Congressman Eric Swalwell, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination, unveiled a sweeping gun control scheme while standing in front of the NRA headquarters. (Screen snip, YouTube, Fox News)
Representative Swalwell's plan if gun owners refuse to turn in their property, use nukes on American citizens.
Representative Swalwell’s plan if gun owners refuse to turn in their property, use nukes on American citizens.
Eric Swalwell incessantly, ferociously attacks the Second Amendment and acts as if he is seemingly oblivious to the import and purport of the Second Amendment, or perhaps, more likely, he is all too aware of it.
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U.S.A.-( Using the National Rifle Association headquarters in Virginia for a background, Democrat California Congressman Eric Swalwell unleashed a rabidly anti-gun scheme portrayed by CBS News as “an extensive gun violence prevention plan” that reads like a gun control wish list.
Swalwell, who has suggested prosecuting gun owners who fail to turn in so-called “assault weapons” if they are banned, announced his proposal at a “big” rally that wasn’t; only about 20 people showed up, and a story in Townhall was headlined, “Only Thing Sadder Than Swalwell's Gun Control Proposal? His ‘Rally' Numbers Outside NRA’s Headquarters.”
Swalwell’s sweeping plan, published on his website and announced Monday, includes the following:
  • Ban and “buy back” so-called “semi-automatic assault weapons” and prosecute those who don’t comply
  • Implement background checks for all gun and ammunition purchases
  • Create a federal licensing program for gun owners, requiring them to satisfactorily complete a training program with both written and practical exams, the same way most states do with cars and hunters.
  • Require that all people or businesses selling more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition in a 30-day period be federally licensed in a program similar to the Federal Firearms Licensee system.
  • Prohibit individuals from hoarding ammunition in quantities exceeding 200 rounds per caliber or gauge.
  • Limit ammunition sales for individual purchasers to 200 rounds per 30-day period.
  • Repeal the law that prohibits the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives from consolidating and centralizing records relating to the acquisition of firearms maintained by federal firearms licensees.
  • Ban and buy back bump stocks, large-capacity magazines that are capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition, and silencers.
  • Prohibit states from allowing teachers to be armed on campus.
  • Require that liability insurance be purchased before a person can buy, trade, or otherwise receive a firearm, which is what states already require for automobiles.
And these are just the highlights. There is much more to Swalwell’s scheme, including limiting handgun sales to one per month.
He would also “Implement a 48-hour ‘cooling-off period’ for firearm purchases, establish “safe storage standards” and “mandate that all gun owners comply.”
His plan also calls for the resurrection of former-President Barack Obama’s executive action to prevent anyone receiving Social Security checks for mental illness or those “deemed unfit to handle their own financial affairs” from being allowed to purchase firearms.
Swalwell may have picked the wrong place to announce this gun control plan because it essentially validates everything the NRA and other gun rights organizations have been warning about for decades.
Several weeks ago, when he appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, Swalwell was put on the spot to explain his anti-gun agenda. When Carlson challenged his logic about the proposed gun ban being nothing short of confiscation and turning law-abiding citizens into felons, Swalwell tried to dodge around the true implications by arguing that Americans, being law-abiding citizens, would simply comply.
Perhaps the most alarming thing about Swalwell’s sweeping gun control agenda is that none of the other Democrats now running for president has publicly rejected it. All the other Democrats now in the race, nearly two-dozen of them, have their own gun control proposals.
Indeed, not a single Democrat now running to challenge Donald Trump in 2020 has said anything about protecting the Second Amendment if he or she takes office.
Instead, Swalwell’s intentions appear clear cut by a statement on his website that suggests his goal is to discourage citizens from exercising their right to keep and bear arms.
“Ending gun violence,” the statement says, “means investing in more community-oriented police officers than patrol officers. It means investing in hope to prevent people from picking up a gun in the first place.”
About Dave WorkmanDave Workman
Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.



2 weapons
On May 31, a 22-year-old Marine was arrested after he attempted to enter Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska while heavily armed following shooting threats he made.
2 weapons
2 weapons
2 weapons
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To have questioned Ali Al-Kazahg about his views of Islam and jihad when he first tried to join the Marines would have been “Islamophobic.” It is also likely that he will soon be declared “mentally ill.” Inquiries into the possibility that he did have a religious motive for this turn toward violence will be dismissed as “bigoted.”
“Heavily armed Nebraska Marine arrested trying to enter Offutt on May 31,” by Steve Liewer, Omaha World-Herald, June 15, 2019 (thanks to M.):
An off-duty Marine from Nebraska was arrested at Offutt Air Force Base two weeks ago after he tried to enter the base with two semi-automatic rifles, a pistol, a silencer, a bump stock, a vest with body armor and a case of ammunition.
Pfc. Ali Al-Kazahg, 22, of Milford, is in custody at Marine Corps Base Hawaii near Honolulu, a Marine spokesman said. Al-Kazahg, a landing support specialist at the Hawaii base, has not been charged. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is investigating.
It is illegal to carry weapons at Offutt, aside from authorized members of security forces and certain military retirees. It’s not clear to base authorities whether Al-Kazahg intended to use the weapons to harm people at Offutt, said Lt. Col. William Smith, commander of the 55th Security Forces Squadron.
Al-Kazahg — who was home in Nebraska on leave — was stopped in a pickup truck May 31 at Offutt’s StratCom gate after security guards there saw his name on a law enforcement watchlist of people judged capable of doing harm. A “be on the lookout” bulletin had been circulated across Nebraska a week earlier by a coalition of federal, state and local agencies tasked with monitoring security threats.
The bulletin, issued May 24 by the Nebraska Information and Analysis Center and later obtained by The World-Herald, said Al-Kazahg told another Marine that he would “shoot up the battalion, starting at the barracks,” if he were disciplined for certain misconduct. According to the bulletin, he also mentioned specific Marines he wanted to target.
The bulletin quoted NCIS as reporting that Al-Kazahg had previously made “suspicious statements” and been reported for “suspicious activity.” It said he had previously “shown various people large amounts of cash” and an online order he had placed for body armor, magazines, weapons parts, holsters and medical supplies, all to be shipped to a Nebraska address.
The bulletin also cited a caution about Al-Kazahg issued by the Lincoln Police Department in 2016 (before he enlisted in the Marine Corps) alleging that he was “dangerous, has an infatuation with guns and violent acts, and has a dislike for law enforcement.”…
Al-Kazahg’s public social media posts indicate no obvious signs of anger or discontent. There are no mentions of politics or religion….

 A video posted on YouTube shows Al-Kazahg and other Marines drinking the blood of a recently killed cobra and eating scorpion during training conducted in Thailand earlier this year. 

“Drinking the cobra’s blood was pretty fun,” Al-Kazahg said in the video.


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Why does this keep happening? Sexual assault occurs in all cultures, but only in Islam does it have divine sanction. One survivor of a Muslim rape gang in the UK said that her rapists would quote Quran to her, and believed their actions justified by Islam.
The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take “captives of the right hand,” 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.” (33:59) The implication there is that if women do not cover themselves adequately with their outer garments, they may be abused, and that such abuse would be justified.
In this case, Mahmoud Nazmi Abed Alhamid Katusa’s victim was a seven-year-old child. This may have been because this man’s reverence for Muhammad led him to think of children as sexual objects. Islamic apologists in the West routinely deny that Muhammad consummated his marriage with (i.e., raped) Aisha when she was nine, and go through all sorts of contortions to deny the evidence of the texts, but the fact that child marriage (which is essentially rape, since a child cannot consent in a mature manner to what is happening) is accepted in wide swaths of the Islamic world, even by the directorate of religious affairs in once-“moderate” albeit now rapidly re-Islamizing Turkey, most clearly shows their dishonesty. The Diyanet wouldn’t approve of child marriage if it weren’t Islamic, as it explains in its own defense. And child marriage has abundant attestation in Islamic tradition and law.
“Islam has no age barrier in marriage and Muslims have no apology for those who refuse to accept this” — Ishaq Akintola, professor of Islamic Eschatology and Director of Muslim Rights Concern, Nigeria
“There is no minimum marriage age for either men or women in Islamic law. The law in many countries permits girls to marry only from the age of 18. This is arbitrary legislation, not Islamic law.” — Dr. Abd Al-Hamid Al-‘Ubeidi, Iraqi expert on Islamic law
There is no minimum age for marriage and that girls can be married “even if they are in the cradle.” — Dr. Salih bin Fawzan, prominent cleric and member of Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council
“Islam does not forbid marriage of young children.” — Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology
Hadiths that Muslims consider authentic record that Muhammad’s favorite wife, Aisha, was six when Muhammad wedded her and nine when he consummated the marriage:
“The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death)” (Bukhari 7.62.88).
Another tradition has Aisha herself recount the scene:
The Prophet engaged me when I was a girl of six (years). We went to Medina and stayed at the home of Bani-al-Harith bin Khazraj. Then I got ill and my hair fell down. Later on my hair grew (again) and my mother, Um Ruman, came to me while I was playing in a swing with some of my girl friends. She called me, and I went to her, not knowing what she wanted to do to me. She caught me by the hand and made me stand at the door of the house. I was breathless then, and when my breathing became all right, she took some water and rubbed my face and head with it. Then she took me into the house. There in the house I saw some Ansari women who said, “Best wishes and Allah’s Blessing and a good luck.” Then she entrusted me to them and they prepared me (for the marriage). Unexpectedly Allah’s Apostle came to me in the forenoon and my mother handed me over to him, and at that time I was a girl of nine years of age. (Bukhari 5.58.234).
Muhammad was at this time fifty-four years old.
Marrying young girls was not all that unusual for its time, but because in Islam Muhammad is the supreme example of conduct (cf. Qur’an 33:21), he is considered exemplary in this unto today. And so in April 2011, the Bangladesh Mufti Fazlul Haque Amini declared that those trying to pass a law banning child marriage in that country were putting Muhammad in a bad light: “Banning child marriage will cause challenging the marriage of the holy prophet of Islam, [putting] the moral character of the prophet into controversy and challenge.” He added a threat: “Islam permits child marriage and it will not be tolerated if any ruler will ever try to touch this issue in the name of giving more rights to women.” The Mufti said that 200,000 jihadists were ready to sacrifice their lives for any law restricting child marriage.
“‘Mother of 7-year-old rape victim on verge of total collapse,'” by David Rosenberg, Israel National News, June 18, 2019 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
The suspected rapist indicted for the abduction and rape of a seven-year-old Israeli girl in a haredi city used a local family’s home he was renovating to carry out the sexual assault.
On Sunday, 46-year-old Mahmoud Nazmi Abed Alhamid Katusa was indicted at the IDF’s Ofer prison outside of Jerusalem on charges of aggravated rape.
Katusa is a resident of the Palestinian Authority-controlled town of Deir Qaddis, which is located next to the Israeli city of Modiin Illit.
Katusa, who is suspected of raping a seven-year-old girl after abducting her from her school, had been employed at an elementary school in a haredi city in the Modi’in area. Katusa worked in the school as a janitor and maintenance man, while also moonlighting as a construction worker.
According to the indictment filed against him, Katusa was arrested on May 1st, following a lengthy police investigation into accusations by a seven-year-old student.
Investigators say Katusa met the girl at the school, and befriended her, talking with her and giving her candies.
Once he had gained her confidence, Katusa asked the girl to leave school with him and go to a nearby house. When the girl objected, Katusa carried her off, throwing her on the ground to pacify her.
Katusa took the girl to a home near the school, where several other Arab workers were present.
“I’m going to do something fun for you,” Katusa told the girl.
Aided by at least two other Arab workers present in the home at the time, Katusa removed the girl’s clothes, then raped her. The other Arab workers held the girl’s arms and legs, and covered her eyes, while she cried and asked to go home.
Haim Bleicher, the attorney representing the girl’s family, later said that the two accomplices mocked the girl during the rape, saying she “deserved it”.
Two days later, when the girl returned to her school, she told her teacher what had happened, and identified Katusa as the perpetrator. “That’s him,” she said, pointing him out to her teacher….


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UK tourists “visiting Spain for their summer holidays have been warned” that the jihad terror “threat level has been raised to ‘severe,’” and the cost to keep tourists safe has skyrocketed. 40,000 extra police personnel will be deployed to secure the tourist hotspots. The alert follows threats by Islamic State supporters, who vowed revenge over the death of British Islamic State recruiter Sally Jones.
The UK Foreign Office has warned terrorists are “likely” to try to carry out attacks in Spain. “Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners,” the warning on the website reads.
Wars need to be approached like wars, but most infidel countries remain passive, still unable to accept the nature of the jihad war to conquer infidel nations. Infiltration by jihadist combatants who are running around freely among innocent citizens are widely ignored. While citizens are in danger, their hard-earned money is being spent on increasingly essential security services. The more jihadists are appeased, the stronger they become.
“HOLS TERROR ALERT Scots tourists warned as Spain terror threat raised to ‘SEVERE’ with 40,000 extra cops deployed,” by Jenny Awford, The Scottish Sun, June 16, 2019:
SCOTS and other UK tourists visiting Spain for their summer holidays have been warned the terror threat level has been raised to “severe”.
The alert was issued after ISIS supporters threatened to attack Spanish tourist towns in revenge for the death of British ISIS recruiter Sally Jones.
The Daily Star Online reported that up to 40,000 more Spanish cops will be deployed to tourist hotspots in the popular holiday destination.
Police will stand guard outside stations, hotels, beaches and restaurants to provide extra protection amid the threats from ISIS.
This forms part of Operation Summer, which aims to “take full action to obtain information in order to prevent terrorist acts”
Police have raised the terror threat level to four out of five, with the higher number being the most severe.
The UK Foreign Office has warned terrorists are “likely” to try to carry out attacks in Spain.
“Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners,” the warning on the website reads.
“The Spanish authorities take measures to protect visitors, but you should be vigilant and follow the instructions of the local authorities.
“There’s a heightened threat of terrorist attack globally against UK interests and British nationals from groups or individuals motivated by the conflict in Iraq and Syria.
“You should be vigilant at this time.”
Britain also warned about the possibility of “large gatherings” in the Catalan capital of Barcelona due to the ongoing push by separatists to break away from the rest of Spain.
While these demonstrations in the past have largely been peaceful odd pockets of violence have broken out mainly due to counter demonstrations with ultra-nationalists.
Barcelona was targeted by terrorists in August 2017 when a van deliberately drove into crowds on tourist hotspot Las Ramblas, killing 14 and injuring around 100 others.
Five suspects were shot dead by police in Cambrils after the group rammed an Audi A3 into people on the seafront, killing one and injuring six.
ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks by the jihadi gang.
And now supporters of the terror group have threatened more attacks in the country, with Barcelona and Madrid named as targets.
The terrifying threats surfaced earlier this month in a 33-minute pro-Islamic State video was uncovered by the Middle East research group MEMRI
The video was found on file-sharing platform Telegram and released by ISIS propaganda outlet Muntasir Media.
The film, entitled Behind the Mask, purports to “reveal the real face of the west”, screengrabs from the video claim.
The final three minutes of the clip allege to threaten attacks in Barcelona or Madrid.
Such attacks would be similar to those perpetrated in Paris in November of 2015 and are said to be in revenge of the death of ISIS recruiter Sally Jones….



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Would you like unlimited free healthcare, including dental? How about gratis legal aid, self-beautification counseling, taxpayer-funded recreation that includes Zumba classes, and more?
Well, sorry, you’re out of luck unless you happen to be an illegal alien man claiming to be a woman. In that case, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has a facility just for you — it brags about it, too.
The place is Cibola County Correctional Center in Milan, New Mexico, west of Albuquerque; it has more than 400 detainees, 27 of whom are individuals of a Made-up Sexual Status (MUSS — “transgender” exists no more than does “trans-species”). They’re housed in a dedicated unit opened in 2017.
The unit’s existence makes clear that the feds are dedicated, too, just not to citizens. For example, the center offers classes to help male MUSS illegals appear more feminine. A video distributed by ICE shows a facilitator leading such a class and saying, “This is the self grooming-class and the self-presentation class. We’re going to learn about hair and makeup and how to present yourself to the public so that your femininity is more, um, apparent than someone just looking at you and questioning what your gender is, Ok?”
Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson reported on this Friday night. “Giving fashion tips to men who dress like women who’ve snuck into our country illegally is a priority for our federal bureaucracy,” he said. “They’re happy to spend your money — a lot of your money — doing it.”
“Meanwhile, for American citizens, things get steadily worse: Life expectancy declines, half a million people sleep on the streets every night, heroin addicts line the sidewalks of our once-great cities, but at least the federal government can pay for a specialized attention center for transgender migrants in New Mexico,” Carlson continued.
It gets even worse. “Thirty million Americans don’t have health insurance, and millions more pay way more than they can afford for health insurance. But transgender migrants don’t have to worry about that at all,” Carlson also complained. “According to ICE’s latest press release, they get all the free healthcare they want; that includes mental health services and dental” (video below).
Speaking of mental health, or the lack thereof, a “2015 memorandum then-ICE Executive Associate Director of Enforcement and Removal Operations Thomas Homan signed…requires detention facilities to provide them [MUSS illegals] with access to hormone therapy and other trans-specific health care,” reports Georgia Voice.
If after all this, however, the MUSS migrants still have energy to burn off, the center also offers volleyball and basketball; if they’re feeling lazy or cerebral, there are televisions and a library; if they’re hungry, there’s a microwave and kosher food on the menu.
MUSS migrants also have a garden in which to plant flowers and “access to Zumba classes, [and] an arts and crafts program,” Georgia Voice further informs. They may even sing opera in their free time — which, presumably, is anytime — as the video above illustrates.
Yet there’s still more. “When the migrants aren’t listening to opera or singing opera or learning how to be more feminine,” Carlson sarcastically observes, “they’re getting free legal aid from the left-wing activists that the government invites to visit the detention center.” Well, hey, you don’t learn how to game our system in Zumba classes, you know.
Carlson summed up, lamenting, “Life for transgender illegal aliens is actually much better than it is for many American citizens. It’s not really surprising. You can tell who the government really cares about — and it’s not you.”
Note again that these videos are not products of a sting; rather, ICE brags about them because, today, it’s a way of value-signaling, of saying “Look, we’re not bigoted!”
Yet this story also reflects other leftist priorities. First, liberals facilitate immigration and illegal migration driven by power lust: They know that, after naturalization (and sometimes before), 70 to 90 percent of these newcomers will vote for them. MUSS migrants will lean even more left-wing, mind you.
Moreover, there’s identity politics, which assigns people value — and discriminates — based on group identification. Female trumps male, which is why politicians vow to eliminate the workplace wage gap, which favors men, but not the workplace death gap, which favors women. Black trumps white, which is why we hear about white privilege while blacks benefit from affirmative-action privilege. Muss trumps female, which is why men masquerading as women are taking sporting titles from actual women. “Illegal” increasingly trumps citizen, which is one reason we’re called “racist” for wanting to secure our borders.
And since this is largely a cultural phenomenon, Trump can trump very little of it.
Just imagine, too, that not long ago the identity “American” was what really mattered. Do you miss your country yet?

Dedicated Transgender Unit at Cibola County Correctional Center

ICE facility was opened in 2006 at California's Santa Ana Jail. According to the OC Register: In 2011, the agreement expanded and ICE dedicated an entire unit in the existing city jail facility to detain gay, bisexual, and transgender detainees. Then in 2017 the California detainees were transferred to Cibola County, New Mexico.


California sex education 20

Shocking California sex education classes

Parents Rally at CA Capitol Against Graphic Elementary Sex Ed

Dr. Duke Pesta & Alex Newman Expose 
the Perverse Program

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:

California schools plan to teach aberrant sex practices and sexual-identity confusion at school — normalizing mental illness and perverse, immoral, and dangerous sex practices.

LOS ANGELES — Over one in four California children ages 12 through 17 now identifies as “gender non-conforming,” according to a recent study by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In other words, more than a fourth of the state’s boys do not accept the fact that they are male, and similar numbers of girls refuse to accept being female. But if policymakers in the Golden State get their way, this is only the beginning of another revolution that will make the “Sexual Revolution” seem tame by comparison. And they are getting their way — and then some.
In early May, the state’s Board of Education approved a new “Health Education Framework” for kindergarten through 12th grade that should shock even the most liberal and “progressive” parents. From teaching children that there are infinite genders, to how-to manuals on sexual perversions so dangerous and obscene they cannot be described here, there seem to be no moral boundaries or taboos that are not being deliberately broken.
Nothing is beyond the pale. For instance, the indoctrination on transgenderism begins in kindergarten, with children being encouraged to question their “gender” and “gender stereotypes.” And it gets progressively more extreme from there: sexual relationships with multiple partners, anal sex, masturbation, “fisting,” “blood play,” sado-masochism, and much more. Even “education” on child rape as a “sexual orientation” was being foisted on children in the state, at least before a massive outcry shut that down — temporarily, no doubt.
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex + (LGBTQI+) agenda is being infused into the entire curriculum from the earliest years. That is despite the fact that the respected American College of Pediatricians (ACP), a group of 500 pediatricians that offers a conservative alternative to the much larger American Academy of Pediatricians, has referred to exactly this sort of propaganda being foisted on children as “child abuse.” In California and beyond, this abuse is now being systematically inflicted upon children by out-of-control politicians, bureaucrats, and sexual deviants. And the consequences are going to be disastrous, experts say.
Perversion Framework: Books and Tips
Perhaps the best illustration of the perversion that permeates the Health Education Framework are the books being promoted within. These resources, aimed at children at every level from kindergarten to high school, are mind-blowing. That they would be recommended by government for anyone — much less schoolchildren — would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.
In kindergarten, for instance, the Health Education Framework recommends a book entitled Who Are You? The Kid’s Guide to Gender Identity. The cover features a boy wearing a dress. Recommended by the state government for children in first grade and kindergarten, the book claims to provide “a straightforward introduction to gender for anyone aged 4+.” And yet, the contents of the book show it is not appropriate for anyone except perhaps sociologists trying to understand madness — certainly not for children who still hardly know their ABCs.
Its main purpose is actually to convince children that male and female are obsolete, and that there are potentially infinite genders. It lists a wide array of examples, including “trans, gender-queer, non-binary, gender fluid, transgender, gender neutral, agender, neutrois, bigender, third gender, two-spirit,” and more. The book also claims, among other absurdities, that grown-ups must “make a guess” about what gender babies are “by looking at their bodies.”
That book is recommended right after the framework begins its indoctrination of children into gender confusion. One chapter in the Health Education Framework explains to teachers how they ought to teach “sexuality” to kindergarten children. “Discuss gender with kindergartners by exploring gender stereotypes and asking open-ended questions, such as what are preferred colors, toys, and activities for boys/girls, and then challenging stereotypes if presented,” it reads.
Then, the teacher should continue to confuse the children. “Throughout this discussion, show images of children around the same age who do not conform to typical gender stereotypes,” the instructions read. “Examples do not have to be exaggerated or overt. Simple differences, such as colors or toy preferences, can demonstrate acceptance of gender non-conformity.”
Another controversial book recommended under the Health Education Framework is called Changing You!: A Guide to Body Changes and Sexuality by Gail Saltz. This book, recommended for kindergarten through third grade, includes close-up “cartoon” illustrations of adult and children’s genitalia that have been widely condemned as child pornography. Also included are drawings of sexual intercourse.
Likely the most horrifying book in California’s new “health education” scheme is S.E.X.: The All-You-Need-to-Know Sexuality Guide to Get You Through Your Teens and Twenties. This extreme guide to perversion is used by the California school system to teach teenagers how to engage in every conceivable form of sexual debauchery — from “fisting” and “blood play” to masochism and bondage, where people tie each other up and engage in bizarre sex acts.
In California, students have even had child rape added into the program under LGBTQI+ history mandates. In a video obtained by this writer, Brea Olinda Unified School District (BOUSD) Assistant Superintendent of Curricula Kerrie Torres explains that it is “really important” to teach children about pedophilia and pederasty in the classroom because it is a “sexual orientation.” The remarks came in response to a question from a parent about why children were being taught pedophilia.
“This is done because we are talking about historical perspectives of how gender relations and different types of sexual orientations have existed in history,” Torres tells the concerned mother, perhaps unaware that she was on camera. A lesson plan also obtained by this writer revealed that child rape was being taught in a presentation about the history of sexual orientations, with a reference to ancient Greece. After the uproar, school officials told The New American that the slide was removed. But homosexual-activist-turned-politician Harvey Milk, who raped multiple underage boys, is still portrayed as a hero throughout the state of California.
The propaganda is so extreme and dishonest that even some homosexual activists are speaking out. Among other concerns, California schools have been caught repeatedly teaching children that anal sex with a condom is a “low risk” activity. But according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), condoms fail to prevent HIV infection 30 percent of the time or more during sodomy, putting countless young children at risk of contracting an incurable and deadly disease.
Opposition Growing
Naturally, opposition to the extremism has been growing. The group Informed Parents of California has helped lead the charge. “Informed parents, families and faith leaders across California demand the rejection of the so-called ‘Health Framework,’” said Stephanie Yates, co-founder of Informed Parents of California, before the radical sex-ed standards were approved by the state board. “It’s down-right sickening. It’s dangerous. It’s reckless, and it will destroy our children’s physical, emotional, and mental health.”
The group organized rallies at the Capitol. And it organized a massive SeXXX Ed sit out in February to protest, with parents keeping their children home from school. The alliance consisted of a diverse coalition of parents including evangelicals, Catholics, Jews, Mormons, Muslims, and even some nonbelievers. The goal was to express outrage over “highly graphic, state-mandated sex education and gender identity lessons in public schools,” said Informed Parents of California, calling for the madness to be stopped.
The extreme sexualization, perversion, and confusion of children has sparked an especially fierce wave of outrage among Hispanic communities, many of whom are Catholic and hold stronger family values than the far-left political class. A number of Latino parents even accused the state’s education bureaucracy of “racism” for attempting to conceal the extremism from Spanish-speaking parents.
Hispanic leaders noted that the Education Department failed to make the Health Education Framework available in Spanish, even though almost a third of households in the state are Spanish-speaking and even though it normally makes other materials available in Spanish. That likely meant that the education establishment was trying to deny the parents the opportunity to have a say in what their children would be taught.
“They have lost our trust with this framework, it goes against our values as parents,” Alfred Cuellar, a concerned father in Anaheim, told The Newman Report at, blasting medically inaccurate information. “This is a direct attack on the family, on laws established by God that marriage is between a man and a woman. This should not be accepted in our schools. Our children are not a political field. Teaching minors about transgenderism is illegal.... Our children should not be an experiment.” A dozen concerned parents echoed the outrage in comments sent to this writer, with some threatening to withdraw their children from government schools entirely.
But despite the outrage, California officials have made abundantly clear that even individual opt-outs from the indoctrination are not permitted under state law. Orange County Board of Education General Counsel Ronald Wenkart said it plainly in a memo: “Parents who disagree with the instructional materials related to gender, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation may not excuse their children from this instruction.”
Officials explained the same thing on government websites aimed at parents. “As stated in Education Code 51932(b), the opt-out provision of the California Healthy Youth Act does not apply to instruction or materials outside the context of sex education, including those that may reference gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, discrimination, bullying, relationships or family,” the Orange County Department of Education explains on its website. Parents are allowed to tell their children they disagree with the material, but that is as far as their rights extend if they continue sending them to government schools.
As mentioned previously, surveys show over 25 percent of California children aged 12 through 17 are “gender non-conforming,” according to UCLA data. And some studies show as many as 20 percent to 50 percent of American young people identify as LGBTQI+. In some nations such as Sweden, where the indoctrination is most extreme, experts have revealed that the number of “transgender” children is doubling every year. And under the HEF, that trend is expected to accelerate across California, too.
Family Research Institute Chairman Dr. Paul Cameron, one of the leading academic researchers in the field, offered a stark warning. “Because sexual tastes are learned, given the right circumstances and the right time, in just about any society or family, some will acquire homosexual desires,” he told The New American magazine. “While about a quarter of acquisitions can be traced to molestation, the bulk seems happenstantial — seeing or hearing something that plants an idea that somehow grows into homosexual desire.”
“Clearly, the more the notion is fertilized, the more likely an LGBT outcome becomes,” he continued, warning that the LGBT threat is now international in scope. “Getting informed of homosexuality by a cartoon, or a classroom lecture, is probably ‘enough’ to turn a few children (out of millions) toward homosexual desire. Obviously, with repetition and fertilization, ‘a few here and a few there’ starts a process that partially explains the tripling of homosexuality in high school youth over the past three decades.”
Dr. Cameron was raised in California. But back then, he had not heard the word “queer” until middle school. Today, it is ubiquitous, down to the earliest ages. And this will have profound repercussions. “The new curriculum will create many thousands of LGBTs in the California school system,” he explained. “And while most kids who ‘turn LGBT’ will probably come from troubled or liberal homes, some will come from conservative or deeply religious families due to the odd events that influence human sexual desire.”
As a result of the outrage, state officials claimed that some of the objectionable material referred to in this article was removed from the HEF prior to final approval. However, the latest versions of HEF available on the Department of Education’s website still show the material. And even if it is true that some was removed, the fact that it was in there to begin with illustrates how dangerous the education establishment has become to America’s children.
Of course, California’s new Health Education Framework is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the insanity that now permeates the government education system in America. To learn more about what is happening in public schools across the country, please read this magazine’s February 4 Special Report on education, or try to attend one of the many presentations on this topic that will be given around the country. (See the article on page 25).
Americans must take urgent action to rescue their children, or the consequences will be practically inevitable and absolutely catastrophic. Time is running out.


New video reveals the truth about California’s radical sex education program


NO OPT-OUT ALLOWED: The California Sex Ed Indoctrination

This is a video that exposes what is happening in public schools. It contains under cover videos of Cardea Services and the ACLU training school districts how to cut parents out of their children's lives. Hosted by radio show personality Don Dix, and Pastor Tim Thompson of 412 Church in Murrieta. They tell the story of the local battle to keep radical LGBTQ curriculums from being mandatory learning for children as young as 4 years old ---and the massive backlash they received.  Undercover footage of an actual meeting in California tells EXACTLY what the ACLU and radical LGBTQ groups intend to teach your children, and have already passed into law.  This film will outrage you if you believe that parents should have the right to opt their children out of controversial classes taught in publicly funded schools.

NO OPT-OUT ALLOWED: The California Sex Ed Indoctrination from Jeremiah Films on Vimeo.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
“Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States,” President Donald Trump tweeted on Monday. “They will be removed as fast as they come in.”
Trump’s announcement signals that the U.S. government will finally begin real enforcement of its immigration laws. It has been common to refer to America’s immigration system as “broken,” with the need for some sort of “comprehensive immigration reform.” Perhaps the laws need to be tweaked, perhaps not, but the reality is that the biggest problem with the immigration laws of the United States is that they have not been enforced rigorously in decades.
President Dwight Eisenhower — in the 1950s — was the last U.S. president to direct a large-scale removal of persons in the country illegally.
Article II, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution makes it very clear that it is incumbent on the president of the United States to enforce American laws — including immigration laws. The Constitution states of the president, “He shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”
Just because presidents previous to Trump have been derelict in their duty does not mean that Trump’s action should be controversial, but it no doubt will be characterized as cruel, and will probably be challenged in federal court. No doubt opponents will go “judge shopping” to find a judge who will ignore the fact that the president is simply enforcing present law, as is his right and duty, and attempt to block the action.
Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf quickly condemned Trump’s announcement that illegal aliens will be rounded up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “If you continue to threaten, target and terrorize families in my community … and if we receive credible information … you already know what our values are in Oakland — and we will unapologetically stand up for those values,” Schaaf responded.
Some of Trump’s critics quickly used the president’s announcement of impending ICE round ups, noting that Trump administration officials had previously threatened Mayor Schaaf last year with legal consequences for alerting illegal aliens in her city of a local effort by ICE to arrest persons in Oakland who are in violation of the law.
Then-ICE Deputy Director Thomas Homan, who has since been announced as Trump’s pick for “border czar” (although he has said he is still thinking on whether to accept the position), said at the time, “The Oakland mayor’s decision to publicize her suspicions about ICE operations further increased that risk for my officers and alerted criminal aliens — making clear that this reckless decision was based on her political agenda with the very federal laws that ICE is sworn to uphold.”
The criticism of Trump is unfounded, however, as it is Trump’s prerogative as president as to how to enforces federal law — it is not Schaaf’s. Schaaf needs to worry about enforcement of local laws in Oakland (a high-crime city) and doing things that mayors do. President Trump, on the other hand, has taken an oath to uphold federal laws, such as removing persons who are in the country illegally.
In this endeavor, Trump has picked a new director at ICE who shares Trump’s passion for protecting the country from the invasion of illegal aliens — former Border Patrol officer Mark Morgan. Morgan came to Trump’s attention when Morgan appeared on cable television advocating strict enforcement of all immigration laws. Morgan had already said publicly that it is his intention to not only keep out additional illegal immigrants, but to also remove those already here.
On June 4, Morgan told the press, “Our next challenge is going to be interior enforcement. We will be going after individuals who have gone through due process and who have received final orders of deportation.” Admitting that this action “will include families,” he promised that ICE agents will treat the parents and children they arrest “with compassion and humanity.”
While some have expressed that the public announcements will “tip off” those in the country illegally, and make it easier for them to avoid apprehension, others have countered that making it clear that the laws will now be finally enforced will have the effect of encouraging illegal aliens to leave the country, and discourage others from even trying to enter the country. By law, a person who is caught in the country illegally is supposed to have his chances reduced of ever being admitted as a legal resident, so some here illegally now might decide it is best to clear out.
Expect orchestrated public outrage when the round-ups start, complete with the typical sob stories by liberal reporters. The alternative is to allow the continuation of the flood of illegal aliens entering the country, with all the negative consequences associated with that.
When President Obama campaigned in 2008, he promised the “transformation” of America. While he was president, he spoke to a group of newly naturalized Americans, and told them that they were an important part of his plan of creating the “new” America he envisioned.
As America becomes increasingly divided along ethnic lines, the ideal of a United States of America becomes increasingly more difficult to achieve. Tom Woods, a noted author, explained, “The extraordinarily high rate of immigration, legal and illegal, into the United States is an indication that our country is doing something right. Currently, half the world’s immigrants come to the United States.”
Yet, to hear the Left tell it, America is populated mostly by bigots and haters. Why would so many of the word’s people want to come to a country that hates them so much?
“A facile advocacy of open borders,” Woods wrote, “gives the central state exactly what it wants; the chance to supersede the preferences of property owners, and to provide the pretext for further encroachments on local and individual liberty.”
Woods is right, and all Americans who want America to remain a non-socialist country should hope and pray that Trump is successful in halting a key part of the plan of Obama and his fellow leftists to transform our country.



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
In a 2020 field of odd candidates, Mayor Peter Buttigieg's candidacy may be the strangest because his only actual credential (gay and Obameseque are not actual credentials) is running South Bend. One of the worst failed cities in Indiana. A truly miserable place.
The media has conveniently avoided allowing any scrutiny of South Bend or its huge crime rates. My articles about them have been virtually the only ones in, either the media, or much of the conservative media for that matter.
On March 31, a South Bend grandma brought her grandson to the hospital. The 11-month-old baby boy had been shot. His grandmother’s car had also taken fire. It was another early morning in South Bend.
Around the same time, Mayor Buttigieg, was toting up the $7 million in donations from his charm offensive as his bid for the 2020 Democrat nomination got underway. The national media never bothered reporting the shooting of an 11-month-old boy in the city he was supposed to be running, but instead confined its coverage of South Bend matters to a publicity stunt wedding officiated by Buttigieg.
The horrifying shooting of an 11-month-old boy on the millennial mayor’s watch was not an unusual incident. In the last few days, even as the media was gushing over Buttigieg’s presidential ambitions, two Indiana University South Bend players were injured in a shooting on Notre Dame Avenue, a blind date ended in a shooting, and yet another shooting added to the bloody toll in the real South Bend.
Those are quite a few shootings for a city of barely 100,000 people. But South Bend is a violent place.
While Chicago is notorious for its murder rate, in 2015, Buttigieg’s South Bend actually topped Chicago’s 16.4 homicides per 100,000 people with a homicide rate of 16.79 per 100,000 people. Those numbers put Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s city on the list of the top 30 murder capitals in the country for the year.
In January, three shootings in one week killed two teens and left a woman paralyzed from the waist down. In one summer week, the casualties included a 12 and a 13-year-old. Last year, a man shot 6 people when he opened fire on 50 partygoers in a house and was sentenced to 100 years in jail.
By 2017, shootings had risen 20% on Mayor Buttigieg’s watch. Rapes increased 27% and aggravated assaults rose from 183 in 2013, the year before Buttigieg took office, to a stunning 563 assaults.
By April, the politician whose supporters called him, “Mayor Pete” had been neglecting the city where 8,515 voters in an apathetic city of 102,245 had elected him mayor. While the bodies piled up, Buttigieg and his boyfriend were rushing between upscale fundraisers and media appearances.
By the end of March, as Peter Buttigieg turned into the new Dem crush, 6 people had been shot in his city. A talented baseball player had been paralyzed and an 11-month old baby had been wounded.
"My name is Pete Buttigieg. They call me Mayor Pete," Buttigieg declared in the city he now occasionally visited. "I am a proud son of South Bend, Indiana.”
Now, the escalating violence in the city he has been running into the ground has forced "Mayor Pete"  to actually head back to South Bend.
Predictably, it wasn't the multiple gang shootings that did it. Instead, it's the only kind of shooting that Democrats care about anymore.
Authorities say a man has died after a shooting involving a police officer in South Bend, the Indiana city where Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is mayor.
Buttigieg said he changed his campaign schedule to return to South Bend on Sunday and hold a late night news conference. He said that the circumstances of the death would be thoroughly investigated, and called on any witnesses of the shooting to come forward and speak to investigators.
“We will be striving to reach out to community members,” Buttigieg said.
Expect Buttigieg to protect his presidential prospects by trying to throw the book at the officer, regardless of the facts.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Troubling news emerged three months ago that Qatar, which funds Hamas and al-Qaeda, had begun a massive military aircraft project in South Carolina. The country is also reported to be spending hundreds of millions of dollars in funding the spread of Islamic propaganda and dawah through academic institutions. And now, Qatar “is set to distribute more than $10 million in aid to thousands of cash-strapped Palestinians in the Gaza Strip”. Qatar is also Hamas’ ally and has been already pumping millions into so-called aid to Gaza. “Aid” to Gaza and to the Palestinians go to fund jihad terror against Israelis. Even teachers with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) have been caught inciting jihad terror and antisemitism in schools–including Holocaust denial and praises of Hitler.
The money was brought into the Hamas-controlled enclave Sunday evening by the Qatari ambassador to Gaza.
Some days ago, Palestinian Sheikh Abu Hanifa Awda declared from Al Aqsa mosque (the third holiest site in Islam), that an “army of Islam will set out from Jerusalem to conquer to world”.
“Qatar to Distribute Funds in Gaza to Hamas Supporters”, Breitbart, June 17, 2019:
(AFP) — Gulf state Qatar is set to distribute more than $10 million in aid to thousands of cash-strapped Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, a Qatari official said on Monday.
The money was brought into the Hamas-controlled enclave Sunday evening by the Qatari ambassador to Gaza and is expected to be distributed Monday or Tuesday, the official said on condition of anonymity.
More than 100,000 families will each receive payments of $100, he added.
Disbursement of the funds from post offices had yet to begin Monday lunchtime.
Another 15 million dollars would be provided for infrastructure and cash-for-work projects, the official said.
Qatar, a rare Hamas ally in the Middle East, has been providing millions in monthly aid to Gaza since November.
The money is part of an informal agreement between Islamists Hamas and Israel that is supposed to ensure calm in exchange for an easing of the Jewish state’s crippling blockade of Gaza.
Hamas and Israel have fought three wars since 2008…..


The author of “Sword and Scimitar” gives the inside story of an ominous surrender

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Raymond Ibrahim, a scholar of Islam, prolific writer, and author of Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians (2013); and The Al Qaeda Reader (2007) He has appeared on C-SPAN, Al-Jazeera, CNN, NPR, and PBS; his writings have appeared in the New York Times Syndicate, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Financial Times, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and Jane’s Islamic Affairs Analyst.  A sought after speaker, Ibrahim has briefed governmental agencies, including the U.S Strategic Command, lectured at the National Intelligence University, and testified before Congress.
Introduction: On June 10, the US Army War College (USAWC) surrendered to the demands of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)—an “unindicted co-conspirator,” to quote the U.S. Dept. of Justice, in the largest terror funding case in American history, and a designated “terrorist organization” for nations such as the UAE.
CAIR’s hysterical propaganda campaign focused on presenting Ibrahim—a native Arabic speaker of Egyptian/Middle Eastern descent—as a “racist” and “white nationalist” who, if allowed to speak before the War College, would incite American soldiers to start murdering Muslims in the street.  In response, the US Army War College capitulated and canceled Ibrahim’s long-planned lecture on his newest book, Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West, which was scheduled for this coming Wednesday, June 19, at the War College, located in Carlisle, Barracks, PA.
Frontpage: Welcome, Raymond, to Frontpage Interview. It's an honor to have you here. Let’s get right to it. What happened?
Ibrahim: Sure, Jamie, thanks for the opportunity.  Here are the facts: On January 4, 2019, I received an email, portions of which follow:
Mr. Ibrahim: On behalf of the Director and Staff of the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC), I am honored to invite you to speak as part of the USAHEC’s 2019 Perspectives in Military History Lecture Series.  …   [W]e would like you to speak about your new book, “Sword and Scimitar.”  The Perspectives series attracts a wide audience including the U.S. Army War College students, faculty, and staff, ROTC cadets, Soldiers from regional military bases, university students and faculty, and the general public.
“On a personal note,” the author of the email added, “I think your new book, and a lecture based on it, will resound very well with the primary audience of our lecture programs—the students and faculty of the U.S. Army War College.”
After I accepted the invitation, my USAWC contact reiterated: “I am excited to book you, I think your topic will be perfect for my audience.”
Aside from a few more exchanges on dates and logistics, that was that -- until CAIR got wind of the event.
[Graphic on Left: A promotional image of Ibrahim’s now canceled lecture at the War College that circulated on social media in recent weeks.]
FP: And so what did CAIR do?
Ibrahim: CAIR initially tried to take the “professional” route.  On May 28, CAIR’s PA leadership—namely Jacob Bender, Timothy Welbeck, Ahmet Selim Tekelioglu —sent a letter to USAWC Commandant Gen. John Kem and Provost Dr. James Breckenridge urging them to revoke “the decision of the US Army War College to invite Mr. Raymond Ibrahim to deliver the prestigious 50th Annual Lecture Series of the US Army War College.” 
The reason cited by CAIR to disinvite me is that “Raymond Ibrahim’s book …  advance[s] a simplistic, inaccurate and often prejudicial view of the long history of Muslim-West relations which we find deeply troubling.”  (A Task Force report titled, “Army War College under fire over historian’s upcoming lecture on ‘clash of civilizations’ between Islam and the West,” has the complete CAIR letter.)
Interestingly, and although my book is 352 pages, covering nearly fourteen centuries, not once did CAIR highlight a certain passage or excerpt in its letter to the USAWC to support its accusation that the book “is based on poor research.”
After media outlets began reporting on CAIR’s letter to the USAWC, the latter called and assured me that the event was still on.  I also received a June 5, 2019 email from my USAWC contact saying, “We are good to go for the lecture.”
FP: Well that was promising, so what made them eventually cave in?
Ibrahim: Having seen that a formal, ostensibly rational sounding letter of “concern” would not suffice, CAIR and its allies decided that mass hysteria would have to do.  On June 6, 2019, CAIR issued a number of screeds, including a Press Release and a petition addressed to the USAWC by Linda Sarsour’s Islamist group, MPower Change.  The overall theme is that, if the USAWC goes ahead with my planned lecture, the “racist” military will get so riled that American soldiers will randomly begin to massacre Muslims at home and abroad.  The following excerpts from the MPower petition are typical; note especially the last paragraph (bold and underlining in the original):
The U.S. Army War College invited Raymond Ibrahim—a well-known Islamophobe and disseminator of inaccurate, ahistorical, anti-Muslim rhetoric—to speak at their upcoming 50th Annual Lecture Series on June 19th.
In a time of rising white nationalism, Islamophobia, and horrific violence stemming from these ideologies, the College is endorsing and fostering anti-Muslim hate within the military by inviting Ibrahim….
Ibrahim’s rhetoric … normalizes and justifies violence against Muslims, which is already a burgeoning problem for the military…..  Let’s tell the U.S. Army War College: If you don’t rescind Ibrahim’s invitation and denounce his Islamophobic rhetoric, you’re not only endorsing anti-Muslim hate, but dangerously nurturing Islamophobia and white nationalism within the military.
Just a few days ago, California Rep. Duncan Hunter—who ran an explicitly Islamophobic campaign for Congress—casually admitted that he and his unit “killed probably hundreds of civilians…probably killed women and children in Iraq.”
Tell the U.S. Army War College: Ibrahim’s lecture would push the same kind of incendiary, Islamophobic rhetoric that has led to violence inflicted on Muslim communities—both in the U.S. and abroad.
In the midst of their lies, CAIR and MPower repeatedly present me -- an Arab-American whose parents immigrated from Egypt to evade Islamic oppression -- as a “racist” associated with “white nationalism.” 
Also like the original CAIR letter of May 28, the MPower petition repeatedly asserts that “his recent book, Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West, advances an Orientalist and inaccurate view of Islam,” without once showing how; it merely claims that “His simplistic and flawed version of history -- riddled with prejudiced stereotypes of Islam -- espouses a dangerous agenda that demonizes Muslims.”
FP: That is rather telling.  Considering how long your book is, couldn’t they find a single sentence to present -- by distorting it -- as “fake history”?
Ibrahim: Apparently not.  Here’s the thing: although long suppressed by the Left, the history I present in Sword and Scimitar is ironclad, verifiable, and beyond well documented; with about a thousand endnotes, it is heavily based on primary -- especially Muslim -- sources, including material I translated.
It’s also important to stress that, whereas none of the CAIR activists petitioning the War College have any credentials in the discipline of history, here is what actual and highly regarded historians and scholars in the fields of Muslim-Western history say concerning the book (many more can be read here):
  • “Raymond Ibrahim’s Sword and Scimitar is … first-rate military history and a product of solid scholarship and philological research.”― Victor Davis Hanson, America’s leading military historian and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution
  • “[Sword and Scimitar is] a refreshingly honest account of Islamic expansion and Christian reaction that provides useful insights into today’s problems. This is history as it should be done: allowing the past to inform and guide the present, rather than distorting the past to fit contemporary political ideologies (emphasis added).”―Paul F. Crawford, Professor of Crusades history, California University of Pennsylvania
  • “Ibrahim tells his story with extensive citations of primary sources … Moreover, his method reveals the religious, political, and material motivations of the leading Christian and Muslim actors in this enduring conflict of visions that seem so very different from many modern western secular sensibilities.”―James E. Lindsay, Professor of Middle East History, Colorado State University
  • “An accessible and well-researched examination of extremely important but often neglected cultural phenomena and historical events that have impacted several civilizations up to the present day.”―Darío Fernández-Morera, Professor of Spanish History, Northwestern University, and author of The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise
  • “[An] eye-opening introduction to a millennium of warfare between the Muslim and Christian worlds before the modern age.”―Thomas Madden, Professor of Crusades history, and award-winning author of Istanbul, Venice, and Concise History of the Crusades
FP: Raymond, why do you think CAIR has created such a hysterical smear campaign over a military history book, most of which deals with events that took place hundreds of years ago? They usually go after people who discuss Islamist machinations in current events, right?
Ibrahim: This is important to narrow in on, thanks Jamie.
I actually give CAIR credit in the perspicacity department: unlike many in the West, they know how important it is to control the historical narrative between Islam and the West -- a narrative which for decades has largely been in the keeping of their allies, that is, anti-Western, pro-Islamic leftist academics. Because this pseudohistory has long presented Islam as a peaceful and progressive force throughout history—certainly in comparison to the West -- all talk concerning modern day Islamic terror and extremism has invariably revolved around questions such as “What went wrong?” and “Why do they hate us?”
These supposedly all important questions that dominated public discourse after September 11, 2001 are fundamentally rooted to history.  Think of it this way: If the Islamic world was a tolerant and advanced force for centuries, as generations of Americans have been led to believe, then surely its modern day descent into radicalism and terrorism must be based on other factors—hence the nonstop claims that economics, education, politics, grievances, “lack of jobs” to quote the Obama White House, etc., are the real reason.
Such logic is admittedly sound -- but only if one subscribes to its first premise, that Islamic history is largely peaceful and tolerant. 
But for those who become acquainted with Islam’s true history vis-à-vis the West as recounted in the book—a millennium-long history of virtually nonstop jihad and mindboggling atrocities that make ISIS appear tame -- there is no “what went wrong?” or “why do they hate us?” to explain, only an unwavering, continuous line of violence and enmity -- one that was always, whether in its Arab, Berber, Tatar, or Turkish manifestations, articulated as jihad -- and one that went on hiatus during the colonial era but is now back in full force.
Hence CAIR’S unprecedented attack -- one described by neutral reporters as “the first time that a speaker at a U.S. military educational institution has been subject to such a campaign.” The “unindicted co-conspirator” of Hamas-related terrorism knows that the first and long unquestioned -- but ultimately false -- premise of all Muslim apologias is historical in nature, and is doing all it can to keep it safe from attack.
FP: Makes sense, thanks Raymond. Let’s get back to the War College. How did it respond to this second round of CAIR-induced hysteria dedicated to smearing you as a “racist” and “Islamophobe"?
Ibrahim: Spineless capitulation: on June 10, the USAWC caved in to the Islamists’ demands and canceled the event.  In my last phone call with the USAWC on that same day, I suggested a compromise: turn my lecture into a debate, and pit me against any academic of CAIR’s choosing.  Even though I was under no obligation to make such a concession, it still wasn’t good enough for the USAWC.
Perhaps the most dishonorable aspect of this entire fiasco is that, in a vain effort to save face and pretend that the prestigious United States Army War College is not surrendering to the demands of a notorious Islamist organization—whose subversive tactics and terroristic ties are well documented (hereherehere, and here, for example) -- the USAWC’s official story is that my lecture has only been “postponed,” and not because of CAIR’s demands. 
As a June 10, 2019 report notes, the USAWC’s decision to “postpone” the event “comes  in the wake of strong opposition from the Muslim community to the previously scheduled appearance of author Raymond Ibrahim.  The Army War College on Monday, however, suggested that the postponement had nothing to do with the outcry from the Muslim community” (emphasis added).
Reality is clear enough: for the USAWC suddenly to postpone a long-planned event only nine days before schedule -- and just a few days after CAIR’s smear campaign -- is not a “coincidence”; it is a clear message for all.
FP: Just so absolutely pathetic.
If the War College is giving in to absurd allegations and fear mongering, is there any American institution that won’t buckle?
Ibrahim: That’s exactly it, Jamie—the most disturbing aspect of this entire incident.  If an ethnic Egyptian and native speaker of Arabic, with verifiable credentials, whose extended relatives continue to be persecuted because they are Christian, can be characterized by Islamist groups with terror links as a “racist” and “white nationalist”; and if, of all places, the US Army War College, as opposed to the average “liberal” college, can so easily capitulate to such patently deceptive tactics—the true motives of which are to keep the actual and troubling history between Islam and the West concealed from the military -- the hour is very late indeed. 
FP: I am so sorry about this Raymond -- both for you and for every one of us who cherishes freedom and freedom of speech.  This is a very ominous and frightening development. Is there anything else we should know about?
Ibrahim: Yes, this incident is not over.  Several concerned military and congress men and media have contacted me, and I’ll be in Washington DC this week to meet with them.
If true, here’s another disturbing development: the latest information I’m getting from people who say they live in the Harrisburg region is that, after CAIR’s hysterical campaign, there was a “disturbing tension” in the air among the Muslim community of Harrisburg, a “palpable fear” which some are saying contributed to the USAWC’s decision to appease local Muslims.   For the record, I cannot independently verify any of this -- have never even been to Harrisburg -- but am just relaying what some anonymous (and apparently scared) locals are conveying to me. 
It is interesting to note, however, that in support of these claims, in their May 28 letter to the USAWC, CAIR leaders Jacob Bender, Timothy Welbeck, and Ahmet Selim Tekelioglu, made the following assertions, which in retrospect seem to take on a more ominous meaning:
Indeed, as word of Mr. Ibrahim’s upcoming lecture has spread, we have been contacted by Muslims and interfaith allies from all over Pennsylvania, and especially from the Harrisburg area which houses over a dozen mosques, who called us to express their shock that such a prestigious institution as the US Army War College would invite, and thereby confer legitimacy on, an individual who spreads falsehoods about their faith, the faith of 1.6 billion human beings, and the fastest growing religion in the United States and the world. (emphasis added)
In light of what I’m now being told, this reads like a veiled threat. 
FP: Scary times. Raymond, thank you for giving joining us today and for giving us the full scoop. Thank you for all that you do -- and we wish you much strength in your endeavors.
Ibrahim: Thank you, Jamie, including for the opportunity to share.

Lopez Moment: Advice for Trump on Countering 

Jihadist Subversion