House GOP May Stop New FBI HEADQUARTERS Over Agency’s Politicization~Now That the FBI Is Just the Left’s Enforcement Arm, House GOP Threatens to Hold up Funding for Its Massive New HQ

Now That the FBI Is Just the Left’s Enforcement Arm, House GOP Threatens to Hold up Funding for Its Massive New HQ



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You can see it in the classic movie The Godfather: the Mafia chieftain, Don Corleone, reluctantly agrees to meet with his chief enforcer, Luca Brasi, because he is aware of a cardinal law of the underworld: keep your muscle happy, or your muscle could turn on you. In the same spirit, the Biden regime is planning to reward the corrupt and sinister enforcers of its far-Left agenda, the FBI, with an elephantine new headquarters building that will make the Pentagon look like your tool shed out back. The FBI has gone so far, however, in shedding its former squeaky-clean image and becoming the Left’s Luca Brasi that now the House GOP is talking about putting a kibosh on the fancy new headquarters plan. They should do more than just talk.

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) said Monday: “The FBI…they have their eye on a really fancy, very expensive new headquarters. Well, you know, do they deserve that if they can’t follow the basic tenets of the Constitution? I’m not sure that Congress should empower that.” You said it, Mike! But is this going to be just more empty virtue-signaling, or will the House take real action to make sure that the FBI doesn’t get its enormous new Ministry of Truth building? It would be hard to find a more vivid illustration of America’s slide from a free republic to a Leftist police state than the staggeringly large new FBI headquarters, and if there are any patriots in Congress, they should put a stop to it.

Right now, however, the Republicans are talking, talking up a storm: “On Tuesday of last week, we set a record, all-time, in Congress,” Johnson said proudly. “We had 42 hearings in the House in one day. Most of those were devoted to oversight. So this is going to continue.” That’s wonderful and certainly vastly preferable to the record of the last Congress, but will it result in real action to cut off FBI funding for the new building or even (oh dream of dreams!) for the agency itself?

Johnson added: “What we’ve seen now, particularly over the last two years, and we know this to be objectively true, is that some of the agencies that were designed to serve and protect the American people have been weaponized and used against them.” That’s an understatement. The Federal Bureau of Investigation was once one of the most trusted institutions in the nation. FBI agents had the image of being honest, upright, patriotic, and not only not corrupt, but not corruptible. Beginning late in the Obama administration and accelerating sharply during the misrule of Old Joe Biden, however, the FBI took its sterling reputation, stomped on it with muddy shoes, tossed it in the dumpster, took it out, set fire to it, and threw the smoldering remainder into a vat of raw sewage.

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The survey site Statista reported in August 2022 that “Where 57 percent of U.S. adults said that the FBI was doing either an ‘excellent’ or a ‘good’ job in 2019, this fell to 44 percent in 2021.” If it isn’t lower now, much lower, it’s only because most Americans aren’t aware of how far the FBI has fallen. The FBI has, in these dark days of Biden’s handlers’ regime, become synonymous with corruption, partisanship, and dirty dealing. Nor is there any relief in sight; instead, it’s likely to get worse: not only do Biden’s handlers have no intention of reining in today’s rogue FBI, but they’re rewarding it with the sumptuous new headquarters.

Why does the FBI need all this space? Hey, it needs room to track down all the people whose lives it plans to make miserable if they happened to have been in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021. It desperately needs new offices so that it can expand its operations to hound and surveil parents who are angry because their children have been subjected to drag queen performances and critical race theory in primary school. The feds need extra room for their efforts to harass and terrorize pro-life activists. It takes a huge amount of office space to manufacturing “white supremacist terrorists” so as to justify the bureau’s ridiculous claims about what constitutes the largest terror threat the nation faces today. Then there is all the space the Brave New FBI needs to coordinate election crimes and stamp out “disinformation,” that is, news that deviates from the Democrat Party line.

We can only hope that this new FBI complex will indeed be relegated to the dustbin of history and that the FBI itself will follow soon afterward.