Watch: “Create Semblance of Revolution; Chinese Front Organizations”

Subscribe to the JBS Rumble Channel:​ Christian Gomez interviews Trevor Loudon, anticommunist researcher, author, filmmaker, and the host of “Counterpunch with Trevor Loudon,” to discuss America’s most violent and subversive Marxist-Leninist organizations in the United States: Freedom Road Socialist Organization/ Liberation Road and the Workers World Party. Loudon exposes the tactics of these extremist and subversive organizations, which the Left-wing mainstream media along with leftist in government either ignore or protect. Take Action: 1.) Obtain copies of the Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation’s Intelligence Brief 2020 Special Report by calling 1-877-325-COPS 2.) Learn more about and join our Support Your Local Police ad-hoc committees: ▶️ More Related Videos - Create Semblance of Revolution | Sunrise Movement: - Precipitate Mob Violence | Abolish the Police:​ - Semblance of Revolution | Exposing Antifa Tactics: LIKE THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY AND WANT TO GET INVOLVED? HERE ARE SOME NEXT STEPS! 🇺🇸 Become a Member