Conference Speakers Whitewash Islamist Terror Post 9/11 and Paint Muslims as Victims

BY Abha Shankar


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Despite more than 100 fatalities inside the United States from Islamist terror attacks since 9/11, and a series of foiled and failed jihadi plots, a new report claims there is no real Islamist terrorist threat in the United States.

The dozens of thwarted jihadist plots, it argues, were made up out of whole cloth to entrap innocent Muslims.

The report further portrays the "War on Terror" as a "War on Islam," an old ploy used by Islamist groups that actually has been shown to radicalize. The report also advises that Muslim Americans "not open the doors of their mosques and community centers to the FBI and law enforcement until entrapment and targeting of communities ends," a long time obstructionist goal of American Islamists.

But the report's objectivity is suspect. One chapter's author, and the executive director of one of its sponsors, the Coalition for Civil Freedoms (CCF), are the adult children of a convicted Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) operative. The PIJ is a terrorist group committed to destroying Israel and creating an Islamic state in its place.

Sami Al-Arian's Turkey-based academic program, the Center for Islam and Global Affairs (CIGA), was a participant in a "Terror Trap Conference" Oct.18-19 to promote the report. Al-Arian wrote one of the report's chapters. He and his daughter Leena, the CCF executive director, are listed among the report's editors.

Al-Arian served on the PIJ's Shura, or leadership council. But, given the heavy Al-Arian family involvement in the report, it is not surprising to find that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad is never mentioned. Instead, Abdullah Al-Arian's chapter portrays his father as a victim of law enforcement targeting.

"The 2003 arrest and subsequent trial of Sami Al-Arian, a university professor, Palestine activist, and civil rights advocate send shockwaves across the American Muslim community due to his prominent role in promoting civic engagement, lobbying, and electoral politics," writes Abdullah Al-Arian, an associate professor of history at Georgetown University's Qatar campus.

Called "a master manipulator" by the federal judge presiding over his case, Sami Al-Arian pleaded guilty in 2006 to conspiring to make or receive contributions of funds, goods or services to or for the benefit of PIJ. He was deported to Turkey in 2015 as part of that plea agreement where he now heads CIGA.

Abdullah Al-Arian also mentions the Hamas financing trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) in his analysis of "the witch-hunt against American Muslim institutions, and the ways in which they were systemically attacked."

"HLF officers were sentenced to up to 65 years in federal prison, despite the government never providing any evidence that the charitable donations were used to fund violence," he writes.

Although prosecutors did not tie HLF charitable donations to an actual Hamas attack, they did prove that the Islamist charity praised Hamas, promoted its propaganda, hosted leaders of the terrorist group as speakers and sent money to Hamas-controlled zakat, or charity, committees.

Testimony and other evidence produced in court showed over $12 million dollars had been funneled by the Islamist charity to Hamas. In fact, the charity was part of a Muslim Brotherhood-created Hamas-support network in the U.S. called the "Palestine Committee" to advance Hamas' political and financial goals in the country.

Al-Arian also alleged that "law enforcement agencies seeking to justify the exorbitant material resources and permissive legal terrain they enjoyed began to rely increasingly on paid informants to entrap unsuspecting Muslim youth into terror plots that those federal authorities would then foil." He gave examples of the "Newburgh Four" and the "Fort Dix Five" terror plots.

Blaming Law Enforcement

At the conference featuring sessions moderated by their father's center, CCF Executive Director Leena Al-Arian echoed her brother's claims that Islamist terrorists are a law enforcement creation. "There are no sleeper cells in the United States and almost 95% of all national security cases are a result of this deeply flawed law enforcement strategy called preemptive prosecution," she said, citing a 2019 report her center co-produced with the Islamic Circle for North America (ICNA) Council for Social Justice and Project SALAM, a Muslim legal advocacy group.

A federal appeals court upheld the Fort Dix Five convictions in 2011. The five men plotted to kill U.S. military personnel in an armed attack on a military base. A unanimous ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit rejected the appeal. The investigation started with a tip about a video showing the defendants "at a firing range in the Pocono Mountains, shooting weapons and shouting 'Allah Akbar!' and 'jihad in the States.'" The subsequent investigation produced evidence that the group "viewed and shared videos of violent jihadist activities, including beheadings, around the world; they viewed and shared videos of lectures advocating violent jihad against non-Muslims; they sought to acquire numerous weapons, including automatic firearms and rocket propelled grenades; they returned to the Poconos, where they again engaged in shooting practice; they discussed plans to attack the United States military."

The Newburgh Four were convicted in a 2009 plot to bomb Bronx synagogues and shoot down U.S. military planes. But at the "Terror Trap" conference, CCF board chair Steve Downs, described them as "hapless kids... that had no money had no car had no ability to do anything were talked in [sic] offered $250,000 to engage in a terrorist plot."

In a recording, the group's leader James Cromitie was heard telling an FBI informant, "The worst brother in Islam is better than 10 billion Yahudi [Jew]." "With no hesitation, I will kill 10 Yahudis [Jews]." Cromitie also expressed a desire to "do something to America" and "die like a shahid, a martyr."

Although an appeals court acknowledged that there would have been no case without the informant, it upheld the convictions.

Downs also claimed that there are "no terrorists at home" and accused the FBI of "creating terrorists." "They need the terrorists because that is how they justify the budget and how they ... justify creating all of this surveillance which basically locks them into power...allows them to control the Muslim community."

CCF describes itself as "a coalition of civil liberties and human rights organizations that challenges preemptive prosecution and the post-9/11 targeting, surveillance, and criminalization of Muslim communities." CCF is also known as the National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms (NCPCF), an organization Al-Arian helped found in 2010. He continues to promote the group from Turkey.

What's Missing?

The report, co-sponsored by a host of Islamist organizations including The Islamic Circle for North America (ICNA) Council for Social JusticeCAGECIGA, Muslim Justice League, and United Voices for America, does not mention any post-9/11 jihadist terror attacks in the United States that were motivated by an Islamist ideology.

In May 2020, for example, 20-year-old Adam Alsahli opened fire at the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Texas, injuring a sailor. Alsahli, who was killed after Naval police returned fire, had expressed support for key Muslim Brotherhood leaders and al-Qaida, according to his social media posts.

A year earlier, Saudi Air Force officer Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani shot and killed three U.S. sailors and wounded eight others at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida. Al-Qaida's affiliate in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) took credit for the attack and U.S. officials subsequently revealed that al-Qaida operatives had regularly communicated with Alshamrani.

In 2015, 14 people were gunned down at a San Bernardino office Christmas party by husband and wife jihadists Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik. The couple had "self-radicalized" online and Malik had pledged allegiance to now-deceased ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

When he paused in his slaughter of 49 people at Orlando's Pulse nightclub, Omar Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS and told a 911 operator that "America [needs] to stop bombing Syria and Iraq. They are killing a lot of innocent people." His attack was triggered, he said, by a U.S. strike that killed an ISIS commander in Iraq.

Though far-right terrorism represents a significant, increasing threat, a December 2020 Global Terrorism Index (GTI) report shows that "the deadliest form of terrorism in the West over the past two decades has been religious terrorism, which has almost exclusively taken the form of radical Islamist terrorism." Islamist terrorist organizations caused more than half of the total deaths recorded in 2019.

Speakers at the "Terror Trap" conference also blamed Israel and the "Zionist lobby" for using the war on terror to inhibit efforts within the Muslim community "to organize for Palestinian liberation or against Zionism."

Celine Qussiny who serves on the Palestinian Youth Movement's (PYM) national executive board, claimed that Israel "played a critical role in developing...the racially manufactured hysteria that legitimized the expansions of borders and policing and militarization and predictive policing and extra judicial killings and crowd control and surveillance." PYM has honored leaders of the Marxist-Leninist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a U.S.-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).

In line with the report's overall anti-Israel and anti-Zionist bias, a policy recommendation advises Muslim institutions to "not partner with Zionist organizations. It is important to understand the role of such organizations within the broader context of the War on terror, which builds off the narrative of Palestinian 'terrorism.' Muslims should not accept training by such groups including the Anti–Defamation League (ADL) and should, under no circumstance, partner with them."

This isn't the first time purported counter-narratives about the war on terrorism have become an Al-Arian family affair. There are reasonable ways to criticize viewed excesses in the war on terrorism, but pretending there is not, and has not been, an Islamist terror threat to the United States, calls the effort's legitimacy into question. The "Terror Trap" is a naked attempt to ignore the record and promote dangerous policy ideas.

Abha Shankar is the IPT research director.


Pfizer is using predatory manipulation tactics to abuse children, while censoring kids who were injured in clinical studies

Nothing is more sinister than the recent censorship of 13-year-old Maddie de Garay who volunteered for Pfizer’s experimental covid-19 vaccine trial that was targeted toward 12-15-year-olds. Comcast colluded with Pfizer to block the girl’s video testimony. Within twelve hours of the second Pfizer covid-19 vaccine, Maddie started to experience severe symptoms that included swollen limbs, severe abdominal pain, spasms, severe headache, nausea, fever, vomiting, blood in her urine, and tachycardia. She did not get better over the months; in fact, she lost feeling below her waist and had to walk hunched over with her toes up, as pain and misery overtook her young body. Pfizer disregards the children harmed in their clinical trials and works to censor them at every turn, with power over Big Tech and the corporate media.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) How can adults sit idly by, as pharmaceutical companies claim ownership over their children’s minds, bodies, and future? Nearly two years have gone by since the first acts of medical tyranny were brought down upon the world, yet children are still being subjugated by oppressive school mask mandates, anti-social behavioral training, and on-off paranoid “quarantines” that do not make any sense, whatsoever.

Now Pfizer and the rest of the Big Pharma cabal are doing exactly what they have planned all along. They are targeting the mentally abused, the physically restrained and the socially isolated schoolchildren, lumping them into age groups, then using them as guinea pigs in a global experiment gone tyrannically awry. Not only have these pharmaceutical companies converted regulatory agencies into their personal propaganda-pushing lackeys, but they have also indemnified themselves from judicial accountability, denying families any legal recourse when these experimental vaccines damage children.

Pfizer continues to deceive parents and abuse children

Pfizer has yet to demonstrate that children are at risk for the infection they advertise. Instead, Pfizer makes children believe they are going to suffer and die if they do not take part in this never-ending, oppressive, undignified experiment. Children are being held down, their wills broken, their spirit crushed, just so Pfizer can promise them “superhero” status if they follow along and take their “vaccines.” Pfizer is now marketing directly to kids and telling them the vaccines make them more altruistic and give them “superpowers.”

There is no shred of science to support the false sense of altruism that Pfizer is manipulating children to accept. Pfizer has yet to show that their vaccines stop transmission of SARS-CoV-2. One Oxford study showed that vaccinated healthcare workers actually carry 251 times the viral load of unvaccinated people.

Even if a real vaccine was available — an efficacious and safe immunization — children are not at any severe risk to the advertised infection. Because of this, children do not need to fear the air they breathe or the people they meet.

Pfizer has yet to demonstrate that its “lifesaving” product strengthens human immunity. The evidence shows that these “vaccines” destroy the cytotoxic T-cell, T-helper-1, and T-helper-2 human immune response, weakening long-term antibody responses and making immune systems more susceptible to severe infection.

Researchers at the Salk Institute have shown that the spike protein (now being replicated in human cells) damages the endothelial cells and causes acute cardiovascular issues, strokes, myocarditis, pericarditis, and blood clots.

Pfizer disregards and censors children who were injured in clinical trials

Pfizer is preying on the psychology of children, setting them up for lifelong dependence on government decrees and pharmaceutical interventions that do more harm than good. Parents who have lost the courage to speak up for their children are now going along with Pfizer’s false authority, believing that their freedom will return if they just follow the next Big Pharma mandate. Lacking courage, parents are setting their children up for a lifetime of depression, mental fragility, subservience to medical tyranny, and health complications. Pfizer is now mocking these parents and telling their abused and terrorized children that it is “courageous” to line up and take all the shots. This deception will lead many children to suffer, as various vaccine injuries, disabilities, strokes, and immunosuppression become normalized.

Nothing is more sinister than the recent censorship of 13-year-old Maddie de Garay who volunteered for Pfizer’s experimental covid-19 vaccine trial that was targeted toward 12-15-year-olds. Comcast colluded with Pfizer to block the girl’s video testimony. Within twelve hours of the second Pfizer covid-19 vaccine, Maddie started to experience severe symptoms that included swollen limbs, severe abdominal pain, spasms, severe headache, nausea, fever, vomiting, blood in her urine, and tachycardia. She did not get better over the months; in fact, she lost feeling below her waist and had to walk hunched over with her toes up, as pain and misery overtook her young body. Pfizer disregards the children harmed in their clinical trials and works to censor them at every turn, with power over Big Tech and the corporate media.

Parents can no longer turn a blind eye to this monstrosity and must do everything in their power to protect their children against these child predators.

Sources include:

Biden White House says children’s covid jab program will be “fully operational” by November 8, mass child sacrifices to commence

Image: Biden White House says children’s covid jab program will be “fully operational” by November 8, mass child sacrifices to commence

Vaccines for kids ages 5 through 11

White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator Jeff Zients: "Vaccines for kids ages 5 through 11 is a landmark moment in our vaccination campaign. The first mother to get her child vaccinated last night captured it well: 'It’s a sigh of relief.' 28 million young kids are now eligible for vaccination...Beginning the week of November 8th, our program will be fully up and running."

Full video here:



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) The United States is just days away from the Biden regime rolling out what it described as a “fully operational” Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” program for children as young as five.

The plan is to mass inject the nation’s youth with “Operation Warp Speed” syringes containing child-sized doses of whatever it is these non-vaccines contain. Doing this, the Biden regime insists, will help to “flatten the curve” and supposedly get the failing economy back up and running as “normal.”

Jeff Zients, Biden’s coronavirus injection czar, announced in a press briefing that the federal government now has enough supply of Pfizer-BioNTech to inject all 28 million eligible children with them. The first 15 million doses are right now being shipped to pediatric offices, hospitals, and pharmacies in anticipation of the “warp speed” rollout.

“This will give parents a broad range of options to get their kids vaccinated and ensure all children, including those without primary care doctors – those most at risk – have easy and convenient access to vaccines,” Zients said, noting that each state is allowed to choose where to send new supplies of the injection each week.

Kaiser Family Foundation survey says 27 percent of families planning to inject their children for covid “right away”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) unanimous authorization of the jabs late last week served as the “trigger” to begin the packing and shipping process, Zients said.

The jabs were ready and waiting, in other words, and it appears as though the Biden regime knew full well that they would be authorized without a hitch, launching the country into the next phase of the plandemic.

While it will take some time for all of the available injections to reach their final destinations, Biden and his people are confident that millions of them will make it into children’s arms at warp speed in the coming days.

“We’ve been planning and preparing for this moment and are ready to execute, pending CDC’s decision,” Zients said. “And starting the week of November 8, our vaccination program for kids ages five through 11 will be running at full strength.”

A recent survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that around 27 percent of parents with children between the ages of five and 11 are planning to get their little ones injected “right away” once the jabs become available to them.

The New York Times is really excited about all this. A feminist writer by the name of Tara Parker-Pope wrote up an instruction manual explaining how parents can best strategize getting their children to the front of the line as soon as possible.

Like a religious cult, these Branch Covidians are eager to reformat children’s DNA in the image of Tony Fauci and whomever else was behind these things. Once injected, children’s genetic blueprints will be forever altered to continue producing spike proteins.

“Why the hell would you put a needle into children that have side effects like blood clots, myocarditis, increase in miscarriages, increased cancer, increased autoimmune diseases, most likely infertility, and then the dreaded antibody-dependent enhancement reaction – all for a disease that children have a 99.998% chance of recovery?” asked one thoughtful commenter at The Hill, the comment section of which typically leans lunatic.

“Christians: pray for God’s judgment upon those that poisoned, or aided and abetted in poisoning, our children with the (fake) vaccine,” wrote another about the power of prayer.

“Let’s go, Brandon,” commented yet another, cutting right to the chase and getting his point across with three simple words.

The latest news about the Biden regime’s Chinese Virus injection push can be found at

Sources for this article include:

SABOTAGE SUSPECTED: Global fertilizer production plants halted, delivery trains crashing, operations compromised, all leading to FOOD CROP FAILURES in 2022



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) We now know that the globalist genocidal war against humanity is a multi-vectored assault on every system that sustains human life: Biology, energy, economics, freedom, self-ownership of your body, and so on. Now, we have new information that reveals the food scarcity attack vector is targeting the fertilizer supply chain in order to unleash massive crop failures in 2022.

An article in Free West Media sounds the alarm on this situation, entitled, “Fertilizer shortages could become the death knell for global food production.” (Free West Media has been added to our index of news sites at, so you’ll find clickable headlines there from now on.)

The article documents the astonishing number of freight train accidents involving fertilizer-carrying trains: (emphasis ours)

Around the world, everything from factories having been destroyed in explosions to trains loaded with fertilizer derailed. In some cases, sabotage is suspected.

An example of devastating accidents occurred in the US state of Iowa on May 16 earlier this year. A freight train transporting fertilizer in no less than 47 wagons then derailed and several of the wagons also started to burn. Less than a day before, another freight train with 28 carriages derailed in Minnesota. It carried, among other things, hydrochloric acid, which is an important ingredient for fertilizer.

These are just two of the unusually high number of accidents that have affected manufacturers and transports of fertilizers in the past year. An American train driver with over 30 years of experience commented that “we have more derailments with fertilizer trains this year than during my entire professional time”.

CF Industries is the primary agricultural fertilizer producer in North America and one of the largest in the world

To understand where food comes from, you need to know about CF Industries. With over 3,000 employees and over $4 billion in annual revenue, CF Industries has dozens of distribution terminals in North America (including Canada), and two locations in the UK:

But CF Industries has been plagued by manufacturing plant shutdowns. As Free West Media explains:

In Louisiana, is CF Industries’ largest ammonia factory in the world, but it was closed down for safety reasons the day before [hurricane] Ida struck, but could not resume production after it had passed due to the power outage.

Fertilizer factories have recently also begun to close down their operations due to the high costs of natural gas, which is used in production.

A couple of examples are two factories in the UK, one in Billingham and one in Cheshire, which closed in mid-September. The two plants account for no less than around 45 percent of domestic demand. Industry insiders have pointed out how they found it strange that these were owned by CF Industries.

Instead of compensating for delays due to the hurricane, CF chose to close two more factories two weeks later.

The same thing has happened in many European countries with “too high natural gas prices”. Austrian fertilizer producer Borealis AG and German SKW Piesteritz, which is Germany’s largest producer of ammonia have scaled-down production by 20 percent. The German company said in a statement that “the level that has now been reached no longer enables economically sound production, so we have to take this step”.

As reportsit is no longer economically feasible to manufacture fertilizer due to high energy costs. (Emphasis added)

CF Industries Holdings Inc. said Wednesday it’s halting operations at its Billingham and Ince manufacturing complexes due to high natural gas prices, with no estimate for when production will resume. European gas and power futures tumbled Thursday on signs energy-intensive industries are curbing consumption.

The crisis could have severe economic consequences. Soaring prices are exposing the risk of power outages this winter, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Blackouts would likely send energy prices even higher, compounding concerns about inflation and adding to the rising costs businesses are already shouldering for raw materials.

For CF, shutting down these plants, which largely produce ammonium nitrate, will cause the company to lose some production volume, according to Alexis Maxwell, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. The bigger potential impact will likely be on global pricing for fertilizer as concerns grow that other producers will follow suit, she said.

Fertilizer prices are already high, and that’s adding to increasing expenses for farmers, who are paying more for everything from land and seeds to equipment. The higher costs of production may mean even more food inflation is on the way.

“We wouldn’t be surprised to see more nitrogen and chemicals production across Europe idled in the coming days until gas prices moderate,” Joel Jackson, an analyst at BMO Capital Markets, said in a report.

The official CF Industries press release on all this is found at this link, which states:

CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CF), a leading global manufacturer of hydrogen and nitrogen products, today announced that it is halting operations at both its Billingham and Ince, UK, manufacturing complexes due to high natural gas prices. The Company does not have an estimate for when production will resume at the facilities.

For the record, we are not attributing anything nefarious to CF Industries. The company should be celebrated, in fact, for providing the nutrients that contribute to feeding about half the world. CF Industries’ website talks a lot about “green energy” and “environmental stewardship” and so on. This is today’s necessary virtue-signaling talk to appease left-wing lunatics who don’t know where food comes from and who live in fairy tale delusions where energy is magically created out of nothing. All the “Green New Deal” lunatics have literally zero knowledge of physics, chemistry, agriculture, geophysics, atmospheric chemistry, and so on, which is why they are trying to destroy carbon dioxide, the single most important nutrient in photosynthesis that grows food crops. Given current technology, it is patently impossible to produce affordable ammonia without using fossil fuels, period. Affordable food comes from affordable energy, and when energy is no longer affordable, food simply cannot be produced in an affordable manner. That’s straight-up cause and effect. (The whole world is about to learn this lesson in 2022, it turns out…)

The fertilizer shortage is already so bad that in some areas, farmers can’t even order fertility for their 2022 crops:

Hermann Greif, a farmer from the village of Pinzberg in the southern state of Bavaria, told AP that he was shocked when he discovered that he could not even order fertilizer for next year. “There is no product, no price, not even a contract. It is a situation we have never seen before,” said Greif.  “If I do not give my crops the nutrition they need, the yield will be much lower. It’s that simple.”

The Ice Age Farmer is warning about the same situation, revealing that farmers are unable to acquire the supplies they need to grow food (including fertilizer):

China is the world’s top fertilizer exporter… and they BANNED exports of phosphate until June 2022

The other shocking element in all this is that China appears to be engaged in a fertilizer embargo against the United States and other Western nations, as they have banned phosphate exports for the first half of 2022. From Free West Media:

…[O]n July 30, when the Chinese Communist Party CCP ordered its phosphate manufacturers to suspend their exports one year ahead, until June 2022. China is the world’s largest exporter of phosphate fertilizers and had time to deliver in the first half of this year, before the export ban.

This happened after CCP has already reduced production due to “climate emission issues at production facilities”. Thus, globalists demand reduced carbon dioxide emissions and CCP reduces production so much that they then realize that they probably can no longer export. The effect of these decisions had an immediate effect on prices, as China accounts for almost a third of the world’s phosphate trade.

Thus, the left-wing push for decarbonization of the world is actually causing the de-crop-ization of the world, meaning accelerating famine and mass starvation due to food scarcity stemming from a lack of fertilizers.

3.8 billion human beings depend on nitrogen fertilizers to grow affordable food… and those fertilizers are being cut off like never before

From Free West Media:

According to studies (Erisman et al.) Published in the scientific journal Nature, 48 percent of the world population in 2008 was dependent on nitrogen fertilizers for their daily access to food. “This means that nitrogen fertilizers in 2015 provided food security for 3,5 billion people who would otherwise have starved to death.”

Translated to today’s population figures, the lack of chemical fertilizers would lead to 3.8 billion people being left without food, with mass starvation, mass death, war, chaos, and social decay that have not been seen since the previous Grand Solar Minimum.

Beyond the 3.8 billion lives depending on nitrogen fertilizers, we also have the data point that says 49.9% of the world population has been injected with spike protein biological weapons labeled “vaccines.” According to Our World In Data, another 27 million people are being injected each day.

That means there are very nearly 4 million people who have been injected with biological weapons. Many of those will die over the next several years as cancer, autoimmune disorders, AIDS-like conditions, and heart conditions explode.

Importantly, vaccine uptake is very poor in developing nations, but poverty is rampant and those nations are highly susceptible to starvation due to fertilizer disruptions. Yet vaccine update is very high in wealthy nations, where food scarcity is rarely a concern (although the situation is rapidly worsening in those nations anyway, due to supply chain problems).

This leads me to the following astonishing conclusion:

Fertilizer scarcity is engineered to kill off populations in developing nations, while vaccines are engineered to kill off the populations in wealthy nations.

Between starvation and bioweapons “vaccination,” the vast majority of the current world population will be subjected to one of these two genocidal vectors. When globalists state they want to reduce the world population by 90%, they mean it. In fact, they’ve figured out exactly how to pull it off.

Food riots, food rationing, and rampant food inflation are now all inevitable.

I offer a more detailed discussion of all this in today’s Situation Update podcast. The fertilizer discussion begins at 1 hour and 4 minutes:

Enjoy a new podcast (and new interviews) each day at the Health Ranger Report channel on


ALLIE BETH STUCKEY INTERVIEW: Just One Jab to Keep Your Job? Think Again~Guest Steve Deace

Today we welcome fellow BlazeTV host Steve Deace back to the show. We're talking COVID, and Deace explains that what governments are doing with COVID policy is still completely removed from data and reason. The people who have committed to the "follow the science" dogma are doing anything but, and have essentially started a religion around the vaccine and wearing masks. This obsession will end up hurting people, as any non-vaccine treatment or preventive measure for COVID is regarded as heresy. We debunk some of the Left's talking points about the vaccine, as well as some predictions for what the future holds for the states imposing draconian COVID restrictions.

Robert Spencer Video: Biden White House Slams Israel for Banning Terror Front Groups

Barry Nussbaum interviews me on the ATP Report. We discuss how Old Joe Biden has blasted Israel for declaring six of 500 Palestinian NGOs as terror groups.

House Dems Praise Designated Terrorist Groups for ‘Courageous Work’

Lawmakers urge Biden admin to support Palestinian groups designated as terrorist organizations by Israel


More Proof Surfaces That NIAID Funded Dangerous Virus Experiments. Agency Let Grantee Police Itself

More Proof Surfaces That NIAID Funded Dangerous Virus Experiments. Agency Let Grantee Police Itself



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Anthony Fauci’s infectious-disease agency knew in 2016 about a grantee’s violating federal restrictions on dangerous virus research. And that agency, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), permitted the grantee to police its work.

The latest on NIAID appeared in reports from the Daily Caller and The Intercept.

A NIAID e-mail to the grantee, EcoHealth Alliance, said experiments described in a grant trespassed the ban on funding gain-of-function research, the Caller revealed. That research enhances viruses to make them more virulent. Experts believe the SARS-CoV-2 that infected the world and killed millions sprung from Wuhan Institute of Virology. That’s where scientists conducted the experiments.

The Intercept revealed that NIAID permitted EcoHealth to monitor its own work. And that, virologist Richard Ebright said, was akin to permitting students to grade themselves.

Last month, Ebright called Fauci and outgoing NIH chief Francis Collins “untruthful” in saying the agencies did not fund the dangerous experiments. NIH confirmed two weeks ago that EcoHealth did indeed pass money to WIV, which used it to created a souped-up virus that could infect human beings.

The E-mail

“NIAID has determined that the above reference grant may include Gain of Function (GoF) research that is subject to the U.S. Government funding pause,” said the NIAID e-mail to EcoHealth on May 28, 2016.

Bad as that sounds for Fauci, who has falsely denied sending U.S. taxpayer money to China for the research, this is worse:

The letter requested EcoHealth provide its own “determination” as to whether its proposed experiments in Wuhan included gain of function research.

EcoHealth President Peter Daszak submitted his “determination” to the NIAID in a June 8, 2016 letter that downplayed potential risks associated with his group’s proposed research in Wuhan, which involved the creation of lab-made chimeric coronavirus, and denied it involved gain of function.

The NIAID then gave Daszak the opportunity to submit an amended version of his letter on June 27, 2016, after discovering a factual error in the initial filing, emails show. The agency then used Daszak’s revised letter, which kept the original June 8 filing date, as the basis of its own determination on July 7 that EcoHealth’s research did not involve gain of function.

Richard Ebright, who runs the Waksman Institute of Microbiology at Rutgers University, said the NIAID gave EcoHealth a blank check. 

“The NIH, in effect, delegated to EcoHealth Alliance the authority to determine whether its research was, or was not gain of function research subject to the funding pause, the authority to set criteria for the determination, and the authority to over-ride federal policies implemented by the White House in 2014-2017 and by HHS in 2017-present,” Ebright told the webzine.

NIH is the National Institutes of Health, NIAID’s parent agency.

More Details

The Intercept offered more details about the grant and the research.

“EcoHealth was entering the third year of the five-year, $3.1 million grant that included research with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and other partners,” the website explained. “In a 2016 progress report, the group described to NIH its plans to carry out two planned experiments infecting humanized mice with hybrid viruses, known as ‘chimeras.’”

The grant administrators “appeared intent on enforcing the funding pause,” the website continued. But they asked for more information from EcoHealth, including “a detailed description of changes that would allow the researchers to pursue their aims without conducting the dangerous experiments.”

That’s when “agency staff adopted language that EcoHealth Alliance crafted to govern its own work,” the Intercept reported:

But what happened next sets off alarm bells for biosafety advocates: Agency staff adopted language that EcoHealth Alliance crafted to govern its own work. The agency inserted several sentences into grant materials describing immediate actions the group would take if the viruses they created proved to become more transmissible or disease-causing as the result of the experiments.

NIH and some scientists say the viruses are not the same as the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen. But the larger point is that NIH permitted a grantee to write its own rules.

“This is like the teacher giving you the opportunity to write your own homework problem and grade your own homework when you turn it in,” Ebright told the Intercept. “Then you decide the teacher is so lenient, there’s no need to hand it in. The oversight process clearly failed.”

In fact, those viruses did become more transmissible; i.e., they gained function. EcoHealth was supposed to report that fact to NIH but didn’t, NIH revealed.

EcoHealth disputes that claim.

USAF Reserve Officer Claims Religious Discrimination After Being Fired for Not Taking COVID Vaccine



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

After 19 years in the U.S. Air Force, Lieutenant Colonel Brandi King was fired from her position because she refused to be vaccinated. When her request for an exemption for religious reasons was denied, she was terminated.

She hired a highly successful civilian lawyer with an extensive and successful career in defending such cases, Davis Younts, who said this was part of a pattern to “purge” the military of Christians:

Our military is being purged of those who dare to be faithful to their Heavenly Creator and Savior over the earthly authorities within the government and military.

This [case] should wake up anyone who believes their God-given, constitutionally recognized freedoms will continue to be protected by our military.

In her prior position she either worked alone or from her home. In addition, she tested positive on a serologic test, showing that she had COVID-19 antibodies present from having previously contracted the virus.

None of this mattered. The letter from her commanding lieutenant general said:

I understand your concerns, which are based on your sincerely held beliefs … [nevertheless] I disapprove your request for religious exemption from required immunizations, including the COVID-19 vaccine….

I do not doubt the sincerity of your beliefs. However … I also had to consider the risk to our mission.… Individual medical readiness is a critical requirement for maintaining a healthy and ready force.

He then said that if she chose to appeal his decision, she had 72 hours to do so.

Her commanding officer said that she would now likely “be subject to court martial, dishonorable discharge along with … punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Service (UCMJ).” He said that since her exemption had been denied, he would terminate her service.

Within 24 hours, her orders were canceled.

In her complaint she provided a timeline of the conversations she had with her superiors and said, “This cancellation of my previously approved order, due to my expression of sincerely held religious beliefs, is religious discrimination.” She added:

The cancellation of my orders was a direct result of my … intent to request religious accommodation [and as a result] I have suffered discrimination and substantial burden for exercising my religious beliefs.

Given her attorney’s remarkable record of defending officers in the past, it is likely that this case isn’t going to go away any time soon.

However, it does reflect the claim that Fox News host Tucker Carlson made on his show on September 20, namely, that the purpose behind the vaccine mandate, and the consequent denial of religious exemptions, represented a “takeover of the U.S. military” by progressives. He called it a “ruse” to rid the military of Christians and other undesirables:

The point of mandatory vaccination is to identify the sincere Christians in the ranks, the free thinkers, the men with high testosterone levels, and anyone else who does not love Joe Biden and make them leave immediately.

It’s a takeover of the U.S. military.

Whether that’s true remains to be seen. But King’s experience, and her filing of a complaint over religious discrimination, suggests that it is.