EPIC: 427,000 Parents Respond to National School Board Association Labeling Them ‘Domestic Terrorists’


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/gwendolynsims/2021/10/05/epic-427000-parents-respond-to-national-school-board-association-labeling-them-domestic-terrorists-n1521936;

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Last week, PJ Media covered the hysterical and threatening letter written by National School Boards Association (NSBA) president Viola Garcia. In the letter sent to none other than President Joe Biden, Garcia accused America’s concerned parents of threats, intimidation, and even “hate crimes” rising to the level of “domestic terrorism” for having the gall to speak up at their local school board meetings. The NSBA also requested “federal assistance to stop threats and acts of violence against school board members, school officials, and teachers.”

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This week, however, the leaders of almost two dozen parent organizations fired back with a scathing letter of their own—and it is epic. The letter, written on behalf of members of several parent organizations, made clear that the NSBA’s claims of  “hate” and “terrorism” were shameful:

NSBA cites a tiny number of minor incidents in order to insinuate that parents who are criticizing and protesting the decisions of school boards are engaging in, or may be engaging in, “domestic terrorism and hate crimes.” NSBA even invokes the PATRIOT Act. The association of legitimate protest with terrorism and violence reveals both your contempt for parents and your unwillingness to understand and hear the sincere cries of parents on behalf of their children. To equate parents with terrorists dishonors the thousands of victims of actual terrorism around the world. Have you no shame?

The parent organizations pointed out that the NSBA’s call for the federal government to use its power against parents was in itself a menacing and “thinly veiled threat, intended to intimidate into silence and submission the very constituents that [the NSBA] members ostensibly represent.” I mean, what else would you call asking the president to sic the Department of Justice, the FBI, Homeland Security, the Secret Service Assessment Center, and the Postal Service on America’s parents?

By contrast, America’s parent organizations “unequivocally oppose violence” and are made up of, not “domestic terrorists,” but “concerned citizens who care deeply about their community’s children – and who are concerned by the direction that America’s schools have taken.” It’s no secret many parents across the country are angry with what is happening (or not happening) in our taxpayer-funded schools:

Citizens are angry that school boards and school officials around the country are restricting access to public meetings, limiting public comment, and in some cases conducting business via text messages in violation of state open meetings laws.

They are angry that schools are charging them thousands of dollars in public records requests to view curriculum and training materials that impact their children and that should be open to the public by default.

They are angry that pandemic-related learning losses have compounded the already-low reading, writing, and math proficiency rates in America’s schools.

Parents are ultimately angry that rather than working to improve student achievement so our children actually learn in our country’s schools, “large numbers of districts have chosen to fund, often with hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money, ‘social justice’ and ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion programs with finite resources.”

It is very revealing that instead of listening to and addressing the concerns of parents, the NSBA chose “to smear their constituents rather than engage with them in good faith.” The concerns of parents are, of course, due to the leftist policies embraced and implemented by the school boards that are supposedly accountable to the parents of their respective districts.

“It is appalling that [NSBA] would choose to threaten your fellow Americans for having the courage to hold you accountable for your failures,” said the parent organizations. “We will not be bullied. We will not have our speech chilled. We have a constitutional right to petition our elected officials, and we will continue to do so” in order to “address and improve the quality of America’s public education system for all children.”

Bravo to America’s “parents, grandparents, and concerned citizens” for not being intimidated by the NSBA’s shameful tactics and for putting America’s children first in the face of blatant leftist bullying.


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The Importance of Property

John Locke said, "Government has no other end, but the preservation of property". If so, then why (all over the country) are police forces refusing to defend property and prosecutors are not only NOT defending property from criminals, but criminalizing law-abiding people who are defending their property? If those in power are no longer carrying out the basic functions of government, then what is it?

An Afghanistan Grows In Wisconsin

Sen. Johnson visits Fort McCoy, where Afghan refugees are being housed

Biden didn’t withdraw from Afghanistan. He brought Afghanistan to America


SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2021/10/afghanistan-grows-wisconsin-daniel-greenfield/;

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Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

The skies over Sparta have never been as busy as when the Biden administration decided to dispatch 13,000 Afghans, including at least one pedophile, to Wisconsin.

Sparta, a small town of less than ten thousand souls, whose claim to fame is being the “Bicycling Capital of America”, could only watch as a population of Afghans outnumbering its own population created a new Afghanistan on the premises of Fort McCoy.

None of the Afghans at Fort McCoy have a Special Immigrant Visa. Biden left the SIV visa holders behind in Afghanistan. The Afghans who have overrun the Wisconsin base are the ones whom the Taliban, for their own reasons, decided to allow through their checkpoints.

And they’re living up to the high cultural standards of the Taliban.

The problems began with the toilets. Then there were issues with the rice, the sexual abuse of young boys, and Afghans simply leaving on their own despite promises of taxpayer cash.

“Afghans were confused and upset by hygiene practices,” a Wall Street Journal article described. “Every toilet on base was Western-style, with a seat and toilet paper. But a number of Afghans are accustomed to restrooms that allow them to squat so they don’t have to physically touch the toilet. It led to some cases of Afghans relieving themselves outside.”

This shouldn’t have surprised anyone after two decades in Afghanistan. But political correctness has mostly suppressed accounts of even the most basic facts about the beneficiaries of our great nation-building project leaving Americans confused by the behavior of the new arrivals.

A Czech journal article from the Department of Military Hygiene noted that Afghan "people in rural areas were found to defecate almost everywhere according to convenience. It is important to observe that particularly the rural population does not know or does not use toilet paper."

More accurately, Islamic law is held by some authorities to ban the use of toilet paper.

“You should consider very carefully shaking hands during the contact with the local population,” the journal article warned. Unfortunately, their local population is now our local population.

An account of the toilet practices of the defunct Afghan National Army described how our soldiers were forced to “share their toilet with the ANA, as they had been ordered to do by their commanding officers” to win their “hearts and minds”. Unfortunately “it was the custom of the ANA to wipe themselves with their hands, smear their excrement on the walls of the toilet, and rinse their hands in the sink, which left the sinks reeking.”

While great care is taken by Muslims to keep their clothes clean so that they are not “impure” during prayers, bathrooms can be left in a horrifying state because they’re already unclean.

Muslim tradition teaches that toilets are possessed by demons and as a result followers of the religion may be reluctant to make contact with them because they have been taught that “Satan plays with the backsides of the sons of Adam”. Islamic teachings encourage squat toilets and forbid men to urinate standing up because Mohammed “only ever used to urinate sitting down.”

At Kandahar Air Base, the toilets were segregated because, as an officer noted, “When they use our port-a-potties, they stand on the seats and it causes quite a mess. I think it's just a cultural thing." There are a lot of these cultural things. Many of them are far worse than the toilets.

Although when dealing with a group where “90% of the population are infected by a parasitic disease” and which routinely goes around with fecal matters on its hands, it is an issue.

Democrats insist that 2-year-olds should wear masks, yet invite in a population that doesn’t understand the concepts of toilets, toilet paper, or disease transmission.

But the toilets were the least of the problems at Fort McCoy.

The Afghans, who had supposedly just been saved from death, didn’t like American food.

American rice was “swapped for basmati rice. New spices, hummus, and dates were added to the chow hall’s menu” which was entirely Halal. Basmati rice is one of the most expensive varieties of rice available, but nothing was too good for the endlessly complaining arrivals.

While the Afghans were complaining to reporters about "hard rice", personnel at Fort McCoy were complaining about “multiple cases of minor females who presented as ‘married’ to adult Afghan men, as well as polygamous families." This wasn’t too surprising since child marriage in Afghanistan stands at 57%. Like the toilets, it’s a “cultural thing”.

While no action was taken on those cases, Bahrullah Noori, an Afghan refugee, was arrested for trying to undress a 14-year-old boy and behaving inappropriately with a 12-year-old boy.

Mohammad Haroon Imaad was also arrested after his wife accused him of choking her. He had also allegedly threatened to “send her back to Afghanistan where the Taliban could deal with her” and also told her “that nine women have been killed since getting to Fort McCoy and that she would be the tenth.” An estimated 87% of Afghani women face domestic violence.

Like the toilets and the child rape, choking women is just another Afghan cultural thing.

General Glen VanHerck however visited Fort McCoy and assured reporters that the enlightened Afghans were much more law-abiding than the racist Americans.

I've done some research and how that compares to populations across the United States," VanHerck declared. "For example, in six weeks in Operation Allies Welcome, in a population of 53,000, there have been eight reported cases of robbery and theft.”

VanHerck neglected to Google the statistics for assaulting children and women. Or to note that this isn’t a measure of Afghans having lower crime rates than Americans, but a much lower willingness to report crimes to infidels who don’t resolve problems with the use of Islamic law.

"And how long are the Afghans going to be on U.S. military bases?" the FOX News correspondent asked.

"We're prepared to be here as long as we need to conduct this mission," VanHerck replied. "We'll be ready if we need to support through the winter months and into the spring."

If only there had been the same sort of commitment to getting Americans out of Afghanistan.

Forget the ‘Forever War’ and get ready for the ‘Forever Refugees’.

VanHerck claimed that the Afghans at Fort McCoy "are appreciative of our support and eager to begin their lives in America.”

They're so eager that they're just leaving.

Some 700 Afghans have left bases like McCoy despite promises of free taxpayer cash if they just stay and wait to be resettled. The deserting Afghans are upsetting the Biden administration, not because it’s concerned about potential terror threats from the refugees, but because it makes it harder for its refugee resettlement allies to cash in on every single Afghan. And it interferes with their plot to alter demographics in red states by resettling Afghans in the South.

Meanwhile, Fort McCoy is near capacity. American soldiers are back to patrolling Afghan streets and trying to win their hearts and minds by asking them to use toilets and not to abuse their women and children. But the scenes of American soldiers trying to keep the peace among Afghans and communicate American values to them are no longer taking place in Kandahar, but in Wisconsin, and in other states with the misfortune of housing Afghans.

It’s almost as if we never actually withdrew from Afghanistan.

Americans are funding three Halal meals a day for tens of thousands of Afghans, our bases are full of mosques, our soldiers are trying to keep Afghans from killing and abusing each other, and we are on the hook for every dollar in welfare spending lavished on the Afghans while Americans struggle. As the Afghans leave Fort McCoy, the occupation of America will begin.

Biden didn’t withdraw from Afghanistan. He brought Afghanistan to America.

Afghanistan: Taliban arms jihadis in Tajikistan with US equipment


SEE: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2021/10/afghanistan-taliban-arms-jihadis-in-tajikistan-with-us-equipment;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The Biden legacy.

“Taliban Said To Have Rearmed Tajik Militants And Moved Uyghur Fighters From Chinese Border,” RFE/RL, October 4, 2021 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

KHATLON, Tajikistan — The Taliban has provided Tajik militants based along the border with Tajikistan with new military vehicles, weaponry, and other equipment over the past two weeks, security sources in Tajikistan and northeastern Afghanistan say, amid an ongoing military buildup on both sides of the frontier.

The sources also told RFE/RL on October 4 that the Taliban has also “removed” ethnic Uyghur fighters from an area close to Afghanistan’s small border with China.

Tajik militants based in Afghanistan’s northern province of Badakhshan have been seen with U.S.-made weaponry and vehicles, including Humvees, with some of them wearing American combat gear, according to an official with Tajikistan’s state border services.

A former Afghan military officer based in Badakhshan confirmed the allegation….

Brighteon: Dr. Nathan Thompson-My Jaw DROPPED when I Tested Someone’s Immune System After the 2nd Jab

This Vid came from YouTube, thus the weird sign language for the Vaxx.
Please note, testing used with patient permission and difference in account numbers is an individualized identifying number for that specific sample that the lab inputs into their system that day. All patient identifying info has been removed for privacy reasons.


Mirrored https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwR7natWqLk&;t=42s
Dr. Nathan Thompson

Brighteon: China sets stage for NUCLEAR WAR with Taiwan, Australia, Japan, India and the USA

Situation Update, Oct 5, 2021, PART 2 - China sets stage for NUCLEAR WAR with Taiwan, Australia, Japan, India and the USA


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-10-05-war-alert-china-setting-stage-for-nuclear-war.html;

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(Natural News) Today’s Situation Update podcast (see below) is a whirlwind tour of the geopolitical issues now coalescing into what may become a nuclear war originating with communist China.

That war, which appears to be growing closer each day with China’s calculated provocations, would ensnare not just the USA and Taiwan but also Australia, India and Japan.

Alarmingly, both China and the United States have a strong incentive to initiate global warfare in order to distract from their own failed economic and political policies. China’s property developer debt bomb is imploding, with now two additional property developers (beyond Evergrande) failing to make bond payments. As CNBC reports, Fantasia Holdings has missed a $206 million bond payment and its shares have halted trading. This is the third property developer to start imploding in China, and there’s almost certainly much more yet to come.

China can’t currently keep its own power grid functioning, either, leading to a shut down of significant manufacturing capacity. The U.S., meanwhile, can’t keep its own bloated government running without printing trillions of dollars each month. It’s as if both nations are run by financial arsonists who are in a competition to see who can burn down their own country first.

Both the USA and China now need a war to distract the people from government failures

Wars allow governments to declare emergencies and seize domestic power while redirecting government criticism overseas. Wars change the narrative from, “Why is our government trying to kill us?” to, “Why is the enemy trying to kill us?”

The leadership of both China and the USA desperately need a war right now, and China is provoking it by flying 50+ warplanes into Taiwan’s sovereign airspace. Because the U.S. needs to defend Taiwan and keep it as a strategic partner that’s geographically close to China, America will be forced to defend Taiwan against China’s aggression (yes, even under Biden). This can easily escalate into a shooting war — or even a nuclear war — which would very quickly evoke responses from India, Australia, and Japan, three nations whose very existence is seriously threatened by China’s expansionist ambitions.

While processing all this, keep in mind that China already launched a weapon of mass destruction against America (the covid bioweapon), and America reserves the right to retaliate against China using nuclear weapons, including small battlefield tactical nukes. Anticipating this, China is likely to attempt an EMP attack on the continental United States, combined with a cyber warfare attack to cripple America’s power grid. America’s response against China would almost certainly include the use of secret orbital weapons platforms, weather weapons, and possible even strikes targeting the highly vulnerable Three Gorges Dam. If the dam collapses, the CCP falls into ruin. (China’s domestic food supply is already rapidly failing, and if the dam fails, it will wipe out a huge swath of farmland…)

Should any of this escalate, the startling reality is that China’s exports to the USA would grind to an instant halt, cutting off America from China’s rare minerals, microchip supply lines, consumer goods, spare parts, food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, and so on. In essence, America would suffer tremendously under a collapse of the Sino-American supply chain. It’s not even clear whether America could keep its own power grid operating under such circumstances since power grid components need spare parts. And most of those parts come from China.

China needs a war to distract the world from the truth about the origins of covid

Accelerating all this is the fact that the lies about covid’s origins continue to unravel by the day. The cover story has fallen, and the world now knows the truth that China conspired with treasonous U.S. “officials” (such as Fauci) to build a biological weapon of war and release it on the world to take down America (and get rid of Trump). These revelations are backing China into a corner where it will be forced to provoke international war to avoid being held responsible for the entire global plandemic.

Wars can be avoided if nations choose to avert them, but in this case, we are stuck with nations overtly working toward global warfare as a way to cover their own crimes and failures. The only thing more dangerous than a big government trying to “do good” is a big government trying to do bad. And that’s where we are in the world now, like it or not.

Today’s Situation Update provides a full, detailed analysis of the many factors now at play. Prepare to be cut off from China in the very near future. Prepare for total collapse of global supply chains. And prepare to be dragged into a global war that’s actually waged as a form of complex theater to distract you from the criminality of your own failed, criminal government.

Full details in today’s Situation Update podcast:


New study on 41,000 people reveals that taking vaccines INCREASES a person’s risk of hospitalization


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-10-04-study-reveals-taking-vaccines-increases-hospitalization-risk.html;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) There’s more than meets the eye with the latest “vaccine efficacy” study published by the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). The study in question, “Effectiveness of covid-19 vaccines in ambulatory and in patient care settings,” was immediately featured by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to advertise covid-19 vaccines.

Upon further investigation of the data, it seems this study and its interpretation were designed to deceive the public. After configuring the true rate of sickness post vaccination, the vaccine efficacy could be interpreted as negative 13 percent! It seems that taking covid vaccines increases the risk of hospitalization.

Study omits hospitalization data for recently vaccinated to boost “vaccine efficacy”

The study measured the efficacy of covid-19 vaccines in a test-negative design that included 41,552 participants. The study looked for diagnoses of “covid-like illness,” symptomatic illness, and test positivity by vaccination status in 50+ age group. The study looked at emergency department and urgent care hospitalization data across nine states from January to August 2021.

The study identified 41,552 hospitalizations for “covid-like illness” (CLI). This broad diagnostic term could describe numerous respiratory infections of various origins. The term could embody different types of allergies, asthma, inhalation poisoning, or underlying respiratory conditions. The term could describe an adverse event to a drug or vaccination. The term could represent a severe case of illness following vaccination.

From the onset, the study recorded a total of 103,199 hospitalizations across nine states. The study used specific criteria (ages 50 and above and CLI) to narrow the data down. The hospitalization data used in the study was only a fraction of the hospitalizations observed in the general population, and represented an even smaller fraction of the hospitalizations recorded for people over 50 years old. By simply excluding all-cause hospitalization by vaccination status, this study design could have easily removed tens of thousands of hospitalizations in the vaccinated cohort. Of the 61,647 hospitalizations excluded in the study, many were medical issues for people under 50 years old. Could the covid vaccines be unnecessarily causing medical emergencies and health issues in young people who could easily overcome the infection? That data is omitted, so it’s hard to say. The study also omitted data for repeat admissions and for instances where there were no records for vaccination or covid-19 testing.

The most shocking omission of data included hospitalizations for the recently vaccinated. The majority of adverse events and hospitalizations occur in the first week after vaccination, yet the study omits all of these hospitalizations if they are after the first dose. There were 1,872 hospitalizations in this recently vaccinated category, a category intentionally left out to deceive the public.

Diagnostic fraud and data distortion being used to deceive the public

The fraud doesn’t end there. The study configured “vaccine efficacy” by artificially reducing the total number of CLI in the vaccinated cohort. This was done using disparate cycle counts during PCR “confirmation” of covid-19. The study depended on the fraudulently-calibrated PCR test, which are used to inflate official covid cases in the unvaccinated, to artificially reduce the number of covid cases in the vaccinated, and to ultimately promote a high vaccine efficacy percentage. A lower cycle count for the vaccinated removed all the false positives, reducing the official covid case count only for the vaccinated. In fact, when the PCR test is taken out of the equation,, cases of CLI remain steady across all three groups, the unvaccinated, the partially vaccinated, and the fully vaccinated.

Even though the CLI diagnosis remains steady among all three groups, the reported “covid cases” for the fully vaccinated is significantly lower (due to lower cycle thresholds being used for the fully vaccinated). This is diagnostic fraud and data manipulation to make a product (the covid-19 vaccines) appear as though it is stopping a specific illness. That illness is not properly defined, PCR cycles are not absolute or definitive in their diagnosis, and the ensuing distortion of data is used to fool the public about the “effectiveness” of an experimental gene altering product.

If the study calculated vaccine efficacy by taking into account all the CLI admissions (including the omitted 1,872 hospitalizations for recently vaccinated individuals), then the vaccine efficacy falls to a net negative value of -13 percent! This means that taking these experimental vaccines actually INCREASES a person’s risk of hospitalization.

For more on the latest vaccine fraud, visit ScienceFraud.News.

Sources include:







Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) introduces legislation to BLOCK interstate travel checkpoints the Biden Regime is trying to set up with SS/Marxist vaccine passport requirements

Image: Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) introduces legislation to BLOCK interstate travel checkpoints the Biden Regime is trying to set up with SS/Marxist vaccine passport requirements


SEE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-10-05-sen-rick-scott-legislation-to-block-interstate-travel-checkpoints.html;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

(Natural News) Yes, there are a handful of Senators and Representatives who still care about the Republic and didn’t just ‘join’ Congress for the money, power, and control. Take for instance Senator Rick Scott from Florida, who has the guts and the love for America to stand in the way of the most tyrannical regime the USA has ever experienced on our own turf.

Are you ready for state troopers, FEMA’s SS goons, HHS thugs, National Guard boots (NATO mercenaries), and DHS troops to stop your automobile between US states to check you (and any kids you have) for updated vaccine passports proving you’ve had several clot shots, proving your government-issued gene therapy medication is up to date?

“May I see your vaccine papers sir/ma’am? … I see you and your wife have NOT had your Covid booster shots yet and that your 4-year old twins are not vaccinated at all. I’m going to need you to step out of the vehicle and put your hands on the hood.” Sen. Rick Scott knows this is what’s next for America under the CCP/CDC/Biden Regime, so he has introduced a 3-page landmark piece of legislation that would roadblock (pun intended) future roadblocks all over American roads, preventing the non-vaccinated from traveling from state to state, but that’s not all.

The legislation, titled the Prevent Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates for Interstate Commerce Act lays out how it would prevent all kinds of illegal travel interrogations by the Department of Transportation, Amtrak, Surface Transportation Board, TSA, NTSB, Federal Maritime Commission, and the Department of Commerce. See what’s happening here? The Biden Regime is about to set up Nazi vaccine passport police everywhere, to stop automobiles, commercial trucks, boats, trains, buses, planes, everything.

All interstate commerce, plus foreign and domestic travel rights for the USA are on the chopping block right now

The “conspiracy theorists” have been proven right once again. The Democrats want to wreck America with socialism and communism, and it’s on full display right now. The insidious Diane Feinstein, Senator in California, and New York House of Representatives Democrat Ritchie Torres, have both introduced national legislation to REQUIRE vaccine (Nazi) passports for all foreign and domestic air travel. Let that sink in for a minute.

That means the CDC could require Covid booster shots monthly if they want to, and every “fully vaccinated” person, or partially vaccinated person, or unvaccinated American will have NO rights to travel without getting blood-clotting, gene therapy injections every 30 days, or whatever vaccine regimen Fauci demands.

Of course, this Marxist aggression and communist-style domestic terrorism is dubbed the U.S. Air Travel Public Safety Act, because government-hosted terrorism by forced toxic medication is always for the “greater good,” as Hitler told us.

The only ‘opt-out’ of clot shot injections regularly would be if somehow American citizens could prove a negative result on a PCR test (which tests positive for every cold, flu, virus, bacterial infection as Covid) 2 days prior to and during every 3 days of travel, or somehow prove with “Documentation of Recovery” that they caught Covid, beat it, fully recovered, and still don’t have it now. That is literally IMPOSSIBLE when the PCR test will say positive since they can’t determine how old one’s antibodies are (so they just say “positive” meaning you could have beat Covid an entire year ago but it sounds like you have it right now).

Florida’s Senator Rick Scott believes vaccination is a matter of informed consent, not some medical regulation used for government tyranny and nanny police state rule

Now, immediately, the mass media and vaccine industrial complex would jump to call Senator Rick Scott “anti-vaxxer” and “anti-science,” except for the fact that he got the Covid vaccine himself. This does not fit the narrative that Fauci and the CDC want Americans following, which is that nobody has any rights whatsoever in America when it comes to supposedly preventing a bad case of the China Flu. Rick Scott is a true patriot who cares about Americans’ right to make their own medical choices. My body, my choice, right?

Sen. Rick Scott: “I got the COVID-19 vaccine, and encourage everyone who feels comfortable to get it too, but government has no business pushing mandates on the American people and our hardworking businesses.” He elaborated; “It’s the government’s job to inform Americans and then let every family make the right choices that will keep themselves, their businesses, and their employees safe.”

In Israel, the Minister of Health got BUSTED by a hot microphone saying the vaccine passports have nothing to do with health or security, it’s all just a con to “pressure” everybody to get injected with the highly experimental, gene therapy Covid clot shots.

Is someone you know suffering from post-Covid-vax Spike Protein Syndrome? Tune your truth news dial to Pandemic.news for the best ways to keep your body healthy, your home safe, and your constitution protected.

Sources for this article include:






While Government Shut Down Church Over COVID, “Mosques Were Fully Operational,” Says Pastor

While Gov Shut Down Church Over COVID, “Mosques Were Fully Operational,” Says Pastor


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/while-gov-shut-down-church-mosques-were-fully-operational-says-pastor/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

“What they’re doing today is identical to what I remember growing up” under Soviet communism in Poland, lamented Pastor Artur Pawlowski recently. There is one difference, though:

The communists might have been a bit more even-handed.

Even in China today, religion is persecuted across the board; in fact, a million Uighur Muslims are in concentration camps. But, says Pawlowski, who was recently arrested the very moment he returned to Canada from a trip, while his church was shut down for violating COVID-19 guidelines, “mosques were fully operational” with thousands gathering together.

What’s more, Pawlowski warns Americans, “You’re next.”

Fox News reported on the story over the weekend:

The Polish-Canadian pastor who has been repeatedly arrested for holding church services in Calgary, Alberta, said Canadian border police confiscated his belongings and apparently broke into his personal computer.

When Pastor Artur Pawlowski landed back in his home city of Calgary on Monday following a four-month tour of the United States, customs officials were waiting to cuff him on the tarmac for two criminal charges, he told Fox News in an interview.

“They have fallen to a new low,” Pawlowski said of the Canadian authorities. “Our lawyers contacted them and asked them if there are any pending warrants for me when I was in the states. They said that there are no pending warrants, [sic] there is nothing outstanding.”

Pawlowski had been traveling throughout the United States over the summer to spread his warning that Western governments increasingly resemble the communist regime in Poland he fled as a young man.

His tour followed the international attention he received in April when officials went to his church in Canada during Holy Week to inspect it for COVID-19 compliance. Because they entered the sanctuary armed and uninvited during a worship service, Pawlowski refused to speak with them.

Instead, he accused them of being “Nazis” and shouted them down until they agreed to leave. Video of the encounter went viral.

But authorities weren’t done with Pawlowski. They returned three weeks later, and on May 8 (video below) the Calgary police pulled the pastor and his brother over and arrested them while the pair were returning home from church.

As for Pawlowski’s most recent arrest (video below), the “Calgary Police Service…said Tuesday that he was charged in relation to the following warrants: failing to wear a face-covering (March 13, 2021) and disobeying a court order (June 5, 2021),” reports Global News. The latter charge involves “contempt of court” for holding church services in violation of lockdown restrictions; a judge will decide on October 18 whether the pastor will spend 21 days in jail as a consequence.

Pawlowski spoke about his persecution on the Ingraham Angle’s Wednesday edition. As Fox News also reports:

“I came to the United States with a simple warning,” the pastor told [host Laura] Ingraham about his recent trip abroad. 

“You’re next,” he said. “If they came for me, be sure of it, they’re coming for you as well.”

He called the individuals who arrested him “masked gangsters,” that he “couldn’t even consider them officers of the law.”

…Pawlowski told Fox News in April he was raised under Soviet communism in Poland. “It was a disaster,” he said about his childhood. “Police officers could break into your house five in the morning, they could beat you up, torture, they could arrest you for no matter what reason they would come up with … So, it was like a flashback when those police officers showed up at my church. Everything kind of came back to life from my childhood, and the only thing I could do is to fend off the wolves as a shepherd … We as lions should never bow before the hyenas, and that’s what they’re right now.”

“You came to freedom,” Ingraham said about the pastor’s journey to Canada. “This is feeling very Soviet to me,” adding that the process was incremental. 

The pastor responded that he believed “What they’re doing today is identical to what I remember growing up” .

But then there’s that aforementioned difference. As The Christian Post reported Sunday:

Pawlowski told The Christian Post in June that police frequently monitored his church services to make sure he was abiding by coronavirus restrictions and social distancing guidelines. He said the intrusions weren’t necessary because he streamed the church services online. The livestreams illustrated that “I was not hiding the fact that we are not following those restrictions.”

As law enforcement repeatedly descended on his church services, “the mosques were fully operational.” He added that “no one harassed them, no one interfered with them.” 

“Not one Imam was being harassed or intimidated. And to this day, there’s not one Imam or one Muslim that has a ticket, even though we have video evidence and pictures [of] them gathering … through the whole Ramadan by the thousands,” he said.

Pawlowski’s YouTube channel includes a video of a gathering of thousands of Muslims that took place on the last day of Ramadan, the holiest month in the Muslim calendar, which police allowed without interruption. He estimated that “about 2,000 people, maybe more, were there.” 

This pro-Islam, anti-Christian double standard is common now in Western nations. It’s the phenomenon that, for example,

As for the Branch COVIDians, they’re almost as zealous about their “health” jihad as the Muslims whose efforts they facilitate are about their Islamic jihad. But not only is the coronavirus situation overblown, as regular New American readers know but something else should be pondered:

Even if SARS-CoV-2 regulations did save lives (they actually appear to cost them), would it all be worth the permanent sacrifice of our Western traditions, rights, freedoms, and faith? What does it profit a nation to gain the world but lose its soul?

Fauci Almost Cancels Christmas, Says Americans Need to Give Up Individual Rights for the “Greater Good”


Rumble — Real America - Dan Ball W/ All Valley Urgent Care Doctor, Brian Tyson (October 4, 2021)

Fauci Almost Cancels Christmas, Says Americans Need to Give Up Individual Rights for the “Greater Good”


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/fauci-almost-cancels-christmas-says-americans-need-to-give-up-individual-rights-for-the-greater-good/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Over the past couple of days, the Biden administration’s COVID guru Dr. Anthony Fauci has yet again been revealing the tyrannical nature of COVID restrictions.

During his appearance in CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday, Fauci told Americans not to make any major plans for Christmas yet. Asked by host Margaret Brennan if Americans can gather for Christmas, Fauci said it was “too soon to tell.” Instead of giving the public some good news that his boss and the Democrat Party arguably need so desperately, Fauci said:

You know, Margaret, it’s just too soon to tell. We’ve just got to concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months and say what we’re going to do at a particular time.

Which means, presumably, please check with me later for further updates on how to spend the holidays.

In the meantime, Fauci argued that we need to “focus like a laser on continuing to get those cases down” by getting more people vaccinated. Fauci, however, has yet again sent mixed signals: Commenting on how to “safely” interact with people during the holidays, he underlined that it would “just make sense to wear a mask and to avoid high-risk situations,” even for the fully vaccinated.

Further, Fauci praised the mandates imposed by President Biden on federal employees and contractors, and on private companies with 100 or more employees, and also expressed his support of the vaccine mandates for young children announced last Friday by California Governor Gavin Newsom. Previously, Fauci mildly criticized Biden for not going the whole nine yards and imposing a mandate on all eligible Americans.

The notion that some unelected bureaucrat would dictate to Americans on whether or not to see their families and friends for Christmas seemed unthinnkable not so long ago. Last year, it was argued that people need to play it safe because of the “novel virus” we knew little about. The vaccines were only anticipated to be delivered by mid 2021, per the media.

On the 21st month of the pandemic, if counting from January 2020, things did get better. We know that the virus is not as deadly as we were told, and even its now-dominant strain is even less lethal than its original version. For those who do fall ill, we have widely available and proven treatments that drastically reduce the chances of severe COVID complications. How about the vaccinated Americans who, presumably, have the best possible protection for the virus? Per Fauci, even those 83 percent of seniors and 65 percent of Americans older than 12 who have gotten all of their doses of the “Fauci-Ouchie” still need to be wary of COVID and cannot get “back to normal.”

Facing criticism over his statement even from CNN, Fauci was forced to backtrack his comments the very next day. Contradicting himself, he said that Americans, “particularly vaccinated ones,” are “encouraged” to “have a good, normal Christmas.”

The ever-changing and health advice regarding this highly survivable disease has yet again raised reasonable suspicions that that advice is, in fact, not rooted in science.

Fauci himself offered a glimpse into the true cause of the COVID policies.

Delivering a virtual lecture titled “Covid-19: Lessons Learned and Remaining Challenges” on Friday at Canadian McGill University, Fauci implied that people don’t get the “right” to preserve their bodily autonomy if that goes against the “greater good” of society, stating, “Indeed, you have personal liberties…. But you are a member of society and as a member of society, reaping all the benefits of being a member of society, you have a responsibility to society.”

Freedom and responsibility do go hand in hand, but one cannot be greater than the other, and certainly, the responsibilities can not undermine people’s inalienable rights. But Fauci went full Mussolini and added:

Each of us, particularly in the context of a pandemic that’s killing millions of people, you have got to look at it and say there comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision for the greater good of society.

An introduction of the concept of the “greater good,” usually arbitrarily defined by the political elites who then force hundreds of millions of people to sacrifice their freedoms for it, is arguably a direct road to totalitarianism, history shows. Pursuing a “common good” that is presumably greater than personal good tends to lead to collectivist dystopias, where people are unfree and miserable.

Writes Nathaniel Branden:

With such [collectivist] systems, the individual has always been a victim, twisted against him or herself and commanded to be “unselfish” in sacrificial service to some allegedly higher value called God or pharaoh or emperor or king or society or the state or the race or the proletariat — or the cosmos. It is a strange paradox of our history that this doctrine — which tells us that we are to regard ourselves, in effect, as sacrificial animals — has been generally accepted as a doctrine representing benevolence and love for humankind.

Despite what Fauci believes and wants Americans to believe, it is up to individuals to decide on how to spend the holidays (and all other days, too). And ultimately, it is up to every person to choose if they want to remain free and decide for themselves or to turn into a sacrificial animal.

After all, the inalienable rights given to Americans are called inalienable for a reason.


Madness: UCLA Suspends Professor for Refusing to Assign Grades Based on Skin Color


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/robert-spencer/2021/10/05/madness-ucla-suspends-professor-for-refusing-to-assign-grades-based-on-skin-color-n1521910;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

This is the state of American academia today: Gordon Klein has taught courses in business law, tax law, and financial analysis at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management for no fewer than forty years. He is a respected academic who has been on CNBC and quoted in the Wall Street Journal for his economic expertise. But now, after being suspended, he has filed suit in California Superior Court against the university regents over his suspension. Klein has a good case: He was suspended from teaching at UCLA for the crime of refusing to discriminate and treat his black students differently from how he treated others.

“I was suspended from my job,” Klein explained, “for refusing to treat my black students as lesser than their non-black peers.” His ordeal began on June 2, 2020, when “a non-black student in my class on tax principles and law emailed me to ask that I grade his black classmates with greater ‘leniency’ than others in the class.”

In a sane society, a “non-black student” who demanded that black students be graded with greater “leniency” than others would be castigated as a racist. But in the Left’s funhouse mirror ethics, war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, and treating students differently based on race is racial justice.

The student wrote to Klein: “We are writing to express our tremendous concern about the impact that this final exam and project will have on the mental and physical health of our Black classmates.” Klein believes that the student was using an online racial justice form letter: “There was no project in this class, and it was unclear to me who the ‘we’ in this case was. I suspected the student simply used a form letter he found online and neglected to change the subject.”

The letter went on to claim that black students were too traumatized by racism to do well on the final exam: “The unjust murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, the life-threatening actions of Amy Cooper and the violent conduct of the [University of California Police Department] have led to fear and anxiety which is further compounded by the disproportionate effect of COVID-19 on the Black community. As we approach finals week, we recognize that these conditions place Black students at an unfair academic disadvantage due to traumatic circumstances out of their control.” It concluded: “This is not a joint effort to get finals canceled for non-Black students, but rather an ask that you exercise compassion and leniency with Black students in our major.”

Klein notes that “in a subsequent conversation with a university investigator,” the student who wrote the letter made it clear that he “intended that the requested adjustments apply to Black students and not the class generally.” To strengthen the case, the student invoked the Anderson School of Management’s “Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion” agenda, which stresses that a “commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion as fundamental to achieving Anderson’s mission.”

Related: American Universities Have Lost Their Prestige

Breaking ranks with the vast majority of academics today, Klein dares to note the Orwellian dishonesty of this boilerplate: “academia has so corrupted these words that they are now hollowed out corpses devoid of their original meaning. Today, ‘diversity’ means ideological homogeneity. And ‘inclusion’ means the exclusion of some from a taxpayer-supported university to favor others deemed more deserving of an educational springboard to prosperity.”

In line with this wrongthink, Klein responded to the student’s email with withering sarcasm: “Are there any students that may be of mixed parentages, such as half black half-Asian? What do you suggest I do with respect to them? A full concession or just half? Also, do you have any idea if any students are from Minneapolis? I assume that they are probably especially devastated as well. I am thinking that a white student from there might possibly be even more devastated by this, especially because some might think that they’re racist even if they are not.” To make matters even worse, Klein then added Martin Luther King’s words about people being judged not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character.

“By that evening,” Klein notes, “students were calling for my job. Soon after, they circulated a petition demanding I be fired; within a day or two, nearly 20,000 had signed — without knowing anything about me or taking into account, as far as I could tell, the implications of non-color-blind grading. I was attacked for being a white man and ‘woefully racist.’ On June 5, three days after I was first emailed, I was suspended amid a growing online campaign directed at me.”

Then came the death threats. One email Klein received read: “You are a typical bigoted, prejudiced and racist dirty, filthy, crooked, arrogant Jew kike mother f**ker! Too bad Hitler and the Nazis are not around to give you a much-needed Zyklon B shower.”

In response, Anderson’s Dean Antonio Bernardo not only suspended Klein, but actually banned him from going on campus. Anderson School tweeted: “Respect and equality for all are core principles at UCLA Anderson. It is deeply disturbing to learn of this email, which we are investigating. We apologize to the students who received it and to all those who have been as upset and offended by it as we are ourselves.”

Ultimately the school retreated from this absurdity and reinstated Klein. Nonetheless, the brouhaha has led him to lose several consulting jobs with firms afraid of being associated with a “racist.” This has been a serious blow for Klein; he explained that losing these jobs “cost me the lion’s share of my annual income.”

Klein noted the larger implications of his case: “This is not just about principle. It’s also about the United States’ ability to compete. Anderson, like elite business schools across the country, is supposed to be training the next generation of innovators. The people who will muster the imagination and fortitude to create life-changing technologies and lead groundbreaking multinationals. If we don’t maintain our standards — if we’re not allowed to push all of our students to do their very best — we will be disarming unilaterally. I refuse to do that, and I’m convinced, this recent episode notwithstanding, that most of my students and colleagues feel the same way.”

Maybe they do. But they’ve been cowed into silence. Those who are determined to ensure that America cannot and will not be able to compete are in charge nearly everywhere. His ordeal at UCLA illustrates how insane American academia has become. But the insane are deeply entrenched, have huge financial endowments, and have the culture on their side. This problem won’t be solved anytime soon.

Whistleblower to Congress: Facebook Knows China and Iran Are Using the Platform to Commit Espionage


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/megan-fox/2021/10/05/whistleblower-to-congress-facebook-knows-china-and-iran-using-are-using-it-to-commit-espionage-n1521851;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Facebook may be in hotter water than initially thought after data was leaked showing that the platform increases suicidal ideation in teenagers. Former Facebook executive Frances Haugen dropped a bombshell at a hearing before the Senate Commerce consumer protection, product safety and data security subcommittee on Tuesday when she was asked about the company’s involvement in allowing enemy states like China and Iran to use the platform for nefarious purposes.

Haugen says this is not only happening with Facebook’s full knowledge, but they don’t alert members of Congress to the national security threats. “During my time working with the threat intelligence work….my team directly worked on tracking Chinese participation on the platform surveilling— say— Uighur populations around the world,” she said. The Chinese government has been exterminating, imprisoning, and torturing Uighurs for years. “You could actually find them [the Uighurs] based on them [China] doing these kinds of things.”

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This revelation that China is hunting the Uighurs on Facebook left Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) stuttering in shock. “So you are saying, in essence, the platform, whether Facebook knows it or not, is being used by some of our adversaries in a way that helps push and promote their interests at the expense of America’s?” he replied.

“Yes,” Haugen replied. “Facebook is very aware that this is happening on the platform and I believe the fact that Congress doesn’t get a report of exactly how many people are working on these things internally is unacceptable because you have a right to keep the American people safe.”

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) announced gleefully that Haugen had just opened up another opportunity for Congress to beat up Facebook on TV. “You may have just opened another area for another hearing,” he said, laughing.

“I have strong national security concerns about how Facebook operates today,” said Haugen, agreeing to sit for another hearing if asked.

While my initial impressions of Haugen’s intentions were not good, based on her disdain for free speech, some good might yet come out of this testimony. Maybe Facebook will finally be held accountable for the evil they proliferate.



No One Trusts Public Health Officials

No One Trusts Public Health Officials -- Not Even Health Care Professionals


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/rick-moran/2021/10/05/no-one-trusts-public-health-officials-not-even-health-care-professionals-n1521774;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

There is a public health crisis in America and it’s not the pandemic. The public health crisis in the U.S. is a lack of faith in the credibility of public health experts and officials whose double standards, misinformation, and selective adherence to certain “facts” have caused widespread confusion, resentment, and fright in millions of people.

This should have been a time for the CDC, the NIH, and especially, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to step up and shine. But politics and a spectacularly inept public outreach program that should have calmed fears and explained what was happening failed the American people in their most trying time.

Many will point to polls on subjects like vaccine hesitancy or the efficacy of masks and conclude the opposition comes from knuckle-dragging Trump supporters. Even if that were true — and it isn’t — how would they explain the overwhelming mistrust of public health officials by doctors, nurses and other health care professionals?

Reason Magazine:

“Trust in the CDC and FDA has decreased dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic among health care professionals,” WebMD/Medscape noted in June. “Out of nearly 2,000 U.S. nurses surveyed on Medscape (WebMD’s sister site for health care professionals) between May 25 and June 3, 77% said their trust in the CDC has decreased since the start of the pandemic, and 51% said their trust in the FDA has decreased. Similarly, out of nearly 450 U.S. doctors surveyed in the same time period, 77% said their trust in the CDC has decreased and 48% said their trust in the FDA has decreased.”

We’ve taken to lionizing doctors, nurses, and other “front line” health care workers. Indeed, especially early in the pandemic when no one knew much about COVID-19 or the coronavirus, the raw courage it took for doctors and nurses to treat sick people was truly remarkable.

Many paid for that courage with their lives.

But public health authorities have let these health care professionals down.

Respondents to the WebMD/Medscape poll cited concerns about politics affecting public health decisions as well as contradictory messaging about masks, vaccination, and proper conduct to avoid infection. Both of those concerns were on display last year when public health officials went from condemning anti-lockdown protests to promoting protests against police brutality and racial injustice.

It was incredible to watch grown-up, highly educated people who supported lockdowns and other pandemic measures struggle to articulate why, when it came to George Floyd protests, their positions changed.

“I certainly condemned the anti-lockdown protests at the time, and I’m not condemning the protests now, and I struggle with that,” Catherine Troisi, an epidemiologist at the University of Texas Health Science Center, conceded to the Times. “I have a hard time articulating why that is OK.”

“It’s one thing to protest what day nail salons are opening, and it’s another to come out in peaceful protest, overwhelmingly, about somebody who was murdered right before our eyes,” New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy huffed in an open assertion that only protests with which he agreed were acceptable.

Public health officials were silent about this double standard or actively approved of it, further eroding trust in their judgments. If it was so painfully obvious to so many of us that this double standard — in the midst of a pandemic that was killing 3,000 people a day in America at the time — had nothing to do with public health and had to do with elitist virtue signaling. We’ll never know how many contracted COVID at those protests and died. Neither the CDC nor anyone in government bothered to track protest attendees or keep records of their illnesses.

The surprise isn’t in why some people are vaccine skeptics, it is in why anyone believes anything public health officials say.

The public sees the obvious political bias in many experts and those in authority at public health agencies and questions if there is bias in their medical recommendations. Zaid Jilani observed last week in an article that appeared in Persuasion, “If institutions continue to undermine their own credibility, people may start going to less reliable sources for information instead.”

That this is exactly what happened shouldn’t be surprising. The internet is a wondrous place but is not always the most reliable source for vital medical information. Sometimes it is, but discerning which information is credible and which is a load of crap takes more than simple common sense.

The bottom line is that the public health authorities presented themselves as the wise men of the pandemic when it began but most people now see them as clowns.