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LTRJ Note: As we were preparing to post this letter to the editor that came to us recently, we came across Christian radio host Janet Mefferd’s Twitter comments about Southern Baptist Convention president J.D. Greear’s involvement with a “Neighborly Faith” event on March 5th titled “Hope in the Current Age: A Conversation on Christianity and Islam.” Mefferd stated, “Before Greear’s interfaith dialogue, 64% of Christian attendees felt “positive” about Islam. After, 76% of Christians “said their attitude toward Islam was more positive than before!” Way to go, SBC. Is this what it means to be “missional?” Mefferd asks the question, “Southern Baptist pastors and laymen: Is it OK w/you that all these SBC leaders are pushing Christian-Muslim ‘interfaith dialogue?’ Is this why you are part of the SBC?”
Dear Lighthouse Trails:
Could you please check this out? I am stunned by what I have heard and read about this new group of people called: Neighborly Faith.
Neighborly Faith urges evangelicals to find a :”third way” to befriend Muslims:

There are many evangelical Christians getting involved with this, and it is scary when you realize how far this movement has come in a very short period of time.
I just haven’t seen Lighthouse Trails say anything on this movement, and it is really moving quickly into so-called Christian colleges and other places as well.
I see absolutely nothing good coming from this movement, and believe me it is not going to go away either. It’s the speed of the movement and what this group is saying we as Christians should be doing that put a cold chill down my back.
Thank you for reading my e-mail, and I hope you will check this out.
My concern is that the Lord says we are not to go after other gods, and the Islamics/Muslims do not have the same God as we do. Many Christians, from what I’ve read, are being told and are believing that we do indeed share the same God. I know we do not, and I know you know that too.
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