Post COVID Vaccine Heart-Related Deaths Sharply Increase, Especially in Young Males



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According to a recent study by Cedars Sinai, there was a nearly 30 percent increase in deaths from heart attacks in adults 25 to 44 years old during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.1 In the first year of the pandemic, the number of deaths due to heart attacks increased by 14 percent from the previous year. However, this number skyrocketed to a 29.9 percent increase by the end of 2021.2 Marty Makary, MD, professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and oncology surgeon believes the sharp rise in heart attack deaths in the second year of the pandemic is due to widespread use of COVID shots and not solely caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself.3

Dr. Makary said:

We did not see the uptake before the vaccine was rolled out, but, young people were primarily affected around that same time as well. The state of Florida did their own study, looking at heart attacks after the vaccine in particular, and found that there was an 81 percent increase in sudden death from heart attacks in the months following the vaccine compared to baseline rates. So many people do believe that the vaccine is one of the causes of heart problems in young people.4

Florida Department of Health Warns Young Men About COVID-19 Shot Risks

In October 2022, the Florida Health Department released an analysis of the COVID shots, showing that there was an 84 percent increased risk of cardiac-related deaths in men 18 to 39 years old, particularly within 28 days of getting vaccinated.  The Florida Health Department amended its guidelines as follows:

Based on currently available data, patients should be informed of the possible cardiac complications that can arise after receiving a mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. With a high level of global immunity to COVID-19, the benefit of vaccination is likely outweighed by this abnormally high risk of cardiac related death among men in this age group.5

Dr. Makary agrees with the Florida Health Department stating that healthy young adults, especially males, should not receive the COVID shots due to their link to myocarditis (inflammation of the heart), especially in young adults after the second shot. He maintains the data supports the theory that myocarditis is more common after the vaccine than after a SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Dr. Makary points out that young men are 28 times more likely to suffer from myocarditis after the shot compared to after having the viral infection, and that young men are nine times more likely to get myocarditis than young women. The long-term effects of myocarditis brought on by the COVID shots are not yet known.6

Dr. Makary explained why young adults should avoid the vaccine…

They have the lowest benefit from a vaccine because they are the lowest risk of any COVID complications. We still don’t know if any young, healthy person has ever died of COVID in the United States. The CDC won’t tell us, and they’ve never broken the data down by young people who are healthy versus had a comorbidity like leukemia or an immunosuppression condition.7

CDC Still Recommends COVID-19 Shots Despite the Risks

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cites that between December 2020 through August 2021, there have been 52.4  cases of myocarditis per one million after the second dose of Pfizer/BioNtech’s Comirnaty messenger RNA (mRNA) COVID biologic and 56.3 cases of myocarditis per million after Moderna/NIAID’s Spikevax mRNA COVID biologic. The CDC also reports that, as of Mar. 2, 2023, there have been 1,059 reports of myocarditis or pericarditis in young people under 18 years old made to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).8 Despite the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis, the CDC still recommends the shots to everyone over the age of six months old.9

The actual number of heart-related adverse reactions to the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine may be much higher. VAERS, which was established by Congress as part of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986, has been found to significantly underrepresent the true number of vaccine injuries. A 2011 Harvard Pilgrim Health Care report showed that fewer than one percent of all adverse vaccine reactions are reported.10 Consequently, the true number of young adults suffering from heart inflammation and heart attacks after the COVID shots may also be vastly underrepresented in VAERS and by federal health officials at the FDA and CDC., who are responsible for the operation of VAERS.

To search the VAERS database, go to, a user-friendly search engine sponsored by the charitable National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) that makes the details of adverse event reports made to VAERS easily accessible.

Previous Studies Reveal Risk of Myocarditis in Young Males Post COVID-19 Shots

Several studies have demonstrated a link between COVID shots and heart inflammation. A March 2022 review of 14 studies showed that myocarditis occurred in 25-82 per million males 18 through 39 years old after the second Comirnaty (Pfizer) shot. Researchers speculate that the rates of myocarditis are higher after the second Spikevax (Moderna) shot as it has a larger amount of spike protein than Comirnaty. More than 90 percent of myocarditis occurring after the COVID shots were reported in men between 20 and 29 years old.11

A 2021 Hong Kong population cohort study looking at the occurrence of myocarditis after COVID vaccination in adolescents showed that in an almost three-month period in 2021, 33 Chinese adolescents suffered from myocarditis/pericarditis post-vaccination. Twenty-nine (87.8 percent) were male and four (12.12 percent) were female, with a median age of 15.25 years. Twenty-seven adolescents (81.8 percent) were diagnosed with myocarditis or pericarditis after getting the COVID second shot in the series, while six (18.1 percent) suffered heart inflammation after the first shot.

The rate of myocarditis/pericarditis was 18.5 percent per 100,000 vaccinated individuals. The authors concluded that there is a significant risk of developing myocarditis/pericarditis after receiving a COVID shot.12

A May 2022 Israeli study showed that there was a 25 percent increase in cardiovascular-related emergency calls made by young COVID-19-vaccinated adults between 16 to 39 years old from 2019 to 2021. Researchers did not find a similar increase in cardiovascular-related emergency calls in young adults who had recovered from a SARS-CoV-2 infection. Contrary to other studies, this study found an increase in cardiac events for females, as well as males, after COVID-19 shots in this age group.13


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What are CBDCs? Central Bank Digital Currency~Ron DeSantis Unveils Plan To Oppose ‘Big Brother’s Digital Dollar’

Ron DeSantis Unveils Plan To Oppose ‘Big Brother’s Digital Dollar’

FedNow launched in midst of a banking crisis, is it a precursor to CBDCs, 'totalitarian' control?

Richard Werner, Economics Professor and Author of "Princes of the Yen," and Michelle Makori, Editor-in-Chief and Lead Anchor at Kitco News, discuss the Federal Reserve's FedNow instant payments system, and whether it will be used to usher in Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), digital tokens issued and controlled by central banks. Werner explains what CBDCs are, and warns that they will be used to bring about 'totalitarian' control and a surveillance economy. He also proposes that the recent banking crisis and consolidation of banks could be used as an excuse to bring about CBDCs, and suggests political solutions that might prevent CBDCs from being implemented.  Werner's book at Quantum Publishers:

Mad Maxine Waters Says Trump Is ‘Attempting to Organize His Domestic Terrorists’

Mad Maxine Waters Says Trump Is ‘Attempting to Organize His Domestic Terrorists’



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Rage, Race-Hate, and Insanity) is enraged over the fact that Donald Trump has called upon his supporters to protest when he is arrested. According to Mad Maxine, Trump was employing one of those “dog whistles” that Leftists so often like to accuse patriots of using. She claimed that what the former president and 2024 front-runner was really doing was “attempting to organize his domestic terrorists.”

This is balderdash, but Waters feels free to say it on MSNBC because it’s fully consistent with what Leftists have been claiming for years now and is a centerpiece of the Left’s overall strategy: to paint Trump and his supporters as terrorists and the entire America-First perspective as one that must be allowed no place in the public square because it leads to criminal and terrorist activity.

Yes, this is the same Maxine Waters who, back in 2018, exhorted her followers to confront and menace Trump administration officials: “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

This is also the same Maxine Waters who raged in June 2022 after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, “They ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Women are going to control their bodies, no matter how they try to stop us. The hell with the Supreme Court. We will defy them. Women will be in control of their bodies, and if they think black women are intimidated or afraid, they got another thought comin’. Black women will be out in droves. We will be out by the thousands. We will be out by the millions. We are going to make sure that we fight for the right to control our own bodies.” Apparently, as far as Waters was concerned, that fight involved illegal defiance of the Dobbs v. Jackson decision. What’s the word for that sort of thing? Oh, yeah: insurrection.

But Maxine Waters is a Leftist, and that means that she never has to say she’s sorry. And so on MSNBC’s The Saturday Show with Jonathan Capehart, Capehart lobbed Waters a softball about their common villain’s egregious statement over being subject to an unjust arrest, banana republic style: “You had been warning everybody since the beginning of the Trump presidency about who he is,” Capehart reminded Waters as if she might have forgotten the focus of her rage and hate for the last six or seven years. “Your reaction to the breaking news this morning from the former president who says on his own social media platform that he will be arrested, he says this, on Tuesday?”

Waters responded: “Well, let me just say this, Jonathan. Constantly, as I travel around the country, people are asking me, when is he going to be arrested and indicted? Is he above the law, hasn’t done enough so that the American people can have faith and confidence that the law applies to him also?”

No, she didn’t mean Hunter Biden, much less Old Joe, and she said nothing about Nancy Pelosi’s insider trading or Hillary Clinton’s entire career. If anyone is above the law in America today, it is the Leftist elites, not Trump, who has been the object of more investigations than any other president in American history.

Related: Trump Calls for Protests Over His Arrest

Nonetheless, Waters plowed on with hysterical and baseless charges, claiming that Trump “has disrespected the Constitution of the United States of America.” How? She added that he “has lied” and “has tried to organize domestic terrorists. And some believe that he did organize them as they attacked our Capitol on January 6.” Even after the Jan. 6 “insurrection” narrative has exploded, Mad Max is still pushing it. She knows that her rabid-Left base will cling to it no matter how much information comes out showing that it was a hoax.

Waters went on to claim risibly that “the charges that he’s being indicted on are minimal, as opposed to the charges that I believe he could have been indicted on,” as if Democrats haven’t been trying to hang anything they could on Trump for eight years. She repeated that Trump is “attempting to organize his domestic terrorists to show up and to resist him being arrested… perhaps he was trying to organize domestic terrorists, to protest his arrest.”

That’s one of the main reasons why the arrest is in the offing: to provoke protests that Leftists can use to further their “insurrection” narrative and impose more of their authoritarian agenda among the American people. Waters on MSNBC Saturday was laying the groundwork for claims on Tuesday that Trump’s followers engaged in terrorist acts and that the FBI is therefore justified in treating support for Trump as terrorism. The hook has been baited.

Enough Already: Oregon ‘Health Teacher’ Makes Students Write About Their Sexual Fantasies

Controversial 'sexual fantasy' assignment in health class at Eugene high school



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

The facts, in this case, are even more revolting than the usual run of stories coming out of the schools in this age of absurdity: a teacher at Winston Churchill (Who Must Be Turning In His Grave) High School in Eugene, Ore., forced his students to write about their sexual fantasies and had earlier required them to identify the classmates with whom they would like to like to have sexual relations. It sounds as if this teacher is using the students as a tool to indulge his own sexual fantasies. Has he or she been fired yet? Of course not.

The Left insists that its introduction of sexual delusions and perversions into public school curricula at the earliest levels is all a matter of mental health: if children aren’t allowed to pretend they’re of the opposite sex and indulge a smorgasbord of other fantasies, you see, the poor dears will be driven to suicide. This is ridiculous on its face, as generations of schoolchildren who actually went to school to learn to read, write, and cipher instead of to learn about LGBTQ and the rainbow flag didn’t end up offing themselves in large numbers, but nevertheless, that’s the way this whole rancid package has been sold.

And so Winston Churchill (Who Would Demand His Name Be Taken Off the Building) High School students were told, according to a Tuesday report in the Washington Free Beacon, to write a “Fantasy Story.” Oh, like science fiction, maybe a journey to Mars or a fictional world featuring cute little furry creatures doing heroic things, a la Lord of the Rings? Nope: this isn’t the 1970s anymore, man! This assignment was designed to “show that you can show and receive loving physical affection without having sex.”

Well, at first glance that doesn’t seem so bad in itself, or at least not as bad as it could have been. It could even be construed as an exhortation to the students to be sexually responsible and not promiscuous, but it was already skirting the edge of propriety and decency to direct the students to write in detail about expressing “loving physical affection.” And it gets worse, as these things invariably do.

Springfield, Oregon’s KEZI reported that the assignment directed students: “You will choose 3 items (romantic music, candles, massage oil, feather, feather boa, flavored syrup, etc.) to use in the story.” What? Feather boas and flavored syrup? Massage oil? Clearly, the teacher intended the story to be erotic, even as he or she or xe specified that it must include “NO penetration of any kind or oral sex (no way of passing an STI),” or sexually transmitted illness.

After this assignment came to light (a courageous parent posted it on Facebook; has Merrick Garland’s FBI opened a terror investigation yet?), it also came to light that in February, students in the same class had to play a game, “With Whom Would You Do It?” The Free Beacon explains that “during the game, a spinning wheel labeled with sexual acts, including anal penetration and oral sex, was projected in the classroom. When the wheel stopped on a category, students were supposed to mark the initials of a male and female student with whom they would want to perform the act.”

Related: Tell Me Teacher-Groomers Aren’t Real: Degenerate Teacher’s Aide Arrested for Licking the Feet of a Seven-Year-Old

One parent recounted: “My daughter was very, very, very uncomfortable in the classroom.” Well, sure. But it’s all about “health,” doncha know. The Free Beacon noted that “both sexually explicit assignments are part of a health curriculum adopted by the Eugene School Board in 2016. While the district has agreed to drop the curriculum following parent outcry, the teacher, who is also a football coach, has not been disciplined.” And why should he have been? This teacher was just getting his students to engage in worship according to the favored religion of the day.

The Left has made a new religion out of unbridled sexual libertinism and the glorification of perversion and delusion. People who completely lack the capacity for self-control have to be restrained by an all-powerful state. People who have given themselves over to unrestrained sexual excess or to fantasies that have to be aided by mutilation and a lifetime of pharmaceuticals have neither the ability nor the will to stand up to that all-encroaching state. People who have no interest in or capacity for ordinary relationships and conventional families will have no loyalties that will compete with loyalty to the omnipresent state. So this Oregon class is really no surprise. Expect more like it.

San Francisco NAACP Unhappy With $5 Million Slavery Reparations Plan



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

PJ Media’s Stephen Green covered the nearly unbelievable story of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors Approving 100 recommendations from the African American Reparations Advisory Committee, which included such goodies as a $5 million payout to every eligible black resident, $97,000 a year for the next 250 years, forgiveness of all debts, and the ability to purchase homes in San Francisco for $1.

I’m sure there’s a demand somewhere in those recommendations that every white male practice self-flagellation and wear sackcloth and ashes for a year.

But the NAACP isn’t happy with the plan.

Amos Brown, the president of the SF NAACP and pastor of the Third Baptist Church supports the idea of reparations but criticized how the city is handling the draft plan.

NBC Bay Area:

According to the SF NAACP, the much talked-about lump sum $5 million payment is not likely to be put in action by the city and is therefore giving Black residents of San Francisco false hopes.

“Not one member of that board said ‘we support reparations with cash payments.’ And with a definite plan of how to do it. And a timeline of how to do it,” said Brown.

A draft of that plan, put out by The African American Reparations Advisory Committee in December, currently has over 100 recommendations for how San Francisco can address the legacies of systemic racism in the city. Some of the most notable are a one-time payment of $5 million to eligible adults, guaranteed annual incomes of at least $97,000, and $1 homes for African-American families.

The organization added that it supports cash payments, but called the $5 million “an arbitrary number” in a news release. It said “the payments should have a public rationale for the dollar amount and a method for how the money will be allocated.”

Who knew that “restorative justice” could be so expensive?

Of course, $5 million is “arbitrary.” What else could it be? Putting a price tag on slavery is idiotic. How do you price the abominable “middle passage”? How do you price the indignity of being treated like cattle? How do you value a lifetime of work with little pay?

There’s more, but you get the picture. The real problem is advancing the idea of collective guilt — specifically, the collective guilt of a single race.

History tells us there’s enough guilt to go around when it comes to the slave trade. And if we’re going to hand out reparations for black slavery, why not go after the Italians or Greeks for the slaves their ancestors kept 2,000 years ago? Or the slaves kept by the Aztecs? Or black African tribes?

Slavery is a timeless evil, and to arbitrarily single out black slavery for reparations as it was practiced in North America 200 years ago is massively unfair. The SF NAACP had it exactly right. Any price tag you put on slavery is arbitrary and, therefore, an injustice.

McCarthy Says Trump Indictment Could Be Federal Election Interference

McCarthy Says Trump Indictment Could Be Federal Election Interference



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

As local, state, and federal officials and agencies seem to be preparing to indict and even arrest Donald Trump, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) announced that he has directed an investigation into whether federal money is being used to target Trump as a form of 2024 election interference.

“Here we go again — an outrageous abuse of power by a radical DA who lets violent criminals walk as he pursues political vengeance against President Trump,” McCarthy tweeted on March 18. “I’m directing relevant committees to immediately investigate if federal funds are being used to subvert our democracy by interfering in elections with politically motivated prosecutions.”

Let’s hope McCarthy follows through to punish Democrats and back Trump if election interference is indeed happening (which wouldn’t be surprising, as the Democrats have been influencing elections through blatant lies since Andrew Jackson).

As PJ Media’s Matt Margolis explained, “These agencies are carrying out preliminary security assessments and deliberating over potential security arrangements around the Manhattan Criminal Court situated at 100 Centre Street. The discussion revolves around the chance that Trump may be charged with an alleged hush-money payment to Stormy Daniels and could travel to New York to face the charges if any.”

PJ Media’s Robert Spencer also noted that, if everything goes according to the current trend, “Trump will not just be arrested but handcuffed and perp-walked for maximum media effect.” The idea is to try and knock Trump out of the 2024 presidential race — but also, I suspect, to enact revenge. Trump humiliated the over-confident Democrats in 2016, and he’s still more popular than Joe Biden. Many Democrats continue to have an irrational and excessive hatred of Trump.

The Democrats have been lying about Trump non-stop, it seems, for years now. The “Russian collusion” accusations, which some outlets and politicians still cite, turned out to be a total hoax. And Trump not only called for peace on Jan. 6, 2021, but new video evidence also reinforced the fact that Trump supporters did not start a premeditated “insurrection” on Jan. 6. But while Hunter Biden continues free and unmolested despite a heap of evidence, the government is still obsessed with Trump. McCarthy seems to have hit on the reason why.

As the Democrats continue to attack Trump and other opponents with blatant political bias, it’s more important than ever to get the news the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know. Become a PJ Media VIP member and sign up for one or all of our newsletters!

NATO Looking to Send 300,000 Troops to the Russian Border

NATO Looking to Send 300,000 Troops to the Russian Border



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

NATO military planners want to designate an additional 300,000 troops to be positioned along the eastern edge of the alliance on the border with Russia in order to forestall any thought by Moscow of expanding the war in Ukraine.

There’s only one small problem; they don’t know where they’re going to get the weapons and ammunition.

“The current rate of consumption compared to the current rate of production of ammunition,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said in early March, “is not sustainable.”

But the problem isn’t just manufacturing bullets and shells. It’s a problem of figuring out how much every NATO nation has to give in men, money, and material. And that has proved difficult in the past.

“If there’s not somebody hosting the potluck and telling everybody what to bring, then everyone would bring potato chips because potato chips are cheap, easy to get,” said James J. Townsend Jr., a former U.S. deputy assistant secretary of defense for European and NATO policy.

“Nations,” he added, “would rather bring potato chips.”

When the NATO alliance went to war in Afghanistan, it was amusing to see many of the countries eagerly volunteering for duty at the Kabul airport. They all wanted to contribute “potato chips” to the war effort. How will this latest effort at demonstrating NATO solidarity work?


But the process could get tricky. Why? Because moving so quickly, even given a month, requires lots of people, equipment and training — and lots of money.

Some militaries will have to up their recruitment efforts. Many allies will have to increase defense spending. And everyone will have to buy more weapons, ammunition and equipment.

Ben Hodges, former commander of U.S. Army Europe, said that “readiness” is “basically, do you have all the stuff you’re supposed to have to do the mission assigned to a unit of a particular size?”

“An artillery battalion needs to shoot X number of rounds per year for planning purposes in order to maintain its level of proficiency,” he said. A tank battalion needs to hit targets, react to different situations and “demonstrate proficiency on the move, day and night, hitting targets that are moving.”

From what we saw of NATO in Afghanistan, I am not confident that this plan to augment forces on the Russian border will amount to much. NATO countries will find ways to avoid their responsibilities rather than fulfill their obligations.

And that includes meeting the critical need for more ammunition.

“We have tended to try to stockpile munitions on the cheap … it’s just grossly inadequate,” said Stacie Pettyjohn, director of the defense program at the Center for a New American Security. “I think the problems that our allies have in NATO are even more acute because many of them often rely on the U.S. as sort of the backstop.”

Sound familiar? Any NATO plan for more troops and equipment ultimately means more U.S. troops and more U.S. equipment.

Once NATO’s military plans are done, capitals will be asked to weigh in — and eventually make available troops, planes, ships and tanks for different parts of the blueprints.

A test for NATO will come this summer when leaders of the alliance’s 30 member countries meet in Lithuania.

“We are asking the nations — based on the findings we have out of our three regional plans — what we need to make these plans … executable,” said the senior NATO military official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive planning.

“I think the most difficult thing,” the official added, “is the procurement.”

As always, the devil is in the details. But NATO — aside from some frontline nations like Poland and the Baltic States — is not likely to get serious about defense against Russia until Russian tanks are rolling into NATO territory.