WATCH: Joe Biden Laughs While Talking About Fentanyl Deaths~PRO-LIFE ACTIVIST LOST TWO SONS

Biden joked that the fentanyl Rebecca Kiessling’s sons took came from the “last administration.”

WATCH: Joe Biden Laughs While Talking About Fentanyl Deaths

Joe Biden's 'first reaction' to fentanyl deaths of children was essentially 'not my fault'

Sky News host Caleb Bond says US President Joe Biden’s “first reaction” to hearing of a mother whose two children died of a fentanyl overdose was lackluster, essentially noting it was “not my fault”. “He probably didn’t even know what he was saying, but imagine that being your first reaction to hearing of a mother whose children died of a drug overdose was to say, 'oh well, it’s not my fault',” Mr. Bond told Sky News host Chris Kenny. “Isn’t the first reaction to say, 'that’s terrible, we’ll do everything we can to make sure it doesn’t happen again'.”

Interview with Pro-Life Activist Rebecca Kiessling

PRO-LIFE ACTIVIST Rebecca Kiessling, a mother from Michigan who lost two sons to fentanyl poisoning, wipes away tears during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing about the U.S.-Mexico border on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday.

Rebecca Kiessling

Mother Who Lost Two Sons To Fentanyl Speaks Before Congress In Now-Viral Testimony

Heartbroken mother goes off at House hearing: 'This is a war!'



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Fentanyl is no laughing matter — unless you’re Joe Biden, apparently.

On Wednesday, Biden spoke at the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference at the Hyatt Regency in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. During an off-script moment, trying to poke fun at Marjorie Taylor Greene, he revealed just how little he cares about the fentanyl epidemic he created with his border crisis.

“I’ve read she was very specific recently, saying that a mom — a poor mother who lost two kids to fentanyl — that, that I killed her sons. Well, the interesting thing is that fentanyl they took came during the last administration,” he said, then laughed.

Wow, how human, how empathetic, Joe. It must take a unique kind of sociopath to laugh about a mother losing two children to fentanyl.

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“What a disgusting thing to do. Especially from a president who has seen such an increase in fentanyl smuggling on his watch,” RNC Rapid response director Tommy Pigott tweeted.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) called Biden’s behavior “shameful and embarrassing.”

“What a horrible person,” said Fox News contributor Liz Peek.

The Woke Wrecking Machine

The Woke Wrecking Machine



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Almost everything that has followed from the woke mass hysteria gripping the nation since 2020 has proved disastrous.

Wokeism destroys meritocracy in favor of forced equality of result — history’s prescription for civilizational decline.

If we continue with the woke hiring of administrators, air traffic controllers, ground crews, pilots, and rail workers, there will be even more news of disasters and near-miss airline crashes.

Wokeness demands a McCarthyite suppression of free expression. No wonder a woke FBI recently hired out social media censors to suppress stories it deemed unhelpful.

Soviet-style, wokeism mandates strict ideological party-line narratives under the cover of “science.” No wonder a woke government lied that requiring vaccines would prevent both infection and infectiousness.

Woke substitutes race for class in its eternal neo-Marxist quest to divide permanently the nation along racial lines, between victims and victimizers.

Yet wokeism recently has embarrassed itself as never before.

Take the COVID pandemic.

The Department of Energy has joined the FBI and is now attributing the origins of the pandemic to a leak of a likely engineered virus from the top-security virology lab in Wuhan, China.

Wokesters had long suppressed that reality, demonizing any who rejected its orthodox lies and spoke a larger truth: A dystopic China is not our global partner in greening the planet. Criticizing Stalinist China is not “racist.” China is not building a progressive society that is a model for others.

The ongoing environmental catastrophe in East Palestine, Ohio, following the train derailment revealed more woke moral bankruptcy.

Ostensibly the ensuing toxic spill and noxious plume have poisoned a poor and working-class small town. It should have galvanized the old Democratic Party that once voiced loud support for all green causes and championed the lower American classes.

But woke ended all that — substituting racial chauvinism for class concerns and ideology for genuine worry over the environment.

Woke dogma mandates that pollution and poverty are no longer concerns — if they affect the white poor who are stereotyped collectively as privileged victimizers.

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Wokesters insisted that California is the greatest casualty of “climate change” defined as permanent drought.

Purported climate change required radical new bureaucratic rules and antidemocratic mandates over-irrigation supplies, groundwater, and contracted water deliveries from public reservoirs.

But then it rained. And it snowed. And it became terribly cold in supposedly scorching California. Southern California is blanketed in snow.

Even so, for much of this cold, wet winter, state officials continued to claim the man-made drought was in full force. But finally, the most recent frigid, wet weather strangled the woke drought — and with it the credibility of our climate change Cassandras.

Americans sympathize with Ukraine’s plight as Russian President Vladimir Putin seeks to destroy its autonomy. But woke brooked no deviation from the party line that Ukraine’s Volodomyr Zelenskyy is a saint, while Russia is near bankrupt due to sanctions, and doomed to lose the war.

Accordingly, the United States was obligated to give Ukraine a veritable blank check given Kyiv’s commitment to freedom. Zelenskyy’s team now even talks of a victorious Ukrainian armored counteroffensive into Moscow’s Red Square.

This week, however, we are learning the Russian economy is nearly as strong now as it was before the war. It has mobilized 700,000 troops to ensure that eastern Ukraine becomes a Verdun-like killing field where tens of thousands more will be ground up.

Ukraine bars dissidents and maintains a government media monopoly. And the more President Joe Biden promises another $2-3 billion in biweekly aid, the more Zelenskyy acts as if it is a pittance given what supposedly stingy Americans should be capable of supplying.

Meanwhile, at home, new woke protocols mandate race as essential rather than incidental to the human experience. Supposedly such fixations will heal racial wounds.

Under the new reparatory and compensatory diversity, equity, and inclusion rules, those deemed non-white were to be hired and admitted to colleges in greater numbers than their demographics. Even the old mandated proportional representation quotas were no longer enough.

But racial chauvinism, nonstop talk of reparations, and the new campus segregation have not resulted in better racial relations.

Polls show that there are greater racial tensions than ever before.

Data on interracial and hate crimes show even sharper racial disproportionalities. The incidence of both Black violent criminal perpetrators and Black crime victims are near historical highs.

Woke policies of no cash bail, downgrading felonies, and no jail time only spiked violent lawlessness.

Our elite universities are now fully woke. Almost weekly an embarrassing story further erodes their credibility and reputation.

Ridiculous lists of taboo words are issued on woke campuses, barring incendiary words like “American” and “immigrant.”

Bragging of segregated dorms, graduations, and safe spaces recalls Jim Crow, not woke racial utopias.

Grades and standards are deemed counterrevolutionary, even as incompetent graduates increasingly fail to impress employers.

Someday wokeism will disappear because it is inherently nihilistic and cannibalistic.

But in the meantime, Americans should end it now before it ends America first.

Ron DeSantis: How COURAGE made Florida America’s red state~Florida governor strips Disney of self-governing status~DeSantis slams woke ideology: ‘Not in my state’

Mar 1, 2023

When Ron DeSantis came into office in 2018, people advised him to ‘not make waves.’ But ‘I rejected that advice,’ Governor DeSantis tells Glenn. And because he decided to unwaveringly stand for the freedom of his people, DeSantis successfully transformed Florida from a swing state into ‘the leading red state in America.’ Governor DeSantis joins Glenn to discuss how he found the courage to take the actions necessary to do just that.

His new book, ‘The Courage To Be Free,’ is available today.

DeSantis vs. Disney: Florida governor strips Disney of self-governing status

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday signed a bill that gives him control of Walt Disney World’s self-governing district, punishing the company over its opposition to the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law. The bill requires DeSantis, a Republican, to appoint a five-member board to oversee the government services that the Disney district provides in its sprawling theme park properties in Florida. “Today the corporate kingdom finally comes to an end,” he said at a bill signing ceremony in Lake Buena Vista. “There’s a new sheriff in town, and accountability will be the order of the day.”

DeSantis slams woke ideology: 'Not in my state'

CDC: Teen Girls Drowning in Sadness, Despair & Suicidal Thoughts

Teen Girls Drowning in Sadness, Despair & Suicidal Thoughts: CDC



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Almost six out of ten girls felt persistently sad or hopeless and about one in three seriously considered suicide in 2021, according to new data released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The skyrocketing numbers were not quite as bad among boys, but rates of sadness and suicidal thinking nevertheless rose to new heights among males, too.  

The data, gathered under the CDC’s controversial Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), showed that teen girls are reporting “the highest levels of sexual violence, sadness, and hopelessness” ever recorded by the CDC, it said. With three out of every five girls now reporting persistent sadness or hopelessness, that figure is up 60 percent from a decade ago. 

Perhaps the most alarming surge comes in suicidal thinking and suicide attempts. According to the data, 30 percent of girls “seriously considered” suicide in 2021. That is up almost 60 percent from just a decade ago. Over ten percent of teen girls reported actually attempting suicide in 2021, a surge of 30 percent from 2011 when the surveys began. 

It is not just emotional issues. According to the latest survey data, almost one in five teen girls reported experiencing sexual violence over the preceding year, up 20 percent from 2017. Separately, more than 10 percent of teen girls reported having been forced to have sex, up more than 25 percent from two years prior.    

CDC also collected lots of data showing that teens who identify as “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer” (LGBTQ) were even worse off than others. “In 2021, almost half of LGBQ+ students seriously considered attempting suicide, nearly 1 in 4 attempted suicide, and nearly 3 in 4 reported persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness,” the agency reported before wildly misinterpreting the data.

Ironically, the federal government suggested that government schools could and should be the solution to the crisis they have caused. “Young people are experiencing a level of distress that calls on us to act with urgency and compassion,” said Kathleen Ethier, director of adolescent and school health at the CDC. “With the right programs and services in place, schools have the unique ability to help our youth flourish.”

Among other schemes, the CDC proposed more LGBTQ propaganda in school, more “mental health services” for children (read: handouts to Big Pharma), and even more graphic “sex education” to fill their minds and thoughts with fornication, perversion, and confusion. The agency also touted its “suicide hotline” that surveys children on “gender” and directs them to LGBT sex fanatics at the Trevor Project.  

In reality, the escalating godlessness, immorality, humanism, and ever-more extreme “Comprehensive Sex Education” being forced on children in indoctrination centers masquerading as “public schools” are almost certainly the primary source of the problem. Adding more of the same is tantamount to throwing gasoline on this deadly dumpster fire. 

Of course, the CDC has lost much of its credibility with Americans amid the discredited Covid propaganda campaign and the agency’s incessant shilling for Big Pharma’s now-reviled mRNA injections. This won’t help. While the new data may be representative of a genuine and growing crisis among young Americans, the CDC’s answers are perhaps the worst possible approach to dealing with it. 

This madness among children is a recent phenomenon. Prior to the 1980s, school shootings, systematic hopelessness, gender confusion, widespread rape, and child suicide were practically unheard of in America. Today, they are ubiquitous. What children need is God, truth, and family — not tax-funded perversion and evil shoved down their throats by the state.

The federal government and its allies are like arsonists and pyromaniacs who set the schools on fire. Now, those same psychopathic pyromaniacs are asking for more money and more power to unleash more of the same evil against children under the guise of fixing the damage they have done. Sensible parents must grab their children and run from the burning buildings and the pyromaniacs before it gets worse.


Tranny Madness in U.S. Military Expands With Updated Rules

Tranny Madness in U.S. Military Expands With Updated Rules



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Joe Biden opened his madcap assault on the U.S. military when he appointed a cross-dressing man to run the Defense Department’s transition team.

It worsened when he OK’d “transgenders” in the foxhole, and when his Pentagon underlings handed down rules on how to “treat” tranny “soldiers.” Those rules include forcing women to shower with tranny men.

But now, Biden is “quietly” expanding those crazy, morale-wrecking policies, a recently released report says.

Prediction: By the time Biden gets finished, the military will be, too.

Six Big Changes

The report from the Center for Military Readiness disclosed that Biden’s Pentagon has altered policy in six ways in an updated “instruction”:

1. Changes official DoD vocabulary to reflect transgender ideology;

2. Specifically involves the military service academies and ROTC (contract) programs;

3. Holds commanders directly responsible for all alleged “biases against transgender individuals;”

4. Allows cross-dressing and other “transitioning” behaviors on-base as well as off-base;

5. Allows “de-transition” procedures if treatments do not resolve gender dysphoria; and

6. Restricts collection and disclosure of data on “incidents of harmful behaviors” involving sexual

orientation and transgender persons, even for legislative purposes. 

As to the ridiculous vocabulary change, CMR’s report says, “the DoD Instruction rests on the false premise that a different ‘gender role,’ if recognized by a bureaucratic change in a person’s ‘gender marker,’ is the same as or equivalent to a change in biological sex. Therefore, a man claiming to be a woman must be treated as a woman, and vice versa.”

A person cannot change his sex, but anyway, the report warns, military personnel who do not comply with the preposterous policy will be punished. That includes chaplains.

As well, a person who is confused about his “gender” cannot seek a second opinion. “A self-diagnosis of gender dysphoria permits only one course of treatment, moving toward ‘transition,’” the report avers.

Biden is also extending his tranny policies to ROTC and the U.S. military academies. That means, of course, that men pretending to be women will compete in women’s sports, just as they are at non-military colleges.

If all that isn’t disturbing enough, officers will be responsible for policing and punishing “anti-trans” behavior. They must also enforce the insane rule that requires women to shower with men who pretend to be women.

Not surprisingly, “the DoD Instruction does not mention or call for protection of rights of religious liberty for chaplains and people of faith who object to transgender ideology on moral grounds,” the report reveals:

Nor does the directive provide any options for doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel who do not want to participate in transgender treatments that violate personal convictions or medical ethics.

Cross Dress on Duty? Sure

Perhaps most frightening is that Biden will permit trannies to act out on base.

“Apparently for the first time, the December 2022 revision … specifically authorizes on-duty, on-base ‘real life experience’ (RLE) options for persons who are preparing to transition,” the report says:

During RLE, “the individual begins living socially in the gender role consistent with their self-identified gender.… RLE generally encompasses dressing in the new gender, as well as using self-identified gender berthing, bathroom, and shower facilities.” 

Aside from destroying the morale of every normal man or woman in the services, drag queen shows and story hours will surely increase.

“Whether intended or not, this significant change also could increase cross-dressing performers (drag queens, who are not necessarily transgender), performing on military bases,” the report avers:

Enthusiastic promotions of LGBT Pride Month celebrations in June have expanded to nearly year-round sexualized events, including hyper-sexual drag queens performing “family friendly” story hours for the children of military parents.

And when trannies get in trouble, well, those “incidents of harmful behaviors” cannot be reported publicly because “a certificate of confidentiality prohibits disclosing or providing information created or compiled for purposes of research in any Federal, State, or local civil, criminal, administrative, legislative, or other proceedings.”

So neither Congress nor the public will receive information, apart from whistleblowers, about harmful behavior among trannies that adversely affect the military.

One of His First Orders

Wrecking the military by recruiting mentally ill freaks and weirdos was one of Biden’s top priorities. After he “won” the 2020 presidential election, he hired a retired Navy commander who pretends he is a woman to run the Defense Department’s transition.

Then came the order everyone feared: Trannies will be recruited and serve.

In a ludicrous statement that only a mentally defective could believe, Biden claimed that “there is substantial evidence that allowing transgender individuals to serve in the military does not have any meaningful negative impact on the Armed Forces,” and “that enabling transgender individuals to serve openly in the United States military would have only a minimal impact on military readiness and healthcare costs.”

Trannies everywhere got the message: It’s party time in the military. And so in June, 2021, Nellis Air Force Base hosted a drag queen show.

In March last year, Biden’s Pentagon handed down rules on how to treat the trannies. There followed in July another shocking mandate: Women will shower with men who pretend to be women and men who believe they are women because they are mentally ill.

Then came the inevitable: a drag queen story hour planned at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. Officials canceled it after the Post Millennial publicized it, but not because it would have permitted perverts to groom children.

Rather, the notice for the event was posted to the base library’s Facebook page without permission.

Presumably, had the groomers received permission, the grooming show would have gone on.