VIRGINIA Governor Youngkin Creates ‘Ambassador for Unborn’

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Appointee asked to ‘defend anti-abortion legislation’

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has named Angela Sailor, a former executive with the conservative Heritage Foundation, as Virginia’s chief diversity officer. But rather than a typical political appointment, this is a sign from Youngkin of his commitment to ending abortion, as he also announced that he wants to change the title of her office — and to include “ambassador to unborn children” in Sailor’s duties.

In a press release, Youngkin announced his plan to change the department from the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to the Office of Diversity, Opportunity, and Inclusion. “The people of Virginia elected the most diverse leadership in the Commonwealth’s history. Virginia is big enough for the hopes and dreams of a diverse people,” he said in a statement. “Angela Sailor’s experience in government, nonprofits, and the private sector will guide us as we ensure that the government is working for all Virginians across our diverse Commonwealth, especially when it comes to economic opportunity for all Virginians. In addition, I will introduce and support legislation to change the name of the office to the Diversity, Opportunity and Inclusion Office.”

Furthermore, in the executive order, Youngkin emphasized the importance of protecting all lives, writing, “[E]very one of us is made in the image of our Creator”:

What is seared in our heart by a loving, almighty Creator is not a desire for power or conquest, not a love of self, or personal advancement. Rather it’s a belief that life is worth living when we serve a greater cause than self when we love without expecting a favor in return and when we set aside ego for the greater good. We are one Virginia. We are all sailing in the same boat.

Yet, we acknowledge that too many of our citizens have not received the equal opportunity they deserve, and we recognize that diversity when genuinely embraced strengthens our Commonwealth. Every Virginian deserves dignity and respect, deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams, and deserves inclusion in the Virginia family.

Planned Parenthood is unhappy about the appointment and the changes made to the position, tweeting, “Virginia now has a DEI officer encouraged to spout and defend anti-abortion legislation, some of the least inclusive and equitable policy on the books.”

In addition to protecting preborn human lives, Sailor will be tasked with expanding opportunities for people with disabilities and from disadvantaged backgrounds, and with eliminating disparities in prenatal care.

Getting Inside Your Head To Separate You From Your Guns & Ammo



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

New York – -( Targeting the public’s emotions only goes so far in controlling the public. The goals of the Nation’s Spoilers are far more ambitious and frightening.

Neo-Marxist and Neoliberal Globalist Propagandists love to play with words and language, with syntax, semantics, and structure, and they are great manipulators of it. They cleverly craft an ever-expanding array of new words and expressions and subtly devise novel meanings for old ones.

  • Assault Weapons
  • Ghost Guns
  • PMFs – Personally Made Firearms
  • Gun Violence
  • Gun Culture..etc

They work hand-in-hand with specialists from diverse academic fields—neuropsychologists, sociologists, psychiatrists, linguists, and anthropologists—who dutifully, ruthlessly imprint, onto the psyche of the public, words, phrases, even nonsensical schizophrenic word salads.

The main focus of this psychological conditioning is to confuse, confound, and disrupt the American public’s sense of time, place, and memory.

The aim of the masters of brainwashing, on a nationwide scale, is to create in the mind of the American public an entirely new reality—a parallel world—one that is designed to slowly, inexorably replace the America that hearkens back to the dawning days of the Republic with one that draws the public into the embrace of a completely new political, social, economic, and cultural dynamic: a world-wide Collectivist organ, where the remains of the commonality are herded into special enclaves, dotted here and there around the world.

The lives of the common folk will be devoid of meaning or purpose. They will live shallow lives; their minds occupied with generic, vacuous dross, played incessantly to vacant minds attuned to video monitors, and filled with soporifics to make them quiet, submissive, pliant. As little need there will be for unskilled and semi-skilled slave labor, in this brave new world, of the Collectivist future, as technology will fill much of that gap once filled by manual labor, most human beings will become superfluous, reduced to living in an essentially vegetative state.

Compare that Marxist/Neo-liberal Globalist dystopian with the ideal of our present American Republic—that is, at best, but a vestige of its once greatness. The exemplars of America are unneeded commodities in the future world of neo-feudalism. In fact, in such a world as envisioned by the future Masters of the Earth, the exemplars of America are an outright liability.

In the past——

The Free Thinking Individualist Will NOT Comply

Nothing exemplified the American Spirit and Psyche more prominently, and emphatically than the notion of the indomitability, inviolability, and sacredness of the Human Soul. This sacred truth is itself inextricably tied to the sanctity of Selfhood. And the absolute sovereignty of the American people over Government serves as recognition of this fact.

And that sole and exclusive sovereignty over Government is only maintained through the sacred right of the American people to keep and bear dangerous and deadly arms against the tyranny of Government that attempts to corrupt and profane, one’s Self, and one’s Spirit, and one’s Soul.

These notions do not exist independently but are inextricably tied to and bound up in a deep-seated, deeply-entrenched eternal Christian ethic, that itself is grounded on moral Truths, lovingly placed into the Soul of man by a Benevolent, Beneficent, and Morally Perfect Divine Creator.

A free Constitutional Republic and the idea of a free, sovereign people, borne of these sacred, unshakeable, and immortal Truths—nourished by them and, having derived their strength, success, and greatness from them—cannot long survive without them.

In a free Constitutional Republic, there is an enduring need for a well-armed sovereign people. For it is only through a well-armed citizenry that a sovereign and free people can ever hope to effectively withstand the inevitable tendency of Government, and of the ruthless, insufferable Satanic forces in that Government, to destroy all that is Good, Right, and Proper.

The Moral Perfection of the Divine Creator as the well-spring of America’s Cultural Greatness, upon which the sovereignty of the American people and the inviolability and indomitability of the American spirit are firmly, indelibly impressed in mind and body and spirit and cannot be dislodged.

These Truths can only be buried in memory and replaced by false idols and that is what the Nation’s Spoilers seek to do. But that is not so easily accomplished—not in a Country established on natural law rights, as only this Country, of all other countries or unions of countries, is.

Thus, there exists—there has always existed—an enduring need for a dangerously -armed citizenry to withstand the inevitable tendency of Government and of ruthless, insufferable Satanic forces, intent on destroying all that is Good, and Right, and Proper in America and in the world.

The United States is truly the last bastion of hope both for the American people and, ultimately, for western civilization.

Will Not Comply Protesting Protestors iStock-Rawpixel-1125544034

And, therein one finds the salient reason why the Neo-Marxist/Neoliberal Globalist forces both need and desire to destroy America and the indomitability of the American Soul and Spirit and Psyche.

A one-world government, embracing billions of people, cannot exist without firm military/police control over those billions of people. And, when one western Nation-State—the most powerful and noble one the world has ever seen—effectively resists subjugation, those subjugated peoples around the world take notice. Rebellions here and there arise around the world; fracturing the well-oiled, well-humming titanic machine.

The Neo-feudal Lords can have none of that. And that is why they are hard at work destroying every vestige of resistance: openly defying Constitution and Statute; seeding the Country with millions of ignorant, needy, malcontents, including outright terrorist killers, rapists, pedophiles, drug traffickers, and sex traffickers; draining our Nation’s resources, having no comprehension of or desire to learn of freedom and liberty and the responsibilities that come with American greatness.

And this is why the Deep State Lords, through their corrupt and obsequious toadies in Government, academia, the Press, in woke business, in liberal entertainment, and in big social media, are intent on undermining this Country at its root level.

One sees them:

  • Creating an entire religion and dogma out of victimhood
  • Deifying the State/Government and blaspheming the one true God;
  • Treating all manner of perversities and perversions as acceptable life choices;
  • Denigrating our most sacred Christian beliefs;
  • Emasculating our military;
  • Denigrating our Nation’s Founders and Military heroes;
  • Eradicating our History, Heritage, Culture, and Ethos;
  • Dismantling our Public and Private Institutions
  • Destroying the Doctrine of Federalism and the Doctrine of Checks and Balances among the Federal Government’s three Co-equal Branches that underpin our system of Governance;
  • Defying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights;
  • Inverting our core, sacred values;
  • Turning vices into virtues and virtues into vices;
  • Developing and implementing foreign and domestic policy from alien UN and EU doctrine that irreparably weakens our Nation and is wholly inconsistent and incompatible with our
  • Nation’s Constitution, statutes, jurisprudence, historical and cultural underpinnings;
  • Making a mockery of our Nation by installing into public Office, the most inept, incompetent, corrupt, depraved, and degenerate band of creatures to ever serve at one time in the Nation’s highest offices, thereby placing this Country and the world in the worst jeopardy of global thermonuclear annihilation since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962;
  • Turning our Nation into a massive Surveillance State, and turning our Nation’s peoples into a collection of shoo-flies: neighbor spying on neighbor; police spying unlawfully on people and associations of Americans; teachers spying on children; children even spying on their own parents;
  • Turning the massive power of Executive Branch police and intelligence apparatuses illegally on the American people;
  • Reducing Congressional Democrats into a willing and compliant tool of the Neo-Marxist/Neoliberal Globalist puppet-masters and Congressional Republicans into a passive, ineffectual, effete, and useless Governmental appendage;
  • Transforming many State and Local Governments into docile toadies of Neo-Marxist/Neoliberal Globalist puppet-masters
  • Treating American citizens as a perpetual subordinate, subservient underclass, while elevating millions of contemptible illegal alien pests, who have no respect for our Nation’s laws and who are free from Government mandates and who are a bane on Americans, as the new preferred overclass.

Millions of Americans who are asleep, better awake from their slumber, and they better do so quickly, before they drag down the rest of us. And those Americans who are alert, best stay vigilant and hold tight to their firearms & stockpiles of ammunition. Soon, it may be all they have to remind themselves that they once were sovereign rulers of their Land and that they still are the Nation’s sole, sovereign, rulers!

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Many American Workers Fired for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine Cannot Get Unemployment Benefits



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Many workers in the United States have been fired from their jobs in recent months for not complying with employer COVID-19 vaccine requirements.1 2 3 Every state has its own eligibility guidelines for unemployment benefits. The benefits are generally available to those people who are unemployed due to circumstances beyond their control, such as a layoff.4

Employees, who are terminated “with cause” (terminated for misconduct by not complying with company policy), are generally ineligible for unemployment benefits.5 However, some states are now extending unemployment benefits to employees terminated “with cause” for refusing to get the COVID vaccine.6

At Least Five States Extending Unemployment Benefits to Employees Terminated Over Vaccine Mandates

Currently, at least five states have recently passed laws that extend unemployment benefits to employees, who have been fired from their jobs because of non-compliance to a COVID vaccine requirement. These states include Florida, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, and Tennessee.7

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill guaranteeing unemployment benefits for those people fired for refusing a vaccine. She stated, “No Iowan should be forced to lose their job or livelihood over the COVID-19 vaccine.”8

Kansas Senate President Ty Masterson has spoken against the COVID vaccine mandates, calling the vaccine mandates ineffective and unfair. He said, “Kansans have made it clear that they choose freedom over Faucism.”9

There were concerns the extension of unemployment benefits for terminated employees would lead to increased unemployment claims that could drain the state’s unemployment insurance fund and weigh on businesses.

Masterson responded:

To have a hit on the fund, you have to have an employer that is denying the medical and individual rights of the employee and firing them for it. Simple solution: Don’t do that.10

Wyoming, Wisconsin, and Missouri are also working towards extending unemployment benefits to people who have been terminated for not adhering to employer COVID vaccine requirements.11

Does Extending Unemployment Benefits Undermine Employer COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates?

Some have argued that extending unemployment benefits to employees terminated for not complying with vaccine requirements is “undermining vaccine mandates.” Alan Rupe, attorney, and vice-chair of the labor and employment practice at Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP, commented that:

It really doesn’t undermine the mandates; it just provides unemployment insurance for those people who have been fired for reason of the mandate.12

By law, employers are required to provide exemptions for individuals whose sincerely held religious beliefs or disability interferes with getting a vaccine. This extension of the unemployment benefits law also protects employees who object to the vaccine for personal, philosophical, or other reasons.

Patrick Peters, an employment attorney at Jackson Lewis PC, stated:

There are exceptions built into mandates on religious and disability grounds, but this would be for folks who say I’m not getting a vaccine because I don’t want to for some reason other than religion or a disability. All it’s going to do is, if somebody loses their job because they refuse to get vaccines, they will get benefits, whereas they might otherwise not.13

On Jan. 13, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court blocked the Biden administration from enforcing a mandate requiring that workers at private businesses with 100 or more employees get vaccinated or submit a negative COVID test weekly to enter the workplace. However, the Supreme Court majority voted to allow a federal vaccine mandate for health care workers employed in medical facilities that take Medicare or Medicaid payments.14

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