APOSTATE Presbyterian Church USA declares Israel an ‘apartheid state,’ creates ‘Nakba Remembrance Day’ FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE “PALESTINIANS”

A dying church takes time to give Israel a kick


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The infamously antisemitic US Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) has gone further than ever in its provocation against the State of Israel. At its 225th General Assembly, it voted to declare Israel as an apartheid state and created Nakba Remembrance Day. The PCUSA casts no judgments on the Palestinian Authority’s Pay-For-Slay program, or with the original charters of the major Palestinian organizations, all of which call for the obliteration of Israel.

The PCUSA has an unsavory history of smearing Israel and actively supporting Palestinian jihadists. Back in February, the Stated Clerk of the PCUSA characterized the so-called “‘occupation’ of Palestinian lands by Israel as ’21st century slavery.‘” In 2014, Shurat Hadin (the Israel Law Center) filed charges against the PCUSA for having ties to Hizballah. According to the law center, the PCUSA “breached its tax-exempt status as a religious organization by violating of the United States tax code through its unlawful political lobbying and contact with Hezbollah, a US-designated terrorist organization.” That same year, the Jerusalem Post reported on a Presbyterian study guide that advocated for the annihilation of Israel and encouraged Holocaust denial. The PCUSA should be held accountable as an accessory to terrorism.

Beyond the Jew-hatred and devoted support of the Palestinians, the Presbyterian Church presented “Christians who support Israel as dangerous and a threat to Middle East peace.” Not the Iranian regime, but Zionist Christians. 

The committee also “passed a resolution directing Church leadership bodies to designate May 15 as ‘Palestinian Nakba Remembrance Day.’” Nakba Day for Palestinians means the “day of catastrophe” when Israel was born in 1948. The hate, violence, and rage against Jews began long before Israel declared statehood — a fact that the Presbyterian Church chooses to ignore.

Christian propagandists are useful idiots in service of the Palestinian cause of jihad. The flames of antisemitism have fully engulfed the Presbyterian Church. 

“US Presbyterian Church: Israel is an apartheid state, creates Nakba Day,” by Michael Starr, Jerusalem Post, June 29, 2022: 

The US Presbyterian Church voted to declare Israel an apartheid state and establish a Nakba Remembrance Day, as well as passing two other resolutions highly critical of Israel on Tuesday at the American religious body’s 225th General Assembly.

“Israel’s laws, policies and practices regarding the Palestinian people fulfill the international legal definition of apartheid.”

US Presbyterian Church 2022 Resolution
“Israeli Apartheid” compared to Holocaust
The US Presbyterian Church’s International Engagement committee voted overwhelmingly to recognize that “Israel’s laws, policies and practices regarding the Palestinian people fulfill the international legal definition of apartheid,” as they had determined that Palestinians were systematically oppressed through inhuman acts for the objective of racial domination.

The resolution claimed that there were two sets of laws for Israelis and Palestinians, which are preferential for the former and oppressive to the latter. It also asserted that Palestinian land and water were stolen for use by “Jewish-only settlements” and that Palestinians were denied freedom of residence and movement, living in “separate reserves and ghettos,” echoing language used in the resolution passed on the same subject at the North Carolina Democratic Party (NCDP) state convention on June 18.

The church claimed that Non-Jewish Arabs living in Israel and the disputed territories have “an inferior status” and Palestinians are unable to participate in the “political, social, economic and cultural life of their country.”

“This overture is pursued with the hope it will lead to a peaceful reconciliation for the people of Israel and Palestine similar to that which occurred in South Africa when apartheid was internationally acknowledged,” the resolution explained as the rationale behind the vote.

“Christians spoke out in the 1950s against segregation in the United States and later against apartheid in South Africa. They must again raise their voices and condemn Israel’s discrimination against Palestinians and give a name to the crime against humanity that this discrimination represents, the crime of apartheid,” it said….