Government Is Conditioning Americans To Despise Their Liberties



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New York – -( The Neo-Marxist/Neoliberal Globalist goal is to dismantle the Republic.

To accomplish that task it is necessary to disrupt the underpinnings of our society. That society is predicated on the tenets, precepts, and principles of Individualism and on the Judeo-Christian ethic, not the amoral tenets, precepts, and principles of Collectivism, permeating throughout society. The manipulation of language plays an important part in the attempt to transform America into a Collectivist Dictatorship.

Language offers a more emphatic and critical need for serious discussion. For political theorists and sociologists, the politico/socio import of reshaping language is important. It is certainly important to the Destroyers of a free Constitutional Republic. It is important for the Destroyers of our Nation to change our perception of it; of its basic underpinnings. Manipulation of language becomes an important tool in the arsenal of those forces bent on dismantling a free Republic.

If language is perception, and reality is built on perception, and a million people say the “emperor” is wearing fine apparel, when he is stark naked, is this delusion, then, to be taken as reality? Perhaps not; probably not. But, if a few sane people exist in a Nation that has gone insane, who claim to see the emperor as he really is, “in the buff,” and dare to say it is so, then all the worse for those rational people. They will not be long tolerated. They must play along, just as the masses have played along, pretending the emperor is fully draped in his finest apparel, lest they be targeted for special, unpleasant treatment.

But, through time, the delusion becomes more entrenched. And as more and more people seemingly “buy into” the delusion, to avoid negative repercussions for pointing out the delusion, then the distinction between reality and illusion will truly become blurred, distorted, and at some point, the intellect will not be able to tell the two apart.

But we are not quite there, yet. Sanity may still prevail.

Many Americans are coming to perceive the imminent threat the Marxist/Globalist poses to the preservation of a free Constitutional Republic.

Americans see that the Marxist/Globalist aims are not compatible with the continued existence of natural law rights go unchecked. One or the other must go.

The tenets, precepts, and principles of Marxism/Globalism require are incompatible with natural law rights. And so the Marxists and Globalists censor free speech and constrain free association, and undermine the right of personal autonomy, and the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, and restrict one’s control over one’s own personal property.

But Americans are also coming to see that the Marxists and Globalists abhor one natural law right, in particular over all the others: the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

Marxists and Globalists view the right of the people to keep and bear arms as not only dangerous to their well-ordered, tightly controlled society, but incoherent. The language of the Second Amendment implies that the people are sovereign over Government. That notion is the obverse of that held by Marxists and Globalists because, for them, Government is the supreme sovereign. For them, hundreds of millions of common people are merely viewed as cattle and the idea that cattle should be allowed to keep and bear arms is an anathema to them.

Marxists and the Neoliberal Globalist “elites” view the very concept of ‘natural law rights,’ and especially, the right to keep and bear arms as inimical to the maintenance of a well-ordered Collectivist society they envision.

And, in fact, the exercise of basic natural law Rights is dangerous to a society that is predicated on principles that have no use for them because the continued exercise of them would upend a rigidly controlled society.

The Marxists and Globalists see the exercise of these fundamental rights as wholly incompatible with a new world order grounded on Collectivism. And, the armed citizenry is seen as especially dangerous to the Collectivist society. Anyone who insists on arming him or herself will be seen and is coming to be seen as engaging in behavior considered toxic to the operation of a well-ordered Collectivist society.

The public is, from child to adult, slowly, methodically, inexorably being conditioned to perceive guns and the wish to exercise one’s right to keep and bear them in defense of one’s self, and home, family business, and as the ultimate fail-safe mechanism to thwart tyranny as unacceptable, as a neurotic or psychotic aberration that is not be condoned!

The insanity of a renegade Federal Government isn’t going to cure itself. And the failure of the public to recognize and acknowledge the insanity of a renegade Government will only serve to entrench all the postulates of an insane Government on the psyche of the American people.

The illness will only get progressively worse, the rot infecting more and more of the Nation until the Nation dies. It happened to Rome. But, then, Rome didn’t have access to modern information technology. Nor did the civilization of Rome see advances in communication. Nor did Rome have access to precise social engineering tools, or knowledge of psychology and neurology and other neurosciences that has made possible the Government’s ability to successfully indoctrinate, “reeducate,” and condition the minds of the people, and on an industrial scale.

Pay close attention to the manner in which the Government, the Press, and social media handle the Rittenhouse case. And pay close attention, in the next several months, to the weaponization of the Department of Justice as it begins to target more and more average citizens.

And pay particular attention to Governmental policies that slowly and increasingly negatively impact speech, gun rights, privacy, and the application of justice, in the next several months.

The puppet-masters through their toadies in Government and in the Press will continue to aggressively attack anything they find detrimental to their intention, goal, desire to destroy the Republic. Even the sanctity of the Judicial system in the United States is considered fair game to these powerful, ruthless forces. They are getting the Marxist and Anarchist rabble to unleash its mindless, senseless, radical, and rabid vindictiveness once again against a City and against the Country.

Many Americans are beginning to fight back, asserting their sovereignty over the Government. They are beginning to fight back against the destruction of the Republic. The U.S. Supreme Court can assist in this effort through the Bruen case. A strong, unequivocal statement of the right of armed defense outside the home would go a long way in strengthening the Nation’s Bill of Rights upon which the American people depend to maintain their sovereignty over the Government.

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