Arizona, Texas Governors Beg for Border Help – Florida Answers Call

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis lays out the damage done in the states because of rampant, unchecked illegal immigration. Florida is the first to answer a call for help by Arizona and Texas on the border.

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Texas Gov. Abbott Launches Border Wall Construction with $250M in Down Payment

Texas Gov. Abbott Launches Border Wall Construction with $250M in Down Payment



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Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott on Wednesday formally announced that Texas will build its own border wall. Abbott accused the Biden administration of abandoning its responsibility to protect the southern U.S. border: “Today we are announcing that Texas will build a border wall in our state to help secure our border,” Abbott said at a press conference.

The governor promised a $250 million down payment to begin the project, allowing the state to hire a project manager and get the task underway. He said the construction on the wall would be built on a combination of state land and donations of private land, and be partly funded by donations.

The Dallas Morning News later reported that the down payment will come from the state’s Department of Criminal Justice.

On Tuesday, in a podcast interview on a conservative talk show discussing politics called “Ruthless,” Abbott said the state would solicit donations to help build the wall.

“For everybody in the United States, really everybody in the entire world who wants to help Texas build the border wall, there will be a place there where they can contribute to Texas building the border wall,” he said.

Abbott reiterated the idea on Wednesday and said donations could be made on a website for the border wall or by sending a check in the mail. He ensured the public that donations would go to a fund that would be overseen by the state and governor’s office.

The land on which the wall will be erected will be identified by the program manager and contractors and include land already owned by the state or private citizens who can “volunteer” that land for the wall.

The combination of state and privately donated land is expected to yield “hundreds of miles” to build the wall. It is noted that state agencies have begun talking to property owners about putting up fencing on their private land.

In addition, the federal government must return the Texan land to private citizens, which was obtained by the U.S. government in order to build a border wall, Abbott insisted.

“In response to the federal government’s neglect of all of the people who live along the border, the people who are facing the consequences of the spread of drugs like fentanyl, Texas is stepping up and doing more than any other state ever has done to respond to these challenges along the border,” Abbott said. “Texas taxpayers are having to step up so we as a state can protect our citizens.”

The same day, Abbott sent a letter to President Biden demanding the return of border property seized by the federal government.

“The federal government used condemnation powers to take property from Texans for the purpose of building a border wall,” the governor stated. “Once you took office, however, your Administration made clear the federal government will not move forward with building the border wall at this time.”

It was reported in April that the Biden administration continues to seize private land near the U.S.- Mexico border to be used to continue building a wall, despite Biden pausing the construction of the wall on his first day in office.

One day after Abbott’s announcement to proceed with the construction of the wall, the White House renewed its call to end construction of the border wall, calling on Congress to cancel funds it previously appropriated to border barriers and redirect them toward other border management efforts. The White House also said the Trump administration paid up to $46 million per mile for some segments of newly built parts of the wall, even though federal lawmakers have estimated that it cost the Trump administration about $27 million per mile in some parts of Texas.

Customs and Border Protection said there were 452 miles of new barriers completed by the end of 2020. Of them, 131 miles were built in the Texas counties of El Paso and Hudspeth, and 17 miles in Cameron, Hidalgo, and Starr counties.

Even though Abbott may face legal challenges to his mission, the border must be secured, as the surge in migration continues. There were more than 180,000 migrants encountered in May alone, with the summer months still ahead. The Biden administration has blamed the spike on “root causes” such as violence, poverty, and climate change in Central America while downplaying the role the relaxing of restrictions and law enforcement has had on the surge.

Former President Donald Trump announced on June 15 that he would tour Texas’ southern border with governor Abbott on June 30.

“The Biden Administration inherited from me the strongest, safest, and most secure border in U.S history and in mere weeks they turned it into the single worst border crisis in U.S history. It’s an unmitigated disaster zone,” Trump said in a statement.


China Stages LARGEST Air Invasion of Taiwan Airspace Sparking Fears The U.S. Is Headed Towards War

China Stages LARGEST Air Invasion of Taiwan Airspace Sparking Fears The U.S. Is Headed Towards War. While Biden was flailing at the G7 summit and meeting with Putin, Russia and China were taunting the US. China’s push into Taiwanese air defense zone sent alarm bells sparking fear that China will push to take Taiwan while America is under the presidency of Joe Biden. Republicans have long been fearful that Joe Biden would not be able to stand up to China and this was proven when China scolded the US as being weak. Democrats felt that Trump would lead us to war, but perhaps without strength, war will come anyway as China sees an opportunity:

Nearly 1,000 EXPIRED Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccines stabbed into the arms of now-altered humans at NYC Times Square “event”

Image: Nearly 1,000 EXPIRED Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccines stabbed into the arms of now-altered humans at NYC Times Square “event”



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(Natural News) That’s right folks, step right up to the biggest circus in the world, and be amazed by the magical, mythical virus killer, so let’s get a big round of applause for… New York City “Vaccine Command Center” (endless applause ensues).

Close to 900 sheeple lined up at Times Square to “experience” an event that featured administered doses of EXPIRED inoculations that are already causing blood clots around the world. The clowns in charge of keeping Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccines frozen kept them frozen so long they apparently froze to death, and no longer work (as if they work anyway).

This is all confirmed, by the way, by the New York City Health Department, a sideshow to the ultimate vaccine circus (think Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey). It’s all one big genetic freak show where the audience (patients) don’t yet realize that they are the drugged-up animals.

Wait ma’am, sir, we gave you an EXPIRED Covid-19 vaccine, come back as soon as possible for another one, before we see what happens from the first

Yes, and now all of the victims (patients) have been told to immediately return for their replacement shot. Wait, what? The leaders of the circus, standing in the center circle at the NYC Health Department, are so well-versed with vaccines, vaccine side effects and vaccine dangers, that they just advised about 900 people to get shot up with the same gene-altering jab, but one that hasn’t been in the freezer so long, “…schedule another vaccination session as soon as possible.” Oh, sure. Great idea – double up on that blood-clot-creating secret recipe – mRNA!

“We have communicated with Pfizer,” says the other ring leader. It’s all smoke and mirrors because the vaccines don’t prevent Covid-19, but rather force-instruct your cells to produce mass amounts of “proteins” and prions that clog blood vessels in the brain and lungs, just for starters.

Covid-19 vaccines are defective no matter how long you freeze them

It’s a media circus out there pushing this vaccine propaganda like never before. Where is the NYC Health Department getting their advice? Pfizer? Fauci? First, we were all told masks are worthless, then we were all forced to wear them. First, we were told DON’T get the Covid-19 vaccines because Trump was rushing them to market via his “Warp Speed” program, but then we’re all told to get the full doses now even though they are all “approved” by “Emergency Use Authorization” only, which denotes them as a “Medical Experiment,” according to the CDC and the FDA. You can’t make this stuff up.

Patients (victims) of the defective, expired, freezer-burned, blood-clot-causing Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines have been hounded to return for another via emails, phone calls and letters sent out by city health department officials.

Don’t let any of these sheeple get away – is the message from the top, the heads of the vaccine industrial complex, that’s pushing free pot, cannabis, beer, liquor, lottery tickets and front row seats to major sporting events for anyone who’s “vaccine-hesitant” (meaning they don’t want to die from the jabs themselves).

The “NFL Experience” at Times Square turns out to be a disaster piled upon a disaster

“Vaccine Command Center” sounds like Darth Vader is running it and it’s a military operation to deliver forced injection. Beware of the Draconian “Dark Side of the Force.” Why are we all being coerced into getting jabbed for a virus that only kills people who are already deathly ill? You do know that cancer and heart disease are preventable, don’t you? You don’t have to go to Times Square twice to get jabbed with gene-altering drugs and a genetically-mutated, lab-created virus that your body has and will now be mimicking, forever (think prions and proteins here).

Visit if you already got a toxic Covid jab or two, including mRNA or “viral vector,” and you are experiencing side effects, blood clots or other adverse events. Then tune your internet frequency to for updates on these crimes against humanity being delivered under the guise of inoculation.

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Covid vaccine forced 19-year-old student into HEART TRANSPLANT, killing her within days



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(Natural News) Another young person who was perfectly healthy before getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) has died following her second injection of the poison.

Nineteen-year-old Simone Scott was a freshman at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., when she decided to do her part to help “flatten the curve” by getting needled with Moderna’s two-dose mRNA injection. After receiving her second dose, Scott developed a severe heart condition that required a transplant.

Not long after the transplant, Scott died from what doctors are now saying was myocarditis.

Scott received her second dose of Moderna’s syringe on May 1, and eight days later on May 9, Mother’s Day, she decided to pay her parents a surprise visit. This is when Scott’s mother first noticed that something was wrong.

“I did notice she was kind of stuffy so her voice wasn’t exactly the same,” Valerie Kraimer told the media.

Scott survived the weekend and returned to campus on Monday, May 11, though her condition was worsening. She visited a doctor who administered a Chinese Virus test, which turned up negative, but her situation continued to unravel.

“On Sunday morning [May 16], she texted her father and said, ‘Dad, I feel so dizzy. I cannot get out of bed,’ and that’s when everything really started from there,” Kraimer recalls.

Since Scott’s parents live hundreds of miles away, her father called campus police to have someone check on her.

“We learned that a doctor had to jump on her chest and give her CPR because she was that bad, and then the whole cascade of events happened,” Kraimer says. “They had to intubate her and realized she was in heart failure.”

Medical system refuses to acknowledge jab as cause of Scott’s death, calls it a mystery

Emergency responders hooked Scott up to an ECMO machine that mimics the function of the heart, which gave her own heart a chance to rest. After multiple interventions and attempts at resuscitation, doctors realized that Scott needed a heart transplant.

Scott was then taken in for the procedure, which ultimately failed. The mRNA chemicals in her second Moderna shot were too powerful and ultimately got the best of her, though the medical system is refusing to acknowledge the truth.

The official cause of Scott’s death remains “unconfirmed,” with myocarditis being the only explanation that doctors have been able to come up with as an explanation.

According to the National Organization for Rare Disorders, this inflammatory condition of the heart, which can lead to cardiac arrhythmia and death, is usually “a result of the body’s immune reaction to the initial heart damage.” In other words, Scott’s second Moderna jab appears to have damaged her heart so severely that her immune system finished off the job with an autoimmune reaction.

“Scott’s death came weeks after a heart complication in May, which led to a heart transplant,” The Daily Northwestern reported about the incident.

Pfizer’s pair of mRNA injections appears to do the exact same thing, as confirmed by an Israeli panel that recently determined a “probable” link between the Pfizer injection and a wave of myocarditis cases that have been affecting mostly young men in the Middle Eastern country who were recently vaccinated.

According to former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson, doctors appear to have “repeatedly missed signals as Scott’s condition worsened in the two weeks following her second shot – before she abruptly crashed.”

Northwestern, meanwhile, is continuing to require that all students who attend on-campus classes be fully vaccinated. Let the lawsuits begin.

More related news about injuries and deaths caused by Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections can be found at

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Woke Left moving to take over last functional, patriotic institution – the military: Whistleblowers detail hundreds of cases of ‘anti-American indoctrination’



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(Natural News) For decades, the left has made inroads into every American institution, taking over the arts and entertainment, academia, science, the federal bureaucracy, and, whenever possible, local, state and national government.

The U.S. military has managed to resist this infiltration, but in recent years — yes, even during the term of the most patriotic president in two generations, Donald Trump — leftists have made progress in the military.

And now that Joe Biden has been installed in the White House, the push to drive patriots out and replace them with propagandized, mind-numbed Communist cadres is in full-force.

It began with Biden’s appointment of Lloyd Austin as defense secretary. Austin, a retired U.S. Army four-star general, must have carried a chip on his shoulder his entire career, which was obviously very successful, because upon confirmation one of his first official acts was to order a 90-day stand-down of the entire military, so commanders could address the services’ most pressing issue: ‘Extremism in the ranks.’

Not Russia. Not China. Not Iran, North Korea, or foreign terrorists and cyber attackers. No. “Extremism” — as in, white extremism.

Since that outrage, the Army has put out a series of what can only be described as ‘woke’ recruiting ads, with one featuring a female soldier with two lesbian mothers and focuses on LGBTQ issues, and another involving a soldier who admitted growing up with psychological issues. This is what we’re using to attract recruits; what kind of ‘soldiers’ then, do you think America is going to get?

The pace at which the military is becoming a Marxist den has alarmed military vets in Congress including Arkansas GOP Sen. Tom Cotton, a Harvard Law-trained, former Army Ranger officer with two combat tours in Iraq, and Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a multiple combat tour U.S. Navy SEAL who nearly gave his life for our country but instead wound up losing an eye instead.

They launched a program in recent weeks aimed at identifying the level of wokeness that has permeated the force thus far, and what they have discovered is nothing short of alarming.

The Epoch Times reports:

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) told Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on June 10 that “hundreds” of military whistleblowers have reported being forced to receive “anti-American indoctrination” training, including critical race theory (CRT).

In a Senate hearing with Austin, Cotton claimed that within the military, there’s “plummeting morale, growing mistrust between races and sexes where none existed just six months ago and unexpected retirements and separations based on these trainings alone.”

Cotton said one whistleblower has alleged that a military history training course was replaced with curriculum dealing with police brutality, “white privilege,” and “systemic racism.” Another claimed his unit was forced to read “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo, a feminist author and critical theory proponent.

This comes after the U.S. Space Force relieved Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, a former instructor and fighter pilot, from command of the 11th Space Warning Squadron because of comments he made denouncing CRT while warning about how Marxist ideology was spreading throughout the service branches.

In response, Austin came up with some BS claiming that curriculum is being developed and released that is “welcoming to everyone who can qualify and who is fit to serve” — though previous recruiting messages focused on toughness, competition, love of country, and commitment to service were working because the services were not suffering shortages of recruits.

“We ought to look like the America we support and defend, and senior leadership should look like what’s in the ranks,” Austin said.

What’s that got to do with anything? Not everyone can serve; it’s a privilege, not a right. And the Pentagon wasn’t putting out messages aimed at discouraging certain demographics from joining or outright discriminating against them.

So again, this is all garbage — it’s just an attempt to destroy the last truly non-partisan institution we have left, and that’s not going to bode well for our future.

Sources include:

Parents derail toxic Critical Race Theory consultant in CA school district


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Parents derail hiring of toxic Critical Race Theory consultant in California school district.

School Board had no problem with her radical views, but parents went ballistic!

Exposure goes viral – featured on national Fox News!

Part of outrageous district-wide plan to indoctrinate children.

June 18, 2021
Dr. Sheri Atwater, a "diversity, inclusion, and equity" consultant, tells the district's Equity Task Force (via Zoom) how she's going to help them stop the white supremacy, identity, and white privilege problems in their schools.

A few parents can make a big difference if the pressure is put in the right places. This is also a story about how these poisonous agendas get into our schools.

Hermosa Beach is a small beachside community in the South Bay section of Los Angeles County. It is one of the wealthiest school districts in the state of California. For years, the students have consistently earned some of the highest test scores, and parents have been more than happy to raise taxes when state lawmakers cut funding to school districts during hard economic times.

Hermosa Beach is a wealthy California town just southeast of Los Angeles.

The Hermosa Beach school district seemed like a ripe target for the radical left’s latest propaganda: Critical Race Theory (CRT). The elected school officials consider themselves “modern” and “progressive” and were becoming increasingly “woke” – and the community trusted them. When the teachers’ union and others pushed this “new important” program, the school officials didn’t want to be left behind.


How they went about incorporating the CRT curriculum is a veritable clinic of the leftist strategy to bring a very controversial new agenda into a school system. We’ve seen this around the country.

The roadmap: a “District Equity Resolution”

Things began gearing up last September. The School Board passed a “District Equity Resolution.” This was clearly put together for them by an outside entity from a sophisticated template.

It’s worth studying. The resolution includes a long-winded declaration that there is “institutional and structural racism and injustice” in society at large and in their own community. This includes every person in the school district and their staff – and it’s “affecting student achievement.” (It also lists “gender, gender identity, sexual orientation” among the “biases in our own school district” that must be cleansed.)

The resolution then calls for the creation of an “Equity Task Force” to investigate the district’s racism and injustice further, then create an “Equity Agenda” for fixing it with “Measurable Targets.”

Not surprisingly, this translates into hardcore propaganda sessions for all students in virtually every classroom plus “training sessions” for all staff. There was also a call for “community engagement” – which means spending more money to persuade parents and others that this program is a good thing.

Disguising the true nature and intent of a program is a standard leftist tactic. The term “Critical Race Theory” is nowhere to be found in any of the material (except on their web page where they attempt to deny it). But that’s exactly what it is.

The Equity Task Force was implemented very quickly. This concept of setting up a “task force” to push an offensive agenda into a school district goes back to the 1990s with sex education. The organizers include a wide range of people from the community: school staff, parents, students, administrators, School Board members, and others. This is to give it the aura of a broad-based consensus and input. But the participants are very carefully chosen (to be sufficiently passive), and the core leaders are radicals who are trained experts at directing the group’s decisions. It’s a very common strategy.

The Task Force also set up an “Equity and Inclusion webpage” with “resources and updates” of the Task Force’s work and progress.

MassResistance gets involved

A group of Hermosa Beach parents who monitor and discuss local politics in a social media group became alarmed and began following this disturbing development. The group shared clips of various School Board and Task Force meetings and other material.

In January 2021, our MassResistance Organization Director, Arthur Schaper (who lives in nearby Torrance, CA), got involved to help with this specific issue. Arthur had worked with several of the parents in the past on various local school and civic issues.

The parents were very worried about this but weren’t sure what to do. Arthur encouraged them to take direct action. He told them to file FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests, to get parents to confront the School Board, and to expose to the community what is going on. They agreed with Arthur’s approach. From there, the parents were off and running!

Taking on the School Board

The parents found out that the School Board was spending considerable money on radical outside consulting groups to create and implement their “equity” agenda. It was clearly a “Critical Race Theory” and Marxist agenda that was coming to their school system.


Parents started speaking up at the School Board meetings, held remotely via Zoom. Actual public testimony was replaced by emailing the Board, and the Superintendent would read the emails aloud during the meeting. Other parents contacted the Board members directly with their expressions of outrage. At first, just a few got involved, but the number steadily grew as parents lost their fear and reticence. 

A parent exposes the horror about to come

Then, the April 13 Equity Task Force meeting included a presentation from a consultant whom the Task Force was hiring, Dr. Sheri Atwater. She is a psychologist and specialist in “diversity, inclusion, and equity” (DEI), and was being hired to design the training sessions for students in classrooms and also school staff. The meeting was via Zoom and made accessible to the public.

Atwater talked about white privilege, identity, and white supremacy, and how important it was to deal with those issues, even in elementary school. “This is the time to build into the curriculum the implicit biases that we all have,” she told the Board. For example: She will ask children to “raise their hands if they are a racist.” No one raises his hand. But by the end of the session she teaches them that they really are racists, but didn’t know it. Now they know.

One of the parents watched the meeting, and was shocked. He made a video of Atwater’s remarks and posted it on YouTube:


The video alarmed parents across the city of Hermosa Beach. At the May 12 School Board meeting, parents flooded the Board with angry emails, which the Superintendent read aloud. Parents were livid about Critical Race Theory being taught to children, and especially Atwater’s offensive teaching methods. Coincidentally, Atwater was also there to give a presentation to the Board.

The Board members were very condescending to the parents’ concerns, and simply called them “fearful.” “I encourage the community to come together on this, so they’ll become more comfortable,” one Board member said. Atwater, true to her Marxist roots, described this process as a “journey” and quoted Lenin, saying that it would be, “two steps forward, one step back.” The Board then thanked Atwater for her “great definition of leadership” in this matter. It was like spitting in the face of the worried parents.

At the May 12 School Board meeting, the Superintendent (bottom) reads the angry emails to the Board members - and the public.

To try and mitigate the situation, the Superintendent sent a letter to all the school district parents. It used the kind of “educrat-speak” that everyone dislikes:

During the May 12 Board meeting, some Hermosa Beach residents and parents raised concern over the school district hiring a consultant, Dr. Sheri Atwater … Our goal as educators, and I believe as a school community, is to ensure that school is a place where opportunities are available for all students, regardless of label … Dr. Atwater is working with staff to support our goal to meet the needs of all students.

But parents weren’t buying it.

The video goes viral – and makes international news!

Over the next few weeks, the parent’s video of Atwater went viral around the world.  

On May 17, The College Fix did an article exposing it. Then on May 21, Laura Ingraham did a scathing commentary on it during her national Fox News TV show. (Note: The video of that segment is not accessible, only the transcript and a screenshot.)

Laura Ingraham brought the story across America!

The following day, the Daily Mail out of the United Kingdom did an article on Ingraham’s coverage.

... Then it reached Europe!

It was wonderful! People from across the United States – and beyond – became focused on what Hermosa Beach was about to do to their young students.

A victory!

A few days after that, it was quietly reported that Dr. Sheri Atwater had decided not to take the job. On May 27 the Superintendent sent out this email:

As I shared last week, the Board of Education received public comment that raised concern over the school district hiring a consultant, Dr. Sheri Atwater. Dr. Atwater was hired to facilitate staff discussions and professional development around HBCSD's emphasis on equity and inclusion.

Unfortunately, a national cable news outlet and other online media continued to broadcast a short video clip of Dr. Atwater speaking in an Equity Task Force meeting, the video purposely edited to misconstrue her message and meaning in a long, thoughtful conversation. This misinformation attracted national debate and because of it, Dr. Atwater has experienced concerns for her safety and well-being, also affecting her core professional responsibilities as a professor with Loyola Marymount University. As a consequence, she has decided to not move forward as an external consultant for HBCSD.

This is very disingenuous - but par for the course for dishonest school officials. The video did not "misconstrue her message and meaning." Anyone watching her entire frightening remarks would would see that it was a very fair representation. It's also insulting to suggest that she would have to fear for her safety. It sounds like she wants to be "safe" from having to explain herself to parents!

In any case, parents are breathing a sigh of relief that she's gone. It is a huge psychological victory against this arrogant School Board. But there’s still work to do. The whole Critical Race Theory train needs to be derailed in Hermosa Beach. We’re going to help them work on that.

Final thoughts

It’s a common situation where parents see what’s going on and are very upset, but don’t do anything about it. MassResistance is proud that Arthur Schaper was able to inspire the parents to act – and equip them with tactics.

A few of the parents made a point of thanking us for that! One mother said:

Arthur helped inspire the team to go after the School Board. We would not have been following exactly what was going in the school district if Arthur had strongly encouraged us to do that. He gave the Hermosa Beach activists tips and directions on what to do to take on the School Board: reach out to residents, write emails, file FOIA requests, and more!

Another local resident wrote us:

I wish to tell you how much I admire the work of Arthur Schaper. I will tell you up front that in the beginning, I was not a fan. What I discovered after some time was that Arthur had the courage of his convictions and over time I switched to being a fan. Slowly he changed my mind and I began to admire him.

Most recently, Arthur said in a polite way that I was not stepping up. I had my reasons for not stepping up, but I thought about what he said. The end result was that I did finally step up in my own way. It was because of Arthur that I mustered the courage to speak up.

Please give Arthur a pat on the back for his efforts. His work is not going unnoticed in my tiny community of Hermosa Beach, CA.

We’re thrilled that MassResistance was able to make a difference!

Please help us continue to do our uncompromising work!

Our successes depend on people like you.

Donate to MassResistance

Your support will make the difference!

Judge Blocks Biden’s Anti-white Farm Program. Gov’t Can’t Forgive Loans Only for Minorities

Judge Blocks Biden’s Anti-white Farm Program. Gov’t Can’t Forgive Loans Only for Minorities



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

A federal court has bluntly shut down the Biden administration’s plan to discriminate against white farmers by creating a loan forgiveness program only for blacks and other minorities.

In a temporary restraining order issued June 10, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin blocked the Agriculture Department’s Farm Services Agency from forgiving the loans pursuant to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The law sought to help farmers supposedly affected by the China Virus pandemic.

Judge William C. Griesbach sharply stated Biden and his agriculture bureaucrats cannot discriminate against whites.

Not So Fast, Biden

The five original plaintiffs, all white farmers, argued that ARPA’s provision trespasses the Constitution’s prohibition of racial discrimination.

As the FSA said of the program, “the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 provides historic debt relief to socially disadvantaged producers including Black/African American, American Indian or Alaskan native, Hispanic or Latino, and Asian American or Pacific Islander.”

Tranlsation: Whitey need not apply.

Argued the white farmers:

While Defendants’ public statements about ARPA describe their generalized goal of ending “systemic racism,” such broad goals do not override the constitutional ban on race discrimination. In fact, the Supreme Court has “rejected the interest in remedying societal discrimination because it had no logical stopping point. … In short, “[t]he way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” …

The liberty protected by the Fifth Amendment’s Due Process Clause contains within it the prohibition against denying to any person the equal protection of the laws. …

The racial classifications under Section 1005 of ARPA are unconstitutional because they violate the Equal Protection guarantee in the United States Constitution.

The number of plaintiffs grew to 12 before the judge ruled.

Court Agrees

The court issued the temporary restraining order (TRO) because the white plaintiffs are likely to succeed in their claim, Judge Griesbach wrote.

Though the defendants “point to statistical and anecdotal evidence of a history of discrimination within the agricultural industry,” that doesn’t justify harming whites:

Defendants cannot rely on a “generalized assertion that there has been past discrimination in an entire industry” and they “have no evidence of intentional discrimination by the USDA in the implementation of the recent agriculture subsidies and pandemic relief efforts.

Nor did Biden and his anti-white subalterns “establish that it has a compelling interest in remedying the effects of past and present discrimination through the distribution of benefits on the basis of racial classifications.”

Even better, the judge explained that “the obvious response to a government agency that claims it continues to discriminate against farmers because of their race or national origin is to direct it to stop: It is not to direct it to intentionally discriminate against others on the basis of their race and national origin.”

Biden “cannot discriminate on the basis of race.”

Though the administration argues that loan forgiveness is meant to help “socially-disadvantaged farmers affected by COVID-19,” Griesbach wrote, “it does not provide relief based on losses sustained during the pandemic.”

Instead, the only consideration in determining whether a farmer or rancher’s loans should be completely forgiven is the person’s race or national origin. Plaintiffs are completely excluded from participation in the program based on their race. If the Court does not issue an injunction, the USDA will spend the allocated money and forgive the loans of minority farmers while the case is pending and will have no incentive to provide similar relief on an equitable basis to others. Plaintiffs are excluded from the program based on their race and are thus experiencing discrimination at the hands of their government.

The judge ruled that white farmers “have established a strong likelihood” the loan forgiveness section of ARPA is unconstitutional.

Though Biden’s side said any TRO should apply only to the plaintiffs, the judge disagreed and issued a nationwide injunction:

Defendants’ proposal to set aside funds to pay off any of Plaintiffs’ qualified loans is unworkable. If the USDA forgave Plaintiffs’ loans, it would be required to forgive every farmer’s loan, since the only criteria for loan forgiveness is the applicant’s race. Plaintiffs estimate that this would increase the cost of the program to $400 billion. In addition, nothing would prevent Plaintiffs from amending the complaint to add other farmers and ranchers as plaintiffs to this action. To ensure that Plaintiffs receive complete relief and that similarly-situated nonparties are protected, a universal temporary restraining order in this case is proper.

The ruling means Biden and Vilsack “are enjoined from forgiving any loans” under the unconstitutional law.

Biden’S BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT Nominee ‘Collaborated With Eco-Terrorists’

Biden BLM Nominee 'Collaborated With Eco-Terrorists' in the 1990s

MT nominee for national BLM director faces tough questions from GOP senators



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Tracy Stone-Manning, Joe Biden’s nominee to serve as head of the Bureau of Land Management, should fit right in with the rest of the crazies on Biden’s environmental team.

Stone-Manning was caught participating in a plot to “spike” spruce trees in Idaho. She gave testimony at the trial of one of her fellow eco-terrorists and was granted immunity.

Spiking trees is a favorite tactic of radical eco-terrorists and has been known to severely injure several loggers who had the misfortune of cutting into a tree that had been spiked.

Biden’s proposed head of the BLM would be responsible for administering federal lands. Its purpose is “to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.” Stone-Manning apparently doesn’t believe that we need trees for anything except homes for squirrels.

What sets eco-terrorists apart is that they swear they don’t want to hurt anyone.

New York Post:

In 1993, Biden’s nominee to head up BLM, Tracy Stone-Manning, was granted legal immunity for her testimony that she retyped and sent an anonymous letter to the U.S. Forest Service on behalf of John P. Blount, her former roommate and friend, those documents reveal.

The letter told the Forest Service that 500 pounds of “spikes measuring 8 to 10 inches in length” had been jammed into the trees of an Idaho forest.

“The sales were marked so that no workers would be injured and so that you a–holes know that they are spiked,” read the letter obtained by Fox News. “The majority of the trees were spiked within the first ten feet, but many, many others were spiked as high as a hundred and fifty feet.”

“P.S., You bastards go in there anyway and a lot of people could get hurt,” the note concluded.

As I said, she fits right in with the other mafiosos in the Biden administration.

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The man who actually wrote the letter, John Blount, ended up being convicted and spent 17 months in prison. Not only is Stone-Manning a terrorist, but she’s also a snitch who turned states’ evidence to save her own skin.

All in all, a lovely human being. The White House sure thinks so.

“Thirty years ago, Tracy testified against someone who had attempted to cause harm by spiking trees,” the source said. “She had been approached by a man with a warning letter, which she sent to the U.S. Forest Service because she did not want anyone to get hurt,” an administration source told Fox News.

“She has always been honest and transparent about this matter, which has been covered by the media for decades, and ultimately testified against the responsible individual, who was convicted,” they continued. “She has spent her adult life and career achieving cooperative solutions to western land and water challenges, and has never condoned any action that could lead to injury to anyone.”

She wasn’t “approached by a man” — the man was her ex-roommate. And she sent the letter to the forest service not out of any altruistic motives but as a clear threat. So much for honesty and transparency.

It’s a small point, but shouldn’t the head of the Bureau of Land Management actually, like, manage the lands for everyone, including loggers? Not if you’re a radical green terrorist bent on protecting every tree from the woodsman’s ax.


HUGE: Significant Election Irregularities Exposed in Fulton County, Georgia



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Documents from Fulton County, Georgia, that were submitted to state officials for the election audit “highlight significant irregularities in the Atlanta area during last November’s voting, ranging from identical vote tallies repeated multiple times to large batches of absentee ballots that appear to be missing from the official ballot-scanning records,” reports Just The News.

Thousands of ballots are potentially impacted by these irregularities, suggesting they could be results-changing, as Joe Biden’s state-certified victory in the state was by fewer than 12,000 votes.

Just The News reviewed memos that included “handwritten tally sheets for all absentee ballots counted by the county as well as a private report from a contractor hired by Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to monitor the Atlanta-area election process.”

The report, which chronicled seven days of problems, recorded troubling behavior like the mysterious removal of a suitcase of sensitive election data known as polls pads, used to authenticate voters.

“Learn that Rick reprogramming poll pads earlier was setting up a new precinct for SC11 because someone took the wrong suitcase but only took one,” the contractor Seven Hills Strategy wrote late on Nov. 2, the night before Election Day. “Seems to be a mystery who this person was –> Should have chain of custody paperwork!! That means that a stranger just walked out with sensitive election materials?”

The contractor also observed that sensitive election materials were left on a dock at a warehouse without supervision. “Several cases (including SC11) were just left out on the loading dock outside the warehouse,” he wrote. “Thankfully the seals were intact.”

Last month, Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero unsealed approximately 145,000 Fulton County absentee ballots from the 2020 election, approving them for an audit. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported at the time that the audit “cannot change the election results, which were certified months ago and have already been confirmed by multiple recounts. But the plaintiffs say an examination of ballots would get to the bottom of what they see as suspicious activity by election officials at State Farm Arena in November.”

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Lawyer Bob Cheeley, who’s leading the audit, told Just the News that the evidence he’s seen so far points to “election tabulation malpractice,” though experts and state election officials disagree on whether the evidence is proof of fraud or gross incompetence. They are, however, mostly united in the opinion that top election supervisors in Fulton County should be removed.

Just The News reviewed the Fulton County documents.

Among the problems those memos exposed:

  • More than 100 batches of absentee ballots — each containing approximately 100 or more ballots — were assigned tracking numbers before being sent to one of the five absentee vote-counting machines in Fulton County but are not subsequently recorded in the handwritten logs showing which batches were scanned and counted, raising concerns the ballots may be missing.
  • More than two dozen batches of absentee ballots were identified as having been double-scanned on the tally sheets.
  • Five sequential batches of absentee votes each appeared with the exact same vote count of 392 for Biden, 96 for President Donald Trump, and 3 for Libertarian Jo Jorgensen, a count that state officials admitted was a statistical impossibility.
  • Many control sheets for absentee ballot batches counted during the state’s audit did not check a box indicating the ballot came from a secure container, raising the possibility that ballots were stored insecurely or that multiple batches of ballots were sealed in a single container.

Fulton County’s paperwork is also so “shoddy” that one state official said it left open the possibility that fraud or misconduct occurred. “An audit is only as good as the data that’s input, and in this case, Fulton County’s records are so problematic I’m not sure a reasonable person can trust them,” the official said. “When you add in the reports of ballots magically appearing under tables or being moved out of the counting center, there are legitimate outstanding questions.”

Hypothetically speaking, if the Maricopa County, Ariz., audit and the Fulton County, Ga., audit both found enough fraud to change the results in those states, Joe Biden’s lead in the Electoral College would shrink to 279, and Trump’s Electoral College vote count would be 259—which would still not be enough to alter the results of the election. Another audit may be coming to Pennsylvania. If an audit finds results-changing fraud in Pennsylvania, which the Trump campaign alleges happened, that would mean that Trump’s true Electoral College vote total in 2020 would have been 279, to Joe Biden’s 259. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that the 2020 election would be invalidated and Trump would assume the presidency again.

“The election was lawless, six states allowed their delegates to vote by false certifications, but the [Electoral College] process happened,” explained Jenna Ellis, Trump’s former legal adviser. “The Constitution has only one process for removal of a sitting president: impeachment and conviction.”

“The best thing we can do as constitutionalists moving forward is to ensure this utter disregard for states’ election laws never happens again,” Ellis continued. “That’s why election integrity is the number one issue facing America today.”

ST. LOUIS’ Racist Mayor: Tishaura Jones



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Editor's note: This is the 7th part in Frontpage Mag's new series on Racist Mayors. (See previous parts below this article). Stay tuned for more installments.

The murder rate in St. Louis, Missouri, which is at a 50-year high, is reportedly the highest in the country. Tishaura Jones, who became St. Louis’s first African American female mayor last April, rejects the notion that it is the individuals who commit the violent crimes who should be held fully responsible for their crimes and serve their sentences in prison.  Jones, a radical leftist who has been described as a “champion of Black Lives Matter,” believes that society is responsible. She blames “systemic racism” and poverty as the root causes of the rampant crime afflicting her city. The newly elected mayor believes the answers to the crime problem in St. Louis are to cut the police department budget, close a jail, end cash bail, mandate mental health evaluations for police officers, and send social workers in response to 911 calls.

In one of her first decisions as mayor, Jones proposed an initial $4 million reduction in the St. Louis Police Department budget, including the elimination of 98 officers’ positions from the police force. “More police doesn't prevent crime,” Jones asserted last month. Nevertheless, in the typical leftwing hypocrisy of “rules for thee but not for me,” Mayor Jones “doubled the number of police officers on her personal security team,” according to the Police Tribune. While “Jones is beefing up her personal security,” the Police Tribune added, “she doesn’t seem as worried about the security of her voters.”

Former St. Louis Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards, an African American, said last year that protesters outraged over police brutality against African Americans are ignoring the main issue involving the loss of black lives to crime. “Black-on-black crime--we run away from it like it doesn't happen," Edwards said. Jones rejects this premise out of hand, despite the overwhelming evidence that supports Edwards’ statement of fact. Jones' rush to blame a supposedly white-controlled racist system for the crimes rather than the perpetrators themselves - too often blacks killing or maiming other blacks - is racist in itself.

During her campaign for mayor, Jones tweeted that she planned on replacing Edwards because “it's time for a new direction. We'll put the public back in public safety, we'll make sure that police aren't the only response when you call 9-1-1, and we'll lead with prevention-first.” Edwards resigned before the April 2021 mayoral election.

As Matthew Vadum noted in his May 29th FrontPage article, “Jones’s campaign, which focused on ‘progressive’ criminal justice reforms, was unabashedly racist.” For example, Jones proudly tweeted on March 30th essentially what she had said during her debate with her liberal white female opponent: “A white person doesn’t have to have the ‘talk’ with their children. While I appreciate the role of white allies in this movement of progress, I don’t believe they have the lived experience to lead a majority-minority City right now.”

Jones racially stereotyped white parents and children as being too “privileged” to bother having a serious “talk” about crime.

Moreover, in Tishaura Jones’ racially divided world of "oppressors" versus the "oppressed," whites have no business running St. Louis solely because they are of the wrong skin color. Jones reiterated this message during her victory lap as Mayor-Elect. During a CNN interview on April 8th, Jones said that “what I heard from voters is that they are ready for a black woman to lead this city, that a black woman has lived experiences that others do not.” Jones is a purveyor of racist identity politics.

This wasn’t Jones’ first run for mayor. “St. Louis is the epicenter of Black Lives Matter,” Jones declared back in 2017 when she ran against and lost to a white female, Lyda Krewson, who chose not to run for re-election in 2021. After winning this time against another white female opponent, Jones spitefully declined to invite Krewson to her April 20th inaugural ceremony – breaking a decades-old tradition.

Mayor Jones is now busy making St. Louis City Hall the epicenter of Black Lives Matter and its anti-white, far-left progressive platform. Jones is also trying to do the same with the St. Louis Public Schools Board of Education, filling a vacant seat with a 25-year old pro-Back Lives Matter activist named Alisha Sonnier.

Sonnier made her mark as a leftwing agitator when she helped lead a student week-long occupation of a portion of Saint Louis University’s campus in 2014. Just seven years later, the young activist ran for a seat on the Board of Education. The only candidate out of ten whom Jones endorsed during the campaign was Sonnier, who lost anyway. Not to worry as far as Jones was concerned. After Jones won her own campaign for mayor, she used her current appointment power to have Sonnier fill a remaining vacant seat on the Board of Education.

Three weeks prior to the announcement of Sonnier’s appointment to the Board of Education on May 11th, Sonnier tweeted “that it’s time we look at how systematic oppression, capitalism & other structural inequities are negatively impacting us all & we’re overdue for systematic changes.”

Less than two weeks after her appointment, Sonnier tweeted enthusiastically about an event she attended where she had the opportunity to discuss “the intersection of white supremacy + class + patriarchy + abortion.” With Sonnier, Mayor Jones’s handpicked leftwing progressive wunderkind on the St. Louis Public Schools Board of Education, some radical changes in education may be right around the corner. St. Louis public school teachers and students could soon see the racist, anti-white critical race theory and the New York Times’ historically distorted “1619 Project” become an integral part of the St. Louis public school curriculum.

Mayor Tishaura Jones blames St. Louis’s out-of-control crime rate on systemic racism and poverty. The police, she believes, are a major part of the problem rather than a key part of the solution. It is estimated that the homicide rate per 100,000 in 2020 was 87.2. If systemic racism and poverty are the long-term root causes of crime as Jones and her Black Lives Matter allies claim, how do they explain the much lower homicide rate between 1997 and 2001, when a former African American mayor who had previously served as chief of police was in charge? It's worth looking back for a moment to get some perspective on Jones's racially divisive agenda as the third African American elected mayor in St. Louis.

During Clarence Harmon’s one term as the second African American elected mayor in St. Louis, the average homicide rate per 100,000 was under 40. Harmon’s predecessor, Freeman R. Bosley Jr., was the first African American elected mayor in St. Louis, whom Harmon defeated in the March 1997 mayoral Democratic primary. During Bosley Jr.’s one term, the homicide rate per 100,000 exceeded 50. After Harmon completed his term and brought the homicide rate down by approximately 20 percent, the rate did not rise above 50 again until 2015.

Bosley Jr. and Harmon had widely divergent approaches to dealing with crime and race, which first played out when Harmon resigned out of frustration as St. Louis’s police chief in 1995 while Bosley Jr. was mayor. Harmon felt that he was not getting enough support as police chief from Bosley Jr., who tended to look at the police through a racial prism. Harmon decided instead to run in 1997 against Bosley, Jr., who was seeking a second term as mayor.

During their 1997 primary campaign for mayor against each other, Bosley Jr.’s father, Alderman Freeman Bosley Sr., called Harmon a ``rented Negro.″  Bosley Jr.’s campaign was built around such racial polarization, casting Harmon as the white establishment candidate. Harmon ran his campaign as a coalition builder seeking racial rapport. ”The best representation is provided for all the people,” Harmon said. ”Everybody has to feel included.”

The voters in St. Louis back then were turned off by the racially tinged rhetoric of Bosley Jr.’s campaign. They felt more confident voting for the law and order candidate with a strong police background and sent Bosley Jr. packing. After Harmon won the general election the next month against two white opponents, he said "I'm ready to start the healing process beginning with this moment, the healing process St. Louis so desperately needs."

Fast forward to 2021. Tishaura Jones ran a racially charged, anti-police campaign. Rather than seek to heal racial divisions in her city after she won the election, Jones is using her office to widen the racial divide. That’s how leftwing progressive racists roll. 

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