Video Upholding Biblical View of Marriage, Gender Reported to UK Police as ‘Hate Crime’



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(The Christian Institute) — A video calling on the Church of England to uphold the Bible’s teaching on biological sex, marriage and sexual ethics is being investigated by the police for a “hate crime.”

Ben John of Christian Concern was reported to North Yorkshire police over remarks he made about a trailer to the Church of England’s controversial resource Living in Love and Faith.

URC Minister Alex Clare-Young, a woman who now lives as a man, and who appears in the trailer, complained to the police after Young denied that it was possible to change sex.

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Turkey plucked to pieces by Pompeo at NATO conference



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Turkey has been an ongoing menace in the region, as well as a global threat. It is mystifying that Turkey remains part of NATO, considering that it is in reality an enemy of NATO. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s missions of reviving the Ottoman Empire is directly contrary to the goals and philosophy of the NATO alliance.

Meanwhile, Mehmet Tsavoysoglou’s claim that Greece has “maximalist ambitions” is a classic example of the phenomenon of accusing the other of what you yourself are guilty of doing.

“Turkey gets plucked to pieces at NATO conference,” by Alex Constantine, Greek City Times, December 2, 2020:

In what was described by sources as a fiery confrontation between Turkey and NATO allies at Tuesday’s NATO Foreign Affairs Ministers meeting, the US did not hold back its feelings on Turkey’s change of foreign policy and behaviour.

Specifically, outgoing US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blasted Turkey over its provocative behaviour in the East Med and for purchasing the Russian anti-missile system S-400, actions which he said are contrary to the principles and operation of NATO and ultimately undermine its cohesion.

According to diplomatic sources, Pompeo referred to the provocative actions of Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean, Libya, Syria, Nagorno-Karabakh and to Turkey’s purchase of the Russian anti-missile system S-400 which he described as “a gift to Russia” by a NATO alliance member.

The alliance’s deconfliction mechanism, which is not working because of Turkey, should restart, sources said quoting him.

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mehmet Tsavoysoglou protested angrily at the accusations and went off-script during his defence of the Erdogan regime whilst also accusing Greece of having ‘maximalist ambitions’.

Greece rejected the accusation with Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias accusing Turkey of being the main disruptor in the region and demanding that it respect international law….


China and Pakistan sign new deal to ‘push the military-to-military relationship to a higher level’



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This is bad news not only for India, but for global stability. Google Earth has just revealed an apparent expansion of a nuclear weapons facility in Pakistan. Chinese drones have been described as “the new weapon in Pakistan’s jihadi arsenal.”

Adding to this ominous news, a newly aggressive Turkey is also a strong supporter of Pakistan.

“China and Pakistan pen new military deal as tensions with India reach breaking point,” by Alex Shipman, Express, December 2, 2020:

General Wei Fenghe, China’s defence minister, met Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad on Tuesday.

Chinese state media reports how Gen Wei urged both nations to “push the military-to-military relationship to a higher level”.

He said this will “firmly safeguard the sovereignty and security interests of the two countries and safeguard the regional peace and stability”.

President Alvi “firmly supports China’s stand on issues related to the South China Sea, Taiwan, Xinjiang, Tibet and so on”, according to Chinese state media.

The meeting followed a visit to Nepal where Gen Wei offered his support for Nepal against India.

According to The Communist Party-run Global Times, Gen. Wei said: “China firmly supports Nepal to safeguard its national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The situation between India and China on the long-disputed Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh has been a source of major tension.

The conflict has long roots as the countries first went to war over the boundary in 1962 but despite multiple negotiations, there has been no lasting resolution….


Biden excludes Israel from proposed negotiations for new Iran nuclear deal



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

In an apparent appeal to Biden, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared: “There can be no going back to the previous nuclear agreement.” Apparently indifferent to this appeal, Biden has excluded Israel “from the list of countries he said needed to be included in negotiations with Iran toward a new nuclear agreement.”

Two years ago, Netanyahu offered proof that the Iran nuclear deal was based on lies, and that Iran was, contrary to its denials, working toward developing nuclear weapons.

No nuclear deal with Iran should have ever been concluded in the first place. Appeasement does not work. It enables. And in another aspect of the Obama Administration’s appeasement policy with Iran, Iran received $33.6 billion in secret payments.

Biden is already showing his true sentiments regarding Israel. The Palestinian Authority has noticed, and has prepared a wish list of demands for Biden.

Biden has already named a Palestinian who justified jihad suicide bombings as his deputy director of the Office of Legislative Affairs.

“Joe Biden Does Not Include Israel in Proposed New Iran Deal Negotiations,” by Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart, December 2, 2020:

Joe Biden excluded Israel on Wednesday from the list of countries he said needed to be included in negotiations with Iran toward a new nuclear agreement.

In an interview with Thomas Friedman of the New York Times, Biden said that he wanted to resume talks with Iran in the hope of returning to a nuclear agreement that constrains the regime’s ability to develop nuclear weapons.

He added that he wanted to expand the number of countries at the negotiating table with Iran — but pointedly excluded Israel from the list:

The view of Biden and his national security team is that once the deal is restored by both sides, there will have to be, in very short order, a round of negotiations to seek to lengthen the duration of the restrictions on Iran’s production of fissile material that could be used to make a bomb — originally 15 years — as well as to address Iran’s malign regional activities, through its proxies in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

Ideally, the Biden team would like to see that follow-on negotiation include not only the original signatories to the deal — Iran, the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany and the European Union — but also Iran’s Arab neighbors, particularly Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Iran and Israel do not have diplomatic relations, but Israel is the country that would be most directly affected by any nuclear agreement. Iran has vowed to destroy Israel, and Israel has said it would take any necessary steps to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

One of the major flaws of the Obama administration’s Iran deal was that Israel was excluded from the talks even though its national security was directly affected by the outcome….


Why so many Muslims can’t wait for Biden to get inaugurated



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

When Joe Biden was advised during his presidential campaign to quote a Hadith that Muhammad had said regarding what he described as “wrong” and how to deal with it, Biden did not know that it also meant an incitement for the use of violence to achieve that goal. Using “the hand” to correct an alleged wrong for Muslims can also mean, for example, violent acts such as the mutilation of a statue of Virgin Mary, as a Palestinian Muslim immigrant did recently in Italy. Why would Biden’s advisors propose using Islamic Hadith as a means of outreach to Muslims in the US and abroad? Here is Biden’s video.

During Obama’s presidency, Muslims got used to hearing testimonies of how Islam was innocent of promoting terrorism, especially when the terrorist attacks were increasingly common throughout the world. Phrases such as “extremists have distorted and insulted the great religion of Islam,” or “Islam is a religion of peace” were constantly uttered to comfort Muslims and absolve Islam from any wrongdoing or bellicose teachings.

It is no wonder that this stance led to an unprecedented increase in the number of terrorist attacks in the United States, which targeted both civilian and military installations. The numbers of terrorist attacks soared during Obama’s presidency, as compared to the term of President Trump.

When former President Barack Obama delivered his speech at Cairo University in June 2009, Muslims clearly perceived it as an apology by the United States, which served as a certificate of good conduct to Islam. Obama’s call for a new beginning with the Islamic world clearly resonated with the new policy the US was about to implement.

Following that speech, dramatic changes were seen in the US administration — especially in the State Department — to redefine the terms that were used. The term “to fight terrorism” was specifically changed “to combat violence and extremism,” as the department relied upon foggy explanations for different sorts of acts of violence.

Here are examples of the new policy and terms used in public videos on YouTube by the US Department of State, which aimed mainly to absolve Islam from any sin while mixing facts with fallacies to support the new public diplomacy approach.

In this video, the State Department edited President Obama’s speech upon receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, focusing on his use of the word “violence” rather than terrorism, and his statement that “Islam is a great religion of peace.” (Please watch from minute 3:00 on.)

Here, the State Department uploaded a video for an Arabic-speaking audience, explaining how Muslims in the United States enjoyed freedom of religion (which other religions are denied in most of their countries of origin) and celebrated their Islamic holidays, using the infamous Dar Al Hijrah Mosque in Arlington, Virginia as an example of a place where Muslim families gathered for all sorts of activities.

This mosque was used by the renowned terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, who was its imam before fleeing to Yemen in order to begin coaching Muslims in the United States to carry out terrorist acts on behalf of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

The killing in Fort Hood of 13 American soldiers who were about to be deployed to Afghanistan was perpetrated by Major Nidal Hassan, who formerly frequented that mosque and was a staunch follower of al-Awlaki. (They remained in touch after both left the area; Hasan was deployed to Texas, while Awlaki fled to Yemen).

It was also confirmed that two of the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks were frequenting that Islamic center.

All these facts were deliberately ignored by the State Department, which insisted on showing the mosque as a beacon of coexistence and peace. What could be more misleading and deceptive than that?

After the Oslo attacks that took place in July 2011, the State Department released a video in Arabic in which it claimed that terrorism had “no religion, nor state, nor justification.” The facts that the attacker was suffering from schizophrenia and did not follow any specific political or religious group were totally omitted. The video implicitly sought to make the attack look similar to terrorist attacks that were inherently connected with the teachings of Islam. Again, it was a desperate attempt to make Muslims feel in harmony with their Islam, “the religion that does not support terrorism.”

Here one can see how the State Department was trying to link the killing of the US ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens, in Benghazi by Ansar al-Sharia to a movie called “Innocence of Muslims,” which was produced in California by an Egyptian immigrant. Astonishingly, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared in this video to condemn the movie and its content, even though we continually hear about films released in the US that stir controversy among many religious groups, yet we have not seen their followers resorting to terror and death threats against the producers or against the US in general.

In fact, Clinton’s statement could be easily perceived by Muslims as a recognition of Islam’s supremacy among all other religions. It is worth contrasting it with the recent statements of French President Emmanuel Macron, who insisted on the importance of freedom of expression and rejected any Islamic threats from both Islamic states and individuals. No wonder Muslims yearned for the days of Hillary Clinton, who took the initiative to cover for their mischief.

In this video, instead of highlighting the poisonous ideology that prompted two Muslim men (who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) to slit the throat of Father Jacques Hamel while he celebrated Mass in his church in July 2016, the Department of State juxtaposes the incident with Iraqi Shiites burying an old Christian woman who lived and died alone in Misan province.

The Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communication Center (CSCC) at the US Department of State called the video “The humanitarian nature of the Iraqis and the brutality of ISIS,” which was yet another attempt to vindicate Islam and make it look like the victim rather than the culprit. This was a deliberate deviation form the truth and despicable disrespect to the memory of the priest, who was known for his docile and peaceful character

It is not surprising that President Trump’s administration abolished this inept policy and restored the prestige of the US State Department, once again dedicating it to representing the United States and defending the values and convictions on which it was founded. No wonder Muslims worldwide are impatiently waiting for Biden’s inauguration as president of the USA. The return of issuing such statements as were common during the Obama administration will definitely make them feel completely in harmony with Islam and its teachings.

Samir A. Zedan is a former Senior Counter-Terrorism Analyst at the US Department of State, and a former Development Outreach and Communication specialist at USAID/Iraq. He has contributed to hundreds of articles published in major media outlets with assignments in the Palestinian Areas, Israel, Jordan, Iraq and Europe.


Oregon Gave Antifa Your CARES Act COVID Relief Tax Dollars During the Riots. Wait, It Gets Worse



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

That which is rewarded is repeated. Apparently, the State of Oregon wants more antifa and Black Lives Matter rioting. At at time when violent rioters were setting fires, looting, and terrorizing the people of Portland, they were rewarded with U.S. CARES Act COVID relief funds.

Repeating: When Portland was burning, the state of Oregon gave the arsonists gasoline.

The group “SNACK BLOC” that received CARES ACT money designed to help people in need – or so we thought – is unabashedly antifa and BLM. It’s not even a semantical close call. Oregon’s Health Authority gave money to a group that came out of the shadows to support antifa and riots.

I say out of the shadows because according to Willamette Week, the loosely formed “group” supposedly existed for three years, but has no webpage, and just started a Twitter account timed to the beginning of Portland’s 100-plus days of non-stop rioting.

Their first message? “Don’t talk to cops.”

They participated in the attack on Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s home.

“You know you’re the fu–ing mayor, right? Like we’re at your building because we want YOU to stop the police officers from ‘repeatedly striking’ individuals.”

They “helped” “comrades” with bail.

The group “helped” to get rid of cops, like the Marxists they are. The group encouraged people to turn off their cell phones while at protests.

Just so you know, your cell phone is a fu–ing snitch. Don’t let that rat see you at a protest, and definitely don’t post pictures with it. Turn it off or put it on airplane mode.

They threw a “bloc party.” You know like “black bloc,” the clothes worn by members of antifa?

In case you’re skeptical about characterization of the group’s purpose, the local press knows exactly who and what it is.

Willamette Week called it “the protest support and mutual aid group … that’s provided resources for almost 100 days of protests across Portland.”

Along with organizing its own events, Snack Bloc has been at seemingly every protest, march and vigil around the city over the past three months, providing snacks, water and supplies to protesters at the Stripper StrikeBLM Art Therapy and rallies across Portland.

In a video the group made  – your tax dollars at work – the group called for “burning it down” for the “revolution.”

Defund, Dismantle, and BURN IT DOWN. ✊🏾 Resources for the REVOLUTION

The group’s Twitter account started in June of 2020, when it came out of the shadows to conveniently become a 501c3 charitable group.  The Twitter account has been dormant since September 12, when the riots were smoked out by wildfires in the metro area. But they got their U.S. taxpayer money.

A community resource and support for rallies, protests, community events, vigils and more. Holler if you wanna start one in your town.

On September 6th the group sent this tweet:

COMRADES! We’re prepping for the coming fall and winter and we could really use some funds to keep Portland safe and warm. If you’re able, please donate to our Venmo or PayPal. If not, please just Retweet to help.

Their calls for money were answered. The Oregon Health Authority granted the antifa support group a health equity grant award of $145,000 in September. That money came directly from the CARES Act money intended to help people suffering from the COVID shutdowns, not people throwing super-spreader riot events.

(Source: Oregon Health Authority)

When the awards were made in September, the head of the OHA said they were fully aware of the group’s receiving the money and noted how “vital” they are to “their communities” for the “collective work” to end racism, “especially relating to COVID-19.”

“We look forward to partnering with these remarkable organizations and communities, who do such vital work to serve their communities,” said Patrick Allen, OHA director. “We are deeply aware how these organizations’ linkages and knowledge of their communities and the challenges they face are so important to bringing resources to help. We look forward to the collective work to continue to meaningfully address the systemic racism and structural inequities that have caused so much health disparity, especially relating to COVID-19.”

Patrick Allen claimed that the money would go to groups “disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.”

The grants focus resources on communities most disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and programs that will address health and economic disruptions, food insecurity and housing, and safety and violence prevention, among other aspects of need.

The OHA said that its criteria for doling out funds are:

  • Health and Economic Disruptions
  • Food Insecurity and Housing
  • Safety and Violence Prevention

One of these things is not like the other.

The loosely formed “SNACK BLOC” can hardly be supportive of “violence prevention” when it literally fed antifa and BLM rioters violently trashing the city.

The State of Oregon also granted money to another group with terror ties. The Center for Cultural Organizing received $275,000 in funding from U.S. taxpayers for COVID relief. This is the group that supported the imam from a Portland mosque, Al Saber “the sword,” which produced more than seven terrorists who supported Jihad in Afghanistan and elsewhere, including the Portland “Christmas Tree Bomber.”

From the group’s webpage:

Founded by Portland-area immigrants and refugees, the Center for Intercultural Organizing (CIO) was originally established to combat widespread anti-Muslim sentiment after 9/11. On September 8, 2002, authorities arrested a well-known Portland Imam at the airport—Sheik Mohamed Abdirahman Kariye, spiritual leader of the As-Saber Mosque (Masjed As-Saber)—falsely claiming his brother’s luggage contained traces of TNT. CIO’s founders organized a multicultural march and protest outside the federal building in downtown Portland, attended by local Muslims and other activists.

The imam the group was formed to help was booted from the country at long last after he was put on the country’s “No Fly” list in 2002. It also fetes the lawfare group of attorneys who defend GITMO detainees.

Portland is writing the tale of its own demise. We should at least insist they not use our money to do it.

Victoria Taft is the host of “The Adult in the Room Podcast With Victoria Taft” where you can hear her series on “Antifa Versus Mike Strickland.” Find it  here.  Follow her on Facebook,  TwitterParlerMeWeMinds @VictoriaTaft 

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Project Veritas Exposes CNN’s Ugly Bias

Project Veritas Strips CNN Naked



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

Project Veritas’ expose of CNN’s behind-the-scenes conference calls shows that the network’s slogan should be “We won’t fully report so you can’t knowledgeably decide.”

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, in the ultimate trolling coup of the year, monitored and recorded CNN’s morning conference call with CNN President Jeff Zucker and other company executives and reporters for some two months. O’Keefe has released the first batch of audiotapes from those calls, which confirm the network’s anti-Donald Trump, pro-Joe Biden bias.

Exposing CNN’s liberal bias is no bombshell, as it is self-evident to any objective viewer, but it is deliciously affirming to hear these legacy media frauds betray their corruption in their own words. There’s no explaining away their admissions of news doctoring in these tapes.

The recordings prove that the executives not only dictate the network’s editorial slant but also manipulate its news side in deciding what stories will be reported and how they will be presented — to ensure that Trump is portrayed in a negative light and Biden is protected at all costs.

It would be less objectionable if the network would admit that it has a liberal bias, but it does the opposite: The anchors and reporters hold themselves out as consummate journalists, exemplary professionals committed to giving their viewers information without a partisan filter. Through these tapes, they’ve vindicated our long-standing charge that their mission is to tailor the news to fit their liberal narrative, rather than to fairly report it. These are the same people who sermonize on air and on Twitter daily about the importance of honest journalism and political integrity, and who denigrate so-called conservative networks as hopelessly biased.

You’ve seen how CNN and other liberal outlets have insulated Biden from any serious questions before and after the election. Throughout the campaign, in what I believe is one of the greatest journalistic scandals of our time, the media persistently shielded Biden from press scrutiny and ignored his obvious cognitive decline. At a rare post-election Biden press conference, they asked him no policy questions, only softballs concerning Trump’s “continued stonewalling” of Biden’s transition. In the same vein, during an unscheduled appearance a few days ago, the press asked Biden only one question: “Mr. President-elect, how does your foot feel?”

EXPLOSIVE Study: Media Suppression of 8 Key Stories ‘Stole This Election’ for Joe Biden

This is in stark contrast to how the press has harassed and bullied Trump, and how Zucker directed his minions to treat Trump while Trump was recovering from the coronavirus. On one of the recorded calls, Zucker appears to say: “OK, I just want to re-emphasize that, you know, I think we cannot normalize what has happened here in the last week with Trump and his behavior. And I go back to what … David Chalian” — CNN vice president and political director — “said, that this is a president who knows he’s losing it, who knows he’s in trouble, is sick, maybe is on the after-effects of steroids or not. I don’t know, but he is acting erratically and desperately, and we need to — we need to not normalize that. … He is all over the place and acting erratically. And I think we need to lean into that.”

So Zucker basically told his people, without any medical proof, that Trump is possibly compromised in a way that could affect his judgment and that they should go out of their way to showcase that and depict Trump as unstable. This wasn’t news or journalism but an outright, baseless smear to impact the upcoming election.

In another call, Zucker opines that, while Breitbart, the New York Post and Fox News were pursuing the Hunter Biden corruption story, he put more stock in the Wall Street Journal’s take that Joe Biden had no role in any of Hunter Biden’s transactions with China. “And, yes,” Zucker apparently says, “I do put more credibility in the Wall Street Journal than I do in the New York Post.”

Here again, we hear Zucker pressuring his team (it’s doubtful the team needed any prodding) to report only one side of the story — the side debunking the corruption claims — and omit the serious factual reporting that would substantiate the allegations. An honest network would have presented both sides and let its viewers make their own assessment. But for CNN, it was imperative not to give the Biden corruption story any credence.

This type of news spinning has an impact. A post-election study by the Media Research Center showed that some 17% of Biden voters said they wouldn’t have voted for him had they known about some of these news stories. Forty-five percent of Biden voters said they didn’t know about allegations concerning Hunter Biden’s shady business deals, and 9.4% said they wouldn’t have voted for him had they known.

Liberal politicians and media figures constantly rail against threats to “our democracy,” but there is no greater threat to democracy than a corrupt news media, because it emasculates free speech, which is the single greatest constitutional safeguard for the integrity of our representative republic.

David Limbaugh is a writer, author and attorney. His latest book is “Guilty by Reason of Insanity: Why the Democrats Must Not Win.” Follow him on Twitter @davidlimbaugh and his website at

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Biden: If Kamala Disagrees, I’ll Resign. Was He Joking?

Biden on Potential Disagreement With Kamala:

'I'll Develop Some Disease and Say I Have to Resign'



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

In a CNN joint interview with running-mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Joe Biden said that if he has a “fundamental disagreement” with Harris while she serves as his vice president, he will “develop some disease and say I have to resign.” While Biden likely meant this line to be a joke, he delivered it straight and neither he nor Harris laughed. It appears CNN moderator Jake Tapper also did not laugh.

Biden insisted that he agreed with Kamala Harris on important matters like his philosophy of government, and he only spoke about getting sick and resigning in cases of fundamental disagreement.

“But all kidding aside, it’s a matter of the thing we are simpatico on our philosophy of government and simpatico on how we want to approach these issues that we’re facing,” Biden said.

“When we disagree, so far it’s been just like when Barack and I did. It’s in private. She’ll say, ‘I think we should do A, B, C, or D,’ and I’ll say, ‘I like A, don’t like B and C.’ Like I told Barack, if I reach something where there’s a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign,” Biden said.

Biden delivered the line seriously, as if he were continuing to speak frankly about his discussions with Kamala Harris and former President Barack Obama.

After all, Biden began the vignette with the statement, “All kidding aside.” It seems as though Biden was reading from a script written by someone else who intended the getting sick line as a joke, but Biden didn’t get the joke, so he delivered it as though it were a serious remark.

Naturally, it seems highly unlikely Biden actually intended to pledge to the American people that in cases of serious disagreement with Kamala Harris, he would simply get sick and resign. After all, if he did win the — as yet disputed — 2020 election, Americans elected Biden, not Harris, to be president. But his delivery — and the reactions of others involved — make it harder to just dismiss his comment as tongue-in-cheek.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany shared the moment on Twitter.

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Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.

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