Merry Christmas, Auto Workers. Stellantis to Layoff 1,350 in Illinois and Move Its Plant to Mexico

Local businesses feel the impact of Stellantis shift changes and layoffs

Stellantis Closes Illinois Jeep Plant & Blames EV costs

"The most impactful challenge is the increasing cost related to the electrification of the automotive market." Chrysler parent Stellantis (STLA.MI) on Friday said it will indefinitely halt operations at an assembly plant in Illinois in February, citing the rising costs of electric vehicle production. The automaker, which employs about 1,350 workers at the Belvidere, Illinois, plant that builds the Jeep Cherokee SUV, said the action will result in indefinite layoffs and added it may not resume operations as it considers other options . . .



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Just in time for Christmas, auto workers at the Stellantis plant in Belvidere, Ill., are bracing for layoffs. Although the layoffs are not slated until February 28 of next year, employees of the plant will spend the holiday season trying to plan their futures instead of enjoying time with their families.

According to Fox Business, the plant manufactures the Jeep Cherokee and has 1,350 employees. The automaker cited the effects of COVID-19, a lack of microchips, and the high costs associated with making electric vehicles as the reasons for the decision. Stellantis added that the decision would “stabilize production,” bolster efficiency, and “preserve affordability and customer satisfaction in terms of quality.” So to save money to produce EVs, the Illinois plant will be shuttered. The company said it will do everything it can to rehire laid-off workers if possible, and Illinois Governor J.B.  Pritzker’s office has announced plans to retrain displaced workers for other jobs.

The United Auto Workers issued the following statement in response to the announcement:

“We are all deeply angered by Stellantis’ s decision to idle the Belvidere Assembly plant without a plan for future product,” says UAW Vice President and Director of the Stellantis Department Cindy Estrada. “There are many vehicle platforms imported from other countries that could be built in Belvidere with skill and quality by UAW members at Belvidere. The transition to electrification also creates opportunities for new product. Companies like Stellantis receive billions in government incentives to transition to clean energy.  It is an insult to all taxpayers that they are not investing that money back into our communities.”

“We believe Stellantis is grossly misguided in idling this plant which has produced profits for the company since 1965,” adds UAW President Ray Curry. “Not allocating new product to plants like Belvidere is unacceptable. Announcing the closure just a few weeks from the holidays is also a cruel disregard for the contributions of our members from UAW Locals 1268 and 1761.  We will fight back against this announcement.”

Of course, electric vehicles will save our air, the planet, and our very souls. We need to produce them in abundance and posthaste. So what did Stellantis decide to do? Since producing EVs is so costly, the company has decided to move the Belvidere plant to Mexico, according to The Daily Mail.  Naturally. So much for American jobs. So much for American workers.

A search of the Stellantis website yielded no information about the layoffs as of Monday morning.

And so, the Left’s grand vision for electric cars, gleaming futuristic cities and robots, and AI programs that will manage our lives for us exudes the common man. The people who are so passionate about ushering us into a brave, new world, kicking and screaming if necessary, don’t have the time or the empathy to consider the costs. If the right people look good and feel good, and the money changes in the proper hands, all will be well. No matter how many dunning notices and calls you may receive. Yes, the future is bright. If you can afford it.