Jim Jordan Shows the Receipts for ‘Direct Government Censorship’ of Speech in Heated Exchange

Jim Jordan Shows the Receipts for 'Direct Government Censorship' of Speech in Heated Exchange


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/matt-margolis/2023/03/10/jim-jordan-shows-the-receipts-for-direct-government-censorship-of-speech-in-heated-exchange-n1677129;

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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) humiliated  Rep. Daniel S. Goldman (D-N.Y.) on Thursday during a hearing of the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

Goldman is a former impeachment counsel for Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) during the Democrats’ impeachment investigation into then-President Donald Trump in 2019. He notoriously believed in Russian collusion and the discredited Steele dossier. He had accused Jordan of being unable to “find actual evidence of any direct government censorship of lawful speech” and clearly was not prepared for Jordan to have receipts.

“Even with Twitter, you cannot find actual evidence of any direct government censorship of any lawful speech. And when I say lawful I mean non-criminal speech because plenty of speech is non-criminal,” Goldman bizarrely claimed to Jordan.

“I’ll give you one,” Jordan replied confidently, then produced an email from Clarke Humphrey from the Executive Office of the Presidency, instructing Twitter to censor a tweet by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a prominent anti-vaccine activist.

“I’d ask unanimous consent to enter into the record the following email from Clarke Humphrey, Executive Office of the Presidency, White House office. January 23rd, 2021, that’s the Biden administration. 4:39 a.m., ‘Hey, folks,’ — this goes to Twitter — ‘Hey, folks wanted to’ — I use the term Mr. — they use the term Mr. — Mr. Goldman just used — ‘wanted to flag the below tweet, and then wondering if we can get moving on the process for having it removed, ASAP,'” Jordan read.

“In fullness of the record, can you — because I have not seen this — can you read the tweet that it is referencing?” Goldman asked Jordan.

“I don’t have the tweet here with me,” Jordan said.

“Shocking,” Goldman replied.

The original tweet wasn’t even necessary to make the point. Jordan had very easily found evidence that the Biden administration had asked Twitter to censor an individual who spoke against the Biden administration’s preferred narrative, even though Goldman said there was no evidence of the government trying to censor lawful speech.

Jordan later found the tweet—it claimed Hank Aaron’s death may have been linked to the COVID vaccine—but that wasn’t enough to satisfy Goldman, who proceeded to beclown himself.

“The gentleman’s point was at no time did the government try to tell Twitter to explicitly remove something,” Jordan explained.

“No, I specifically said lawful speech. Lawful speech,” Goldman said. “The First Amendment does not — is not absolute speech.”

So, if you’re Rep. Goldman, what exactly is lawful speech? Speech that doesn’t contradict what the Democrat-controlled government thinks is okay? We’ve already seen efforts by big tech and big government to restrict or censor speech about the lab leak theory, but now, everyone basically admits that is what likely happened. According to Goldman, questioning the safety of the COVID vaccines is not “lawful speech” and therefore merits government censorship.

Successful Suppression of Students’ Free Speech in Connecticut

Even universities that proclaim their commitment to free speech do not protect it.

The Greatest Lie Ever Told: George Floyd & the Rise of BLM | OFFICIAL TRAILER

Owens details shocking documentary exposing Black Lives Matter funding


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/successful-suppression-of-students-free-speech-in-connecticut/;

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Last week the student chapter of Turning Point USA at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) attempted to show on campus a film, “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM,” produced by The Daily Wire and narrated by Candace Owens.

Fifteen minutes into the film, before an audience of approximately fifty students and others intrigued by the title of the film and curious about its contents, roughly the same number of students, at least one faculty member, and possibly others unaffiliated with the university stormed onto the stage, screaming that the film was “racist” and holding signs proclaiming it “hate speech.” By doing so, they prevented the audience from watching it.

To his credit, Dr. Craig Wright, CCSU’s Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, implored the protestors to disperse and continue their protest outside.  Reluctantly, they did so.

But by beating drums and screaming loudly enough, the protestors made it impossible for the audience inside to hear the movie. Periodically, protestors embedded in the audience screamed slogans and stormed the stage, preventing the movie from being seen.

In response the campus police at the event did nothing.  Finally, the president of the TPUSA chapter had no choice but to stop the film, before the audience had any real idea of its contents.

In the end, the protestors won.

The arrogance of the protestors and their enablers on the CCSU faculty is staggering.  They clearly believe they can silence anyone whose opinions are different from their own, and that they will not be held liable for their thuggish behavior.

This past November CCSU formally upheld the same TPUSA students’ right to show a film critical of transgender surgery and the sterilization of children this sometimes entails.  But it did so with obvious reluctance, citing legal obligations rather than any awareness of how essential free expression is to the university’s foundational commitment to the production and dissemination of knowledge.

After the more recent event, CCSU Associate Vice President of Communications and Media Jodi Latina stated publicly that suppression of speech will not be tolerated.  But in the absence of any punishment, or even a reprimand, of the offending students, her promise rings hollow.

What happened at CCSU is not unique.  Suppression of opinions students find “offensive” is so pervasive in America’s colleges and universities that according to a recent nationwide poll of 45,000 students conducted by the Foundation of Individual Rights and Expression, 61% of those polled said they would feel “uncomfortable” expressing an unpopular opinion to fellow students on social media. When asked which opinions should be barred from expression on their campus, 73% agreed that speakers calling Black Lives Matter a “hate group” should be prohibited, while 60% felt the same concerning the immorality of all abortions.  Even worse, only 37% of the students polled believe that shouting down a speaker at a university is never acceptable, while 22% said there were circumstances in which violence would be justified in silencing a speaker they disagreed with.

The enforcement of a left-wing ideological orthodoxy on issues such as abortion, race, and transgenderism is not only contrary to the very purpose of a university.  It also reveals the “diversity” to which university administrators are so loudly committed to being in fact its exact opposite: a racially and ethnically heterogenous student body that nonetheless thinks the same things and is entitled to silence with impunity any opinion it finds objectionable.

The justification several of the CCSU protestors offered for their authoritarianism is that the expression of certain ideas, even absent any exhortation to violence, can somehow jeopardize a person’s physical safety, and for that reason alone can be prohibited.  But they cited no evidence to substantiate their concern.  Not once in the over three decades on which I have served on the CCSU faculty has the expression of an idea, whether in a film or by a speaker on campus, led to violence or to any physical altercation.

Unless universities are what John Stuart Mill famously termed “a free marketplace of ideas,” in which ideas are like the products in stores consumers evaluate freely before purchasing them, they are mere engines of ideological indoctrination.  As such, they are no different from universities in the Soviet Union, Communist China, and North Korea.

But there is cause for hope.  Aware of the likely result, the TPUSA students at CCSU persevered, and by asserting their own right to free expression, they affirmed the right of all students to free expression.  For their courage and commitment to principle, they deserve the respect and gratitude of everyone.


The ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’ Onslaught

In full religious bloom - but there are signs of resistance.


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/the-diversity-equity-and-inclusion-onslaught/;

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DEI has gone national. The belief that quality takes a backseat to racial bean-counting wormed its way into the White House in February, when President Biden signed an executive order that promises to create a national “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” bureaucracy. As Christopher Rufo reports, the DEI diktat, “Further Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government,” proposes three key strategies:

  • Creating internal cadres and power centers through the deployment of “Agency Equity Teams.”
  • Funding third-party political activism through grants to “community[-based] organizations.”
  • Weaponizing civil rights law by requiring federal agencies to use artificial intelligence “in a manner that advances equity.”

The order prescribes that equity be “embedded… into the fabric of Federal policymaking and service delivery.” Also, this will not be a one-time project, and instead must be a multi-generational commitment, and remain the responsibility of agencies across the Federal Government.

To that end, the government will establish an “Agency Equity Team… to coordinate the implementation of equity initiatives.” Every aspect of government down to the design, development, and acquisition of artificial intelligence must advance equity.

The executive order, dripping with cultural Marxism, posits that “by advancing equity, the Federal Government can support and empower all Americans, including the many communities in America that have been underserved, discriminated against, and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality.”

The document basically suggests that if someone is poor, it is not their own doing or due to cultural failure, but rather it’s because of “systemic racism.” Lack of individual responsibility can never be blamed for one’s own failure. The Biden administration seems to be taking its marching orders from supreme race hustler Ibram X. Kendi who explains, “As an anti-racist, when I see racial disparities, I see racism.”

The advancing DEIst activity could spell disaster for the country. Even the National Institutes of Health has jumped on the DEI train. Via public records requests, John Sailer, director of university policy at the National Association of Scholars, acquired rubrics for evaluating diversity statements used by two NIH-funded programs. He reports that the South Carolina and New Mexico rubrics call for “punishing candidates who espouse race neutrality, dictating a low score for anyone who states an intention to ignore the varying backgrounds of their students and ‘treat everyone the same.’ Applicants who are skeptical of DEI programming might choose to describe their commitment to viewpoint diversity. This too runs afoul of the rubrics, which mandate a low score for any candidate who defines diversity “only in terms of different areas of study or different nationalities but doesn’t mention gender or ethnicity/race.”

Sailer also reports that the University of California, San Francisco medical school has created a document titled “Anti-Racism and Race Literacy: A Primer and Toolkit for Medical Educators,” which is filled with outrageous assertions. Racism, the guide asserts,“refers to the prioritization of the people who are considered white and the devaluation, exploitation, and exclusion of people racialized as non-white.”At the same time, anti-racism involves shifting power from those who are white to those who are black. “Anti-racism examines and disrupts the power imbalances between racialized and non-racialized people (white people), to shift power away from those who have been historically over-advantaged and towards people of color, especially black people.”

When applied to medical care, these ideals, of course, can carry weighty consequences. As was reported in January 2022, New York, Minnesota, and Utah issued guidance for allocating Covid-related monoclonal antibodies that heavily prioritized racial and ethnic minorities.

The nation’s universities are the epicenter of DEIfication. For example, the University of Central Florida has 14 separate DEI programs, all permeated with Critical Race Theory. As Christopher Rufo notes, according to the university’s official glossary, the great oppressor who occupies the “mythical norm,” is “male, white, heterosexual, financially stable, young-middle adult, able-bodied, Christian.” Other groups are “minoritized,” or condemned by the “systemic and structural realities in place that push people and communities to the margins.”

In another Sunshine State school, Florida International University, the official Language guide cooked up by DEI bureaucrats, deplores phrases like “husband,” “wife,” “mother,” “father,” “Mr.,” “Mrs.,” “she,” and “he” as “non-inclusive.” In their place, the university suggests, students should use gender-neutral substitutes such as “partner,” “spouse,” “parents,” and “caregivers,” and neologisms such as “Mx.” and “they/them” for a singular person.

In Virginia, the principal of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology outrageously concealed National Merit commended-student awards from those who had earned them in 2022. A FOIA request revealed that the school’s staffers and administrators, apparently motivated by the pursuit of equity, deliberately withheld awards, thus devaluing their worth, and deceived parents in the process.

As Asra Nomani, a senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Network, writes “the awards are portals to lucrative scholarships and résumé boosters that can get them into the colleges of their choice. Withholding them amounts to theft.”

Additionally, schools all over the country are dumping their honors classes. In California, Culver City High School eliminated its honors English classes, and replaced them with “uniform courses that officials say will ensure students of all races receive an equal, rigorous education.”

The DEI horror stories are unfortunately endless. The good news is that there is emerging pushback. The College Fix reports that in February the University of Texas System suspended the launch of any new DEI programs, and initiated an investigation into current ones. “The system, which oversees 13 academic and health institutions across the state, made the announcement in the wake of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s office earlier this month telling state agencies to stop using DEI policies in hiring, calling it employment discrimination that violates federal and state employment laws.”

In Florida, two bills have been introduced in the state house and senate that would “ban mandatory diversity, equity and inclusion statements in hiring and tenure as well as set up offices on campuses statewide meant to foster debates and civil discourse.”

In October 2021, Researchers Jay Greene and James Paul released the results of a study on DEI that detail many aspects of the harmful scheme. In a nutshell, the authors find DEI to be “counterproductive and politically radical.

The part of the research that examines DEI’s effects on elementary schools is particularly damning. Looking at school districts with at least 15,000 students, of which there are 554, the study finds that schools with Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs) “actually have larger gaps in achievement between black and white students, Hispanic and white students, and non-poor and poor students than districts without CDOs. And those gaps are growing wider over time. This pattern holds true even after controlling for a host of other observable characteristics of those districts.”

The authors explain that the gaps occur because CDOs “are more focused on promoting a political agenda than they are on finding effective educational interventions.” And that political agenda includes advancing policies that typically exacerbate achievement gaps, such as eliminating gifted programs and advanced math classes “while selecting English and Social Studies content for its political orthodoxy rather than educational quality.”

It’s interesting that no one seems to care about any racial disparities in certain areas, like sports. According to racial equality activist Richard Lapchick, the National Basketball Association in 2021 was composed of 73.2 percent black players, 16.8 percent white players, 3.1 percent Latino players of any race, and 0.4 percent Asian players, while 6.6 percent of the players classified as “other” races.

At the same time, over 95% of players in the National Hockey League are white.

At the end of the day, what we really need is better schools, not racial bean counting. As Abigail and Stephan Thernstrom simply stated in their 2003 book, No Excuses: Closing the Racial Gap in Learning, “Creating the right academic culture does not depend on the racial backgrounds of the students who attend it.”

Final question for the DEI crowd: The next time you are trying to find a surgeon, will you pick the one who was licensed because she was the right minority or the one who earned her position the old-fashioned way? Now substitute auto mechanic and electrician for a surgeon. How do you respond? And, do you want your favorite basketball team to be comprised of players of various ethnicities and genders, or the team that had the best-damned players money could buy?

I can’t wait for your response.

*   *   *

Larry Sand, a former classroom teacher, is the president of the non-profit California Teachers Empowerment Network – a non-partisan, non-political group dedicated to providing teachers and the general public with reliable and balanced information about professional affiliations and positions on educational issues.


Biden Raises Taxes for Americans, Raises Pay for Bureaucrats

Millions will pay more while government bureaucrats get their biggest raise since Carter.


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/biden-raises-taxes-for-americans-raises-pay-for-bureaucrats/;

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“I want to make it clear, I’m gonna raise some taxes,” Biden threatened Americans last week.

While Biden claimed that the taxes were targeted at the “billionaires out there”, the proposed tax hikes in his new budget are going to hit millions of Americans, not just the 700 or so billionaires.

During the election, Biden had already warned those who favored Trump’s tax cuts, “If you elect me, your taxes are going to be raised, not cut.” At least that’s one promise he’s keeping.

After insane spending sprees, Biden claims that tax cuts are needed to cut the deficit and save Medicare. Meanwhile, he’s proposing to give government bureaucrats their biggest raise since the Carter administration.

From the Inflation Increase Act, which massively boosted the size of the IRS, which is now pursuing waiters for their tips and targeting people who sell used clothes on eBay, the Biden administration has focused on building up the federal bureaucracy at the expense of Americans.

Biden’s budget calls for a 5.2% raise for federal employees, the biggest pay hike in 43 years, ever since his inflationary predecessor, Jimmy Carter, who became a one-term president in part for prioritizing the federal bureaucracy over the misery being suffered by American families.

The administration had already dispensed a federal pay raise of 4.4% to 5.2% last year, the highest in over 20 years, now it’s trying to match the legacy of the Carter administration.

In 2017, Trump kept the pay increase down to 1.9% while federal unions had demanded 3.2%. Now Biden is offering a 5.2% pay hike while the unions are demanding 8.7%.

Average federal wages are already at almost $100,000 and will pass that with Biden’s raise. That’s much higher than the average private sector salary. With average total compensation, those numbers shoot up stratospherically to $143,643 for federal employees.

Biden’s historic pay hike comes as many federal workers aren’t even working. House Republicans passed the SHOW UP Act last month requiring them to come to work. Nearly every House Democrat voted against it and Senate Democrats have refused to even consider the bill.

Instead, the Biden administration has made it easier for the feds to do or not do Zoom work.

Over two-thirds of federal workers were doing some remote work last year. During the pandemic, those numbers were as high as 90% for the most useless parts of the government like the Department of Education, the Department of Labor, the EPA, HHS, HUD, and USAID.

25% of Department of Health and Human Services personnel didn’t even bother logging in. One report found that “on any given day from March-December 2020, between 20-30 percent of HHS employees did not appear to be working”. Sure, give them the biggest pay hike in 43 years while Americans can’t feed their families. And then raise taxes on Americans.

The recent inflationary Democrat spending packages have resulted in a federal hiring frenzy not only at the IRS but across the board. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act led to a job boom, not for Americans, but for government bureaucrats. The jobs aren’t being added at small businesses, as Biden, the Democrats, and their media falsely claimed, but in the government.

Last February, the Office of Personnel Management excitedly announced that it would need to hire 4,000 employees to carry out the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

“These are exciting jobs, and they are critically important,” OPM director Kiran Ahuja gushed.

Critically important to bankrupting America.

And all of that requires more money, more tax hikes, and less available funds to help Americans.

“We should be putting American taxpayers first, not the federal bureaucracy,” House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer argued.

Instead, Biden is putting bureaucrats first and Americans last with pay hikes for government employees and tax hikes for Americans.  Biden keeps pushing the same claims that he’s “making the wealthy and big corporations begin to pay their fair share.” He blusters that he’s trying to protect Medicare. If he really cared about Medicare, he’d change his spending priorities like keeping Social Security and Medicare funds viable instead of paying off government unions.

Instead, Biden has directed trillions to his donors, supporters, and base. Now he promises that he can keep Medicare going until 2050 if he gets his tax hikes. That’s a lie. America is expected to add $19 trillion to its national debt in the next decade. The estimated interest rate on the debt will climb to $640 billion this year. Biden’s budget proposals have clocked in at around $6 trillion before. Even as the Fed hikes interest rates, government spending keeps feeding inflation. As a result, American families can’t afford food, but the economy still continues to overheat.

Biden’s student loan bailout has an estimated cost of as high as $400 billion. Medicare Part A spending is expected to have a $3 billion shortfall this year with an end-of-year negative trust fund balance of $8.6 billion in 2028 by the time Biden would finish a hypothetical second term.

The trouble is that Biden is prioritizing lesbian studies postgrads and equity administrators in the federal bureaucracy over grandma’s surgery. There’s plenty of money to eliminate the student loans of Harvard grads and to raise the salaries of federal bureaucrats, but tax hikes are needed to “save” Medicare.

The size of the federal civilian workforce has gone up from 2.08 million in 2018 to 2.14 million in 2021. One estimate noted that “federal workers receive pay that is 17 percent higher than private sector employees on average performing comparable work. That is on top of putting in 12 percent fewer hours” with retirement health benefits kicking in at 57 years old.

In 2016, an Open the Books report showed that the federal government had spent $136 billion paying federal employees, or over half a billion dollars a day and $1 million a minute. Those numbers are much higher now. The only pathway to salvaging Medicare and Social Security is to cut the cost of government. No amount of tax hikes will compensate for government spending whose debt-to-GDP ratio hit 97%. The federal government is running out of “other people’s money”. And that money is vanishing to fund a massive edifice that is bankrupting America.

The choice is simple: cut government or kill seniors. Biden has chosen to build up the government employees that fund his campaign and make up his party.

That means he’s chosen to kill seniors while trying to use them to push more tax hikes.


Biden’s Woke Military Brass Prevented a Sniper Team From Taking Out the Jihad Bomber Who Killed 13 Americans

Biden’s Woke Military Brass Prevented a Sniper Team From Taking Out the Jihad Bomber Who Killed 13 Americans

The Untold Truth of America's Disastrous Withdrawal from Afghanistan

‘We Were IGNORED’: Weeping US Marine Recalls Taliban Suicide Bomber

‘The Five’: Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal is worse than we thought


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/robert-spencer/2023/03/08/bidens-woke-military-brass-prevented-a-sniper-team-from-taking-out-the-jihad-bomber-who-killed-13-americans-n1676674;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Some details of how Old Joe Biden’s Potemkin military, distracted by wokeness, catastrophically bungled our withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021 are well known: a government watchdog has just confirmed in a new report that Old Joe’s diverse and vaccinated military brass left behind $7.2 BILLION in weapons and aircraft for the Taliban, but that was already widely known. Less well known, however, is the information that Marine Sergeant Tyler Vargas-Andrews revealed Wednesday: American snipers could have taken out the jihad bomber who killed 13 Americans at Kabul airport on Aug. 26, 2021, but their superiors ordered them to stand down.

Vargas-Andrews, who was on the scene in Kabul on that fateful day, told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that his team of crack snipers had been given precise information about the jihad bomber before he committed his murderous act, including an accurate physical description. Vargas-Andrews recounted, “I asked the intel guys why he wasn’t apprehended sooner, since we had a full description. I was told the asset could not be compromised.” So apparently, if American forces had stopped this jihadi, the person who had provided us with all this detailed info about him would have been able to be identified and killed. That’s plausible, but what happened next is not.

Not long after they received the information about the bomber, Vargas-Andrews, and his crew spotted him, but their commanding officer told them not to take any action. Vargas-Andrews recalled that they explained to the commander that it wouldn’t be difficult to take out the bomber: “We reassured him of the ease of fire on the suicide bomber. Pointedly, we asked him for engagement authority and permission. We asked him if we could shoot. Our battalion commander said, and I quote, ‘I don’t know.'” Vargas-Andrews concluded, “Plain and simple, we were ignored. Our expertise was disregarded. No one was held accountable for our safety.”

The commanding officer’s uncertainty may have been related to the rules of engagement by which U.S. troops in Afghanistan had to abide. For many years, these were a cause of considerable vexation to the troops on the ground, as they hamstrung their efforts to strike a serious blow against the Taliban. Back in 2010, a Marine commander in Afghanistan stated, after two Americans were killed by remote-controlled bombs: “It causes a lot of frustration. My men want revenge – that is only natural. But I keep telling them that the rules are the rules for a reason. If we simply go crazy and start shooting at everything, in the long run, we will lose this war because we will lose the support of the population.”

That Marine commander added that the Taliban jihadis “know we can’t shoot them if they don’t carry guns or without positive identification. They are fighting us at another level now.” After one Taliban attack, another Marine said, “We were attacked treacherously. We came under fire from everywhere, but the rules of engagement prevent me from doing my job.” Did they prevent Sergeant Vargas-Andrews’ commanding officer from allowing him to take out the jihadi before he killed thirteen Americans? The possibility should not be dismissed out of hand, but Biden’s woke Pentagon is almost certain not to conduct any investigation.

Related: Report on Afghan Withdrawal Details the Spectacular Failings of the Biden Administration

Not long after Vargas-Andrews was not given permission to shoot the bomber, the bomber struck, setting off what Vargas-Andrews described as “a massive wave of pressure. I’m thrown 12 feet onto the ground but instantly knew what had happened. I opened my eyes to Marines dead or unconscious lying around me.” According to the Washington Free Beacon, Vargas-Andrews “lost multiple organs and two of his limbs. He has had 44 surgeries to date as a result of the attack.”

Even after that, Vargas-Andrews continued, “no one wanted my report post-blast. Even [the Naval Criminal Investigative Service] and the FBI failed to interview me.” He concluded that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was “a catastrophe and there was an inexcusable lack of accountability and negligence.” That’s right. Biden’s military leaders were too busy implementing critical race theory and making sure the troops were vaccinated to bother paying any attention to trivial matters such as how to get American civilians and military personnel safely out of Afghanistan. Their misplaced priorities are still in place and are likely to lead to more disasters in the future before the woke brass is decisively repudiated.

‘1984’ Is Now, as Britain Outlaws Thinking the Wrong Thoughts

'1984' Is Now as Britain Outlaws Thinking the Wrong Thoughts

UK Passes Law BANNING Silent Prayer


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/robert-spencer/2023/03/08/1984-is-now-as-britain-outlaws-thinking-the-wrong-thoughts-n1676571;

Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Yes, it has come to this. By a resounding vote of 299 to 116, the UK’s House of Commons on Wednesday outlawed thinking the wrong thoughts in the wrong place. According to the Catholic Herald, MPs including the Conservative government’s Home Secretary Suella Braverman and Attorney General Victoria Prentis rejected an amendment that would have protected “private prayer and consensual conversations within any ‘censorship’ zone.” “Censorship” zones are areas around abortion centers.

The vote comes just a day after a pro-life activist, Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, was arrested for the second time in several weeks for praying silently outside one of the centers for sacrifices to Moloch. “I’m not protesting,” Vaughan-Spruce explained. “I’m not engaging in any of the activities prohibited.” But she was thinking the wrong thoughts and thus had to face what British authorities call “justice” in these dark days.

Jeremiah Igunnubole, who is legal counsel for a firm that has represented people who have been arrested for thought crimes outside of abortion centers, observed that the vote was a “watershed moment for fundamental rights and freedoms in our country.” Yes, indeed. In fact, it is a signpost of the end of freedom in Britain.

Igunnubole continued: “Parliament had an opportunity to reject the criminalization of free thought, which is an absolute right, and embrace individual liberty for all. Instead, Parliament chose to endorse censorship and criminalize peaceful activities such as silent prayer and consensual conversation.” And of course, an extremely dangerous precedent has been set: “Today it’s abortion. Tomorrow it could be another contested matter of political debate.”

According to the Herald, the new law criminalizes “any form of ‘influence’ outside of all abortion facilities, including silent prayer.” Offenders will be fined £100 ($118) the first time they are arrested for wrongthink; if court proceedings are deemed necessary, the fines could increase to £1,000 ($1,183). Amid the debate over this measure, a Conservative MP, Andrew Lewer, injected a note of sanity: “Police shouldn’t be asking ‘What are you thinking about?’” Indeed. And what if the person praying denies the offense? The World Economic Forum has been touting brain implants, and it’s easy to see how handy they’ll be for British police: the bobbies (do they still call these sinister Orwellian figures “bobbies”?) will simply be able to consult a readout of your thoughts, and if prayer shows up, you’ll have to pony up.

Lewer continued to point out what should have been obvious to everyone and prevented even a single MP from voting for this measure: “Censorship of this sort is a notoriously slippery slope. It might not be your thoughts that are criminalized today, but I think we should all be careful not to open the door to that tomorrow about some other opinions that people may hold about something else.” Now that the door has indeed been opened, Conservative MP Sir John Hayes spelled out the implications: “We now have people arrested for praying, interrogated by the police, asked what they’re praying about, what they’re thinking. This is dystopian. It’s like a mix of Huxley, Philip Dick, and all that.” Quite right, old fellow, and don’t forget that Orwell chap, eh wot?

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There are, meanwhile, a few more important matters that British police could be doing instead of spending their time arresting people for thinking the wrong thoughts. Another MP, Eddie Hughes, pointed out that “Given the other crimes that were going on in Birmingham at that time,” that is, the time that Isabel Vaughan-Spruce was arrested for praying silently, “it is important to see that the police had clearly determined that the most important thing they had to do at that particular time was not to deal with knife crime or with people stealing tools out of other people’s vans to stop them earning a living but to arrest and interrogate a woman who was silently praying outside a clinic that was closed. Surely that shows a sense of complete disproportionality on the part of the police.” Yes, it does, and it’s going to get worse.

MP Ian Paisley (not to be confused with the late Northern Irish preacher) added: “Despite the level of crime across this society—I think there were over 500 knife crimes last year—are we actually going to ask the police to get engaged and be detained in questioning people about what they are thinking in certain parts of the United Kingdom? That is a complete waste of police resources and police time, and it should not be done.” It should not, but now it will be. And the Biden regime, no friend of the freedom of speech itself, is watching and (silently) taking notes.

VIP Elite Panic As Nuremberg 2.0 Trials for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Becomes Reality

Preparations are underway for crimes against humanity trials at the International Criminal Court in the Hague, according to an ICC insider who reveals that key figures from the globalist establishment are set to be sacrificed on the altar of public outrage for their crimes in the elite’s failed Covid plandemic.

The globalist elite have made the last three years hell for the majority but we have held strong, maintained our dignity, and exposed their lies, one by one. Now our abusers have been backed into a corner they are being forced to admit to the lies they’ve spun. And they want us to forgive and forget.

But that’s not going to happen. It really isn’t. The people are waking up. And since they are waking up and realizing the nightmare of the last three years was created intentionally by the globalist elite, the people are rising up and demanding justice.

Tucker Carlson Just Shut Down By Fox? As Judge Makes VILE Ruling On His J6 Footage!

Did Tucker Carlson just get shut down by fox’s Owner Rupert Murdoch? If not, then why hasn’t he released any more January 6 footage? Has the regime finally gotten to them? All that and more in this report…

Tucker: The government hid this from you about Jan 6

Martha Chansley and her attorney sound off on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' after new images come to light

Tucker Carlson on Jan. 6 video: ‘I know DECEPTION when I see it’

Tucker Carlson tells Glenn that the American people deserve better. It’s CLEAR the U.S. government is lying about something concerning January 6th, 2021, and the video footage Tucker has unveiled during his Fox News show this week proves it. ‘I know deception when I see it,’ he says, ‘[and] they’re ALL lying.’ Tucker explains why these lies aren’t about power or politics, but they’re about dignity and self-respect instead. He details major consequences facing Americans due to these lies, and he reveals whether others in the mainstream media have reached out to him for access to the footage as well…

'This Was Insurrection. It Just Was.' Their Bubble Burst, Leftists Rage at Tucker


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/robert-spencer/2023/03/08/this-was-insurrection-it-just-was-their-bubble-burst-leftists-rage-at-tucker-n1676494;

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Tucker Carlson has pierced the Left’s Jan. 6 “insurrection” balloon, and leading Leftists are reacting in the ways you’d expect. Chuck Schumer called for Tucker to be prevented from showing any more Jan. 6 footage, and Fox News apparently heeded the call, as Carlson didn’t air any new footage during his Tuesday show. Nonetheless, considerable damage has already been done, and the Leftist establishment is reeling, raging at Carlson for daring to knock down the house of cards they had so carefully constructed over the last two years.

On (of course) MSNBC Tuesday, “Deadline” host Nicolle Wallace referred to Donald Trump as a “demonic force, a destroyer.” Former RNC chair Michael Steele, a pillar of the controlled opposition Republican establishment, responded, “Demonic force, that means Tucker must be possessed, or Tucker is one of those demonic creatures that enable that force. I tend to go for the latter.” This is the kind of rage and hysteria that only comes from someone who has been caught perpetuating a lie for two years and is desperately trying to maintain some semblance of credibility.

And Steele wasn’t finished. He continued, “This kind of narrative that comes out of this demonic force that’s perpetuated by those demonic angels, those demonic sycophants that keep pushing this, that is the great setup. What you’re seeing Tucker do and what Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Lauren Boebert do, you pick the clowns in the clown car and go from there. They’re all doing the same thing. They’re setting up the next part of the narrative.” Apparently Steele expected that the “next part of the narrative” would involve definitively setting the record straight and proving that there was no Jan. 6 “insurrection,” and challenging those who knew this and lied about it. He went on to rave about Tucker trying to “rewrite the story that we all witnessed live on January 6, to make us believe that somehow we’re the fools.” Well, yes, Michael, you are.

As is the common practice for Leftists these days, Steele concluded by warning that evil would ensue from challenging the Left’s narrative. Addressing Carlson, Steele said, “You’re the reason why the next January 6th happens.” Sure.

Steele wasn’t alone in his rage and hysteria at Tucker Carlson. Former RINO Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Get Trump) called Carlson a “grifter” and proclaimed, “It’s disgusting. The sad thing is you’re going to have people that have only gotten their news on Fox News that are never going to have the opportunity to hear the truth.” See? That’s why the Democrats need agencies such as the ill-fated Disinformation Governance Board: so that the great unwashed who watch Fox and other networks that deviate from the establishment line can be properly indoctrinated with what the elites want them to believe, whether they want to be or not.

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Not to be outdone, Whoopi Goldberg even claimed Tuesday that it was Carlson, not Old Joe Biden, the Jan. 6 Committee, and the entire Leftist political and media establishment, that was doing the gaslighting: “Last night,” she declared, “Tucker Carlson took a page from George Orwell’s 1984 and told his viewers to reject the evidence of their eyes and ears.” In reality, of course, Carlson offered new evidence for the eyes and ears of his viewers, evidence that had been systematically suppressed in the Left’s quest to portray Trump as a coup leader and his followers as “insurrectionists.” Whoopi was having none of it, insisting, “No matter what, you can’t put this monkey back in the cage. You can’t. This was insurrection. It just was what it was, so people are very upset. His viewers, maybe they’re going to buy it, I don’t know.”

“This was insurrection. It just was.” That’s what the Left is reduced to after Tucker Carlson’s Monday night show. The furious reactions Carlson is getting indicate that those who have been trying to fool the American people and the world for two years are now cornered, and they see the writing on the wall: discrediting, disgrace, and defeat loom in their future. Unless, of course, the Republican establishment runs interference for them and continues to push the discredited “insurrection” narrative, as Mitch McConnell has already begun to do. Because some people will never believe something that comes from Tucker Carlson and Fox News, no matter how strong the evidence really is, the Jan. 6 “insurrection” hoax will live on. Despite Tucker’s revelations, it has already done a great deal of what it was intended to do.