Museum of the Bible Promotes Pro-Abortion, Pro-Sodomy Pop Star, Taylor Swift


"In August 2017, Swift successfully sued David Mueller, a former morning show personality for Denver's KYGO-FM. Four years earlier, Swift had informed Mueller's bosses that he had sexually assaulted her by groping her at an event. After being fired, Mueller accused Swift of lying and sued her for damages from his loss of employment. Shortly after, Swift counter-sued for sexual assault for a dollar. The jury rejected Mueller's claims and ruled in favor of Swift. Swift thereafter cleared her social media accounts and then released "Look What You Made Me Do" as the lead single from her sixth album, Reputation.[180] The song topped the charts in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, and the U.S."

Politics and activism

"Swift identifies as a feminist and pro-choice. During the 2008 United States presidential election, she promoted the Every Woman Counts campaign, aimed at engaging women in the political process. She was one of many country stars to record a PSA for the Vote (For Your) Country campaign. During her acceptance speech at the Billboard Women in Music summit in 2019, she spoke out against sexism and misogyny. She was one of the founding signatories of the Time's Up movement against sexual harassment. Swift has also spoken out against LGBT discrimination. Following the 2008 murder of openly gay teenager Larry King, she recorded a GLSEN PSA aimed at combating hate crimes. The music video for Swift's anti-bullying song "Mean" deals in part with homophobia in high schools; it was nominated for an MTV VMA social activism award in 2011. After the Orlando nightclub shooting in June 2016, Swift penned a letter to honor the victims. She encouraged support for the Equality Act in a letter addressed to Senator Lamar Alexander and a petition on, which accumulated over 800,000 signatures and responses from the White House and various Democratic legislators. Swift called on the Trump administration to pass the Equality Act at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards and during Pride Live's 2020 Stonewall Day livestream event, where she criticized the 2020 U.S. Census for excluding transgender and non-binary people.

Swift avoided discussing politics in her early career, but she has become politically active since the 2018 United States elections. She has supported the March for Our Lives movement and gun control reform in the U.S. She endorsed candidates for public office for the first time ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, declaring her support for two Democratic candidates to represent Tennessee in the House of Representatives and the Senate. In her endorsement, Swift expressed her desire for greater LGBT rights and gender and racial equality, condemned systemic racism, and encouraged her fans to vote according to their personal values. In August 2020, Swift urged her fans to check their voter registration ahead of elections. reported that 65,000 people had registered to vote within 24 hours of Swift's post, an unprecedented surge even accounting for usual registration increases as deadlines approach. She endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the 2020 United States presidential election and was found to be one of the most influential celebrities in the polls. She lent her song "Only the Young" for use in an advertisement to increase voter turnout.

Swift is a vocal critic of white supremacysystemic racism, and police brutality in the U.S. In May 2020, she called for justice in the deaths of African-American men Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd. Swift shared resources to support the Black Lives Matter movement and an essay written by former President Barack Obama on policy change in the wake of the George Floyd protests, advocating for mail-in voting for the 2020 U.S. elections during the COVID-19 pandemic. She called for the removal of racist Confederate monuments in Tennessee and advocated for Juneteenth to become a national holiday."


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The well-known Museum of the Bible, which may soon need to be renamed “Museum of Idolatry,” recently promoted one of the most notorious pro-sodomy pro-abortion pop stars in the nation, Taylor Swift. On Facebook, the Museum asks the rhetorical question, “do you think there is a Bible reference in her song, Look What You Made Me Do?

Do you know who else referenced Bible verses from time to time? Satan. And demonic is basically the category Taylor Swift falls into. It’s recommended that the Museum of the Bible spend less time hunting for Bible references in the spawn of the anti-Christ and more time promoting the Word of God and the call to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ as savior who actually gave the Apostles the keys to the Kingdom.





"In December 2015, one of Telnaes's animated cartoons became the center of controversy. In response to an ad for the presidential campaign of Republican senator Ted Cruz, which featured his 5- and 7-year old daughters delivering a partisan message and an oblique attack on the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. In her cartoon, Telnaes portrayed the daughters of the senator as monkeys on leashes, with Cruz holding the leashes and grinding an organ. Though the cartoon was taken down from the Washington Post's website, Telnaes stood by it, tweeting "Ted Cruz has put his children in a political ad — don't start screaming when editorial cartoonists draw them as well.""



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

A Washington Post cartoon in the Sunday Opinion section portraying Republicans as “rats” is strikingly similar to a 1939 Nazi propaganda illustration portraying Jews as rats.

Ann Telnaes, the Washington Post’s self-proclaimed “Nasty Woman Pulitzer prize-winning editorial cartoonist,” produced a cartoon eerily similar to the one published in 1939 in the wake of the Anschluss, or the German annexation of Austria in 1938 by the Marxist publication “Das Kleine Blatt”.

The cartoon seeks to intimidate Republicans for following the process bestowed to Americans by the founding fathers to ensure fair elections. Telnaes and her allies seek to dehumanize those who dare to thwart the very evident and well-planned voter fraud that has occurred during the 2020 elections.

Steve Milloy of Junk Science highlighted the images side by side in a Tweet, but it has not stopped leftists from praising the cartoon. “A picture that’s truly worth a thousand words,” gushed Lawrence Tribe, Professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard.

“Ann Telnes does it again,” praised leftist podcaster Amy Siskind. “They are attempting to sink the ‘Ship of State,” lamented actor Tim Matheson. Journalist Dave Keating wrongly and embarrassingly observed that the “rats” cartoon is an illustration of a “shockingly long list of the Republicans in high office who collaborated in the attempted coup in America.”

Salon author Amanda Marcotte sneered: “Honestly, this is an insult to rats.” “Art Director” Chris Rukan at Washington Post Opinions experimented with his alliteration skills, gleefully tweeting that “really RATcheted up the RAT RATio in this RAT-tacular RAT-ravaganza.”

Americans should support those very few people who stand up to the bullying left. They are not “rats,” they are the actual resistance.

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STASI ALERT: German Mayor Releases Video Training Children to Inform on Coronavirus Mask Skeptics



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German Mayor Erik Lierenfeld released a video PSA (public service announcement) instructing children to snitch on those who dare to question the science behind wearing masks. The school children were told to call police if they encounter anyone who denies the effectiveness of masks.

The Mayor of Dormagen warned there will be “crazy” people who try and convince people that masks are not necessary but Germans must stand “united” against them.

Questioning the government and their arbitrary and unscientific coronavirus measures is no longer accepted in Chancellor Angela’s Merkel’s Germany. One must listen to the state, and any questioning of policy is considered criminal.

This is not the first time in the country’s history they used children to persecute and destroy dissenters. The East German ministry for State Security, Stasi, recruited school-age informers to destroy anyone who threatened their power and control. Stasi used child spies to betray their family, friends and acquaintances which led to “thought criminals” being imprisoned, tortured or even murdered. 

In normal left-wing fashion, when parents criticized Mayor Lierenfeld’s he deployed a typical leftist deflection strategy dubbed the “Luke O’Brien Tactic“: Claiming to receive death threats after being called out for ridiculous actions.

Watch Mayor Erik Lierenfeld’s dangerous “public service announcement”:

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Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Hello, dear students. This is your mayor, Erik Lierenfeld, with an important message: 
Wearing a mask is clever!

By doing that you protect yourselves and others.

Since there are people you will meet that will say you won’t have to wear it, that’s complete 
nonsense, so please keep an eye out for people like that, call the police at 1 1 0, call the public 
order office, 2 5 7 5 5 5, and the public order office will also be on the streets.

Don’t let these corona liars and other crazies tell you stories. Please take care of yourselves, 
stay healthy and remain solidly united.


Is Your State On The List? Obama and Holder Hijack the Redistricting Process to Seize Republican Areas



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Take Action! Scroll Down for Details!

With the expressed goal to get Democrats elected in all levels of office, former President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have unleashed an army of trained activists to interfere in redistricting, the electoral map-drawing process that takes place in America every ten years based on the results of the census.

Aggressively exploiting the infrastructure created during Obama’s presidential campaigns, Obama and Holder are fighting to ensure Democrat wins by redrawing America’s electoral maps in a way that benefits democrats and dilutes the republican vote, a process known as “gerrymandering.”

Obama is keenly knowledgeable of gerrymandering, as it was crucial to him winning his own Senate seat.

As reported at RAIR Foundation USA in October, Obama’s gerrymandering organization “All On The Line” (AOTL) (formerly “Obama for America”) is a project of Obama and Eric Holder’s National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC), which was created to “favorably position Democrats for the redistricting process through 2022” according to their own tax documents. The NDRC officially launched eight days before President Donald Trump was sworn into office.

What is Gerrymandering?

Electoral maps are redrawn after every census in a process called “redistricting”. Redrawing maps in a way to favor a political party is referred to as “gerrymandering.” While Obama and Holder accuse the Republican party of gerrymandering, their entire organization is built around strategically drawing maps to benefit democrats.

The left has been skillfully honing their gerrymandering skills for decades through organizations such as IMPAC 2000, a leftist gerrymandering organization founded in October, 1988. The communications director for IMPAC 2000, Greg Speed, currently serves on the Board of Directors for Obama and Holder’s NDRC. Greg Speed is also the President of the deceptively named “America Votes,” an insidious organization which “works year-round in more than 20 key states, acting as a permanent campaign to continually advance progressive causes,” according to their website. America Votes was founded in 2003 by former president of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards.

According to a 2003 article from the left-leaning Center for Public Integrity, IMPAC 2000 was one of several tax-exempt political organizations free to “spend millions on elections with little oversight or accountability.”

The Obama/Holder Strategy

The truly insidious thing about the Obama/Holder initiative is that they are lying to their own supporters to incentivize them to bend to their will. Instead of coming right out and saying they are seeking to get democrats elected across the country, AOTL misrepresents their opposition as taking part in unfair map drawing, while they only seek “fairness”.

“All On The Line is a national campaign to restore fairness to our democracy and ensure every American has an equal say in our government,” they claim on their website. But “fairness” has nothing to do with the Obama/Holder plot.

The ploy is very similar to Obama’s “take over the suburbs” strategy to import democrat voters into conservative strongholds. By drawing maps so that cities divert some of their democrat voters into traditionally GOP areas, historically red towns will turn blue.

If you can’t physically import democrats to turn red areas blue, redraw the maps. Or do both.

Obama and Holder intend on getting their cronies deeply involved in the map-drawing process in targeted states. We are not going to allow any maps — anywhere in the nation — to pass without comment or question from the public,” writes AOTL Campaign Manager Saumya Narechania on December 11, 2020. In this case, “the public” means Obama acolytes.

Narechania also bragged:

“All On The Line is already working with thousands of volunteers across the country. We held more than 200 events, trainings, and informational sessions in the last year alone. Our efforts have helped reach diverse communities in Colorado during the application period for the state’s new redistricting commission process. We have beaten back bad legislation in Arizona to protect the integrity of their independent commission. We’ve participated in map redraws in North Carolina, and launched a first-of-its-kind leadership program for activists in the state. We’re helping to lead redistricting coalitions in states like Ohio and Florida with countless community organizations. We’ve sent more than a million text messages to community members across the nation — including to the 100 folks in Wisconsin who have signed up to learn more about how they can testify at an upcoming hearing for the Governor’s People’s Maps Commission. In the last few weeks alone, All On The Line volunteers have submitted and had their local papers publish more than 20 letters-to-the-editor.” [Emphasis added]

The GOP should be matching these efforts. Scroll down to see how to take action.

“Grassroots” is really “Astroturf”

Over a decade ago, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously and falsely referred to the Tea Party as “astroturf,” which implies that the Tea Party was somehow beholden to a larger master. She said this in the attempt to discredit the movement, which indeed sprung up organically to protest Obamacare and other radical left policies.

While the Tea Party was organic, Obama’s group is the opposite.

Comrades Obama and Holder are using a common leftist tactic to confuse citizens into believing a movement is “grassroots”. They create and/or infiltrate local organizations across the country using their own activists that seemingly operate independently, but are completely following the dictates of their leftist masters.

In August, 2019, Obama tweeted a link to the AOTL training initiative “Redistricting U”. The original link is no longer there, but the Wayback Machine reveals that “Redistricting U” stated in part:

“We’re sending dedicated trainers to cities across the country to train volunteers, give them the tools to impact the redistricting process in their state…”

All On The Line is targeting ArizonaColoradoFloridaGeorgiaNorth CarolinaOhioPennsylvaniaTexas and Wisconsin.

The former president and his “wingman” Eric Holder are maintaining constant communication with activists across the country to manipulate the drawing of electoral maps. AOTL supporters should ask themselves why Obama would target specific states if the goal was really to end unfair map drawing. Remember, the goal is only to get democrats elected.

Understand how Obama and Eric Holder are using their vast resources to fundamentally transform America by twisting the vision of the founding fathers, and misrepresenting their opponents by attempting to stir up hate against them:

Attorney Marc Elias, Chair of the Democrat’s favorite law firm Perkins Coie, represents the NDRC. Marc Elias is also the head of the legal team attempting to cover up voter fraud in the 2020 election. Elias has previously served as council for Hillary Clinton, who laid out Joe Biden’s marching orders to drag out the election until he “wins,” as reported at RAIR.

Right now, a former American President and Attorney General are scheming to activate their carefully-cultivated supporters in strategic areas in order to secure wins for Antifa-loving, America-hating candidates across the country.

What are Americans, including the GOP, going to do about it?


  • If you live in ArizonaColoradoFloridaGeorgiaNorth CarolinaOhioPennsylvaniaTexas and Wisconsin, join the organizations redrawing maps and take part in public commenting sessions. Bring your friends.
  • Sign up for updates on Obama’s organization AOTL and warn your friends who live in the targeted states.
  • Text “FAIR” to 88228 for Action Alerts for AOTL.
  • Sign up for updates on the left-wing partner organization National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC).
  • Ask your GOP representative how he/she is responding to the effort. If there is no plan, make one together!
  • If you do not live in one of the targeted states, pick one and GET involved!
  • Take videos of trainings, meetings, Zoom events, and document everything!
  • If you are on Twitter, click here and select “Follow” the House Republicans List. Send them this article and ask them what measures they are taking to ensure that maps are drawn fairly.
  • Keep RAIR updated on your efforts by sending an email to [email protected]

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