The Five Biggest Bombshells (So Far) From Fauci’s Emails



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The release of thousands of Dr. Fauci’s emails as the result of a Freedom of Information Act request has given us a trove of information about Fauci’s behind-the-scenes actions during the pandemic. And there are quite a few bombshells. Below are five key bombshells I’ve identified, though I’m sure more will be coming to light soon.

5. Fauci ignored advice to prevent shutdowns and widespread panic

In mid-March, Fauci received excellent advice on the proper messaging that should have been done on COVID-19, which Fauci promptly ignored. “The problem right now is that the media has created a panic,” wrote someone named Mike Betts, who has not yet been identified. “Last night my wife and I went to the local whole foods and many of the shelves were empty and healthy younger people were wearing masks. The message is not getting out that the virus is almost solely dangerous to the elderly and immunosuppressed. [Why aren’t the demographics being released? That in itself could calm many people.] With my suggestions, exposures to them would be diminished, significantly reducing the number of deaths, as well as potential impact on hospitals.”

Betts urged isolating the vulnerable population and understanding that “the mortality rate for people outside of that group is likely lower than the flu.”

“Of course, while this occurs we are working on finding treatments and vaccines. Bud sending home workers who have next to no likelihood of being significantly impacted by this virus is ridiculous.”

Betts added, “The virus hits hardest the old and infirm, two groups that are most likely NOT to even be in the workforce.”

Why did Fauci ignore this advice? Had Fauci listened, damage to the economy would have been limited.

4. Fauci knew of the NIH’s ties to gain-of-function research abroad

On February 1, 2020, Fauci sent an email to NIH Principal Deputy Director Hugh Auchincloss with the subject line “IMPORTANT” and an attachment labeled “Baric, Shi et al – Nature medicine – SARS Gain of function.pdf.” The undeniably urgent-sounding message informed Auchincloss that it was “essential” for them to speak soon. “Hugh: It is essential that we speak this AM. Keep your cell phone on. I have a conference call at 7:45 AM with [HHS Secretary Alex] Azar. It likely will be over at 8:45 AM. Read this paper as well as the e-mail that I will forward to you now. You will have tasks today that must be done. Thanks, Tony.”

Auchincloss replied and told him, “The paper you sent me says the experiments were performed before the gain of function pause but have since been reviewed and approved by NIH. Not sure what that means since Emily is sure that no Coronavirus work has gone through the P3 framework. Ste will try to determine if we have any distant ties to this work abroad.”

Fauci had publicly denied the NIH was funding gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

3. Fauci was told COVID-19 may have been engineered

We were all aware of Fauci’s recent flip-flop on the origins of COVID-19, but what was made more clear from the release of the emails was that Fauci had been told in the early days of the pandemic that COVID-19 had “unusual features” that “potentially look engineered.”

“On a phylogenetic tree the virus looks totally normal and the close clustering with bats suggest that bats serve as the reservoir. The unusual features of the virus make up a really small part of the genome (<0.1%) so one has to look really closely at all the sequences to see that some of the features (potentially) look engineered,” NIH scientist Kristian Andersen told him on February 1, 2020. Not long after, Anderson was one of the authors of a study that totally discounted the lab-leak theory.

Yet, Fauci publicly and others publicly dismissed this idea publicly, suggesting they were, in fact, part of a cover-up.

2. Fauci said face masks don’t keep out the virus

“Masks are really for infected people to protect them from spreading infection to people who are not infected rather than protecting uninfected people from acquiring infection,” Fauci wrote on February 5, 2020. “The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through the material.”

Fauci went from saying masks weren’t necessary, to recommending them, to recommending goggles, and even double-masking. Clearly, science wasn’t a key factor in his recommendations.

1. Fauci said COVID would “decline on its own” without a vaccine

What really gets me about this one is that Trump was (and still is) mocked for once suggesting that COVID-19 would eventually disappear. But this is essentially what Fauci said himself. “Social distancing is not really geared to wait for a vaccine,” he said on March 2, 2020. “The major point is to prevent easy spread of infections in schools (closing them), crowded events such as theaters, stadiums (cancel events), workplaces (do teleworking where possible). States and localities make these decisions, not the Federal Government. The goal of social distancing is to prevent a single person who is infected to readily spread to several others, which is facilitated by close contact in crowds.”

“Close proximity of people will keep the R0 higher than 1 and even as high as 2 to 3,” he continued. “If we can get the R0 to less than 1, the epidemic will gradually decline on its own without a vaccine.”

Well, luckily, President Trump made it possible for three vaccines to be developed in less than a year.



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UK: Rotherham police only secured charges in 1 out of 34 Muslim rape gang cases



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There has been no justice for these victims, only politically correct maneuvering by authorities in Britain’s so-called justice system, which appears to be primarily interested in protecting Muslim perpetrators. The intent has been to avoid the label of “Islamophobia” and provide cover for these mostly Pakistani Muslim men. As a result, they continue to escape justice, and are given the green light to continue “grooming” infidel girls. It has also been happening to Sikh girls for decades.

The Network of Sikh Organisations “called on the media to stop referring to grooming gangs that are predominantly comprised of perpetrators from a Pakistani Muslim Pakistani as ‘Asian’, which inaccurately incorporates much of the British Hindu and Sikh communities.”

“Rotherham Police Secure Charges in Only 1-in-34 Child Sex Abuse Cases,” by Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, May 31, 2021:

The British police force which oversaw the Rotherham “grooming gangs” child rape scandal is securing charges for just one in 34 crimes flagged as having links to Child Sexual Exploitation, it has been revealed.

All told, South Yorkshire Police secured just 16 charges out of some 540 crimes officers flagged as Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) related, according to data secured by The Times through the Freedom of Information Act.

West Midlands Police, which has been slated for a wide variety of so-called “grooming” gang failures over the years, disclosed an only marginally less embarrassing figure of one in 28 offences linked to Child Sexual Exploitation resulting in a charge.

Across all 34 police forces which responded to the Freedom of Information requests from The Times, the average number of crimes flagged as having CSE links which “resulted in a charge or summons” was a mere one in 14.

“The low charge rate staggers me. My concern is that known perpetrators are slipping through the net. We need absolutely zero tolerance for this crime,” commented Sarah Champion, a Member of Parliament for the left-wing Labour party whose frontbench career as a shadow government minister was swiftly ended after she wrote an article saying that “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls.”

“We will actively continue to investigate all CSE reports and take any action possible to prosecute and disrupt the perpetrators who commit these despicable acts,” claimed South Yorkshire Police in a statement quoted by The Times, in defiance of what appears to be statistical evidence to the contrary.

Less than a week ago, The Times reported on internal reports which found there is “little evidence of the exploiters being investigated” by West Yorkshire Police, with South Yorkshire Police being one of a number of forces refusing to disclose the findings of internal reports on their handling of child sexual abuse cases….

“Satanic Conspiracy”? Yes, Says Author Charles Moscowitz



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There is a “satanic conspiracy” that has been operating since the beginning of time, warned author and longtime radio host Charles Moscowitz in this interview with The New American Senior Editor Alex Newman. The new book by Moscowitz, headlined “The Satanic Conspiracy: The Specter Haunting Mankind,” begins his work by proving God exists and then goes on to explain why there is evil in the world. Moscowitz, a Jew who writes from a Jewish perspective, also shares his views on secret societies. Finally, he explains what he thinks everyone can do to combat the evil that has been permeating society.

Not Created Equal: Biden’s Racist Farm Loan Relief Reverses Course on Color-Blind Protections



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

State-sanctioned racism is back and undisguised. Buried in the recent $2 trillion spending package that was supposed to be about Covid relief is a $4 billion loan forgiveness program that explicitly denies eligibility to farmers and ranchers based on their race. 

The Biden administration’s American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 specifically provides automatic loan forgiveness of up to 120 percent of the loan amount for farmers and ranchers, unless they are white. The USDA also intends to allow non-white farmers to re-apply for new loans through the federal program, while specifically excluding white farmers.

Despite sixty years of progress eliminating racial discrimination by governments and court-backed mandates ensuring color-blind access under the law, the recent race-based loan forgiveness program is a blatant reemergence of state-sanctioned racism. The Washington Post reports that the payments begin in June. In its coverage, the Post acknowledges that some “argue that the relief is a form of reverse discrimination.” 

What an odd characterization. There is no “reverse discrimination.” There is only discrimination. Discrimination doesn’t travel in a direction and so it cannot go in reverse. Discrimination stays in one place and it is firmly in the neighborhood of the wrong. It will always face hostility in America, and it should.

That is why we, alongside our friends at Mountain States Legal Foundationsued on behalf of a hardworking Wyoming rancher who is ineligible purely because of her skin color. The Southeastern Legal Foundation and the MSLF filed the lawsuit in the District of Wyoming on behalf of Leisl Carpenter, a sixth-generation rancher. Her family has been ranching in Big Laramie Valley since they emigrated to the United States in 1862.

Ms. Carpenter’s sole source of income comes from ranching. She runs the ranch’s 2,400 acres, selling weaned grass hay and running 500 plus head of cattle.

Like many ranchers, the COVID-19 pandemic has financially impacted Ms. Carpenter and the Flying Heart Ranch. To help farmers and ranchers weather the pandemic, Congress decided that it was going to forgive federal farm loans – erasing the full amount of the loan and sending the forgiven debtor 20 percent of the loan’s value in cash to cover any resulting income tax liability.

But unlike other ranchers, Ms. Carpenter does not qualify for loan forgiveness because of the color of her skin.

The founding of an entire country based on a common ideology, not a racial identity, was such a blazingly radical idea that it took the entire world by storm. It was a literal “revolution, and yet Americans considered the idea so obvious that we labeled it as “self-evident” in the Declaration of Independence. All Men Are Created Equal. That’s America’s Best Idea.

We haven’t always lived up to this idea. We have always had those in our midst who think that our Best Idea cannot possibly be taken literally. That’s our Worst Idea. State-sanctioned racism has far too often been a feature of American life. The most recent iteration is the fashionable idea that equality must take a back seat to ensure equal outcomes, or “equity.”

Our Best Idea has always needed defenders. America’s horrible Civil War—a second revolution of sorts—was about reconciling the contradiction of slavery with our founding ideals. And when Jim Crow arose as a way to deny equality based on race, it necessitated a third revolution, or what we think of as the civil rights era, or Dr. King’s dream of a nation in which individuals would be judged on the basis of their character, and not the color of their skin.

State-sanctioned racism does not belong in the same land as the Declaration of Independence. Its self-evident truth is no longer revolutionary, but it still is under attack. Its ideals remain our Best Idea and are worth defending.

JOURNALIST Andy Ngo Beaten, Hunted Like an Animal in Portland

Andy Ngo attacked by Antifa in Portland full statement



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Journalist Andy Ngo confirms it was he who was beaten on Friday night by an antifa and Black Lives Matter terror cell, which was marauding, setting fires, and vandalizing downtown Portland in “honor” of the “anniversary” of George Floyd riots.

Ngo confirmed the attack on his Twitter feed on Wednesday night after staying silent on his social media since it happened.

In a series of tweets, Ngo wrote:

No journalist in America should ever face violence for doing his or her job.

Yet on Friday, May 28, Antifa tried to kill me again while I was reporting on the ongoing protests and riots in Portland, Ore. for a new chapter of my… book, “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.”

I was chased, attacked and beaten by a masked mob, baying for my blood. Had I not been able to shelter wounded and bleeding inside a hotel while they beat the doors and windows like animals, there is…no doubt in my mind I would not be here today. Their words, like their actions, speak for themselves.

Ngo included photos of tweets from Antifa and BLM comrades and sympathizers who telegraphed his position, knowing he would be hurt – or worse.

After seeing Ngo’s whereabouts on Twitter, a head-hunting cell broke off the main Antifa/BLM group and outed Ngo, chasing him for blocks. According to Antifa's own “journalists” they jumped and beat the reporter before he found safety in a downtown hotel. Staff protected the terrified Ngo while police scrambled to surround The Nines hotel. Militants screamed epithets at the hotel staff and Ngo, while trying to break into the posh hotel.

Related:‘They’re Trying to Kill Me.’ A Portland Antifa Death Squad Goes Head Hunting for Andy Ngo and Somebody Gets a Beatdown

Ngo, the author of the book Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy America, and an editor-at-large at The Post Millennial, was in Portland to observe and report on the radical groups during the anniversary of their days of rage in the summer of 2020 – or as those familiar with the French Revolution know them, the “Reign of Terror.” Ngo has moved to Europe because of Antifa threats.

As I reported at PJ Media, there is a long list of victims on Antifa and BLM’s hit list, starting with journalist Mike Strickland, who in 2016 was attacked by Antifa and BLM thugs. Strickland pulled a gun, never firing a shot, but managed to stave off the masked mob. Ngo, a witness, testified at Strickland’s trial. That’s right, Strickland was put on trial for pulling a gun (and never firing a shot) to keep Antifa and BLM from beating him – or worse.

Antifa is not above political assassination, of course, because one of its members actually committed at least one. An Antifa “security” assassin lay in wait last summer after a Trump rally in downtown Portland to kill a Trump supporter in cold blood.

Related: Man Suspected of Gunning Down Trump Supporter in Portland Is Killed When Marshals Try to Arrest Him

You may not have heard about that assassination. There’s a reason for that, as I’ve explained at PJ Media before.

Ngo insisted in his series of tweets that reporting is not a crime punishable by beatings or death.

Antifa wants me dead because I document what they want to stay hidden. The attacks against me and threats on my life are retribution for my work as a journalist, recording the tactics and true ideology of an extremist clandestine movement that relies on deception and regards…the truth as the greatest threat of all. They want the right to hide their identities behind masks, and erase records of their arrests and alleged crimes. They want me dead for capturing these things and reporting on them.

Ngo said what should be obvious to everyone – except Vladimir Putin: you don’t kill journalists for reporting.

But it is the right of every journalist, protected…and preserved by the founding fathers, to report freely without fear. I was forced to flee my home in Portland last year as the death threats escalated but returned recently to take care of my elderly family.

Ngo, whose parents escaped to the U.S. after America bugged out of the Vietnam War, brought up the Portland antifa/BLM comrades’ attacks on Asians.

When I engaged in field reporting for my book, I did what every…beat reporter would do: I took care to mitigate the risks and went to observe Antifa first-hand during a demonstration at the Justice Center. Like many other journalists Antifa has tried to silence and intimidate through violence and threats, I had to cover my face and eyes…to do my job and stay alive. As the Asian son of Vietnamese immigrants, I also have to be mindful of Antifa’s attacks on multiple people of East Asian origin.

Ngo stated that “the truth” is the “greatest threat of all” to organized communists such as antifa and BLM.

They want to hide behind masks, and erase records of their arrests and alleged crimes. They want me dead for capturing these thing and reporting on them. But it is the right of every journalist, protected and preserved by the founding fathers, to report freely without fear. I was forced to flee my home in Portland last year as death threats escalated, but returned recently to take care of my elderly family.

Ngo went to the hospital after the attack reportedly secreted away from the hotel in an ambulance. He suffered multiple injuries from the beating.

Here’s hoping every single one of those thugs is found, prosecuted, and made to pay for their attack.

And here’s hoping that prosecutors and others who went after Mike Strickland for trying to save himself revisit his case and expunge his record. It’s the least they could do.

State Department Tried to Block Investigation of Lab Leak



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

A report in Vanity Fair details actions by some members of the U.S. State Department to block efforts to investigate the origins of the coronavirus because the inquiry could open “a can of worms.” An internal memo sent to department heads by Thomas DiNanno, former acting assistant secretary of the State Department’s Bureau of Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance, warned: “not to pursue an investigation into the origin of COVID-19.”

The “can of worms” in question was the extensive funding by the U.S. government into the Wuhan Virology Lab’s “gain-of-function” virus research. It’s unclear whether DiNanno was concerned that an investigation would uncover evidence of a lab leak or the extent to which the U.S. was funding dangerous research.

Indeed, there’s a lot more going on with this gain-of-function research than has ever been revealed. There appears to be a powerful lobby within the U.S. government that is heavily invested in the dangerous research and is serious about keeping it quiet. Former CDC chairman Robert Redfield received death threats from fellow scientists after telling CNN that he believed COVID-19 had originated in a lab.

“I was threatened and ostracized because I proposed another hypothesis,” Redfield told Vanity Fair. “I expected it from politicians. I didn’t expect it from science.”

Going back to the beginning of the pandemic, ostracizing and ridiculing those who mentioned the lab-leak theory became common. It stems from a letter published in the medical journal Lancet, as the VF article points out.

On February 19, 2020, The Lancet, among the most respected and influential medical journals in the world, published a statement that roundly rejected the lab-leak hypothesis, effectively casting it as a xenophobic cousin to climate change denialism and anti-vaxxism. Signed by 27 scientists, the statement expressed “solidarity with all scientists and health professionals in China” and asserted: “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin.”

That was enough for the American media, which was in no mood to give Donald Trump a break in reporting on the virus. But why dismiss a hypothesis when no one had gathered any evidence of how the virus originated?

Then came the revelation that the Lancet statement was not only signed but organized by a zoologist named Peter Daszak, who has repackaged U.S. government grants and allocated them to facilities conducting gain-of-function research—among them the WIV itself. David Asher, now a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, ran the State Department’s day-to-day COVID-19 origins inquiry. He said it soon became clear that “there is a huge gain-of-function bureaucracy” inside the federal government.

Daszak, you may recall, is the founder and president of EcoHealth Alliance and was one of the primary investigators hired by the WHO to go to China and discover the origins of the coronavirus, even though he had a conflict of interest in investigating the Wuhan lab due to his arranging U.S. government funding for the lab’s gain-of-function research.

The “gain-of-function bureaucracy” inside the U.S. government was very busy in 2020.

As officials at the meeting discussed what they could share with the public, they were advised by Christopher Park, the director of the State Department’s Biological Policy Staff in the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation, not to say anything that would point to the U.S. government’s own role in gain-of-function research, according to documentation of the meeting obtained by Vanity Fair.

Some of the attendees were “absolutely floored,” said an official familiar with the proceedings. That someone in the U.S. government could “make an argument that is so nakedly against transparency, in light of the unfolding catastrophe, was…shocking and disturbing.”

More disturbing was the role that Park played in lifting the moratorium on funding gain-of-function research.

Park, who in 2017 had been involved in lifting a U.S. government moratorium on funding for gain-of-function research, was not the only official to warn the State Department investigators against digging in sensitive places. As the group probed the lab-leak scenario, among other possibilities, its members were repeatedly advised not to open a “Pandora’s box,” said four former State Department officials interviewed by Vanity Fair. The admonitions “smelled like a cover-up,” said Thomas DiNanno, “and I wasn’t going to be part of it.”

Eventually, efforts to cover up the mystery of the origin of the virus failed, and U.S. intelligence as well as the state department and national security agency are going full bore trying to uncover the truth. They won’t be able to succeed without the full cooperation of the Chinese Communists, which is why there will always be a question of whether the virus occurred naturally and was transmitted to humans as viruses have done for tens of thousands of years, or it was a careless leak in a lab.