RICHMOND, Va. — Some Democratic members of the Virginia House of Delegates reportedly walked out of the chambers on Tuesday after the pastor who delivered the invocation exhorted lawmakers to protect the unborn and uphold the sanctity of biblical marriage. Two of those who spoke against the prayer were also identified as ministers.
Robert Grant Jr. of The Father’s Way Church in Warrenton had been invited by Del. Michael Webert, R-Fauquier, to lead delegates in the prayer before the start of the new legislative day.
“We pray today that the Virginia House of Delegates would exercise their authority, making right decisions for the citizens of this commonwealth,” Grant began. “I pray that every bill or law be fully considered by both Republican and Democratic delegates, having the bests interests of the citizens of Virginia.”
“I pray that both sides will put down their own selfish ambitions and need for importance, and do their job and stand for what is right in the sight of God,” he continued. “We ask the Holy Spirit to give this House the courage to speak up and do what is necessary for right living and to promote a peaceable, prosperous and safe state.”
Grant then asked that lawmakers would not pass bills that are displeasing to the Lord.
“We pray that all legislation will be done with a spirit of excellence and accountability,” he said. “We, the people, are in desperate need of leaders who can discern the needs of their fellow citizens and engage in the daily problems we face. That you legislate to fix problems and not create laws that create havoc.”
“I pray that we do not provoke God’s anger by making laws that can destroy the fabric of this great state and our wonderful country. God is love and God is merciful. God is holy and God is also judgment,” he prayed. “Please do not provoke his anger and bring wrath upon this state by what you create as law.”
Grant warned that God has poured out His wrath on nations for their disobedience before, and “we are not exempt.” He then began to speak to specifics, referencing prominent societal sins such as abortion and homosexuality.
“I pray that you may understand that all life is precious and worthy of a chance to be born. God is the giver of life and people have no right or authority to take life. The unborn have rights and those rights need to be protected. They should never be denied the right to exist, the right to develop or the right to have a family,” he stated. “The word of God has given us a warning: woe to anyone who harms an innocent child.”
“Please do not ignore their little voices. I pray for a heart change today,” Grant pleaded.
“I pray that this chamber will uphold the Virginia family, that the bills and laws being passed will always protect the biblical traditional marriage as God instructed the first man and the first woman in the Bible — that the two shall be one flesh, that a man and woman shall be fruitful and multiply,” he continued, being interrupted by a voice from the Democratic side calling out, “Is this a prayer or a sermon?”
“We should never re-write what God has declared,” Grant said, proceeding unflinched. “It’s not yours to change or alter its wording. The Bible is the copyright of God’s word. Marriage is to join a biological male and a biological female in holy matrimony, not to provoke the almighty God.”
House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, D-Fairfax, soon interrupted Grant and ended his exhortation by pounding her gavel and immediately proceeding to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
The Virginia Mercury reports that some Democratic members also left the chambers in protest of Grant’s words.
“It was totally disrespectful to all of us, all of us in this House,” Del. Luke Torian, D-Prince William, pastor of First Mount Zion Baptist Church, said of Grant’s invocation.
“In many ways, it felt like condemnation,” Del. Delores McQuinn, D-Richmond, associate pastor at New Bridge Baptist Church, also told the outlet.
However, Grant stood by his prayer, stating that it was rather the Democrats who were disrespectful to him.
“I think that the state house belongs to all the citizens. And all the citizens have a voice,” he said. “If it’s my turn to have a voice, and I am a pastor, what do you expect from me? If you don’t want to hear what a pastor has to say, then don’t invite one.”
Jesus said in Mark 8:38, “Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of Me and of My words in this adulterous and sinful generation of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when He cometh in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.”



What is Christalignment and destiny cards?

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Christalignment is a New Age practice that uses a form of tarot cards, called destiny cards, to obtain a spiritual reading. It is an occult practice and is spiritually very dangerous. These cards have pictures on them, some with biblical themes, and they're used in a prophetic sense. The practitioners seek to learn about a person's future; hence, the term destiny cards.
It is not biblical and should be avoided by all true Christians. On the Christalignment website, there are plenty of pictures depicting people in mystical-type garb, sitting at tables, cards between people, getting readings, etc.  I've been to many New Age conventions to do research and their appearance and vocabulary are identical to New Age thought. 
Typical of many New Age-type philosophies are spiritual realms, heavenly realms, levels of consciousness, spiritual cleansing, Christ consciousness, dream interpretations, meditation, etc. The practitioners of Christalignment are involved with many of these practices such as dream interpretation, mind-body festivals, third heaven encounters, spiritual cleansing, physical healing, relationship recovery, and henna art.
  • "We call our artists prophetic. That means that as intuitive readers themselves and artists able to connect with spirit, their art work carries meaning and power to change lives. Each painting has been done through connection to the third heaven realm."(
  • "We do not interpret black and white dreams as these are coming to you from a much lower realm."
  • (ibid. /what-we-offer-at-dandenong)
  • "All Christalignment team members operate only out of the third heaven realm. That means that we are all hearing from Christ spirit. This ensures safety for you and a way higher level of accuracy." (ibid. /what-we-offer-at-dandenong)
The Christalignment movement uses what are called destiny cards. 
  • "Our unique destiny cards, which we have developed, are so accurate, that even if your life circumstances change dramatically, on your return to do them again years later, you will find the results identical, such is their accuracy.They are able to give profound insight into relationships, career and spiritual life." (ibid. /destinyreadingcards)
  • "Destiny Cards are for guidance, advice and information to make your journey through life happier, more peaceful and more productive. They will help you get an answer to problems, guidance on decisions, advice on which way to turn, or lessons for the year, month, week, day or just the moment." (  This website may or may not be related to the christalignment movement, since the card pictures are different. Nevertheless, it teaches the same principle.)
But there are other cards that they use.
  • Colour Card Readings
    • Colour cards are used to enhance reading using coloured agate stones. They believe the colors have meaning, especially when they are in dreams.
  • Animal Card Readings
    • In this process, there are methods to visualize encounters with various animals which are supposed to have special meanings to the individual practicing this method.
  • Psalm Card Readings
    • Only three cards are used in this reading method that are intended to represent the past, present, and future of individuals.

Christian churches and destiny cards

Unfortunately, because many Christian churches do not have good discernment, they often dabble in occult practices in order to achieve a higher spiritual reality-whatever that might mean. Following is a list of some of the articles dealing with the infiltration of destiny cards into Bethel Church in Redding.
No Christian church should have anything to do with Christalignment or destiny cards.


Christalignment, along with destiny cards, is a form of witchcraft.  It is an occult practice that must be avoided by all Christians since it is a form of fortune-telling that is condemned by Scripture.
Deuteronomy 18:10–11, “There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead."  


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 Fighting nationalism and climate change are its goals
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research 
Radical anti-American financier George Soros recently unveiled a scheme to sink $1 billion into a new global university to fight nationalism and climate change, twin phantoms he emotes are “threatening the survival of our civilization.”
Why is this a bad thing?
Because global warming is a hoax and nationalism –at least in a good nation like the United States— is a good thing, and because Soros is a living, breathing malignancy who has devoted the past several decades of his life to advancing evil in the world.
If America is indeed “one nation under God,” as the Pledge of Allegiance states, then believing in and supporting this country is American nationalism.
That is a bridge too far for Soros, a naturalized American, who views himself as a citizen of the world.
Soros said in 2018 that nationalism was “the dominant ideology in the world,” but to him, all nationalism, including American nationalism, is bad. People like Soros regard nationalism as tribalism, jingoism, superpatriotism, or a combination of the three. Because he is an Esperanto-speaking, United Nations-loving internationalist, Soros hurls the word “nationalism” as an epithet.
Not surprisingly, he rejects the idea of American sovereignty and wishes to eradicate it, which helps to explain his underwriting of radical open-borders groups.
As Cheryl Chumley argues in the Washington Times, Soros is spending a billion dollars on OSUN “to train the next generation in the evils of sovereignty — to teach the emerging youth how to become good obedient citizens of the world.
“Soros calls it his ‘most important and enduring project’ ever. No wonder. It truly could be. If successful, it could mean the collapse of borders, the implementation of world government, the end of America as we know it.
“If children are the hope of the future, America’s children must be educated on the greatness of America — before it becomes too late and America, as a sovereign nation, hasn’t any future at all.”
Soros is an old hand at promoting his agenda.
Soros’s philanthropy states he has donated more than $32 billion over the past 30 years “to education and social justice causes,” or in plain English, brainwashing and leftism.
He has used his vast fortune to topple governments in Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan. He “broke” the British pound, was accused of wreaking havoc on the Malaysian ringgit, and was called an “economic war criminal” in Thailand. A French court convicted him of insider trading.
Soros, who has bankrolled the violent Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street movements as well as the related prison-reform movement, has called America “the main obstacle to a stable and just world order” and hailed Communist China for having “a better-functioning government than the United States.” He says European-style socialism “is exactly what we need” and funds open-borders groups in order to corrode the nation’s culture and change its electorate.
Soros makes no secret of his contempt for President Donald Trump. Under Trump Muslims are attacked and abused, Soros has claimed. On the campaign trail, Trump was “doing the work of ISIS,” he claimed. Ideas like banning entry to the U.S. by Muslims –something Trump hasn’t done— might “convince the Muslim community that there is no alternative but terrorism,” Soros said.
This renewed weaponization of the education sector by the 89-year-old, Hungarian-born multi-billionaire leftist came Jan. 23 at the World Economic Forum in fabulous Davos, Switzerland, the high-profile yearly globalist gathering of holier-than-thou, hypocritical business leaders who refuse to cut down on carbon-producing jet use even under pressure from so-called flight-shaming activists.
The Open Society University Network, or OSUN, will “integrate teaching and research across higher education institutions worldwide,” while providing courses and joint degree programs and putting students and faculty from different countries together by way of in-person and online discussions, according to his philanthropic piggybank, the Open Society Foundations (OSF).
OSUN will supposedly provide an international platform for teaching and research and will be launched by a partnership of the Soros-founded Central European University (CEU) and Bard College of Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. CEU and Bard will, in turn, work with distance learning-focused Arizona State University, and other schools such as American University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan and BRAC University in Bangladesh.
“I consider the Open Society University Network to be the most important and enduring project of my life, and I should like to see it implemented while I am still around,” Soros said.
The preeminent funder of the Left in the U.S. who gives so much money to Democrats that “Saturday Night Live” once mockingly referred to him as the “owner” of the Democratic Party (this was long before spendthrift Michael Bloomberg’s vanity candidacy for president emerged), suffers from end-stage Trump Derangement Syndrome.
In Davos, Soros, who previously marveled he was “some kind of god,” described his nemesis, President Donald Trump, as “a con man and the ultimate narcissist who wants the world to revolve around him.” He also attacked the president’s supporters in the United States, accusing them of buying into Trump’s “alternative reality,” which “has turned his narcissism into a malignant disease.”
But what Soros really wants is political indoctrination. Just look at who runs his massive philanthropy that will be cutting the checks.
OSF is helmed by elite community organizer and social justice warrior Patrick Gaspard, who was then-President Barack Obama’s White House political director, and later, U.S. ambassador to South Africa. In 2018 he bashed the U.S. on Twitter, claiming the racist, kleptocratic hellhole at the bottom of the African continent that is speeding down the road to genocide, “has a more inclusive Constitution than even my country,” and added that being posted there by Obama was “an honor of a lifetime.”
Before that, Gaspard was an executive vice president at Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1199 in New York, and had close ties to the now-defunct Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and two related minor political parties, the Working Families Party and the New Party. A close friend of New York’s Bolshevik mayor, Bill de Blasio, Gaspard brokered a political deal in 2013 that allowed the elitist who famously eats pizza with a knife and fork to move into Gracie Mansion.
Gaspard seems an ideal choice as a general to lead Soros’s charge against nationalism.