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It's the Omar/Sharpton playbook and it works. 
No bigotry is so ugly that it can't be whitewashed in the service of the greater cause of hating President Trump. Just ask Ibraheem Samirah.
The Virginia Democratic lawmaker who disrupted President Trump’s speech in Jamestown on Tuesday has a history of making anti-Israel remarks on social media.
Ibraheem Samirah, a Virginia state delegate, interrupted Trump’s event commemorating the 400th anniversary of the first legislative assembly in the U.S. by shouting: “You can’t send us back! Virginia is our home!”
FOX News calls it anti-Israel. That really understates it. 
 Aside from the usual rants about Israel, Samirah had posted that the Jews had stolen his grandfather’s land and “washed off as the Promised Land for Jews only (using the Torah and Zionist ideology, a 3000 yo religious book and a 100 yo Jew-only philosophy.)”
Samirah’s hatred for Israel wasn’t news. The Jordanian Muslim BDS activist had co-founded a chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace (a misnamed pro-terrorist hate group that is neither peaceful nor Jewish), had served as a spokesman for Students for Justice in Palestine, a hate group whose chapters had been involved in numerous anti-Semitic incidents ranging from hate speech to acts of violence, and had spoken at an American Muslims for Palestine conference: an organization accused of supporting Hamas.
And it gets much uglier.
Another spokesman for the Islamic Action Front was Ibraheem Samirah’s father.
Sabri Samirah had chaired the Islamic Association for Palestine, a Hamas offshoot. The IAP had published material on its website cheering attacks on America before 9/11.
Sabri had come to the United States on a student visa before losing his legal status. After he left to visit his native Jordan, he was banned from returning in 2003 as a "security risk to the United States".
During his time in Jordan, Al Jazeera described Sabri as a “leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan”. 
Ibraheem Samirah had called his father as a role model who inspired his “Palestinian” activism. His own statements suggest that he identifies with the Muslim Brotherhood.
"If you hand him over to the Jews, we will turn the ground upside down over your heads," it warned.
"You will lament your dead just as we did to you in Lebanon in 1982 when we destroyed the Marine House with a boobytrapped car, and there are plenty of cars in our country. You also still remember the oil tanker with which we blew up your soldiers in Saudi Arabia."
As Americans continue to lament our dead at the hands of Islamic terrorists, the son of the spokesperson for the Islamic Action Front has become an elected Democrat official in Virginia.
This is what the Democrats have become. A party of racists and terrorists.
Here's Mikhael Smits also discussing Samirah's background.
Dem lawmaker who disrupted Trump speech has history of anti-Israel remarks, just like the other Muslim Democrats
RAW INTERVIEW: Virginia Delegate Ibraheem Samirah explains why he interrupted Trump's speech
Ibraheem Samirah is the Democrat candidate in the Feb. 19 special election for the 86th HOD. You may know that Ibraheem tweeted that giving money to Israel is worse than giving money to the Ku Klux Klan. But it's not just what he has tweeted. His actions also matter.


matt tonne
In January 2019, Matthew “Matt” Tonne, associate children’s pastor at The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas, was accused of indecent contact with a child. The alleged contact took place at the Mt. Lebanon Retreat and Conference Center in Cedar Hill, Texas. The Village Church is pastored by Calvinistic Southern Baptist luminary Matt Chandler.
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FLOWER MOUND, Texas — An 18-year-old who was allegedly sexually abused seven years ago by a now former children’s minister at The Village Church in Texas, led by Reformed pastor Matt Chandler, has filed suit against the church on claims of gross negligence and to obtain damages for emotional distress.

According to reports, in 2012 Associate Children’s Minister Matthew Tonne abused the then 11-year-old girl, who is not being identified, as she was in her cabin at Mount Lebanon Kids Camp.
The Village Church had a policy prohibiting the opposite sex from being in children’s cabins, but both male and female staffers allegedly used the cabin where the girl and others were sleeping to hold meetings.
The teen’s family says that she told them about the incident in February 2018, at which time they contacted both the church and the police.
In June 2018, the church fired Tonne, but because of an ongoing problem with drunkenness. According to the Religion News Service, Chandler outlined last month during the annual Southern Baptist Convention meeting that Village Church did not know at the time that Tonne had been accused of sexual abuse.
The teen and her family, however, allege that Tonne had been identified in May, a month before his firing.
In September, Village Church posted a notice on its website that the Cedar Hill Police Department was investigating a report of a sexual assault at a camp that youth from the church had attended in 2012. It expressed support for the teen who had come forward, and provided assurance that “no persons of interest in this investigation … have access to children at The Village Church.”
“It took courage and strength for the child and the family to share this information, and we want to support them in any way possible,” the statement read. “We have been working with the family and Detective [Michael] Hernandez to do all that we can to bring healing and the light of justice to this situation, including the decision to make this investigation public now.”
The church also noted that it has since required all staff and volunteers who work with children to undergo training with the third party organization MinistrySafe.
Tonne was indicted by a Dallas County grand jury in January on a charge of “indecency with a child involving sexual contact,” and he turned himself in to police. He denies any wrongdoing and is free on bond.
The girl is being represented by Boz Tchividjian, a grandson of Billy Graham and brother of former pastor Tullian Tchividjian. He is the founder of GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) and a former child abuse prosecutor.
According to Relevant Magazine, the lawsuit alleges that The Village Church failed to “implement reasonable policies and procedures to detect and prevent the sexual abuse of [the child] by Tonne,” and that it also did not “adhere to the policies and procedures it had in place at the time.”
The Village Church has “not yet to date demonstrated a good faith desire to resolve this,” Tchividjian further told The New York Times. “We have provided ample opportunity and ample time for that. We have hit a brick wall, and at that point in time we had to make the difficult but necessary decision to press forward to filing the lawsuit.”
Chandler said during a sermon last month that while the thought he and others did the best they could to care for the family as soon as he became aware — viewing the matter not just as a pastor but also a father, he also stated that he has been “introspective” about the matter and outlined specific ways that the church could do better.
“This is every parent’s worst nightmare. This is every organization’s worst nightmare,” he stated. “At no point did we try to hide or obscure the facts. I am not interested in defending any name here, but to see justice and healing.”
View Chandler’s remarks in full below.

God warns Matt Chandler & Village church of judgement 10/01/17



“Those who do not comply, will not be let in.”
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A swimming pool in the German city of Düsseldorf has been forced to introduce mandatory ID card checks in an effort to stop sexual assaults and rowdy behavior by migrant youths that has required the police to be called out on numerous occasions.
Following a crisis summit between administrators, the mayor and the police chief, an online ticket system linked to people’s IDs has been established to control who is allowed to enter the pool.
“In Rheinbad we have introduced an identity card for all visitors,” said Düsseldorf Mayor Thomas Geisel. “Those who do not comply, will not be let in. It is absolutely unacceptable and inconceivable that families who want to spend their free time here are harassed by youth gangs.”
As we reported earlier this month, the pool had to be closed twice after hundreds of male migrants harassed a family, prompting a huge police deployment.
Last Friday, the pool had to be cleared again as around 60 North African migrants began engaging in aggressive beahvior. Outnumbered, the six security guards on patrol had to call police for backup. 20 officers arrived and the pool was closed.
“It should be known, that before the migrant crisis, German swimming pools didn’t need six security guards to maintain order. It’s likely that they didn’t need any at all,” comments Voice of Europe.
It remains to be seen how authorities will prevent the kind of people who cause mayhem from using the pool. They could only really do so by barring people from North African countries, which would set off a nationwide controversy and lead to widespread accusations of racism.


Bernie Sanders has launched a bid for the 2020 presidency, and is promoting his vision for a socialist America while condemning the one-percent for their wealth. However, Bernie doesn’t exactly practice what he preaches.
One America’s Pearson Sharp explains.



Vacation home three times the average home cost in Vermont, according to media reports

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Bernie Sanders, who owns three homes including a relatively expensive vacation home, blasted “greed” in a recent tweet.
“A nation based on greed will not survive morally, economically or politically,” Sanders stated.
Ironically enough, some of Sanders supporters were “questioning his socialist authenticity,” according to NPR, when he bought a $575,000 vacation home in 2016, which was around three times the average home price in his home state of Vermont.
“The $575,000, four-bedroom home includes 500 feet of Lake Champlain beachfront on the east side of the island, according to the Vermont newspaper Seven Days,” NPR stated. “The purchase makes this Sanders’ third home, and after the news broke of his recent purchase, the Internet became a breeding ground for complaints.”
It’s worth noting that Sanders’ hypocrisy of pushing socialism yet enjoying the fruits of capitalism is fairly common in socialist countries in which the country’s wealth is concentrated among a tiny elite while the population starves.
Given that, it’s almost as if Sanders is suggesting that a socialist country will not survive morally, economically or politically.
However, his schick of pushing socialism on a national stage seems to be working well for him financially.
The same can’t be said about Burlington College in Vermont which went bankrupt after Sanders’ wife served as its president for several years.
“People find it odd that the greatest proponents of socialism seem to live in high style,” stated a 2017 article from the Daily Wire. “The Castros are worth at least a billion dollars. Stalin lived the high life while his people starved in the Soviet Union.”
“Hugo Chavez’s second-oldest daughter is worth in excess of $4 billion; Chavez’s family owns 17 estates in the country. Current socialist leader Nicolas Maduro is also in the money.”
“Socialism is fine for those at the bottom,” the article continued. “It’s those at the top who really benefit, though, from just a few too many pudding cups. But they won’t be giving those up anytime soon.”


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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that churches and faith-groups are an important Democratic ally in promoting open borders, amnesty, and immigration lawlessness. Many evangelicals are taking part in a leftist propaganda plot, and don’t know it.
Foreigners shall build up your walls, and their kings shall minister to you; for in my wrath I struck you, but in my favor I have had mercy on you (Isaiah 60:10).
God is for the building of border walls, and more than a few passages speak of good fences as a sign of national prosperity. In fact, an entire book of the Bible (Nehemiah) is devoted to the building of a border wall designed to keep out foreign invaders. Isaiah 60:10 (above) speaks of border walls as a sign of God’s compassion for the nation and even mentions foreign nations paying for it as a particularly powerful demonstration of God’s favor. So maybe Mexico should build our wall after all.
Speaking last week, Pelosi derided the president for performing his function as America’s Commander in Chief and went so far as to explain to illegal aliens how they could thwart US law enforcement officials who were tasked with serving immigration warrants. She also claimed in her speech that America’s churches were a key ally in the Democratic agenda to provide safe residency to upwards of 11 to 20 million undocumented Democrats.  Pelosi said
“[Churches] were very concerned that this goes too far because these raids were not what they signed up for with President Trump. And I think their calls to the president made a difference. Hopefully the president will think again about it or these groups will weigh in once again.”
Pelosi’s comments come as ICE officials are busy carrying out plans to serve more than two thousand warrants on illegal immigrants who have broken other U.S. laws beside immigration policies.
Since losing the 2016 presidential election largely due to ignoring evangelical influence, Democrats have worked tirelessly to rope in America’s evangelicals and mobilize them for a liberal victory in 2020. Polarizing America along ethnic and ideological grounds is a key component of this election cycle for Democrats. They hope immigration is the one issue that finds common ground with people of faith.
Democrats have made incredible inroads into the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, largely due to the influence of Russell Moore, who serves as the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, an entity owned by the Southern Baptist Convention. Moore—a former Democratic staffer and proud communitarian—has done everything within his power to turn ordinarily conservative evangelicals into advocates for lawlessness on this issue.
Moore helps to run the Evangelical Immigration Table, funded and started by the National Immigration Forum, a foundation belonging to George Soros. Through Moore and his colleagues at the ERLC and sister organization (they share contributors, writers, speakers, and council members), The Gospel Coalition, many churches are beginning to cave on this issue that may very well swing the 2020 elections.
The two leaders, Pelosi and Moore, aren’t without connections. After it was revealed that an ERLC-backed group began to advocate for “gay rights,” Moore spoke alongside Pelosi at an event for the CCCU in partnership with the National Association of Evangelicals, which is a sub-organization of the World Council of Churches.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Just in case we haven’t provided you with enough creepy dystopian news lately, the nation’s leader in Creepy Dystopia, California, has a brand-new program. The “Cradle to Career Data System” will study and document everything about a child born in the state.
But don’t worry, it’s for your children’s own good.
What the heck is the “Cradle to Career Data System”?
Beginning at birth and stalking the child until he or she joins the workforce, California wants to keep an eye on all sorts of demographics and variables. They’ll do this by collecting information from “partner entities.” They’ll use this information, according to the Pasadena Star, to “provide appropriate interventions and supports to address disparities in opportunities and improve outcomes for all students.”
Who are these partner entities, you ask?
The “partner entities” include (but are not limited to) “state entities responsible for elementary and secondary education data, entities responsible for early learning data, segments of public higher education, private colleges and universities, state entities responsible for student financial aid, childcare providers, state labor and workforce development agencies, and state departments administering health and human services programs.” 
So, your kid’s teachers, principles, professors, babysitters, and the purveyors of any state services you happen to use will all cough up every detail of your child’s life.
Of course, California just wants to help.
This to me has hints of communist countries who pluck the brightest students from their home and educate them to work for the state. However, the admitted goal is data collection for the folks who make the rules.
Easily the creepiest thing to come out of California since “The Silence of the Lambs” was released into theaters, the “Cradle to Career Data System” aims to collect the ethnic, economic and educational records of every child in the state, track their grades and their progress into early adulthood, and make some form of the data available to policy makers, analysts and activists. 
This isn’t a maybe. It’s already passed as a trailer bill (so it didn’t go through the usual legislative process) and has been funded with a budget of $10 million.
The governor’s Office of Planning and Research is now authorized to enter into contracts with “planning facilitators” who will convene advisory groups “comprised of representatives of students, parents, labor, business and industry, equity and social justice organizations, researchers, privacy experts, early education experts, school districts, charter schools, and county offices of education.” 
Californians, your children’s privacy is at stake here. They are going to become part of a pile of data that will be used to enact future laws to assure “equity.” But at any time, these records will be there, the life of your child, every time they got sent to the principal’s office, who stands up to authority, who has special skills or talents, what the child’s parents are like. 
That person’s entire life in one handy file. And pardon me if I don’t believe the data collection will stop once they get a job. Data is king right now, so why give up on a good thing?
We’re already tracked everywhere we go once we’re old enough to have a cellphone or use the internet. But this starts right, as the title of the program points out, at the cradle.
Why are they doing this?
It’s all about “social justice.” Think quotas on steroids.
“Advocates have been demanding data for the people in the Golden State for years,” the Equity Alert explains, to “answer key questions about whether and how our state schools, colleges, universities, and workforce systems are closing racial equity gaps and serving Californians.”
It sounds as if the goal is to go beyond laws that ban discrimination and beyond affirmative action into a brave new world, one in which government bureaucrats tally the economic success of each racial and ethnic group and sub-group and award government funding in an effort to reach “equity.” 
Of course, we all know that things like this are actually not equitable, at least not to kids from groups who are not considered to be “at risk.”
There’s no word yet on whether or not parents will be able to opt out on behalf of their offspring.
This certainly normalizes being surveilled.
We’ve written a great deal on this site about the social credit system and the surveillance state in which we live. To me, a program like this seems like just another nail in the coffin of privacy. Don’t think that this will stop at the border of California.
These kids will, from their first moment of awareness, be concerned about their permanent record. That’s an awfully big burden to put on someone who still eats with his fingers and wears pull-ups to bed. 
These children will spend their entire lives under a microscope, for better or for worse, while some data entry person types their every action of note into their record.
If you want to have a social credit system like the one in China, I guess you’ve got to start early.
Originally published at The Organic Prepper – reposted with permission.
(Publisher’s comments:  For awhile we recommend that all Christian families, and all others that care for their children, home school their children to hide them from this beast system.  We are nearly where the parents of the Hebrew children were in Egypt when they were required to hide their children, less they were to be killed by the Egyptian mid-wives.)



A win for Trump and for Americans

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
President Trump and, more importantly, Americans just got some really great news.  On July 26, 2019 The Hill reported, Supreme Court rules Trump can use military funds for border wall construction.
The news report began with this statement:
The Supreme Court on Friday ruled that the Trump administration can start using military funds to construct a wall on the southern border, handing the president a major legal victory.
The ruling allows the administration to use $2.5 billion in military funds to begin construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border while litigation plays out. A lower court had issued an injunction blocking officials from using those funds.
The article went on to quote Chuck Schumer, the Minority Leader in the U.S. Senate in this excerpt:
Democrats blasted the move Friday night, with Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (D-Calif.) calling it "a deeply regrettable and nonsensical decision."
Schumer argued the ruling "flies in the face of the will of Congress and the Congress’s exclusive power of the purse, which our founders established in the Constitution."
“It’s a sad day when the president is cheering a decision that may allow him to steal funds from our military to pay for an ineffective and expensive wall for which he promised Mexico would foot the bill," Schumer added in a statement.
To begin with, it is entirely appropriate to use military funding to construct that vital wall.  While much has been made about use of military assets to back up the Border Patrol through the assignment of military troops to our southern border to perform supporting duties to free up overwhelmed and beleaguered Border Patrol agents, in reality, the Border Patrol and ICE agents back up our military.
The primary shared mission of all members of America’s armed forces, irrespective of the branch of the military under which they serve, is to keep America’s enemies as far from our shores as possible.
However, when terrorists, enemy combatants, spies and others who act at the behest of our enemies get “up close and in person” with our borders, the job of stopping them falls to the Border Patrol and ICE agents.
Indeed, the 9/11 Commission made it clear that border security is national security!
However, me must be clear that construction of the wall on the dangerous and highly porous U.S./Mexican border will not, by itself, end the immigration crisis that impacts nearly every challenge and threat that confronts America and Americans.
There are many elements to the immigration system and a border wall would just constitute one element of what needs to be an integrated immigration system.  For this reasons I have come to compare a wall on the U.S./Mexican border with a wing on an airplane.  An airplane most certainly needs a wing if it is to fly, but a wing by itself would go absolutely nowhere!
Unlike the mainstream media that frequently references California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas as America’s border states, in reality, the United States is a nation of 50 so-called “border states.”   Any state that lies along our northern as well as our southern borders are borders states as are those states that lie along America’s 95,000 miles of coastline.  Finally, any state that has an international airport is also a border state.
It has been estimated that nearly half of all illegal aliens in the United States were lawfully admitted through ports of entry and then, in one way or another, went on to violate their terms of admission into the United States.  These violation of our immigration laws are not addressed by the U.S. Border Patrol but by the agents of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).  There are, however, precious few ICE agents for our entire country.  In all there are about 6,000 such agents and, as the term ICE makes clear, they don’t only enforce immigration laws but customs laws and, in fact, other laws as well.
The extreme importance of enforcement of our immigration laws from within the interior of the United States was the predication for my article, “Ice – As Vitally Important As A Border Wall.”
Schumer complained in the Hill article about how Mexico won’t pay for the wall.  In reality, Mexico and other countries whose citizens enter the U.S. illegally across the porous southern border will definitely pay for the wall. 
Every year tens of billions of dollars are sent out of the United States as a consequence of the drug trade and money sent home by foreign workers who work illegally in the United States. 
On January 3, 2018 CNN Business reported, Mexicans in U.S. send cash home in record numbers.  That article reported that: Mexicans sent home $26.1 billion from January to November 2017, according to figures released Tuesday by the central bank of Mexico. That's the most ever recorded and better than the $24.1 billion sent in 2016 over the same period.
Of course not all Mexicans who sent money back to Mexico worked illegally, but then those numbers only reflect traceable money, not money that was smuggled overtly across the border.
The wall would reduce and deter illegal immigration, including the entry of members of transnational gangs, international fugitives and international terrorists and impede the smuggling of narcotics and other contraband into the United States.
As a consequence much of the money generated by those illegal activities would be greatly reduced.
Just as insulation installed in houses and buildings pays for itself by reducing heating and cooling costs, the wall will insulate America and Americans from drugs, alien criminals, international terrorists and illegal aliens who take Americans’ jobs thereby saving our national economy tens of billions of dollars annually.   
That is truly a “win / win!”
It is hypocritical that Schumer would oppose measures to protect our southern border against aliens from trespassing into our country.
As I noted in my article, “Aliens Trespassing: Sen. Schumer, his congressional cohorts, and leftist hypocrisy”-
On October 13, 2014 Schumer posted a press release on his official website that disclosed that because of the threat of terrorism, he had proposed legislation that would make trespassing on critical infrastructure and/or landmarks a federal crime with a maximum prison sentence of five years.
His press release stated:
Currently NYC Law Has Max. Penalty for Trespassing of Under 1 Year – In Light of Terrorism, Fed Law Should Make Loud & Clear, Particularly to Trespassers from Overseas, That Wrongdoers Should Stay Off Bridges, WTC, Statue of Liberty or Other Critical Infrastructure
Schumer Said NYPD Has Done Great Work Pursuing Cases, But Available Punishments Are Too Weak.
Here is another excerpt:
“With terror threats at a high, it must be made loud and clear to any would-be trespassers, adrenaline junkies or potential criminals that the federal government and the NYPD take trespassing on critical infrastructure and national monuments very seriously; a law that makes this a federal crime and raises the current maximum jail time from one to five years would help deter this behavior, and provide the NYPD with stronger tools to combat this disturbing trend.”
Schumer said that regardless of a trespasser’s intention, this dangerous behavior puts the individual, tens of thousands of commuters, tourists and first responders like the NYPD at serious risk.  Schumer’s legislation would state that anyone who willfully trespasses or enters upon any critical infrastructure used in interstate commerce will be committing a federal crime and fined and/or imprisoned for up to five years.
Schumer’s press release even cited a 16 year old boy’s prank as justification for imposing a five year prison sentence on trespassers.
Today the very same Schumer and his Democrat cohorts, however, are eager to encourage mass-trespassing into the United States by limitless numbers of illegal aliens through the establishment of “Sanctuary Cities,” the vilification of ICE and Border Patrol agents- calling for the dismantling of immigration law enforcement agencies, the decriminalization of immigration law violations and even providing unknown millions of illegal aliens with United States citizenship.
On March 10, 2005 I testified before the House Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Claims on the topic, Interior Immigration Enforcement Resources.  I began my testimony back then with the same sentence that will serve as the conclusion for my commentary today:
“A country without secure borders can no more stand than can a house without walls.”

SCOTUS Judicial Overlords: Trump May Build Border Wall With Military Funds

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
A judicial monkey wrench thrown into America’s border security endeavors was removed Friday, as the Supreme Court lifted lower court opinions stating that the Trump administration may not use $2.5 billion in military funds for border-wall construction.
As the Daily Mail reports:
The court’s five conservative justices gave the administration the green light to begin work on four contracts it has awarded using Defense Department money.
Funding for the projects had been frozen by lower courts while a lawsuit over the money proceeded.
The court’s four liberal justices would not have allowed construction to start.
…Trump tweeted after the announcement: ‘Wow! Big VICTORY on the Wall. The United States Supreme Court overturns lower court injunction, allows Southern Border Wall to proceed. Big WIN for Border Security and the Rule of Law!’
The Supreme Court’s action reverses the decision of a trial court, which initially froze the funds in May, and an appeals court, which kept that freeze in place earlier this month.
The freeze had prevented the government from tapping approximately $2.5 billion in Defense Department money to replace existing sections of barrier in Arizona, California and New Mexico with more robust fencing.
The case the Supreme Court ruled in began after the 35-day partial government shutdown that started in December of last year.
Trump ended the shutdown in February after Congress gave him approximately $1.4 billion in border wall funding.
But the amount was far less than the $5.7 billion he was seeking, and Trump then declared a national emergency to take cash from other government accounts to use to construct sections of wall.
“Pursuant to that proclamation, administration officials announced plans to reprogram $600 million from the Treasury Department’s forfeiture fund; $2.5 billion from Defense Department counter-narcotics activities; and $3.6 billion from military construction projects to finance construction of the wall,” the Daily Caller informs, providing further detail.
“The $2.5 billion for counter-drug efforts were at issue in Friday’s case,” the Caller continues. “That sum was slated to finance fencing in Arizona, California, and New Mexico. Government lawyers said those projects are priorities for the Department of Homeland Security, as they are meant to deter narcotic trafficking in major drug smuggling corridors. The administration moved the funds pursuant to a transfer statute that allows such reallocations to address ‘unforeseen needs,’ provided they have not been ‘denied by the Congress.’”
Left unsaid, as assorted left-wing groups and judges conspire to undermine our national security, is that building barriers is quintessential military business. In fact, this “is most of what the military did for the first 100 years [of our history],” stated commentator Ann Coulter in a 2018 Tucker Carlson Tonight interview.
“We weren’t going around remaking the rest of the world,” she continued. “It was the military building forts on our border. Defending American borders is the number one job of the commander in chief.” 
In other words, those questioning Trump’s authority on this matter should take note. As Coulter put it, “I mean, if we were suddenly attacked by China, he [Trump] wouldn’t sit around — or North Korea — he wouldn’t sit around saying, ‘Well, I would like to respond, but Congress just will not write that bill.’ He’d say, ‘No, I am the commander in chief; I have the power to defend against an invasion. We’re being invaded.’”
Nor would Trump sit around waiting for the courts’ approval. This reality brings us to another wall, one that doesn’t have to be built, just recognized — that is, the wall separating the branches of government.
Just consider the headline of the above-cited Daily Caller article: “Supreme Court Allows Trump To Build 100 Miles Of Wall With Military Funds.” Allows?
Now perhaps it’s clear why Thomas Jefferson sounded the alarm about judicial supremacy, that extra-constitutional power that “gives to the judges the right to decide what laws [and presidential actions] are constitutional and what not, not only for themselves in their own sphere of action but for the Legislature and Executive also in their spheres,” as he put it. He warned that accepting such a doctrine would make the judiciary exactly what it has become: “a despotic branch” that acts as “an oligarchy.”
Jefferson also said that judicial supremacy — a power not in the Constitution — would make the document a felo de se — an “act of suicide.”
And when judges are actually facilitating an invasion of the nation, this warning starts to sound anything but theoretical.


Bill Signing: Governor Brown Signs 

HB 2307 Youth Mental Health Protection Act

Oregon student activists score mental health days

Oregon Mental Health Days
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Ft Collins, CO -( “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is made of.” ~ Benjamin Franklin
Yet another anemic excuse for indolence and non-productivity:
The anti-gun state of OR will allow school students to take “mental health days” off, five every ninety days, but of course, that will quickly be expanded to include all days.

Apparently sitting idol at home, rather than actively participating in school activities, now represents a “cure” for what are claimed to be mental health issues.

What is little more than an aversion to work is being lauded by snowflakes as a “societal advance.”
You can bet other nations, far more serious about national survival, have scant tolerance for this kind of preposterous psycho-babble.
“Evolution is not ‘one-way.’
The USA, along with the rest of what used to be referred to as ‘Western Civilization,’ is rapidly descending to third-world level, only to dissolve into chaos soon after that!
This precipitous descent is due to our having implemented public policies that reverse ‘natural selection:’ ‘Survival of the fittest (the creative and capable, who produce and contribute).’
Instead, we now revile, denigrate, and penalize the productive and successful among us, job-creators and innovators, fearless entrepreneurs who courageously advance our civilization and create honest wealth. All while endlessly revering and artificially supporting (showering with all manner of special benefits and privileges) the willfully indolent whom nature at one time was compelled to stimulate into some form of minimal and reluctant productivity harshly, and still would but for our interference.
All done, of course, for the cynical purpose of promoting an ever-increasing percentage of our otherwise able-bodied population who are unchangeably unemployed, and indeed unemployable.
And, the one thing at which denizens of the resulting ever-expanding, willfully unproductive underclass excel, is reproduction (due mostly to perpetual idleness).
This is an inevitable result of our having attained a plateau of comfortable prosperity that has subsequently engendered the wide-spread delusion that an ecumenical, government-encouraged aversion to work is somehow self-sustainable, forever.
Traditional values, critical thinking, and common sense have been thus swept aside. We’ve deluded ourselves into believing we can continue to borrow and print our way to perpetual prosperity.
The result is politicians, representing themselves as Santa Claus, who appeal for votes exclusively from the permanently unproductive, criminals, and illegal aliens, while simultaneously recruiting violent mobs to attack and harm, and destroy the property of, all who dare oppose them.
We have probably passed the tipping point, beyond which the process can be reversed.
In the interim, our world will be become increasingly dangerous and violent. All we can do is be individually prepared to deal with it!
Defense Training International, Inc
About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc
As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or in-actions.
It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr. Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit:


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
USA  -( The American Academy of Pediatrics is defrauding the public.
They released a “study” using data from the virulently anti-gun Brady Campaign which claims that tougher gun control leads to fewer firearm deaths of children.
The pediatrics’ lobby wants you to believe that children are safer in Baltimore and the south side of Chicago than in Cheyenne, Wyoming or Bismarck, North Dakota.
You and I know it’s not true, but anti-gun lobbyists will use this piece of propaganda to convince lawmakers to pass gun control such as Red Flag Gun Grabs or else be publicly shamed as enablers of children’s deaths.
We need to remind our allies in the Senate to stay true to logic, facts, and our God-given rights or else face another kind of backlash — from angry American voters who feel betrayed.
Please pressure your Senators to reject the despicable anti-gun propaganda from the pediatrics lobby that exploits the death of children as a way to shred our 2A rights.
As obedient servants to their Marxist idol, Saul Alinsky, anti-gunners adhere to the rule that they can never “let a serious crisis go to waste.”
After the most recent gun tragedy in Virginia Beach — effectively happening in a gun-free zone — anti-gunners didn’t waste a second before calling for radical gun control measures.
They know that their only path to annihilate the Second Amendment is to exploit people’s fears and emotions with gun control measures that will actually endanger our kids, as we’ve seen in Baltimore or the south side of Chicago.

That’s why this new study that claims children will die unless more gun control is enacted is such a dangerous and powerful tool for the anti-gun lobby to use.

It’s our duty as patriotic citizens to remind Senators that the surest way to endanger our children is to create more and more “gun-free zones” for armed killers to flock to.
If politicians only act when they see the wrath and anger of the American voter, then let’s show them how angry we’ll be if they shred our God-given rights.
Please add your name to our pre-written letter pressuring Senators to reject the despicable anti-gun propaganda from the pediatrics lobby that exploits the death of children as a way to shred our 2A rights.
In Liberty,
Erich Pratt Senior Vice President Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of AmericaErich Pratt, or another GOA spokesman, is available for interviews. Gun Owners of America is a nonprofit lobbying organization dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. GOA represents over 1.5 million members and activists. For more information, visit GOA's Newsroom.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Google/YouTube labeled Ben Shapiro and Dennis Prager “Nazis,” and buries content that portrays Islam in a negative light, even if it’s accurate, but jihad terror preaching is OK with them. And this new incident makes YouTube’s bias crystal clear.
“YouTube Bans Keyword ‘Christian’ but Allows ‘Muslim’ in Public Service Ad, Veteran Activist Says,” Sputnik News, July 26, 2019 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
According to former Marine and founder of a group helping US war veterans Chad Robichaux, the Google-owned video platform has deemed the word in question to be “unacceptable content” that violates the giant’s advertisement rules. At the same time, an experiment of his reportedly showed that the word Muslim was permitted.
Head of the Mighty Oaks Foundation Chad Robichaux has complained on Twitter that his organisation, which helps combatants through post-traumatic stress disorder, had been prohibited from tagging its YouTube ad with the keyword “Christian”.
“Insane! Censorship should terrify every American; conservative or liberal, Christian or Muslim. This bias is a dangerous course for America”, he posted.
​The social media team at the Google-owned video-hosting giant soon replied to his accusations, insisting that “religious beliefs are personal, so we don’t allow advertisers to target users on the basis of religion”.
“Beyond that, we don’t have policies against advertising that includes religious terms like ‘Christian’”, the YouTube team posted.
However, this response prompted accusations of double standards against the platform, as Robichaux responded that his organisation had managed to run “the exact same ad with the keyword ‘Muslim’”, which was approved, in contrast to the “Christian” tag. He also insisted that his group had run ads with the keyword “Christian” for years, including garnering 150,000 impressions for that word in the ads this year alone….


Google buries Mercola in their latest search engine update

Google is in the business of controlling information online. It’s important for everyone to play their part in fighting this monopoly so that the public gains access to information about how they can protect their health in natural, healthy ways.

BY Arjun Walia
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
One of the top natural health/health awareness websites in the world,, has been censored by Google as well as other social media platforms for simply sharing information. Who is this ‘ministry’ of truth deciding what people get to see and what people don’t get to see? Why can’t the people have a free right to information anymore and be allowed to think for themselves?
Who is Dr. Joseph Mercola? Well, he’s a well-known doctor who left the mainstream medical industry and has changed the lives of many through various avenues, and one of those avenues is through spreading information and awareness. is one of the most popular sites that has been providing information that the powerful elite, mainstream media, and big pharma definitely don’t want you to know about.
Over the years, the government and business monopolies, including the likes of Big Tech, have formed a global alliance hell-bent on protecting and concentrating member profits. The price for keeping business going as usual is personal liberty and freedom of speech that may impact these fascist government-industrial complexes.
The major industries colluding to take over the government and government agencies include banking, military, agriculture, pharma, media and Big Tech.
The leaders of these industries have organized strategies to buy off politicians through lobbying and to capture regulatory agencies through revolving door hiring strategies and paid-for media influence through advertising dollars.
Big Tech has joined the movement, bringing in a global concentration of wealth to eliminate competition and critical voices—voices that bring awareness to the frightening future as our rights, freedoms and competition erode into a fascist sunset, all disguised as a means to protect you from “misinformation.”
This year, we’ve seen an unprecedented push to implement censorship across all online platforms, making it increasingly difficult to obtain and share crucial information about health topics. If you’ve been having difficulty finding articles from my website in your Google searchers of late, you’re not alone.
Google traffic to has plummeted by about 99% over the past few weeks. The reason? Google’s June 2019 broad core update, which took effect June 3,1 removed most pages from its search results.
Censorship is at an all time high, and it’s almost Orwellian. We now have a powerful group of people who make up the global elite and are now deciding for the people what is real, what is fake, what they are allowed to see, and what they are not allowed to see. This would be the modern day “Ministry of Truth” Orwell speaks of in his book, 1984.
Censorship has happened everywhere. Our social media platforms, for example, have also been demonetized and heavily censored. Any information, regardless of how well sourced or how truthful it is, could be censored if it threatens the elite.

It’ All Serving

A lot of people have woken up to various things that threaten elitist control structures and corporate profits. This became so evident and information was spreading so far and wide that the elite had no choice but to target it, label it as fake, and completely censor/attempt to shut it down. It’s truly a badge of honor to have made it onto their radar.
The only issue with their plan is that this reaction from the elite ended up further exposing what’s happening. The fact that they are demonetizing a vast number of people, like Mercola, and censoring a number of websites has only opened more eyes.
This is a clear infringement of freedom of information. Although recent moves made by Google and others might be somewhat effective, in the long run they represent a positive step towards exposing the truth and furthering the ‘transparency’ movement that’s currently affecting all aspects of humanity.

The Takeaway

It’s truly amazing to see how much consciousness has shifted on our planet. Topics and information that were once deemed ‘conspiracy theories’ are now no longer considered that. This is all as a result of information coming to light. Heck, mass surveillance was once considered a conspiracy theory, despite all of the information and evidence that existed prior to the leaks from Edward Snowden. Information is changing the way the masses perceive the human experience, and as a result the human experience is changing. We are living in very exciting times.
No doubt more information will continue to emerge as we move through 2019 and beyond, further challenging the long-held beliefs the masses have been brainwashed into developing over the years. This is a positive thing, and it’s best to keep an open mind in this day and age as more paradigm shifting information continues to emerge, despite the efforts made by those who are threatened by it to completely shut it down, erase it and censor it. The truth cannot be stopped.
Note: This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. It was originally published at Collective Evolution.
This article or commentary provides referenced information and perspective on a topic related to vaccine science, policy, law or ethics being discussed in public forums and by U.S. lawmakers. The websites of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provide information and perspective of federal agencies responsible for vaccine research, development, regulation and policymaking.


This episode of The Candace Owens Show is all about Big Tech censorship. Candace sits down with YouTube personality Paul Joseph Watson, who was banned from Facebook, on why bias by social media platforms is the greatest threat to the freedom of speech today.


“Consequently, the child received gender-transitioning medical care without Calgaro’s input and over Calgaro’s objection.”
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — A Minneapolis mother whose parental rights over her teenage son were expropriated and was consequently in the dark about the provision of hormonal treatments to assist with the teen’s desire to “transition” into a girl has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear an appeal of her case.
“[T]he medical providers, without notifying Calgaro, found … that parental consent was not required because the child was ‘living separate and apart from parents or legal guardian … and managing personal financial affairs,'” the writ of certiorari, filed on Wednesday, reads. “The medical service provider never considered Calgaro’s rights as a fit parent to be involved in her child’s decision-making.”
“Consequently, the child received gender-transitioning medical care without Calgaro’s input and over Calgaro’s objection.”
As previously reported, the mother in the case, Anmarie Calgaro, announced during a press conference in 2016 that she was troubled to discover that a legal aid group for low income persons had created a notice of emancipation for her then 15-year-old son.
“Last year, without my knowledge or consent, without any court hearings or legal process, without any involvement on my part whatsoever, a legal aid group that gives free services to low income people created a notice of emancipation for my 15-year-old son,” she explained. “Suddenly, my son, without any notice to me, was no longer under my supervision.”
Calgaro said that the document was comprised of false claims and she had not been contacted to verify any of the teen’s assertions.
She explained that her son had asked to stay with his father (Calgaro and her husband are divorced) so he could attend a better school, and Calgaro agreed. However, the emancipation document claimed that Calgaro failed to report her son “as a runaway” over the next six months and “made no attempt to bring him home.” It also asserted that Calgaro had told her son that she “no longer wishes to have contact with him,” which she denies.
The teen soon also left his father’s home and stayed with various friends and family members. He left those homes as well, and now lives on his own.
Calgaro soon learned in the midst of the situation that her son had also been obtaining female hormone treatments — paid for by the government –A- without her consent.
“It was then brought to my knowledge that my son had begun receiving hormone replacement treatments from Park Nicollet health services to transition from male to female with medical assistance paying for this,” she said. “I was not consulted or informed about this in any way. I had no way to give or receive any information about my son.”
Because of the emancipation document, Calgaro was prohibited from receiving any information about the teen, who was consequently treated as an adult by the Department of Human Services and provided with public services, including assistance with food, housing and medical services.
She attempted to obtain medical and educational records from Park Nicollet and her son’s school, but her requests were denied. She consequently sued, contending that her constitutional parental rights were being unlawfully infringed.
In 2017, while a federal judge agreed that the emancipation was not valid, he stated that the non-governmental defendants cannot be held liable for their actions because they did not act under state law. The government agencies sued also could only be held responsible if acting under a specific “policy or custom,” which was absent in the case.
Therefore, because the entities did not act in accordance with any law or established practice, Judge Paul Magnusen concluded that Calgaro did not have a legal claim.
The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Magnusen’s ruling in March, finding that her “assertion that the County acted based on a policy or custom was insufficient to state a claim.” It also concluded that because Calgaro’s son has now turned 18 and is no longer a minor, there is no longer a case in regard to her rights to make parental decisions or to have access to his medical and school records.
She therefore has now appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, asking that it rule that what had occurred was unconstitutional.
“There are no U.S. Supreme Court cases on whether parental Due Process Clause rights apply to local governments and medical providers ending parental control over their minor children,” the petition states. “[And] neither Minnesota’s statutes nor common law authorize parents to file court actions to restore their parental rights.”
“It’s a parent’s worst nightmare,” attorney Erick Kaardal with the Thomas More Society said in a statement. “Anmarie Calgaro’s child, while a minor, was steered through a life-changing, permanent body-altering process, becoming a pawn in someone else’s socio-political agenda and being influenced by those who have no legal or moral right to usurp the role of a parent.”
“Unbelievably, Minnesota statutes authorize a county to deem a minor ‘emancipated’ to receive welfare payments to live on their own and allow medical providers to void parental input if it determines the minor is living apart from the parents and is managing his or her own personal financial affairs,” he noted.
“And the St. Louis County School District in Minnesota has a custom and practice of barring a parent for more than two years from involvement in the child’s education after a child is deemed by the school principal, not by a court order, to be emancipated. This is an unacceptable situation for any parent and a serious violation of parental and due process rights.”

Mom Seeks SCOTUS Ruling After State Helps Minor Son Get “Sex Change” Against Her Will

As in many states, the Minnesota House voted earlier this year to ban youths from willingly seeking therapy designed to eliminate homosexual urges. But the same legislators apparently think it’s okay to help a youth get a so-called “sex change,” which causes irreparable physical harm, against his parents’ will
One Gopher State mother learned this the hard way, after officials usurped her parental rights and facilitated her minor son’s “gender transition” (i.e., body mutilation) treatments without her consent. That mother is now asking the Supreme Court to review her case. As the Christian Post reports:
The Thomas More Society filed a petition for a writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court on Wednesday afternoon on behalf of Anmarie Calgaro, who is suing St. Louis County officials over their involvement in her child’s gender transition.
Society Special Counsel Erick Kaardal said in a statement emailed out to supporters that the case was “a parent’s worst nightmare.”
“Calgaro’s child, while a minor, was steered through a life-changing, permanent body altering process, becoming a pawn in someone else’s sociopolitical agenda and being influenced by those who have no legal or moral right to usurp the role of a parent,” stated Kaardal.
“This is an unacceptable situation for any parent and a serious violation of parental and due process rights.”
In November 2016, Calgaro sued St. Louis County, Fairview Health Services, Park Nicollet Health Services and the St. Louis County School District for providing her son with gender transition treatments without her consent.
School officials argued that the child, called “E.J.K.” in court documents, should be treated as an emancipated minor because he was living on his own and had an emancipation letter, albeit one that was not legally binding.
In May 2017, District Court Judge Paul Magnuson ruled against the mother, arguing that each of the various parties, including the school district, could not be sued for violating parental rights.
“Unbelievably,” Kaardal also said, “Minnesota statutes authorize a county to deem a minor ’emancipated’ to receive welfare payments to live on their own and allow medical providers to void parental input if it determines the minor is living apart from the parents and is managing personal financial affairs,’” informs, providing further detail. “‘And the St. Louis County School District in Minnesota has a custom and practice of barring a parent for more than two years from involvement in the child’s education after a child is deemed by the school principal, not by a court order, to be emancipated.’”
The real issue here is the principle, not Calgaro’s particular case. Since her son was 17, he would have been legally emancipated in less than a year’s time; moreover, though we don’t have all the details, this is apparently a family in disarray.
Regardless, the state could just as easily, it appears, have usurped parental rights with respect to a 15 or 14-year-old (and, presumably, even a younger child). Is this justifiable? After all, at issue here isn’t a case of an abusive parent mutilating a youth’s body; in fact, at issue is a case of the state ensuring that someone else may do so.
It’s part of a larger phenomenon, too, one in which parental authority isn’t determined by parental fitness, but political correctness. If a child wants a nose job or even to get an aspirin from the school nurse, he’ll likely need parental consent. Yet some states will let a girl have an abortion without such. Likewise, claiming you want to “change your gender” is now as fashionable as killing your baby.
Unfortunately, Made-up-sexual-status alteration treatment isn’t as reversible as a nose job. It’s not unusual to hear about sex-change regret, either, as I reported here. An example is the case of Australian Patrick Mitchell, who wanted to “become a girl” (impossible) at age 12, was given regular estrogen starting at 13, but then changed his mind at 14. He’ll probably never be the same again.
Yet Patrick certainly is normal is one respect: More than 80 percent of girls and 90-plus percent of boys experiencing “gender dysphoria” — feelings of strong “cross-gender identification,” as psychologists put it (misusing the term “gender”) — will outgrow the phase. What they won’t outgrow is quack medical intervention pursued in deference to their feelings.
That’s the point, too. It’s logical to think that before prescribing for a person powerful hormone treatments or body-rending surgery, that medical tests would be performed to verify that at issue is a “body” (biological) problem, as opposed to a psychological one. But think again.
The gender dysphoria diagnosis is made solely based on feelings, strong and persistent feelings of that “cross-gender identification.” It’s much like, instead of performing medical tests to confirm heart disease’s presence, cutting open a man’s chest and performing a bypass simply because he “feels” as if he has a bum ticker.
In reality, though, the apparent contradiction of disallowing reparative therapy (to eliminate homosexual urges) for youth but enabling their “sex changes” does have a perverse consistency to it.
Consider: I’ve long pointed out that when people descend into moral relativism, which has swept the West, and thus can no longer use (Absolute) Truth as their yardstick for decision-making, they resort to the only guide they have left: emotion. Thus do we live in the Age of Pathos, where, a study showed, Americans are most likely to decide what’s “right” based on feelings.
So where’s the aforementioned consistency, the common thread? Well, thou shalt not try to change a person’s homosexuality because feelings tell him he’s so.
But thou mayest try to change a person’s sex if his feelings tell him he’s not. Objective reality (including morality) be darned.
Of course, the only beings that should be ruled by feelings are animals and very young children. So, we could ask mental-health professionals and politicians: In which group are you?
July 24, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — The Minnesota mother whose son was maneuvered through a “sex change” by county officials has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review her case. She is charging the government with usurping her parental rights when its agents provided her son with transgender services and narcotic drugs against her wishes.
The Thomas More Society petitioned the High Court Wednesday on behalf of Anmarie Calgaro, arguing that Calgaro’s due process rights were “trampled on” when St. Louis County and its referred health providers “ended her parental control over her minor son without a court order of emancipation.”
“It’s a parent’s worst nightmare,” Thomas More Society special counsel Erick Kaardal said. “Anmarie Calgaro’s child, while a minor, was steered through a life-changing, permanent body altering process, becoming a pawn in someone else’s sociopolitical agenda and being influenced by those who have no legal or moral right to usurp the role of a parent.”


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Ludicrous. Why is this desperately corrupt slave of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation occupying American soil? Why are American taxpayers still funding it?
“UN Singles Out Israel as World’s Only Violator of Women’s Rights; Iran, Saudi Arabia & Yemen Among the Voters,” UN Watch, July 24, 2019:
GENEVA, July 24, 2019 — Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Pakistan were among members of the UN’s 54-nation economic and social council, a principal organ of the world body, who voted to single out and condemn Israel yesterday as the only country in the world that violates women’s rights.
The Jewish state was harshly and repeatedly condemned in a resolution, adopted 40 to 2 with 9 abstentions and 3 absent (see breakdown below), for allegedly being the “major obstacle” for Palestinian women “with regard to their advancement, self-reliance, and integration in the development of their society.”
Out of 20 items on the UN Economic and Social Council’s 2018-2019 agenda, only one — Item No. 16 against Israel — focuses on condemning a specific country. All the other focus areas concern global topics such as disaster relief assistance and the use of science and technology for development.
The resolution completely ignores how Palestinian women’s rights are impacted by their own governing authorities—the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, and Hamas in Gaza—nor does it mention how women are discriminated against within patriarchal Palestinian society.
Moreover, ECOSOC concluded its annual session by ignoring the world’s worst abusers of women’s rights, refusing to pass a single resolution on the situation of women in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, or DR Congo, all of which ranked in the top ten worst countries in last year’s Global Gender Gap Report, produced by the World Economic Forum….
Discussion of the resolutions followed the presentation of a biased report by Tarik Alami, representative of the Beirut-based Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, the UN regional body for the Middle East that includes 18 Arab states, but not Israel. Alami accused Israel of preventing Syria and the Palestinian Authority from achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.
Voting Record: Resolution Condemning Israel for Violating Women’s Rights
YES: Andorra, Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Benin, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, India, Iran, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Luxembourg, Mali, Malta, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Paraguay, Philippines, South Korea, Russia, St. Vincent, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Yemen.
NO: United States and Canada
ABSTAIN: Brazil, Cameroon, Germany, Jamaica, Mexico, Romania, Togo, Ukraine, and United Kingdom
How the UK has degenerated.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Michael Hansen’s documentary, Killing Europe, was “removed by Amazon from its Prime Video service. Amazon cited ‘quality assurance’ concerns — despite the fact that the documentary had been hosted on the platform since 2017 without issue.” Killing Europe is about the effects of mass migration and Islam in Europe.
Amazon has caved to the sharia police and descended into dhimmitude. The company has also banned Tommy Robinson’s book, Mohammed’s Koranremoved doormats featuring Qur’an verses from sale at the demand of Hamas-linked CAIR, and banned Jihad Watch from Amazon Smile and Amazon Associates.
The film Killing Europe may be hard to watch, and after watching, it may be hard to digest. That is precisely why hard Leftist interests and Islamic supremacists don’t want you to see it. This alliance does not want the truth about the threats and abuses committed in the name of Islam to be revealed, particularly in an era of suicidal immigration policies.
The short version of the film killing Europe is featured below.
Trying to feature the film also led to a court challenge against the Ottawa library last year for cancelling the film’s showing because of pressure from some members of the public.

“Amazon Removes Danish Filmmaker’s Islam Documentary,” by Allum Bokhari, Breitbart, July 24, 2019:

A documentary by independent filmmaker Michael Hansen about mass migration and Islam in Europe, entitled Killing Europe, has been removed by Amazon from its Prime Video service. Amazon cited “quality assurance” concerns — despite the fact that the documentary had been hosted on the platform since 2017 without issue.
Amazon’s censorship came shortly after Breitbart News covered Hansen’s new documentary, Killing Free Speech, which addresses the rise of Antifa and big tech censorship in the United States.
In its message to Hansen, Amazon said his previous documentary (which is still available on YouTube) does not meet “customer content quality expectations.” Amazon would not respond to repeated requests from Hansen for the company to specify what content failed to meet its criteria. The documentary had previously been hosted on Amazon since 2017.
Amazon did not return Breitbart News’ request for comment, but its full email to Hansen was obtained by Breitbart News and is copied below:
During a quality assurance review, we found that Killing Europe contains content that does not meet our customer content quality expectations. As a result, all offers for your title have been removed and may not be made available as “Included with Prime” or to Buy/Rent on Amazon.
We have carefully reviewed all impacted titles and only remove titles based on customer engagement/customer feedback. Prime Video Direct has always had a policy of reviewing content performance and customer engagement and this can be found here:
PVD remains an open marketplace, and we encourage you to continue making content that will be engaging for customers available on our site. We’re unable to predict whether any future title(s) you make available will be removed.
Thank you for using Prime Video Direct.
In part one of his new documentary, Killing Free Speech, Hansen says he intends to warn Americans about the dangers of a European approach to free speech……


Israel: Iran sends missiles to Hezbollah
by Yaakov Lappin
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Hizballah chief Hassan Nasrallah recently issued a new threat to Israel's cities and sensitive sites, boasting of his terror organization's ability to hit targets deep inside the country.
The threats came in a televised speech, serving as a reminder of the ambitious arms race that the Shi'ite terror army is engaged in, with the massive assistance of its state sponsor, Iran.
The Lebanese Hizballah is the world's most heavily armed non-state actor, and its surface-to-surface firepower arsenal – estimated at around 150,000 projectiles – is larger than most state armies'.
The Israel Defense Force's (IDF) main war preparations focus on the offensive and defensive operations needed to deal with this threat.
On July 12, Nasrallah told Al-Manar television station, which is affiliated with his terror organization, that Hizballah improved its offensive capabilities. Displaying a map, he threatened strikes on strategic Israeli targets including Ben Gurion International Airport, the Dimona nuclear facility, a power plant in Hadera, Ashdod sea port, and ammonia tanks in the city of Haifa. Hizballah makes no distinction between civilian and military targets, and has made the goal of terrorizing Israeli civilians a top priority in future wars.
Nasrallah also threatened to hit the IDF headquarters in the heart of Tel Aviv, as well as a series of air force bases.
Hizballah built up its arsenal by smuggling projectiles into 200 southern Lebanese villages, as well as launch sites in the Bekaa Valley in east Lebanon. It therefore has embedded its firepower in the heart of Lebanese communities, turning Lebanese civilians into human shields if Israel needs to target launch sites and bases.
The projectiles are manufactured by Iranian arms factories, as well as joint Iranian-Syrian weapons factories in Syria. The Iranian Quds Force is responsible for smuggling the weapons into Lebanon.
This arsenal is mostly comprised of short-range rockets with a 45 kilometer (about 28 mile) range, but it also includes thousands of mid-range rockets that can reach central Israel, where the majority of Israel's population lives, and which is home to the country's economic hub. In addition, Hizballah has several hundred long-range rockets, and dozens of ballistic missiles.
Just before the Second Lebanon War broke out in 2006, Hizballah had around 11,000 rockets – less than 10 percent of what it has today – the vast majority of which were short-range.
Hizballah's top goal is converting its rockets and missiles into guided weapons. Stopping that from happening has become a top Israeli national security priority.
With Iran's help, Hizballah has repeatedly attempted to set up "conversion factories" that install GPS guidance kits onto unguided missiles and rockets. "Relevant components are transported from Iran to factories in Syria and Lebanon, either by land, or by air via Damascus, using civilian aircraft," a recent report by the British Israel Communications and Research Center said.
According to an assessment by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, "Nasrallah's threats express his growing self-confidence (and of his sponsor, Iran), based on the significant improvement in Hizballah's offensive capabilities since the Second Lebanon War. Those capabilities are a function of a large arsenal of rockets and a relatively small number of precision missiles that cover strategic targets in Israel."
Yet Nasrallah's arsenal is significantly less precise than what he and the Iranians would have wanted it to be by this stage.
This is due to the determined, mostly low profile Israel campaign to disrupt the Hizballah arms build-up of guided projectiles, whether by stopping the production and trafficking of such components in Syria, or by issuing clear warnings that missile precision sites Lebanon need to cease their activities, or face attack.
Israel holds that it is essential to act now to stop Hizballah from gaining precision destructive firepower, rather than wait and face weapons that can change Tel Aviv's skyline in a future war.
This logic appears to be linked to reports on Wednesday of new alleged Israeli strikes on Iranian military targets in southern Syria. The strikes reportedly hit military outposts formerly held by Russian forces that have since been taken over by Iranian-backed militias.
On Tuesday, Israel's United Nations Ambassador Danny Danon exposed Quds Force arms trafficking to Hizballah via Beirut's sea port, using civilian maritime channels. "The Port of Beirut is now the Port of Hezbollah," he said. The smuggling included components meant for Hizballah's conversion program to make unguided projectiles into precision missiles.
In the meantime, the Iranian-Hizballah axis continues trying to threaten Israel in other ways. On Wednesday, the Shin Bet intelligence agency exposed a Syrian-based Iranian terror network which tried recruiting agents inside Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza. It tried to use recruits to gather intelligence and organized attacks on Israeli targets.
"The network operated out of Syria, under Iranian direction, and was led by a Syrian named 'Abu Jihad,'" the Shin Bet stated. It used fictitious Facebook profiles to try to recruit Israeli Arab citizens and Palestinians, to get them to gather information on military bases, sensitive security facilities, high profile figures, police stations, and hospitals, all as part of Iranian efforts to prepare a target list.
The Shin Bet said it detected and monitored the network from its outset, closely monitoring handlers abroad and recruits in Israel and the West Bank who expressed willingness to cooperate. The agency noted that "the big majority of Israeli citizens [who were approached] refused to cooperate, since they suspected a hostile element was involved, and cut off communications."
This shadow conflict can escalate into a full-blown conflict due to minor catalysts. Tensions in the Persian Gulf between Iran, the United States, and other countries could form one such catalyst, as Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz noted on July 14.
Speaking to Israel's Channel 13, the minister said that Iranian brinkmanship could end up causing a conflict that would trigger an Israeli-Hizballah conflict.
"I'm not ruling out that within weeks or months, there could be an explosive clash U.S.-Iran clash. And its echoes could reach us," Steinitz said. "There could be a conflict with Hizballah. There could be a direct clash with Iran. Anything can happen. We are prepared."
"For four years already, we have foiled Iranian attempts to build bases in Syria, and stopped them from building thousands of projectiles, [from bringing] jets, and the IRGC from bringing tanks [to Syria]," he said. "The Hizballah threat, and the direct Iranian threat remain intact. We are preparing for these day and night."
Yaakov Lappin is a military and strategic affairs correspondent. He also conducts research and analysis for defense think tanks, and is the Israel correspondent for IHS Jane's Defense Weekly. His book, The Virtual Caliphate, explores the online jihadist presence.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
The following is David Horowitz's speech at this year's annual Western Conservative Summit held in Denver, Colorado. The Freedom Center founder discusses the urgent subject of his latest book, Dark Agenda: The War on Christian America. Watch the video below:


Excerpt of interview with Rogers Waters & Sut Jhally, makers of the documentary, ‘The Occupation of the American Mind.’



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
An anti-Semitic film, "The Occupation of the American Mind" will be shown Tuesday in Takoma Park, Md. at a taxpayer-funded screening despite public pressure to reverse course. The movie peddles in anti-Semitic tropes that claim Jewish and pro-Israel groups have disproportionate power over U.S. foreign policy and in effect brainwash Americans to support Israel.
"A municipality is using taxpayer money to show a widely rejected 'documentary' narrated by a notorious anti-Semite [Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters] that peddles anti-Semitic canards," Ronald Halber, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington, told the Jewish Telegraph Agency earlier this month. "They should be bringing people together, not dividing them."
After the movie, Islamist and anti-Israel figures from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), and Jewish Voices for Peace (JVP) will discuss the film. Each group actively promotes the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement devoted to coercing the Jewish state.
BDS – which seeks to isolate Israel economically and culturally – is considered anti-Semitic because it singles out the world's only Jewish state and ignores countries with far worse human rights records.
CAIR's efforts to derail this bill or promote an anti-Semitic film are not surprising given the organization's record for spreading anti-Israel views that often transcend into the realm of bigotry.
CAIR is actively working to stifle an "Anti-Semitism Awareness" bill that directs the U.S. Department of Education to adopt a widely accepted working definition of anti-Semitism.
Elements of this working definition encompass modern anti-Israel sentiment that "crosses the line into anti-Semitism." That includes denying the Jewish people's right to self-determination, claims that Israel was founded as a racist entity, and applying double standards against Israel not expected of other democracies.
To add insult to injury, Takoma Park officials confirmed the participation of another radical Islamist: Taher Herzallah, associate director of Outreach & Grassroots Organizing for American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), according to a JCRC press release on issued Monday.
Herzallah is one of the "Irvine 11" prosecuted in 2010 following a hostile plan to silence a University of California, Irvine speech by former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren. Three years later, as AMP's national campus coordinator, Herzallah proudly justified Hamas rocket fire into Israel while calling images of wounded Israeli soldiers "the most beautiful sight."
In November, Herzallah rationalized the slogan, "from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free," a call that leads to Israel's destruction.
"If giving Palestinians their right to live freely means the destruction of Israel, then so be it," Herzallah wrote on Facebook.
It's no surprise that he also called for violence against Israelis.
"Israelis have to be bombed, they are a threat to the legitimacy of Palestine, and it is wrong to maintain the State of Israel. It is an illegitimate creation born from colonialism and racism," Herzallah said during a 2014 AMP conference.
Despite the controversy, Takoma Park Mayor Kate Stewart defended the film screening.
"Our goal is to create a space for people to listen, critique, discuss, and learn from each other," Stewart said in a July 12 statement.
Inviting Islamist figures who espouse extremist positions to participate in publicly-financed events, however, is the opposite of creating "a space for people to listen." In numerous speaking engagements Herzallah, like other U.S.-based Islamists, has used his platforms to preach hate and spread extremism in an effort to intimidate supporters of Israel. The film screening likely will be no exception.
by Abha Shankar
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
A virulently anti-Israel advocacy group is hosting a Capitol Hill briefing tomorrow where it will allege Israeli mistreatment of American citizens.
American Muslims for Palestine (AMP)was able to secure a room in the Longworth House Office Building, which serves U.S. House of Representatives members and their staffs. AMP plans to allege that U.S. citizens visiting Israel and the West Bank "have reported being physically abused, detained for hours of humiliating questions, strip searched, denied entry and forced to buy plane tickets back to the US. Worse (sic) of all, Israeli forces have killed or gravely injured US citizens."
AMP is not a reliable actor. It routinely hosts conferences that serve as a platform for Israel bashers and openly approves of "resistance" against the "Zionist state."
It is one of the principal advocates of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. BDS campaigns are considered inherently anti-Semitic because they include groups and people dedicated to Israel's elimination and single out Israel for criticism while ignoring far more severe human rights abuses by other nations.
A recent investigative report by Canary Mission, an organization that investigates hate groups, cited AMP leaders making strong anti-Semitic and pro-terror statements.
"I believe in [the] holocaust. One of my fav parts of history," AMP-Chicago's Leena Yousef was quoted saying.
"We will resist until we get our freedom without your BS negotiations! # ... #We_Are_All_Hamas," another AMP activist Ahmad Aburas was cited saying.
Meanwhile, the Investigative Project on Terrorism in 2015 found evidence showing that AMP is the successor to a group called the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), which was part of a Muslim Brotherhood-led Hamas-support network in the United States. A federal civil suit in Chicago calls AMP and its leaders the IAP's "alter egos and/or successors."
IAP was the "Palestine Committee's" propaganda arm. The Muslim Brotherhood charged the committee with helping Hamas politically and financially in the United States.
The lawsuit seeks to claim payment of $156 million in damages awarded to Stanley and Joyce Boim, who sued the IAP and a related group over the death of their son David in a 1996 Hamas terrorist attack. Some AMP officials, including National Policy Director Osama Abuirshaid, worked with the IAP and other Palestine Committee branches.
Abuirshaid is listed as a speaker at the Capitol Hill briefing.
AMP conferences are similar to IAP's old meetings, and are sponsored by many of the same charitable organizations working for the Palestinian cause. Those include Baitulmaal, the Zakat Foundation, Islamic Relief and United Muslim Relief. "Each of these organizations has close connections with Hamas and disburses funds through Hamas operatives," the new Boim complaint alleged.
IAP raised and funneled money to Hamas through the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF). In 2008, the charity and five top officials were convicted of funneling millions of dollars to Hamas.
Baitulmaal and other Islamist charities mentioned in the complaint appear to have filled that role.
The Gaza-based Unlimited Friends Association for Social Development (UFA), for example, "is closely aligned with senior Hamas leaders" and "openly states that it channels funds from Baitulmaal to the 'families of martyrs of the Palestinian people,'" the complaint said.
"Baitulmaal has openly distributed meat to Hamas functionaries and government workers on Muslim holy days claiming that "it is a matter of principle for the charity to help [Hamas] officials who can't afford to buy meat," it added.
July 7 report published by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC) listed Baitulmaal among other American and international Islamist charities that support the Generosity Without Limit Association ("Generosity Association"), a charitable organization operating in the Gaza Strip since 2007, whose board members either serve as operatives or have close affiliations with an umbrella group called the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC). Israel declared the PRC a terrorist organization in 2006. It claims the PRC is funded and trained by Hamas. Its largest attack came in 2011, killing eight Israeli civilians and wounding another 30.
The Israeli government accused Baitulmaal founder Sheikh Hasan Haj Mohammad of funding a Hamas charitable organization in Jenin in 2006, the report said.
Baitulmaal has contributed to other radical Palestinian outlets, including the AJP Educational Foundation, AMP's fiscal sponsor. According to the organization's available tax records, AMP provided $33,500 to the AJP Educational Foundation between 2011-2017.
AMP also provided material support to Hamas through its "open fundraising support" for the so-called "humanitarian convoy" Viva Palestina, the complaint said. In 2009, Viva Palestina activists headed by its founder and leader British Parliamentarian George Galloway met with Hamas leaders to provide "funds and equipment." Galloway personally "handed substantial sums of money and equipment directly to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, stating, 'But I, now here, on behalf of myself...are giving three cars and $25,000 in cash to Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. Here is the money. This is not charity. This is politics.'"
Abuirshaid formerly served as editor of IAP's Arabic periodical, Al-Zaitounah, a mouthpiece for pro-Hamas propaganda.
He is listed as "Research Fellow at the United Association for Studies and Research" in a 1999 article published in the Middle East Affairs Journal, "Occupied Palestine or Independent Israel: 'The Right to Existence' After More Than Fifty Years of Occupation."
In the article's conclusion, Abuirshaid argues against past peace agreements with the "Zionists" including the 1993 Oslo Accords.
Abuirshaid's Israel bashing and affection for Hamas continues to this day.
In a 2015 tweet, for example, Abuirshaid condemned Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's designation of Hamas as a terrorist organization and referred to Sisi's government as "Cairo Aviv" as a rebuke to existing close relations between Cairo and Tel Aviv.
"AMP/AJP ended up with largely the same core leadership as IAP/AMS; it serves the same function and purpose; it holds nearly identical conventions and events with many of the same roster of speakers; it operates a similar 'chapter' structure in similar geographic locations; it continues to espouse Hamas' ideology and political positions; and it continues to facilitate fundraising for groups that funnel money to Hamas," the Boim complaint said.
The upcoming Congressional briefing is a prime example of AMP's anti-Israel, pro-Hamas activism.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Last month, the governor of Oregon, Kate Brown (D), signed legislation that would require curriculum promote what is best described as Critical Race Theory – or Identity Politics – and LGBTQ-oriented material to all ages, including elementary schools. Additionally, books that don’t teach on LGBTQ history will be banned from the classroom altogether.
House Bill 2023, which was signed on June 4, is set to take effect in January of 2020. It requires LGBTQ content in all history, geography, economics, and civics textbooks. Full adherence to the new regulations will be required by September of 2026.
According to Family Policy Alliance, “Oregon House Bill 2023 [requires] all history and government textbooks to include the ‘roles and contributions’ of historical figures based not on their actual accomplishments but instead on their sexual preferences and perceived gender identity.”
The law states, “Instructional materials for the above courses should include perspectives of individuals who are of Native American, African, Asian, Pacific Islander, Chicano, Latino or Middle Eastern descent; are women; are disabled; are immigrants or refugees; are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.”
Essentially, what is being demanded by the State of Oregon is Critical Race Theory (which deals with more than just ethnicity or racial identity), insisting that people be viewed by their chosen identity group. This is also sometimes called Identity Politics, the severing of people into distinct groups identifying either as the oppressed or as the oppressors.
The summary on the subject by the Oregonian legislature cites the state of California as a role model on the subject of child indoctrination.
Oregon currently ranks 36 out of 50 states in education, and a pathetic 48 out of 50 in graduation rates. The overall graduation rate in Oregon increased by merely one percent in 2016 (still ranking the state at #48), because schools are increasing the graduation rates of black and non-English speaking students by 3-4%. Still, less than 3 out of 4 Oregonian students will graduate high school, and even fewer are proficient at basic skills like reading.
But hey, at least now Oregonian academic under-achievers will know about all the contributions to American history by the LGBTQXYZ community like…well, we can’t really think of any.
Governor’s Constituent Services Office (503) 378-4582
Governor Brown Attn: Citizens' Representative 160 State Capitol 900 Court Street Salem, Oregon 97301-4047


“In 1979 the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) formally entered into the “Battle for the Bible” that was raging within North American evangelicalism. Over the next 15 years, the SBC was returned to its historic commitments on the inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture. Many of those who resisted this conservative resurgence were driven by religiously progressive convictions.
Their advocacy of ideals and positions that developed out of radical feminism and deviant sexualities were exposed and refuted by those holding to orthodox, Protestant and historic Baptist positions on the issues.
Now, 25 years after the clear success of the conservative resurgence, it seems like evangelicals, including Southern Baptists, are in danger of loosening their commitments to those basic, Christian commitments. Dangerous ideologies like Critical Theory and Intersectionality are gaining inroads into the thinking of some leaders, churches and organizations.
These ideologies are even being promoted among some evangelicals as reliable analytical tools that can assist our understandings and efforts in gospel ministry.
The result is that, in the name of social justice, many unbiblical agendas are being advanced under the guise of honoring and protecting women, promoting racial reconciliation, and showing love and compassion to people experiencing sexual dysphoria. 

By What Standard? God’s World, God’s Rules is a documentary that presses those questions by showing how godless ideologies are influencing evangelical thought and life.

Founders Ministries is producing this cinedoc to sound an alarm and issue a call for pastors and churches to stand firm against this onslaught by reaffirming the authority and sufficiency of God’s written Word. If we care about true justice—what God has revealed to be just—then we must stand against what is being promoted under social justice. If we care about the true gospel—the gospel revealed in the faith once-for-all-delivered to the saints—we must reject the agendas being promoted by godless ideologies.”
republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Southern Baptist leaders who are proponents of the leftist-oriented Social Justice Movement are absolutely irate at a 3.5-minute trailer for a new documentary citing their own words. Their behavior in social media after release of the trailer by Founders Ministries is best described as something halfway between sheer panic and an unbridled hissy fit.
The short trailer, giving insight into the documentary’s fuller content, shows fiery clips of Founder’s president, Tom Ascol – a Social Justice opponent – interlaced with video of SBC leaders who are widely recognized as Social Justice proponents.
The documentary, called By What Standard, details the current skirmish over Social Justice, an ideology rooted in Marxism and tailored-fit for theists in the Western Hemisphere by Jesuits during the build-up to the First International Congress on World Evangelization in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1974. The wedding of Marxist principles tweaked at the Frankfurt School and western evangelicals was bolstered at that event mostly by the participation of John Stott and Billy Graham, two non-Catholics at the event. Both Stott and Graham used the World Council of Churches to promote the newly founded ideology of “Social Justice.”  However, America’s conservative evangelicals rejected those efforts to Christianize Marxist principles until – so it seems – Tim Keller took part in the Third International Congress of World Evangelization in Cape Town, South Africa in 2010. Keller’s influence in Reformed evangelicalism has been sizable, especially since he founded The Gospel Coalition (TGC) in 2005. From its beginning, TGC’s left-of-center tentacles spread over the evangelical landscape, to include the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention. As that SBC entity and Keller’s TGC melded into a singular organization (they largely share council members, writers, speakers, and contributors), the ideology of Social Justice has spread far and wide in what was once America’s most conservative denomination. Soon, TGC council members would include the SBC’s most prominent names and entity heads, like Southern Seminary’s Albert Mohler, Southeastern Seminary’s Danny Akin, 9Marx’ Mark Dever, and others. Through these key leaders, the Southern Baptist Convention got ‘woke.’


As SBC institutions – especially Southeastern Seminary – began to explicitly teach (and promote) the work of Black Liberation Theologian James Cone, promote Critical Race Theory and Identity Politics (inventions of Marxists inspired by Frankfurt School ideology that developed inside America’s law schools in the 1980s), speak in terms of “sexual minorities” and other identity-driven language, and promote gender egalitarianism – it caught the attention of conservative Southern Baptists, many of whom (but not all) are Calvinists, but of the more traditional or Confessional variety than those associated with TGC or the ERLC who are better called New Calvinists.

These concerned conservatives drafted and promoted The Dallas Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel, which sought to distinguish between Social Justice and the Good News as preached in the Bible. Largely, that statement has proven to be a practical failure (or at least, unproven), as – thus far – the drafters of The Dallas Statement have refused to make Social Justice an issue large enough to divide over, even as they deride it as being toxically dangerous.
Two prominent Calvinist conferences – Shepherd’s Conference and G3 – hosted TGC board members as guest speakers, in spite of the fact that they are the de facto heads of the Social Justice Movement among Reformed evangelicals. Both made attempts to address Social Justice (G3 at a pre-conference event and Shepherd’s Conference with a Q&A). Both events failed to provoke fruitful interaction with Social Justice proponents, with the Shepherd’s Conference attempt at discussion going so poorly that its moderator, Phil Johnson, publicly apologized for its fruitlessness.
When the Dallas Statement was circulated, Albert Mohler said he disagreed with its content, but was not specific regarding with what he took exception. However, Mohler claimed that the statement would allow the opportunity for “fruitful discussion,” but it was a discussion he clearly was not willing to have at the Shepherd’s Conference or at any time, any place, or any occasion since the document’s publishing. Other TGC council members and SBC leaders like Mark Dever and Danny Akin have been equally slippery about where they stand on the issue. The closest point of clarity yet presented was by Albert Mohler, when he said at the Shepherd’s Conference Q&A that “Who I platform speaks for where I stand on the subject,” and given that Mohler platforms the most radical proponents of Social Justice in evangelicalism at both his seminary and at TGC, his position should be evident even in his silence.


From the brief 3.5-minute-trailer, it appears that By What Standard seeks to clarify the position of Social Justice proponents in the SBC and contrast them with Social Justice opponents. The trailer was to-the-point, direct, and clear. If it’s any indication of the film itself, it will (we hope) pull no punches.

However, after the release of the trailer (which at this time cannot be embedded, so you will need to click the hyperlinks we provided above), the squirmy, squishy, Social Justice leaders of the SBC blew a proverbial gasket.

Daniel Akin, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary – which is rightfully perceived as the most radical Social Justice entity in the SBC – took to Twitter to condemn the film. Inexplicably, Akin made accusations about the film from assumptions not knowable from the trailer itself.
You may have to click and expand this to read it, if you’re viewing it from a mobile device.
Akin claimed that the trailer contained “edited footage,” which of course it did because it was 3.5-minutes-long. Akin also claimed – without any explanation whatsoever – that the trailer “misrepresented important issues and what leaders in the SBC actually affirm.” We find it interesting that after Akin was suckered into doing a promotional video for an atheist organization, he voiced no such regret in social media even after discovering he accidentally endorsed an anti-Christian ad campaign.
It’s unknown how Akin knows that the documentary misrepresented what leaders in the SBC affirm, who those SBC leaders are, or how their **own words on video** somehow misrepresented them. Akin is only present in a very brief portion of the trailer.
Albert Mohler also leaped in with an attack on Founders and its By What Standard documentary.
Again, the documentary trailer was 3.5-minutes-long and contained actual video footage of the “respected SBC leaders.” Mohler has not seen the full documentary, although he was present for interviews which he voluntarily engaged in and spoke candidly on the subject of Social Justice (which no doubt he regrets).
It should be pointed out that while Mohler said via Twitter that “we expect and deserve a respectful and honest exchange of ideas” that he has had more than a year to give us the “fruitful discussion” he promised us was coming from The Dallas Statement.
Mohler has not made a single attempt thus far to have an open and honest dialogue on the subject. The last time (and only time) he publicly spoke about the issue, he angrily snapped at Phil Johnson and refused to give his honest position on the subject.
One would argue that the Founders’ documentary is an attempt to honestly and respectfully exchange ideas on the subject, and Mohler is deriding it.
Even Kyle J. Howard, a radical racialist and leftist political activist who manufactured a false life story of victimization, got in on the documentary-bashing, denouncing whatever footage of him might be used in its production.
During one part of the documentary, Owen Strachan – who has vocally opposed Beth Moore’s attempts to change Southern Baptist views on women in church leadership – was speaking about their ideological opponents while background footage seemed to show a blurry image of Rachel Denhollander, a woman who suffered abuse at the hands of predator, Larry Nassar. Denhollander’s husband, Jacob, has largely capitalized on Denhollander’s abuse and turned her victimization into his own cottage industry, and made a virtual career of it. In doing so, Denhollander has taken questionable positions on a number of issues that intersect with Social Justice.
It is not known the intention of including Denhollander’s image during Strachan’s speech, but Mr. Denhollander began to wage an attack on Founders’ Ministries this afternoon (again, with whom he is already a staunch ideological opponent).
You may to need to click on this image and stretch it to view it if you’re using a mobile device.
Dwight McKissic, whose footage from a debate in which he advocated for female preachers was used in the trailer, was also outraged his own words were used to convey his own positions.
Founders’ has been repeatedly attacked in Social Media today by the proponents of ‘woke evangelicalism,’ incensed that the short trailer would seem to indicate that the documentary will use the words and videos of Social Justice proponents to adequately state their positions. Marxism and all of its ideological subsets require subtlety, secrecy, and subversiveness. Clarity is their enemy. It should be no surprise these Social Justice advocates are angry their positions will be clarified using their own words.


Reports are coming into Pulpit & Pen that certain Social Justice proponents highlighted in the film – some mentioned above – are threatening civil action against the documentary makers for including their own words, from both public videos and in interviews they knew they were being conducted (which were not seen in the trailer, but are planned for use in the documentary itself).
Founders Ministries is bracing for legal action by Social Justice proponents who desperately don’t want footage of their own words to be made public. Sadly, those Social Justice proponents may turn to litigation to get the footage concealed, Canerized, and canned.
Pulpit & Pen would like assurances from Founders Ministries that they will not cave to such pressure and bullying tactics from the Social Justice Guild and Latte Mafia. People need to know the truth as to where these leaders stand (as though Pulpit & Pen has not been documenting it for years).
If Founders will stand firm in their effort to provide a truthful, accurate, and honest documentary without kneeling to threats by elitist bullies, they will find a helpful and faithful ally in the discernment community.

SBC and Social Justice: A List of Links To Prove 

the Agenda is Real

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
This post is designed to provide an extensive but not comprehensive list of articles from Pulpit & Pen documenting SBC leaders pushing so-called “Social Justice” upon its membership. It is designed to be simple and straight-forward.  The Problem: Social Justice is a term invented by South American Roman Catholic Priests and the churches affiliated with the World Council of Churches, combining Marxist ideology with Christian theology. It does not simply imply “doing justice.” It is a politically-loaded term with a well-established history and non-conspiratorial and verified founding in deeply unChristian ideas.  The Claim: We assert that Southern Baptists would never have been promoting the type of leftist ideology they are now promoting if it weren’t for a fundamental shift in focus away from the Gospel and toward cultural appeasement. We believe this movement has been lead by SBC entity heads and “influencers” who are enamored with worldliness.
The Solution: The solution is for Southern Baptists to focus on preaching the Gospel, wrapped in a Biblical worldview. Idealogues and the propaganda being pushed by Southern Baptist elites must be rejected by believers in the pew. SBC churches need to leave (or stop cooperating) with the SBC until its leaders come to repentance.
The following links provide the evidence of how far leftward the SBC has gone politically, and how they have fully embraced Social Justice ideas that come from “vain philosophy and empty deceit” that the Apostle Paul warned us about.
Every link goes to a P&P article, and every P&P article contains hyperlinks to original and primary sources that substantiate our claims. Where necessary, screenshots are provided.  Critics might say, “These all go back to Pulpit & Pen. I want a different source.” We cannot emphasize enough to click on the links provided in each article, and they will take you to an outside primary source. All it will take is a few clicks of your mouse. This research is being handed to you on a silver platter. You just need to click.
Titles may be changed for the sake of brevity or clarity.
Also, please keep in mind these links are not comprehensive. There are far, far more in the archives of Pulpit & Pen.
Finally, not all links may be about a Southern Baptist leader. Some may take you to articles about leaders of other organizations, like The Gospel Coalition. Please understand the connection between these organizations. like the mutual boards, contributors, speakers, and writers between TGC and the Southern Baptist Convention’s ERLC. Or, the article might be provided because its content addresses Southern Baptists, even if the title does not.


If you have any questions about any individual in particular, please type their name in the search function of P&P. If you would like to help us fight Social Justice, click here.


Dissecting one of the secular Left's favorite arguments.

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Did Jesus support socialism? Do the teachings of Jesus Christ condemn the accumulation of wealth while pushing for the equal distribution of resources? In the latest video from Prager University, Lawrence Reed, president of the Foundation for Economic Education, explains the misconceptions surrounding one of history’s greatest figures. Check out the short video below:



White House: It’s clear Mueller was not in charge of investigation


Highlights: Watch House Republicans Tear Mueller Apart At Hearing
Former FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday over the findings of his report into so-called “Russian collusion,” and Republicans took him to the woodshed.
Throughout the hearing, Republican members of the committee exposed Mueller’s inconsistencies, including his refusal to investigate the origins of the FBI probe into Trump and Russia, his decision to hire over a dozen Hillary-supporting Democrat investigators, and the double standard he used when indicting certain individuals but ignoring others for lying.
Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) first exposed Mueller’s backward standard of due process, noting that prosecutors don’t “exonerate” subjects of investigations.
Rep. Jim Jordan pointed out that Mueller refused to charge Joseph Mifsud – the individual who sparked the entire FBI probe – for lying to the FBI while indicting others like Gen. Michael Flynn and Michael Cohen for committing the same crime.
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) also pointed out Mueller’s double standard of justice.
Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) noted that Mueller did not seek to find out the origins of the Steele Dossier, despite its use in obtaining FISA warrants against Trump associates in 2016.
Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-N.D.) highlighted Mueller’s decision to hire all Hillary Clinton-supporting Democrats and zero Republicans onto his investigative team.
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) criticized Mueller’s appearance of bias by his hiring anti-Trump lawyers and his handling of lead agent Peter Strzok’s anti-Trump text messages, saying he “perpetuated injustice.”
Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) criticized Mueller’s witch hunt, noting his report tried to paint President Trump as a criminal despite him finding no evidence of collusion with Russia or obstruction of the phony investigation.
Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-Ariz.) tore into Mueller’s findings, calling Volume II of the report “regurgitated press stories” containing nothing the average American couldn’t find in the New York Times or watch on cable news.
Watch Mueller’s full testimony before the House Judiciary Committee below:


Special counsel caught fibbing, walks back comments

Did Mueller Lie About Why He Didn't Indict Trump?


Highly-anticipated testimony flubbed by former FBI Director


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:

This is what Islamic State children are learning. Meanwhile, our children are learning that the U.S. is a racist, colonialist, imperialist extension of white privilege and white supremacy, guilty before the world. What will happen when these two groups meet?

“Refugee children praise ISIS, vow to ‘crush’ apostates, videos from Syrian camps show,” by Hollie McKay, Fox News, July 22, 2019:
In a disturbing new video, children purportedly at the al-Hol refugee camp in Syria are singing in praise of ISIS. The video is being circulated on pro-ISIS Telegram channels, and comes on the heels of two other videos which surfaced last week from al-Hol, featuring a group of black burqa-clad women beside an ISIS flag.
Children born to wives and fighters of the crumpled ISIS caliphate who are now left to fend for themselves in wretched refugee camps throughout Syria are being radicalized at increasingly younger ages, an ominous trend that’s emerged as the newest front in the ongoing battle to stop terror from taking root in new generations.
At the al-Hol camp in Syria’s northeast Rojava region, the problem is on full display.
“We will stand on the heads of the apostates and crush them one by one. By the will of Allah, Islamic State caliphate remains,” five young boys and one little girl chant confidently with fingers waving, an ISIS signature, from inside a tent purportedly at al-Hol.
The disturbing new video, obtained this week by jihadist monitoring service Jihadoscope after being circulated on pro-ISIS Telegram channels, comes on the heels of two other videos which surfaced last week from al-Hol, featuring a group of black burqa-clad women beside an ISIS flag.
“The sun arose on the Islamic State; believers have come from all corners of the world in order to join the glory of jihad. However, the non-believers did not stand down and gathered their forces under the banner of the malicious coalition to kill the Mujahedeen,” the women say, referencing ISIS militants as freedom fighters. “The mujahedeen proved courageous and legendary… We are living in terrible conditions. We see them walking around freely in their (infidel) ways… We are longing to return to the land of (the Caliphate).”
The women also offer a shout-out to their “brothers in the prisons,” insisting they remain both “faithful” and “pure” and are now “more fierce than the lioness when she feels a threat coming.” They also speak to ISIS’ mysterious sought-after leader.
“Our last message is to our dear, our crown, Abu Bakr the Khalifa, we say to you: stay on this righteous path,” they say. “There is no life here with these pigs and apes, and living under their bombs and machine guns… We’d rather die than live among them. And to you enemies of God, do you really think you will get away with what you did in Baghouz? We are like a ticking bomb. You wait and see what will happen to you.”
Most of the wives and children – many of whom are of Syrian and Iraqi origin – arrived at the camp in open-cattle trucks before and after the U.S-backed Syrian Democratic Forces took over the final ISIS stronghold of Baghouz in late March.
“During the height of the ISIS caliphate, there were literally thousands of children being radicalized by ISIS. Dubbed ‘cubs of the caliphate,’ many of these boys and young teen would often appear in segments focusing on training camps where children were readied for combat,” Raphael Gluck, founding partner of Jihadoscope, told Fox News. “And now there is severe infighting in the camp, with a very vocal element loyal to ISIS. The women also made note of the fact that they are raising the ‘cubs,’ the next generation of ISIS fighters.”
Indeed, many of the children in al-Hol are still in the care of their mothers, who also may be radicalized, and there is little in the way of professional help or programs designed to de-radicalize.
“Though relief agencies are trying to get children into educational environments and get them other necessary care, they remain surrounded by ISIS members – both widows and fighters who have embedded themselves among the refugees,” said David Ibsen, Director of the Counter Extremism Project. “They still believe the ideology and are dedicated to promulgating it, which means they are going to do whatever they can to reinforce the ideology in the children.”
According to a May report from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, approximately 11,000 children at the camp between the ages of 6 and 18 have not been to school at all in the past five years, thus as Ibsen underscored, “these children haven’t known much else other than life under ISIS.”
Steven Stalinsky, executive director of the Middle East Research Institute underscored that continued use of children in ISIS propaganda. Last week, the terrorist outfit released a video titled “Victory is to the Most Pious” featuring armed boys sitting and studying the Quran, and weeks earlier disseminated a poster of a boy in fatigues with the text “London, stay tuned for the invasion of the Caliphate Cubs!”
That same week, boys at the al-Hol camp could be seen in footage raising their own homemade ISIS flag, Stalinsky said….
“ISIS women are sometimes painted as innocent victims, but many of these women played a crucial role in indoctrinating their children through formal education and indoctrination in the home,” observed Thomas McClure, a researcher for the Rojava Information Center. “This indoctrination is ongoing, as ISIS women organize ideological training for their children in tents, out of sight of the camp authorities.”…


“I’ll purposely give Jews the wrong meds”

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:

Back in January I wrote an article calling for Dr. Lara Kollab’s medical license to be revoked. It’s good that the State Medical Board of Ohio is planning “to impose disciplinary action on her – ranging from limiting her license to permanent suspension as well as the potential for fines.” There should be no question that she should get a permanent suspension, and her medical license revoked. She joked about giving her Jewish patients the wrong medicine. What if she has a patient whose political views she dislikes? Does the Ohio medical board think that she will drop her Islamic Jew-hatred after a temporary suspension?
“Ohio medical board to discipline Dr. Lara Kollab,” by Jane Kaufman, Canadian Jewish News, July 19, 2019 (thanks to the Geller Report):
The State Medical Board of Ohio has issued a citation to Dr. Lara Kollab that it intends to impose disciplinary action on her – ranging from limiting her license to permanent suspension as well as the potential for fines.
Kollab’s anti-Semitic tweets were publicized by Canary Mission, which exposes anti-Semitic posts on social media, resulting in her dismissal from her residency at Cleveland Clinic.
“Although you asserted in your June 2019 deposition that you now feel ashamed of your discriminatory comments, when asked if your tweets reflect good moral character, you admitted that they do not,” Dr. Kim G. Rothermel, secretary of the medical board, wrote in a July 10 letter to Kollab. “Further, for any violations that occurred on or after September 29, 2015, the board may impose a civil penalty in an amount that shall not exceed $20,000.”
Kollab has the right to request a hearing within 30 days of the notice prior to the state medical board’s action.
“We issue a citation which is basically putting one of our licensees or training certificate holders on notice that they are going to face discipline from the medical board,” said Tessie Pollock, director of communication for the State Medical Board of Ohio. “They have a right to a hearing. So they can request a hearing or we can proceed without one. I can check and see if we’ve gotten that request for hearing yet. And then it’ll be a hearing usually between that person, their attorneys, and then our hearing officers will review all the information and then they offer a report and recommendation to the board. … Then they’ll take formal action on that individual.”
As of July 22, Kollab had not requested a hearing, Pollock said. Kollab’s Cleveland lawyer, Ziad Tayeh, said on July 22 he would not discuss her situation.
Kollab admitted at the deposition that she posted two tweets in 2011, five in 2012 and four in 2013 that were anti-Semitic.
This tweet, included in the four-page letter and dating to May 4, 2013, reads, “’Studying for my med micro final, came across this. Clearly I pay attention in class and write useful notes. People who support Israel should have their immune cells killed so they can see how it feels to not be able to defend yourself from foreign invaders.’”
Kollab graduated from John Carroll University in University Heights on May 19, 2013, according to the letter, and she told the state medical board that all of the offensive tweets were written when she was an undergraduate student.
Three of the tweets, Rosenthal, pointed out were posted subsequent to her graduation, including this one, from Sept. 13, 2013, also listed in the letter: “’Norm. Jewish. Constantly remind ppl of the Holocaust, relate those who did 9/11 to Nazis, justify Israel’s bloodlust. Disgusting.’”
Kollab graduated from Touro Osteopathic Medical School in New York City in June 2018, “which you described as ‘a deeply rooted in the Jewish tradition,’” the letter reads. Kollab admitted in her deposition to deleting the anti-Semitic tweets and “acknowledged that if Touro had known of your anti-Semitic tweets they probably would not have admitted you as an osteopathic medical student.”
Oct. 18, 2018, Kollab resigned in lieu of termination from Cleveland Clinic, according to the letter…
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