Canada: Home Depot Calgary trains employees to ‘check’ their ‘white,’ ‘Christian,’ ‘heterosexual’ privilege’

Disgusting | Home Depot goes *Nasty* WOKE

Leaked Home Depot Employee Training Pamphlet Sparks Debate ...

WOKE: Leaked Home Depot Employee Training Pamphlet Sparks ...

Former Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli on Home Depot getting backlash from activists for not getting involved in Georgia voting law protests



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If the “woke” ever woke up, they might realize that their offensive, hateful anti-white propaganda would never be tolerated if white racism were really as severe and endemic as they claim.

The Woke Brigade’s malarkey was on full display at a Home Depot outlet in Calgary, Alberta, in a “leaked training pamphlet”:

The flyer that was reportedly posted in a break room at a Calgary, Alberta, Home Depot showed the home improvement giant’s logo and was titled, “Leading Practices: Unpacking Privilege.” It asks employees to literally “check” their “privilege,” whether it be “white privilege,” class privilege,” “Christian privilege,” “cisgender privilege,” “able-bodied privilege,” or “heterosexual privilege.”

The flyer:

Whoever was ultimately responsible for this should realize that advocating for human rights does not entail bashing any other group. Battling discrimination and racism is one thing. To zero in on a target unjustifiably is another. Also, blacks are still held as slaves by Arab Muslims in Algeria, Mauritania, Sudan and Libya. Many Arabs are anti-black. Afghans are at the back of the bus in Iran. China is openly racist against blacks and overweight people. The largest “Black nationalist organization in the US,” the Nation of Islam, spreads virulent hatred against Jews, whites and LGBTQ groups. Muslim rape gangs also view white girls as “worthless” and “trash.”

What do the woke think? That discrimination and racism are exclusively a white problem? Or that racism from other groups is parked at the border in an era of multiculturalism and open-door immigration?

Shame on Home Depot in Calgary, which has chosen the woke path of exclusivity rather than inclusivity in its divisive and discriminatory practices. It is also insulting to visible minorities, who are perpetually deemed to be helpless victims who are in need of handouts and patronizing sympathy from the woke.

Aburrahman Muhammad, an imam who was once with the International Institute of Islamic Thought but had the good sense to leave, observed:

This sense of victimization has now reached a point – especially given the consistent rhetoric of groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations – that many rank-and-file Muslims now genuinely believe that they are a persecuted and oppressed group.

This applies also to many blacks in America, Canada, and elsewhere. It isn’t only whites who were oppressors.

Hate against any and every group as such as wrong. That includes the perpetual targeting of whites for past wrongs, which is often done by those who at the same time exonerate non-whites for current and ongoing human rights abuses. Ironically, it is the white woke working alongside supremacist groups such as Muslim Brotherhood-linked organizations and the Communist-rooted Black Lives Matter, who perpetuate anti-white “privilege.” It’s a method of manipulating societal and individual weakness to stir up race wars, in pursuit of the goal of destroying Western democracies from within and supplanting them with Marxist regimes. The average Leftist believes these claims. Many BLM leaders have also lined their pockets, playing the victimhood card and betraying their own people.

America had a black president. That would have been unthinkable just a few decades before he was elected. Too many Western countries have evolved to the point of (as they say in economic terms) diminishing returns.   

Fighting discrimination and advocating for equal rights and human rights is admirable, but the likes of Home Depot and the woke brigade, who incessantly parade their superiority (“privilege,” they call it) while spreading the propaganda of victimhood groups are the real racists.


Martin Luther King Jr. was commonly attacked by his critics as being a “mouthpiece for the white man,” a criticism that came from leftists.