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Democrat denounces Rep. Tlaib for ‘blood libel’ against Jewish people

New York Democrat Dov Hikind visits Stuart Varney on Fox Business (Feb. 13, 2020) to discuss the anti-semitism of Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Michigan. Hikind attended a Muslims for Peace event in New Jersey when he confronted Tlaib about her hate-filled tweet falsely alleging that Jews killed a Palestinian boy. Hikind was thrown out of the meeting, but he certainly won’t be silenced. He asks “Where are the Chuck Schumers, where are the Nadlers, where are the Schiffs? … Imagine if a Republican had said the same thing? They would crucify the Republican!”


A Jew hater at a Jew-hating university
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Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.
On Sunday, Rutgers University hosted the 14th Annual Interfaith Prophet Muhammad Conference.
The speakers were Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who had just falsely accused Jews of a blood libel, Craig Considine, a Catholic apologist for Islam who supports BDS, and Imam Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini, an Iranian-trained Shiite cleric who had accused Israel of being behind ISIS.
This panel of Jew hatred was a project of Muslims 4 Peace promoting Islamic migration. But the founder of Americans Against Anti-Semitism instead showed up to ask them some tough questions about hate.
“What about your anti-Semitism?” Dov Hikind, a former elected Democrat official who now takes on anti-Semitism in his former party, challenged Rep. Tlaib as she declaimed about racism in America.
Hikind was immediately confronted by a man in a keffiyah. Rutgers police officers surrounded the founder of Americans Against Anti-Semitism and escorted him out of the room for asking an elected official about anti-Semitism at a state university funded by the taxpayers of New Jersey.
The “Interfaith” Mohammed conference had consisted of two Muslim panelists and one token Christian who spends much of his time promoting Islam and bashing Israel.
There had not been a single panelist of another religion.
The agenda of the conference was promoting migration “from Syria, Afghan, Somalia, Sudan, Myanmar, and Latin America”. All but the last region on the list produces Muslim migrants.
The conference materials whitewashed Mohammed’s ethnic cleansing of Jews by claiming that the, “Prophet Muhammad historically has been known to assist migrants who have escaped religious persecution when they fled from Mecca to Medina.” In reality, Mohammed had turned the Jewish population of Medina into corpses, slaves, and refugees. The sex slavery practiced by ISIS began with its prophet and Jewish women and girls were among the first victims of the original Islamic conquests.
The irresponsible decision by Rutgers to allow a fake interfaith conference by bigots whitewashing ethnic cleansing and anti-Semitism was as disgusting as it was predictable. The college has an ugly history of aiding and abetting hatred of Jews on campus by organizations advocating for Muslims.
In 2018, the Trump administration, through the work of Kenneth L. Marcus, reopened the old 2011 case against Rutgers University that the Obama administration had buried. Hatem Bazian, the godfather of campus anti-Semitism, had brought his Never Again for Anyone tour to Rutgers. And when Jewish students and Holocaust survivors came to see what it was about, the “free event” began allowing Muslims and anti-Israel activists in keffiyahs to enter for free while charging Jewish attendees fees.
Jewish students wearing yarmulkes were reportedly banned from an event at a state university.
The Obama administration shut down the investigation despite the presence of an email from the event organizer reading, “We need to start charging because 150 Zionists just showed up!” It also mentioned that “if someone looks like a supporter, they can get in for free.”
Democrats had bitterly fought the appointment of Marcus as Assistant Education Secretary for Civil Rights for eight months precisely because they wanted to prevent him from looking into campus hate.
Every single Senate Democrat had voted against this respected activist against anti-Semitism.
“We don’t care about anti-Semitism in this office,” a senior aide to Senator Patty Murray had declared. “We care about transgenders, we care about blacks, we care about Hispanics, we care about gays.”
In response to the reopening of the investigation, a university spokesman had insisted that “There is no place for anti-Semitism or any form of religious intolerance at Rutgers.” But the reality is very different.
The Jew hatred problem at Rutgers goes back decades. And it shows no signs of going away.
The Rutgers faculty has been a hive of hate and utterly bizarre outbursts of support for terrorism.
Rutgers University professor Jasbir K. Puar, a Graduate Director of Women’s and Gender Studies, had engaged in an academic blood libel by claiming that Israel harvest organs from dead terrorists.
Puar explicitly endorsed terrorist violence against Jews, stating, according to a transcript, “We need BDS as part of organized resistance and armed resistance in Palestine as well.”
Rutgers prof Deepa Kumar, who had made headlines for claiming that America is worse than ISIS, is also a BDS supporter who regularly participates in SJP events, and has tried to excuse Hamas.
Hooshang Amirahmadi, a Rutgers prof running the American-Iranian Council, had even attempted to run for President of Iran, and was under NSA and FBI surveillance.
Nor have Anti-Semitism scandals stopped Rutgers from bringing more of the same on board.
Shehnaz Abdeljaber remains the outreach coordinator for Rutgers’ Center for Middle Eastern Studies despite having called a Jewish columnist, a “Zionist pig”, and allegedly physically threatened him.
“I’d be happy to see him beat with a crowbar. Violence doesn’t solve problems but it shuts up people who shouldn’t speak,” another Rutgers student had also threatened the Jewish student.
But the Dean of Students at the university had refused to take action.
Finally, in 2017, Rutgers took action against a professor who had posted anti-Semitic alt-right cartoons, called Judaism, “the most racist religion in the world,”, and endorsed BDS against Israel. The food science prof had also posted vile insults against First Lady Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump.
The David Horowitz Freedom Center had listed Rutgers as one of the top ten universities friendly to terrorism largely due to the hateful faculty and active presence of SJP Rutgers, the campus chapter of a national hate group founded by the aforementioned Hatem Bazian. SJP Rutgers members have harassed Jewish students and engaged in overt anti-Semitism. A particular low point came when the Daily Targum, the campus paper, was under SJP control, and printed an editorial attacking a Hillel building, and asking, “As a non-Jewish person, does the Jewish nature make you feel welcome?”
In response to the backlash, Amani-Al-Khatahtbeh, an SJP activist, falsely claimed that Jews were “politicizing the word ‘anti-Semitism’ to silence criticism of Israel.”
Incidents like these helped explain why a Brandeis report found that not only did a majority of Jewish students see the campus atmosphere as hostile to Israel, but 1 in 4 saw it as a hostile environment toward Jews, and 1 in 10 had experienced anti-Semitic slurs at Rutgers University in person.
This latest incident is an unfortunate reminder that nothing at the state school has truly changed.
Rutgers University has a long and unfortunate history of anti-Semitism. And allowing it to be used as a forum for bigoted figures with a history of hateful conspiracy theories about Jews to whitewash the ethnic cleansing of Jews adds another ugly chapter to a history that has gone on for too long already.
After Israeli rescuers tried to revive a Muslim boy who had fallen into a reservoir, Rep. Rashida Tlaib retweeted a false claim that Jews had kidnapped the boy and had thrown him in a “water well.”
After the anti-Semitic shooting at a synagogue in Poway, an appearance by Tlaib was cancelled in Poway. Rutgers had the opportunity to do the right thing; instead, it went ahead with a misleadingly billed “interfaith” event featuring bigots who have spread conspiracy theories about Jews and Israel.
And the Muslims 4 Peace event climaxed with the eviction of an activist against anti-Semitism because he had dared to ask Tlaib about her latest anti-Semitic smear. That’s just the way it is at Rutgers.
And that’s why the Department of Education civil rights investigation of Rutgers is so necessary.

Rutgers: Jewish Democrat thrown out of Muslims4Peace event for calling Rashida Tlaib antisemitic

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
At virtually every university in the country, the academic establishment will use its thuggish cops to cosset and protect Leftists and Islamic supremacists from the slightest negative word. Institutions of higher learning? Hardly. They’re Antifa factories, centers of hard-Left indoctrination.
“Jewish Democrat Thrown Out of ‘Muslims4Peace’ Event for Calling Rashida Tlaib Antisemitic,” by Penny Starr, Breitbart, February 11, 2020:
Former New York State Democrat lawmaker Dov Hikind was tossed out of an event after confronting Rep. Rashida Tlaib (R-MI) on her past antisemitic remarks.
“Police just ejected me from an event of @Muslims4Peace at @RutgersU which was a fine event until @RashidaTlaib showed up. I challenged her about her antisemitism and spreading of an anti-Jewish blood libel! She had no answer for me,” Hikind tweeted. “They will never silence us!”
The crowd started shouting “Rashida!” “Rashida!” as Hikind was escorted out of the room.

Police just ejected me from an event of @Muslims4Peace at @RutgersU which was a fine event until @RashidaTlaib showed up. I challenged her about her antisemitism and spreading of an anti-Jewish blood libel! She had no answer for me.

The Daily Wire spoke to Hikind about attending the Muslims4Peace-sponsored event that was held over the weekend at Rutgers University.
The event was entitled “A Global Crisis: Refugees, Migrants, and Asylum Seekers – Lessons from the Prophet Muhammad,” according to the Daily Wire:
“As [Tlaib] started to speak about ‘showing up for allies,’ I decided it was time to take her to task for her recent promotion of an anti-Jewish blood libel,” Hikind said. “I stood up and asked her ‘what about your antisemitism? What about your spreading of a blood libel?’”
“And before I could finish my question, one man jumped at me and grabbed me,” Hikind continued. “I warned him to immediately get his hands off and he complied. The police were waiting on the sidelines and jumped in a second later and forcibly removed me. They did their job, and I have no qualms with them. But Rashida couldn’t answer me to my face.”
“I stood ten feet away from her, and all she could do was play the victim,” Hikind continued. “I was told that after I was escorted out she claimed that my question was part of a pattern of discrimination against people like her grandmother. In reality, she’s a shameless anti-Semite who hides her hate behind the guise of victimhood although she’s the only one consistently guilty of perpetuating hate. She’s the one guilty of promoting libelous lies that lead directly to violence! At the end of it all, Rashida showed us again that she has no backbone and has no real defense or justification for her abhorrent statements.”…



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
The endless cycle of revenge is sanctioned by the Qur’an: “And We ordained for them therein a life for a life, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear, a tooth for a tooth, and for wounds is legal retribution. But whoever gives charity, it is an expiation for him. And whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed – then it is those who are the wrongdoers.” (5:45)
Of course, the non-Muslim world in the aggregate had nothing to do with the killing of Qasem Soleimani, but Zeinab Soleimani’s call to the entire Islamic world to avenge her father reveals yet again how jihadis view the conflict: it’s Islam versus Christianity and the rest of the non-Muslim world, and thus virtually any non-Muslim can be killed to avenge the death of a Muslim leader.
“Islam’s Female Avenger,” by Edy Cohen, Israel Today, February 6, 2020 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
Meet Zeinab Soleimani, daughter of Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Iranian Al-Quds Forces killed about a month ago by the Americans. His death sent shockwaves through Iran’s leadership and proxies in the region, especially in Iraq and Lebanon. His daughter Zeinab is now rallying the terrorists to avenge her father’s death.
Immediately after the assassination, Lebanon-based Hezbollah commander Hassan Nasrallah instructed his minions to murder any American officer or soldier to expedite the departure of US forces from the region in retaliation for the killing of Soleimani. For more on this see Kill Every American Soldier….

Meet the daughter avenger

Zeinab Soleimani was named after the daughter of the first Shi’ite imam Ali and his wife Fatma (626-681 AD). Being the only granddaughter of the Prophet Mohammed, Ali’s daughter Zeinab is regarded with great respect until this day by both Sunni and Shia Muslims. She is also known for her steadfast stance against oppression and injustice, and her courageous actions in battle, including protecting her nephew, the Imam Ali Ben Hussein, with her own body.
There is evidence that she even held lessons for women to study the Koran, still a radical concept in Islam. In Damascus and Cairo, mosques have been erected in Zeinab’s name, and her burial site in Damascus is visited by Muslims from around the world.
The Iranian regime is now using Soleimani’s daughter Zeinab to persuade terrorist organizations, both Sunni and Shi’ite, to carry out attacks against the United States. Their method is to play on the emotions of terrorist leaders because of her namesake Zeinab.  The Iranians are making propaganda videos with Soleimani’s daughter to stir terrorist groups in the region to take action against the US and Israel.
In a one-minute video clip, Zeinab Soleimani stands dressed in black with a weapon at her side declaring in a combative speech in fluent Arabic (not her mother tongue of Persian) for the entire Arab world:
“In the name of Almighty Allah, I address you my father’s faithful not only in Iran, but in the Islamic world. I confess in my name and my family to all those on the frontlines of the resistance that will not be silent until the death of my father is avenged. My father who defended you, and all those who have been wronged, with his own blood.”
She then turns to the United States and Israel and says:
“As for the Great Satan of the United States and Israel, you will know that my father left behind a thousand Qasem Soleimanis because you have made him victorious and his blood will lead us to the road to pray in Jerusalem.” 
Zainab has already been sent to Lebanon, where she met Hezbollah leader Nasrallah and asked him, because of his long-time friendship with her father, to avenge Soleimani’s death. In a short video chronicling this meeting, it was only possible to hear a few words from Nasrallah: “Allah will arise, and the Almighty will give the jihad (holy war) and shahid (martyrdom), which is the most beautiful thing.”…


We recently posted a video where Chan was pushing Roman Catholicism. Pope John Paul II along with Billy Graham in the 20th Century established a doctrine of inclusivism which is a type of Universalism meaning that anyone who appears to be a “good person” is saved. Notice how Chan points out that everyone he touches got healed and how none of them believed in Christ. He knows exactly what he is doing and by the way the Doctrinal Watchdog Channel would like to see some documentation.


SEE:;  republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Warning, this is why the Scriptures warn us not to associate with false teachers, rather we mark and avoid them like the plague. Don’t be deceived, folks, bad company ruins good morals (1 Corinthians 15:33). And, we’ve been warning folks for a long time that Francis Chan has turned away from sound teaching and accumulated for himself teachers to suit his own passions.
For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions,

2 Timothy 4:3

Francis Chan has surrounded himself with the worst of the worst, and guess what, Chan — who used to at one point hold to some semblance of orthodoxy — has fully embraced the false teachings of faux faith-healer, Todd White. Chan has already embraced the Roman Catholic heresy of transubstantiation in the Eucharist and some, including one Catholic priest, have speculated that Chan will soon depart the faith and join the Catholic harlot and now he has fully immersed himself in the prosperity gospel and believes himself to be a faith-healer.
Last year at The Send Conference, Chan and Todd White teamed up to blaspheme the Holy Spirit and this is when Chan endorsed Todd White. White is known worldwide for his parlor tricks such as leg-lengthening and fantastic tales of raising the dead. Interestingly, there is not one shred of evidence to suggest any of his fanciful tales hold true. Of course, Scripture would also refute him, so that should end it. But it doesn’t.
Now, Chan has claimed that after he decided to leave the States to start becoming a full-time missionary overseas, he now tells a story of how he healed numerous people in Myanmar simply by “touching them.” And, as is always the case in charismatic nuttery, Francis Chan simply doesn’t have any evidence. Todd White has trained him well.