There isn’t a significant electorate in New York City that doesn’t hate America



Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, & research purposes.

Back in 2016 and 2020 when some were predicting a Trump victory in New York, I was telling people that it was structurally impossible. This was no longer Giuliani’s New York City. The demographic changes were too profound to make that possible.

Lee Zeldin was a great candidate and his campaign may have helped Republicans take the House, but his numbers in New York City were always going to be deeply constrained by the completely toxic urban woke politics, which served as a dam, the way cities always do, for Republicans. Despite Orthodox Jews and Asians rallying to vote for him, he lost. And if you want to understand why consider these ballot measures passed by Soviet election numbers.

Voters in New York City easily approved three ballot measures proposed by leaders of the city’s Racial Justice Commission.

Residents of the nation’s largest city voted to create a new racial-equity bureaucracy that will include a chief equity officer, following the advice of the commission that was created last year by former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The first proposal residents passed will add a preamble to the city charter that acknowledges the city has a “grave” history of “injustices and atrocities,” while declaring the city will be “just and equitable city for all” and that “diversity is our strength.” The measure passed with 72.3% of the vote, according to the unofficial results from the city’s Board of Elections.

Another proposal, which passed with 69.8% of the vote, approved the amendment of the city charter to establish an Office of Racial Equity that will be headed by a chief equity officer. The newly created office will be tasked with a racial-equity commission that will guide the city’s racial justice priorities and require all city agencies to produce a racial-equity plan every two years.

The third proposal, which passed with 81% of the vote, requires the city to establish a cost of living metric that will “provide a clearer picture of the racial wealth gap” in New York City, which will “guide the City’s decisions as it develops and administers programs and services.”

These 70-80% numbers reflect that the Giuliani electorate, the white working class, has mostly disappeared from New York City outside Staten Island. Brooklyn and Queens, once white working-class strongholds, are overrun by third-world immigrants. Between the white lefties who dominate parts of Manhattan, immigrants, and minorities, the balance of power you saw in New York City movies of the 80s has shifted comprehensively.

And part of it can be attributed to Guiliani’s success in cleaning up New York City. The city became prosperous, safe, and a party center. Much as conservatives are warning about the exodus into Texas, that happened to the city.

Forget a conservative electorate here. Between the jihadist and hipster and gang neighborhoods, the enclaves and the wokes, there isn’t a significant electorate in New York City that doesn’t hate America.

And I say this as a nearly lifelong and heartbroken New Yorker.