Fox Commits Suicide



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Why would a network fire its top-rated show host? New in FrontPage:

Fox News intensified its spiral into irrelevance on Monday when it fired Tucker Carlson, the top-rated host on network television and a key figure of the resistance against the Leftist political and media establishment. On Wednesday, Carlson released a video explaining what happened. Without naming Fox, he explained what could possibly lead what is supposed to be a profit-making enterprise to cut off its chief source of profits.

Carlson began on an encouraging note: “One of the first things you realize, when you step outside the noise for a few days, is how many genuinely nice people there are in this country. Kind and decent people—people who really care about what’s true. And a bunch of hilarious people, also. A lot of those. It’s gotta be the majority of the population, even now. So that’s heartening.” Carlson didn’t say it directly, but this seemed to suggest that there are a lot of people out there who don’t buy the Left’s increasingly nonsensical view of the world and refuse to be intimidated into silence. That would be heartening indeed.

That said, Carlson noted that the really important things that are happening in the U.S. today are going virtually unnoticed and undiscussed amid a general fascination with minutiae and trivia: “The other thing you notice when you take a little time off is how unbelievably stupid most of the debates you see on television are. They’re completely irrelevant. They mean nothing. In five years, we won’t even remember that we had them. Trust me, as someone who has participated. And then at the same time, and this is the amazing thing, the undeniably big topics, the ones that will define our future, get virtually no discussion at all. War. Civil liberties. Emerging science. Demographic change. Corporate power. Natural resources. When was the last time you heard a legitimate debate about any of those issues? It’s been a long time. Debates like that are not permitted in American media.”

Indeed they aren’t, and yet the country is being transformed before our eyes, with most people still not realizing exactly what is happening. Carlson suggested that this was by design: “Both political parties, and their donors, have reached consensus on what benefits them, and they actively collude to shut down any conversation about it. Suddenly, the United States looks very much like a one-party state. That’s a depressing realization, but it’s not permanent. Our current orthodoxies won’t last. They’re brain-dead. Nobody actually believes them. Hardly anyone’s life is improved by them. This moment is too inherently ridiculous to continue. And so it won’t.”

Carlson still hadn’t mentioned Fox or his firing, but this was coming close. “Suddenly, the United States looks very much like a one-party state” carried the implication that Fox was falling into line with the rest of the establishment media, and silencing voices that spoke about the deeper and more important issues the nation faces today. As Carlson continued, this implication became stronger: “The people in charge know this; that’s why they’re hysterical and aggressive. They’re afraid. They’ve given up persuasion. They’re resorting to force. But it won’t work. When honest people say what’s true, calmly and without embarrassment, they become powerful. At the same time, the liars, who have been trying to silence them, shrink and they become weaker. That’s the iron law of the universe. True things prevail. Where can you still find Americans saying true things? There aren’t many places left, but there are some. And that’s enough. As long as you can hear the words, there is hope. See you soon.”

Fox has indeed begun to shrink and become weaker. Fox lost $800 million in market value after firing Carlson. If it continues to drift into becoming a pale copy of CNN or MSNBC, it will continue to hemorrhage viewers. Carlson, meanwhile, is being inundated with offers and will certainly make good on his promise to “see you soon.” While his firing at Fox was a setback for patriots and a victory for the Left, as he himself emphasized in his statement, the game isn’t over. The firing itself appears to have backfired. Carlson’s firing has awakened numerous people who were previously unaware of how much the media endeavors to control what we see and hear so that we only think that thoughts that they consider permissible.

Tucker Carlson has been fighting against that effort for years and will continue to do so. Fox, on the other hand, if it becomes just another establishment voice, will fade into oblivion.

DR Congo: Muslims murder 80 Christians



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“Make ready for them all that you can of force and of warhorses, so that by them you may strike terror in the enemy of Allah and your enemy…” (Qur’an 8:60)

“Ten Days of Terror and Death in Congo as Eighty Christians are Killed by the ADF,” International Christian Concern, April 28, 2023:

04/28/2023 DRC (International Christian Concern) – The Church in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) continues to bear the brunt of terrorism from the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), one of the many armed groups operating across the region that has vowed to kill more Christians to please Allah.

In ten days, North Kivu province has seen over 80 people killed and hundreds abducted by the ADF extremist group that claims alliance with the Islamic State. For decades, the ADF has killed, maimed, abducted, and displaced millions of people in North Kivu despite the presence of peacekeepers and local and regional troops in the troubled region.

In a statement, the Vicar of Babwisi Parish, where dozens of Christians have been killed, said, “April has turned out to be a month of bloodshed ironical of the expectation of having peace after celebrating the death and the resurrection of Christ Jesus. From the 7th to the 18th, the killings of Christians were numerous in the following entities: Mavete, Musandaba, Katere, and Mamungelesi, all in the West Oicha.

The vicar went on to break down the figures, “On Friday, April 7, and Saturday, April 8, 2023, 26 people were killed by the ADF rebels in Mavete and Musandaba villages, Beni territory. Among them were members of Babwisi parish which is Beni diocese, where eight men were killed leaving widows and children.”

“On Tuesday 18th April 2023, 45 people were killed by these same ADF rebels this time in Katere and Mamungelesi in one night of unfathomable horror, where men, women, and children were slaughtered like chicken. During his attack, we lost one of our evangelists together with his wife. His name is Emmanuel Kambale. The parish is devastated. In addition, over 30 people were abducted and their whereabouts are unknown.”…

Austria: Muslims sever man’s hands and feet at subway station, then kill him



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“The only reward for those who make war upon Allah and his messenger and struggle to sow corruption on earth will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet cut off on opposite sides, or be expelled from the land. Such will be their degradation in this world, and in the hereafter, theirs will be an awful doom.” (Qur’an 5:33)

“As for the thief, both male and female, cut off their hands. It is the reward of their own deeds, an exemplary punishment from Allah. Allah is mighty, wise.” (Qur’an 5:38)

“Suspicion of machete murder at U6: Punishment action under Sharia law,” translated from “Verdacht nach Macheten-Mord bei U6: Bestrafungs-Aktion nach Gesetz der Scharia,” Express, April 29, 2023 (thanks to Medforth):

The victim in the machete murder – an Algerian (31) – was butchered at the U6 station nine days ago – the eXXpress reported. Five or six, according to eyewitness reports even up to ten men, are said to have intercepted the later victim in the station, followed him over the ramp and killed him in front of the entrance. Two perpetrators with machetes are said to have partially severed the Algerian’s hands and feet while he was still alive, as reported by oe24.

Due to the high blood loss, the victim died a little later in a hospital. One of the suspected attackers – also an Algerian (24) – fled when the police arrived and jumped into the Danube Canal. The officers fished him out, the suspect denies everything: “I wasn’t there, I don’t know the victim.”

No public manhunt for killer gang
The police did not give any details about the crime, which not only scared the population in Brigittenau. They refrain from publishing mug shots. While this is always considered appropriate for petty ATM thieves, it does not seem to be the case for a brutal gang presumably from the drug milieu. To this day, the suspects are roaming freely in Vienna unmolested.

Or do other reasons for the secrecy of the police play a role? Don’t you want to say anything because it would lead to an outcry among the population?

The police remain silent about the background
The crime is fatally reminiscent of methods that repeatedly cause serious criticism of outdated legal practice. Most recently, the public cutting off of the right hand and left foot of a thief in Somalia caused an international sensation.

The type of punishment for thieves is recorded in Surah 5:38 in the Koran as a “warning from Allah,” but it is not used in modern Islam. In Islamist circles with a harsh interpretation of the law (Sharia), on the other hand, it is. For repeat offenders, there is the option of chopping off the right hand as well as the option of severing the left foot.

Was a gang member punished at the U6 station for repeatedly betraying and stealing from his accomplices?

The police say nothing about that, either.

Sweden: Muslims screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ harass Christian preachers in central Gothenburg



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Islamic law forbids proselytizing for other religions.

“VIDEO: Muslims harass Christians in Gothenburg: ‘Allahu akbar,'” translated from “VIDEO: Muslimer stör ut kristna i Göteborg: ‘Allahu akbar,’” by Simon Kristoffersson, Samnytt, April 24, 2023

This weekend, a group of Christians tried to hold talks in central Gothenburg, but instead they were exposed to a large gang chanting “Takbir – Allahu akbar”.

It was on Saturday that the Christian group distributed materials and preached in Nordstan. A group of youths surrounded and then tried to disrupt the preachers.

“They have done this several times. There is probably a connection between their holiday and their actions,” says one of the preachers to Samnytt.

Law enforcement officers turned the gang away from the scene.

Ultimate Irony: the Democrat Party Subverts Basic Democracy™, Cancels All 2024 Primary Debates

Ultimate Irony: the Democrat Party Subverts Basic Democracy™, Cancels All 2024 Primary Debates



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The apparent solution the DNC has landed on to solve its RFK Jr. problem is simply to do away with the whole pesky democratic process and skip straight to the coronation ceremony.

As reported by PJ Media’s Robert Spencer, via the Washington Post, there will be no upcoming debates for the 2023/24 primary season. “The national Democratic Party has said it will support Biden’s reelection, and it has no plans to sponsor primary debates.”

The basement strategy requires it.

Admitted diversity hire Karine Jean-Pierre recently received (exceedingly rare) pushback from the media regarding Biden’s frightened avoidance of public exposure.

Via Fox News:

The White House has quietly corrected a claim made Tuesday by press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre that President Biden has taken more questions from the press than former Presidents Donald Trump, Barack Obama and George W. Bush combined.

Without alerting the public to the changes, the White House corrected the official transcript of Jean-Pierre’s gaggle with reporters aboard Air Force One to read “question-and-answer sessions” rather than “questions,” despite her making the claim four times.

Then we discover that when Biden is allowed to appear for the briefest of moments in front of the cameras, he comes equipped with the handpicked journalist’s name, photograph, and the pre-written questions on a notecard!

Of course, while deeply and ironically undemocratic for the party that relentlessly henpecks the public about the need to defend Democracy™, it’s the only real option that Biden’s handlers have short of actually rigging the ballots on election day to prevent RFK Jr. from getting a fair referendum in the primaries.

Longtime Democrat hack David Axelrod is currently pretending on CNN that Biden doesn’t even have any political rivals for the 2024 nomination.

As the Washington Post explains, the only hope is to keep Biden safely out of view and hammer home the thinnest possible talking point that he is more electable than his rivals: “[Democrats] are lukewarm about picking Biden as their nominee, but many believe he may be the best hope of preventing a second Trump term and fighting extremism.”

(Whenever the corporate media recites the “many believe…” talking point, they are projecting their own views. The “many” who believe Biden is the only hope for the Democrats are all Washington Post editors.)

“We have to prove democracy still works,” Biden declared in 2021.

Will the brutal, hypocritical, authoritarian hypocrisy rattle Democrat voters sufficiently to turn them off voting for Handsy Uncle Joseph come primary season? Only time will tell.

EX-CATHOLIC MIKE GENDRON: An Urgent Plea to Roman Catholics

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What can we say to Catholics who are stubbornly happy with their religion? How should we respond when they say, "I was born a Catholic and I will die a Catholic?" Is there a way we can warn our loved ones of their pending peril without harming our relationships? Yes, we must speak the truth in love, with compassion, and pray for our Sovereign Lord to open their hearts (Acts 16:14). We must warn them that sin has separated them from God (Isa. 59:2). As ambassadors for Christ, we must beg them on behalf of Christ to be reconciled to God (2 Cor. 5:20).
Following are some biblical and persuasive heart-to-heart conversations we can have with our Catholic friends and loved ones.
What if Our Roles Were Reversed?
If our roles were reversed, I would want you to pursue me with the truth until I repented and believed God's Word. Never would I want you to give up on me, because so much is at stake. I love you too much to let you march proudly down the wide road to destruction without warning you. There is a reason why the Lord Jesus said very few find the narrow way that leads to life (Mat. 7:14). It is because the god of this world (Satan) has blinded the minds of the unbelieving so that they might not see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God (2 Cor. 4:4). One of Satan's most powerful tools to blind unbelievers is religious pride and indoctrination. The only way this veil of blindness can be removed is when you turn to Christ (2 Cor. 3:14-16). This means you must turn away from your priests, who are false mediators, and turn to Christ, who is the only mediator between God and man (1 Tim. 2:5). As God's perfect man and man's perfect God, He is worthy of all your undivided trust and faith!
Only the Gospel Can Transform Sinners into Saints
Please understand that we were all conceived in sin and born sinners (Psalm 51:5). There is more bad news because there is no human cure for sin. Sacraments, penance, indulgences, the Mass, and good works can never cancel the punishment for sin, which is an eternity in hell away from the presence of God (Rev. 20:13-15). However, there is good news! God's love and mercy provided the one way to be saved! A divine cure is available free for the asking because of a love story written in blood on a wooden cross 2000 years ago. The Lord Jesus Christ died as a sinless substitute for sinners who would repent and trust Him alone for the forgiveness of sin and reconciliation with God (1 Pet. 3:18). He died once for all sin, for all time; there are no more offerings for sin (Hebrews 10:10-18). Three days later, God raised Him from the dead for our justification and to show that divine justice was satisfied (Rom. 4:25). This is the greatest news a condemned sinner on death row could ever hear!
There Is Only One Infallible Source for Truth
Did you know that the nature of deception is that people never know they are deceived until they are confronted with the truth? Many Catholics first found out they were deceived when they began reading the Bible. Once in bondage to religious deception, they were set free by the truth (John 8:31-32). I plead with you to trust Jesus, who is the personification of truth (John 14:6). He came to testify to the truth and everyone who is of the truth hears His voice (John 18:37). His Word must become your supreme authority for truth because it is the only infallible source to protect us from the lies and deception of false teachers (John 17:17).
Test the Uninspired Words of Men with the Inspired Word of God
Please understand the crucial difference between the Bible and religion. The Bible is what God says, while religion is what man says God says. You can go directly to the source for truth and test the uninspired words of men with the inspired Word of God (Acts 17:11). We know that all Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness (2 Tim. 3:16). That means Scripture is our divine authority for exposing what is false and correcting the errors. God has left us with His Word so that we can avoid being deceived by false teachers. Did you know that the Catholic teaching on venial sin is a perpetuation of the first lie of Satan in the garden? The serpent told Eve "You surely will not die" if you disobey God (Gen. 3:4). The lie of venial sin is reproved by Scripture, which declares all sins are punished by death (Rom. 6:23).
The Promise of the Gospel Is Eternal Life
Please know that Catholicism withholds the Gospel's promise of eternal life from its people. Instead, it offers "conditional life" by teaching you must attain salvation by what you DO instead of what Christ has DONE. This makes your eternal destiny conditional because you will never know in this life if you have done enough to merit the glory of heaven. The Catholic Church deceives you by distorting the Gospel and denying the sufficiency and finished work of Jesus (John 19:30; Gal. 1:6-9). You have been misled into believing the work of redemption must continue on Catholic altars. Please reject this false and fatal gospel and put all your faith in what Christ has already DONE. When you do, God will give you the assurance of eternal life (1 John 5:13). There is no greater joy and peace than to know the moment you take your last breath you will be in the presence of your Lord and Savior forever!
Members of the True Church Will Never Perish
Your priests have indoctrinated you with a false security that you belong to the one true church founded by Christ. Yet, the Catholic Church looks nothing like the first-century church. It drifted into apostasy when it was no longer submitted to the supreme authority of Scripture. The apostles warned that apostates would depart from the faith of the apostles and follow doctrines of demons, including forbidding the clergy to marry (1 Tim. 4:1-3). Jesus said there would be many, not few, false Christians who called Him Lord but will not enter into heaven (Mat. 7:21-23).
The true Church is built upon the one foundation of the apostles and prophets with Christ Jesus Himself being the cornerstone (Eph. 2:20). It upholds the doctrines they preached and warns about traditions of men that invalidate the Word of God (Mark 7:13). This is the only Church in which no one member can perish or be cast away (John 6:37-40). This is the Church to which the Lord Jesus promised, "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" (Matt. 16:18). The Lord Jesus purchased this church with His own blood and He is its only Head (Acts 20:28). It is the Church which man enters as he is born of the Spirit (1 Cor. 12:13). If anyone does not belong to the one true church at the end of their days, it will have been much better if they had never been born.
Religion Cannot Save Anyone
I recognize that you are proud of your religion and are committed to it, but religion cannot save you. If anyone had reason to boast in his religion, it was the apostle Paul. He was passionately religious, zealous for good deeds, and blameless and righteous according to the law. Yet, he counted it all loss for the sake of Christ. Paul realized his righteousness fell short of the perfect righteousness that comes from God on the basis of faith. He exchanged his religion for an eternal relationship with Christ (Phil. 3:3-9). It is my heart's desire that you do the same. One day you will stand before the Lord Jesus Christ and He will either be a merciful Savior or a sin-avenging judge. If you have not believed His Gospel, you will pay the penalty of eternal destruction, away from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of His power (2 Thes. 1:8-9). God's Gospel is a message to believe, an invitation to accept, and a command to obey. I plead with you to come to Jesus, with empty hands of faith, before it is too late.