BARBARIC: House Dems Pass Bill Permitting Abortion on Demand Through All Nine Months of Pregnancy



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An erratic and often appalling week for Democrats closed with more controversy.

By a 218-211 vote, the House passed a bill Friday permitting and “codifying” the right to abort unborn children on demand for all nine months of pregnancy.

Every Democrat except for Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) — who was quickly vilified by the hard left — voted for the bill, and every Republican opposed it, cementing the battle over abortion.

After delaying the effort to pass the radical measure for several years, Democrats pounced on the perceived anger over the recent Texas Heartbeat Act to preempt the possibility that the Supreme Court could overturn Roe v. Wade‘s legal philosophy in the upcoming Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case.

The last pro-life Democrat, who was defeated last year by a pro-abortion nutcase, warned his party of its extremism.

Reps. Beth Van Duyne (R-Texas) and Mike Gallagher (R-Wisc.) were blunt and emotional about how the act specifically devalues women.

Likely the only aspect Democrats struggled with was the title, “Women’s Health Protection Act” (WHPA), since pregnant women suddenly have become “birthing people.” Female nouns are being replaced with gender-neutral ones; the ACLU insanely removed the word “woman” from a Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote this week.

If passed by the U.S. Senate, which is far from certain, the WHPA would invalidate nearly every state provision limiting abortion and state policies like informed-consent laws, bans on sex-selective and disability-based abortions, and 24-hour waiting periods.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, attempting to debunk her archbishop’s condemnations and brandish her pseudo-Catholic credentials, said this week, “I’m Catholic. I come from a pro-life family, not active in that regard, different in their view of a woman’s right to choose. I had five children in six years and one week. And I keep saying …when you have five children in six years and one day, we can talk about what business it is of any of us to tell anyone else to do. For us, it was a complete and total blessing, which we enjoy every day of our lives. But it is none of our business how other people choose the size and timing of their families.”

Meanwhile, most people still do not understand Roe. Fox News released a telling poll of 1,000 voters around the country Thursday showing two-thirds of Americans say they don’t want the controversial 1973 case overturned, even though respondents were evenly split on whether abortion should be legal.

The results indicate most Americans are unaware of the effect the Supreme Court’s rulings in Roe and Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992) had on abortion policy. Unless Roe and subsequent abortion decisions are overturned, abortion simply can’t be made illegal, despite what crazy left-wingers have written for weeks.

Under the Court’s abortion jurisprudence, states can enact only marginal pro-life protections, and even if those restrictions make it through legal challenges, many remain essentially unenforceable because of an exception for “maternal health,” which is broadly defined as a mother’s physical, mental, emotional, and financial health.

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Turkish President Erdogan unveils ‘Turkevi’ skyscraper in NYC to be the ‘hub’ of Turkish culture~GULLIBLE AMERICANS BECOME PREY OF REVIVED OTTOMAN ISLAMIC EMPIRE



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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, amid the weakness of America on the global stage, grows ever more aggressive. He has made no secret of his goal to revive the Ottoman Empire. Now he has proudly opened “the Turkevi Center, a 36-story skyscraper located just across the street from UN headquarters.”

Turkey has already noted its common ground on Islam with the Taliban, which views Turkey as an ally. The Taliban’s mission is to export Sharia globally.

Erdogan stated:

For Turkey has nothing that contradicts their [the Taliban’s] faith. And because Turkey has nothing that contradicts their faith, I think that we will be able to discuss and agree on these issues better. 

To spell it out for all those who believe Islam is a “religion of peace”: Turkey’s leader has admitted to the unity of belief between the Taliban and the Turkish State. Westerners keep on telling mainstream Islamic scholars (e.g. the Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar) and leaders of Islamic countries (like Turkey, Iran and Wahhabi Saudi Arabia) how much more they know about Islam.

“The Turkevi Center, which will become the hub of Turkish culture in the US, will also house the UN’s permanent mission of Turkey.” Turkish mission and culture is wrapped up in the jihad. Now the foundation is grounded in NYC, set in concrete: a 36-story skyscraper that can be seen from “downtown Manhattan, the East River and Long Island.” Erdogan stated in New York:

I expect you to continue your activities of charity, (Islamic) cause and benevolence at a faster pace….In addition to Covid-19 we are also fighting another virus which is more destructive, more deadly and more insidious. The name of this virus is hostility towards Islam.

A.k.a. the “Islamophobia” canard. In Erdogan’s mind, the American flag is now supplanted with the Turkish flag, and less than two weeks after the anniversary of 9/11 to boot, in New York City — the city once transformed by Donald Trump.

“Erdogan to Open ‘Turkevi’ Skyscraper in New York,” by Tasos Kokkinidis, Greek Reporter, September 20, 2021:

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will open on Monday the Turkevi Center, a 36-story skyscraper located just across the street from UN headquarters.

The Turkevi Center, which will become the hub of Turkish culture in the US, will also house the UN’s permanent mission of Turkey and the Turkish Consulate General.

The building, which features traditional Turkish architectural motifs, especially from the Seljuk Empire, rises into the sky in the shape of a tulip and can be seen from downtown Manhattan, the East River and Long Island.

Turkevi Center to reflect Turkey’s culture
It was designed as a symbolic skyscraper that will add to the skyline of New York, one of the world’s most iconic cities, while reflecting Turkish culture, history and diversity.

The Turkevi Center’s swooping curves and geometric crescent patterns were designed by Perkins Eastman. This new, 563-foot tall consulate of the Republic of Turkey is a modern architectural interpretation of “Islamic themes and Turkish art and culture.”

United Glass Metal Yapi engineers and fabrication specialists built the building’s iconic glass facade and perforated metal paneling. The consulate will house new passport and visa branch offices, conference rooms, a multi-purpose prayer room, fitness center, auditorium, underground parking, and residential space for staff and visitors.

After his visit to the Turkevi Center, Erdogan addressed members of the Turkish American community at an event held by the Turkish American National Steering Committee.

He urged Muslims to elect representatives in federal and state elections, vowed to help out in any way he can and branded hostility against Islam as more dangerous than Covid-19.

“I expect you to continue your activities of charity, (Islamic) cause and benevolence at a faster pace,” the Turkish president said. “In addition to Covid-19 we are also fighting another virus which is more destructive, more deadly and more insidious. The name of this virus is hostility towards Islam,” he added….

Chinese whistleblower says COVID intentionally released during October 2019 military games in Wuhan

Image: Chinese whistleblower says COVID intentionally released during October 2019 military games in Wuhan



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(Natural News) For those who believe, as we have all along, that COVID-19 is actually a Chinese bioweapon, a former Communist Party insider just proved all of us correct.

In an interview with Sky News, former CPP official Wei Jingsheng said that his government intentionally released the virus during the World Military Games held in Wuhan in October 2019, which is the date researchers and intelligence officials around the world have identified as when the first cases showed up, though no one knew what was causing the illnesses at the time.

“There has been much speculation that the virus escaped from a lab in the city — the Wuhan Institute of Virology — where work on so-called “gain of function” research is believed to have occurred; gain-of-function is a process by which viruses are made more virulent so researchers can study how they spread,” BizPac Review reported on Wednesday.

What’s more, as Natural News has reported, we also know that workers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the only facility in all of China that conducts the kind of coronavirus research linked to COVID-19, also got sick from the virus the following month, November 2019.

Now, according to Wei, we are certain the virus is a bioweapon developed for the Chinese military since the lab at Wuhan is a Chinese military asset.

“I thought the Chinese government would take this opportunity to spread the virus during the Military Games, as many foreigners would show up there,” Wei told Sky News, noting that, at the time, he had learned that his government launched an “unusual exercise” as the games proceeded.

“[I knew] of the possibility of the Chinese government using some strange weapons, including biological weapons because I knew they were doing experiments of that sort,” said the whistleblower.

BizPac Review notes further:

Wei’s version of events appears to align with others who have made similar claims — that the Chinese regime intentionally released the virus.

That includes Miles Yu, the Principal China Adviser to the State Department, who said that American, French, and German athletes at the games took ill at the games with what would come to be known as COVID-like symptoms, though they were not tested for the virus because such testing did not yet exist.

“We see some indications in our own data… that there was COVID circulating in the United States as early as early December, possibly earlier than that,” said David Asher, a former COVID investigator for the State Department.

“We continue to have serious questions about the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, including its origins within the People’s Republic of China,” said a spokesman for the National Security Council in May.

Wei becomes just the latest Chinese official to claim that the virus not only originated in China and at the lab in Wuhan, despite Beijing’s denials, but that it is, indeed, a military-use bioweapon.

Dr. Li Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist who defected to the U.S., told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in May that she has no doubt that the Chinese government developed COVID-19 at the Wuhan facility and then intentionally released it.

“More and more people realize this virus is not from nature,” she said.

Dr. Li made the same claim on Carlson’s program in September 2020, a few months before the November election, though of course, the ‘mainstream media’ suppressed her bombshell.

“From my first report, I can present solid scientific evidence that Covid-19 actually is not from nature… I work with the top virologists in the world so together with my experience, I can tell you this is created in the lab. This is from… owned by the Chinese military and also, it is spread to the world to make such damage,” she told the host.

Now the question becomes: What is the Biden regime prepared to do about this act of war that has killed nearly as many Americans as died in the Civil War?

Sources include:

Biden, ‘Conman-in-Chief,’ Foists Absurdities on Americans

Meanwhile, the threats to America and Americans increase.



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Voltaire was the nom de plume of famed French philosopher François-Marie Arouet. We will begin today by considering the sage advice encapsulated in his quote, “Those who make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

Purveyors of absurdities unmask themselves when their statements are laced with contradictions and demonstrate hypocrisy. Seeking out those examples of hypocrisy and contradictions can serve as an effective BS detector!”

There is certainly no shortage of absurdities that are spewed by the mainstream media and politicians, but the Biden administration appears hell-bent on foisting record numbers of absurdities on Americans today even as his statements, policies and executive orders undermine national security, public safety, and public health, thereby proving that in reality, Biden’s 'Build Back Better' is bunk!

While Biden lambastes Americans who refuse to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus and imposes draconian measures to punish them, he continues to encourage a human tsunami of illegal aliens to head for the U.S. borders. Among these hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are citizens from countries around the world. Many of these aliens are permitted to enter the United States each month and among them are those who have not been vaccinated to protect them (and us) against COVID-19 and, indeed, are stricken with that virus and other dangerous viruses.

It must be noted that this is a clear violation of  8 U.S. Code § 1182 which enumerates the categories of aliens who are inadmissible. This section of law begins with the following:

(a) Classes of aliens ineligible for visas or admission

Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, aliens who are inadmissible under the following paragraphs are ineligible to receive visas and ineligible to be admitted to the United States:

(1) Health-related grounds

        (A) In general

        Any alien

(i) who is determined (in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services) to have a communicable disease of public health significance

On September 17, 2021, BBC reported US immigration: Thousands gather under bridge at US-Mexico border in growing crisis.

While some news organizations may cover the huge numbers of aliens who have turned themselves into Border Patrol agents to apply for political asylum, little if any attention is being paid to the so-called "getaways” -- the aliens who evade the Border Patrol and surreptitiously enter the United States.

This is a huge problem and the actual numbers of these aliens who escaped detection and apprehension is unknown as are their identities and potential affiliations with criminal or terrorist organizations. 

While the Border Patrol is overwhelmed by the largest increase of illegal aliens ever what is seldom, if ever reported, is how many aliens are evading detection by the beleaguered Border Patrol to easily enter the United States and perhaps bring narcotics and even weapons into the country without detection.

The disastrous situation Biden created in Afghanistan resulted in the release of thousands of terrorists, restored Afghanistan as a safe haven for radical Islamic terrorists, and provided them with incredible quantities of heavy weaponry and even with night-vision devices which could be used to help these terrorists more easily infiltrate our borders and the borders of our allies and then be used in conjunction with the commission of terror attacks.

I addressed this exceedingly dangerous situation in two recent articles:

Biden’s Afghanistan Catastrophe Increases Terror Threat in US:  Biden administration, meanwhile, focuses solely on "domestic extremists".

Biden’s Catastrophic Policies: Immigration and Afghanistan:  Shocking and dangerous parallels.

However, even before the Afghanistan debacle, the nexus between border security and national security was well-established.

The preface of the official report 9/11 and Terrorist Travel - Staff Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States begins with the following paragraph:

It is perhaps obvious to state that terrorists cannot plan and carry out attacks in the United States if they are unable to enter the country. Yet prior to September 11, while there were efforts to enhance border security, no agency of the U.S. government thought of border security as a tool in the counterterrorism arsenal. Indeed, even after 19 hijackers demonstrated the relative ease of obtaining a U.S. visa and gaining admission into the United States, border security still is not considered a cornerstone of national security policy. We believe, for reasons we discuss in the following pages, that it must be made one.

Page 61 of that report contained this passage:

Exploring the Link between Human Smugglers and Terrorists

In July 2001, the CIA warned of a possible link between human smugglers and terrorist groups, including Hamas, Hezbollah, and Egyptian Islamic Jihad.  Indeed, there is evidence to suggest that since 1999 human smugglers have facilitated the travel of terrorists associated with more than a dozen extremist groups.  With their global reach and connections to fraudulent document vendors and corrupt government officials, human smugglers clearly have the “credentials” necessary to aid terrorist travel.

Nearly two years ago I wrote about the dangers to national security and public safety created by “Sanctuary Cities” and “Sanctuary States” in my article, Iranian Terror Threat Exacerbated by Sanctuary Policies. Now Biden has turned all of America into what can only be described as a “Sanctuary Country!”

My earlier article published in 2019, Jihad At The Border focused on how the border crisis facilitates the entry of terrorists included this worrying excerpt that is being blatantly ignored by the Biden administration:

On April 17, 2018, the House Committee on Homeland Security, Counterterrorism and Intelligence Subcommittee, conducted a hearing on the topic, "State Sponsors Of Terrorism: An Examination Of Irans Global Terrorism Network.”

The prepared testimony of one of the witnesses, Dr. Emanuele Ottolenghi of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, included this alarming excerpt:

In recent years, Hezbollahs Latin American networks have also increasingly cooperated with violent drug cartels and criminal syndicates, often with the assistance of local corrupt political elites….

This toxic crime-terror nexus is fueling both the rising threat of global jihadism and the collapse of law and order across Latin America that is helping drive drugs and people northward into the United States. It is sustaining Hezbollahs growing financial needs. It is helping Iran and Hezbollah consolidate a local constituency in multiple countries across Latin America. It is thus facilitating their efforts to build safe havens for terrorists and a continent-wide terror infrastructure that they could use to strike U.S. targets.

I began my commentary today by quoting Voltaire and will wrap up with another of his famous quotes:

Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.

My dad taught me that the only "dumb question” is the question you don't ask!

We The People must ask a simple question: Why in the world would the President of the United States act as he has, in so many ways, to endanger America and Americans? Indeed, we should ask all politicians how their actions and policies are in the best interests of America and Americans.

For far too long the citizens of our country have failed to ask the hard questions to hold our politicians accountable. Today, as a consequence of our failures as citizens of our republic, we are now paying one hell of a price.

COVID Tyrant Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Backs Off on Mask Mandates in Response to Falling Approval Polls

COVID Tyrant Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Backs Off on Mask Mandates in Response to Falling Approval Polls



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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer agreed earlier this week to back off on enforcing her mask mandates. The reversal came in a budget compromise reached with the state’s legislature which has been at odds with Whitmer ever since she violated the state’s rules regarding COVID mandates.

As Thomas Lifson, writing in American Thinker, noted acidly: “The reason for Whitmer’s reversal is not hard to figure out. Her polls stink.”

There is nothing more threatening to an elected tyrant than to risk losing her position as a tyrant. As The New American reported last fall, Whitmer continued to exercise her unconstitutional authority even after the state’s supreme court ruled against her. The court wrote:

The sheer magnitude of the authority in dispute, as well as its concentration in a single individual [Whitmer], simply cannot be sustained within our constitutional system of separated powers.

Nevertheless, Whitmer defied the court and continued to extend her mask mandates and other rules. She added to her state’s citizens’ discontent as a “pandemic hypocrite” when her husband was caught violating one of her rules. This was followed up by she herself being caught violating her own rules.

When James Craig, who retired as Detroit’s chief of police in June, announced he was running as a Republican to replace her in next November’s election, his poll numbers immediately reflected Whitmer’s discontent among registered voters: they were neck-and-neck according to polls released right after his announcement.

On Tuesday those polls were confirmed by Trafalgar Group, which reported that when asked “If Gretchen Whitmer and James Craig were the candidates for Governor in the 2022 general election, for whom would you vote?”, registered voters showed the former police chief beating Whitmer by a gaping six full percentage points, 50 percent to 44 percent.

Craig’s leap was no doubt helped by the efforts of a Marxist group called Detroit Will Breathe which interrupted Craig’s initial announcement, forcing him to move to another location. Meshawn Maddock, co-chair of Michigan’s Republican Party, thanked the group on her Twitter account. She posted a photo of a protestor holding a sign that said “defund DPD,” adding:

See the sign? These leftists want to defund your police. Republicans are the only sanity left in the country. Gov. Whitmer is finished. Thank you BLM for reminding us what your world looks like.

Whitmer indeed appears to be finished. The Trafalgar Group polled 1,097 likely voters, with Democrats making up 53 percent and Republicans just 35 percent. When your own party disowns you, your career – even that of Governor of a dark blue state – is over.

As The New American noted, the COVID tyranny in Michigan “will only end when the virus ends, or she is removed from office.”

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CVS Tells Employees They’re Privilege Racists Who Need To Shut Up

CVS Tells Employees They’re Privileged Racists Who Need to Shut Up



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Little did CVS’s customers know until this week that each time they paid for a prescription at the pharmacy, they also paid for hourly employees to get a dose of Critical Race Theory.

The latest on corporate America’s surrender to leftist propaganda, from City Journal’s Chris Rufo, said the gargantuan of drug-store chains inoculated employees with “antiracist” training to “deconstruct their ‘privilege.’”

Among the privileges CVS seeks to deconstruct are celebrating Christmas and having easy-to-pronounce names. Indeed, employees aren’t just “privileged.” They are racist, and trained to be so since birth, and therefore must learn to speak differently.

Yet the lesson in Rufo report goes beyond just revealing another outrage. It shows just how deeply leftist ideology has penetrated the boardrooms of major corporations. Average Americans buy their products, only to learn that corporate executives think their underpaid employees are privileged racists.

“Soaked” In Racism

Of course, the company turned to anti-white CRT peddler Ibram Kendi, “who told 25,000 CVS employees that ‘to be born in [the United States] is to literally have racist ideas rain on our head consistently and constantly,’” Rufo reported:

Kendi argued that Americans are “walking through society completely soaked in racist ideas,” including children as young as two to three years old. “Our kids are basically functioning on racist ideas, choosing who to play with based on the kid’s skin color,” Kendi said. The solution, in part, is to “diagnose” employees as “racist” in order to help them become “antiracist” and “stop hurting somebody else.”

But the hate program didn’t stop there.

It also included material on “intersectionality” with which employees are ordered “to deconstruct their racial and sexual identities, then rank themselves according to their ‘privilege.’”

“The training asked CVS employees to circle their identities — including race, gender, sexuality, and religion — and then reflect on their “privilege” during the discussion,” Rufo divulged:

Examples of privilege, according to a checklist, included “celebrat[ing] Christmas,” “hav[ing] a name that is easy to pronounce,” “feel[ing] safe in your neighborhood at night,” and “feel[ing] confident in my leadership style.”

Employees also had to learn not to use “‘problematic phrases,’ including ‘I’m colorblind,’ ‘I grew up poor,’ ‘peanut gallery,’ ‘I’m not racist,’ and ‘we must stand up for minorities’” because all those statements are racist in and of themselves and “could be seen as discrediting the experiences of Black people and their culture.”

Plutocrat Merlo

Even worse than the program might be the person who foisted on the captive workers.

The recently retired Merlo, Rufo observed, is another of the corporate plutocrats who calls hourly schlubs “privileged” as he rakes in tens of millions of dollars in salaries and benefits. He earned 618 times what the average CVS worker earned.

He “was called ‘the most obscenely overpaid CEO in America,’” Rufo wrote. Total annual compensation: $22 million. The average CVS employee earned $35,529.

Understandably, employees aren’t all that happy with the hate-whitey program. “I have worked at CVS a long time, and we have never had a problem with discrimination or division,” one told Rufo. “Quite the opposite: people of diverse backgrounds always have pulled together to solve complex problems.”

Though Merlo is gone, the company’s corporate bureaucrats are still forcing the toxic snake oil down the throats of employees. Those who object will face ““swift action against non-inclusive behaviors.”

Other Woke Companies

CVS’s employees are just the latest alienated workers who have turned to Rufo with insider documents.

Google tells its already-woke workforce that the United States is based upon a “system of white supremacy” and that Americans are “raised to be racist.” Google too sought Kendi’s anti-white opinions, which include that one is a racist, he says, is racist itself.

Raytheon, the defense contractor, has spread Kendi’s poison to its employees. They received detailed instructions on “What Not To Say to Your Black Colleagues Right Now.”

Raytheon even created “resource groups” to segregate employees. The collectives include “RayPride” for homosexuals, RayBen, the black employees' network, and other fringe groups for Asian, Hispanics, Indians, and women.

Whites, men, and Christians enjoy no such privilege at the company.