republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Last Tuesday on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, he asked, “What was the goal here, to flatten the curve or flatten the U.S. economy?” It’s a rhetorical question that reminds me of what some of us have suspected from the start of this “pandemic.” That the insane, despotic response in shutting down our nation was never about public “safety” from a Chinese flu-like virus, but rather, it was about gaining control of the people, breaking the United States and thwarting President Trump’s reelection chances in November.
Do I really believe a global pandemic is being used to target President Trump and the United States? Yes, I do, and I’m far from the only one who sees it. From the beginning I have been suspicious of much of the reporting on the Wuhan virus, especially the death and infection rate numbers out of communist Democrat-controlled states and bureaucracies. Immediately after the Democrats’ vile impeachment scam finally ended in proper failure, the media harpies flew into megaphone lock-step, flooding the American people with incessant, manufactured hysteria over this “novel coronavirus.” Even many people who had previously come to fully mistrust the media, suddenly began to believe them and fall into the compliant fear trap the media were setting.
This virus also seemed to come pre-packaged with its own PR campaign. It even has a logo! The logo (an example seen here), I guess, is supposed to be the likeness of a microscopic image of the virus. It looks like Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies, and it’s been featured seemingly everywhere since the beginning of this! When have we ever seen such a thing done? We even have the lingo: “social distancing,” “flatten the curve,” “stay home; stay safe,” and “essential” workers and businesses (which is detestable, because every business is essential to the people involved with it). It’s all been impressively organized from the start, almost as if it were a “rollout.”
We were told that it’s a “brand new” virus, and yet from the beginning it was declared that most people who get it are asymptomatic. Where did that information come from? Did China say that? How was there immediately all this extensive testing on people who weren’t sick, who had no symptoms, so that it was able to be determined that “most people who get the virus are asymptomatic”? Regardless, one thing I can tell you is that’s an amazingly convenient key factor in this. If everyone who got this virus became obviously sick, then there would be no “excuse” to shut down the nation, but if everyone walking around free, seemingly healthy, could potentially be an infected “spreader” of the virus, then there’s your so-called excuse for suspending big chunks of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.
And suspend them they have. The big picture of national “mitigation” is one of arbitrary dictates, not based in true science or proper legislation, nor honoring the fundamental rights of American citizens to work, worship, gather and freely move about as they see fit. There was never even a thought of treating this as any other flu-like virus and allowing herd immunity to progress. No. Instead, the powers-that-be seized on the opportunity presented to them by the media-created fear and hysteria in the people to impose their un-American, despotic control, including the psyops foolishness of mandated mask-wearing and inhumane, forced isolation.
I don’t blame President Trump in all this, because he has truly been between a rock and a hard place. This nation-destroying nightmare was imposed on the United States, and the officials at the state and local levels have taken huge advantage of their newly-acquired power over frightened Americans, power they will not easily, if ever, relinquish.
I remember the first shutdown that happened was of our local schools. It was announced that certain school districts would close for a few days. At the time I said it was nonsense to do that, but that quickly became the least of it. Soon, the whole nation was shut down, and now here we are with millions of lives and businesses destroyed, and I don’t mean by a virus that apparently has a 99-plus-percent recovery rate.
The people who are pushing the continued shut-down of our nation have evil intentions. This is not about a virus, and I truly believe it never has been. It’s about crushing our freedoms, destroying the United States and preventing President Trump’s reelection in November. And they—meaning the communist Democrats and their fellow travelers—will stop at nothing to impose on our nation the tyranny of their long-held, wicked dreams. I have no doubt that the “news” (regarding the death and infection rate numbers from the Chinese virus) will continue to be whatever the enemies of America in power within our nation need it to be to give them their “excuse” to continue the destruction of our nation with these senseless lockdowns, because this is finally their chance. At last they’ve found the hammer that works, and they’re putting it down on the United States to flatten and reorder our nation according to their hell-born, dystopian desires.
It remains to be seen how much of this the American people will take before they stand up firmly against it, and if enough people do stand up, I hope it won’t be too little, too late. It’s been encouraging to see some push-back against it in certain places. I attended a Freedom Rally here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast last week. It was an event that was very quickly organized, so there was not much time to get the word out. Even so, there were around 150 or more people there. That has to be repeated on a grand scale all across the country, especially in communist Democrat-controlled states. Business owners, employees and other concerned Americans must engage in massive, widespread, peaceful civil disobedience to these lawless dictates, if we’re to have any hope of stopping the destruction of our nation.
Also with our continuing mega prayers and love for Rush.