In this episode of Behind The Deep State, host Alex Newman explains how the Deep State is using the public-school system to indoctrinate your children to submit to their New World Order. Throughout the video Alex shows you the proof and breaks down what is going on. From United Nations “sustainable development” agreements like Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, to UNESCO’s takeover of education with the World Core Curriculum based on the teachings of Luciferian Alex Bailey, the facts are clear. Protect your children now!

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republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Sunday night, several prominent Evangelicals and Christian bands joined together with a host of false teachers and charismatic in a show of “unity” for the Hope Rising online concert. Among them were the well-known and respected Evangelist, Franklin Graham, along with a handful of somewhat respected modern contemporary Christian bands such as Casting Crowns who teamed up with several hopelessly lost false teachers.
Of the worst of them were not only anti-Trinitarian T.D. Jakes and serial blasphemers like Cody Carnes and Kirk Franklin, but also the pro-LGBTQ gay activist, Kristin Chenoweth. Chenoweth has been dubbed a “longtime ally of the LGBTQ community” by GLAAD and other pro-gay groups.
GLAAD reports that during an emotionally-charged acceptance speech for a GLAAD entertainment award, Chenoweth said, “I want to encourage many people of all faiths to come forward and stand with me, even if you don’t believe in Jesus the way I do. He did teach love. Not just tolerance, but acceptance.”
That Franklin Graham and others would think that it is in any way acceptable to put their name and seal of endorsement on the same event as these wicked deceivers is unfathomable. Graham, who is revered as one of the world’s most notable evangelists has a serious problem with compromising the gospel to promote his version of ecumenical unity.
What accord do believers have with unbelievers? What accord does light have with darkness? This is the rhetorical refrain of Paul in 2 Corinthians 6. The answer is none. Is Graham a believer? We are not called to stand in unity with these people, we are called to purge these people from among us (1 Corinthians 5:13).


What a pandemic has awakened in human nature — 
and ignited in long suppressed tribal instincts.
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
You go to the supermarket wearing a mask and gloves. You wince every time you pick up a piece of fruit or vegetable wondering how many other people touched it or worse coughed on it. You fill your cart as fast as you can trying to buy only prepackaged foods. Then you brace yourself for the fear and loathing of the checkout line. Your anxiety increases because the person in line is standing too close to you. You see that the cashier just handled cash, OMG cash, you are frantically trying to remember what they said about how long the virus lives on money. Decision after decision, plastic or paper, you want to save the sea turtles, but does it live longer on paper or plastic, a moral dilemma. You finally make it to your car. You put the groceries in, you start the car and breathe a sigh of relief. Then you realize that you didn’t take your plastic gloves off until after you touched the steering wheel. More anxiety realizing you just contaminated the wheel and used the last of the wipes you keep in the car. Prior to the pandemic anyone even remotely thinking and behaving this way would be diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder.
The coronavirus pandemic has awakened a dormant primal fear of contagion and long suppressed tribal instincts. Throughout history, rites of purity evolved to protect communities from both physical and spiritual contamination by designating specific things as taboo and impure. Customs, rules, prohibitions and highly codified notions of impurity evolved to avoid dangerous contagion. Impurity is not just manifested in disease it is also associated with enemies, corpses, bodily functions, corruption, social upheaval, violence, strange, anomalous or inexplicable phenomena, and contact with ‘others.’ Often referred to as ritual uncleanness, impurity is an inherent quality of taboo things. Whether in the form of a specific virus or mob violence, impurity is experienced as a form of contagion because it is believed that it may spread from one individual or object to other members of society.
Impurity is intrinsically intertwined with designated societal taboos and can only be mitigated by purification rituals. Rites of purity are found in all known cultures and religions, are expressed in a wide variety of forms, and function to remove specifically defined uncleanness. Until the coronavirus pandemic the concept of impurity in American culture was primarily relegated to toilet training and the academic field of anthropology.
Many new rituals, social conventions and taboos surrounding hygiene, food, clothing and other customs have evolved to mitigate contagion of the virus. The fear of infection has resulted in taboos on handshaking, hugging or coughing in public. Purification rituals now include a variety of ablutions such as ritual hand washing, repetitive cleaning and regular disinfecting of doorknobs and other surfaces.  New social conventions include mask and glove wearing, taking shoes off indoors, leaving packages outside and not touching your own face. These and other significant changes took hold in just three weeks. Fear of deadly contagion is a powerful influence.
Social distancing has awakened another dormant instinct, tribalism. The consequences of primal fear of infection is that you only feel safe in your home, among your family and in your community. Tribal communities are closed orders and are characterized by an ‘us versus them’ philosophy. Enforcing boundaries, borders and territories is no longer an option when it is a matter of survival. When it is ‘you versus them’ you cannot afford the luxury of political correctness, multiculturalism or cultural diversity unless you want to risk dying from excessive virtue signaling. Ironically, identity politics is inherently tribal so as long as the protected classes continue their elitist exclusionary policies, they will survive to continue fighting over which one of them is most discriminated against.
In tribal societies communities have to cleanse themselves by excluding, expelling, or proscribing the things and people whose presence contaminates the community. The coronavirus epidemic immediately elicited innate tribal instincts. Florida, North Carolina, Rhode Island and vacation towns across the country began implementing special prohibitions on people entering their states from places with high infection rates. Local officials in the Outer Banks area of North Carolina required proof of permanent residence in order to access the area. Florida and Rhode Island governors ordered all incoming New Yorkers to self-quarantine. Florida set up checkpoints on Interstate 95 and other northern borders to screen motorists traveling from the New York City area. Rhode Island's National Guard and state police stopped motorists with New York license plates and went door-to-door to enforce the quarantine. Tribal instincts emerge when it is a biological imperative.
Media reports of people transgressing the new taboos by intentionally coughing on produce and spitting in people’s faces increased fear and tribalism. Customers at a Stop and Shop grocery store in Kingston, Massachusetts had to tackle a man who coughed and spat on produce. Violation of purity taboos not only results in physical contamination but breaking a taboo is the equivalent of unleashing corruption, social upheaval, violence and evil upon the community. When one person can easily contaminate the entire community dread of coronavirus infection escalates from a physical threat and is experienced as an existential fear.
Tribal cultures interpret the world through magical thinking. Unlike rational thought, magical thinking is completely unscientific and a reverse reasoning of causal relationships. While some purification rituals such as washing your hands are based on science and understood as a method of avoiding germs to mitigate the physical threat, fear of contagious evil requires magical thinking to mitigate the existential threat of impurity.
Outsiders are not only impure but more significantly, they begin to symbolize evil in the form of contagious pollution. The impure ‘other’ is experienced both physically and spiritually as a mysterious and harmful substance of the outside world which keeps attacking, contaminating, defiling, and infecting your grocery store, your neighborhood your community. Families have to protect themselves and their communities against this threat of defilement and have to expel it once the contamination has taken place. Violence as an expiation ritual is justified.
Obsessive, chronic behaviors performed to ward off feelings of uncleanness are fertile ground for the fomenting of violence, intolerance and fear. Extremists understand the fear of contagion and are exploiting the coronavirus to recruit, indoctrinate and inspire attacks against non-whites, Jews and law enforcement. The symbolism of contagion is found throughout extremist propaganda in both overt and subliminal images and language. It is calculated to stigmatize ‘others’ as infectious disease to evoke fears of contagion, death and annihilation. Relegating the other to disease makes it easier to commit violence.
Extremists have repackaged antisemitic conspiracy theories for the coronavirus to incite hatred and fear. Extremists have a long history of adopting Nazi themes and symbols in their propaganda including the strategy of depicting Jews as dirty, filthy, impure life-threatening agents of disease and corruption. Accusing Jews of creating pandemics, disease and more goes all the way back to the black plaque. Muslim and Arab media exploited the 2009 swine flu epidemic to stigmatize Jews as infectious disease and extremists are currently accusing Jews of creating the coronavirus to seize power and money.
Recent white supremacists’ communications suggested targeting law enforcement agents and non-white people with attacks designed to infect them with the coronavirus. They said it was an “obligation to spread it should any of them contract the virus.” Extremists detailed several methods for coronavirus attacks including spending time in public with perceived enemies, leaving “saliva on door handles” at local FBI offices, spitting on elevator buttons and spreading coronavirus germs in “nonwhite neighborhoods.” Also spraying saliva from spray bottles on the faces of law enforcement and committing crimes and leaving coronavirus laced items at the scene for detectives to find.
Extremists know exactly how to exploit and trigger deep seated fears of contagion. They exploit vulnerable and frightened people who feel that their way of life is being threatened. They blame the disease on non-whites, Jews and law enforcement to target them as the community scapegoats. They understand that primal fear of contagion requires ritually purging the community of the evil dirty polluted ‘other’. Violence is sanctioned and justified because it has been transformed into a purification ritual. Instead of killing police, Jews and non-whites you are just cleansing the community of contagious disease. Primal fear of contagion generates primal violence. Rational thinking is replaced with tribal magical thinking, law and order is replaced with law of the jungle. Culture devolves quickly.


Who is WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus?

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
A corrupt, dishonest, communist, terrorist-loving thug.
Exposed by

  • Ethiopia’s former Minister of Health and Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Was elected Director-General of the World Health Organization in 2017
  • Nominated Robert Mugabe, the Marxist former president of Zimbabwe, to serve as a WHO Goodwill Ambassador in 2017
  • Purposely covered up three separate outbreaks of cholera in Ethiopia, so as to avoid the impact that a public admission of a cholera epidemic might have on tourism and on his party’s public image
  • Was alleged to have helped facilitate a systematic genocide targeting the Amhara people of Ethiopia
  • Was accused of complicity in the commission of “crimes against humanity”
  • Served as a propagandist on behalf of Beijing in a massive coverup of China’s role in unleashing the deadly worldwide coronavirus pandemic in 2019-20

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was born on March 3, 1965 in the city of Asmara, which at that time was in Ethiopia but is now the capital of neighboring Eritrea. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Asmara in 1986, a Master of Science degree in Immunology of Infectious Diseases from the University of London in 1992, and a PhD in Community Health from the University of Nottingham in 2000.
After graduating from college in 1986, Tedros joined the Ethiopian government’s Ministry of Health as a junior public health expert. Following the fall of Mengistu Haile Mariam, the tyrant who ruled Ethiopia from 1977-91, Tedros moved to London to attend graduate school. He then returned to Ethiopia and in 2001 was appointed head of the Tigray Regional Health Bureau. Two years later, he was named a State Minister of Health.
From 2005-12, Tedros served as Ethiopia’s Federal Minister of Health. During his tenure in that position, he purposely covered up three separate outbreaks of cholera (in 2006, 2009, and 2011) by simply renaming the deadly epidemics as “Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD)” – even after the diagnosis of Vibrio Cholerae, the bacteria that causes cholera, had been confirmed. According to the Amhara Professionals Union, a Washington-based organization that seeks to protect the political and economic rights of the Amhara people of northwest Ethiopia: “[Tedros’s] priority … was to conceal the impact a public admission of cholera epidemic might have on tourism and [the] image of his Party, rather than protecting the international community and attempting to reach out to the affected areas. Such a sad error due to lack of judgment resulted in a nationwide epidemic.”
From 2012-16, Tedros was Ethiopia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. While holding that position, he greatly strengthened his own personal — as well as his nation’s — ties to Communist China. Indeed, during Tedros’s years as Foreign Minister, China loaned more than $13 billion to his impoverished country — investments that were intended, in part, to make Ethiopia a strategic bridge for Beijing’s imperialist designs on the African continent.
In December 2014, Tedros and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi wrote a joint op-ed in which they gave voice to the close bond that was developing between their respective countries. Below is an excerpt from that piece:
“[O]n the basis of the principles of equality, mutual respect and win-win cooperation, China and Ethiopia have developed multi-dimensional relations, with people-to-people, business-to-business, government-to-government, and party-to-party relations as the cornerstones of the relationship. We are sincere friends, reliable partners, and good brothers … each rejoicing in the successes the other has achieved…. China has become the biggest foreign investor and the largest trading partner of Ethiopia.”
In 2017, Tedros ran for the post of Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), a specialized agency of the United Nations. But at that same time, a report appeared in the Ethiopian News & Views bulletin stating that he stood accused of complicity in the commission of “crimes against humanity.” That charge was related not only to the three aforementioned cholera coverups, but also to allegations  surrounding Tedros’s longstanding political affiliation with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), an organization that: (a) grew out of the Marxist-Leninist League of Tigray (MLLT); (b) was responsible for horrific atrocities in Ethiopia — particularly targeting the Amhara ethnic group in the country’s northwest region; and (c) had become Ethiopia’s principal ruling party. In the 1990s, the U.S. government listed TPLF as a terrorist group. The Global Terror Database continues to list it as such, given the organization’s ongoing commission of armed attacks in rural areas. Meanwhile, the aforementioned Amhara Professionals Union has issued many accusations of systematic discrimination and human-rights abuses perpetrated by TPLF.
Tedros, for his part, is a high-ranking member of TPLF’s Central Committee, or politburo. The “crimes against humanity” allegations pertain, in part, to a systematic genocide that was carried out — at a time when Tedros was a leading figure in Ethiopia’s public-health infrastructure — against the Amhara, whom TPLF has identified as its “eternal enemy.” As the Amhara Professionals Union explains:
“The candidate has treated his own citizens differently based on their ethnicity…. [Tedros], who descends from Tigre ethnic group, disfavored the ‘Amhara Regional State’ through poor health care. For instance, disproportionately high mortality coupled with selective application of contraceptives use has led to a selective reduction of the growth rate of the Amhara people. Such disparities were created and gaps increased across all measures of health in his leadership tenure. Of particular importance is the unexplained 2.5 million decrease in the Amhara population [between 1994 and 2007] under his healthcare leadership. The Amharas were victimized and punished due to their ethnic background.”
TPLF provided millions of dollars for Tedros’s campaign to become the leader of the WHO. Those funds – along with vital support from China – propelled Tedros to victory when, at the Seventieth World Health Assembly in May 2017, the WHO Member States elected him to a five-year term as their Director-General, making him the first person to hold that position without a medical degree. Notably, the wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping was the WHO’s longtime goodwill ambassador – a post that enabled her to effectively promote Chinese interests under the penumbra of the UN.
Upon formally taking the reins of the WHO on July 1, 2017, Tedros outlined several priorities upon which he intended to focus. Most notably: (a) universal health coverage (based on models in Ethiopia, Rwanda and Sri Lanka), and (b) the health impacts of climate and environmental change.
On October 18, 2017, Tedros announced that he had chosen Zimbabwe’s former president, the Marxist tyrant Robert Mugabe, to serve as a WHO goodwill ambassador helping to deal with non-communicable diseases in Africa. Tedros justified his selection of Mugabe by lauding Zimbabwe as “a country that places universal health coverage and health promotion at the center of its policies to provide health care to all.” But in fact, Zimbabwe’s health system, like everything else under the broad shadow of Mugabe’s dictatorship, was in total collapse. Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported that Mugabe’s “utter mismanagement of the economy has devastated health services” in his homeland. HRW’s Kenneth Roth noted that “[w]hen you go to Zimbabwean hospitals, they lack the most basic necessities.” And the prominent Zimbabwean politician Obert Gutu said: “The Zimbabwe health delivery system is in a shambolic state, it is an insult. Mugabe trashed our health delivery system…. he allowed our public hospitals to collapse.” Moreover, it was an open secret that even Mugabe himself did not use his own country’s health system when he needed medical care, traveling instead to Singapore for treatment. As a result of widespread public outrage sparked by the Mugabe nomination, Tedros was forced to withdraw Mugabe’s name from consideration.
During the deadly coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 – which originated in Wuhan, China in the fall of 2019 before infecting millions of people in more than 180 countries across the globe – Tedros was very slow to take any measures to stem the spread of the disease. On December 31, 2019, Taiwanese officials warned the WHO that they had seen evidence that the coronavirus could be spread by means of human-to-human transmission. But because the agency, in deference to Beijing, did not have a normal relationship with Taiwan, the warning was ignored. Fully two weeks later — on January 14, 2020 — the WHO tweeted that: “Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission.” The agency did not correct that falsehood until January 21.
On January 22-23 – by which time the coronavirus had already spread to a number of other countries – a WHO emergency committee debated whether or not to declare COVID-19 a “public health emergency of international concern.” But Tedros elected not to do so, and instead took a trip to Beijing to discuss the matter with Chinese officials. When he finally issued a “public health emergency” declaration on January 30, Tedros took pains to point out that the “WHO doesn’t recommend limiting trade and movement.” That announcement was accompanied by a large dose of propaganda on China’s behalf. “The Chinese government is to be congratulated for the extraordinary measures it has taken to contain the [coronavirus] outbreak,” said Tedros, adding: “I left in absolutely no doubt about China’s commitment to transparency, and to protecting the world’s people.” “We would have seen many more cases outside China by now,” he emphasized, “and probably deaths — if it were not for the government’s efforts, and the progress they have made to protect their own people and the people of the world.”
In the first week of February, Tedros reiterated that it was unnecessary for nations around the world to implement any restrictions that might “unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade.” He also sang the praises of China yet again: “I was so impressed with my meeting with President Xi and his commitment to take serious measures to prevent the spread of the virus to other countries.”
As February gave way to March, Tedros continued to laud Beijing for what he described as its exemplary response to the virus outbreak. As late as March 9, he fervently denied any suggestion that the virus had become a pandemic. In fact, the WHO did not assign that term to the outbreak until March 11. By repeatedly covering for China’s lies and malfeasance, Tedros and the WHO caused populations across the globe to lose precious time in initiating their battle strategies against the pandemic. By mid-April, more than 150,000 people worldwide had died of COVID-19, and economic ruin had descended upon every corner of the earth. The Wall Street Journal reported on April 5, 2020, that according to a University of Southampton study, “the number of coronavirus cases could have been reduced by 95% had China moved to contain the virus three weeks sooner.” But instead, Tedros and the WHO had been busy heaping praise upon Beijing for having set “a new standard for outbreak response.”
Tedros voiced displeasure with U.S. President Donald Trump’s April 14, 2020 announcement that his administration would withhold all U.S. funding from the WHO while conducting a 60-to-90 day investigation of the Organization’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Said Tedros: “For now, our focus, my focus, is on stopping this virus and saving lives. WHO is getting on with the job…. When we’re divided, the virus exploits the cracks between us.”
Tedros received the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Humanitarian Award in recognition of his contributions to the field of public health in 2011.
Further Reading: “Biography of Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus” (; “Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus” (,

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So I want to talk to you about this issue of what’s going around the country. I called it in the beginning here a quarantine of our constitutional rights. That is actually happening right now. Now, we can have a debate about the reality of this coronavirus pandemic that’s going around. As you know, I’ve been questioning some of the numbers and the harshness of the mortality rate. I do not believe it is as strong as what we’re being told, but there’s a lot of fear and a lot of hype surrounding this thing. We can go into that at a later time. But, right now, one thing that is absolutely without question is the issue of our rights as American citizens and whether or not those rights, whether or not the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are being quarantined along with the rest of the population.


“The “mobility reports” will be posted publicly on Google’s new website to show whether particular localities, states or countries are seeing more or less people gathering in different types of public spaces.”
“Google maintains that the Community Mobility Reports are powered by the same “anonymization” technology that they use in their products every day.”
Google Will Track Cell Phone User Locations to Monitor “Social Distancing”
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Google has announced that it will use its storage of electronic data to track and publicly report on the movements of individuals at the population level during the COVID-19 pandemic. The electronic surveillance initiative utilizes information that Google has collected on users of Google cell phones and products, such as Google Maps, to create reports on the degree to which populations in different areas are conforming to government “social distancing” measures.1
Google maintains it has consulted with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about the new surveillance tool.1 The “mobility reports” will be posted publicly on Google’s new website to show whether particular localities, states or countries are seeing more or less people gathering in different types of public spaces.1
According to Google’s website: “As global communities respond to COVID-19, we’ve heard from public health officials that the same type of aggregated, anonymized insights we use in products such as Google Maps could be helpful as they make critical decisions to combat COVID-19. These Community Mobility Reports aim to provide insights into what has changed in response to policies aimed at combating COVID-19. The reports chart movement trends over time by geography, across different categories of places such as retail and recreation, groceries and pharmacies, parks, transit stations, workplaces, and residential.”2

Information Included in Google’s Electronic Surveillance Reports

According to Google, the company plans to publish a series of “Community Mobility Reports” to show the types of places people are visiting across 131 countries and regions.3 The reports contain data from two to three days earlier and will show trends in how populations in different areas are behaving and responding to government “social distancing” regulations, including how many people are still going to work or entering shops and grocery stores, pharmacies, parks and other public spaces.
The electronic surveillance reports will also show traffic comparisons in terms of how busy these places were before the pandemic.3 In the United States, the data will be drilled down to the county level.1
Google said the surveillance data will be collected in aggregate form rather than at an individual level and it will not report absolute numbers of people showing up at parks or grocery stores.4 According to the company, the idea is to outline activity in percentages, which highlight potential surges in attendance.4 For example, in its first report, San Francisco County has seen a 75 percent drop in retail and recreation, a 55 percent decline in parks’ population and a 21 percent increase in residential population between February 16, 2020 and March 29, 2020.5

Data Will be Given to Government Officials

Google has said that this type of electronic surveillance data could be useful in alerting local health departments to identify the next potential COVID-19 hotspot combined with other forms of surveillance data routinely collected by government agencies on a local, state and federal level.5 The data will assist public health officials with targeting specific regions with messaging about the need to abide by social distancing rules and not enter parks or other public spaces where residents routinely gather.
Public health officials want to use the information to monitor populations in different countries as people start to return to school and work after COVID-19 quarantines are lifted to measure disease incidence in areas that are congested and heavily active.4

Google Denies Privacy Violations

Google’s new enterprise has prompted renewed privacy concerns about Google collecting information on the movements of users of Google cell phones and other electronic products.4 Google maintains that the Community Mobility Reports are powered by the same “anonymization” technology that they use in their products every day.6
Google’s blog post states that for these mobility surveillance reports, the company will use differential privacy, which adds artificial noise to the datasets enabling high quality results without identifying any individual person.6 The blog post adds that Google product users have control over whether or not they want to be tracked by turning the Location History setting “on” or “off”: “The insights are created with aggregated, “anonymized” sets of data from users who have turned on the Location History setting, which is off by default. Users who have Location History turned on can choose to turn the setting off at any time from their Google Account, and can always delete Location History data directly from their Timeline.”6
UNACAST, GPS tracking company scores counties on their social distancing

Tracking Coronavirus With Phone Location Data



Corporate Headquarters

660 W. Germantown Pike, Suite 110
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
Phone: 267-440-4200
Fax: 267-440-4242
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Inovio Pharmaceuticals headquartered in Pennsylvania, has just begun Phase 1 human clinical trials of its new DNA vaccine for COVID-19 (INO-4800).1 Inovio’s experimental DNA vaccine uses an electrical device to deliver DNA directly into the cells of a person being vaccinated.2
The company’s Apr. 6, 2020 announcement of Phase 1 clinical trials stated: “Preclinical data, which have been shared with global regulatory authorities and submitted as part of the IND, have shown promising immune response results across multiple animal models. Additional preclinical trials, including challenge studies, will continue in parallel with the Phase 1 clinical trial.”3
In the U.S., the development, testing and licensing process for an experimental vaccine generally takes 15-20 years to complete,4 5 but there are calls to speed up the licensing process for COVID-19 vaccines.6 Drug companies in the U.S. and other countries are racing to fast track their experimental COVID-19 vaccines to market within 12 to 18 months or even sooner.7 If companies get an “emergency use” authorization from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA),8 Inovio’s DNA vaccine could be among those vaccines ready by the fall of 2020 to be distributed to health care workers and other groups considered to be at “high risk” for COVID-19 infections or complications.

Funded by Gates, CEPI, DOD with Wistar & Other Partnerships

Inovio’s COVID-19 vaccine research has been funded by a $5M grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and a $9M grant from the Norway-based Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI).9 Inovio also has a partnership with Philadelphia’s Wistar Institute and Beijing Advaccine Biotechnology Co. in China to develop the vaccine.10 11
In addition, Inovio has a partnership with Ology Bioservices, Inc., headquartered in Florida. Ology and Inovio secured a $11.9M contract with the U.S. Department of Defense to provide the experimental DNA coronavirus vaccine for upcoming clinical trials and potential manufacturing of the vaccine for military personnel in the future. In a Mar. 24 press release issued by Ology and Inovio, Douglas Bryce, Joint Program Executive Officer for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense, said:12
Given the current global health crisis, prophylaxis/vaccine development is critical to defend against the coronavirus disease 2019. We need several approaches to ensure we have a quick solution, and the medical countermeasures Advanced Development and Manufacturing Facility is poised to contribute to the race for a vaccine in coordination with our interagency partners like Health and Human Services, along with our partners in industry and academia.

Healthy Volunteers Get Two Doses in Trials

Acceptance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as part of their Investigational New Drug (IND) program allowed Inovio to move forward with enrolling 40 healthy volunteers from Philadelphia’s Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and the Center for Pharmaceutical Research in Kansas City, Missouri.13 The first volunteers were injected with the experimental vaccine on April 5 and clinical trial participants each will be given two doses, four weeks apart.
The Phase 1 study is designed to evaluate immune system response and safety of Inovio’s DNA COVID-19 vaccine for use in humans. Preliminary data are expected by late summer and Inovio plans to immediately move on to Phase 2 studies to evaluate efficacy of the vaccine.
Inovio started working on its COVID-19 vaccine when the genetic sequence of the virus became available in early January 2020. The company has already produced thousands of doses of INO-4800, enough to supply both Phase 1 and Phase 2 studies. They plan to have one million doses of the vaccine available by the end of 2020, “for trials as well as emergency use, subject to regulatory guidance and funding.”14
In July 2019, Inovio announced positive results from a Phase 1 clinical trial testing of its experimental DNA vaccine for the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS),15 a new coronavirus infection that emerged in 2012. MERS is associated with a high mortality rate of 12 to 86 percent.16

The DNA Vaccine Difference

According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), “Traditional vaccines consist of entire pathogens that have been killed or weakened so that they cannot cause disease.” 17 Other vaccines developed in the late 20th century contain only microbe components, or antigens, that are thought to best stimulate an immune response and antibody production.
Licensed viral and bacterial vaccines that are in widespread use today are categorized as either killed inactivated, live attenuated, toxoid, or subunit vaccines. They contain antigens from lab altered viruses and bacteria, as well as adjuvants, such as aluminum or oil-in-water emulsion, to provoke stronger inflammatory responses for stimulating artificial immunity; preservatives, such as Thimerosal; stabilizers, such as MSG and gelatin; and residual substances from the manufacturing process, such as chemicals, antibiotics, human diploid cells, animal and insect cell proteins and other excipients. 18
However, for the past several decades, scientists have been experimenting with creation of nucleic acid vaccines which, according to NIAID, “involves introducing genetic material encoding the antigen or antigens against which an immune response is sought. The body’s own cells then use this genetic material to produce the antigens.”19 DNA vaccines like Inovio’s experimental COVID-19 vaccine (INO-4800) inject a small piece of circular DNA called a plasmid that carries genes encoding proteins from the pathogen (in this case, COVID-19) to provoke the cells into producing antibodies.
Writing in Biotech Primer, Emily Burke, PhD explained that, “the ‘visiting’ DNA prompts the host to produce the target viral protein and consequent immune response within their own cells, but without [causing] an infection. DNA vaccines try to stimulate the body’s cells to continue to reproduce the antigen. Burke commented on the difficulty of getting the body’s cells to accept injected DNA without further intervention and stated:20
The key challenge for DNA/RNA vaccines is getting patients’ cells to accept the introduced genetic material. So far, the most effective technique seems to be electroporation–delivering short pulses of electrical current to the patient with the vaccine. The electricity creates temporary pores in a patient’s cell membranes, enabling the DNA/RNA to enter.

DNA Vaccines: Gaps in Knowledge

DNA (and RNA) vaccines have been available and approved for veterinary medicine, but none have yet been approved for human use. Compared to traditional vaccines, nucleic acid (genetic) vaccines are less inexpensive and easier to manufacture because they consist only of DNA or RNA, which is taken up and translated into protein by host cells.21
The World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges there are gaps in scientific knowledge about DNA vaccines and states:22
Many aspects of the immune response generated by DNA vaccines are not understood. However, this has not impeded significant progress towards the use of this type of vaccine in humans, and clinical trials have begun.
Some of the outstanding questions about DNA vaccine safety include:23
  • chronic inflammation because the vaccine continually stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies;
  • possible integration of plasmid DNA into the body’s host genome resulting in mutations;
  • problems with DNA replication;
  • triggering of autoimmune responses, and
  • activation of cancer-causing genes.

Inovio’s Electric Device Delivery System Drives DNA Into Body Cells

On Mar. 12, 2020 Inovio announced it had received a $5M grant from the Gates Foundation to accelerate the testing and scale up of CELLECTRA® 3PSP proprietary hand held “smart device” running on batteries for the intradermal delivery of its DNA COVID-19 vaccine (INO-4800). The press release explained that electricity will be used to give people Inovio’s DNA vaccine in order to “open small pores in the cell reversibly to allow the plasmids to enter” so the “cell’s own machinery” can “generate coded antigens, which then stimulate an antibody response:”24
The next generation CELLECTRA 3PSP device is designed specifically for a COVID-19 type pandemic scenario. It is a small, portable, hand-held, user-friendly device that runs on readily available “AA” batteries… INOVIO’s DNA medicines deliver optimized plasmids directly into cells intramuscularly or intradermally using INOVIO’s proprietary hand-held smart device called CELLECTRA®.
CELLECTRA® uses a brief electrical pulse to open small pores in the cell reversibly to allow the plasmids to enter, overcoming a key limitation of other DNA and mRNA approaches. Once inside the cell, the plasmids are used by the cell’s own machinery to generate coded antigens, which then stimulate an immune response, thereby strengthening the body’s own natural defense mechanisms. Administration with the CELLECTRA device ensures that the DNA medicine is delivered directly into the body’s cells, where it can go to work immediately mounting an immune response.
The company added that, “INOVIO’s DNA medicines do not interfere with or change in any way an individual’s own DNA.”

Electroporation Not So Painless

Electroporation is defined as “a process of applying a high-voltage electrical pulse to a living cell, causing temporary permeability of the cell membrane, through which a foreign material such as DNA may pass.”25 Over the past two centuries, electric fields have been used to kill microbes for food and water sterilization and, since the 1990s, biomedical researchers have investigated using reversible electroporation to temporarily destabilize cell membranes for the purpose of (1) fusing cells together through membrane destabilization (electrofusion); (2) introducing DNA material into cells through transient pores in the membrane (electrogenethearpy); and (3) delivering chemotherapeutic drugs directly into cells (electrochemotherapy). Irreversible electroporation uses a much higher electrical energy regime that induces cell death and is employed in certain types of therapies to treat cancer.26 27
In 2013, researchers at Inovio and University of Pennsylvania division of Infectious Disease speculated about how electroporation and Inovio’s CELLECTRA® adaptive constant current device helps enhance vaccine DNA uptake by cells and generates a “more robust immune response:”28
Electroporation (EP) immune response enhancement may mechanistically be due to local inflammatory processes caused by the procedure itself. Electrical stimulation induces the secretion of inflammatory chemokines and cytokines and recruitment of monocytes, lymphocytes and antigen-presenting cells to the site of EP…As a result of these processes, both humoral and cell-mediated immunity is augmented compared with DNA injection alone, thus potentially enhancing vaccine efficacy.
The Inovio and University of Pennsylvania researchers noted that “A primary drawback of electroporation (EP) is pain and discomfort at the application site compared with convention injections.” In a small clinical trial, they evaluated the pain “tolerability” of the CELLECTRA® device by testing it on 10 healthy male adults given a sterile saline solution injection without any DNA, which was followed by application of electroporation using the Inovio device.
Nine out of ten subjects experienced mild to moderate injection site reactions of pain, tenderness, redness and swelling. There were also reaction reports of involuntary muscle contraction and mild to severe asymptomatic increases in CPK (creatine phosphokinase) levels in the blood of 6 participants.
According to Lab Tests Online, “creatine kinase (CK) is an enzyme found in the heart, brain, skeletal muscle, and other tissues. Increased amounts of CK are released into the blood when there is muscle damage.”29 The researchers acknowledged that “The EP procedure has been shown to carry some potential of transient muscle damage in animal models, evident as increased numbers of fibers with central nucleoli and damaged myofibrillar bundles.”
At the end of the article, researchers discussed how EP could stimulate greater and longer lasting immune responses for experimental DNA vaccines being designed to prevent HIV and HPV. Although the 10 healthy male adults in the Inovio and University of Pennsylvania study did not get injected with DNA, the researchers explained that:30
EP must be applied immediately after DNA injection to exert its effect on gene expression…Inflammatory cell infiltration associated with the EP process may partially account for the increase in uptake. It is possible that antigen presentation is more efficient under stressful conditions in electrically stimulated cells and may create an adjuvant effect. Along these lines, EP has been shown to induce considerable lymphocytic infiltration, in addition to CPK elevation and skeletal muscle damage evident as lesions in mice. Because muscle tissue does not generally harbor many resident antigen-presenting cells, it is likely that recruitment to the injection site contributes to the efficacy of EP.
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republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
If Biden said he was honored to receive the endorsement of a group that is opposed to jihad violence and Sharia oppression, he would pay a huge political price. But no one will take any particular notice of this.
“Soros-Funded Muslim Group Associated With Homophobia, Terrorist Defenders Endorses Biden,” by Joe Schoffstall, Washington Free Beacon, April 18, 2020 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):” href=”” rel=”author”>Joe Schoffstall  April 18, 2020 4:59 AM
A George Soros-backed Muslim group, which cohosts a conference that in recent years drew speakers who called homosexuality a “disease” and defended terrorist groups, announced its endorsement of Joe Biden for president.
Emgage, which bills itself as the largest Muslim PAC in the country, on Thursday announced it would switch its endorsement from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) to Biden. The group cited Biden’s promises to end President Donald Trump’s travel bans, increase the refugee admissions cap, and overhaul the immigration system. Biden said he was “honored” to receive the endorsement.
Emgage has collaborated with a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated group on events that in recent years attracted speakers who openly opposed LGBT rights and supported terror groups. Last year, Emgage became an official cohost of Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) conferences. ISNA was previously revealed to be part of the Muslim Brotherhood network—though it claims it is no longer associated with the group.
The 2018 ISNA conference featured an array of homophobic speakers. One was Omar Suleiman, an imam who has called homosexuality a “disease” that will “destroy your children.” Another, former ISNA president Muzammil Siddiqi, said he “supported laws in countries where homosexuality is punishable by death.” Imam Shamsi Ali, an attendee who was described as a “moderate” on ISNA’s website, has stated that homosexuality is an “unbearable plague.”
Meanwhile, ISNA has disinvited pro-LGBT groups Muslims for Progressive Values and the Human Rights Campaign, because they “don’t fit in.”
The 2018 conference also featured individuals who have come to the defense of terrorist organizations. One speaker, Council on American-Islamic Relations executive Zahra Billoo, has regularly defended Hamas and refers to Israel as an “apartheid state.”
Khalid Griggs, who spoke on a panel with Billoo, has referred to al Qaeda as the “presumed perpetrators” of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and said the U.S. government used the tragedy to wage war on “legitimate resistance fighters” in the Middle East. Griggs previously launched a petition calling on the Obama administration to pardon former Black Panther Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, better known as H. Rap Brown. Brown is serving a life sentence as a convicted cop killer.
Also included in that year’s speaker lineup was Suhaib Webb, a Boston-based imam who held a fundraiser for Brown’s criminal defense fund. Webb hosted the event with Anwar al-Awlaki, an imam who preached to two of the 9/11 hijackers, joined al Qaeda, and was eventually killed in a drone strike.
Anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour, who in 2004 called for a violent “intifada” in the United States, also spoke on a panel at the conference. During the panel Sarsour warned against “humanizing” Israelis, according to audio published by the Algemeiner. Hatem Bazian, head of American Muslims for Palestine, the agent of which has defended terrorists in court, was on the panel with Sarsour….