Local citizens confront County Commission on pornographic children’s books in public library. But library director, LGBT activists come to defend the books. The battle is on!

Battle in Wyoming over graphic children's library books

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republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Parents and citizens give direct and unflinching testimony.

But they're up against lies, deception, and twisted logic from the other side.

September 17, 2021
The County Commission wasn't ready for all these people to come in and confront them over this.

In Gillette, Wyoming, the battle against pornographic library books for youth didn’t take long to ignite. The lies, deception, and twisted logic that the supporters and library officials use to defend their policies, however, are almost as disturbing as the books themselves. But the Wyoming MassResistance group is not backing down!

Earlier this summer, as we recently reported, local citizens in Gillette, WY, began to notice that a lot of lurid pornographic and graphic homosexual and transgender books had appeared in the children’s and teen sections of their local branch of the Campbell County Public Library. Apparently, the books originally showed up around “Gay Pride Month” this past June, which the library prominently celebrated.

From the Campbell County Public Library website.

Compounding the problem of the pornographic and LGBT books, there are virtually no books in the children’s sections with a Christian worldview. But there seem to be many books promoting Satanism (some in a grisly manner) or other anti-Christian themes.

How can they deal with this situation?

Campbell County has a Library Board that oversees the operation of the county’s library. And clearly, the Board wasn’t doing its job. But the Library Board members are appointed (and can be dismissed) by the County Commission.

So, the local citizens decided to attend the July 7, 2021 meeting of the County Commission to demand that something be done about this.

The “public comments” from parents and citizens are very direct!

The parents and citizens came and filled most of the room at the July 7 meeting. About a dozen of them gave testimony. They were very well-prepared, articulate, and passionate. The video of the July 7 public comments section is posted here (starts at 3:59).

They described in detail the books that were in the children’s and teen sections. They brought copies of several of them. They also talked about what LGBT propaganda does to confused and impressionable teenagers. Some spoke from their own experiences as teenagers and a few were teachers who described their observations. One parent talked about a local 12-year girl who now insists that she is “poly-sexual.”

One local teacher explained that kids are searching for truth and meaning, and are looking for role models. But these books steer them in a very destructive direction. Others who testified agreed that the LGBT influence causes unhealthy and ruinous behaviors in young people, ultimately turning some of them suicidal.

This couple has a friend whose 12-year-old daughter has decided that she's "poly-sexual." Where does she get these ideas? From the radical propaganda being given to children in schools and libraries.
This woman held up one of the books in the public library for young people: "All Out: The No Longer Secret Stories of Queer Teens Throughout the Ages."
This local teacher told the Commissioners that things are going in the wrong direction, it's causing a lot of problems with kids, and they need to do something about the Library Board because it has not been representing the community.

The supporters of those library books also spoke up

Somehow the word must have gotten out that the parents were coming. By coincidence, the Library Director also came to speak, along with the adult leader of the local chapter of PFLAG – a well-funded national organization that “supports” LGBT children, teenagers, and their families.

These LGBT advocates are passionate about making those graphic materials readily available to the children in the community. They use the well-crafted rhetoric and twisted logic that the LGBT movement has honed over the years to deal with so-called “bigots” who disagree with them.

The president of PFLAG Gillette got up to speak. She said:

I am the president of PFLAG Gillette. PFLAG is a support, education, and advocacy group for the LGBT community. I have a diverse family. I have children that identify as LGBTQ. We feel there is a great need in this community for more education.

The people who identify as LGBTQ are not child predators. They are my children. All of you probably know someone who identifies as gay. There’s not a gay agenda. There’s not a wish for recruiting others. You’re born that way – it may take a while to identify that way.

I think the answer to a lot of what has been talked about is more education. So if the library does have books on the LGBTQ experience that’s a good thing. I have read some of the books there and they give a fuller [sic] picture, a more human side to the experience of parents like myself. This is a country where we pride ourselves on the ability to access materials and free speech. So I would support the library in their book collection and thank them for having the courage to put that information and those books out there.

The president of the PFLAG chapter in Gillette.

This is well-crafted nonsense. No one is claiming that her children are child predators. But they are claiming that the library staff are very dysfunctional and malicious and that presenting sexually graphic books to teens will encourage experimentation. There is a “gay agenda” and we’ve all seen its effects on society (“same-sex marriage,” the transgender craze, the rapidly growing numbers of youth identifying as LGBT, etc). No one is “born that way.”

Like many parents of “gay” children, her solution is to “educate” everyone else’s children. It is obvious that giving children “more education” about perverse and unnatural homosexual and transgender behaviors only leads to experimentation, confusion, and emotional problems.

But most offensive is her comment about having “free access” to materials. That applies to adults, not children. The LGBT movement uses this as an excuse to push their agenda on vulnerable youth.

A pro-family mother then came up to speak

A pro-family mother then got up to speak. Regarding PFLAG, she said that she led a youth group in the community for years. She said that several of the kids also went to PFLAG meetings and told her that “none of them believe it; they just go for the free pizza.” (But many are drawn in nevertheless.) One boy told her that PFLAG told them to “bring in the lonely kids” – which she finds extremely disturbing.

The mother then described to the Commission members what she recently saw in the library:

I encourage all of you to go to the library and look at the Teen Room. I went in yesterday. I’ve never seen anything darker. I saw topics using words such as witchcraft, spells, dark, shadows, covens, blood, and curses. There’s also a book on surgically removing male genitals. They also have a large Black Lives Matter section, which we all know is Marxist in its roots. There’s no evidence in the Teen section of the kinds of books I grew up with, or you grew up with. It was all dark.

Even the toddler’s section has books such as one with a grandmother who’s mean and evil, who keeps a girl as a prisoner in her house, and drinks blood in a ritualistic manner – and on one of the pages, there’s blood everywhere! [She held up the book and showed the pages.] There’s something very wrong at the library.

Holding up a page showing blood everywhere - from a gruesome book in the toddler's section.

The Executive Director of the library then spoke. Here is how she answered the mother’s comments (and the other parents’ comments) about the books in the library:

We have a collection development policy that requires us to vet everything that we bring into our library. There are many journals that we use, a school library journal for example. We go through a rigorous process. There’s also a process that our items can be challenged, that our Library Board can ultimately become involved in.

The mission of the library is to provide the first cultural opportunities for reading, learning, and entertainment to all citizens of our community. So there are going to be a wide range of diverse opinions, a wide range of things that people are going to want to get from the library. We consider ourselves neutral. We don’t consider ourselves political. We just try to provide a collection and programs that speak to what people in this community want. That’s what we do.

I really respect and appreciate everyone’s opinion who spoke today. I think though that there are a lot of opinions out there that might be alternative. We can’t take sides. We are a neutral place.

The Executive Director of the Campbell County Public Library.

To put it bluntly, these are well-crafted lies and twisted logic. You cannot be “neutral” when it comes to harming children, especially with pornography and sexual material. And when she says “we can’t take sides” who does she think she’s fooling? Anyone who looks honestly at the library sees a monolithic left-wing and LGBT social agenda. There are virtually no books or other materials that counter that. Moreover, there is no “rigorous vetting program” of books – at least not by anyone with any common sense.

An underlying message was that the parents are out to “ban books” – a well-worn distortion promoted by the American Library Association meant to shame parents. There’s a major difference between “banning” what adults read – which the parents are not doing – and protecting vulnerable children from harmful material.

After that, a pro-LGBT lady came up to speak. She said that her grown goddaughter is “gay.” She claimed that the parents speaking today were showing animus against “gay” adults, and that angered her. “They’re not perverse, they’re just choosing to live this lifestyle,” she said. That’s a common strategy: to deflect the argument from the horrible content in the books and any true portrayal of LGBT behavior. Instead, there’s an attempt to shame the people who speak up by accusing them of “animus” or ill-feeling towards particular individuals.

What do the parents want?

At the end, the mother who spoke earlier got up again and addressed what the parents wanted the County Commission to do. She was very direct:

Our Library Board has lost all credibility. It’s not just a lapse in judgment. They’ve betrayed the children and community. They all need to be removed. We can no longer trust them.

She might have added that the Library Director – and probably others on the staff – also need to be shown the door. Normal people do not do these things to children. These people should not be employed by a public library where they can affect what is presented to youth.

Where will this lead?

Gillette is a small city, and the Commissioners clearly know several of these citizens fairly well. At least a few of the Commissioners seemed quite shocked. One of them grilled the Library Director a bit about why there are no “heterosexual” library promotions. But the majority of the Commission didn’t appear motivated to take any action – or even challenge the Library Director. At least not right now.

This is a city that voted 86% Republican in the recent election. But there’s obviously still a lot of work to do. And these Wyoming MassResistance parents and citizens are willing to do it! Their approach that day was refreshingly honest, direct, and fearless.


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Veronica Wolski: A medical freedom horror story


EXCERPTS FROM: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/doctor/:

In providing insight into what was happening behind the scenes of this story, Ross began explaining how Wolski had been admitted to the Catholic AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center somewhere around August 24 and diagnosed with “’COVID pneumonia,’ although her x-ray showed it was possible chest congestion.” 

Very soon after, Ross, a native of Chicago who now lives in South Carolina, explained, “I started receiving [text] messages” from Veronica begging for help to be moved from this hospital: ‘Get me out, get me oxygen, get me medical transport, get security here if you have to, get me out.’”  

In addition, after investigating the treatments Wolski was receiving, Ross observed “even something as simple as IV vitamins… were denied to her. She wanted her Ivermectin. That was denied to her. She wanted so many things that were not part of the hospital’s protocol. So, we began this fight [and] this advocacy [on her behalf].”  

Catholic hospital ‘ethics committee’ revokes prescription for Ivermectin, bars Ross from premises 

Rumble — From lockdowns to vaccine mandates, COVID-19 has not only attacked public health but has also wreaked havoc on civil liberties. One America’s chief White House correspondent Chanel Rion has more from Washington.

Popular QAnon Supporter, Right-To-Try Advocate, Was Denied Ivermectin, Now Dead In Hospital Custody

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Lara Logan Video: Biden Told OSHA to Hide Info on Vaccine Side Effects

Strong-arming and lying -- it's the Democrat way

SEE: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2021/09/lara-logan-video-biden-told-osha-hide-info-vaccine-frontpage-editors/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

In the short video below, Fox News' Lara Logan explores President Biden's manipulation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to promote the COVID vaccine: “Joe Biden didn’t even bother to ask Congress. He said the new mandate is justified because COVID is an ‘emergency.’ Then he walked away without taking questions, once again.”

Check out the video:

Rumble — Lara: “Joe Biden didn’t even bother to ask Congress. He said the new mandate is justified because COVID is a ‘emergency.’ Then he walked away without taking questions, once again.”

Col. Myers: State Dept. has blocked rescue flights from Afghanistan

Rumble — Retired Marine Colonel and author of “American to the Corps” Jonathan Myers tells One America News the State Department has been the single biggest obstacle to his efforts to rescue Americans from Afghanistan. One America’s John Hines has more from Washington.

Democrats Are Hell-Bent on Making Life Miserable for Average Americans


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/lincolnbrown/2021/09/16/democrats-are-hell-bent-on-making-life-miserable-for-average-americans-n1479216;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

If you are old enough to remember the ’70s, and I am sure a few of you are, you probably recall with varying degrees of fondness things like Saturday Night FeverStar Wars, velour shirts and bullet-proof polyester, blacklight posters, and patchouli oil. And a maybe few cool cars. What you probably do not remember with any degree of nostalgia are disco, gas lines, and the high cost of everything except oxygen and belly-button lint.

Well disco, and to a certain degree Star Wars, is dead. There are a few patchouli true believers out there (one runs the cash register at my local filling station), and I am not sure if polyester is making a comeback, but judging by Megan Fox’s review of the VMA awards, it may be time to give it a second look. Bring on the leisure suits, Larry!

However, while gas lines may be in the future, high prices are here now. They are squatting over us like, to steal a phrase out of context from Nietzsche, a “catastrophic spider.” Or is that the Democratic Party?

In fact, while the cost of gas and items purchased in brick-and-mortar stores continue to slip the surly bonds of earth, online purchases are naturally seeing a hike in prices as well. If you can order it from your tablet, laptop, or smartphone, it is costing more than it did a year ago. That includes clothes, pet products, your vitamins, and furniture. This may have caught many people on the hop since they figured that online orders have a lower overhead. But production and shipping costs are keeping pace with the times.

You would think that with all the uncertainty that has become part and parcel of the 21st century and the skyrocketing costs of life in general, the Donkey Party would take a few minutes from reposting photos from the Met Gala to contemplate the struggles of the common man. But alas, that is not the case. But you already knew that. And you already knew that when it comes to taxes, a Donkey Double-Down is inevitable.

Such was the case earlier this week in Congress, when GOP members of the Ways and Means Committee, Kevin Hern and Lloyd Smucker, tried to introduce bills as part of the markup for the $3.5 trillion budget abomination. The bills had a simple goal: Hold off any tax hikes until the economy resembles something akin to its pre-pandemic state. Said Hern of his bill: “It’s not hard to understand that this is the wrong time for Democrats to shove one of the largest tax increases in American history on the American people that have not regained their strength from the brutal blow of COVID-19.”

“Inflation is a tax on all Americans and it hurts working-class Americans the most.,” he added. Hern hoped to at least hold off on any tax hikes until the annual rate of inflation dropped below 2.5% for 12 months in a row. Smucker’s bill would have delayed the increases until the national unemployment rate fell below the pre-pandemic levels for six months. Keep in mind, these men were not necessarily trying to deny the Dems their cash-grab. They just wanted to wait until the nation was in a better position to deal with them. And, of course, Democrats on the committee blocked both bills. This may give them a “tax the rich” warm fuzzy, but of course, it results in higher rates of inflation for you and me.

Apparently, all of that empathy and goodwill at the Met got thrown out with the empty Chardonnay bottles.

Border Apprehensions Pass 200K Again. Fence Erected Around U.S. Capitol

Border Apprehensions Pass 200K Again. Fence Erected Around U.S. Capitol


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/border-apprehensions-pass-200k-again-fence-erected-around-u-s-capitol/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The federal government began erecting a security fence around the U.S. Capitol yesterday in advance of Saturday’s Justice for J6 protest. Yet the guardians of America ignore the illegal-invasion at the southwest border.

Thus did border patrol agents apprehend more than 200,000 illegals for the second straight month, U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported

So far this year, agents have caught more than 1.5 million illegals. That figure does not count got-aways.

That news, and the 8,200 illegals piled up under the Del Rio, Texas, as of this morning, show that the Biden Regime is either rudderless or purposely importing new voters to cement Democrat power.

Biden and his “immigration czar,” Vice President Kamala Harris, after all, have done nothing to stop the invasion.

August Numbers

CBP reported that agents apprehended 208,887 illegals last month, a 2.2 percent decrease from July’s 213,534.

Of the total, 195,558 were caught jumping the border, and most of that cohort, 97,270, were single adults. Another 79,754 were in so-called families, and 18,534 were “single minors.”

Agents caught 1,472,655 illegals trying to jump the border this year and stopped 68,996 at ports of entry.

Total for the year: 1,541,651. That nearly equals the population of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and it exceeds the population of San Antonio, Texas.

Agents apprehended 6,344 illegals every day, or 264 per hour. 

If those numbers hold for September, the last month in fiscal 2021, agents will apprehend another 190,000 or so. That would put the total for the year at more than 1.7 million.

How many have the China Virus and other diseases is unknown. The Biden Regime has confirmed it is not and will not test the illegals at the border.

But illegals who carry dread diseases are the only threat to the health and safety of Americans, particularly those at the border.

Hidden in the late-summer horde were another 1,000 criminals to bring the total apprehended for the year to 9,728, up from 8,691 in July.

They included rapists, thieves, drug dealers and killers in these numbers:

• Assault, battery, domestic violence: 1,062

• Burglary, robbery, larceny, theft, fraud: 738

• Driving under the influence: 1,510

• Homicide, manslaughter: 53

• Illegal drug possession, trafficking: 1,935

• Illegal entry, re-entry: 5,552

• Illegal weapons possession, transport, trafficking: 305

• Sexual offenses: 448

• Other: 2,470

These numbers do not include “got-aways;” i.e., illegals whom border agents do not apprehend. The Center for Immigration Studies reported in May that 40,000 illegals slipped past agents in April. 

And that was just one month.

Del Rio Bridge

Sharpening the point that the U.S. no longer controls its own border is Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies.

The author of America’s Cover Border War tweeted that almost 7,000 illegals were massed in Del Rio, Texas, apparently ready for a mad rush into the country.

Del Rio is on the border about 160 miles west of San Antonio.

“DHS officer on scene just told me 6,500 illegal immigrants are under the Del Rio, Texas bridge right now,” he wrote at about 9 p.m. last night.

No manpower available [email protected] co trail. No food. No bathroom facilities. This doesn’t look like it’s going to end well. Thinking maybe a breakout?

By this morning, Bill Melugin of Fox News reported, the number had grown to 8,200, thousands of them Haitians.

As that throng awaited its chance to enter the country, contractors in Washington, D.C., erected a security fence around the U.S. Capitol in anticipation of the Justice for J6 rally on Saturday.

Demonstrators will gather in the city to protest the treatment of those arrested for participating in the mostly peaceful protest in Washington, D.C., on January 6. Protestors that day entered the U.S. Capitol. Whether Saturday’s rally is a false-flag operation to incite violence — which would smear supporters of President Trump and give the Biden Regime, Congress, and Big Tech another excuse to crack down on patriots — is unknown.

Either way, concerned as they are about their own safety and “protecting democracy,” the leftists and establishment Republicans who run the government are unconcerned about Americans on the border — at the front line of the illegal-alien invasion.

PROPOSALS TUCKED INTO DEMOCRAT LEGISLATION: IRS to monitor transactions of all accounts over $600~Democrats want to include 8 million green cards in their monstrous $3.5 trillion package

Rumble — Democrats’ reconciliation bill has some concerning details hidden in it, including a plan to give the government access to monitor our banking activity. One America’s Camryn Kinsey has more from Washington.

Guess What Dirty Democrat Tricksters Are Trying to Sneak Into Their $3.5 Trillion Package?


SEE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/kevindowneyjr/2021/09/15/guess-what-dirty-democrat-tricksters-are-trying-to-sneak-into-their-3-5-trillion-package-n1479123;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Who is the Senate parliamentarian and why is this position important?

The Senate parliamentarian is a supposedly nonpartisan figure who arbitrates disagreements over Senate rules and guides the Senate through a myriad of regulations.

The current Senate parliamentarian is Elizabeth MacDonough.

Democrats want to include 8 million green cards in their monstrous $3.5 trillion package. They need MacDonough’s approval. Here is where it gets a little complicated.

Senate Democrats need MacDonough’s approval to pull off what is referred to as the “reconciliation process,” a procedure that was added to the Senate’s rules in the early 1970s. The roughly 45-year-old process allows some types of budget bills to pass through the upper chamber with just a simple majority. It allows the bypassing of filibusters by opponents.

Related: Moderate Democrats Once Again Sabotage the Radicals, This Time on Drug Pricing

Ultimately, MacDonough, whose job it is to protect the rights of both parties, decided what is and is not acceptable with regard to the procedures.

Democrat senators are obviously gung-ho about handing over 8 million green cards to illegal immigrants who have crossed our southern border, as it almost guarantees 8 million new Democrat voters.

“If more and more people become legal permanent residents, they qualify for some government programs,” Senator Durbin stated. “But economists agree that for every dollar paid out through a government program to a legal permanent resident, ten dollars is returned to the economy.”

Which economists, Dick? And if that’s the case, why aren’t we ALL on welfare? Wouldn’t that make the country wealthier?

Is MacDonough likely to support the measure? Durbin admitted that he was unsure, further noting that the decision is “entirely within her hands at this point.”

If the Democrats can’t prove the green cards are budget-related, MacDonough isn’t likely to approve it. According to her past decisions, MacDonough has had no problem saying “no” to both parties. The onus is on Democrats to prove that 8 million green cards for illegal immigrants are somehow budget-related.


SEE ALSO: https://www.ammoland.com/2021/09/multiple-dangers-to-second-amendment-from-biden-irs-proposal/

Latest Survey Reveals Women Now Nearly Half of all New Gun Buyers

Latest Survey Reveals Women Now Nearly Half of all New Gun Buyers


SEE: https://thenewamerican.com/latest-survey-reveals-women-now-nearly-half-of-all-new-gun-buyers/;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

According to the most recent 2021 National Firearms Survey, almost half of all new gun buyers in the last two and a half years have been women. There were 7.5 million brand new gun owners since January 2019, and 3.4 million of them were female. Among those women, more than a quarter of them were black.

The survey also noted that among those new gun owners 55 percent were white, 21 percent were black, and 19 percent were Hispanic.

A previous survey issued in July provided even more details about gun ownership in the United States. That survey found that nearly a third of all American adults owned at least one firearm. That translates into more than 81 million Americans who are armed. And that number keeps growing. In 2020, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, there were more than 21 million background checks completed on people purchasing firearms, up an astonishing 40 percent from the previous year.

That same survey revealed that more than half of those gun owners carry a firearm on their persons for self-defense purposes, with an estimated 21 million of them carrying concealed.

The survey further revealed that about a third of those gun owners have used a firearm to protect themselves or their property. It estimates “that guns are used defensively by firearms owners in approximately 1.67 million incidents each year.”

In sum, 58 percent of gun owners are male, 42 percent are female. And approximately a quarter of blacks own at least one firearm while 28 percent of Hispanics own firearms, nearly 20 percent of Asians own firearms, and 34 percent of whites own firearms.

Those new gun owners are taking their purchases seriously as nearly a quarter of them have subsequently taken at least one gun class, and many have become proficient in the handling of their firearms.

Much of this surge in private gun ownership may be ascribed to the breakdown of law and order by BLM and Antifa groups, the defunding of local police, and the threat of additional gun regulations emanating from the present administration.

This makes the job of turning the United States into a “gun-free zone” — necessary for those working to turn the country into a communist dictatorship — ever more difficult. There are an estimated 100 million U.S. households where a firearm is present, and the task of disarming them would be incomprehensibly difficult.

The reason? Whether each new gun owner realizes it or not, he or she is taking advantage of the freedom to own a firearm guaranteed by the Second Amendment. This peculiar, and vital, freedom is what distinguishes the U.S. from every other nation on the planet. And as long as that freedom is recognized, and enjoyed, it presents a nearly insurmountable stumbling block to those who would disarm the populace in preparation for their New World Order.

Nevertheless the war against the private ownership of firearms in America continues. Earlier this month William Malzahn — with the imposing title of Acting Deputy Director of Office of Conventional Arms Threat Reduction, Bureau of International Security & Nonproliferation at United States Department of State — told the 7th Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty:

I have come from Washington, D.C., this week to take the floor on the agenda item Treaty Universalization to underscore the continuing commitment of the United States to responsible international trade in conventional arms … the Arms Trade Treaty is an important [tool] for promoting those controls internationally.

This treaty is the one that President Donald Trump “unsigned” at the National Rifle Association’s 2019 annual meeting.

As long as the present administration presses forward in its efforts to disarm the American people, the ownership of private firearms by those people is likely to continue and even accelerate, making the task of tyrants ever more difficult.

Employers Offering COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives Including Paid Time Off, Cash, and More


SEE: https://blog.ifebp.org/index.php/employers-covid-19-vaccine-incentives;

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Most employers are encouraging, rather than mandating, employees to get a COVID-19 vaccination. Organizations are taking a variety of actions to encourage vaccination. According to the Littler COVID-19 Vaccine Employer Survey Report, 11% of employers plan to provide cash awards to employees who receive the vaccine, through a company wellness program or otherwise. Thirty-three percent of employers are planning to offer paid time off to employees who get a COVID-19 vaccine once available. Regardless of what they choose, employers want clarity on the rules surrounding vaccination incentives.  

Employers Offering COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives Including Paid Time Off, Cash, and More

Last month, over forty business groups and associations sent a letter to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) seeking guidance on what is and is not allowed when offering incentives to employees who receive the COVID-19 vaccination.  The groups wanted EEOC guidance in two areas:

  • A definition of what qualifies as a permissible incentive. Employers want the definition to be as broad as possible to ensure the process is efficient and effective.
  • An explanation that allows COVID-19 vaccine incentives to be distinguished from wellness programs. The groups thought by removing vaccine incentives from wellness program standards, employers would be more likely to participate in this type of plan.

At this time, there has been no guidance issued by the EEOC or any other governmental agency on vaccine incentives. As employers have been left to navigate this on their own, some are choosing to follow wellness program rules, which have become less clear too.

The latest proposed rules by the EEOC related to wellness programs under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (GINA) included guidance on the level of wellness incentives that could be offered.

The proposed rules targeted participation-only wellness programs, limiting incentives offered in connection with such programs to a “de minimis” standard. Examples of de minimis incentives generally include items such as a water bottle or a gift card of modest value. However, in light of the Biden administration’s memo freezing new and pending regulations, the EEOC withdrew the proposed wellness rules until the new administration has time to review and approve them. For now, we must wait to see whether the EEOC will issue new rules.

Here are some examples of what we see employers offering as COVID-19 vaccine incentives:

Cash Incentive or Gift Card

  • Bridgestone: $100 support payment (i.e., missing work, childcare, transportation costs) to make it easier for employees to get vaccinated without requiring vaccination
  • Publix: $125 gift card to the store if they get a COVID-19 vaccine
  • Kroger: $100 payment for getting full manufacturer-recommended doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. Workers unable to get vaccinated for health or religious reasons can get the payment if they take an educational health and safety course.
  • Lidl supermarket chain: $200 to all U.S. employees who get vaccinated
  • Instacart: $25 stipend to get vaccinated
  • AutoZone: $100 for completing vaccinations

Paid Time Off (PTO) to Get Vaccinated

  • New York state-wide mandate for public and private employers: Four hours per vaccine injection unless a longer timeframe has been agreed to pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement
  • Wells Fargo: Up to eight hours PTO
  • Target: Up to four hours of pay (two hours for each vaccine dose) to hourly employees to get vaccines
  • Chobani: Up to six hours of time for employees to get vaccinated—three hours for each of the two COVID-19 vaccine doses
  • Bank of America: Option to use two half days, for up to four hours each, for vaccination appointments
  • JPMorgan Chase: Up to eight hours of time off to accommodate a COVID-19 vaccine appointment
  • Citigroup: Whatever paid time away from work is reasonably necessary to travel to and get the vaccine
  • Tyson Foods: Up to four hours of regular pay for employees who wish to be vaccinated off site
  • Starbucks: Up to two hours of paid time off to receive each dose of the vaccine, up to two doses
  • Krispy Kreme: Up to four hours of paid time off to get vaccinated

Payment Incentive for Getting Vaccinated

  • Aldi: Two hours of pay for hourly workers for each dose they receive, totaling up to four hours. Aldi will work with salaried employees who want to receive the vaccine and will cover any costs associated with the administration of the shot.
  • Trader Joe’s: Two hours of pay per dose for getting the vaccine
  • McDonald’s: Four hours of paid time to corporate employees and workers at its corporate-owned restaurants
  • Dollar General: Four hours’ regular pay to front-line, hourly employees
  • Marriott International: Equivalent of four hours pay upon completion of the vaccination
  • Darden Restaurants (Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, and more): Two hours of pay for each dose of the vaccine—up to four hours of total pay for complete vaccination
  • Amtrak: Two hours of pay for each vaccine with proof of vaccine record

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Other Incentives for Vaccination

  • Best Buy: Four hours PTO for part-time employees, eight hours for full-time employees as a “thank you” for getting vaccinated. The PTO is to use how employees want after vaccination. If employees experience side effects after vaccination, they will receive additional sick time: four hours for part-time employees and eight hours for full-time employees.
  • Target: In addition to the PTO incentive above, Target is providing all U.S. employees with free Lyft rides (up to $15 each way) to get to and from their appointments if they need it.
  • Amtrak: In addition to the payment incentive above, Amtrak employees who miss work due to vaccine side effects will have their absence excused and pay protected for up to 48 hours after vaccination. Pay will also be protected for employees who are unable to work more than 48 hours after vaccination with medical documentation.   

Next Steps for Employers and COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives

  • Use caution before offering significant financial incentives to encourage worker vaccination due to the lack of clarity in regulatory and agency guidance on what is permissible.
  • Consult with your legal counsel before implementation if considering offering vaccination incentives as part of a wellness program.
  • Stay tuned to the International Foundation for the latest guidance on the use of incentives.

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