republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Everyone not lying to themselves predicted when the federal government under Bill Clinton – aided and abetted by Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities and World Relief Minnesota — plopped 30,000 Somalis down into the midst of the kind, virtue-signaling, eager-to-help Midwesterners of Minneapolis (of which I am one) that it would lead to some grave consequences for our community.
Now, due to continuing refugee placements as well as chain migration there are an estimated 80,000 Somalis living in the Twin Cities metro area, or more like 79,000 if you subtract those who’ve left the country to join terrorist organizations like ISIS.
Anyhow, here’s a week Minneapolitans had with their Somali neighbors last month:
On Wednesday, May 15th a couple of University students were attacked on campus at the East Bank Train station by two Somali thugs. It was an attempted robbery that the guys rebuffed sustaining injuries that required a hospital visit.
On Thursday, May 16th two Somalis burned down the pavilion at Lake Calhoun [or Lake Bde Maka Ska if you’re a virtue signaler) an eating and hanging out meeting place in the heart of the city enjoyed by generations of Americans around the prettiest city lake you’ve ever seen. This is in the most expensive neighborhood in Minneapolis.
 On Friday, May 17th a gang of 10-12 Somali youths attacked all the white people at that same East Bank Train station with hammers and pipes. Snopes says this is “Mostly False” because after the attack they fled, and out of the 7 who were eventually apprehended only two were still in possession of weapons, in this case pipes. So therefore, it never happened.
And now Tuesday, May 20th a woman walking her dog in a gorgeous, huge, wooded off leash dog park, complete with sandy beach on the Mississippi River, found spikes just off the path. Sharp metal objects taped to a wooden spike, presumably designed to hurt dogs running happily through the underbrush. Now, we don’t know that a Somali did that, it could be some crazed psycho Swede, but Islam abhors dogs as unclean because the prophet did.
Will this cause anything to change in Minnesota? Will the city’s leaders stop wearing the hijab in solidarity with the worst of Islam, incredibly, after they attack us!? Will Minneapolitans elect secular, assimilated Somalis rather than proudly Sharia- supporting, anti-Semitic, enshrouded Somali Muslims like Ilhan Omar? (80% of Democrats picked her in the primary.) I doubt it. They did all that after the following events:
·      In 2018 it was uncovered that Somalis had perpetrated a massive, community wide scam against the welfare state of Minnesota, stealing an incredible $100 million from a childcare handout program by fraud and shipping that money to Somalia to fund God knows what. (Incidentally, though finally proven in 2018, this was an open secret for years. I knew about this scam when I left the state in 2014.)
·      Dozens of Somalis, men and women, over the years arrested or tracked as they attempted to join terrorists overseas including ISIS. The feds are concerned it is still a rich breeding ground for Islamic supremacy and terrorist organizations.
·      In 2016 the first Somali police officer murdered a woman in her pajamas who had called in a disturbance. I guess it’s not safe to call the cops when you see something and say something. He has been found guilty of that murder.
·      In 2018 a Somali student at St Catherine University attempted to burn downthe school and “hurt people,” saying, ““You guys are lucky that I don’t know how to build a bomb because I would have done that.”
·      In 2017 a Somali man stabbed a young woman 14 times for no apparent reason — he didn’t go after her purse — while she was walking home from her job at an Apple Store. He’s still at large. Curiously no composite sketch was ever released to the media.
·      In 2016 during Ramadan a gang of religious robed Somali men terrorized the city’s affluent Linden Hills community “for three straight days, threatening to rape a woman, beating one resident’s dog, and shouting “jihad!” as they drove vehicles over residents’ lawns and pretended to shoot people through their duffel bags. No arrests were made.” (Seriously read this account. You will find it absolutely horrifying and it’s shocking that no arrests were made with all these people trying to get license plate numbers, all the likely surveillance cameras etc. It makes one wonder if the city is protecting Somalis from being held accountable to our laws.)
·      In 2012 90% of Somalis worldwide said they think they agree with Sharia Law and think it should be implemented.
But Ilhan Omar wears such pretty head scarves when she’s raising money for the Muslim Brotherhood.
I’m not sure what it would take for Minneapolitans to wake up and stop being so suicidal with their multiculturalism. Terrorism, arson, violent crime, murder, corruption, fraud, female oppression is apparently not enough.

"Angry Carpenters" Commit Jihad in Minneapolis

Once again, the local Minnesota Marxist media provides a pass and covers for the Somali gangs who threaten and assault law abiding citizens. This time the incident occurred at a light rail station where a group of Somali teens assaulted by-standers with hammers. Barely and falsely covered by our Marxist media, this unholy alliance places innocent Minnesotans in danger from the unfolding jihad.
Report by Marni Hockenberg
Somalis in Minnesota Steal Millions in Welfare Scam, Money Goes To Terrorists
Henrik talks about the massive daycare welfare scam that Somalis have been running in Minnesota in order to funnel millions of dollars to Islamic jihadist group al-Shabaab.

Millions of dollars in suitcases fly out of 

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, but why?

Several Fox 9 Investigators sources fear public money is ending up in the hands of terrorists due to rampant fraud in a massive state program.

Top Priority for FBI In Minnesota: Somali Extremists

U.S. law enforcement officials say preventing Somali Americans from aiding the terrorist organization al-Shabab continues to be its top priority in Minnesota, where the largest Somali community in the United States resides. VOA's Brian Padden spoke to both a Federal Bureau of Investigation official and a former U.S. attorney in Minneapolis about counter terrorism in America's heartland.


Miley Cyrus Celebrates Abortion In Bizarre Promo

Singer collaborates with Planned Parenthood to make killing unborn babies seem sexy

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
Singer and performer Miley Cyrus released a disturbing promo on Instagram celebrating abortion as healthcare ahead of a collaborative apparel campaign with abortion provider Planned Parenthood.
“Very special collab with @plannedparenthood @happyhippiefdn @marcjacobs TO BE ANNOUNCED veryyyyyy soon! #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #DONTFUCKWITHMYFREEDOM,” Cyrus tweeted Tuesday.
Cyrus is selling pink shirts featuring her topless self covering her breasts with grapefruits, and the phrase “Don’t Fuck With My Freedom” on the front.
It didn’t take long for Cyrus’ grotesque stunt to be transformed into a meme.
Cyrus has worked with Planned Parenthood before.
In April, she sold t-shirts and signed prints of herself and donated the proceeds to the abortion provider.
The abortion industry frequently utilizes the star power of celebrities to push its for-profit eugenics agenda.
And after several states like Ohio, Georgia, and Mississippi passed strict pro-life “heartbeat” bills in response to the left’s over-the-top abortion legislation in New York and Illinois, some in Hollywood have called for their industry to boycott working within these states.


‘They are indoctrinating systematically our kids’: Drag Queen Story Hour Proceeds Despite Parent Protest

‘Dear God: Let NOT the little children be perverted by Drag Queen story hours!’

republished below in full unedited for informational, educational and research purposes:
A library in Massachusetts held a Drag Queen story hour for children despite many parents protesting the event.
Police were outside the Fall River Public Library Saturday as a massive demonstration of parents and religious leaders called for the event to be shut down.
“We believe that they are indoctrinating systematically our kids into a culture that can be very dangerous,” Baptist Temple Church Pastor Michael Johnson told CBS Boston.
One protest sign stated: “Dear God: Let NOT the little children be perverted by Drag Queen story hours!”

Fall River Library forges ahead with Drag Queen reading to kick-off Pride month, despite cancellations across the country. Librarian says “There’s more support than naysayers!” @wbz More than 200 ple came out, which required 2 group readings to accommodate lrg group.

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A library administrator said she’d mostly fielded complaints from people objecting to the event on religious grounds, which was enough to get it shut down in other New England cities, however they decided to go forward with the story hour “because Fall River is a very diverse community, and I thought people were very accepting here.”
Inside, children as young as 1-year-old were “mesmerized” by a pink-wig wearing drag queen calling himself “Naomi Chomsky.”
One parent claimed listening to the man dressed as a woman read was similar to going to see a Disney movie.
“It’s no different than going to see a Disney Princess,” the parent told CBS. “I just want to raise Betty with tolerance for everyone, no matter what.”
Local media CBS Boston portrayed the event as a progression of the gay rights agenda and the “push for acceptance.”
While Drag Queen story hour events continue being held nationwide, the Houston chapter of Drag Queen story hour discontinued the event “for the forseeable future” after at least two of the members reading to children were found to be registered sex offenders.
Fall River Public Library to host Drag Queen Story Hour despite opposition