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A Fordham University student kicked off campus for posing with his legally owned firearm filed a lawsuit on July 23 alleging the school violated its commitment to free expression.

Rising senior Austin Tong, a Chinese immigrant who posted the picture in honor of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, filed a lawsuit against Fordham, the school's president, and the dean of students. The suit alleges the university violated its free expression covenant with students by disciplining Tong for "lawful, constitutionally protected, and non-threatening social media posts on Instagram."

"Fordham's policies and rules, as well as basic First Amendment jurisprudence, make it abundantly clear that uncomfortable or unpleasant impact on a speaker's audience is not a proper ground to restrain the speech in question," the lawsuit reads.

The suit calls on the school to annul all disciplinary sanctions, admit that Tong's social media posts are a permitted exercise of free speech under Fordham's speech code, and award relief for the breach of contract between Fordham and Tong.

In its mission statement, Fordham guarantees the freedom of inquiry among other freedoms, but the explicit promise of free speech can be found in the school's demonstration policy.

"Each member of the University has a right to freely express his or her positions and to work for their acceptance whether they assent to or dissent from existing situations in the University or society," the policy reads.

Tong was told in a disciplinary letter from the university that he cannot return to campus and must complete his degree online while his peers return to campus. Tong cannot hold a leadership position on campus, must write an apology note to the school, and must complete a bias training or face suspension or possible expulsion.

The lawsuit alleges the sanctions against Tong are "damaging and humiliating" for the student as well as "draconian." The disciplinary actions force Tong to choose between his beliefs and a degree from his university of choice.

"These sanctions have placed Tong in an untenable position," the lawsuit reads. "He must either (1) abandon his principled beliefs, forfeit his right to lawful expression, and submit to Fordham's unconscionable discipline, or (2) face suspension or expulsion from Fordham, which would severely damage his future academic and employment prospects."

Tong told the Washington Free Beacon he believed he had a good relationship with dean of students Keith Eldredge before posting his Instagram photos. "Not even a Chinese university would do this to their students," he said.

The university did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

"The end result is that Tong and other students who do not adhere to the political orthodoxy of Fordham's administrators are turned into outcasts," the lawsuit reads. "Other individuals who wish to speak out with potentially unpopular but good faith viewpoints are discouraged from exercising their right of free expression."

Tong's lawyer Brett Joshpe said he could not comment on the pending litigation, but said there will be additional claims for "the massive damages caused."


Fordham University Punishes Pro 2A Student



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On June 4th, Austin Tong shared a picture of himself holding a legal firearm to commemorate the anniversary of the Tienanmen Square protests.

Austin Tong, a rising senior studying business at Fordham University, was recently banned from campus after posting an image of himself holding a legally purchased rifle. In a previous post, Mr. Tong also shared a picture of David Dorn, with the caption, “Y’all a bunch of hypocrites.” Dorn was a retired police officer who was murdered while protecting a local store during a riot in June. Many have criticized Black Lives Matter for failing to protest the death of David Dorn, who was African American. These two posts were made on June 3rd and June 4th.

In a letter composed on July 14th, Keith Eldredge, the Dean of Students at Fordham University, notified Mr. Tong that a student conduct hearing had found the posts to be in violation of the university’s policies regarding “bias and/or hate crimes [and] threats/intimidation.” As a result of his alleged transgressions, Mr. Tong was barred from serving as an officer in any student groups, banned from campus, and instructed to complete the remainder of his degree online. Additionally, Austin was ordered to complete mandatory implicit bias training and write a letter of apology. He has refused to do so. 

 In an interview on The Joe Silverstein Podcast, Brett Joshpe Esquire, who is representing Mr. Tong stated, “He’s not going to be forced into issuing an apology when he did absolutely nothing wrong.” Mr. Joshpe went on to emphasize the importance of protecting freedom of speech in academia. “[College campuses] are supposed to be places where vigorous debate can happen… It is precisely the controversial topics that need to be protected vigorously and college campuses are exactly where those debates should be taking place.”

The case of Austin Tong is not an isolated incident. Increasingly, we have seen conservative students, faculty, and organizations systematically targeted in higher education. At Cornell University, Professor William Jacobson became the target of a smear campaign after criticizing Black Lives Matter.  In an unprecedented move, Eduardo M. Peñalver, Dean of Cornell Law School, harshly criticized Jacobson for his extramural political speech. Petitions, student boycotts, and allegations of racism quickly followed. Similarly, at Binghamton University, the College Republicans were suspended after tabling to promote a forthcoming event featuring Dr. Arthur Laffer. The university claimed the College Republicans were in violation of university and Student Assembly policies and publicly rebuked the group in a statement. However, the administration failed to take punitive action against violent agitators who assaulted and threatened the conservative students. 

Since Fordham is a private university, they do not have the same first amendment obligations as their public counterparts. However, they do have a responsibility to adhere to their own published policies regarding freedom of speech. Consequently, Joshpe Mooney Paltzik LLP filed an Article 78 Petition alleging that Fordham acted arbitrarily and capriciously in violation of its own policies. “We are prepared to fight for people like Austin Tong, who are prepared to fight for themselves.” 














"Numerous users expressed support for Tong, commenting that the university infringed on his right to free speech without reasonable cause. Conservative news outlets Campus ReformThe Epoch Times and The Glenn Beck Program have also reported on Tong’s case, which Tong praised on July 16 on Instagram."

"An equally large number of users opposed Tong, commenting that the posts provoked fear and were insensitive amid the Black Lives Matter movement, which has led and amplified a widespread outcry against violence."

"“Austin, I am extremely disappointed that you are actively utilizing your platform to invalidate the BLM movement rather than using your time to facilitate conversations about the issues at hand/trying to raise awareness,” Carrie Kinui, Fordham College at Lincoln Center ’21, commented on Tong’s post of Dorn." 




Agrees that ‘dangerous conspiracies’ must be countered

Video: Fauci Dismisses Frontline Doctors As "A Bunch Of People Spouting Something That Isn’t True"



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Anthony Fauci dismissed the viral video of America’s Frontline Doctors promoting Hydroxychloroquine as a cure for coronavirus, describing it as “a bunch of people spouting something that isn’t true.”

Appearing on MSNBC, Fauci told host Andrea Mitchell “the only recourse you have is to be very, very clear in presenting the scientific data that essentially contradicts that.”

“The scientific data, the cumulative data on trials, clinical trials that were valid, namely clinically trials that were randomized and controlled in the proper way, all of those trials showed consistently that Hydroxychloroquine is not effective in the treatment of coronavirus disease or COVID-19,” Fauci claimed.

When Mitchell asked Fauci “don’t we have to do more to stop these dangerous conspiracies from misleading people?” he replied “Yeah, you’re absolutely correct, Andrea, and that’s the reason why I’m very explicit and unambiguous when we say we’ve got to follow the science.”

“If a study, that’s a good study, comes out and shows efficacy and safety for Hydroxychloroquine or any other drug that we do, if you do it in the right way, you accept the scientific data. But right now, today, the cumulative scientific data that has been put together and done over a number of different studies has shown no efficacy.” Fauci claimed, despite hundreds of doctors and medical experts backing Hydroxychloroquine.

Fauci, who has persistently claimed that face masks are effective against the virus, despite any robust scientific evidence, yesterday also claimed that everyone should be wearing goggles as well:

President Trump, who also promoted the Frontline Doctors video, and has consistently touted Hydroxychloroquine as effective, recently hinted at his disagreement with Fauci, noting that he routinely has to “overrule” Fauci, who would like to see the country remain “shut down” for an indeterminate amount of time.

“He’d like to see it closed up for a couple of years, but that’s okay, because I’m president,” said Trump, adding “So I say, ‘Well, I appreciate your opinion, now give me another opinion, somebody, please.’”

The Frontline Doctors’ video has been attacked and suppressed globally by big tech and the mainstream media. But it is available at






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Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State have for years been advocating using fires as a tool of jihad.

“‘Unleash Hell’: New Al Qaeda magazine describes in detail how to start huge forest fires across the U.S..with instructions on how to make ’ember bombs.’” — Daily Mail, May 3, 2012

“ISIS-linked media: California fires are retribution for Syria,” Preston Business Review, November 15, 2018

“Pro-ISIS Media Center Urges Muslim In The West To Set Forests, Factories, Agricultural Fields, And Buildings On Fire,” MEMRI, July 26, 2020:

On July 26, 2020, the Pro-ISIS Al-Hayat Media Center uploaded an animated video titled “Incite the Believers” to its Telegram channel. The narrator called upon Muslims living in non-Muslim lands to avenge their Muslim brothers using whatever weapons are available to them and to carry out Jihad and terror attacks, the video showed various kinds of weapons, including knives and firearms. The narrator said that Muslims should use commonly available items to carry out their attacks and specifically giving the example of fire. He elaborated that fires such as forest fires have killed many non-Muslims and caused hundreds of millions of dollars of damage. He encouraged Muslims to start fires in a fashion that doesn’t draw attention to themselves and to dispose of all forms of evidence as they leave. The video urged viewers to set fire to forests, factories, agricultural fields, and buildings. The video showed a man marking a location in California on a map to set ablaze.

Narrator: “My brothers, all Muslims in every place, under the rule of any sect of kufr, we know that you aspire to avenge for your brothers – who the kuffar and murtadeen [apostates] bombed with their fire and destroyed their cities and villages and imprisoned them in their jails. You look around yourself and you do not find in your hand a weapon that you can use to subdue the enemy of Allah. We know that you are eager to fulfill what your lord, the mighty, the great giver has commanded you from jihad against the mushrikeen [polytheists] and instilling fear in their chests through various methods of terrorism and infuriating them, healing the hearts of the believers. But you cannot find a way to achieve that. The criminals have prevented you from making hijrah [emigrating] to the fields of jihad and the people of the battlefront, and we are sure that if you knew how and found a weapon, you will not delay in fulfilling your duty to support the Muslims and do jihad against the mushrikeen.

“You look around yourself again, keeping an eye [out] for a solution and not searching for a problem. You take in your hand all the means to kill and destroy and consider what you can use easily and without drawing attention to yourself and making the result be death, destruction, and heavy losses to your enemies; yes, my brother, it is that weapon that is in reach of every hand, and even children are proficient in using it. And people have used it since ancient times to harm their enemies. Yes, it is fire.

“To become more convinced of this option, try looking at the losses caused by fires in the lands of the Crusaders every year. Fires in every forest and fields, cities and villages completely destroyed, people displaced, armies of firefighters and civil defense personnel are working continuous days to no avail. The disaster does not stop there, but causes hundreds of millions of dollars in losses sometimes. And look at the human losses caused by fires among the kuffar; sometimes, they exceed the numbers of those lost in major strikes by the mujahideen in which they used guns and explosives. Now, rise up and start working.

“After putting your trust in Allah, the great, truly consider the results of what you intend to do. You will need to monitor well for a place you can set a fire without drawing attention. Consider that the fire you will set after your withdrawal from the place will be so great, that the efforts made to extinguish it will cost your enemies greatly and perhaps they will not be able to put it out. To expand and consume fertile and dry land, their profits will be destroyed and their lives lost. On your way back from the place of your blessed attack, safely dispose of all that can be used as evidence that it is you who lit that fire. Perhaps they will be suspicious about you, monitoring your locations. But, there’s no evidence you intended to [do] that, and nothing with which to hold you accountable for it, except for matchsticks or a lighter, where the pocket is nearly empty of them. Trust in Allah and proceed in this matter. Remember that the longevity of an act is sometimes more important than its strength or what was announced about it. Do not be hasty in goodness, because something is better than that. Invade for the sake of Allah, and seek help from Allah. We ask Allah to help you, give you recompense, and bless your jihad.”





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An attempt by U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) to provide the spouses of illegal aliens with retroactive and future coronavirus stimulus payments was rejected by Senate Republicans in the latest relief package currently being prepared.

The provision proposed by Rubio, along with fellow Republican senators Thom Thillis (N.C.) and Bill Cassidy (La.), would have given a retroactive Economic Impact Payment of $1,200 to American citizen adults who did not receive one because they are married to noncitizens without Social Security numbers and also failed to have tax information on file themselves. 

The checks sent out to Americans earlier this year were distributed largely based on tax information. As the IRS website states, “The payments, also referred to by some as stimulus payments, are automatic for most taxpayers. No further action is needed by taxpayers who filed tax returns in 2018 and 2019 and most seniors and retirees.”

Thus, while the common narrative from the Left has been that citizens married to noncitizens without Social Security numbers (which often means illegal aliens, since legal permanent residents are issued Social Security numbers) are getting shortchanged, that description fails to tell the full story.

Spouses of illegal aliens still receive their stimulus payments under the current system so long as they did their taxes in 2018 and 2019. The ones who aren’t getting a stimulus check are the households in which the breadwinner is the illegal alien. In such cases, the argument can be made that that breadwinner doesn’t pay taxes and shouldn’t even be in the country to begin with, so they shouldn’t receive a taxpayer-funded stimulus check.

Nevertheless, even spouses of illegal aliens who were non-filers have the opportunity to receive a stimulus payment. The relevant section of the IRS website reads: “Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here is a free IRS tool that allows you to easily and quickly provide us the necessary 2019 information about yourself and any eligible spouse or qualifying children (Children under the age of 17 at the end of 2019). 

“We will use this information to determine your eligibility and payment amount and send you an Economic Impact Payment. After providing this information, you won’t need to take any additional action.”

The guidelines then state that “U.S. citizens, permanent residents and qualifying resident aliens” are eligible for a check so long as they “have a valid social security number,” are “not be claimed as a dependent of another taxpayer,” and “had adjusted gross income under certain limits.”

In fact, the rules are so permissive that you don’t even have to be a citizen to get a payment; you can be a legal resident or “qualifying” resident alien. It’s illegal aliens who are barred from benefiting from the program, which any reasonable person would agree with.

Moreover, a person does not have to have filed taxes to collect the money — it just takes a few extra steps of paperwork. The migration lobby may argue that residents and citizens married to illegal aliens are losing out on an extra $1,200 for their husband or wife because they can’t claim their spouse. But again, it comes down to the fact that their spouse should not be here in the first place.

In conclusion, the claim from Democrats and liberal Republicans that the spouses of immigrants aren’t receiving stimulus checks is categorically false and only happens if a citizen or resident in that situation did not pay taxes in 2018 and 2019 and failed to fill out the non-filers application.

If Rubio had his way, however, he would have sent $1,200 checks to the two million Americans married to unqualifying foreign nationals and illegal aliens. This would not only include retroactive payments, but future ones as well. This comes as Congress is in the middle of negotiation for another round of stimulus.

Rubio, an infamous member of the “Gang of Eight” senators working to bring amnesty, is known for his globalist stances on immigration. Far from being “fair,” his provision would have been grossly unfair to both tax-paying American citizens and tax-paying legal permanent residents who came into the country by the proper legal channels.

Ultimately, this was one of the rare occasions in which Republican leadership actually stuck to its guns and rejected liberalism masquerading as “reaching across the aisle.”



POLITICO: Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris as Running Mate... Four Days From Now?



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There’s probably a former intern at Politico looking for a new job right now as, at some point on Tuesday, Politico’s tracker page for Joe Biden’s running mate selection announced that Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris as his running mate… on August 1, 2020, four days from now.

Or they have a DeLorean and cranked it to 88 miles per hour and went back to the future to see what happens.

Either way, someone screwed up.

“Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris to become his running mate for the 2020 election on Aug. 1, two weeks before the Democratic National Convention, after keeping his choice close to the chest for months,” claimed Politico on the page that has since been updated to correct their “mistake.”

Apparently not close enough to the chest.

While the mistake could easily be blamed on the fact that Politico simply had similar statements pre-made for each potential choice, it’s the details that make you wonder if Politico knows something in advance. For example, they mention a specific date, and its closeness to the Democratic National Convention. That’s quite specific. But, it gets even more detailed.

In his announcement, Biden called Harris “a worthy opponent and a worthy running mate,” alluding to the pair’s rivalry during the earlier stages of the Democratic primary. She will bring her experience as a prosecutor, household name recognition, and skill as a debater to the ticket.

So, Politico not only knows the date of Biden’s selection but also what Biden plans to say in his announcement.

The page now includes a disclaimer reading: “Editor’s note: An earlier version of this graphic mistakenly reported that Biden had made his VP selection. We regret the mistake.”

Kamala Harris most recently created a buzz after appearing on MSNBC looking unlike herself, stirring up speculation that she’s had Botox treatments or plastic surgery recently.

There are, of course, other possible explanations. Perhaps this “mistake” was a false flag or a trial balloon. The detail used by Politico suggests they might have advanced information, meaning there is some coordination between them and the DNC and/or Biden’s campaign—which many people have suspected anyway.

August 1 is four days away. Will Biden actually choose Kamala?

Who wants to go back to the future to find out?


Mysterious Seed Packets from China Are Showing Up in U.S. Mailboxes: 'Treat Them Like They Are Radioactive,' Officials Warn



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If you’re not a big fan of the Chinese Communist Party these days, join the club. No matter how the CCP and their well-funded enablers in American media try to distract and gaslight you, the fact remains that China is directly responsible for the massive disruption that the coronavirus has caused in all our lives. The virus is a fire, and the arsonist is China. Say what you want about Trump’s competence as our fire chief, but he did not do this to us.

So the following item makes me uneasy. Natalie Solis, KDFW in Dallas-Ft. Worth:

Mysterious seeds are showing up in North Texas mailboxes and state authorities say Texas agriculture could be at risk.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller said 200 residents have received unsolicited seed packets sent by mail that appeared to have originated in China. Texas is one of nearly 30 states that have issued a warning.

“We don’t want people opening those up, don’t put them in the mail, certainly don’t plant them. Contact us. Let us pick them up. Treat them like they are radioactive, like they are Kryptonite,” Miller said.

Some of the packages are labeled as containing jewelry or personal electronics, but inside are these packets of unidentified seeds.

Uh… why?

This is happening in over half of our states. So far. It sure does seem like someone in China is making a concerted effort to do… something.

Is it crazy to think this could be a form of biological warfare, introducing invasive species to destroy our crops? Is it nuts to wonder if China is trying to interfere with our food supply? Maybe. But six months ago, it would’ve been crazy to wonder if China had released a virus, advertently or not, that would end up crippling the entire world’s economy. You would’ve laughed at Alex Jones for saying it, and it’s happening right now.

Yeah, yeah, I know, this is me…

But biological warfare has been China’s specialty for thousands of years. They used to catapult diseased corpses into enemy cities. In 2020, they’ve already unleashed a plague on the world and they’re sending Uyghurs to concentration camps. What’s a few packets of Chinese seeds?

Are we allowed to call them “Chinese seeds,” or is that racist now? After all, accurately referring to COVID-19 as a “Chinese virus” is somehow racist, for reasons nobody has ever bothered to explain. “Chinese food” is fine, but “Chinese virus” is no good. I guess because people actually like Chinese food.

Or, y’know, the whole seed thing could just be this. Allyson Waller, NYT:

The police in Whitehouse, Ohio, where a resident reported receiving seeds, said the packages appeared to be a part of a “brushing” fraud.

“A brushing scam,” the department said on its Facebook page, “is an exploit by a vendor used to bolster product ratings and increase visibility online by shipping an inexpensive product to an unwitting receiver and then submitting positive reviews on the receiver’s behalf under the guise of a verified owner.”

Okay, it could be that. Even if it’s just that, it stinks. I don’t want somebody sending me stuff I didn’t order and then claiming I thanked them for it. Let alone somebody in another country. I don’t like a totalitarian regime using my own country’s openness against us.

Am I allowed to call such a scammer a “Chinese giver”? Probably not. Sorry.

But seriously, folks. Maybe it’s nothing. I hope it isn’t. But hope isn’t a plan. The CCP has given us no reason to trust them, and anybody who tells you otherwise isn’t your friend.

If that makes me paranoid, fine. I’m done listening to people who keep lying to me.


There Is No Return To The "Old Normal": Welcome to 1984

Globalists will keep piling on the restrictions and lockdowns until they break the will of the American people



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The old normal is a distant memory. The new life we lead is permanent, and will only get worse. Rex Jones reports.

YouTube mirror:


Check out the best moments from the hearing


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The Attorney General and Judiciary Committee Democrats fight over Trump’s response to the Portland riots.

This video compilation shows the highlights from the Tuesday testimony.

YouTube Version:



“Very incorrect things that are very titillating…can spread much faster than the truth”

Video: Bill Gates Again Denies Vaccines Are Cover For Global Microchipping Program



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With millions of people globally sharing information and videos purporting that Bill Gates’ obsession with vaccinations is a cover for a global microchipping program, the billionaire Microsoft founder again felt the need to deny the allegations, while pushing for more censorship of social media posts.

In an exchange between Gates and CNBC Tuesday, the issue was raised by interviewer Andrew Ross Sorkin, prompting Gates to deny that coronavirus vaccines will be used to implant tracking devices in humans.

“Very incorrect things that are very titillating…can spread much faster than the truth on social media, and we’ve always seen that with vaccines….social media can make that even worse…” Gates proclaimed.

“These social media companies can see what is being said on their platform and take things that are absolutely wrong and remove those things from the platform.” he added.

“How you divide that up, and draw that line…these are complex issues. It has been a spreader of lot of things…and how do you strike a balance?” Gates continued.

Gates also questioned whether it was “appropriate” that Facebook does not prevent people sharing links and information via its Whatsapp messaging platform.

Gates’ comments were recorded as BBC News claimed that ‘vaccine passports’ via Gates-funded digital tattoos could become a necessary part of travel in the post-COVID world.

BBC pushes Gates’ vaccine tattoos as a condition of travel, Google comes up with its own tech tattoo — SkinMarks

The BBC report stated that “This technology already exists and has been tried on live animals and human cadaver skin, said researcher Ana Jaklenec at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Their method uses micro-needle patches that can deliver both the vaccine and a squirt of an invisible ink under the person’s skin, storing the vaccination record.”

Reports of the Gates-backed tattoos have been circling since March, being downplayed or outright lied about.

Embedding a permanent vaccine health record tattoo into the skin of people is essentially the same thing as ‘microchipping’, yet Gates and those falling into line behind him are using Orwellian semantics to claim the idea is a ‘conspiracy theory’.

Alex Jones breaks down Bill Gates admitting in his own words to the damage his vaccines cause, and the build up of telling the public the pandemic plan for years.