SHOCKER: Three existing covid vaccines actually contain DNA (not just RNA) for spike protein synthesis inside your body

Image: SHOCKER: Three existing covid vaccines actually contain DNA (not just RNA) for spike protein synthesis inside your body



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(Natural News) The various COVID vaccines being rushed into existence do not operate as traditional biologics (vaccines) and are being falsely represented and regulated as such. Standard vaccines introduce attenuated (weakened) forms of a target virus, in conjunction with inflammatory adjuvant and other chemicals. These new mRNA, adenovirus-vectored, and DNA vaccines utilize the “software” of the virus, forcing the body to make copies of it.

Professor Jonathan Gershoni from Israel’s Tel Aviv University explains that three covid vaccines on the market are actually DNA vaccines. Inoculations manufactured by Sputnik V, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson contain DNA (not just RNA) that is inserted into the nucleus of human cells to ultimately translate and replicate lab-engineered spike proteins.

India is getting a new type of DNA vaccine made by Zydus Cadila; it will be called ZyCoV-D. This vaccine contains less DNA than the other DNA vaccines and that DNA is not concealed by a viral vector (adenovirus). For these vaccines, the 1,200 amino acid sequence of the coronavirus spike protein is contained in a plasmid, and it is administered intra-dermally in a three-dose, three-month protocol using a high-pressure stream of liquid containing the DNA.

Gene experiments, cellular reprogramming, and the destruction of the innate immune system

The adenovirus-vectored covid vaccines all contain DNA from the engineered spike protein. These vaccines stealthily deliver DNA from the bioweapon, concealing it in an adenovirus shell. Once the spike protein DNA bypasses the innate immune system, its genetic instructions are transcribed into the human cells, mass-producing lab-engineered spike proteins.

The pharmaceutical media and the fact-checkers continue to lie about the experimental, gene-altering science behind new COVID vaccines. In unison, they claim that the vaccines do not alter human DNA or change genetic expression. However, these vaccines are genetic experiments designed to keep humans dependent on vaccine updates; the inoculations were designed to breach the innate immune system for the purpose of altering how cells read the body’s own genetic code.

The adenovirus-vectored vaccines carry the spike protein DNA into the cell by using the adenovirus to subvert the innate immune response. The mRNA vaccines use lipid nano-particles to conceal the instructions and slip them into the ribosomes of the cell. In the initial process of subverting the immune system, these vaccines do not beckon a strong enough T cell response to elicit adequate T helper 1, T helper 2, and memory B cells. Because the innate immune system is not exposed to the whole virus, including the envelope and the nucleocapsid, the immune system SUFFERS. This incomplete and subverted immune response primes the body for severe disease upon subsequent re-infection.

No guarantee these gene-altering experiments are temporary

With this new vaccine technology, the messenger RNA or the DNA of a foreign, lab-engineered spike protein is inserted into the body to overwrite the natural protein synthesis of the affected cells. Once this natural transcription process is re-engineered by the vaccines, there’s no guarantee that the cells will stop using this foreign code. There are no studies mapping where the spike proteins travel to in the body, how long they might last, or if their replication alters protein synthesis indefinitely and becomes a part of human cells or human DNA.

Because DNA is unable to transcribe by itself, the DNA vaccines must insert the foreign DNA into the nucleus of the human cell. This allows messenger RNA to make a disposable copy of the DNA, preparing instructions for protein synthesis in the ribosome. The RNA has the ability to interact with the ribosomes of the cell and is responsible for encoding the type of protein the cell is instructed to manufacture.

As predominant mutations of the spike protein are discovered in the wild, vaccine makers can study that DNA and retool the DNA and mRNA in their vaccines, to replicate new sequences of spike protein in humans each year.

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Hospitals murdering COVID-19 patients by forcing them to take deadly drugs like remdesivir and midazolam – Clay Clark on Brighteon.TV

Image: Hospitals murdering COVID-19 patients by forcing them to take deadly drugs like remdesivir and midazolam – Clay Clark on Brighteon.TV



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(Natural News) In his latest episode of the Thrive Time Show, Clay Clark talks to Mikki Willis about why those who have COVID-19 should not take hospital protocols of remdesivir and midazolam.

In their first segment, Clark talks about the three proven effective treatments of COVID-19: hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. They also shared the treatments that kill people: remdesivir and midazolam — which were used to end the lives of thousands who were said to have died of COVID-19. An NHS document also proved that hospital staff were ordered to do it.

Midazolam can cause serious or life-threatening breathing problems that could lead to permanent brain injury or even death.

Hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin for COVID treatment

Those with COVID-19 disease are managed by doctors with the help of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

Treatment with hydroxychloroquine cut the death rate of significantly sick patients hospitalized with COVID-19. In a large-scale analysis in 2020, results showed that 13 percent of those treated with hydroxychloroquine alone died, only half of the 26.4% were not treated with hydroxychloroquine. Moreover, those treated with azithromycin combined with hydroxychloroquine fared slightly better.

“Our analysis shows that using hydroxychloroquine helped save lives,” said Dr. Steven Kalkanis, a neurosurgeon and CEO of the Henry Ford Medical Group. “As doctors and scientists, we look to the data for insight. And the data here is clear that there was a benefit to using the drug as a treatment for sick, hospitalized patients.”

Demand for ivermectin is also growing globally as some countries are recommending the drug as a treatment for COVID-19 patients. The drug, which was discovered in 1975 and commercialized in the early 1980s came into the picture when Australian researchers reported it could inhibit in-vitro coronavirus replications in large doses. It is now permitted as a treatment for COVID-19 patients in some of the worst-hit countries in the world. (Related: Hospitals are deliberately MURDERING patients by denying them access to ivermectin.)

Remdesivir should not be used on hospitalized COVID-19 patients, says WHO

The World Health Organization said that the antiviral drug, remdesivir, should not be used as a treatment for COVID-19 patients.

Remdesivir, known as Veklury, and the steroid dexamethasone were originally used to treat COVID-19 patients, but a recent global study of remdesivir’s effectiveness showed that it had little or no impact on hospitalized patients.

“Remdesivir has no meaningful effect on mortality or on other important outcomes for patients, such as the need for mechanical ventilation or time to clinical improvement,” said experts from the WHO Guideline Development Group.

In light of the data from the WHO’s trial, which included data from more than 11,200 people in 30 countries, remdesivir has been classified as a drug that should not be used in COVID-19 patients.

Midazolam under black box warning

Midazolam has been given a black box warning by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because it has been associated with respiratory depression and arrest by slowing or stopping breathing. Black box warnings are usually issued to consumers when medications have serious or life-threatening side effects that could lead to severe illness, hospitalizations and death.

Midazolam can cause death — in fact, in recent years, it has been used as one of three medications that, when combined, are given to prisoners who are on death penalty executions.

Some reports have seen the use of midazolam in the U.K. to “prematurely end the lives of thousands upon thousands of people” who were said to have died of COVID. Midazolam was most likely used on ventilated COVID-19 patients as it is one of the two most commonly used benzodiazepine medications for sedation in the ICU. This is used frequently in critically ill patients to keep them calm and allow their bodies to recover.

Listen to the “Thrive Time Show” with Clay Clark as he speaks with his guests about COVID-19 and other important topics. “Thrive Time Show” airs Fridays at 3:30 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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Biden Administration Bars Flight Carrying Americans From Kabul From Entering U.S.



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“Project Dynamo” has flown hundreds of Americans out of Afghanistan since the non-government-sanctioned airlift began after the Biden administration’s incompetence left thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of Afghan allies stranded in Afghanistan at the end of August.

Tuesday’s flight with more than 100 citizens and green card holders, as well as 56 children, was supposed to be routine for the civilian organization. Project Dynamo and the Human First Coalition had gotten the necessary clearances from the state department and the passengers had all been screened and vaxxed.

After the plane took off from Kabul, the groups issued a press release thanking the “U.S. State Department and the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their cooperation in challenging circumstances to secure the safe return of these U.S. citizens, U.S. Legal Permanent Residents, and Afghan allies.”

But some pencil-necked bureaucrat decided to throw his weight around and keep the citizens, green card holders, and special immigrant visa (SIV) holders from entering the U.S. This, after giving the flight permission to land twice.

Initially, according to reports, the flight was cleared to land in New York City but the destination was later changed to Dulles International Airport near Washington, D.C., before being disallowed altogether.

BizPac Review:

Bryan Stern, himself a veteran and the organizer of the evacuation flight, said that the flight took off from the international airport in Kabul but then was held on the tarmac in Abu Dhabi for roughly 14 hours with 117 people on board, including 59 children.

“Right now we have 59 children sleeping on airport chairs and cold airport floors – not the warm bed with a hot meal that we’d arranged for all of them stateside – because the US Government denied our flight clearance into ALL US ports of entry,” said Project Dynamo, which is in charge of the evacuation flight, according to a post on the organization’s Instagram page.

“They escaped the regime they were running from only to have the government they were running HOME TO, turn them away. This cannot be what America does to Americans,” the post adds.

Obviously, Mr. Stern underestimates the desire of the Biden administration to maintain total control of the evacuation — even at the expense of making 56 children suffer the indignities of being forced to spend the night sleeping at an airport.

In a Reuters interview, Stern said the initial plan was to transfer all of the passengers to an Ethiopian Airlines flight charted to fly into JFK International in New york. But U.S. Customs and Border Protection then switched clearance to Dulles before barring the flight altogether.

Reuters said that a Biden administration official claimed the reason for the delay is that it takes time to confirm manifests of charter flights before they are permitted to land in the U.S., but that seems arbitrary given that DHS had cleared the flight to land twice before banning it altogether. What’s more, the flight is filled with American citizens as well as Afghans who have already been cleared to the point of being given green cards and SIVs.

The problem is entirely the making of the bureaucracy. Someone at CPB suddenly woke up and realized, “Hey! We’re in charge of vetting these people before they come into the U.S., and nobody told us they were coming.” The agency promptly placed a hold on the flight despite DHS approving it and the passengers already having been vetted to receive SIVs and green cards.

It shouldn’t be this hard. But it is.

New York initiates medical martial law rollout with troops to take over hospitals where unvaxxed health care workers are being fired en masse

Image: New York initiates medical martial law rollout with troops to take over hospitals where unvaxxed health care workers are being fired en masse



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(Natural News) The medical martial law takeover of society has begun in New York where Governor Kathy Hochul has announced the mass firing of unvaccinated health care workers, to be replaced by foreign workers and National Guard troops.

This same pattern of replacing civilian workers with military troops will be replicated across law enforcement, paramedics, fire fighters, truck drivers, factory workers and other sectors of the economy that are rapidly collapsing due to covid lockdown restrictions. The upshot is that we are witnessing a fast-moving military takeover of society under the cover of a “state of emergency” following personnel shortages that are actually caused by the government’s own policies.

The only reason hospitals in New York are desperately short of health care workers, of course, is because corrupt government leaders made sure all the unvaxxed workers were fired. These are the same workers who survived 2020 without covid vaccines, working on the front lines of the spike protein plandemic, yet now they’re being dumped onto the streets because they won’t take a vaccine in 2021.

“Gov. Kathy Hochul said Saturday that she’s prepared to declare a state of emergency if the state’s vaccine mandate for the health care industry results in an unmanageable shortage of workers when the rule goes into effect Monday,” reported over the weekend.

New York is also announcing the use of National Guard troops and a federal takeover of local health care. As WSKG reports:

The state is also considering activating medically-trained members of the National Guard to fill gaps in the health care workforce, and could work with the federal government to bring in teams of medical workers to help local health care facilities.

This is the opening phase of the medical martial law takeover of America, and if it’s not stopped, it risks quickly morphing into increasingly totalitarian maneuvers by the regime:

  • Military vaccine checkpoints on roadways and highways.
  • Military troops running food and fuel deliveries, controlling critical infrastructure.
  • The weaponization of food, gasoline, medical supplies and other critical items, restricting them from red states that refuse to push mandatory vaccines.
  • Military troops guarding entrances to grocery stores, churches, malls and other buildings, demanding vaccine passports “papers please” before allowing people to enter.
  • Military troops involuntarily extracting people from their homes at gunpoint and taking them to covid death camps run by the CDC.

Here’s a map of the CDC’s currently operating covid death camps. You can confirm this map at the CDC’s own website.

New York creates its own personnel “crisis,” then uses the crisis it created to roll out medical martial law

The pattern to recognize here is that New York created this crisis by firing health care workers in the first place. Then, as this “personnel crisis” unfolds, New York uses the crisis to roll out replacement migrants (to replace all the soon-to-be-dead Democrats who were brainwashed enough to take the jab) and install military troops into key infrastructure positions.

Part of this psyop is to get the American people used to seeing troops running everything: hospitals, transportation, factories, law enforcement, etc. Once all the troops are in place, Biden simply invokes the Insurrection Act, declares all anti-vaxxers to be engaged in an “insurrection,” then dispatches the troops to go round up and / or execute all of Biden’s political enemies. This execution list will include Christians, pastors, outspoken doctors, etc.

I cover all this in today’s Situation Update podcast, which exposes the genocidal agenda of the vaccine industry and the criminal Biden regime:




More than 3,000 doctors agree: Fauci and other covid policymakers have committed “crimes against humanity”

Image: More than 3,000 doctors agree: Fauci and other covid policymakers have committed “crimes against humanity”



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(Natural News) The global strategy for dealing with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is nothing short of “crimes against humanity,” declares a “Physicians Declaration” signed by more than 3,000 doctors.

An international alliance of physicians and medical scientists has condemned the actions of all policymakers and politicians who imposed stay-at-home, social distancing, face masks and “vaccine” mandates, none of which are even scientifically valid let alone constitutionally justifiable.

The “one size fits all” approach to the Chinese Virus has resulted in countless illnesses and deaths, none of which would have occurred had the government just stayed out of it.

As of 1pm on Friday, September 24, more than 3,100 doctors and scientists signed the letter, which was put together just prior to a recent meeting in Rome to speak “truth to power about Covid pandemic research and treatment.”

This Global Covid Summit, as they called it, took place from September 12-14. It offered medical professionals the opportunity to compare their research and assess the efficacy of various treatments for the Fauci Flu.

“The Physicians’ Declaration was first read at the Rome Covid Summit, catalyzing an explosion of active support from medical scientists and physicians around the globe,” reads a document from the conference.

“These professionals were not expecting career threats, character assassination, papers and research censored, social accounts blocked, search results manipulated, clinical trials and patient observations banned, and their professional history and accomplishments altered or omitted in academic and mainstream media.”

Doctor who invented mRNA technology opposes mRNA vaccines

At the summit, it was none other than Dr. Robert Malone, the architect of the mRNA vaccine platform, who read the declaration to everyone in the room.

As we reported, Malone is opposed to Chinese Virus “vaccines,” and agrees with the sentiment that all the Chinese Virus restrictions and upheaval really are just crimes against humanity disguised as “public health.”

“The Declaration is a battle cry from physicians who are daily fighting for the right to treat their patients, and the right of patients to receive those treatments – without fear of interference, retribution or censorship by government, pharmacies, pharmaceutical corporations, and Big Tech,” Malone stated.

“We demand that these groups step aside and honor the sanctity and integrity of the patient-physician relationship, the fundamental maxim ‘First Do No Harm,’ and the freedom of patients and physicians to make informed medical decisions. Lives depend on it.”

The Hippocratic Oath has taken a pretty heavy beating this past year and a half. Western medicine was already largely a joke even before the Fauci Flu, but whatever good still remained was decimated on the altar of Covidism, the new global religion.

Forcing people to cover their faces with Chinese plastic and get jabbed over and over again with DNA-modifying mystery chemicals is the opposite of “First Do No Harm,” and yet it became the standard throughout the West.

The Nuremberg Code clearly prohibits the types of things the government is trying to impose in the name of fighting a “pandemic.” Voluntary consent of the human subject is “absolutely essential,” it turns out, and every individual should “be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion.”

“How was the Nuremberg Code so easily memory-holed,” asked one commenter at “American soldiers HANGED Nazis over this exact principle. Key word: COERCION.”

“Every person who took the jab to retain their job should sue,” wrote another. “Everyone who lost their job should sue.”

The latest news about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) can be found at

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Top Generals Accuse Biden of Lying About Afghanistan Pullout in Sworn Testimony

Rumble — Sean Hannity sounds off after U.S. defense officials' Senate testimony on chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal

MILLEY: ‘It is Obvious the War in Afghanistan Did Not End the Way We Wanted’



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The commander of the U.S. Central Command, General Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie, and the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, General Scott Miller, told Congress that they had recommended to Joe Biden that the military maintain a presence of at least 2,500 troops in Afghanistan. Biden said in an August 19 interview with George Stephanopoulos that he couldn’t recall anyone recommending that troops remain in Afghanistan after the August 31 deadline.

The testimony was extraordinary because a serving commander has rarely contradicted anything his commander in chief has said.

General McKenzie also recommended to Donald Trump that a force of 4,500 troops stay in Afghanistan.


In answering questions from Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) about his advice, McKenzie said he would not share his “personal recommendation” to the president.

But he went on to say that his “personal view,” which he said shaped his recommendations, was that withdrawing those forces “would lead inevitably to the collapse of the Afghan military forces and, eventually, the Afghan government.”

McKenzie also acknowledged that he talked to Biden directly about the recommendation by Gen. Scott Miller, the commander of U.S. Forces Afghanistan until July, that the military leave a few thousand troops on the ground, which Miller detailed in closed testimony last week.

General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was asked if he agreed with the assessment that 2,500 troops should remain in Afghanistan. Milley said yes. Later, Senator Tom Cotton asked the general if he should have resigned when Biden failed to follow his recommendation.

Milley argued that resigning in protest would have been a “political act,” and that the president has no obligation to agree with his military advice. “It would be an incredible act of political defiance for a commissioned officer to just resign because my advice is not taken,” Milley said. “This country doesn’t want generals figuring out what orders we are going to accept and do or not. That’s not our job.”

Milley added that his decision was also informed by the experience of his father, who fought at Iwo Jima.

“[My father] didn’t get a choice to resign,” Milley said. “Those kids there at Abbey Gate, they don’t get a choice to resign,” Milley said, referring to the 13 American service members who died during the evacuation from Kabul in late August when an ISIS-K suicide bomber detonated an explosive vest. “They can’t resign so I’m not going to resign. There’s no way.”

Milley’s “nobility” notwithstanding, the general has correctly taken the political temperature of the situation. Biden will not suffer any consequences for his lies nor will there be any additional political fallout, so why should Milley fall on his sword? Resigning based on principle? Surely you jest. Milley is a creature of Washington, and “principle” is something you trot out when trying to hide something from Congress.

Related: Did Gen. Mark Milley Lie to Congress? 

McKenzie’s testimony will make a fascinating footnote to the history of the times and that’s about it.



NY Gov. Hochul: Unvaccinated People ‘Aren’t Listening to God’

kathy hochul speaks to press



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New York Gov. Kathy Hochul asked members of a Brooklyn church to "be my apostles" to promote New York's vaccine mandate agenda as unvaccinated individuals "aren’t listening to God and what God wants."

The Democrat governor spoke Sunday at the Christian Cultural Center, an evangelical megachurch, The Western Journal reported.

The state's first female governor, who took office after former Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigned in disgrace amid sexual harassment allegations, said God had answered prayers about the pandemic.

"He made the smartest men and women, the scientists, the doctors, the researchers — he made them come up with a vaccine," Hochul told the congregation. "That is from God to us, and we must say, 'Thank you, God.'"

Hochul addressed church members the day before New York's vaccine mandate for health care workers went into effect.

"I need you to be my apostles," Hochul told members both present and online. "Jesus taught us to love one another. And how do you show that love but to care about each other enough to say, 'Please get the vaccine because I love you and I want you to live.'"

The governor concluded her remarks by promising to "use the inspiration of God in my life and fight for you every single day as your governor and beyond" without quoting a single verse of Scripture, the Journal said.

Cuomo on Aug. 16 announced that all healthcare workers in the state needed to receive their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine by Sept. 27 or risk termination. There were "limited exceptions for those with religious or medical reasons."

New York’s Public Health and Health Planning Council approved an emergency regulation on Aug. 26 — two days after Hochul became governor — that completely removed the religious exemption but left the medical exemption in place.

A group of anonymous healthcare workers filed a lawsuit on Sept. 13 against the state, arguing that their constitutional rights were violated when New York issued a vaccination mandate with "no exemption for sincere religious beliefs."

The lawsuit said the 17 plaintiffs conscientiously objected to the COVID-19 vaccine on religious grounds because "they all employ fetal cell lines derived from procured abortion in testing, development or production of the vaccines."

A U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York then temporarily blocked the mandate for those seeking religious exemption. The New York Post reported a judge on Oct. 12 will decide "whether to make the preliminary injunction more permanent."

Hochul, a pro-abortion advocate from "a big Irish Catholic family," told The Associated Press that she's "not aware of any major religious group" that prohibits its followers from getting the vaccine

"Everyone from the pope on down is encouraging people to get vaccinated," she said.

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