperate attempt to minimize the damage and avoid a “Bud Light situation,” several stores in select markets moved the pride collection of merchandise away from the fronts of their stores and pared it down significantly.

This, of course, angered LGBTQ activists.

“Target should put the products back on the shelves and ensure their Pride displays are visible on the floors, not pushed into the proverbial closet,” Human Rights Campaign President Kelley Robinson said in a statement last month. “That’s what the bullies want.”

After years of priding itself as an ally of the LGBTQ community, Target’s efforts to minimize the fallout from its pride collection put the company at risk of another wave of backlash from the very community it was pandering to. And that backlash has come in the form of threats of violence.

According to a report from Fox News Digital, Target stores in at least five states received bomb threats in response to the company’s efforts to scale back the pride merchandise promotion in the hopes of quelling the outrage. The threats accused Target of betraying the LGBTQ community, were reported in Oklahoma, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Louisiana. However, no explosives were found in any of the targeted stores. According to the reports, similar threats had previously been made against Target stores in Ohio, Utah, and Pennsylvania.

For our VIP members: Woke Companies Wouldn’t Be in This Situation if They Had Never Pandered in the First Place

“You have betrayed the LGBTQ+ community. You are pathetic cowards who bowed to the wishes of far-right extremists who want to exterminate us,” one threatening email sent to a Louisiana store read. “We will not tolerate intolerance nor indifference. If you are not with us then you are against us. That is why we placed a bomb in each of your locations, evacuate now as this is only to cause economic damage.”

“We are going to play a game,” another email sent to an Oklahoma location read. “2 of these Target locations have bomb in them. We hid bombs inside some product items. The bombs will detonate in several hours, guess which ones have the bombs. Time is ticking. 4/19/1995.”

The date referenced in the email is the date of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

No explosives were found in any of the locations. But what does this tell you? Those who objected to Target grooming children in their stores responded by voting with their wallets. LGBTQ activists responded to Target’s mild capitulation with threats of violence and death.

That should tell you all you need to know about the so-called “pride community.”