How Leftist Mayors Destroy Their Cities

Turning an entire city into a dumpster fire isn’t as easy as it sounds.


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In this new video, JP Sears discusses How Leftist Mayors Destroy Their Cities. It turns out that turning an entire city into a dumpster fire isn’t as easy as it sounds. Indeed, the mayors of the nation's leading destroyed cities like Chicago, New York, Portland, and Los Angeles have a lot to teach us all. Don't miss it!

Shocked pharmacist who discovered that covid vaccine inserts are blank says “I shouldn’t be giving these out”

Pharmacist feels inadequate after discovering the vaccine manufacturer's insert is blank:

Woman politely asks a CVS pharmacist to pull a Moderna safety insert from package. "Right now I’m feeling totally inadequate as a pharmacist, I’m ready to turn in my license... I should not be giving this vaccine at all... I can no longer advocate for these vaccines.”



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(Natural NewsA video that has gone viral (watch below) shows that Moderna’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” comes with a blank package insert.

At first, the pharmacist notices the blank outside pages and proceeds to explain to the customer that the writing is on the inside. As he unfolds it for her, however, the pharmacist finds nothing but a huge sheet of blank paper.

A pharmacist at a CVS pharmacy is seen handing a customer the vaccine insert sheet, which he initially claims contains complete testing and safety data. Upon inspection, though, it is revealed that the paperwork is as white as snow with no words on it.

Embarrassed by being wrong, the pharmacist then leaps towards a computer to try to look up the information online – but by this point, it is already too late.

After being confronted by the customer about the lack of informed consent, the pharmacist then realizes that he’s been lying to customers all this time, and proceeds to actually own up to the fraud.

“So, if we don’t know what we’re injecting into ourselves, I don’t understand how that’s informed consent,” the customer points out.

“You’re exactly right and you are correct,” the pharmacist then responds. “I should not be giving these vaccines at all.”

“Why are you giving them?” the customer then responds back.

“Because I am … because I am told to and that’s how … because I am told to and … I am told …,” the pharmacist bumbles in response. “And everything I have shown including the patients that I have given it to, it is safe.”

At the conclusion of the footage, the pharmacist is seen apologizing to the customer, admitting that he has no scientific studies upon which to base his “safe and effective” claim about the injections.

He then proceeds to state that he feels “totally inadequate as a pharmacist” because of the discovery.

J&J vaccine package insert also blank

It turns out that many vaccine package inserts are published after the drugs have already been approved by the federal government.

In the case of Chinese Flu shots, there is apparently no data at all being published alongside their distribution, leaving recipients with no informed consent.

Back in May, as you may recall, another video went viral showing that the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) injection for the Fauci Flu likewise comes with a blank package insert. That video is available for viewing at Infowars.

“Clearly, vaccine manufacturers are unconcerned with giving safety and efficacy data, or ingredients information to the public. The question is: why?” asks Adan Salazar.

Numerous Infowars commenters chimed in about how ridiculous it is that people everywhere are willingly getting injected with mystery chemicals just because the government or their employers (or their city or state governments) are telling them they must in order to continue living.

“Yes, don’t inject unknown substances, or known dangerous substances, into your body,” one of them wrote.

“You HAVE to take the JAB to know what’s in it: I think that’s what Nancy Pelosi said, or was that about a bill that went through Washington?” joked another.

“Nancy wants me to take the JAB. Charles wants me to take the JAB. Obama wants me to take the JAB. Clinton wants me to take the JAB. Bush wants me to take the JAB. Are you kidding me?”

“Cognitive dissonance strikes when he realizes he doesn’t know after parroting the mainstream media’s (CIA) talking points about the ‘safe & effective’ yet dangerous mRNA vaccines,” wrote yet another about the pharmacist’s reaction to the discovery.

More related news coverage about Fauci Flu shots can be found at

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Merck and Pfizer’s “anti-covid” pills are just another profiteering scam to exploit covid hysteria

Image: Merck and Pfizer’s “anti-covid” pills are just another profiteering scam to exploit covid hysteria



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(Natural News) The masters of science at the NIH, CDC, and the FDA have made it their priority to snuff out any cheap, effective solutions for combating viral infections. These agencies have suppressed known treatments, nutraceuticals, and anti-viral extracts, to make way for historic investments in new vaccine technologies and other profiteering scams generated by Big Pharma.

The latest profiteering scam is Merck and Pfizer’s “anti-covid” pills. Merck’s new treatment plan (Molnupiravir) costs $700 for ten pills! The study that guarantees its effectiveness is not very promising at all and still rendered hospitalizations and deaths in the treatment arm of the study.

Pfizer’s new DNA polymerase inhibitor (Paxlovid) is a part of an experimental two-drug protocol that uses properties ripped off from ivermectin. Ivermectin, of course, is a cheap, effective medicine modeled from a specific species of bacteria. Ivermectin has been used safely for decades, but was repeatedly censored, smeared, and lied about during the covid-19 scandal, even though Africa, among other places, has used it with great efficacy to combat respiratory infections for decades.

Merck joins the racketeering corruption, with new profiteering scams of their own

Pfizer’s new Paxlovid can only be prescribed as a two-drug protocol and requires a companion prescription for an HIV drug named ritonavir. This protocol remains an “investigational drug” — not fully approved by the FDA. The drug is under the FDA’s emergency use authorization and is therefore experimental. Pfizer has nothing to worry about because they cannot be held liable if the drugs harm people, just like with their mRNA vaccine experiment.

Merck’s up-and-coming profiteering scam is a “blockbuster drug” that goes by the name molnupiravir. This oral drug functions as a nucleoside agonist. It delivers N-hydroxycytidine into the cell, which is then converted to NHC triphosphate. This NHC triphosphate is incorporated into viral RNA by viral RNA polymerase and subsequently misdirects the viral polymerase to incorporate either guanosine or adenosine, disrupting viral replication. Because this drug can cause unknown risks to mammalian cells, the treatment is limited to ten pills over the course of five days. The treatment will cost a whopping $700. In comparison, a course of ivermectin costs only $20. Vitamin D, zinc, and vitamin C are even less expensive than that, and provide exactly what the body needs to overcome just about any respiratory infection associated with covid-19.

In the molnupiravir study, 68 of 699 in the placebo group were hospitalized or died after the twenty-nine-day observation period. A slightly smaller number of people who took molnupiravir (48 of 709) were hospitalized or died after the twenty-nine-day observation period. The study did not mention what kind of medical care the two groups received. Had the placebo group received an actual anti-viral treatment, would most of these people have recovered? Comparing an experimental drug to substandard medical care and withheld treatments is not the proper way to study the drug’s efficacy or approve it for millions of Americans.

Racketeering, coercion, medical fraud, gag orders continue

The U.S. government made these experimental drugs a success overnight with a $5 billion contract to obtain and distribute the new drugs. Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Biden regime have worked very hard to suppress all competing treatments across social media and on cable news, in a coercive effort to bring Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and Merck’s highly profitable scams into existence.

Pharmaceutical companies, along with Dr. Fauci’s NIAID, the CDC, and the FDA have clearly been running a racketeering operation during the covid-19 scandal. These rogue institutions use the hysteria of covid-19 and fraudulent medical diagnostics to deprive people of their civil liberties, suppress their immune systems, deny proven treatments — all to claim political and financial dominion over people’s lives. Doctors across the nation have only begun to speak out, as this system of coercion, abuse, and racketeering dictates their very existence as medical professionals. Many medical professionals are beginning to defy gag orders and speak out about the suppression of efficacious medicine and the doctor-patient relationship, and the gross harms of this medical experimentation.

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BUSTED AGAIN: AOC Maskless and Kissing Broadway Star at Florida Drag Queen Event

AOC CAUGHT Partying MASKLESS At Drag Queen Bar As Eric Adams Calls 911 On First Day As NYC Mayor

MIAMI (FCV) – FCV was sent exclusive footage where Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is seen maskless in a large crowd of tightly-packed people at a Miami Drag Queen bar. New York City residents hopeful that new Mayor Eric Adams would usher in an era free from his predecessor Bill de Blasio were disappointed as the new leader announced day-one executive orders furthering the former mayor’s restrictive policies.



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“AOC maskless” is quickly becoming the “Worthwhile Canadian Initiative” of political headlines, if only because endless repetition has sapped her blatant hypocrisy of any thunder. But I bet you didn’t see “Kissing Broadway Star at Florida Drag Queen Event” coming, did you?

The New York City Democrat Congresscritter seemed to be having more fun than is allowed by law — at least more than is allowed back home — getting a big smooch from Kinky Boots star Billy Porter.

Benny Johnson has the pics because it did happen.

We’ve got video, too.

SFW, I promise.

Frankly, I don’t mind Ocasio-Cortez enjoying the good life in Florida and neither should you. New York is just so drab and closed down and awful, anyone who doesn’t want to get out is probably one of those people who thinks two-year-olds need to mask up or who exile themselves in an airplane bathroom for three hours after testing positive.

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Florida is free and freedom works, as even “democratic socialist” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tacitly admits in these photographs.

What makes me chuckle is reading AOC calling me (and people like me) a “creepy weirdo” for “obsessing” over her Florida antics. That’s such a high school mean girl response — I’d add “unworthy of an elected official,” but we’re clearly past that now — that it doesn’t merit any reply more serious than, “Oh, please.”

If that.

What I do mind, greatly, is AOC flaunting her privileged status while doing everything she can to keep her constituents living in fear.