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By United Medical Freedom Super PAC
July 3, 2020

Charlene Bollinger:

Hi, everybody. This is Charlene Bollinger with The Truth About Cancer and The Truth About Vaccines films, coming to you today with a very special guest. Dr. Jerome Corsi, thank you for joining me and welcome.

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

Charlene, it’s great to be with you. Thank you very much.

Charlene Bollinger:

Wow, we have so much to talk about, I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, tell our viewers a little bit about yourself and what you’re doing.

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

Well, I’m pretty well-known to most people. I’m an author and a commentator, political reporter, investigator. My website is, I’ve written something like 25 books since 2004. A couple of them have been number one New York Times Bestsellers. 2004 was the Swift Boat book, that I co-authored with John O’Neill. It was called Unfit for Command. I wrote 2008 the Obama Nation. My current books, my hardcover book is a Coup d’état. That’s about exposing the treason against President Trump to remove him from office and the plan to reelect him.

I’ve had a couple of eBooks which are doing very well on Corsi Nation. One is The Plan: to Remove Donald Trump from the Presidency, and the other is COVID 20, which is the next virus I think will hit us before the end of the year. Those can be directly bought and downloaded right from my website, There are all my videos. I’m doing a lot of videos, a lot of content on many different things, TeleMD program, which allows you to have a phone conversation with a MD who’s licensed in your state. You can talk about anything you want. Also, they can talk about hydroxychloroquine and zinc with this azithromycin, Dr. Zelenko’s protocol for COVID. We’re not selling drugs. If the doctor believes it’s in your needs, including for prevention, they can go ahead and prescribe it.

There’s a lot on that website. I’m very concerned about the inflation. We have a Swiss America gold and silver with some very great offers on, I want people to have gold and silver, not just fiat dollars in their pocket, going into what we think is going to be the next really difficult economic period. That’s really my background, who I am, and where you can find me.

Charlene Bollinger:

Wow. What don’t you do? That’s the question.

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

Well, there’s lots I don’t do.

Charlene Bollinger:

Well, Doctor, the first time I talked to you wasn’t long ago. We had a call with a team, prayer leaders, talking about the state of the nation. Dr. Judy Mikovits was on that call, very good friend of mine. We featured her in our films and our live events, on stages. On our stages, that’s where she revealed what was happening behind the scenes with Fauci, specifically. I think that was in 2019. She started talking originally on our stage 2016. That was the first time she was telling the truth publicly about what she had been through because she had a gag order for so long. She started talking at that point. She’s an amazing woman.

As you know, she’s turned down their bribes of millions of dollars and her life was ruined. They said they would do that, they would ruin her life if she went and talked. She said, “But I have to.” She’s a real hero. That’s the very definition of a hero, turning down the world’s goods, which, in my estimation, what good are they without freedom and integrity? She took the high road. I believe that her wealth is great in heaven. That’s what counts and that’s for eternity. Back to the wealth in this world-

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

I have interviewed her, by the way, on my channels as well, on I think she is also a heroine. She deserves great credit for her courage, her morality. I think she’s extremely intelligent. By the way, as soon as I put up the interview, YouTube and Vimeo took it down, so you know she’s saying something that is critical to hear because she frightened the deep state of establishment just by telling her truth.

Charlene Bollinger:

Absolutely. It’s the truth that sets us free. The Bible tells us, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” She’s armed with the truth. They’ve also taken our videos down. We had a roundtable discussion, Doc, with Andy Wakefield, Bobby Kennedy, Del Bigtree, Sherri Tenpenny, and Judy Mikovits, part one and part two. They took part two down. They took various interviews that I’ve done conversation with just Judy and myself. They come in and take it down.

We’ve got it on Brighteon, by the way. Brighteon, we share those videos on our Instagram. We know Facebook has taken a hard line stand against Brighteon. Mike Adams is a good friend of ours. He’s doing great work. He’s got that platform. It’s a freedom platform. Facebook said, no videos, even in private messages brought from the Brighteon channel because they’re hosting Plandemic. That’s a big no-no in today’s culture, and hostile environment against the truth.

On our Instagram page, we included in our link tree a link to a Brighteon video to Judy, because YouTube took it down. We still wanted them to have access to that video on Instagram. Instagram immediately censored our Instagram page. We couldn’t write descriptions or comments. We tracked it down to that Brighteon. I’m in discussions right now with Mike Adams. In fact, he just texted me about what we can do.

Mike, he’s fearless like we are. He’s got the platform for freedom. Facebook literally said to him, “If you take down all the Plandemic videos on your platform, we’ll let those Brighteon videos appear again on Facebook. He has spent so much time and money and all of his heart in this platform, that he said, “I didn’t build this so that I can be bullied and hide the truth. This is for the truth. None of the other stuff matters. If I cave, what good is it?” We stand with him. Judy is a hero. They’re censoring her voice, but it’s still being heard. They can’t stop us. The momentum is ours.

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

Well, I’ve pretty much been the same way. I’ve been controversial since I began writing. As soon as you’re not going to go along with the deep state narrative, you’re a threat. They want to keep people in the not-in-the-know. They want to keep feeding people the MSNBC and CNN narratives. Increasingly, what we are watching is political drama and political staged events that are designed to produce certain effects. The people who are staging them, the manipulators of public opinion, the deep state managers have gotten to be quite skillful at it. That’s what I’ve been trying to expose.

I think this book I’ve written, The Plan: to Remove Donald Trump from the Presidency, or this COVID 20, are very directly challenging because I’m explaining that, for instance, the Russia-gate, Ukraine, and now, the Black Lives Matter, violence in the streets, all these things fit together. It’s one episode after another, the reaction to COVID-19, shutting down the economy, the Democratic governors not wanting to start up the economy. All these things are engineered and calculated almost with military precision.

It’s very difficult, I’m sure, even for Donald Trump, to keep up with being hit day after day with new barrages and new crises. It’s very hard to have the time to think or react intelligently. I wrote this book, I was told that if I didn’t write this book, the plan to remove him was 100% sure of succeeding, and only by writing it and exposing it do we have any chance of ultimately beating it. That’s my goal. My goal is to defeat this deep state. They have enormous resources and enormous money. We have always had very little on our side. It’s a constant battle. The one unfair advantage, I think, we have is that, with God, all things are possible.

Charlene Bollinger:

Yes. I really want to talk about your book, The Plan: to Remove Donald Trump from the Presidency. On that phone call, you unpacked it a bit. I realized this is so important. Behind the scenes, we were all working at getting this book to the President. You got word that he read it. Do you want to talk about that?

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

Yes. I think there was a major effort made to hand him a copy. It’s an eBook, and it was printed out in the White House. I’m told very authoritatively that he did read it. In fact, he spent quite a bit of time reading it. I see results of it. I see Donald Trump differences in how he’s doing things now before I wrote that book. He is adapting.

You know I say, I use this example to explain the importance of this book, is that a couple gets married and the husband does something absolutely unconscionable. He buys the wife flowers and says, “Well, he really does love me, after all.” Well, that works for a while. Maybe, it escalates to buying jewelry or taking trips. Finally, the wife says, “Honey, you better sit down because I’ve gotten a lawyer and we filed for divorce. By the way, here’s a court order and you now have to leave the house. You better get your own lawyer. I should never have married you. You’re never going to be faithful to me. You were never going to do this, and this, and this. I’m not putting up with it anymore.”

Once you’ve seen through it, it doesn’t have the same impact, and you know you are being led by psychologically being as it were seduced into behavior that really you would not do if your eyes were open and you understood what was happening. Once Donald Trump sees what’s lying in front of them, and I predicted things in this book that have begun to happen. I’m saying that they will go for a 25th amendment, attempt to remove Donald Trump from office.

I explained the mechanics of that and explain how John Bolton’s book was intended to establish the narrative that Donald Trump is mentally deficient and is erratic, and how you counter that. You counter it by saying, basically, “John Bolton, who I’ve known for 15 years has only ever wanted to go to war with everybody, especially, Iran. He provided President George W. Bush the information that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that was critical to our decision to invade Iraq.” You can look and see how that’s turned out.

I said war in the Middle East is always the problem, never the solution, because it only intensifies. Then, you have one war. Then, you fight that war over the next war. This group lost these people and that group lost these sons and husbands and daughters, and all the rest of it. They fight that for another generation.

Basically, the economic sanctions, the removing of all the economics, the terror regime needs to have in place is far more effective and has a deeper reach on the people who, themselves, begin questioning whether this regime, the Mullahs in this case, have legitimacy or leading them into destruction. That’s a far more effective way than trying to placate Iran or trying to go to war with Iran. War with Iran would only feed their cause.

I basically have said and done. You can pick up any page of Bolton’s book. All he’s doing is he’s saying that President Trump didn’t take my advice here, or he had a different style. He said, he wanted to meet with these people and the way he met with him he would, at the top of his head, well Donald Trump would often say he’s going to do something just to see how his staff reacts.

Bolton, who expected that he was now going to be the National Security Director, that gave him a position of authority, and he was going to be in charge of national security policy, forgot that he was an advisor, and that John Bolton’s position is not in the Constitution. State Department has the same problem. They think that their interagency agreements are what the President need, and if the president doesn’t follow their inter-agency directives, then, the President needs to be impeached. Well, you could move the State Department to Death Valley, for all that matter, or close it all together.

It’s not in the Constitution. We don’t need a State Department to run the government. People have to come to see these things. This book is designed so you understand that the techniques of the black Muslim radicals in the Middle East, in the Arab Spring, are identical to the tactics that they’re applying with antifa and Black Lives Matters in the streets of the United States.

I can take you through how the events are staged, what their different purposes is, how they use them to radicalize. These events are all aimed at coup d’etat, at removing Donald Trump from office because the deep state, the left, the Marxists, those who hate God, they’ve gone all in. It’s like in poker terms, they put all their chips into this hand, they’re going to play this hand. Win or lose, they’re going to play. They don’t intend to lose. If they have to kill a quarter of the population of the world, it’s inconsequential to them. If they have to have a nuclear holocaust, it’s inconsequential to them. It’s a spiritual battle. This is not a power of entities that we see in this world.

This is fundamental evil. It’s a fundamental denial. It’s like Saul Alinsky dedicated his book, Rules to Radicals, to Lucifer. He said, for his rebellion, he was awarded a kingdom. Well, the kingdom was hell. These things I say also have a boomerang effect. You’re now watching the Democrats are now running the 2020 presidential campaign, and it’s being run in the streets.

If you like what you see, they intend to bring this to your neighborhood. You want an antifa in the living room rearranging your books and harassing your family. They will do it, because it’s a revolutionary. It’s a Maoist Red Guard, revolutionary cultural revolution. We’re in a cultural revolution right now. This fundamental point is to dethrone God, to put it in any kind of an orientation you can think of, whether it has to do with sex.

This is not a civil rights protest. I’m old enough. I saw in person Martin Luther King. I knew he wanted equal rights. Now, this is about a kind of reverse racism. They want whites to kneel to blacks. They want to have the power relationships of race, turn to destroy the society, destroy capitalism, destroy any kind of idea of family structure, or any kind of idea of traditional morals. It’s win or lose, they want to fight it now, because they want to win, so their totalitarian intolerant state can be imposed on the rest of us.

Charlene Bollinger:

Wow. You’ve said so much. I’m taking notes. You could write a book about each point you’ve made just now. You packed that whole little couple of paragraphs with a ton of information that’s vitally important for people to understand. I’m going to try to unpack it just slightly. You said something quite shocking. You said that they don’t care if they kill one fourth of the people of the world.

Now, if you go to the Georgia Guidestones, and people don’t know this, but on the Georgia Guidestones, some people say that’s the Satanic 10 Commandments of these people. We’ve read the Communist Manifesto. We know their bullet points, that they do intend to destroy the family unit, the reason being, if they could destroy the connection that the child has to the parent, disconnect that, and plug it into the state, then, they’re just little slaves and they do exactly what the state says. That’s the authority that they need to obey. They’re chipping, chipping, chipping away at the family unit. There’s a lot of other things you said.

Back to the killing of one quarter of the population, the Georgia Guidestones, the first of their 10 commandments that they have translated into eight different languages on those stones, hidden in plain sight, the first of the 10 points that they have there is that they must take the earth population down to 500 million. Now, the Lord Jesus himself, in John 10:10, said, “The thief came to kill, to steal, and to destroy.” Those are his war tactics. We see that happening now. It’s being rolled out openly in our streets. They were suddenly doing one little step at a time. All of a sudden, they pushed. I think they pushed too hard. I think the momentum belongs to us, and we will win.

Jesus, in contrast, said that, “I came to give you life and give it to you abundantly.” That’s what we’re fighting for. It’s the truth that will set the prisoner free. You have the truth, clearly, in this book, which I’m so intrigued by, The Plan: to Remove Donald Trump from Presidency. The speech that he had, Doc, the other night, did you watch his rally? That was amazing.

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

Yes, I did watch it [crosstalk 00:19:53].

Charlene Bollinger:

So many, just let me tell you one quote, and then, I want you to pick up from here. You were talking, this is another point he said, the war in the Middle East is a problem. It’s not a solution. The President, did you hear him when he said that they want to drop bombs because that makes them money? This is a military industrial complex. We’ve heard that before. For him to say that was a very bold, bold move. It was heard around the world, that statement.

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

Well, I think Donald Trump, I think he’s more spiritually aware than he has ever been in his life. He is not a saint. Then, of course, St. Paul, until the road to Damascus, wasn’t a saint, either. It’s not necessary that a person have a pure life. He was a celebrity. He lived the life of a celebrity. He was a playboy. I think he’s resolved to come to God and he’s understanding now that the responsibilities he’s facing and dealing with, this is almost an anointing to have won the way he won.

I’ve written this book. When you read this book, it’s designed to kind of reframe. In other words, you’re not going to be able to look at things the same. You’re going to see now more from the inside of what’s happening. Part of this is the techniques today of managing media and manipulating public opinion. When Bolton’s book comes out, it’s not just Bolton’s book. You have the talking points distributed to all of the print and television, radio media, that’s going to attack Trump. That’s coordinated. Then, you begin to reinforce the message.

How come Scaramucci, who was in the White House for a very short time and thrown out, quite frankly, he’ll come in and say that Trump was erratic. They’ll repeat the themes. When the General said that when Esper came out at the beginning of June and said he was not going to use the military, if he could avoid it, even under an insurrection act invocation by the President, because he wanted to protect the freedom to speak and assembly of the protesters. I think it’s around what peaceful protest is. It’s antifa. This is Black Lives Matter. These are Maoists. They’re paid.

Charlene Bollinger:

Or that you can burn a church down but you can’t go to church. That’s one of many things that we see. [crosstalk 00:22:37].

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

Or you can have all the there’s no social distancing.

Charlene Bollinger:

Right, masks.

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

Or any other form, masks or anything. The demonstrators, they can be as crowded together as they want. There’s no imposition of any rules. The minute you open up a society to allow people to go back to work, well, New York is saying, “Well, there’s new cases in Alabama, so we’re not going to let anybody from Alabama come into the state of New York.” Well, how are you going to prevent that? The police are not going to be tasked with anyone with an Alabama license plate is going to be stopped and questioned. Are you going to have to have your proof of antibodies or immunity in order to [crosstalk 00:23:17]?

Charlene Bollinger:

What about the defund the police? Who are they going to use? We talked about this on a phone call, Doc. You said that it’s not that they want to get rid of the police. What is it that the want to do?

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

Well, they want to be the police. They want themselves to be the police. They want to be the enforcers of this cultural agenda they have. When you have a fire in your home, antifa’s going to show up as the fire department, they’re going to search your house and see what you believe in. They may end up harassing your family and letting the house burn to the ground, because you don’t fit politically. Or better yet, they will have determined that in advance because you’ll be given a social media score based on how you utilize the internet. If there’s any indication you believe in Jesus Christ, your credit cards aren’t going to work anymore.

Charlene Bollinger:

This is the mark of the beast. This is the mark of the beast.

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

If somebody in your family has a debt, well, then, hospital is gambling on the internet, you didn’t know it. They put a debt lien on you and your car drives itself back to the dealer. Then, try to get back into your house and the door is locked. You can’t get into your own home, because it’s all tracked and, electronically, you’re on the grid. You’re living in a Truman Show, and they’re watching. With the technology the way it is, you can be tracked. Every step of your life can be recorded to be replayed to you at any other moment, or to be used to stigmatize you so you are no longer able to function in society. We’re headed to that kind of …

Now, when I talk about a quarter of the people dying, my book on the COVID 20, I’m not a medical scientist and I’m not an MD, but I am an investigative reporter. I began hearing that Fauci and it’s talking about a resurgence of COVID. Well, to me, watching China, China’s got a new virus going in Beijing. They say it’s coming from fish, from salmon. Well, that’s a different virus, because the first one they said was coming from bats.

Charlene Bollinger:


Dr. Jerome Corsi:

Now, I looked at this, and I said, “The CDC and the NIH are not government agencies. They are public private partnerships with a 501(c)(3). They get money from the Gates Foundation and big farm. People like Fauci get patents on treatments for diseases. Fauci has patents on treatments for this HIV-1 pathogen, which is the AIDS disease. It goes back 30 years or more. His patents deal with this glycoprotein 120, which is a particular glycoprotein that’s in the spikes of COVID-19.

Now, it doesn’t belong there, because that’s an HIV element in a SARS, which is a lung attack. I just began saying, “Well, let’s take off Fauci’s patents and see what happens.” There’s also what they call this little integrin. It’s a little amino structure that goes in the envelope of the virus. It tells the virus, the pathogen, where to go. This particular pathway is to your intestines. What it will do is go through a CD4 receptor, and that will kill the T-cells. It’s a very lethal attack on your immune system. Then, the SARS attack hits your lungs, but it also releases a certain dormant bacteria, the chlamydia bacteria, which causes pneumonia.

That attacks your cardiac system, so you’ll begin to have a cardiac disturbance, and the hemoglobin in your lungs doesn’t absorb oxygen. They put you on a ventilator that’s pumping oxygen into you, but they’re just damaging your lungs. That’s not the problem.

This next virus, I’m saying, unless you can get hydroxychloroquine and zinc, that’s what the doctors are saying, you need to do prophylaxis to do prevention. Of course, Fauci in the medical establishment have demonized the 75-year-old medicine. Their studies, which were fraudulent, giving hydroxychloroquine to people who are already sick, very sick. That’s the least efficacious moment to give it to them. We’re being denied. I created this TeleMed program so they can have access to a doctor who can prescribe hydroxychloroquine. It’s still an approved FDA medication. It can be used off label by a doctor, who wants to prescribe it for a patient who wants to take it for COVID-19.

They’re not going to tell you that. They’re going to try to get the state doctors to be afraid to prescribe hydroxychloroquine for COVID. No problem for lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. It’s a conscious effort to prevent the US population from getting what we need to be vulnerable, either to a resurgence of COVID-19, or to a new virus. I don’t think that’s accidental. Again, let’s say a quarter of the people get this virus and die, well, this these deep state monsters aren’t going to care. Governor Cuomo, put COVID-19 ill patients in nursing homes.

Charlene Bollinger:

One of five Democratic governors that did this [crosstalk 00:29:09].

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

The obvious is they’re going to kill old people. Well, they think old people are useless. They’re going to die, anyway. They don’t have much social utility left, so why are we spending all this money keeping them alive? This is a convenient way to make sure they get sick and die. Then, we’re going to have them quarantined so the family doesn’t get to come into the nursing home, family which might be caring and loving and saying, “Why is mom being denied this care, grandma?” when the person is basically left there to die with no help.

Charlene Bollinger:

I just want to say to that this is so frustrating for me. Grandmother Bollinger, actually, she fell. She was in her late 80s and then into her 90s. She kept falling and breaking bones. They put her in rehab. Then, they put her in a nursing home to recover. It broke my heart. I was pregnant. I had a couple of children going to see her Monday, Wednesday, and Friday just so she knew she was loved.

It broke my heart to see there were people in the nursing home, they were laying on beds in the hallway, barely covered and abandoned. This is what we’re doing to the older generation of people that have worked hard. They’ve had children. They’ve raised grandchildren. What do we do at the end of their life? We take away their dignity and the purpose for even living.

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

It’s also demeaning to the people who are doing this. In other words, only dehumanized human beings would behave this way. Cuomo shows himself to be a monster, that he would even think to do something like this. The point is that, once the society gets conditioned to the nursing homes are normal, well then, they’ve already conditioned people to think that when your parents, grandparents get old, they’re useless. You got to park them somewhere.

Typically, when the family structures were strong, a family would be multi-generational. The parents who got to be old would be cared for within the home until they passed away. It would be love and care. Now, again, family sometimes got help. But again, there were parish structures, there were congregations that could come together and work together as a unit to make sure that the various members of the congregation had what they needed in order to keep the families strong and keep the families healthy.

Today, you start with an attack on God. Of course, if you’ll look at the social engineering of any of these programs, including communism, communism has been out front about its agenda from the very beginning to destroy God, to take over the school systems, to confuse sexes so that we now have to talk about gender and not sex. Male and female is pretty simple. Today, gender is unlimited and undefined.

You deal with rights. While Martin Luther King wanted equal rights, these people want retribution. They want affirmative action. They want a social justice agenda which is designed to subjugate someone or take from someone to give to another. Well, that type of principle has never worked in human society, because the idea, “Give me your money. I can spend it better than you can.” If presented honestly, it’s not something any rational person would agree to. Within communism attacking private partnership and aligning it with, they run these narratives. There were slaveholders and founded by slaveholders and the Lincoln statue in Washington DC where a black person is kneeling is not to be reverenced because Lincoln went to emancipate slaves.

Charlene Bollinger:

I saw that.

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

All these things become weapons. We’ve got to understand that, once the language is controlled by the left, it doesn’t matter if there’s truth. There was no truth in the Russian collusion. They knew it, but they’re happy to fabricate a lie and get that lie believed. Today yet, there are people, I’m sure Nadler or Schiff will be happy to say, “Well, we just didn’t look hard enough. I’m sure we can find Russian collusion.” The books being written to attack Trump are still trying to implicate him with Putin. I got two or three of them I’m reading right now to see what they’re doing.

The point is, when I wrote this book, and I wrote these two books so that you’ve got to know the truth of what’s happening. You’ve got to see that this is a conscious plan, that we’re going to go through these various attacks on Trump, then, we’re going to create a reaction to the virus which destroys the economy. We’re going to be keeping people, depriving them of their freedoms, and getting them to think they have to deprive themselves of freedoms or they’re going to die. Look, we’re not born in biohazard suits. God didn’t make us born in little biohazards suits. If it had been necessary to our survival, God would have had us born in these biohazard suits.

Charlene Bollinger:

And the masking.

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

You’re born naked. You’re born naked because that’s how you come into the world. Now, you’ve got to be able to cope with the world. That demands you have an immune system that is tested. Yes, we can do things to assist the immune system, but there’s lots of natural remedies. There’s lots of things like this hydroxychloroquine and zinc. There’s lots of other vitamins, vitamin D, all these things that can be done. People have to be conscious of it. You have to say, “Look, I’m going to avoid comorbidity.” Well, how do you do that?

Well, first of all, I’m not going to gain 50 pounds I don’t need. If I have, I’m going to get rid of them. Maybe, I don’t need sugar in my diet. There are very practical things that people can do to lower their blood pressure, to live more in a healthy way, to test their immune systems, and to have them withstand these diseases. Now, even with these bioengineered diseases, it’s another threshold because they are weaponized. I’m saying the one that’s coming next is going to be very, very lethal.

Charlene Bollinger:

The second wave, we’ve talked about that. We see the problem. What is the solution? What is your proposal?

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

Well, I have several things. Donald Trump is doing some of the things I’ve proposed. I don’t give a lot of real specific examples. He doesn’t need them. He’ll figure it out as he goes along. When he sees how this play is written, he can change the ending. I used to consult with the federal government on 1980s on terrorism. I was always an expert in political violence and terrorism, and did a computer model, predicted the outcomes of terrorist events. I was recruited into doing this work with the government.

I used to say terrorists are like bad playwright. They have a great opening of the play. The robbers come in and they’ve got guns, and they tell the bankers and everybody, “Hands up, and give me the money.” The problem is that they have a lousy second act and they don’t have any conclusion. Your job is to come in and write the second act, and to show them how the play ends. The second act is, “Guys, you got the money now? Well, we got to get away, but I’m not so sure I’d trust your getaway driver because we just arrested him. We got the bank surrounded here now. Where are you going to go?” “Well, we’re going to start killing hostages.” “Well, I don’t think you want to do that. How about we get some sandwiches?” There’s techniques.

What you’ve finally make them realize is that this place is not going to end the way they thought it was going to end. Now, Donald Trump’s got to begin engineering that. It also helps to understand the real spiritual dynamics here, that is that I point out in this book and I write about it pretty extensively in The Plan: to Remove Donald Trump from the Presidency, that I wrote about Harry Truman, because Harry Truman, in 1947, had a decision to make whether or not to allow the partition of Palestine, which was the creation of the State of Israel at the end of World War II. He had not been elected president. He was president because FDR died in the first months of his fourth term. Harry Truman, his vice president, took over.

Harry Truman was opposed by everyone. George Marshall, who was the general who was appointed by FDR to fight World War II at home, a major job, was now the Secretary of State for Harry Truman. Marshall came over from the State Department and told Harry, if he allowed the Israel be created, George Marshall would never vote for another Democrat. Truman said, “Well, you’ll have to do what you have to do.” Well, Truman did decide to allow Israel to be created.

Donald Trump has done a similar thing. I think that was a Biblical decision that Harry Truman made, because it allowed the creation of the State of Israel, which was biblically predetermined. Donald Trump moved our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, recognized that as a Biblically important event. Donald Trump had gone to Israel. He had prayed at the wall. He had been to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial. He said that there is an eternal bond between the Israeli people and the Jews and Israel. This was a Jewish state. Donald Trump was proclaiming it as a Jewish state.

Now, Donald Trump is faced with a similar election where everybody’s going to say he’s going to lose. If there is an election, I’m not 100% sure there will be an election, by the way. I think that’s yet to be determined.

Charlene Bollinger:

Hold on. Before you continue, can you unpack that a bit, or do you want to wait?

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

I want to wait because Donald Trump, I think, will win, despite all of the odds. Again, as I said, with God, all things are possible. I don’t think that the person who created a Biblically important event for the State of Israel is not going to be abandoned by God. The same thing with Harry Truman. I think it’ll be a second time when everybody expects Donald Trump to lose, and yet, he will rally people and he will win. The spiritual part and having that spiritual confidence is important for Donald Trump, because it will center him again on he hates to lose. This is going to center him again on winning. He starts thinking that way. He’s going to win.

Now, also in this book, and there’s lots of this book that is not apparent the first time you read it. I made it so you can read it in a short period of time. It’ll kind of hit you in different pieces as you think about it. By the way, the Democratic Party is gone. These are Marxists. These are Maoists, more appropriately. You say you’re libertarians? Well, the Republican and Democratic Party are gone, because most of the Republican establishment within fundamental agreement with the traditional Democratic Party, they liked the benefits that they had in Washington.

They liked the money. They liked the bureaucracy. They liked the control. They really had no intention of doing anything but expanding their power, staying forever, and getting hugely wealthy on people of the United States who were systematically being abused in socialist schemes of give money for this, money for this, money for that, welfare, et cetera, universal health care, more government, more government, more government. The Democrats are the heart. The left is going to plan to do voting by proxy, by mail in ballots.

Charlene Bollinger:

Which is a fraud. It’s a fraud.

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

They plan to steal and offer those to win. Unless these things are cracked and exposed in advance, I think, by September, if we have this COVID 20 hitting again and a continued shutdown of the economy, it’s not just the people in the nursing homes, it’s families who can’t pay their mortgages. It’s the families who don’t know how they’re going to make the bills. You begin to get domestic people. It’s great for a while, if everybody’s home and you’re dealing with your spouse on a 24-hour basis.

But when the economics are difficult, marriages are strained. It’s almost inevitable that they’re going to be strained. It takes a very strong couple to be able to manage through that together. It takes a real commitment to one another, which can’t begin in the moment of the crisis. It has to begin much earlier. As we see these things unfold, we can have violence in the streets continuing. These antifa, they’re paid. They’re extorting corporations.

They go into the square where George Floyd was killed, and they say, “Well, we’re going to occupy this Wendy’s and we’re going to burn it down. We’re going to have antifa front. We’re going to make it an occupied zone. By the way, we like all the rest of Wendy’s restaurants. If the corporate of Wendy’s will just take a knee to Black Lives Matter, professed our ideology and pay us a lot of money.” Well, it’s extortion racket. That’s protection, Mafia moving in and saying, “We like your store. Pay us and we won’t trash it.”

Charlene Bollinger:

I’ve seen it. It’s troubling with Chick-fil-A, [crosstalk 00:43:48].

Dr. Jerome Corsi:


Charlene Bollinger:

Companies like that coming out and supporting this movement. I’m so shocked.

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

National Football League. Because they don’t want to be called racist, they don’t want to be demonized by Black Lives Matter. That’s a very powerful club that is being used in a Mafia-like fashion. By the time they bend the corporate culture to their Maoist agenda, if they look like they’re going to lose and they go insane at the end here, I think the next aspect of, and I write about this in this eBook, I say that what happened in Maydan, what happened to various of these, in Tahrir square, the supporters of Mubarak come through with camels, and they kill a few of the protesters in Maydan square. Snipers killed 50 of the protesters. They blame it on the President whom they wanted to post. It goes insane. The military comes in. The burning, looting, it goes complete chaos. The President leaves in exile.

The next step is whatever incidents can be created or concocted or exploited, blame on it was the white supremacists to kill these Black Live Matters, white supremacists who came in as thugs to beat us up in the occupied zone. Next, you’ll have the demonization of the white supremacists. Now, you’ve got the beginnings of a civil war. You’ve already got people moving out in New York City, why am I going to pay all this exorbitant rent? I can’t even go to a restaurant. It’s a crime to go outside your door unless, of course, you want to protest for antifa.

Charlene Bollinger:

We have heard from many black people that say this is not me. We’ve seen many white people that are dressed the antifa and the black people coming and saying, “Please stop. You’re an embarrassment to who I am.”

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

First of all, I’ve been exposing in the social media and I discuss it. They think they’re real clever. I’ve just been in my daily news podcast in Corsi Nation. I’ve been showing people that, for instance, Anonymous, this group, Anonymous, has linked up together with Black Lives Matter, and a couple of other Communist Chinese groups supported TikTok and this K-pop, which is a Korean pop culture fad. They went on and tried to reserve all the seats in Tulsa. That’s why so many seats were empty. They organized and blocked the people from getting in and harassed them. It was organized suppression attempt, and it worked.

I’ve shown how, and even in my own tweets, when I pointed out that it was a Soros group, together with Anonymous, for instance, who was trying to promote certain hashtags about Iran in January, which we’re supporting that we’re not going to attack Iran, that we’re going to keep the Obama deal together. They removed those. There was an interaction between Jack Dorsey and Twitter supporting and promoting Anonymous, this group, Anonymous, which became solidly anti-Trump.

Charlene Bollinger:

I saw that early on. I was so confused by that, because I thought, years ago, they were of the truth. Then, I saw lies coming out of it. I thought, what happened?

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

Well, they got co-opted again. Some of the original people were arrested. Now, what they are doing is they are trying to, for instance, tie Trump into Russian oligarchs and time him with Epstein and that he’s a pedophile. Well, there’s no basis for it. I show how they create that narrative, how it comes out then, and books written anti-Trump out, it’s all coordinated, the mess, and Dorsey’s supporting it.

Now, I’m also saying in that same packaging, for Trump to spend any money at all on Facebook for advertising, Zuckerberg will take his money. He’ll meet with him in the White House and talk happy talk. They’ll suppress Donald Trump. All Donald Trump has done is financed the anti-Trump movement with his own fundraising. Therefore, any money spent on these platforms by the President or by conservatives. I could spend a ton of it on these platforms in 2020, right now is feeding the enemy.

Now, when I point this out and said to Donald Trump, “Look, you’re being banned, and here’s how.” Then, they finally do banned something from Donald Trump. Now, Trump is saying, “Finally, we’ve got this issue of the Section 230 being challenged. We’ve got Barr looking at anti-trust. I’m going to continue to expose how they and as is James O’Keefe is this I’m kind of down into the nuts and bolts of how these groups work together on the internet and promote each other and show you the Chinese bot farms and how they’re bragging about getting the tickets, how this works, how your numbers are suppressed, and how the bot farms hit all the numbers for Anonymous and give it wide visibility, and showing that this is not an equal platform of any kind, and it is so biased even to enter into it.”

Now, movements have started to go into Parler, instead of going on to Twitter. Twitter could lose an enormous amount of money, and Jack Dempsey could face criminal charges. I’m intending to set that basis up, just like with the Mueller prosecutors. I’ve named them by name. They will try to put me in prison. I said they’ve done the same thing to me as they did to General Flynn. They were suborning perjury. Put a gun General Flynn’s head and said, “If you don’t sign this piece of paper and say you lied, we’ll pull the trigger.”

Well, that’s KGB, that’s Gestapo. We need to have the criminal investigation of the prosecutors because they’re the criminals. They’re still employed by the Department of Justice. I’m counting down. I’m saying today is Day 860 whatever, Barr has been Attorney General, and still no indictments. I’m saying I support the Q Movement, but Q has become a psych up, cross-sessions, sealed indictments, sealing all these promises that never happened. Those are designed in order to get the Q group which are known to be patriots to relax.

Charlene Bollinger:


Dr. Jerome Corsi:

To standout. I’m saying, “No, the only thing I trust is indictments. I want to know where they are. I don’t want to wait for people to be indicted until everybody’s dead.” Again, these are steps that we can take that require understanding how the left operates, and understanding how they don’t intend to play fair. They do intend to steal elections. They’re going to try to steal this one. How it may come down to such chaos if they hint that they’re going to lose. Polls are inaccurate. They’re running the same narratives, “Donald Trump is 15 points.” Look at Joe Biden.

Charlene Bollinger:

I remember that.

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

Joe Biden’s in early stages of dementia. Now, the problems that are being exposed by Biden, including in Ukraine, the information coming out that his conversations that have been recorded between Biden and Poroshenko, and the detailed stealing of money, billions of dollars, that Biden is not going to be able to escape past this. These thing is coming out. They’re set up the basis right now where Biden does when he can be indicted. They can put him wherever they want that in President, whenever Vice President become President. These things are being deeply manipulated.

Charlene Bollinger:

Tell us about what your thoughts are with the election. How do we win against those crooks? We know their playbook. How do we win?

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

Well, first of all, we’re going to have to say, if there’s going to be voting by mail, there’s not going to be an election. I think it’s 50/50. There just won’t be an election this year. There’s going to be too much chaos. As I say, the boomerang effect, when Jack pulled down that video censoring Trump, you might have thought he won. He just showed Trump, this guy’s a criminal. Trump saw that, and so did Barr, so did I. Now, they see how they’re promoting Anonymous. Well, I’ve just demonstrated that, yesterday, they extended Assange his indictment to include that he was working with Anonymous. That’s not accidental. I exposed it.

Now, every time we’re exposing these things and people see it, again, as I say, they’re running naked to the finish line. It’s very much like the parable of the emperor with no clothes. It may take a child. The child’s going to say, “Dad, he doesn’t have any clothes on.” Well, people are going to see them in the streets and say, “This is the future they want me to live in?” They’re going to even lose black voters, or going to say middle class black voters. There’s not going to be any police to defend them. Who’s going to defend the old and the helpless in the black communities. Antifa shake them down and the Black Lives Matters abandon them and attack them, beat them brutally, who’s going to defend them? Is that going to be any police?

People are saying, the former people were with the original Black Lives Matter before, of course, it was almost Maoist from the beginning. They’re saying, “We want a political party.” Well, the Democratic political party is dead. It’s now a Maoist party. John Kennedy would have nothing to do with this party, or Hubert Humphrey, or Ed Muskie. These are not traditional liberals. These are radical socialists. This is Saul Alinsky.

The subtle things like General Flynn now, it looks like we’ll be not having to be judged by, indicted by a judge, because the circuit court mandated that the case has to be dropped. It’s got a couple of more possibilities of being revived. The same day, the permanent, now Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, makes public this handwritten memo by Peter Strzok, which shows that, in January 2017, on the eve of Trump being inaugurated, Barack Obama holds a meeting and they planned to target General Flynn, and Biden is in that meeting suggesting the Logan Act.

Now, that’s proof Biden was part of the conspiracy. That’s a crime right there. A crime has been documented. Ratcliffe forced Barr to release that, which means Ratcliffe is signaling, “You’re going to go to jail.” Now, that means, if we win the election, we’re coming after you for treason. You guys want to play a high stakes game. You want to go all in, we’re all in. Now, as I say, that’s a game we’d lose, because the communists have these techniques and they’ll go to extremes and make people feel so afraid, just get rid of Donald Trump it will all stop. That’ll be a persuasive argument, except that we got all things are possible.

The boomerang effect where people see it. The potential out now of a great enslavement or a great awakening is upon us. It’s going to be one or the other. People have got to decide which world they want to live in. That’s what I’m trying to say to them. You got a choice here now. You better see your choice, because you’re going to have Door A or Door B. I tell you, you can pick. You got to pick one. You pick Door B, here’s what you’re unleashing, every demon who’s ever thought about tormenting you will do it here on Earth, or open Door A and we’ll put the devils back in their prison, hell, and we’ll get this organized where we can follow God’s laws. Take your pick.

It’s going to come upon people where it may take one out of every four people dying in the streets before we get there. That’s what I’m trying to warn people about, because, when it happens, I don’t want it to have been a surprise as if they weren’t expecting it. It’s the same as saying to the young bride, if you’re a parent or a grandparent, you better look at this, honey, because if he did it once, he’s going to do it again. It takes a parent to wake up a young bride’s eyes.

That’s, again, what we have to have here. I’m saying we’re going to be faced with a very, very severe virus, the violence in the streets is going to intensify, the shakedown of business is going to be magnified. This isn’t going to go away. It’s going to become worse. As it becomes worse, remember, that’s what I said I was going to do, and understand it’s engineered, and you can reverse it with someone standing up for God, instead of someone standing up for justice. It won’t take very many.

Charlene Bollinger:

Well, that’s a lot of information, Doc. I’m with you 100%. I think that the wind is right at our fingertips. We just need to wake up the sleeping giant that’s out there. People are waking up. What do you propose? We’re drawing near at the time that we have to close this interview, but I definitely want to talk again-

Dr. Jerome Corsi:


Charlene Bollinger:

… because we have a lot more to talk about.

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

I’ll be happy to come back anytime you ask.

Charlene Bollinger:

That’s great. Thank you. What do you propose to our listener, what can they take away that’s positive, maybe, a point of action, something that they can do? What is the plan [crosstalk 00:58:09]? What does that look like?

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

The first thing is to absorb the information that we’re putting out, you’re putting out, and to think about it. I charge for eBooks because people don’t read books they don’t pay for. I would rather that fewer people got it but the people who got it read it. People who are getting this book are going to read it. Some of them are even having trouble downloading it. It’s easy to do, but if you don’t know, I’ve got my numbers there. They can call us and we’ll get them the book. They call us because they can’t download it, that person is going to read the book. That’s what I want. I want them to pursue the truth. They start pursuing the truth, they won’t stop until they get it.

Charlene Bollinger:

We need everyone to pursue the truth. That’s why everything we do has the truth in the name. We’re trying to give the world the truth on a silver platter because we know the formulation, God is the way, the truth, and the life. This is what we’re bringing to the people, the way, the truth, and the life. The truth sets the prisoner free. They just need to understand what that truth is.

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

I want to add one element to that. It’s also the knocking and it’ll be opened up to you. It’s not just the offering. They’ve got to knock. They’ve got to want to know. They’ve got to say, “Why are we going through this?” Knock on the door and ask the question and it’ll be opened unto you.

Charlene Bollinger:

Ask, seek, knock. The Lord says in Hebrews Chapter 11, He’s a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. He is the truth, so those who seek it will find it when they search for it with all of their hearts.

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

I’ve got to go.

Charlene Bollinger:

We encourage everyone [crosstalk 00:59:52]. Thank you, everyone. Part two will be coming soon.

Dr. Jerome Corsi: In the end, God does always win. We’ll be back with the [crosstalk 00:59:59].

Charlene Bollinger:

We’ll include the links below. Click them and check them out. Thank you, Doc. Have a great day. Bye.

Dr. Jerome Corsi:

You, too. Have a great weekend. Just call me to come back again. I’d be delighted to be with you. Thank you. God bless.

Charlene Bollinger:

I’m on it. Thanks, Doc. Bye-bye.


Introducing the United Medical Freedom Super PAC


Republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:
By United Medical Freedom Super PAC
July 2, 2020
United Medical Freedom Super PAC

Unless we put Medical Freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic… The Constitution of the Republic should make special provisions for Medical Freedom as well as Religious Freedom.”

DR. BENJAMIN RUSH, George Washington’s personal doctor and a signer of the Declaration of Independence

What does freedom mean to you? The right to free speech? The right to bear arms? The right to worship as you see fit? At its core, freedom means autonomy. The right to decide how you want to live your life. The right to make decisions for you and your family without interference from governments, armies, or corporate interests. 

That includes the freedom of medical choice. Can you imagine a world in which the government told you what you could and couldn’t eat? What if there was a mandate telling you how much you needed to exercise or when you should go to bed? The government has absolutely NO BUSINESS meddling in our health and medical choices. 

And yet that’s exactly what they’re trying to do. 

Whether you support medical interventions like vaccines and chemotherapy, we all share a common belief that American citizens should never be forced to undergo treatment against their will. But corrupt politicians – and the corporate interests that sponsor them – have been actively fighting to strip you of your fundamental rights. 

From medical kidnapping to mandatory vaccinations and stay at home orders, our public servants have betrayed us. Those meant to serve the people have taken it upon themselves to strip us of the very freedoms that define us. 

It’s time to fight back. 

That’s why we created the United Medical Freedom Super PAC “UMFSP”. We believe that it’s time to end the totalitarian reign of fascist leaders and authoritarian mandates. It’s time that our government started working FOR the people instead of against them. And it’s time that the politicians in the pocket of Big Pharma are kicked out of office. 

We created the UMFSP to educate, empower, and emancipate the American people. We want you to know exactly which elected officials are working in the service of freedom… and which officials have been corrupted by greed. By joining our cause, you can become a warrior on the front lines in the battle for freedom. You can protect your children and your children’s children from the dictatorial rule of those who oppose freedom and the American way. 

The UMFSP has 7 specific objectives, and YOU can be among the first to join our righteous crusade for liberty. For too long, we have been deceived and manipulated. It’s time that we wake up, wise up, and rise up against this tyranny so that no American will ever again live in fear of their own government. 

The following list represents the specific ways that we, working as a united front, can make a difference. 


In today’s world, information is more accessible than ever before. Unfortunately, misinformation can be spread just as quickly (if not moreso) than the truth. Major media outlets, social platforms, and targeted advertising have been mouthpieces for the propaganda of corporate interests and corrupt politicians. 

For too long, major media outlets have oppressed one of the core values on which this country was founded: freedom of speech. Those who speak out against untested vaccines, corruption in our government, and pay-to-play chemotherapy have been labeled as “conspiracy theorists” and “quacks” and “fake news.”

Freedom of speech is one of the fundamental rights upon which this country was founded. And yet, virtually every mainstream outlet for exchanging information has become so biased that the truth is now hidden, “debunked,” or flat-out deleted. We need to end this assault on our freedoms and support platforms, representatives, and legislation that supports the right of every American to hear the TRUTH. 

On our own, we have very little power against such massive media influence. But together, can overcome this push toward medical tyranny and domination over the people. We believe that we can restore this great Republic.


No matter what your personal decision is regarding vaccines, we believe that every American has the constitutional and God-given right to choose what we put into our bodies. But the medical mafia, through bribery and lies, has ushered in an age where that choice is no longer ours to make. 

It feels like we’re slowly slipping towards a dystopian nightmare in which a tyrannical medical industry decides what information is allowed and what isn’t. Questioning the industry is not allowed. If you’re hesitant to inject your newborn with dozens of viruses and harmful adjuvants before their first birthday, you’re crazy. Even suggesting that the companies developing these vaccines may not have our best interests in mind will leave you branded a menace to society.

Federal agencies are working vigorously on a propaganda campaign designed for one purpose: to increase vaccine administration at any cost. They’re accomplishing this by exaggerating and exploiting a crisis, inciting public outrage, tracking opponents, and controlling the media.

Simply take a look at the National Adult Immunization Plan (NAIP), which was published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). HHS oversees the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Each of these operating divisions are essentially a revolving door for the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

Not only are they heavily influenced by money from these industries, but their agents are often former industry employees, receiving high-level jobs in the private sector once their public service has ended, or both. In fact, it’s so convoluted that the private companies who manufacture vaccines are no longer liable for proper testing or any injuries caused by their products.

We will also provide access to important information from experts like Dr. Judy Mikovitz, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., all of whom are experts on vaccine safety and medical freedom. These people have been actively censored in the media because their message interferes with the interests of Big Pharma. We want to help spread their message of truth for all to hear. 

We believe that no free American should be forced to inject themselves or their children with ANY drug against their will. When it comes to vaccine mandates, the UMFSP will work tirelessly to support candidates, legislation, and activist groups that will defend our right to medical freedom.


No law truly matters if it is not enforced. All too often, it falls on local law enforcement to uphold totalitarian mandates like forced vaccination, court-ordered chemotherapy, or social distancing guidelines. These officials are the true muscle behind these laws and illegal orders. The way that they respond can mean the difference between liberty and slavery. 

That’s why the UMFSP will work tirelessly to promote and support sheriffs that have vowed to uphold your constitutional freedoms – even if that means taking a stand against a corrupt government. Fortunately, there are still many elected leaders who will support your freedoms in the face of tyranny and unjust rule. 

In Colorado, several Sheriffs have refused to enforce red flag laws that strip citizens of due process and put both gun owners and law enforcement officers in harm’s way. In Snohomish County, Wash., Sheriff Adam Fortney is refusing to enforce the governor’s stay-at-home order, which he says “intrudes on our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

In California, at least  sheriffs have refused to enforce Governor Gavin Newsome’s illegal mandate for all citizens to wear masks. Sheriff Richard Mack of Graham County, Arizona took the defense of our liberties so seriously that he took his fight against unconstitutional laws all the way to the Supreme Court. 

In 2011 Mack founded the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA). The organization has a mission similar to Oath Keepers, encouraging members to refuse to enforce laws that they believe are unconstitutional.

The UMFSP will work to support sheriffs like Richard Mack who faithfully protect our liberty in the face of oppression. 


The UMFSP is not the first group to fight back against medical tyranny, and we want to support our partners and other charities that have provided support for families who have been oppressed by an unjust government. One of these charities is Children’s Health Defense.

Founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the Children’s Health Defense Team is devoted to the health of people and our planet. Their mission is to end the childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, and establish safeguards so this never happens again.

Another charity that we support is the Informed Consent Action Network. Founded by Del Bigtree (one of the creators of Vaxxed), the Informed Consent Action Network believes that you hold the ultimate authority over your health choices and those of your children. 

In a medical world manipulated by advertising and financial interests, true information is hard to find and often harder to understand. Their goal is to put the power of scientifically researched health information in your hands and to be bold and transparent in doing so, enabling your medical decisions to come from tangible understanding… not medical coercion. 

We will actively seek out charities that support victims of medical kidnapping, unlawful vaccination, and those whose constitutional and religious freedoms have been trampled. 


There are many ways that you can get involved, and becoming a member of the UMFSP is just the beginning. You help by advocating for the oppressed and victims of vaccine injury, spreading the word about honest, loyal candidates who will protect our medical freedoms, or by donating to help us support sheriffs, politicians, and other organizations who will stand beside us as we take back our fundamental rights. 


In order to combat the massive amounts of propaganda and misinformation that currently exist, we will keep you updated on all the latest medical and political news as it pertains to medical freedom. From pending legislation, to scientific studies, the UMFSP will be the first to get you the information you need to make educated decisions about your family’s health. 

The Time is Now

We are at a dangerous tipping point in our nation’s history. Never before have our elected officials worked so aggressively – and so effectively – to strip away our medical freedom, religious freedos, and our freedom of speech. Big Pharma and the medical mafia wield so much power in our legislative processes that it may seem impossible to stop them. 

But when we are united, we are strong. 

There is an active propaganda machine working as a precursor to compulsory vaccination mandates around the world. Fear is already being manufactured, opposition is already being silenced, and ordinary people are already so polarized that civil discussion is hard to come by. But we are not alone. Elected officials like Rand Paul and Robert F Kennedy, Jr. have been vocal in their opposition to mandatory vaccination. As long as we have a voice, we have a choice.

You can stand up to your local state governments and demand that exemption policies remain intact. You can let politicians know that anyone taking money from big pharma stands no chance of re-election. You can vote with your dollars by refusing to support companies that actively stifle freedom. And you can make a difference by becoming well-informed so that you can have respectful, evidence-based discourse with those who disagree with you.

And you can get started right now by joining the United Medical Freedom Super PAC today.


Soros-linked PAC donates nearly $78,000 to St. Louis circuit attorney

The Missouri Justice Public Safety PAC, which is linked to George Soros has donated nearly $78,000 of in-kind contributions to St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner's 2020 campaign.

For more on this story, visit:

Missouri A.G. Seeks Dismissal Of Charges Against St. Louis Pair Who Brandished Weapons At BLM



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The Charge Against St. Louis Couple for Defending their Home
The Charge Against St. Louis Couple for Defending their Home

U.S.A. –-( Kim Gardner, the radical St. Louis prosecutor, has asked for and obtained a warrant to seize the rifle and pistol used to defend a St. Louis couple's home, where hundreds of protesters trespassed and screamed at them on Sunday, 28 June, 2020.

It appears the charge used by far-left St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, to confiscate McClosky's firearms, is Missouri statute 571.030, Unlawful use of weapons. Bold added for emphasis:

*571.030. Unlawful use of weapons — exceptions — penalties. — 1. A person commits the offense of unlawful use of weapons, except as otherwise provided by sections 571.101 to 571.121, if he or she knowingly:

(1) Carries concealed upon or about his or her person a knife, a firearm, a blackjack or any other weapon readily capable of lethal use into any area where firearms are restricted under section 571.107; or

(2) Sets a spring gun; or

(3) Discharges or shoots a firearm into a dwelling house, a railroad train, boat, aircraft, or motor vehicle as defined in section 302.010, or any building or structure used for the assembling of people; or

(4) Exhibits, in the presence of one or more persons, any weapon readily capable of lethal use in an angry or threatening manner; or

There are exceptions. Number 5 seems to apply.

5. Subdivisions (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), (8), (9), and (10) of subsection 1 of this section shall not apply to persons who are engaged in a lawful act of defense pursuant to section 563.031.

Section 563.031 specifically allows the use of deadly force, not just showing a weapon, against people who have entered private property unlawfully. In order to be justified, the person using the force must reasonably believe such force to be necessary to defend themselves or a third person from the unlawful use of force.

(3) Such force is used against a person who unlawfully enters, remains after unlawfully entering, or attempts to unlawfully enter private property that is owned or leased by an individual, or is occupied by an individual who has been given specific authority by the property owner to occupy the property, claiming a justification of using protective force under this section.

There is no question the rioters unlawfully entered the private property, which makes this charge very unlikely to stick.

The only serious question would be if the McCloskeys could be shown to be “unreasonable” in their fear of the angry mob who had entered their private property unlawfully, and by their account, threatened them, their dog, and their home with violence.

The left is pushing that narrative. At a left-wing site, the fact that the angry crowd entered unlawfully, and were reported to be shouting threats at the McCloskeys, is ignored, and the crowd is portrayed as “peaceful protestors” “walking by” the McCloskeys' house. From

Here is some of the video. The crowd does not sound “peaceful”. 300 or 400 loud “protestors” certainly constitute disparity of force.

The video, obviously taken and posted by those on the side of the BLM activists, shows the need to record incidents on media the defenders' control.

Video from the McCloskey's perspective would be powerful evidence in court.

Prosecutors have absolute immunity, granted to them by the Supreme Court in the 1970s and '80s. Kim Gardner has little to fear. She can take the McCloskey's guns and claim the mob was peaceful, without fear of a lawsuit.

The McCloskeys are likely to prevail in court. But Kim Gardner can inflict considerable punishment by process.

The situation shows the importance of strong Castle Doctrine laws. Without the clear Missouri Castle Doctrine law, the McClosky's would be in serious danger of going to prison, merely for defending themselves.

All it takes is a political prosecutor who is on the side of the mob.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.




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republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The hadith Biden is quoting is this one: “On the authority of Abu Sa`eed al-Khudree (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah say, ‘Whosoever of you sees an evil, let him change it with his hand; and if he is not able to do so, then with his tongue; and if he is not able to do so, then with his heart — and that is the weakest of faith.'” (Nawawi 34)

Anyway, note Biden’s reference to “the Prophet Muhammad.” It’s standard journalistic practice today to assume that everyone is a Muslim and believes Muhammad is a prophet, so Biden is just following along with the crowd and pandering to his constituency, but it’s still a manifestation of Islamic supremacism. Biden’s handlers would never, ever give him a statement that referred to “our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” But Islam is the Left’s preferred religion, and Islamopandering is the order of the day, so Biden refers without hesitation to “the prophet.”

As long as he is quoting hadith, when will Biden get around to this one? A hadith depicts Muhammad saying: “Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war…When you meet your enemies who are polytheists, invite them to three courses of action. If they respond to any one of these you also accept it and withhold yourself from doing them any harm. Invite them to (accept) Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them and desist from fighting against them…. If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah’s help and fight them. (Sahih Muslim 4294)

“Biden quotes Prophet Muhammad’s hadith, wishes US schools taught about Islam,” Yeni Şafak, July 21, 2020 (thanks to Darcy):

Former American Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, has vowed to address the needs and concerns of Muslim-American communities in the U.S. once he becomes president during an online summit hosted by the organization “Emgage Action.”

Biden’s remarks came on Monday after several prominent Muslim-American leaders endorsed him for president.

Praising Islam as “one of the great confessional faiths,” Biden told attendees of the Million Muslim Votes that he wished U.S. schools taught more about Islam.

“One of the things I think is important, I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith,” he said, blaming President Trump for “fanning the flames of hate.”

“A hadith from the Prophet Muhammad instructs, ‘Whomever among you sees a wrong, let him change it with his hand,’” Biden quoted. “‘If he is not able, then with his tongue. If he is not able, then with his heart.’”

The 77-year-old leader vowed to repeal the Trump administration’s three-year-old travel ban that primarily target Muslim-majority countries, in what he described as “vile.”

“If I have the honor of being president, I will end the Muslim ban on day one, day one,” he pledged….

“Muslim communities were the first to feel Donald Trump’s assault on Black and brown communities in this country with his vile Muslim ban,” Biden added.

Denouncing Trump’s treatment of religious minorities, Biden promised to appoint Muslim personnel in his would-be administration and work with Congress to pass stalled hate crime legislations if elected to the Oval Office in November….


Biden wants schools to teach more about Islam, vows to stamp out “Islamic-phobia”



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

I’m all for teaching more in schools about Islam, but Biden wants a fantasy version that is entirely positive to be taught, while I would prefer an accurate presentation that explains the theological and ideological roots of jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women.

Note also that he vows to end the “Muslim ban,” which does not exist. What does exist is a ban on immigration from several countries, most of which are Muslim, that cannot or will not provide accurate information about prospective immigrants. The list of countries was devised during the Obama administration, while Biden was Vice President. Most Muslim countries have no such restrictions.

“Islamophobia,” which is what the addled Biden means by “Islamicphobia,” is defined in the New York Post article as “prejudice against Muslims.” Prejudice against any group is never justified. All too often, however, the term is used to refer to honest and accurate analysis of the ways in which jihadis use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and make recruits among peaceful Muslims. Biden would end all that, and effectively criminalize criticism of Islam, including all opposition to jihad terror.

I hope y’all will bake me a cake with a file in it.

“Biden wishes schools taught more about Islam,” by Kathryn Krawczyk, The Week, July 20, 2020:

Former Vice President Joe Biden received endorsements from several Muslim American leaders before addressing the Million Muslim Votes summit on Monday.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, and Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind.), were among several Muslim American officials who signed a letter endorsing Biden on Monday. Omar’s endorsement was especially notable seeing as she was a big supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and continues to be a leading progressive voice in the House.

Biden then went on to open his speech with a request: “I wish we were taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith,” calling it “one of the great confessional faiths” that “come[s] from the same root” as Christian religions.

Later in his video speech, Biden promised viewers he would end President Trump’s ban on travel from several Muslim-majority countries “on day one.”

The Million Muslim Votes Summit is organized by Emgage Action, the U.S.’s largest Muslim American PAC. Hillary Clinton didn’t attend any Emgage events during her 2016 run, The Washington Post notes, and former President Barack Obama was “cautious” about doing so.

“Biden vows to end Trump travel ban, ‘Islamicphobia’ in call with Linda Sarsour,” by Ebony Bowden, New York Post, July 20, 2020:

Joe Biden railed against what he called “Islamicphobia” and vowed to end the Trump administration’s travel ban on his first day in office during a call Monday with the nation’s largest Muslim-American PAC — including anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour.

“If I have the honor of being president, I will end the Muslim ban on day one, day one,” Biden said during the “Million Muslim Votes Summit” call hosted by Emgage Action which endorsed his White House bid in April.

The travel ban signed by President Trump in January 2017 blocks most immigrants and travelers from Iran, Libya, Somalia, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen.

But Biden didn’t stop there, also lamenting that US schools don’t teach more about Islam.

“One of the things I think is important, I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith,” he said, while accusing President Trump of “fanning the flames of hate.”

In a rambling speech, the presumptive Democratic nominee also railed against what he called “Islamicphobia” in the call attended by a handful of Muslim political activists — including anti-Zionist Sarsour who told Americans to rise up against what she called a “fascist administration.”

The correct term for prejudice against Muslims is Islamophobia.

“Under this administration, we’ve seen an unconscionable, an unconscionable rise in Islamicphobia and incidents including kids being bullied in schools and hate crimes in our communities,” Biden said, repeating the misnomer over and over.

“He’s named people with a history of open Islamicphobia — open, straightforward, who have no business serving in high positions in our government — to key leadership roles in our Department of Defense and the US Agency of International Development,” he continued….

“Our community is committed to ending the occupation of the Palestinian people, our community is committed to Muslims who are oppressed all over the world,” Sarsour said, vowing to push Biden to support her anti-Israel agenda.

“We want to see Joe Biden in the White House but we also want Joe Biden to know that we will hold him accountable to our communities,” she continued.

“We will be at his doorstep to ensure that we are heard in this administration and we will fight for the things that we believe in and we are not going to end our work on election day,” she said.


Sarsour on Biden: “I want him to defeat Trump so we can mobilize our movements to hold him accountable”



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

That’s a decidedly tepid endorsement. But it makes it clear that Sarsour and the Islamic and Leftist organizations in the U.S. that support the “Palestinian” jihad (and the jihad elsewhere) will be keeping President Biden on a tight leash. If he doesn’t jump to do their bidding, they’ll turn on him, not with the fury with which they hate and wish to destroy Trump, but certainly they will have no sense of loyalty or trust, and not let him make him one misstep. This means that Biden in the White House will essentially be their tool.

“‘Nation’s Largest’ Muslim PAC Embraces Biden, But Activist Sarsour’s Endorsement is Tepid,” by Patrick Goodenough, CNS News, July 21, 2020:

( – Thanking a Muslim American PAC for supporting his presidential bid, Joe Biden said Monday he wished U.S. schools taught more about Islam, and pledged to scrap, on his first day in office, what he called President Trump’s “vile Muslim ban.”

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee gave a virtual address to Emgage Action, three months after “the nation’s largest Muslim American political action committee” endorsed him, following the decision by its first choice candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, to end his campaign.

Some high-profile Sanders supporters in the Muslim community have not been enthusiastic about moving their support to Biden, as seen in a series of tweets later Monday by Palestinian American activist Linda Sarsour, a controversial former co-leader of the Women’s March.

“I choose Biden,” Sarsour said. “But I choose him as my opponent in the White House. I want him to defeat Trump so we can mobilize our movements to hold him accountable and push him to do and be better. We can’t do that with Trump.”

Sarsour said most of “our people” backed Sanders in the primary “because he earned our votes & we need Biden to continue to do the same.”

She recalled that Sanders had addressed “the plight of the Palestinian people,” and had “vehemently criticized the Netanyahu Government, opposed the moving of the embassy [to Jerusalem], called for an end to occupation, a conditioning of military aid, etc.”

‘One of my avocations is theology’

Addressing the Emgage Action event earlier in the day, Biden began on a theological note.

“Look, one of the things that I think is important is I wish – I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith,” he said. “I wish we talked about all the great confessional faiths. It [Islam] is one of the great confessional faiths.”

“And what people don’t realize – as one of my avocations is theology – don’t realize is we all come from the same root here, in terms of our fundamental basic beliefs.”

He thanked the PAC for endorsing him, noted it has launched a campaign aimed at boosting the Muslim vote, and made his case for why Muslims should support him over Trump in November.

“Muslim communities were the first to feel Donald Trump’s assault on black and brown communities in this country with his vile Muslim ban,” he said, vowing to undo the move “on day one,” should he become president….

Biden, who spoke for a little over ten minutes, accused Trump of “fanning the flames of hate,” through his words, deeds, policies and appointments, and charged that there has been “an unconscionable rise in Islamicphobia [sic]” under his administration….

“I won’t fail to speak out against the abuses of human rights including targeting for violence and prosecution Muslim minorities around the world,” he said, citing Uighurs in China and Rohingya in Burma.

Biden said he would work with partners “to meet the moral demands of the humanitarian crises in Syria, Yemen, and Gaza,” and would “continue to champion the rights of Palestinians and Israelis to have a state of their own, as I have for decades.”…

Sarsour, an ardent BDS supporter, took part in Monday’s Emgage Action video event, where she spoke about the importance of holding a President Biden accountable after the election.

“When Joe Biden does the right thing, you better believe Linda Sarsour’s going to say, ‘You know what? Thank you so much President Joe Biden for doing the right thing.’ And when President Joe Biden doesn’t do the right thing our community needs to come together and hold him accountable.”…







republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

As strange as it may sound, a propaganda and demonization campaign is being waged against hydroxychloroquine so that globalism and U.S. socialism can make headway.

President Donald Trump several times has lauded the drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a potential cure for COVID-19, even saying that he was taking it himself to ward off the disease, and he ordered his administration to make it readily available. Recently, however, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration revoked its Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for using hydroxychloroquine to fight COVID-19, saying, in essence, it doesn’t seem to treat COVID-19 and is dangerous. Doctors, though, can still prescribe it for off-label use.

Yet researchers writing a review of COVID-19 treatments for the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) summarized the safety of chloroquine (CQ) treatment for COVID-19: “Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are relatively well tolerated as demonstrated by extensive experience in patients with SLE and malaria,” the researchers wrote, noting that in some cases there have been “rare and serious adverse effects.” Still, of the safety of the drugs in the context of COVID-19, they wrote: “No significant adverse effects have been reported for chloroquine at the doses and durations proposed for COVID-19. Use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine in pregnancy is generally considered safe. A review of 12 studies including 588 patients receiving chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine during pregnancy found no overt infant ocular toxicity.”

As well, peer-reviewed studies and anecdotal evidence show that the drug works to treat COVID-19.

So what is happening here? The answer: There is a war going on for your mind.

Prior to the election of Donald Trump, the war was somewhat hidden. Though a subset of Americans had noticed the gradual increase in statist, internationalist, and socialist propaganda over the years, most Americans remained unaware of the trend. The election of Donald Trump, however, was a wake-up call, and the statists, or “deep statists” if you will, began a concerted campaign to remove the president from office. Still, nasty as this was, for most Americans this was just political theater. 

The war broke furiously into the open with COVID-19, though, and has accelerated, and grown more vicious still, with the wave of violent terrorist riots that have struck the nation’s cities. With COVID-19, the nation’s petty tyrants in state government took the opportunity presented by the crisis to revoke the rights and freedoms of the American people and impose mass house arrest. The next phase of the war immediately followed in the form of the terrorist riots that have resulted in widespread property destruction and the sowing of intense fear among the law-abiding, who are increasingly left to their own devices in defending themselves against the tide of violence. In total, the entire campaign is aimed at forcibly limiting what Americans do, say, and even think — trying to make social controls “the new norm.”

As an integral part of this “new norm,” the elitists who desire total power have devised another strategem: institute a vaccine program — ostensibly to safeguard us against coronavirus — that will allow elites to track us at all times and control the lives and activities of people around the world. The scheme has been heavily promoted by Bill Gates and the controlled international menagerie of NGOs and world government bodies. (See the article “Bill Gates: Philanthropist or Scoundrel?”)

Anything that gets in the way of this effort is demonized by the leftist mainstream media. Case in point: Trump’s promotion of hydroxychloroquine to fight COVID-19. Why? Because if a simple and effective treatment for the pandemic disease exists and is readily available, the overarching need for a vaccine is diminished or eliminated.

Within this framework, the motivation behind the media and Democratic politicians’ unceasing attacks on hydroxychloroquine becomes understandable. Though the science is not yet settled and important studies are ongoing, some research and plenty of clinical anecdotal evidence continue to point to the drug as a useful treatment for COVID-19. If it is, then the need for a vaccine forced on the world’s population is diminished or even eliminated, and with that, the plan to track everyone via a digital vaccine ID has had a stake firmly planted in its heart.

Thus, we have an all-out campaign of demonization waged against the drug, convincing Americans to abandon hope of a non-vaccine treatment.

A Chorus of Lies and Calumnies

The Washington Post, one of the key organs of the statist propaganda machine, exemplifies the “coverage” given to HCQ by mainstream-media organs.

In a “Fact Checker” analysis, the paper first quoted President Trump, who said on March 19 about the drug that “it’s looking like it’s having some good results. That would be a phenomenal thing.” Then the newspaper criticized one of the French studies that had found potential value in HCQ. It said about the study by Didier Raoult, et al.: “Scientists have since discredited the trial, pointing to major flaws in the way it was conducted. The journal that published the study announced on April 3 that it did not meet its standards.”

The study was not retracted, and the journal in question did not call the paper’s findings into question; it merely cast aspersions on portions of how the study was conducted with regard to study participants. The study, the journal’s board said, did not meet the “expected standard, especially relating to the lack of better explanations of the inclusion criteria and the triage of patients to ensure patient safety.” Again, this was not a criticism of the results reported. Moreover, the journal said its peer-review process was followed. “Despite some suggestions online as to the reliability of the article’s peer review process, the process did adhere to the industry’s peer review rules,” the statement said.

But from the Post’s coverage, readers will get the impression that the entire study was dubious.

The online Daily Beast published a hit piece on Dr. Raoult calling him a “B.S. Artist,” along with attempting to shame him as a “climate denier” and a “coronavirus truther.” The Daily Beast even criticized him for having long hair and a beard, saying it made him look like “a latter day Wild Bill Hickok, albeit in a medical researcher’s white coat.” And he has bad taste too, they claimed: “He wears a biker ring and adorns the walls of his office with schlock paintings of, among others, an imposing Poseidon, god of the seas.”

According to the statists, you shouldn’t believe anything this man says because he is obviously a crackpot. Except this “crackpot” has many other scientific collaborators — he has 17 co-authors joining him on the paper criticized by the Post. This “B.S. Artist,” by the way, has authored or co-authored more than 3,000 peer-reviewed papers during his scientific career. He has collaborated on these with more than 6,000 other scientists, and his peer-reviewed papers have been cited more than 110,000 times by other scientists.

FDA Follies

Perhaps being persuaded by President Trump, or perhaps having actually taken the early results from hydroxychloroquine seriously, in March the Food and Drug Administration authorized emergency use of hydroxychloroquine to make it more available for study and use in the early days of the pandemic’s spread in the United States. The authorization made it possible for large donations of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine from the companies Bayer and Novartis, respectively, “to be distributed and prescribed by doctors to hospitalized teen and adult patients with COVID-19, as appropriate.”

This earned positive commentary from Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar at the time. “President Trump is taking every possible step to protect Americans from the coronavirus and provide them with hope,” Secretary Azar said, according to an agency press release.

Since then, in the wake of ongoing demonization of the drugs, the FDA backtracked and revoked its EUA.

In a letter discussing the revocation of the EUA for the drugs, FDA chief scientist Denise Hinton said the agency no longer found the drugs likely to be effective in treating COVID-19. “We now believe that the suggested dosing regimens for CQ and HCQ as detailed in the Fact Sheets are unlikely to produce an antiviral effect,” Hinton said in the letter. “Earlier observations of decreased viral shedding with HCQ or CQ treatment have not been consistently replicated and recent data from a randomized controlled trial assessing probability of negative conversion showed no difference between HCQ and standard of care alone,” she continued.

The agency concluded, Hinton wrote, that “it is no longer reasonable to believe that oral formulations of HCQ and CQ may be effective in treating COVID-19, nor is it reasonable to believe that the known and potential benefits of these products outweigh their known and potential risks.”

Treatment Strategy Ignored

The claim that hydroxychloroquine use to fight COVID-19 infection lacks merit is a dubious assertion. Notably missing from the FDA’s statement pulling its Emergency Use Authorization is the fact that successful treatment protocols using the drug for COVID-19 have relied on hydroxychloroquine being part of a multi-drug treatment provided early in the course of a SARS-CoV-2 infection, not used alone and given in late stages of the disease.

One doctor who says he has had significant success with a combination treatment that includes hydroxychloroquine is Dr. Vladimir Zelenko.

Practicing in a community on the outskirts of New York City, the epicenter of the pandemic outbreak in the United States, Dr. Zelenko gained fame for his work in treating COVID-19 patients with a three-drug treatment consisting of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and zinc. Heavily promoted early on by Trump, but panned by the mainstream media and politicized almost to extinction in the United States, the treatment as administered by Dr. Zelenko seems to have had noteworthy success.

In an interview with The New American’s Christian Gomez, Dr. Zelenko described how he decided on the course of treatment, as well as why and how he believes it has proven effective in saving lives. “I started studying the basic science of how this virus works,” Dr. Zelenko said in the video interview made available on YouTube.

“So it turns out that zinc, it’s well-known that it inhibits viral replication and specifically in the cytoplasm, in the inside of the cell there is an enzyme … and it’s used by the virus to make copies of its genetic material so that it makes more virus,” Zelenko said. “So this enzyme is essential to viral growth. Turns out that zinc inhibits that enzyme, it deactivates the enzyme and so it makes it very difficult if not impossible for the virus to grow. The problem that we have with zinc is that it doesn’t get into the cell…. So even though zinc is effective against the viral growth, it cannot get into the place where the virus is. So what does hydroxychloroquine do? In this case, it’s nothing more than opening a door, a channel, a zinc transport channel, it’s called a zinc ionophore, and it allows for zinc to go from outside the cell to the cytoplasm, to inside the cell. That’s all it does.”

Initially because of his claims of success in treating COVID-19, Zelenko was increasingly targeted by anti-Trump partisans eager to smear anyone who seemed to be providing evidence that supported the president’s contention that hydroxychloroquine might be useful in treating the disease.

Still, Dr. Zelenko pressed onward, seemingly eager to participate in a study that would clarify the usefulness of his course of treatment. Word of Zelenko’s work reached FDA commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn, formerly the chief medical executive at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, who reached out to Dr. Zelenko to offer insights into how to support the study.

This seems a completely innocent and understandable thing to do in the midst of a pandemic. Why wouldn’t a medical doctor and high-ranking federal official inquire into helping another medical doctor set up a study to investigate what seems a promising treatment? Failure to do so, if the opportunity existed, would seem a cold-hearted dereliction of duty. But the mainstream media, eager to create a controversy where none exists in order to harm Trump, presented the situation as a “gotcha, caught you red-handed” moment.

In a breathless report positioned as one intended to reveal a new administration “scandal,” Vanity Fair reported that it had obtained a series of text messages between Zelenko and Hahn. How scandalous!

Here’s what Vanity Fair said it had uncovered:

Two days after that first phone call, in a series of text messages obtained by Vanity Fair, Zelenko returned to Hahn for help setting up a clinical trial of some 750 outpatients at St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, New York. “The Catholic Health System (St. Francis Hospital) / Dr Zelenko COVID-19 trial is ready to go,” Zelenko wrote to Hahn, copying one of the hospital’s doctors involved in the trial. “We need ASAP 1. Hydroxychloroquine 200mg. 10000 pills 2. Azithromycin 500mg 5000 pills 3. Zinc sulfate 220 mg 5000 pills. This treatment will be deployed in outpatient primary care.”

Hahn responded, “Not sure what the ask of FDA is.” To which Zelenko replied, “We need the medication to run the study.” Hahn then asked, “Do you have IRB approval?” This referred to an institutional review board that hospitals use to oversee clinical trials and research. The doctor answered, “Hopefully this week.”

“Congratulations,” Hahn offered. “Really well done.” He then advised the doctor to reach out to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to obtain hydroxychloroquine from the Strategic National Stockpile, a federal cache of emergency equipment and supplies managed by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). When the doctor expressed uncertainty over how to do that, Hahn offered, “I’ll send you the contact.”

That’s some smoking gun, right there. If anything it proves that there is at least one federal official who is willing to try to help people solve problems.

Subsequently, the left-wing establishment attacked the doctor. Yet, despite the bombast of Vanity Fair and the mainstream media in general, the study exists and is legitimate. Details about the study, entitled “Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc With Either Azithromycin or Doxycycline for Treatment of COVID-19 in Outpatient Setting,” are available at 

The study is currently recruiting participants with a goal of enrolling 750 for the research. The study is expected to be completed by December 31.

The study is being led by Dr. Avni Thakore, a cardiologist, who said, according to WLNY, the CBS affiliate in New York, “What we know about the mechanism of action of the drugs suggests they could be helpful early in the course of a viral infection.” “We know zinc is an anti-viral. We know that hydroxychloroquine can help reduce an immune response that can get out of control.”

While we have to wait until the end of the year, at the earliest, to find out the results of this trial, a similar study has already reported results.

The study, conducted by researchers affiliated with the New York University School of Medicine and New York University Langone Health, has found that the combination of zinc with hydroxychloroquine may, in fact, prevent COVID-19 from progressing to serious illness. The researchers noted:

The main finding of this study is that after adjusting for the timing of zinc therapy, we found that the addition of zinc sulfate to hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin was found to associate with a decrease in mortality or transition to hospice among patients who did not require ICU level of care.

A Real Bogus Study

Promising findings such as this one and others are ignored by the mainstream media, but negative studies get loads of publicity. Their over-the-top propaganda campaign to discredit hydroxychloroquine reached a fever pitch with the publication in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet of a study that called the drug ineffective and unsafe.

The study, entitled “Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with or without a macrolide for treatment of COVID-19: a multinational registry analysis,” was led by Dr. Mandeep R. Mehra, a cardiologist and medical director of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Heart and Vascular Center in Boston. 

Using data sourced from a small company called Surgisphere, the study’s authors, which also included Sapan Desai, the founder of Surgisphere, reached an alarming conclusion: “We were unable to confirm a benefit of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine, when used alone or with a macrolide, on in-hospital outcomes for COVID-19.” “Each of these drug regimens was associated with decreased in-hospital survival and an increased frequency of ventricular arrhythmias when used for treatment of COVID-19.”

The statist mainstream media latched onto this finding with all due haste and breathlessly reported its conclusions in most, if not all, mainstream outlets. The results were touted as the final straw that would end hydroxychloroquine once and for all. This gambit almost worked.

Shocked by the study’s conclusion, researchers conducting or contemplating clinical trials involving hydroxychloroquine began to reevaluate their efforts based on worries that patients included in such studies might be harmed. “The World Health Organization and a number of national governments have changed their Covid-19 policies and treatments on the basis” of the study, The Guardian newspaper reported. One of the studies halted was the COPCOV study, a very large international study from Oxford University in the U.K. That study has now been restarted, and its principal investigators have indicated that they are anxious to further understand the potential of HCQ in prevention and early treatment of COVID-19. (For full coverage of the restart of COPCOV, see TNA online here:

But almost immediately after the Lancet study was published, other researchers began to notice disquieting elements in the work. So troubling were the flaws that no less than the left-wing mouthpiece New York Times was forced to report on the situation. “Critics were quick to point out anomalies … including implausible findings that should have been detected during the peer review process — like the … apparent inclusion of a large number of Covid-19 cases very early on in the pandemic, even in Africa, where few hospitals have electronic health records,” the Times reported.

The Times continued: “Many researchers were astonished to find out that such a database could exist, or that the gathering and analysis of tens of thousands of medical records on multiple continents could have been carried out so quickly.”

A key element of science in general and scientific studies in particular is the idea of reproducibility. In scientific writing, it is expected and required that researchers provide sufficient details in a “materials and methods” section or sections of a paper so that other researchers can reproduce the described experiment. Such reproduction allows other researchers to evaluate the methods and data described while allowing them to derive the conclusions — or not — for themselves. This is the central feedback loop in scientific publishing that prevents fraud and ensures accuracy of results.

This was a central failing of the studies (there were two in total) that were based on the Surgisphere data. After such concerns were raised, the authors of the paper who were not affiliated with Surgisphere arranged for an independent review of the data. That review could not be completed because Surgisphere “would not transfer the full dataset, client contracts, and the full ISO audit report to their servers for analysis,” a group of the study’s original authors pointed out.

Ultimately, The Lancet was forced to retract the study. Speaking to Tucker Carlson of Fox News, Dr. Marc Siegel said the study was simply political in nature. “Political,” he said, “we know this is a political hit job.”

More Work Remains

It seems fairly clear at this point, despite the controversy, that lives have been saved by the careful use of hydroxychloroquine and that continued investigation of the drug and continued use by physicians treating COVID-19 patients should not be stopped.

One example of a life likely saved is the story of Margaret Novins, 53, who tested positive for COVID-19 in March. “I couldn’t breathe,” she said of her fight with the disease, according to Forbes.

Very quickly her doctors prescribed hydroxychloroquine, and she experienced improvement in her condition in just one day, according to Forbes. She credited the drug, sold under the brand name Plaquenil, with her recovery. “From my notes it is clear that my fevers and horrible chills I fought hard from 3/8-3/18 turned the corner the day I started Plaquenil 3/19,” she said.

Others, including doctors, have said that they, a family member, or someone they know have used and needed hydroxychloroquine during the pandemic. The aforementioned Dr. Siegel is one of these.

Again speaking to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Siegel shared a personal story. “Tucker, I want to tell you about a 96-year-old man in Florida who said one night, ‘I don’t think I’m going to make it. I feel very weak. The end is coming. I’m coughing, I’m short of breath, I can’t get up from the couch,’” Siegel said. “The next day he was on hydroxychloroquine and antibiotics, per his cardiologist, he got up the next day, he was fine.” That man was Siegel’s father.

Congressman Roger Marshall (R-Kan.), an obstetrician, commenting on President Trump’s use of HCQ, has said that his family, too, has taken hydroxychloroquine. According to Newsweek, Marshall said “that he, his siblings, his parents and his wife are taking the drug ‘prophylactically’” — to ward off the disease.

Even a Michigan Democratic lawmaker, Karen Whitsett (D-Mich.), told Fox host Laura Ingraham that the drug saved her when she was suffering from COVID-19. “I really want to say that you have to give this an opportunity,” she said. “For me, it saved my life.”

One expert who believes hydroxychloroquine should not be taken off the table is Harvey A. Risch, professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine. Risch argued in favor of early treatment of COVID-19 with a combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.

“Five studies, including two controlled clinical trials, have demonstrated significant major outpatient treatment efficacy,” Risch observed in an article for the American Journal of Epidemiology. “Hydroxychloroquine+azithromycin has been used as standard-of-care in more than 300,000 older adults with multicomorbidities, with estimated proportion diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmias attributable to the medications 47/100,000 users, of which estimated mortality is <20%, 9/100,000 users, compared to the 10,000 Americans now dying each week. These medications need to be widely available and promoted immediately for physicians to prescribe.”

Clearly, despite bureaucratic resistance, the potential benefits of hydroxychloroquine seem significant enough to continue additional research, as well as to provide a foundation for doctors working with patients to continue, if they deem necessary, to utilize the drug, either alone or in combination with other drugs and supplements such as zinc.

Attempts by federal and state health agencies, bolstered by mainstream media propaganda, to restrict usage of hydroxychloroquine is, at its base, an effort to supplant individual physician expertise with blanket control of healthcare by government bureaucrats. It stands to reason that effective healthcare is delivered by skilled doctors and other healthcare staff working with patients directly, and that one-size-fits-all, politically motivated dictates from government bureaucrats put patients at significantly increased risk of poor outcomes.

The effort to discredit HCQ continues, but is on shaky ground because propaganda ultimately must fail when it is opposed by the truth.

Indeed, if COVID-19 is to be countered effectively, and lives are to be saved, then, as always, freedom is the cure. Government must get its nose out of the business of science and let researchers and doctors — the actual experts — conduct their life-saving research and work unencumbered by government regulation.





republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

A Fox News poll conducted July 12-15 surveyed Americans’ views on our nation’s Founders. The result showed that while a majority of those polled still viewed our Founding Fathers favorably, the approval margin was not nearly as universal as it might have been a generation or two ago. Only 63 percent regarded our Founders as heroes, while 15 percent said they were villains. Another 15 percent said “it depends” and seven percent had no opinion.

There were major differences among those polled, according to their political affiliation, race, religious persuasion, age, or place of residence.

Survey participants most likely to call our Founders “heroes” included Republican women (82 percent), Republicans (79 percent), White evangelical Christians (77 percent), self-identified very conservatives (77 percent) and White suburban voters (72 percent).

At the opposite end of the spectrum, those most inclined to consider our Founders as “villains” included Black voters (39 percent), self-identified very liberals (37 percent), non-White women (35 percent), women under age 45 (29 percent), and millennials (24 percent). Even among these demographic groups, however, these were obviously minority opinions.

When asked if they thought monuments and statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson should stay up rather than be taken down, those who said the monuments should remain prevailed by a 57-point margin — 73 percent to 16 percent.

During an interview with Fox & Friends on July 20, political commentator and author Ben Shapiro stated that the fact that “only 63 percent of Americans describe the founders as heroes is devastating, that means that 37 percent of Americans do not describe the founders as heroes, they describe them as either villains or I don’t know.”

Shapiro said, “If you look at the racial cross-tabs it’s really devastating.”

“If you look at the Black community in the United States, according to this poll, a plurality [39-31 percent] of Black Americans believes that founders were villains rather than heroes, which is devastating to the future of the country,” Shapiro observed.

“If you believe that the country was innately founded on sin and evil, it's going to be very difficult to reach the sort of national unity that we require in order to move forward and I think that is something the radical Left has been promulgating,” he continued.

Shapiro also commented on his new book, How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps.

“My book is really about how if a nation is to move forward it has to have a common philosophy, which is the Declaration of Independence, it has to have a common culture, a culture of tolerance, but also a culture of defense of rights and culture of entrepreneurship and the country has to have a common history,” he said.

“We have to share history and believe that we are all part of the same great stream of American history, trying to justify those founding principles, falling short, but eventually succeeding.”

“If we don't believe in those things, the country falls apart,” Shapiro noted.

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Pride in America Has Declined in Recent Years, Poll Finds

President Trump’s Remarkable Speech at Mt. Rushmore Excoriated by the New York Times




republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

I’ve hesitated to write this article because I can feel the guffaws coming. But those guffaws are now quieted by masks which do far better at muzzling chortles than germs, so I now care less than I used to. This is the thesis: mask directives are an eschatological dry-run for the Mark of the Beast, and if you don’t think so, you’re insanely naive.


You can use the search function at PNP and discover that ‘Mark of the Beast’ has only been the subject of a few articles out of tens of thousands, and each one makes a mockery of hyper-charismatic snake oil salesmen who use the topic as a sales pitch for their venereal disease elixir. Those who see the Mark of the Beast in every news story or technological advance have received nothing but derision from me for their prophetic sensationalism and failed soothsayery. Additionally, you’ll find that I have always instructed readers to “make eschatology the caboose of your theology and not the engine.” Again, I’ve done nothing but roll my eyes at End Times timelines behind the pulpit, Late Great Planet Earth-type prophecies, and the endless parade of “here’s how [fill-in-the-blank news story] fits into Matthew 24.

I am a historic pre-millennialist, but most wouldn’t know it because I speak of it that rarely. Indeed, I believe that Jesus is returning to rule the nations, raise the dead, and judge in righteousness. But how those things will unfold I place into a tertiary camp, so long as we can admit full-preterists are heretics, post-millennialists ought to chill just a bit on Reconstructionamillennialists should stop being so smug (just saying), and dispensational pre-millennialists get weird with their charts and graphs (I’m looking at you, John Hagee). Did I offend everyone yet? Anyway…

The point is, I’m hardly the eschatology-hound you might ordinarily like making fun of. And I’m certainly not the guy calling Barack Obama the anti-christ or arguing that the locusts of Abaddon’s pit are murder hornets.


Granted, I can’t help but share some of the eccentricities common among pre-millennialists. Ideas that I find particularly worrisome are standard fare (not just among premillennialists, but plenty of civil libertarians as well). You know, stuff like RFID tracking chips put into dogs and employees (the state of Michigan just banned mandatory chips in employees, so Christians aren’t the only ones creeped out by it) are especially concerning.

For that matter, I don’t like the Internet of Things (IoT), self-driving cars, cashless societies (like coin shortages that happen right after the federal reserve announced the ‘digital dollar’), tracking devices masquerading as phones, the NSA knowing what you ate for breakfast, asking Amazon or Google to eavesdrop in your home just for the convenience of having a ‘virtual assistant’ tell you the weather or turn on your music (PS they’re also storing every word you say), or television sets that watch you more than you watch them.

I’ll admit it: my view of the End Times from the Bible gives me healthy skepticism of these things, but not irrationally. I cover my cams when they’re not in use (because Zuckerberg does). But I also have most (but not all) of the conveniences listed above (I also know the first thing to throw out my car window when I go on the lam). I’m not a Neo-Luddite, and neither am I against all vaccines, nor assume that 5G causes erectile disfunction or that chlorine necessarily makes frogs gay.

At the same time, we have to recognize that the things exposed by Edward Snowden aren’t science fiction. Anyone who isn’t worried about some of these things is foolish, just as anyone who believes all of them is crazy. But as Christians who believe what the Bible says about things that are coming, we have an extra reason to be concerned about our evolving world, even above and beyond that of regular civil libertarians.


Yes, I believe that the Bible gives us a vague but accurate picture of what the world is heading into. These aren’t extrapolations of Scripture like seers peer into chicken gizzards and tea leaves. These are explicit prophecies in the Bible with explicit guarantees that these things will explicitly happen before the return of Christ.

So without apology, I believe that Jesus is bodily returning, establishing a thousand-year-long kingdom in Jerusalem, turning Commies into his footstools, raising the dead, and unpacking in his own good order the cumulative end of the world as we know it.

If that seems strange, consider that I also believe God became man, took on flesh when he was conceived of the Holy Ghost, was born of a virgin, lived a perfect life, died as a substitute for sinners, and rose again from the dead.

And secularists believe men came from chimpanzees and Marxism might actually work this time…we all believe crazy things. My beliefs just happen to be true. Anywhoo…


The gist is this: Prior to the return of Christ, his followers are going to become increasingly unpopular and the world will grow increasingly wicked. It will be characterized by unruly children, self-centered vanity (food selfie, much?), homosexuality, and general ungodliness. Although all ages have had these sins to varying degrees, the generation before Christ returns will actually take pride in them.

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

2 Timothy 3:1-7

This will be accomplished by incredible technology that allows the comings-and-goings of people to be micromanaged and they will be excluded from buying or selling things in the marketplace. This is to accomplish a “soft extermination,” basically starving out believers or forcing them to assimilate.

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Revelation 13:16-17

After it’s clear from muscling non-conformists into a corner by restricting their access to the market, a global, powerful government will then begin a “hard extermination,” rounding up believers and murdering them like dogs in a persecution worse than anything the world has ever seen (including the Holocaust).

Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake…21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

Matthew 24:9,21

This will, in part, be possible by some kind of contraption – whether natural or supernatural – that will detect believing non-conformists who have refused to identify with the global grand poobah (known as the anti-christ) and it will sound an alarm, alerting people that an ‘unauthorized person’ is nearby.

15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

Revelation 13:15

You can figure out how that will be done, because it doesn’t leave much to the imagination in a period in which we’re talking about “health passports” scanning temperatures of passing crowds of people, putting everyone into a facial recognition database (even liberals in America’s cities are scared over this one and have started to ban the tech), and are micro-chipping Lassie. I’m not a prophet or the son of one, but I surmise it will be one of these things, a combination thereof, or something eerily similar. In one way or another, those little images are going to scream out and snitch, something that John was seeing in his revelation and trying to convey to us with his 1st Century vocabulary.

And when all this fails to round up believers for the gas chamber, people will snitch on each other. Even family members will turn one another in for not conforming to the government regulations.

“Now brother will deliver up brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and cause them to be put to death.

Matthew 10:21


No, masks aren’t the Mask Mark of the Beast. But if you don’t think this is a dry-run social experiment (whether organized by men or of the devil) for that eventuality, you’re insanely naive.

In more than twenty states, you can’t buy or sell without wearing a mask. Stores have up signs that they will snitch on you to the authorities. Health departments have created snitching hotlines for your acquaintances who aren’t doing it. Departments of Family Services have created policies about how to steal your kids if you don’t comply.

And worst of all, virtue-signaling evangelical leaders are demanding that you wear a mask to show your love for Jesus or if you want to “have an economy” (like Beardy McGoatFace over at Wheaton College, see below).

These jackhats will 100% deliver you up to the councils and tribunals when that great day comes, and they’ll do so in the name of Jesus. How Stetzer could tweet such a thing without a single thought about the eschatological implication tells me he probably doesn’t believe in eschatology at all (unless it’s some kind of Marxist utopia he’s betting on).

From what I ascertain from history and human nature, the chance of the Mark of the Beast being branded “Mark of the Beast” will be next to zero. No doubt, it will be predicated upon some kind of appeal to public safety or the public good. It will likely be called something like Doubleplusgood Public Health for Happy Homes Initiative #3. For citizens to snitch on citizens as the Bible prophesies, they’ll have to be convinced that you not having the Mark of the Beast will somehow kill them.

So, no. I’m not going to wear the mask.

These mask mandates are nothing but practice for things to come. It is a testing and trying of government power, and right now it seems almost omnipotent.

If they are practicing for things to come, will you? Will you resist this? Will you practice saying no? Or will you buckle under the slightest pressure to grab that Snickers bar for the low-low price of your bodily autonomy?

Jesus is coming. And so is the Mark of the Beast. Wake up Christians. You mustn’t slumber.