Listen in to hear about a new movement for liberty! Shahram Hadian shares big changes for his family, the Truth in Love Ministry, and the Liberty Movement!
Recorded May 11, 2020

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Please watch this important message to learn about the Sanctuary States for Liberty Movement- and for big changes for the Hadian family! We covet your prayers for all that God is doing, and for the changes coming for our family and ministry! While we are focusing on the Liberty Movement, our first priority remains to proclaim the Liberty that is in Jesus Christ! We seek God and His Kingdom first. We labor all for His glory.

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Sanctuary States for Liberty


More than ever, we need Sanctuary States for Liberty. In recent months, we have witnessed the escalation of unprecedented abuses of our Constitutional and God-given rights by many of our government officials and elected leaders.

These abuses are tantamount to tyranny and cannot be tolerated anymore. Furthermore, our redress of the loss of our rights are being treated with reproach and hostility by the left and the media. 

We need a liberty movement, one that this nation has not seen in over 240 years.

We need to make FREEDOM great again!
​We need to make STATES RIGHTS great again!
​We need to make RELIGIOUS LIBERTY great again!

We need to start this movement locally—in communities, towns and states that can be taken back
from the clutches of tyrants, socialists, Marxists and globalists.

Our founding documents mandate that we safeguard and restore three great liberties for future generations:  Political Liberty, Economic Liberty & Religious Liberty.

To this end, we believe that we can start this movement in a few states that have a stronger consolidation
of patriots and freedom loving Americans who want to defend our Judeo-Christian heritage and our Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights as the law of the land.

We will start by fanning the flames of liberty in Tennessee, and praying for Divine help that these flames of Liberty will spread to other parts of America and even the world!

We are also praying for a consolidation of patriots, Christians and freedom loving Americans to join with us. We believe that many will prayerfully and strategically consider relocating to states like Tennessee
that still have hope of defending these liberties.

Together and stronger, we can Make Liberty Great Again! 

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