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Jen Hatmaker is the progressive queen of liberal pro-gay faux Christianity who advocates for the broad acceptance of homosexuality and other aberrant sexual orientations in the Church. Like her late counterpart, Rachel Held Evans, Hatmaker is known for her endorsement of “gay Christianity” and gay authors and “pastors” such as Matthew Vines and Brandan Robertson.

Hatmaker first came out of the closet of homosexual affirmation during an interview with Jonathan Merritt, son of former Southern Baptist president, James Merritt. Subsequently, the SBC book store Lifeway pulled her materials from their shelves.
Since then, Hatmaker has made campaigning for the normalization of sexual immorality her primary mission in life and has a massive following of lost people who endorse her. To make matters worse, she also partners with pro-abortion political groups to advocate for “women’s rights” — read, abortion rights. Bottom line; Jen Hatmaker is nothing more than a voice for Satan himself disguised as an angel of light.
But this didn’t stop Max Lucado from singing her praises and giving her a glowing endorsement. Max Lucado is a best-selling Christian author and pastor at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas and is a friend of Southern Baptists like Matt Chandler and Beth Moore, partnering with them to advocate for amnesty. He’s also been praised by the SBC’s news outlet, the Baptist Press.
Lucado recently joined Hatmaker in a podcast where he gave her glowing accolades saying, "I think so highly of you. You energize me, to listen to your podcast. The other day I caught myself needing to get out of the car, but I was listening to your podcast and I just sat, and I just sat, and I just sat. You make it so easy and delightful, and yet profound at the same time."
He went on, praising her and affirming her and her followers as believers. “And your heart . . . And you know what else I like, Jen?” Lucado told Hatmaker, “You bring me in touch with a circle of believers that I might not typically have contact with, you know?”
"You expand my circle, and that’s good for me. I don’t really like my preconceptions to be tested … But it’s good for me, and sometimes when I listen to your podcast, I feel stretched tighter than a trampoline skin. But it’s good, it’s good. And I really need that and I appreciate it."
Lucado’s endorsement of Hatmaker is damaging to the gospel. Lucado, who is fairly orthodox though not without problems, lends credibility to a movement that is patently and biblically false — the “gay Christian” movement. To tell someone like Hatmaker — who clearly denies the gospel and the clear teachings of Scripture — that she and her followers are “believers” is to deny the inerrancy of Scripture and authority of God himself. One can only hope that Lucado will repent of this serious heresy.

Max Lucado's "Potato & Milk Eucharist" 

[another] Jesus saves him -

Yokes w/ sin-affirming Jen Hatmaker

Jen Hatmaker is a NAR Bethel 'NEW AGE- Church' of Hyper Signs and Wonders, Liberal, Pro- sin, Universalist Fake Christian Media delight, BROUGHT IN from a secular program on home design, & pushed as "Christian". She is a leader now. MASONIC SEEDING at play! She spreads error and smears the true remnant church globally. She actually denies the true Lord and gospel; she lacks any fear of the LORD at all. She represents one within the ranks of Laodicea, and the Promotion of an Anti- Bride ( Babylon Whore Church Fake). *This acquiescence of leadership is on purpose and meant to fuel a rebellion* , in the 'name of the church'. This is Satan trying to slap God in the face, and slip in an impostor.
She has yoked with the "Unity at all costs", heretical , false gospel as a "popular leader", showing forth the true colors of ecumenical, friend & false Pastor Author Max Lucado. These leaders are capitulating on the basis of creating a larger false Christianity to fit with an ecumenical, co exist, one world group salvation kingdom of the Antichrist . They are the heretical sneaky "preachers" who are deceived and deceiving others, that Jude and 2 Peter warned would come.
They support evil- together: Lucado and Hatmaker.https://time.com/3668781/inside-the-e...
Lucado also tells of a Roman Catholic *Eucharist* in the kitchen of potato and milk, that brought [ Another] Jesus, who 'saved him'. ....... Been a Pastor of a church in Texas spreading 'religion' mixed with a universal gospel of 1 Cor 15:1-4. This popular book author and speaker can make a lot of money tickling the ears of more consumers of false religions, then staying pure to the Bible and her small audience of true born agains. No other gospel or your accursed; Gal 1: 8