I’m Convinced Democrats Want More School Shootings; Here’s Why

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In the aftermath of any mass shooting, there’s always a universal desire to prevent them from happening again. Everyone wants to “do something” to address the problem… at least, I thought they did. I used to believe that the radical left genuinely believed that gun control would stop mass shootings, but now I’m convinced that it is not their primary objective.

On Thursday, mere days after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, the California State Senate voted to repeal a law requiring that law enforcement be notified when a student threatens violence against school officials.

Why would they do such a thing? How many times have we heard that mass shooters showed warning signs before their offenses, including threats of violence? Why would such a commonsense requirement like reporting a threat of violence to law enforcement to be repealed?

Because of racism!

The law was endorsed by ACLU California Action, which claims that the requirement disproportionately affected minorities.

“Once students make contact with law enforcement, they are less likely to graduate high school and more likely to wind up in jail or prison. These harms fall disproportionately on students from marginalized groups: Black, Indigenous, and Latinx students,” ACLU California Action said in a statement.

“Our existing system has led to alarming disparities in the type of students who are most likely to suffer these harms,” California state Sen. Steven Bradford, a Democrat, told the Daily Caller. “Black students, Latinx students, students of color, and students with disabilities are disproportionately referred to law enforcement, cited, and arrested.”

“SB 1273 will reduce law enforcement involvement in schools and give teachers and administrators, who are often best suited to determine the appropriate response, the flexibility, and power they need to support students,” Bradford added, before noting that teachers and administrators will still be able to use their discretion instead of being required to call law enforcement.

As if that somehow makes it better?

“In a study of mass shootings from 2008 to 2017, the Secret Service found that ‘100 percent of perpetrators showed concerning behaviors, and in 77 percent of shootings, at least one person — most often a peer — knew about their plan,'” explains David Harsanyi of National Review.

Isn’t threatening violence against school officials a warning sign?