WVNG sanitizes daycare

Governor Carney toured the contact tracing staff room at the Delaware Emergency Response Center in March:
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Approximately 200 Delawareans will be hired as contact tracers

WILMINGTON, Del. –  Governor John Carney on Tuesday announced that the State of Delaware entered into an agreement with the nonpartisan research institution NORC at the University of Chicago to build Delaware’s statewide contact tracing programto contain COVID-19, limit Delawareans’ exposure to the disease, and restart Delaware’s economy.
The contact tracing program builds on Delaware’s statewide plan to test up to 80,000 Delawareans monthly for COVID-19. Expanded testing and contact tracing efforts are key to reopening Delaware’s economy under guidance from the White House and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
NORC also has partnered with the State of Maryland to perform contact tracing. Delaware and Maryland will share information to more effectively monitor COVID-19’s spread across state lines.
Approximately 200 Delawareans will be hired as contact tracers and support staff.
Applications for contact tracers and other associated positions will be posted at in the coming weeks.
“To safely reopen our economy, we need to be able to quickly identify positive COVID-19 cases and reach out to those residents who may have been exposed. This contact tracing program brings us one step closer to returning Delaware to a new normal,” said Governor Carney. “We’ve been working with Maryland to coordinate our reopening efforts, and this partnership will build on that collaboration. Going forward, hiring a contact tracing workforce of Delawareans that reflects the diversity of our state will be a top priority.”
“This is a critically important complement to the statewide testing plan the Governor announced last week and the two plans are really integrally linked,” said DPH Director Dr. Karyl Rattay. “Contact tracing is a basic public health practice for containing an epidemiological event by talking with the person who is infected and reaching out to their contacts in order to decrease transmission. It will help us track positive cases of COVID-19 and limit the spread of the virus both short-term and long-term.”
“One of our highest priorities is making sure that our workforce of contact tracers reflects the entire community we serve,” saidDepartment of Health and Social Services (DHSS) Secretary Dr. Kara Odom Walker, a practicing family physician. “When positive cases of COVID-19 are identified through widespread community testing, our tracers will need to work quickly to talk with known contacts and help them self-quarantine with any necessary supports.”
“We are proud to be part of Delaware’s solution for COVID contact tracing during this critical time in the state’s history,” said David Cotton, PhD, NORCs project director for this effort. “We are bringing to bear our decades of experience with high volume, scientifically rigorous data collection and public health expertise to help the State and DHSS stem the tide of new infections.”
Over the next week – as the State of Delaware scales up its contact tracing operation – 100 members of the Delaware National Guard will embed with the Division of Public Health to begin wide-scale, statewide contact tracing.
National Guardsmen and women began their training on Monday.
“I’m proud of our Delaware National Guard Citizen Soldiers and Airmen who volunteered to serve the state in this mission,” said Major General Michael R. Berry, Adjutant General of the Delaware National Guard. “Our Guardsmen and women live in these communities and are best positioned to assist DPH with such a critical role to help fight the spread of COVID-19 in Delaware.”
Under Delaware’s contact tracing program, Delawareans who have tested positive for COVID-19 should expect a phone call from a case investigator asking for information which includes a list of the person’s known contacts. Contact tracers will then reach out to each of those contacts to help them safely quarantine, to find alternate arrangements as necessary, and to help them get tested for COVID-19, if recommended.
Delawareans who need extra support to safely self-quarantine – such as grocery delivery or alternative housing – will be referred to a network of local community health workers. Healthy Communities Delaware will coordinate the community health worker effort, in partnership with community-based organizations.
“Healthy Communities Delaware believes that using community-based partnerships and providing necessary and life-sustaining resources and other social services supports directly to those individuals in vulnerable communities who are most impacted by COVID-19 is paramount in reducing the spread of this disease in our state,” said Rita Landgraf, Managerial Partner for Healthy Communities Delaware, University of Delaware Partnership for Healthy Communities.
The Delaware Department of Technology and Information will work with NORC’s technology partner, Enovational, and the Delaware Health Information Network to build a technology platform that allows the Division of Public Health to efficiently share data with contact tracers.
“Technology has played a critical role during this pandemic to gather, track, and share data,” said Chief Information Officer James Collins of the Delaware Department of Technology and Information. “In the hands of contact tracers, it will be an invaluable force multiplier that helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 and save lives.”
About NORC
From 2015 to 2020, NORC has conducted more than 3 million hours of telephone interviews. A significant portion of those interviews were in support of major public health-related studies such as the National Immunization Survey, which NORC conducts for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey, which NORC conducts for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services; and the National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project, which NORC conducts for the National Institutes of Health.
Many of these studies involve nuanced, carefully scripted conversations about sensitive health issues, and interviewees are often members of underrepresented or difficult-to-reach demographic groups. Through these and similar studies, NORC has derived significant methodological expertise, including how best to deploy and integrate different modes of data collection and the technologies that support them.
Anyone with a question about COVID-19, whether related to medical or social service needs, should call Delaware 2-1-1. Individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing can text their ZIP code to 898-211. Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.
Questions can also be submitted by email at
DPH will continue to update the public as more information becomes available. For the latest on Delaware’s response, go to

Delaware National Guard Receives Contact Tracer Training in the First State

Soldiers in a class room in front of computers with mask on
DOVER, Del. (May 11, 2020) -- Soldiers with the Delaware National Guard and its Joint Task Force listen in at a Division of Public Health session on COVID-19 contact tracing. Contact tracing is the process used in public health to find and reach out to the contacts of someone testing positive for an infectious disease.
U.S. Army National Guard photo by Capt. Brendan Mackie
Photo by FEMA - May 13, 2020

This Isn’t a Public Health Problem

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U.S.A. –-( Politicians said we can't go to work because of a public health emergency. That doesn’t make sense. The actions of our politicians don’t match their words.
  • If we release violent criminals from jail, and then jail peaceful shop owners, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If cops who are not wearing a mask, arrest you for not wearing a mask, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If police threaten to give tickets to a husband and wife because they are sitting next to each other in public, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If police ticket couples who are driving together during a mandatory lockdown, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If you can walk on the beach, but you’ll get arrested for sitting down on the beach, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If you can go to the beach, but you can’t fish from the shore, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If churches are closed but abortion centers are open, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If people die of preventable causes while our hospitals are empty, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If the liquor store clerk can serve thousands of people a day, but you can’t open your business for a few dozen customers, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If golf courses are open, but shooting ranges are closed, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If the grocery clerk can see over a thousand people a day, but your priest can only have 9 other people his his church, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If the court is open for marriage or divorce, but not to renew your concealed carry permit, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If counties who shelter in place have similar death rates as counties who don’t, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If we treat counties that have never seen a death from Covid-19 the same way we treat New York City, then this isn’t a public health problem.
One third of Covid deaths in green, one third in yellow, and one third in red area.
  • If politicians send sick people back to nursing homes, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If politicians demand help, and then refuse to use emergency hospitals staffed by volunteers, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If you’re told to socially isolate even after you’ve had covid-19 and are now immune from it, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If politicians say we shouldn’t jail people for disobeying the regulations that the politician just wrote, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If politicians go to the gym, go get their hair cut, and go to a nail salon, but you can’t, then this isn’t a public health problem.
Make haircuts safe and legal
We have a political problem during an epidemic, but not because of the epidemic. Politicians want to control you. Please get off the couch and solve it, or we won’t have a country by the November elections.
Call your elected representatives and demand your freedom.

Set us free!

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As of today, we appear to be seeing nothing less than a red tsunami rising for November! Despite the 24/7 assaults by the mainstream Marxist media against President Trump, the elections over the past 24 hours suggest a massive landslide in the making for the GOP. We’re going to look at the results of the elections thus far, how they project a disastrous defeat for the Democrats in the fall, and WHY, despite the non-stop efforts of all those hecklers disguised as reporters, our nation is poised to overwhelmingly reelect President Trump. You’re going to love it!
The Biden Campaign is a TOTAL DISASTER! 
Dems Fear TRAIN WRECK In November!
The Joe Biden Campaign is a TOTAL DISASTER; that’s what we’ll be talking about on today’s video. That’s right, there’s really no way around that; even liberals are admitting it; that’s why so many Democrats want a new candidate! We’re going to take a look at 4 signs that all indicate that the upcoming November election promises nothing short of a train wreck for the Biden campaign, and in turn, a significant victory of the one and only Donald J. Trump; you’re going to love it!


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
The Great UnReason of 2020 is upon us.
That America is in the midst of a great pandemic of unreasonable or irrational fear is deniable only to those who have succumbed to it.
To be clear, fear, in itself, is natural, and is deserving of neither praise nor blame. Considered in itself, it is a morally-neutral emotion.  However, as those who have thought about the matter from over the centuries and millennia know all too well, there is all of the difference in the world between fear that is reasonable and that which is unreasonable.
Aristotle’s analysis of fear and courage remains unsurpassed to this day.  The man who Saint Thomas Aquinas would, some 15 centuries later, refer to as “The Philosopher,” noted that virtue, i.e. excellence of moral character, tends to be the mean between the emotional extremes of “excess” and “deficiency.” 
So, for example, when a person habitually experiences an excess of, say, fear, he suffers from the vice, the moral weakness, of cowardice. When, on the other hand, a person habitually experiences a deficiency of fear, he suffers from the vice of recklessness. 
Both extremes are unreasonable or irrational.  Both express corruption of character.
It is only when a person, as a matter of habit, experiences a reasonable amount of fear that the person can be said to possess the virtue, the moral excellence, of courage.
It is only the courageous person who knows what to fear, when to fear it, and the extent to which he should fear it.
Courage is not the absence of fear.  It requires the presence of fear.  The fear, though, must be reasonable.
Hence, he who fears and endures the things he ought to, for the right purpose, as he ought to and at the time he ought to, as well as the one who dares accordingly, is a courageous man; for the courageous man feels and acts in as much as merit requires and reason prescribes.
Elaborating, Aristotle notes that errors in action occur “because we are afraid of what we ought not [be afraid],” or because we don’t fear “as we ought to,” “at the time we ought to, or the like.”
The courageous person is to be distinguished from the rash person, who suffers from a deficiency of fear, and the coward, who is burdened with an excess supply of it.
What Aristotle has to say about “the rash man” is particularly instructive, for all too often, most of us succumb to the lie that the trash talker, the “tough guy,” the bully, etc. has “balls,” as we say.  We tend to confuse machismo, recklessness, with bravery.  Aristotle reminds us that the two are actually in fundamentally different leagues, recklessness being a character defect, a vice, and courage being a character strength, a virtue.
On the other hand, he who exceeds in confidence about terrible things is rash. And the rash man seems also to be arrogant and someone who pretends to be brave. The attitude, then, which the courageous man demonstrates in matters terrible, the same attitude the rash man wishes to appear as of his own; therefore, he imitates him as far as he can.  This is why most of them are cowardly; for, while they display confidence where they can, they cannot stand what is terrible.
Notice the paradox here.  The rash man, Aristotle informs us, ultimately is a coward of a certain sort.  He doesn’t have that which bravery necessarily requires: a reasonable supply of fear.
In his own way, Colonel Al Ridenhour, USMC, the founder of the combat art Warrior Flow and my own Senior-Master Instructor, makes essentially this very point to his students when he tirelessly tells them: “Just because a person is evil or tough, doesn’t mean that he’s brave.”
As for the cowardly person, however, Aristotle’s characterization is as follows:
Again, he who exceeds in fear is a coward; for both what he ought not [fear] and as he ought not [fear], and all the like follow on him. He is also deficient in confidence; but he is more apparent in situations involving pain.  The coward, then, is a despairing person; for he fears everything.
It is insightful that Aristotle here observes the link, one that Christians would one day underscore, between cowardice—the fearing of “everything”—and despair.  Conversely, then, and as he says, the courageous person “is the reverse; for confidence is a trait belonging to a hopeful person.”
Aristotle summarizes his analysis:
The coward and the rash man, therefore, as well as the courageous man are concerned with the same things, but they are differently disposed towards them; for the two former exceed and fall short, while the latter is moderate and as he ought to.  Furthermore, the rash are reckless, and ready before danger but flee when it comes, while the courageous are keen at the time of action and quite before.
Aristotle’s examination of courage is not without its critics.  Still, no honest discussion of this virtue can neglect it.  I bring it up here because The Great UnReason of 2020, the mass hysteria over COVID-19, occasions as glaringly as any event ever could exhibitions of the very vices to which Aristotle drew our attention so many centuries ago:
Those who have rushed to indefinitely suspend civilization as we have known it in the name of preventing people from contracting a virus from which, it seems likely, as high as 99.6%-99.9% of those who contract it recover, a virus the majority of whom (50%-80%) it infects are never even sick enough to realize they had it, are at once reckless and cowardly.
At the very least, they are behaving recklessly and cowardly.
They are reckless inasmuch as they have rushed to appropriate measures that promise to adversely impact various dimensions of the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans, and billions of more human beings from around the planet who will inevitably be harmed by the oppressive decrees of governors and other authorities in America.  For argument’s sake, we’ll assume that they didn’t have ulterior (ideological, political, and economic) motives but that they just didn’t slow down long enough in order to anticipate the ruinous consequences of their courses of action.
Those, the masses, who have eagerly acquiesced in these life-denying commands for the sake of preventing themselves from the possibility of getting sick act cowardly, for their fear is wildly out of all proportion to its object, a virus that poses a potentially lethal threat only to those for whom countless otherwise non-fatal viruses and infections of multiple sorts are potentially fatal, i.e. the elderly and immunocompromised.
Yet even here, most of those in this demographic recover from it, and a whopping 60% or so of people over 70 years of age who test positive for COVID-19 are asymptomatic.    
The fear that motivates the comprehensive negating of our way of life is wildly irrational.
This is why it is all too rational to refer to this period in our history as The Great UnReason.


“People are showing up in San Francisco from other places and asking where their hotel room is.”
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.
“People are showing up in San Francisco from other places and asking where their hotel room is,” Mayor Breed complained.
“People are coming from all over the place, Sacramento, Lake County, Bakersfield,” Jeanine Nicholson, the first lesbian head of the San Francisco Fire Department, grumbled. “People are getting released from jail in other counties and being told to go to San Francisco, where you will get a tent and then you will get housing.”
The people coming to the City by the Bay weren’t wearing flowers in their hair, they were homeless junkies who had heard that they were going to get free hotel rooms, along with pot and booze.
And it was all true. Every word of it.
San Francisco was spending $200 a night to house the homeless, or as the current politically correct euphemism insisted that they be called, the ‘unhoused’, in hotel rooms at a cost of over $100 million.
The hotel rooms were Plan B after an attempt to house the homeless (or the unhoused) in the Palace of Fine Arts. The degradation of the former imitation Roman bath built for the 1915 Exposition would have been a fitting symbol for the new San Francisco, but homeless advocates thought it wasn’t good enough.
Hotels weren’t exactly enthusiastic about having paranoid schizophrenics urinating in their lobbies. Also, under San Francisco law, staying there for 30 days might give the homeless tenancy rights.
And then good luck evicting them.
Meanwhile the homeless were willing to take the hotel rooms, but they weren’t following the rules.
The whole reason that San Francisco taxpayers were going to be out $200 a night for months was to save each crazed homeless junkie from spreading the coronavirus. But how do you do that when they won’t stop punching each other from less than 6 feet away, and won’t wash their hands before shooting up?
“It’s been very challenging to get even some of the residents who are part of the shelter system and our hotels to comply with the orders, to even wear masks," Mayor London Breed complained. "It’s been so much harder to really care for this population especially when they won’t comply with simple directions or the orders we’re implementing.” She described it as an, “incredible logistical challenge.”
The problem with homeless shelters has always been getting the homeless to stay in them. No matter how comfortable the facilities might be, the inhabitants go off searching for drugs and alcohol which they’re not allowed to have in the shelters, and there goes your whole shelter in place strategy.
But San Francisco is a uniquely creative place and the Health Department decided to convince the homeless to stay in their hotel rooms by delivering booze, pot, and cigarettes as part of room service.
Along with three meals a day.
In San Francisco, you can’t smoke in restaurants or bars (back when they were open), in public parks (when you could visit them), or near open doorways (back when people still left them open), and smoking in hotels was almost impossible, but now San Francisco has thousands of smoking hotel rooms.
All it took was a pandemic and a bunch of characters from a Tom Wolfe novel running the city.
And, best of all, the same Health Department waging a campaign against smoking is providing the tobacco, along with “medical cannabis”, and “medically appropriate amounts of alcohol”.
Don’t worry folks, it’s all medicinal.
The San Francisco Health Department claims that handing out drugs and booze to junkies with coronavirus is actually a "harm reduction practice" that has "significant individual and public health benefits".
That’s a hell of a public health benefit.
Next time someone tries to stop you from lighting up in San Fran, tell them that the Health Department said that it has "significant individual and public health benefits".
"Our behavioral health experts are offering services every day, medication assisted treatment including nicotine and opiate replacement, behavioral health counseling," Dr. Grant Colfax, Obama's former National AIDS Policy Director, gushed, "and in cases where people decide that they are going to continue to use, our focus is using the best evidence to help people manage their addictions." 
Hey, if they’re going to get high, let’s help them “manage their addictions” by giving them the stuff.
Inexplicably, if you open up hotels for junkies and provide them with the stuff, they will come. They’ll come from Sacramento, Lake County, Bakersfield, Stockton, and anyplace that isn’t nice enough to offer drug and alcohol hotel rooms free of charge to anyone with open sores and delusions of grandeur.
"It is a mystery why the homeless are coming to San Francisco," the San Francisco Chronicle wondered.
What’s a mystery is how anyone associated with the paper figures out how to put their pants on, but this correspondent might speculate that it has something to do with the free hotel rooms and booze.
Homeless “structures” have increased 285% and San Francisco can’t figure out where to stick them. And the first lesbian head of the San Francisco Fire Department is stuck with the problem because in that wonderous utopia, the job of the fire department isn’t just putting out fires, but dealing with vagrants.
"Our folks are embedded in their communities and they know who is on the streets,” she said.
The homeless immigrating to San Francisco from less friendly parts of California are even dialing 911 to get a hotel room.
“These people are very honest when you talk with them,” a paramedic quoted by the San Francisco Chronicle said, “They come right out and ask, ‘How do I get a hotel room?’”
Then they start coughing and demand to be taken to their hotel suite.
Mayor Breed has tried telling foreign homeless vagrants to go home and leave San Francisco alone. But how do you keep them down in Stockton once they’ve seen the free hotel rooms and booze in SF?
“The reality is we’ve got to focus our limited resources on reaching the people who have been here on our streets for a long time,” she insisted.
First squat, first served.
The interim director of the homelessness department (presumably soon to be changed to the unhoused department or the ministry of poop walks) warned that free hotels rooms and pot will only be dispensed to those homeless who "have roots in San Francisco." The new arrivals will have to wait their turn.
You can’t just show up in San Francisco and demand free booze and a hotel room. They’re not suckers.
If you aren’t descended from the first hippies who came here with the first communes, go home. The free booze and hotel rooms are reserved for those with roots in the crackhead community.
But homeless advocates rightly argue that this sort of NIMBY attitude is cruel and selfish. Why shouldn’t the homeless of the coast, the country, the continent, and the planet all show up in San Francisco?
What’s with this homeless nativism that puts San Fran citizenship ahead of need?
Sadly, San Francisco responded parochially to the influx of homeless by sending police officers out to intimidate the new homeless and prevent them from displacing the old homeless. Sometimes you have to destroy the new makeshift homeless encampment to save the old homeless encampment.
And then, soon, you’re beating the undocumented and unhoused with nightsticks for social justice.
Mayor Breed might as well just start building a wall to keep the Stockton homeless out while vowing to Make Homelessness Great Again by giving away pot and booze only to the city’s own homeless.


Contact Tracing Group Funded By Soros and Gates, Has Chelsea Clinton on Board


What do these investigators really want?

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Partners in Health was recently selected by Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker to conduct Coronavirus “contact tracing,” a process that involves teams of investigators finding out who infected people have come into contact with.
The group is already “training and deploying hundreds of contact tracers.” Some citizens fear the potential for mass surveillance posed by contact tracing, especially in light of a Democrat-introduced bill in Congress to authorize contact tracing “at individuals’ residences.” Partners In Health’s involvement will not assuage many fears, considering the group has received funding from George Soros and Bill Gates organizations and counts Chelsea Clinton on its board of trustees.
Partners in Health lists George Soros’ Open Society Foundations as an official partner, along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Partners In Health lists Open Society Foundations on its 2015 annual report as a supporter to the tune of $1 million or above, along with the Gates Foundation. Chelsea Clinton serves on Partners in Health’s Board of Trustees, according to its 2019 annual report. 
Partners in Health co-founder Paul Farmer’s bio notes: “Farmer’s work attracted the support of philanthropists, including George Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates. In 2002, PIH received a $13 million grant from the Global Fund for improvements in the Cange complex. In 2005 the William J. Clinton Foundation funded a Partners in Health AIDS program in Rwanda.” Farmer and Chelsea Clinton did a Clinton Foundation podcast together in 2019.
In response to a 2007 tuberculosis outbreak in Africa, NBC News reported: “Soros’ Open Society Institute announced a $3 million grant to the non-profit organization Partners in Health and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. The donation will be used to design a model project of community-based XDR-TB treatment in Lesotho. Once treatment guidelines are developed, experts hope the program will be adopted in other poor countries.”
Soros personally announced the grant and said he hoped it would spark a larger project. For this initiative, Partners In Health was cited by name in the propaganda book The Philanthropy of George Soros: Building Open Societies.
In 2011, International Women’s Health Coalition noted, “YP Foundation Founder to Join Paul Farmer, George Soros, at IWHC Gala.” Farmer was honored at the gala, which Guest of a Guest noted had David Rockefeller in attendance.
In 2014, Partners In Health co-founder Paul Farmer secured multi-million dollar Soros financing for a coalition project in Africa. Farmer was featured in an October 2014 video interview on Soros’ Open Society Foundations website, which stated, “In between trips to Liberia, Paul Farmer of Partners In Health visited Open Society’s offices to discuss his work on Ebola. Paul talked about the need to ensure sustainable health systems for people in nations where the virus has spread.” Farmer blasted “fear and conspiracy theories around fatal illnesses” in the video and talked about how to “attack” conspiracy theories with activism.
Forbes reported in September 2014: “There’s never been a connection between Ebola and first-rate medical care,” says Paul Farmer, the renowned co-founder of Partners in Health, before pointing out that none of the health care workers flown back to the U.S. for treatment have died. Could the answer to the outbreak lie in the care regiment for those afflicted?
We’ll soon find out. Farmer landed in Liberia this morning, at the center of a coalition quietly formed to specifically – and quickly – test that thesis. In the next few weeks, the Farmer group will open a top-notch treatment facility in one of Liberia’s most rural provinces, along with strategies designed to maximize its effectiveness.
“This has been coming together for years,” Farmer tells Forbes, a few hours before departing on the trip. “The Ebola crisis pushed it over the edge.”
The impetus for this coalition began with a meeting two weeks ago, convened by Farmer’s co-founder at Partners in Health, Jim Kim, who is now president of the World Bank. Attendees included Director-General Margaret Chan of the World Health Organization, Tom Frieden, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Francis Collins, Director of the National Institute for Health. Dismayed by the global response – Kim told the group that the outbreak already ranks among the worst health crises in world history — Kim tabbed Farmer as the World Bank’s special Ebola advisor and also enlisted another attendee at the meeting, Raj Panjabi, who runs Last Mile Health in Liberia. (Full disclosure: Panjabi was mentored at last year’s Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy and I now chair the advisory board for Last Mile Health, which hires, trains and manages front-line health care workers in remote villages.)
George Soros’ Open Society Foundations quickly provided $4 million to fund this project. “The coalition got us a proposal the next day, they answered all our questions the day after, and we got them the funds they needed before the week was out,” says Chris Stone, the organization’s president. The project was appealing to Soros’ team because it features a local group familiar with the turf, an entrepreneurial mentality and the ability to scale.”
Forbes passage ends

Prospective Coronavirus contact tracers in New York City are required to understand “institutional and structural racism” and to support immigrants and the LGBTQ community. The government is employing contact tracers to investigate who infected persons come into contact with, leading to civilian concerns that privacy is being attacked.

job posting on Columbia University School of General Studies states: “The Fund for Public Health in New York City (FPHNYC), in partnership with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), is seeking contact tracers to perform case interviews and contact tracing to support the citywide COVID-19 response. using a trauma-informed, culturally respectful approach that builds trust and facilitates the free sharing of information.” The job includes “Conducting in-person investigations into congregate settings and selected cases and contacts.”
Listed requirements include: “Ability to understand the concepts of institutional and structural racism and bias and their impact on underserved and underrepresented communities” and “Have a demonstrated commitment to supporting communities who have experienced systemic oppression and bias (e.g. people of color, LGBTQ people, immigrants, justice involved persons, etc.)”

Democrat Rep. Bobby Rush has introduced a bill in Congress to authorize the federal government to grant approved entities the right to conduct contact tracing for Coronavirus at “individuals’ residences.” Contact tracing involves investigators tracing every interaction that infected people have.

Rep. Rush introduced HR 6666, “COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, and Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act” on May 1, 2020 and it has been referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. The bill has 45 co-sponsors. According to the text of the bill: “To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID-19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.”
People are concerned that the government might be angling to use contact tracing to remove people from their homes and place them in quarantine, after a Ventura County, California health official suggested doing just that (and later walked it back, though it’s unclear what his proposed policy actually is at this time).
WHAT WOULD YOU DO if your six year old son or daughter tested positive for COVID19 and was taken from your home to a quarantine center by Ventura Health Authorities? This SHOCKING VIDEO demands that you plan ahead.

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Former Democrat president Bill Clinton extensively discussed contact tracing recently in video interviews with Democrat leaders including governors Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom:
The video I highlighted of Bill Clinton discussing a potential "Contact Tracer Corps" was taken down, but here is another version of it that features Bill talking to Cuomo and Newsom 

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Alex Jones discusses the dismemberment of the coronavirus task force & Fauci’s fraud!