Preschool to Teach 4-Year-Olds ‘Transgender and Queer Rights,’ ‘Racism and Victimhood’

Tax funded public education in Brooklyn New York is teaching minor students heavy duty indoctrination on social political issues

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A tax-payer funded nursery school in Brooklyn has begun teaching its students young as four about, “racism and victimhood, plus transgender and ‘queer’’ rights, with a heavy dose of political indoctrination in the mix.”
In an interview with Andrea Peyser of the New York Post, one father of a preschooler indicated that  “They [the school] say they’re trying to reduce racism and discrimination. To me, they’re perpetuating it, fomenting a sense of victimhood in 4-year-olds that would never consider on their own.”
Rosy Clark, a white pre-K teacher, sent an email to parents and guardians on January 16 explaining that the lesson plans for 2020 would include Black Lives Matter materials, and focus on the Week Of Action in a pre-kindergarden class.
“This year, the week is Feb. 3-7. We are starting to talk about these ideas now, as we approach Martin Luther King Jr. Day [which was Jan. 20], and as we prepare to go into February, Black History Month,’’.
Clark continued “I am lucky enough to work at this wonderful school where we strive to help our students understand the complex world around them and think critically about how they can participate in improving it. One of the ways I do that in my classroom is by exploring the 13 Principles of the Movement for Black Lives.’’
Though Clark insists she will not discuss traumatizing topics such as police brutality, she will be teaching the doctrines of transgender and queer affirmation as well as feminist ideas such as the importance of gender diversity in the workplace.
These topics are considered overwhelmingly political, with the basis for transgenderism itself still hotly debated in the Supreme Court as well as numerous state legislation.

“Something that we talk about slightly less in the classroom are the national demands. These involve some more adult ideas and might come up occasionally in our conversations in small ways, but they are something that I really address in my activism work outside of the classroom.”
Rosy Clark is a self admitted activist, and has expressed interest in race-based hiring for teachers, ending Zero-Tolerance policies on the basis that minority students commit more acts of violence and are thus suspended more often.

Her solution parrots leftist talking points by suggesting that suspending students for violence should be discontinued as a practice, forcing students to attend class with the same children who have assaulted them.
Neither Clark, nor the principal of PS 58, Katie Dello Stritto, have been unwilling to comment on the manner but has previously stated her support for “safe spaces.”


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Joe Kaufman, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Horowitz Freedom Center, is Chairman of the Joe Kaufman Security Initiative ( and the 2014, 2016 and 2018 Republican Nominee for U.S. House of Representatives (Florida-CD23).
In November 2016, Democrat Aramis Ayala was elected State Attorney to the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida, becoming the first black State Attorney in Florida history. No doubt, she is cognizant of this important achievement, as she has used her social media to display images of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. However, Ayala’s cavorting with a notorious anti-Semite, Rasha Mubarak, should concern those who view Ayala as a model of diversity and expect the prosecutor to treat all of her legal cases with impartiality. Indeed, this is a clear conflict of interest and a worrying development given Ayala’s influential position.
Rasha Ahmad Mubarak is an activist for radical Muslim and far left causes. Groups that she has been involved with, including the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Islamic Relief, have significant links with overseas terrorism. CAIR has financial and foundational ties to Hamas, and Islamic Relief has been banned by a number of nations.
Mubarak has an extreme and pathological hatred for the state of Israel, so much so that she believes that Israel has no right to self-defense. This bigoted view has stuck with her for many years. In November 2012, Mubarak tweeted, “Lies I’m tired of hearing, Israel has the right to defend herself.” Just this past May, when Hamas launched more than 600 rockets into Israel, leading to the deaths of four civilians, Mubarak tweeted against anyone who would dare defend Israeli retaliation, including former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and the producer of The Ellen Show, Andy Lassner.
Mubarak has tweeted pictures of Hamas celebrations, and she has promoted material from Hamas-supporting media, including Palestine Info Center and Shehab News, which are directly affiliated with Hamas and publicize the group along with shocking anti-Semitic cartoons of evil looking Orthodox Jews. Another, Falastin News Palestine: glorifies Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) fighters as heroes; outright states, “God bless Hamas”; features numerous photos of armed masked terrorists interacting with little kids; and showcases photos of dead US and British Jews murdered in a Jerusalem synagogue, referring to the dead as “Occupiers.”
Mubarak has, herself, mocked Orthodox Jews for asking the Israeli government for “beard-friendly gas masks.” The August 2013 call for new masks was over a legitimate concern that Syria might retaliate against Israel following a US military intervention of Syria and that normal masks would not accommodate a lot of facial hair. The US military has dealt with this same issue regarding American soldiers with beards. About the report, which featured the side profile of an observant Jew with a long beard and side curls, Mubarak mockingly wrote, “Seriously? No seriously! Ufff… Lol…”
Earlier this month, Mubarak used both her Twitter and Facebook accounts to post photos of herself with State Attorney Ayala, at what appears to be a pajama party in celebration of Ayala’s birthday. One of the pictures has a smiling Ayala with both arms wrapped tightly around Mubarak in a warm hug.
Outside her Mubarak friendship, Ayala is not without controversy. This past May, Ayala announced she would not seek reelection over her refusal to ask for the death penalty in cases dealing with capital punishment. Over this issue, Ayala received harsh criticism from former Florida Governor Rick Scott, who reassigned cases to prevent Ayala from participation, and lawmakers called for her removal from office.
Ayala is not the only public figure to blatantly ignore Mubarak’s anti-Semitic bigotry. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer appointed Mubarak to his newly formed Committee on Multicultural Affairs, and Florida Young Democrats (FYD) President Wesley Beggs has allowed Mubarak to be given the position of FYD National Committeewoman. It is no mere coincidence that both these individuals, Mayor Dyer and FYD President Beggs, have photos displaying their arms around Mubarak, as well.
There is no excuse for public figures’ fawning and falling over anti-Semite Rasha Mubarak, and it reveals crass opportunism. Instead of condemning her and demanding that she repudiate her bigotry, they are ‘sleeping with the enemy’ by granting Mubarak political legitimacy. It is high time that Mayor Dyer, Wesley Beggs and State Attorney Aramis sever ties with Mubarak, instead of condoning hatred of Jews and the Jewish state by allowing Mubarak a free pass.
The (literal) embrace of Mubarak by her peers is another example of the institutionalized Jew bashing, which has now become rampant in the Democratic Party. Rasha Mubarak is a documented anti-Semite, and those in public office who associate with her must be held to account.
Beila Rabinowitz, Director of Militant Islam Monitor, contributed to this report.


 Pining for the Obama days of appeasement
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Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, along with several of his Senate Democrat colleagues, reportedly met secretly with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (pictured above) during the Munich Security Conference last week. The Federalist raised the question whether that “would mean Murphy had done the type of secret coordination with foreign leaders to potentially undermine the U.S. government that he accused Trump officials of doing as they prepared for Trump’s administration.”
Senator Murphy tweeted that he was simply engaging in a dialogue with Zarif, which he claimed was within Congress’s authority as “a co-equal branch to the executive.” While acknowledging for the record that “no one in Congress can negotiate with Zarif or carry official U.S. government messages,” Murphy declared that “there is value in having a dialogue.”  He added, “It’s dangerous not to talk to adversaries, esp amidst a cycle of escalation.” That all depends on what Murphy and his cohorts had to say to the Iranian foreign minister behind closed doors.
According to Senator Murphy’s own telling, he used his meeting with Zarif to urge Iranian action to control Iran’s proxies in Iraq, release American citizens being unlawfully detained in Iran, and end the Houthi blockage of humanitarian aid in Yemen. That sounds innocent enough, if Murphy was telling the truth about everything that was said during his tête-à-tête with Zarif. But there is no reason to take Murphy’s self-serving account as representing anywhere near a complete record of the meeting.
Let’s see a full transcript or contemporaneous notes of the private discussions with Zarif, if any exist, along with a list of all Americans present. For example, did John Kerry participate? He was spotted walking in the vicinity of the conference site. What was he doing there in the first place? Kerry, let’s remember, had previously conducted, while a private citizen, his own unauthorized shadow diplomacy with Zarif to try and keep the disastrous Obama administration nuclear deal with Iran alive.
In Senator Murphy’s public remarks at the same Munich Security Conference where he held his private meeting with Zarif on the sidelines, Murphy made no bones about describing himself as a “critic” of President Trump’s confrontational policies towards the Iranian regime. On certain key points, Murphy expressed views closer to the Iranian position than to the official position of the U.S. government. For example, Murphy criticized the Trump administration’s taking sides with Saudi Arabia against the Iranian regime, even while conceding that the Iranian regime is considered a U.S. adversary while Saudi Arabia is considered an ally.
Thus, it is naïve to believe that Murphy and his fellow Democrats did not share, during their private discussion with Zarif, their serious misgivings about President Trump’s dramatic reversal of the Obama administration’s appeasement policies. Murphy has been one of his party’s leading critics of President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the disastrous nuclear deal the Obama administration had negotiated with the Iranian regime and to impose harsh sanctions on the regime. Murphy has also sharply criticized President Trump’s order to take out the blood-thirsty Iranian terrorist leader Qassem Soleimani as he was in Iraq planning further attacks against American citizens and facilities.
We need to know whether in fact Senator Murphy and other Americans sought to undermine the current U.S. foreign policy towards the Iranian enemy regime during their unauthorized private talks with its foreign minister. Murphy must either produce a full transcript or notes of the discussions, or testify in public as to everything that was said during the meeting.
One thing we do know for sure. Senator Murphy is clueless on how to deal with the Iranian regime. Following the killing of Qassem Soleimani, for example, which Murphy called “catastrophic,” he asserted, "The damage has been done to the U.S. national security since the targeting of Qassem Soleimani. I don’t think the administration gamed out how badly this would go for us." He added, "The president has gravely injured this nation’s security around the world. He has made us a literal laughingstock."
The only laughingstocks are Murphy himself and the other critics of the Trump administration’s tough stance against the escalating acts of aggression launched by the Iranian regime. The Iranian regime carefully calibrated its response to the killing of Qassem Soleimani to avoid any massive U.S. retaliation. Despite the usual bluster, it appears to be thinking more carefully before crossing one of President Trump’s red lines again. Until the decisive strike killing its terrorist mastermind, the Iranian regime had been ramping up tensions directly and through its proxies led by Soleimani, resulting in the killing of an American contractor and the invasion of the U.S. embassy compound in Iraq. The regime was convinced by the behavior of past U.S. administrations that Soleimani would remain off limits. If appeasers like Senator Murphy had his way, the Iranian regime would have been right. Thanks to President Trump's decisive actions, the United States and its allies are more secure today against the aggressive designs of the Iranian regime.
President Trump’s critics like to say that if he had only stuck with the nuclear deal and not backed the Iranian regime into a corner with severe economic sanctions, everything would have been just fine. They conveniently choose to forget the Iranian regime’s seizure of two United States Navy patrol boats and 10 crew members in January 2016, which occurred shortly following the completion of the nuclear deal. After being photographed on their knees with their hands over their heads in violation of international law, the Americans were finally released with many thanks from then-Secretary of State John Kerry. Groveling was the Obama administration’s way of conducting diplomacy with the Iranian regime, which exploited the Obama administration’s ineptitude at every turn.
Aggressors take advantage of the weaknesses they perceive in their adversaries. This is what happened when the infamous Munich Pact with Adolf Hitler was signed in the very city where the annual Munich Security Conference is held today. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain hailed the Munich Pact, exclaiming it would bring “peace with honor” and “peace in our time.” Winston Churchill responded, “You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour and you will have war.”
Churchill was right about Nazi Germany. He knew that you cannot bring about real peace by appeasing expansionist dictatorships that are willing to invest their resources in military buildup at the expense of their own people. Similarly, President Trump is right about the Iranian regime. The nuclear deal was a giveaway to the regime, making billions of dollars available to fund Soleimani’s terror campaign and Iran’s offensive weaponry including ballistic missiles. Now Soleimani is dead and the regime has learned that U.S. appeasement is no longer the order of the day so long as President Trump remains in office.
If Senator Murphy and his comrades sought to undermine President Trump’s successful peace through strength policy during their private meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif, they need to be held fully accountable immediately.


Trump kicks off Daytona 500 with Grand Marshal speech

President Donald Trump was at the Daytona 500 on Sunday as the Grand Marshal for the 62nd annual running of the Great American Race. Watch his arrival in Air Force One, his interview with Jamie Little, his laps around the track in “The Beast,” his command to start the engines, and his message to the drivers and their crew chiefs in this full video of his time at Daytona International Speedway.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
After a survey again showing that liberals have higher rates of mental problems comes another warning that our Left has left sanity: Indications that, as during the 2016 presidential campaign, violence against conservatives is increasing in the run-up to the November election.
The phenomenon is so striking it even has a name, Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), though such a label risks trivializing a truly serious problem. Whatever the case, Fox News reports on the issue:
A startling rash of threats and violent incidents targeting Republican voters in recent weeks is raising concerns about the increasingly toxic political climate, just as the 2020 presidential primaries are getting started.
The incidents began earlier this month when a Florida man, Gregory Timm, 27, allegedly rammed his van into a Republican Party voter registration tent. According to reports, Timm ran over chairs and tables, and witnesses said he recorded the scene moments after the incident, made an obscene gesture and sped off.
Timm has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a person 65 years old or older, one count of criminal mischief and driving with a suspended license. An arrest report said Timm told deputies he did not like President Trump and “someone had to take a stand.”
There have been other recent cases, too. On February 11, 34-year-old Patrick Bradley of Windham, New Hampshire, slapped a 15-year old boy across the face and then assaulted two other adults who intervened. The victims were manning a Trump campaign tent.
“Bradley is also accused of throwing Trump campaign signs and attempting to knock over the campaign tent,” Fox added (video below).
Bradley said in court that he has a history of “mental health issues.” No surprise there. Numerous studies show that leftists tend to.
Onwards (and downwards?), protesters at the University of California at Santa Cruz this weekend “smashed a College Republicans information table, according to reports,” Fox tells us. “A video [below] posted on social media shows two protesters tearing up placards and ripping down signage — with one of them appearing to spit on a 13-star ‘Betsy Ross’ American flag that is seen lying on the ground.”
Meanwhile, “Police at ASU are investigating after a video began circulating on social media showing a man screaming, ‘slash Republican throats,’” reports Campus Reform. Video of the incident (below) was posted online by Students for Trump at ASU on February 5.
Also last week, retired NYPD officer Daniel Sprague of Staten Island “says he got punched in the face at a Tennessee bar, all because he was wearing a birthday hat and shirt with Trump-like slogans,” Fox informs. Here’s a tweet about the incident from New York City councilman Joe Borelli:
Then, “last month a Florida man was sentenced to 90 days in jail and one year of supervised probation after slapping the bill of a man’s ‘Make America Great Again’ hat before telling the man to ‘go back to Russia you f--- communist’ and spitting on him,” Fox also relates.
Again, though, frequent attacks on conservatives are nothing new, having become more common with President Trump’s rise. Below is a video from early 2017 showing a 12-year-old boy on a bus being attacked for wearing a MAGA hat.
While all these attacks are, in the least, the result of media propaganda and moral degradation, sometimes the violence is orchestrated. Just consider, for instance, how Project Veritas uncovered in 2016 a Democrat scheme to incite violence at Trump rallies.
Caught on hidden camera, a Democrat operative named Scott Foval outlined an operation — allegedly approved by Hillary Clinton — in which he and fellow agitators went so far as to pay mentally ill people to instigate trouble. He even unabashedly proclaimed, “We're starting anarchy here” (video below. Warning: foul language).
In reality, though, this violence not only isn’t new; it’s actually very, very old. Violence has ever defined the Left, from its French Revolution birth to Joseph Stalin’s purges to Mao Tse-tung’s “Cultural Revolution” to the Khmer Rouge’s “killing fields” and beyond. In fact, leftists’ 20th century body count alone is approximately 100 million.
When the mask drops, leftists often reveal these bloody intentions, too. Marxist Chinese leader Mao once said, “Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy.” Cambodian socialist leader Pol Pot stated, “Better to kill an innocent by mistake than spare an enemy by mistake.”
Then again, they were only following their ideological master. Communist Manifesto co-author Karl Marx prescribed violence himself, writing in an 1848 newspaper article that “there is only one way in which the murderous death agonies of the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society can be shortened, simplified and concentrated, and that way is revolutionary terror.”
Then there was Soviet leader Stalin, who proclaimed, “We will destroy each and every enemy, even if he was an old Bolshevik; we will destroy all his kin, his family.” Note that the only sin of the “old Bolsheviks” — who helped author the 1917 Russian Revolution and vault the Soviets to power — was not being a new Bolshevik.
And for all leftists’ talk about “change,” nothing has changed. When Bernie Sanders’s campaign workers were caught on undercover video revealing their dark designs, it was expressed that they wanted the Clintons (our “old Bolsheviks”) dead, too.
Oh, they also said they aimed to put political opponents in “gulags” — that is, the opponents not summarily executed.
So what’s left to be said? Perhaps we actually should take the advice here of another left-winger, the late writer Maya Angelou.
To wit: “When people show you who they are, believe them.”
Leftists Riot Against Kaitlin Bennett at Ohio University


The Deep State is panicking! With President Trump acquitted and Attorney General Bill Bar opening new investigations into premeditated fraud commitment by the highest levels of government, members of the deep state are beginning to publicly freak out! We’re going to look at how President Trump is making good on his promise to drain the swamp, and why Washington DC looks like it’s about to get hit with revelations from the Justice Department that’s going shock the conscience of our nation like never before!
As soon as President Trump was acquitted, the tables turned quickly on the Deep State. In less than 48hrs, all the linchpins were pulled from the restraints keeping the Trump administration from fulling operating. Now the situation has flipped and the President is making his moves.

CFR Seeks to Sovietize U.S. Education 

Behind the Deep State

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
In this episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman continues exposing the Council on Foreign Relations’ radical plan to restructure America using state and local government — with this segment focusing on the education component of the scheme. In this CFR program, known as “The Work Ahead,” globalist Deep State operatives seek to finalize the Sovietization of America’s K-12 and college education. This would be a key component of central planning the economy and society. Alex interviewed several experts, lawmakers and CFR Task Force members to expose this agenda including Patricia Matthis of Southern Methodist University, former Senior Adviser on education Charlotte Iserbyt under Reagan, CFR member Chike Aguh, CFR leader Ted Alden, Senator Regina Bayer, and more. Please share with your state and local officials. Expose this agenda before the CFR ropes them in.

The Work Ahead: Machines, Skills, and U.S. Leadership in the Twenty-First Century

The world is in the midst of a transformation in the nature of work, as smart machines, artificial intelligence, new technologies, and global competition remake how people do their jobs and pursue their careers. The Work Ahead: Machines, Skills, and U.S. Leadership in the Twenty-First Century, the report of a CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force, assesses the future of work and workers and the implications for the U.S. economy and national security.

The seven major recommendations of the Task Force are:
  • Governments should adopt an explicit goal of creating better jobs and career paths for Americans. Initiatives should aim especially at attracting investment and revitalizing entrepreneurship.
  • The United States needs to remain a world leader in technology and innovation. This should be supported by increased public and private research and development (R&D), support for commercialization of new research, and an open door to highly skilled immigrants.
  • Governments should implement policies aimed at maintaining strong growth and demand for labor. Employers should commit themselves to a “high-road workplace” that offers employees decent pay, training, scheduling, and benefits. Special measures are needed for communities struggling to attract investment and jobs.
  • The United States should set and meet a goal of bringing postsecondary education within the reach of all Americans and linking education more closely to employment outcomes.
  • Unemployment insurance should be overhauled to reflect the realities of the current economy, and mid-career retraining programs should adopt the best features of the European “flexicurity” models.
  • Governments and employers should work to reduce barriers to labor mobility for Americans, including high housing costs, occupational licensing restrictions, and inflexible hiring practices.
  • The United States should create portable systems of employment benefits tied to individual employees rather than to jobs themselves. Employers should also help fill the gap by expanding benefits for their part-time and contingent workers.
Finally, the Task Force recommends that the president and the nation’s governors create a national commission on the U.S. workforce to carry out research, share best practices, and conduct public outreach on workforce challenges. This should be the start of an urgent effort to put workforce issues at the center of the national agenda.


"Con job": Trump Responds To Obama Taking Credit For Booming Economy
Former President Barack Obama took to Twitter to claim credit for strong economic growth and, in his words, “the longest streak of job creation in American history.” Economist Steve Moore and Real Clear Politics correspondent Susan Crabtree weigh in.

“He had the WEAKEST recovery since the Great Depression.”

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
President Trump responded Monday night, calling Barack Obama’s claim that his prior administration is responsible for the booming US economy a “Con job”.
“Did you hear the latest con job?” Trump tweeted, explaining that “Obama is now trying to take credit for the Economic Boom taking place under the Trump Administration.”
“He had the WEAKEST recovery since the Great Depression, despite Zero Fed Rate & MASSIVE quantitative easing.” Trump noted.
Trump also noted that he “had to rebuild our military, which was totally depleted.”
“Fed Rate UP, taxes and regulations WAY DOWN.” The President continued.
“If Dems won in 2016, the USA would be in big economic (Depression?) & military trouble right now. THE BEST IS YET TO COME. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!” Trump concluded.
The President was responding to the below tweet from Obama, sent on President’s Day, which claimed that Obama’s Recovery Act “paved the way for more than a decade of economic growth and the longest streak of job creation in American history.”
As Trump urged, however, the economy under Obama was the most worst since World War II, despite being largely propped up by the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented decade-long zero percent interest rates during his two terms.
The White House also issued a statement responding to Obama.
“President Trump reversed every single failed Obama-era economic policy, and with it, reversed the floundering Obama/Biden economy,” read the statement from Kayleigh McEnany, the Trump campaign’s national press secretary. “Obama and Biden orchestrated the worst economic recovery in modern history.”
“By contrast, though, deregulating, lowering taxes, and supporting free-market policies, President Trump has created the hottest economy on record, with unemployment hitting generational lows and all-time lows for African Americans, Hispanics, the disabled, veterans and many other hard-working Americans,” added McEnany.
And, it’s not just Trump and Infowars pointing this out.
The Wall Street Journal recently asked 68 economists who was responsible for the booming economy and the consensus was that it is “President Trump, and not Obama, who should be taking a bow.”
It has been blindingly obvious for years that Obama did not seed the current recovery. “The Obama recovery of the last seven years remains the worst in postwar American history,” a Forbes article from 2016 noted.
Others were quick to respond to Obama’s phoney claim: