PNC Bank Abruptly Ends Business Relationship with Don Trump Jr.’s News App

PNC Bank Abruptly Ends Business Relationship with Don Trump Jr.’s News App



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In another huge instance of financial censorship, PNC Financial Services Group Inc. suddenly ended its business relationship with MxM, Donald Trump Jr.’s news aggregation app company. The app was designed to be a more balanced alternative to the likes of Apple and Google News, according to Fox News Digital. As Trump Jr. explained, he wants to help create a “parallel economy” to the woke-enslaved major corporations, including Big Media. PNC Bank doesn’t seem to agree with that vision.

MxM News, launched in 2022 by Don Jr. and former Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich, is owned by ROCDIGITAL, LLC. The company insists this is more woke financial censorship targeting conservative entities. Budowich told Fox Digital he only discovered their company account with PNC had been terminated when he tried to pay vendor invoices at a Florida branch office. He explained, “The teller said he was unable to complete the transfers as the account had been closed and the balance had been zeroed out.”

Budowich continued, “After being told to call a generic helpline, I was informed by the PNC representative that per the terms and conditions, PNC reserves the right to re-evaluate their business relationships at any time and terminate accounts without cause.” The phrase “without cause” seems significant—it indicates that PNC itself knows there was no reason to terminate the account. “Woke corporations are using their terms and conditions like a guillotine over the head of every conservative entrepreneur,” Budowich concluded.

Don Jr. explained that MxM was created to “provide curated stories that are being silenced and or suppressed by big tech and the mainstream media.” The app is set to expand to include more localized news, too, per Fox. MxM includes articles from more mainstream or left-leaning sources such as ABC, NPR, and AP, along with conservative sites such as The Daily Caller, Just the News, and The Washington Free Beacon.

”However, as this shows, it’s not just the media that’s become plagued by the woke agenda,” Trump Jr. told Fox Digital. “It’s banks, it’s entire corporate America.” He called the PNC account termination “a minor setback for MxM News that we were able to quickly resolve.” Still, he added, “But what about every other start-up or small business that wants to pursue a values-based company? This should be investigated, and it should be illegal to discriminate based on political affiliation.”

PNC claimed to Fox that account closures have nothing to do with political affiliation. “As a national bank, we recognize and respect that our customers and our employees hold a wide range of political beliefs,” PNC said. PNC has not explained why it did end the account, however.

Banks have drawn criticism for closing a number of conservative accounts in the last few years, Fox Digital said. A Florida bank closed Donald Trump’s account in January 2021, for instance, and MyPillow CEO and Trump ally Mike Lindell had two banks cut ties with him in January 2022.

Hence, Donald Trump Jr. insisted to Fox Digital, “We need a patriot economy. We need a parallel economy to fight back.”

Trump Jr. is set to speak at CPAC 2023 on Friday.

LGBTQ-Activist Mayor Linked to Buttigieg Arrested for Child Porn

Wojahn and Buttigeig are said to have struck up a close relationship following the DC visit and continued to talk on the phone - both later attending an event at the White House

Kojahn with his husband, Dave Kolesar, at the White House in December to celebrate the Respect for Marriage Act


  • Maryland mayor Patrick Wojahn busted on 56 child pornography charges has called Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigeig his 'mentor' and 'buddy'
  • Wojahn, 47, was taken into custody after having his home searched on Feb 28 and stepped down from his role before being arrested this week
  • The pair over the years have appeared in several high-profile situations including at the White House during an event during the Obama administration

Dave Kolesar and husband Patrick Wojahn of College Park, Md. attend signing of Respect for Marriage Act on the South Lawn of the White House on Dec. 13, 2022:

Dave Kolesar, Patrick Wojahn, gay news, Washington Blade, marriage equality, Maryland, gay marriage, same-sex marriage, gay news, Washington Blade

Dave Kolesar and husband Patrick Wojahn attend signing of Respect for Marriage Act at White House



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The Democratic mayor of College Park, Maryland, who is openly homosexual and fancied himself a role model for LGBTQ youth, was arrested on dozens of counts of possessing and distributing child pornography on Thursday morning.

Forty-seven-year-old Patrick Lewis Wojahn, the first openly homosexual mayor of his city, has been a frequent visitor to the White House, having attended LGBTQ events hosted by Joe Biden. Wojahn described Biden as “the most pro-LGBTQ President in US history!” Wojahn and his partner were also invited to Biden’s signing of the Respect for Marriage Act on the South Lawn of the White House.

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Wojahn also boasted about being “mentored” by Pete Buttigieg after the two met in 2015 at the U.S. Conference of Mayors winter meeting in Washington, D.C., where Wojahn explained that Buttigieg “was assigned to be my buddy.”

The two men discussed “the difficulties of being an openly gay mayor, with Buttigieg sharing with his mentee the story of his coming out while serving in office,” he explained in a 2019 interview. They have maintained a good relationship since then.

Wojahn is now facing 40 counts of possessing child sexually exploitative material and 16 counts of felony child porn distribution.

The Former Disinformation Governance Board Chief Wants Your Help

The Former Disinformation Governance Board Chief Is Back, and She’s Mad



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Nina Jankowicz is back, and she’s mad. Jankowicz, you’ll no doubt recall, was the chief of the Biden regime’s ill-fated Disinformation Governance Board, which was ominously part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and was widely reported to be an Orwellian exercise in policing the speech of Americans that strayed from the line of the establishment Left. But Jankowicz insists that the Disinformation Governance Board was nothing like the way it was portrayed. She claims that Fox News’ negative coverage of it spread lies about her, endangered her life as she was inundated with death threats, and even interfered with her ability to bond with her newborn son. (Yeah, she is really throwing the kitchen sink into this one.) Jankowicz has published a video, “Help Nina Fight Fox,” asking for donations to help her sue the beast that ruined her life.

The slickly produced video starts with Jankowicz, looking sober and professional (in a sharp departure from her notorious Mary Poppins-based musical tribute to fighting “disinformation”), saying, “I’m asking for your financial support of a lawsuit I want to bring against Fox News for their malicious, reckless lies against me.” Then the earnest music starts, as Jankowicz continues to talk over a series of videos and still images. She had a “lifelong dream” of entering public service, and finally realized it when she became head of the Disinformation Governance Board.

Jankowicz asserts that this entity, complete with its sinister name, was entirely benign. “My role was to make sure different entities across DHS were coordinated, to bring the latest research to bear in the department, and to help the department ensure that its policies about its existing counter disinformation work were grounded in American values: privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties. That’s all the board was. It didn’t have the ability or the authority to act on its own.”

But then, enter the black-hatted hatemongers of Fox, spreading “baseless claims that the board was an Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth.’” Jankowicz insists that “the board had nothing to do with arbitrating or restricting speech.” Nonetheless, she charges on her GoFundMe page that the fiends at Fox “made over 500 scaremongering statements about my role, my views, and my personal life over the next nine months—an entirely disproportionate disinformation and smear campaign against a person who simply took a job to serve her country within her area of expertise.” The video gets more melodramatic as it goes on, featuring nightmarish images of dozens of Fox broadcasts all allegedly maligning Jankowicz, causing her to be inundated with death threats and upsetting her to the extent that she has not been able to establish the proper relationship with her newborn.

That’s a shame, if true, but its truth can’t be taken for granted. Leftists love to claim that speech that is critical of them has gotten them death threats. The obvious unspoken corollary is that this speech should be silenced. This never works, however, for patriots who get death threats (I’ve gotten hundreds myself) from Leftists and their allies; no one ever calls for the curtailing of the criticism of foes of the Left, no matter how much they’re threatened. And Jankowicz doesn’t have a stellar reputation for honesty. The Daily Caller noted Thursday that she has been caught “spreading disinformation about the Hunter Biden laptop, the debunked Steele Dossier, and former Trump advisor Carter Page.”

What’s more, Jankowicz’s claim that the Disinformation Governance Board was never going to be about “arbitrating or restricting speech” contradicts early statements from Biden regime officials. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said on April 28, 2022, “We have just established a mis-,and disinformation governance board in the Department of Homeland Security to more effectively combat this threat not only to election security but to our homeland security.” And when Jen Psaki defended the board, she added, “We know there has been a range of [disinformation] out there about a range of topics, I mean, including COVID for example, and also elections and eligibility.” Psaki also said that “the objective of the board is to prevent disinformation and misinformation from traveling around the country in a range of communities.” How could this alleged disinformation have been fought without restricting speech?

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Jankowicz herself abetted the impression that the board would be restricting speech with her statements in a video that surfaced in May 2022, in which she spoke about how Twitter should allow “trustworthy” people to add “context” to other people’s tweets. As Elon Musk moved to take over Twitter, Jankowicz said that she “shuddered” at the thought of “free speech absolutists” taking over more social media platforms.

So Jankowicz should pardon Fox and her other critics for not mistaking her for one of those free-speech absolutists. The best outcome would be if this trial became the linchpin for the release of solid information about why the Biden regime decided to set up Jankowicz’s board, and exactly how they intended it to operate. In the meantime, we can just be glad that Jankowicz is whining on a YouTube video and not heading it up.