Biden Caves to McCarthy, Agrees to Meet the Speaker About Raising the Debt Limit

Biden Caves to McCarthy, Agrees to Meet the Speaker About Raising the Debt Limit



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

After weeks of saying he would never meet with House Republicans to raise the debt limit, Joe Biden was forced to cave to the Republicans after his Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen gave Washington a drop dead date for raising the debt ceiling — June 1.

The date was at least a month earlier than most experts were predicting. And with Republicans already having a debt limit bill in hand, Biden reluctantly agreed to drop his demand for a “clean” debt limit bill with no negotiations.

Biden’s position was never viable. So the president must now talk about budget cuts with the GOP or find a way to avoid the blame if the whole kit and kaboodle goes south.

Democrats have one bullet they can use. Because they control the Senate, they can bring a “clean” debt limit bill to the floor and dare the GOP House to defeat it. But it’s not even clear that Democrats can pass a clean bill in the Senate, and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer may not risk it.

Despite the urgency, Biden has scheduled the meeting for May 9.

Washington Post:

But with Monday’s news that default could come as soon as next month, the president set in motion a plan to hold talks on May 9, personally calling McCarthy as well as Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.), according to a White House official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe private conversations.

The Treasury Department, meanwhile, sounded an urgent alarm about the need for haste: In a letter to lawmakers, Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen said the agency may be “unable to continue to satisfy all of the government’s obligations by early June, and potentially as early as June 1.”

Whether the Republicans believe Yellen or not is immaterial. Wall Street and world financial markets will believe her. And that may be enough to set in motion a cascading failure of the economy.

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“We should pass a clean debt ceiling and then we should figure out a path forward so we aren’t doing this every year,” said Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), who faces a difficult reelection campaign, “I would like to see it done by figuring out ways that we can reduce the deficit and reduce the debt for a long term. And, quite frankly, get to a point where we have a balanced budget.”

Tester and the Democrats have to know how united the GOP is in backing McCarthy. Even Mitt Romney is supporting McCarthy’s budget cuts. “I’m supporting the House provision,” Romney told Politico.

In the past, Senate Republicans have torpedoed any effort to tie spending cuts to raising the debt limit. Twice in 2021, senators caved to Biden and raised the debt ceiling with no strings attached.

But if Sen. Schumer and the president think they’ll get the same outcome this time, they should note that there’s a different lineup in the Senate and they’re not as eager to cut a deal as senators were in 2021.

Of course, Senate Republicans have said that before and twice buckled in 2021, lifting the debt limit with no strings attached. Clearly Schumer sees the same possibility: He spoke to Biden about a “clean” debt ceiling increase on Monday, according to a spokesperson, and put out a joint statement with House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) calling for a debt increase without concessions.

But with McCarthy leading the House, conditions are less favorable for that type of result. And several dealmaking GOP senators who provided key debt-ceiling votes last Congress have retired, replaced by more conservative members.

Putting a finer point on it, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said: “I don’t think there are 10 Republican votes to undercut Kevin McCarthy.”

I don’t think there’s time to get the kind of comprehensive deal on entitlement programs the Republicans passed in their bill. But they should be able to pull important concessions from Biden and the Democrats in any negotiations. It will be a far cry from a “clean” debt limit bill but not quite the major reforms that many Republicans are seeking.

The Chinese Communist Party Takes Up Residence in America

CCP officers are getting arrested within our borders. What's next?



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

So you might have already known about the U.S. shooting down a Chinese surveillance balloon over U.S. shores just a few weeks ago – an act, by the way, that China wasn’t exactly too crazy about. But little did I realize just what kind of occupancy they would be taking up here.

I’ve read two different reports now involving the Chinese Communist Party (or CCP for short) and how they’re taking part in actions right here on our shores. And, honestly, it’s very bothersome to me. And what’s even more bothersome is how little President Joe Biden is doing about it.

The first of these stories revolves around a “secret” police station in New York City, which has since led to two arrests. Apparently, China set them up in an effort to “track down and silence Chinese dissidents living in the United States.”

I’ve heard stories about this police station before, but I find it absolutely shocking that the Federal Bureau of Investigation took so long to crack down on this Fuzhou Police Overseas Service Station, as it was called. You would have thought they’d notice sooner. Alas, not the case.

The second story is much bigger news. The Department of Justice recently charged 40 CCP officers with reportedly targeting residents of the United States.

The group, dubbed the 912 Special Project Working Group (or “the Group” as the DOJ calls them more simply), was set up as “a troll farm to attack Chinese dissidents in our country for exercising free speech that the (Chinese communist) government disfavors.” Not only that but they were given the task of spreading “disinformation and propaganda to sow divisions within the United States.”

But, as I noted above, they went after U.S. citizens with this particular task. This was mostly done through fake social media accounts across a number of U.S.-owned platforms, where they would “harass and intimidate dissidents and advocates for democratic processes in China,” according to The Epoch Times.

There are some interesting questions here. The big one, I feel, is “How could this happen?” Tensions between China and the United States are already at an all-time high, and there’s even a Senate Judiciary Committee looking into the matters at hand.

Not to mention that this was happening while China is conspiring with Russia, and talking directly with Vladimir Putin, to help him with weapons against Ukraine. That, in turn, could aid China in some kind of invasion of the United States. That’s right, this mere infiltration may very well just be the beginning.

But now comes the big question that has me wondering just what’s going on here – why hasn’t President Joe Biden done more about it?

He’s already seemed to show a relaxed effort towards migrants to begin with, having chastised our Border Patrol officers for reported mistreatment (which, by the way, has since been proven false) instead of focusing on illegal citizens getting into our country in record numbers. But now he’s merely letting CCP officers set up residence here without any sort of indication of trouble. Why is that?

More than likely, it’s his own ties to China. My guess is he’s trying not to ruffle any further feathers to anger Xi Jinping and his Party. Or, for that matter, maybe he’s just trying to let the FBI and Department of Justice step in and be the “good guys” in an effort to make up for their soiled reputation following what they’ve done to our own citizens, including angry parents just sounding off on personal opinions and Christians that have done nothing wrong to this country. Who knows.

I’ll tell you this, though. He needs to do something. Because, otherwise, we’re going to keep hearing these stories about how the Chinese Communist Party is taking up space, even in the smallest towns, in an effort to help their homeland. And that could lead to big trouble down the road as they attempt some sort of response to Taiwan and, for that matter, our own United States. It’s time for Joe to take a stand against this regime, instead of simply letting others handle it at their own leisure.

Because all I need is to hear another story about how they continue to harass and spread misinformation when it’s a situation that could’ve easily been stopped. We have enough trouble with our own government – we don’t need them creating even more.

Michael Letts is the Founder, President, and CEO of InVest USA, a national grassroots non-profit organization that is helping hundreds of communities provide thousands of bulletproof vests for their police forces through educational, public relations, sponsorship, and fundraising programs. He also has over 30 years of law enforcement experience under his belt, hence his pro-police stance for his brothers and sisters in blue.

Biden to Make Sure Criminals in Jail Vote for Him

The new plan offers hiring quotas for criminals, billions in grants, and jailed voter outreach.



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Friday was a good day for criminals. Just like every day in the Biden administration.

Not that Biden and his pro-crime administration call them criminals. In the 2,500-word statement, the term “criminal” never appears once. Neither do “felon”, “offender” or “convict”. Never mind “murderer”, “rapist” or “mugger”. Such hurtful language would be insensitive.

Instead, the Biden administration has adopted the awkward pro-crime euphemism of referring to criminals as “justice-involved persons”, “incarcerated persons” and the even more elongated “eligible persons with criminal history records”. By “eligible”, Biden doesn’t mean bachelors.

What is Biden offering these “justice-involved persons”, who are not prosecutors or corrections officers, but robbers, con artists, and pedophiles? Free stuff at taxpayer expense.

Are you a thug shortly to be on the loose? Apply for food stamps directly from your cell. The Biden administration will be sending “guidance” to agencies handing out food stamps to “accept and process SNAP applications before someone is released from jail or prison”.

What else does Biden have for the Murderers, Muggers, and Molesters of America? The administration’s “strategic plan supports justice-involved individuals” with expanded “access to health care”, “affordable housing”, “educational opportunities”, “food and subsistence benefits”, “job opportunities and access to business capital”, and “banking and other financial services”.

Why even bother being a law-abiding citizen when all of this is waiting for you?

Biden is “expanding access to” bank accounts for “justice-involved persons” and giving  “incarcerated persons” more access to Medicare and Medicaid, and tips on voting Democrat.

That guy who picked your pocket: he’s getting a voter guide with all the D’s marked in red.

Or as the Biden administration puts it, “Most people in jail are eligible to vote since jails primarily detain people awaiting trial, who have not been convicted of any crime, or those serving misdemeanor sentences that do not preclude voting.” Biden’s DOJ, which now divides its time equally between prosecuting conservative opponents and aiding criminals, “will provide guidance on state-specific voter rights for incarcerated persons and promote strategies to reduce barriers for eligible voters.”

Your local neighborhood child molester and car thief just became a valuable part of the Democrat electorate. Conducting voter outreach in jail is the perfect captive audience. The next step will be converting jail community organizing into a nonprofit-funded program.

Is there any chance the Biden administration would be doing this if it didn’t expect to gain votes?

Increasingly unpopular, the Democrats are doubling down on their 2022 strategy of ‘finding voters’ the way pigs find truffles. Forget trying to appeal to the nation as a whole. That’s not happening. Biden’s approval ratings are in the 40s and Kamala’s are in the 30s. The majority of the country would rather that someone else, anyone else, run on the Democrat ticket.

That’s a problem if you view elections as a public referendum, not if you view voters as assets and use detailed demographic data to flip off most of the country and focus on turning out the dumbest and most worthless people around who are easy to manipulate with ballot harvesters and massive bribes. Nothing is off the table. Make credit-worthy homebuyers subsidize Biden’s zero down diversity FHFA base, investigate parents who object to pedophilia in schools as domestic terrorists and just toss out student loans in exchange for votes.

Speaking of that, Biden’s great giveaway for criminals includes implementing a process that will allow “an estimated 760,000 persons to become eligible for a Pell Grant through prison education programs”. A Pell Grant averages $4,130. Multiply that by 760,000 and you get $3.1 billion. But, come on, man, it’s just money. And we have as much of it as we can print.

Certainly more than enough to roll out a massive welfare state expansion for the latest exciting addition to the Dem team roster after the ‘men who want to play women’s sports get settled in sashaying around the locker room.

All the inflation will be a problem for someone else after Biden is fossilized in Lenin’s Tomb.

In true Tammany Democrat, AFL-CIO, and Sicilian Mafia fashion, being with the party also means getting jobs. Guaranteed jobs. From the companies they bribed with taxpayer cash.

Are you a serial embezzler? Come work for the federal government where once hired, you can never be fired.

The National Defense Authorization Act, one of those horrible monsters you had to pass to find out what was in it, included provisions from Senator Cory Booker’s pro-crime Fair Chance Act limiting “agency requests for criminal history record information prior to a conditional offer of employment.”

Indeed, why shouldn’t the federal government, which is practically a criminal enterprise already, dare to ask about the criminal past of the fella looking to get a job looking over your information?

Biden warns that the federal government’s “ban the box” policy (a social justice euphemism for banning even asking about the past criminal history of an applicant) will impose “accountability measures for hiring officials who are alleged to violate it”. Under the most pro-crime administration in history, there’s no accountability for criminals, only for those who get in their way.

The equity supervillains of the “Chief Diversity Officers Executive Council” will create “metrics for enhancing federal employment opportunities for qualified workers with criminal history records.” Criminals will now benefit from their very own dedicated affirmative action quotas.

Steal national security secrets and sell them to China? Come work for the Pentagon. Serial rapist? Have you considered working at a federal women’s penitentiary? Get sent to prison for stealing other people’s social security checks. There’s always work for you at the Post Office.

Beyond semi-redundantly filling the federal workforce with criminals, all that corrupt special interest pork from the Inflation Increase Act, the CHIPS Act and the Pay Democrat Donors Act will be used to find jobs for the party’s new criminal electorate.

The Department of Energy will be “encouraging” its “competitive grant recipients” to hire workers with “criminal history records.”

Why should federal contractors settle for employing amateur criminals to defraud taxpayers when they can partner with Biden to employ professional criminals?

The Department of Labor will also help criminals get jobs “in secure areas in ports facilities and vessels”. Formerly secure areas. Soon to be managed by criminals whose jobs were obtained by the Biden administration.

Friday is usually when damning information is ‘dumped’ at a time when it’s likely to be ignored. If the Biden administration really wanted people to see its latest release, it would have scheduled a mid-week event. Instead, it buried its plot to spend billions on an expanded welfare state for criminals, corrupt the federal government, and use jails to solicit Biden's votes.

But it’s big news even if it’s not the kind the media would ever truthfully headline. The most criminal administration in the country’s history has officially partnered with actual criminals.

Boston Children’s Hospital Gender Clinic – Here’s what’s really happening to children and teenagers!


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Documenting chemical castration, irreversible surgeries, the people behind it, and much more.

Videos and names the hospital tried to hide.

A ghoulish ideology gone out of control!

May 1, 2023
From a December 2011 Boston Globe article. These two boys were identical twins – until Boston Children’s Hospital got ahold of them. In this photo, one twin (on the right) was 5'6" tall and weighed 115 pounds. But after “gender” procedures, the other was only 5'1" and weighed 100 pounds.
Read our full 70-page Special Report HERE
(Caution: Some very disturbing images and descriptions.)

People are becoming aware that there are now dozens of children’s hospital clinics and hundreds of independent clinics across the U.S. (and many more around the world) that practice so-called “gender medicine” on young children and teenagers. (In addition, many – if not most – mental health professionals have climbed on board with the transgender ideology.)

It has become a multi-billion dollar business. These procedures often cause permanent disfiguration, mutilation, castration, and lifelong medical and mental health problems. It is all experimental.

Recently, several states have introduced legislation to ban this gruesome practice. Such bans are fiercely fought by the powerful LGBT lobby, the hospital industry, corporate America, and the mainstream media. They say this is “gender-affirming medical care” and must be allowed. They attack those who oppose these procedures as bigots.

What is really happening to children? We have prepared a special report to explain it to you.

The epicenter of this has been Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH). Opening in 2007 under Dr. Norman Spack, it was the pioneer “gender clinic” in the U.S.

From the beginning, MassResistance raised the alarm about Dr. Spack and his frightening new gender clinic. In May, 2008, Fox News got wind of our reports. Fox’s Megyn Kelly invited Brian Camenker of MassResistance to their New York headquarters for this interview:

VIDEO: Fox News Interviews MassResistance 5/21/08 (3 min 30 sec)

Boston Children’s Hospital’s gender clinic has grown incredibly since then and has been imitated in children’s hospitals across the U.S.

Amy Contrada, the head of our MassResistance research team, has covered Dr. Spack closely since before the clinic officially opened. She has now released this report revealing the ghoulish details that are often being hidden, but which people need to know.

This report details the so-called “gender-affirming” medical treatments and surgeries that are happening at Boston Children’s Hospital:  

  • Social transitioning guidance
  • Puberty-blocking drugs and cross-sex hormones for boys and girls
  • Tucking genitals (boys), binding breasts (girls)
  • Double mastectomies (breast removal) on girls, called “chest reconstruction” (ages 15+)
  • Creating female-like breasts on boys, called “breast augmentation”
  • Using a girl’s genital tissue, forearm, and thigh tissue to create a fake penis (ages 18+)
  • Removing a boy’s penis and creating a “vaginal cavity” (now ages 18+; formerly age 17+)
  • “Gender affirming hysterectomy” and removal of the vagina on females (ages 18+)
  • Vocal cord/Adam’s apple surgery on males to sound like females
  • “Facial harmonization”: Surgeries to make facial features appear female or male

This report includes photos and descriptions, many of which may be difficult to view.

Note that even where BCH limits some of the surgeries for ages 18 or older, many of their younger patients are already on course to continue with those – encouraged to do so by their “caring” doctors at the clinic.

The incriminating videos

In recent years BCH made a series of nine short (mostly 1-2 minutes long) video clips describing (in cheerfully delivered clinical terms) some of the grisly things their gender clinic does. After the videos were seen and publicized by some parents and there was a widespread public outcry, BCH removed them. But we have recovered them and included them in this report.

Here are two of them:

This video is titled “Surgical transition: Who is eligible?” The answer: A 15-year-old girl can have her breasts removed if she’s sure she “feels like” a male. Note that the person speaking has a wide scar on the neck below where Adam’s apple would be. This is likely a male who “transitioned” to female.

VIDEO: Who is eligible for surgical "transition"? (48 sec)

This absurd BCH video has a psychologist saying that children sometimes know they’re transgender from the time they’re born. Thus, the BCH gender clinic begins seeing young children when they are between 2-3 years old to 9 years old! And they coach parents that they must “support” the child’s transgender feelings, claiming (falsely) that otherwise, the child will become depressed and suicidal.

VIDEO: Young children know they're transgender (1 min 28 sec)

Other videos deal with breast binding, “tucking” a penis on a boy, creating a penis on a girl (18+), and hysterectomies for girls (18+).

We have also linked a few speeches by the doctors describing the “positive” aspects of their gender care philosophy. These include a 2014 speech by Dr. Spack and a brief video by the co-founder of the BCH gender clinic, Dr. David Diamond (who is now starting a similar clinic at the U. of Rochester Medical Center).

Who are the people behind all this?

When seeing this, one thinks of the infamous Nazi doctors during the 1930s and early 1940s. The doctors and others at the BCH gender clinic are actually quite proud of being part of this clinic, and (until recently), their names were listed publicly. We include in our report the archived BCH pages naming them.

Note that we have included the list of the Trustees of Boston Children’s Hospital. They are obviously aware of what they are supporting.

And it goes far beyond that. You’ll read about the appalling World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), which is mentioned in one of the videos above. It’s an international organization of transgender activists and their allies – many of whom are neither medical doctors nor medical researchers – that gives cover to hospitals and clinics that administer harmful treatments to minors (and adults), by providing (loose and evolving) “guidance.”

Final thoughts

Probably the most terrifying part of this report (and particularly the BCH videos) is the clinical, matter-of-fact way that these doctors approach this macabre “medical care.” It’s not medicine. It’s madness – part of the culture of death.

If anyone doubts that America’s medical profession has become destructive and – and even demonic – this report should open your eyes.

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