republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
You might have, at some point, had the kind little old lady on the bus next to you take out her purse and show you a photo album of her children. It’s tedious, but a socially polite formality, to grin in admiration at her children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. It’s not uncommon to be shown the family album when you visit a friend’s house for the first time. It’s not even uncommon for couples in the midst of an international adoption to show pictures of their prospective children, raising funds to bring them home to their new family.
Showing photos of your private jets, however, is probably only something that mega-rich televangelists do. And it’s weird.
On This Week with Jesse, Jesse Duplantis shows a series of portrait frames on his wall displaying not his children or grandchildren, but his private jets. The last one is a spaceship, which he says he is “believing in God for.” You can watch the video below, with commentary beneath it.
 Duplantis showed three planes, including one purchased in 1994, 2004, and 2006. He then showed the Starship Enterprise, which is what he wants eventually. Currently, however, Duplantis will settle for his Falcon 7x. According to Duplantis, Jesus told him that if he wanted to “come up to where he is,” he needs to purchase a Falcon 7x jet.
That’s right. If Duplantis wants to go to where Jesus is, he needs a Falcon 7x.
The Dassault Falcon 7x is a 5,955-mile range large-cabin jet. Its price is about $35 million dollars. There are about 260 Falcon 7x jets on the market. Duplantis says he needs it to “preach the Gospel to every creature” and says that if Jesus was alive today he wouldn’t be traveling on a donkey.

Introducing the Dassault Falcon 7X | PrivateFly

Famous trijet of the French manufacturer Dassault, the Falcon 7X was the first business jet to include "fly-by-wire" technology. Get instant charter prices for flight on the Falcon 7X:

Falcon 7X interior video

How Dassault Puts the VIP Touch 

Inside the Falcon Jet Cabins

Before any business jet manufacturer delivers an airplane to a buyer, a lot of work goes into completing the cabin. To give you an idea of what that work involves, Business Jet Traveler visited Dassault’s completions center in Little Rock, Arkansas.
The shame of a first rank huckster, Jesse Duplantis;
by Todd Friel of Wretched Radio:


The Kundalini spirit

Holy Ghost Meetings with Dr Rodney Howard Browne



SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Rodney Howard Browne is the infamous “Holy Ghost Bartender,” the charismatic prophet who became famous by acting drunk under the supposed influence of the Holy Spirit and mesmerizing the crowd who would similarly act drunk and out of control. You can watch his drunkenness below.
I attended a Rodney Howard Browne event in Dickinson, North Dakota, in October of last year. Browne regaled the crowd with tales of false prophecy and vast conspiracy theories. He likened President Trump to the Messiah several times. After a solid hour of talking about the New World Order, I eventually interrupted the preachers and pointed out there hadn’t been any gospel (it turned out about like you would think).
In the meantime, Browne is out with a new book about the New World Order, and he went on Alex Jones’ Info Wars to shill the book. And that’s a whole lot of crazy in one place.
There was no Gospel whatsoever, but like the event in Dickinson, North Dakota with Browne, there was lots of conspiracy talk. You can watch below.



If you’ve never heard of Rodney Howard Browne, that’s probably a good thing. His church, in Tampa, FL, is a New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) charismatic church that regularly blasphemes the Holy Spirit. Recently, at Browne’s church, a little girl that appears to be about 12 years old took the stage to “preach” to the congregation. During the seven minute video, this girl repeatedly tells her audience to “be a funnel,” and to hold their hands up in the air, because they can’t receive the water unless your “funnel is open.”
There is no mention at all of Jesus Christ in this so-called sermon. This entire charade is pure blasphemy. You can see the audience getting into it, while Browne, himself, is standing on the stage directing this young child into this sinful idolatry. He tells her to “speak in tongues,” in which she began to babble the same, unintelligible nonsense over and over, in what appears to be a drunken stupor with her eyes squinted and a peculiar slurred speech (did they slip something in her drink?), while she was cheered on, and told that this is “how it’s done,” and “what it’s about.”
One thing we can be certain about is that this little girl was, sadly, not receiving an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, but of a completely foreign spirit altogether. This is not of God. While they may have been “funneling” something, it wasn’t blessings from God.
Unless Browne repents, he’s going to have a rude awakening some day when he realizes what he’s done.
It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin. – Luke 17:2
…and another,


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
The comment might have been made tongue-in-cheek, watching the boisterous American bishop give an irreverent sermon at the royal wedding between Harry Mountbatten-Windsor and Meghan Markle. However, the pro-gay women’s conference speaker, Jen Hatmaker, might not have been kidding. 
Hatmaker came out in affirmation of sodomy in April of 2016, demanding that churches accept and approve of both homosexuality and homosexuals in a Facebook post. This followed up on a 2014 comment by Hatmaker, regarding the brief World Vision gay employment scandal, that the Bible was not sufficiently clear on the topic of sodomy. After the April 2016 Facebook post, Hatmaker went on to do an interview with homosexual journalist, Jonathan Merritt, and definitively embraced sodomy, which finally received the attention of the mainstream Christian news and caused a bit of controversy. It takes a lot of heresy to have Lifeway pull your books, and Hatmaker crossed that threshold, which is not an easy feat to do.

Michael Curry, Episcopal Bishop
However, Lifeway’s highest-selling Cash Cow of Bashan, Beth Moore, has repeatedly stood up for Hatmaker in defiance to her paramours and peddlers at the Southern Baptist retailer. As we explained in October of 2017, Beth Moore has been one of the few remaining evangelical voices who have stood loud and proud with Hatmaker since her open support for sodomy and sodomy-based relationships. The two regularly share positive and affirming exchanges in social media, without a hint of criticism from Moore to the heretical Hatmaker.
Hatmaker’s comment over the weekend came apparently from an appreciation for Michael Curry, who delivered a jovial and ethnic-themed homily for the royal wedding. Acting as a jester before the royal court, the Episcopal bishop entertained with his folksy humor, which drew laughter and guffaws from the crowd of high-society Britain that attended the affair. Curry also laced his message with numerous points of political correctness and progressivism, which is for what Curry is best known.
Curry is the presiding bishop of the Episcopal church and focuses his messages primarily on social justice, gay rights, and environmentalism. The U.S. Episcopal Church is one of only two Anglican churches worldwide that allow gay marriage, and much of that is due to the ‘leadership’ of Curry. He has repeatedly compared the plight of pre-Civil Rights black men and women to the struggle of the LGBTQ today.Curry told the New York Times in 2016, for example:What I was attempting to do was to describe the deep pain for L.G.B.T. folk who’ve had to live with not being accepted by the church of Jesus Christ. And sometimes by families and loved ones, and by society. I wanted my brothers to know that our actions would bring them real pain. I said, anytime anybody is excluded, it hurts. I can tell you in all honesty my brothers listened. They did listen.
And so, having blessed a myriad of gay “marriages,” Curry blessed the union of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This should be enough to make most Christians utter John 11:35.
For Hatmaker, though, it was enough to make her want to join the Episcopal church.
She said on Twitter, “I think I just became Episcopalian and I need to know if [Michael Curry] will baptize me and administer the sacraments.”
Bishop Michael Curry responded, “The Episcopal Church welcomes you!” This, of course, is not surprising, considering that the Episcopal church would welcome literally everyone, regardless of the content of their character or soundness of their theology. By the time you’re ordaining sodomites, you’ve already passed the turn-off for heretical lady preachers. Being warmly welcomed by the Episcopal church is like being warmly welcomed under a bridge overpass sheltering a homeless community and shantytown; they take anyone, and so it’s not a compliment.
While it shouldn’t surprise us that Hatmaker, who has largely been confined to extremely liberal quarters in evangelicalism (although she is quoted in the news more than ever) and her speaking platforms shrunk terribly, would find the Episcopal church to be an envious place, it should surprise us that one of the leading ladies in supposedly conservative evangelicalism would “like” Hatmaker’s comment. After all, Beth Moore is speaking at the upcoming women’s meeting at the 2018 Southern Baptist Pastor’s Conference. This is a woman whose material is heavily promoted (and published)  by the Southern Baptist-owned Lifeway Christian Resources.
Some might argue that Moore liked Hatmaker’s comment because it was only a joke (although again, to be honest, who knows?). We might then ask Moore exactly what about Michael Curry and the Episcopal church is funny. Or, we might ask Moore exactly what about Jen Hatmaker is funny. We might ask Moore what about any of this is funny. It’s not funny; it’s John 11:35-type sad.
Actual Christians – the real kind – are fed-up with the herd of cows from Bashan in the evangelical industrial complex who have no business leading women or teaching theology. We are tired of the back-slapping and bad doctrine. We are tired of the thinly veiled feminism cloaked in the language of empowerment. And most of all, we are tired of Beth Moore.


SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
Pulpit & Pen was the first to sound the alarm bell about the gay-affirming research fellow at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention, Karen Swallow Prior (KSP). In our post, Gay Affirming Research Fellow at ERLC, Shocking Liberalism, we explained that Swallow Prior exhibited behavior, associations, and speech that was affirming to those who had and practiced Same Sex Attraction (SSA). James White soon-after confirmed, in his opinion, that Swallow Prior had used gay-affirming language in her writing. Pulpit & Pen took the full brunt of wrath from many in evangelicalism who saw the feminist leader as a benign novelty, with at least one Pulpit & Pen contributor resigning due to our explicitly and meticulously documented claims. Thankfully, many have gone on to see that KSP is exactly who we have claimed her to be. One of these is syndicated radio host, Janet Mefferd.

KSP on the red carpet with her “gay besties” at the Level Ground LGBT Fundraiser
To recap our research regarding KSP, who is both a research fellow at the ERLC and an English Literature professor at Liberty University:
KSP regularly associates with and wrote for Sojourner’s Magazine, the publication that has financially benefited from the politically-oriented cash of George Soros.
KSP “chose not to take a side on the gay marriage issue.”
KSP has been cited by gay activists as their inspiration.
KSP promoted the “It Gets Better Campaign,” which affirms LGBTQ youth in their homosexuality.
KSP attended the “Level Ground” LGBT fundraising event, using soft and compromising terms to speak of the sin of homosexuality.
(All of the above were cited from primary sources in this post)
Likewise, other facts came to light about KSP:
KSP promotes illegal immigration (follow this link for primary sources).
KSP promotes gay Black Lives Matter activists (follow this link for primary sources).
KSP said that abortion was not murder and calling abortion murder is unchristlike (follow this link for primary sources).
KSP demanded an end to industrialized farming and modern animal husbandry, even if it destroys the economy and people suffer as a result (follow this link for primary sources).
KSP was chosen as a Change Agent in evangelical circles for radical animal rights by animal rights groups as early as 2007 (follow this link for primary sources).
KSP promoted Fun Home, gay erotic propaganda (follow this link for primary sources).
KSP congratulated Rachel Held Evans and lauded her appointment to Obama’s White House council (follow this link for primary sources).
And if those aren’t enough, there are many more links here. In spite of the evidence, the social media socialite is still supported by many in the “Reformed” blogosphere including Kofi Adu Boahen, Mr. and Mrs. Erin Harding, and more. For some, digging-in seems to be a hobby.
For Janet Mefferd and her recent guest, Tom Littleton, however, they knew exactly the role that KSP was playing in the current Tet Offensive of Social Justice Warriors who are hell-bent on replacing the Gospel of Grace for the gospel of justice. You can listen below to what is a very, very good podcast conversation between Littleton and Mefferd.
Karen Swallow Prior is mentioned in two different timestamps; the first is at 15:22.
Littleton says (at roughly 15:22):
The ERLC fellow, Karen Swallow Prior, has come out and endorsed [social justice garbage]. This is Russell Moore’s gal-pal who he found up at Liberty and she has already been on the fringes with the LGBT and some of their entertainment celebrations. So, we’re already seeing this mainlined in the SBC and PCA churches that are under the influence of the Gospel coalition.
Mefferd later adds (at 21:07):
At what point, when you see all of the tentacles going off in an event like this and touching repeatedly on people from The Gospel Coalition and the [ERLC] of the Southern Baptist Convention, at what point do those leaders have to answer for all the garbage they’re involved in?…Karen Swallow Prior, a research fellow at ERLC. At what point do these leaders need to answer to the people.
It was a fantastic episode from Mrs. Mefferd, and you should really listen. However, if you want to hear us say these same things more than three years ago, you can listen to old podcasts of the Polemics Report at Bible Thumping Wingnut.


I funded this movie myself because I feel its got an important message that needs to get out. If you liked the movie and would like to help me do more projects, you can donate at…
The production an distribution of this important documentary about the effects of mass Muslim migration into Europe has been fraught with difficulties. Clearly this is news that the political elites don’t want widely known. I received this email this morning from the film’s producer, Michael Hansen:
I am the film maker who produced the movie “Killing Europe.”
I have met with a lot of resistance in trying to get this movie out to people. Baroness Caroline Cox even requested the movie taken down and re-edited, as she retracted the interview she gave for the film. I have had several screenings shut down, and in Canada I’m not even allowed to talk about the shutdowns. This short video will explain in detail these issues and how they even shut down a speech that was suppose to be about the shutdown…that’s right, they censored a speech that was about how they censored my movie.
In light of all these attempts to censor the movie and censor me even talking about it, I have decided to put the movie out for free on YouTube.


World Shocked By UK Government Banning Reporting On Tommy Robinson Imprisonment 

Fox News confirms! Tommy Robinson Has Been 

Imprisoned For Reporting On Organized Pedophilia

Fox news is confirming that the media should not report on this. They took the UK listed sites off and the UK forced them to not report on this.……


SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
I remember cycling through the streets of South London on that blood-soaked day five years ago when Lee Rigby was killed. Riot vans screamed and hurtled past me. I’d no idea what was going on. It wasn’t until I got home that I saw there was an attempt at a beheading on the streets of South London, which explained the riot vans. I was traumatized, along with any other normal and sane human being who watched the murder unfold. The raised and bloodied hands of the devout Muslim who tried to behead Lee. The knife. The interview he gave.
I watched the news very closely in the ensuing days and shook my head with disbelief at the falsehoods that were being spread by the media and other Muslims. They were saying things like, “The killers were not true Muslims,” and that the killers’ motivations were a “misinterpretation of a beautiful religion.” All of this nonsense spouted by media and politicians alike. It was as though they were reading off a script. Lee’s killers had been mobile in Woolwich and their associates were still on the streets. Questions had to be answered, and there were more jihadists to be rounded up. I expected people to demand answers and not rest until we had them, but instead there was some graffiti sprayed here, some name-calling occurring there, and life carried on as usual.
I never expected to see the likes of it again, not on a UK street in broad daylight, but we’ve had less public beheadings in London since then, as well as car jihads and random, multiple stabbings. After each Islamic terrorist atrocity, I keep wondering, WHAT will tip the scales? We are becoming inured to terrorism and bloodshed. Terror attacks are as normal an event as a clock ticking in the UK today. And after each one, we have the moronic lefties spouting utter nonsense such as, “We Londoners will carry on as normal.” Well, of course we will. What else can we do? We aren’t all going to carry out a mass exodus of the city or lock ourselves indoors. But how about the illogical left start thinking of ways to thwart jihadists and extremists, instead of stepping aside and letting them carry on with their barbaric ways?
What will make the people rise up out of their armchairs and realise that hashtags and candles and politicians aren’t fixing the problem? I was still wondering what the tipping point would be until Saturday, 26th May, 2018, when I went to a Free Tommy rally outside of 10 Downing Street. Tommy Robinson is the answer to my question. Tommy Robinson’s well-being will be the tipping point in the UK for authorities, police and politicians, and if they’re smart they’ll take notice of this. The energy and the passion at Downing Street and the anger was palpable at the doorstep of our current MP’s offices. There was a line-up of about 5 right-leaning MPs and others lined up to address the crowd and put forward their own opinions and inform and motivate us. But the crowd was not in a mood to listen, not even to people who are on our side. The consensus seemed to be that enough talking had been done. It was now time for action, and we had all the motivation that we needed – Tommy’s well-being – and we wanted the parliamentarians to be sure they heard us, so we shouted as loud as we could.
After the first man addressed the crowd, we surged forward to the black iron gates of Number 10, which are manned by police with machine guns. A couple of men tried to scale the fence, and I feared they would get shot. One of them opened a bottle of beer and sprayed it over the policemen and threw the bottle at one of them. It was clear the armed cops had orders to stand down, or at least put up with a certain amount of violence from us. We blocked the roads, stopped the traffic, and we chanted for about four hours. A thousand and more of us with less than 24 hours’ notice. Imagine what we will accomplish with a week’s notice and an action plan. It’s time for the authorities to take note. If Tommy Robinson isn’t released from prison and allowed to go about his business and enjoy the same protection and human rights and dignity as Anjem Choudary was afforded, then the authorities need to realise that Tommy represents We the People, and We the People have had enough.
If the government were at all smart and strategic, they would hire Tommy Robinson as an adviser on terrorism. He has consistently identified extremists, because he grew up among them in Luton. He has consistently told us the names of the mosques that are churning out radicals, as well as naming the imams. He has been right time after time, and instead of hiring Tommy (whose information could contribute to keeping us all safe), our government bent down to the MCB and MEND, both of whom have ties to extremists. All of this is okay with our government, because these Muslim organisations bring with them the Muslim voting bloc, and so the parliamentary doors are flung wide open to them at the same time that our liberties get thrown out the window. Or else the government is too busy monitoring extremists, keeping a supposed eye on them while they gather intel rather than locking them up. It serves you well to remember that Lee Rigby’s killer was under observation, as were the London Bridge attackers. No more monitoring – lock them up where they can’t radicalize anyone else, and where they can’t commit acts of carnage.
The treatment of Tommy Robinson will be the tipping point for the people of the UK. If the government are smart, they’ll realize this. We the People, have had enough. No more listening to lies and excuses. It’s time to do right by Tommy, and time to do right by us.

The UK’s legal system has created very specific conditions around Tommy Robinson to silence him

SEE: below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:

Tommy Robinson was arrested, charged, tried, convicted and sent to prison on Friday. This is the detailed explanation of the prior conviction Tommy picked up one year ago in May 2017 in Canterbury that gave the Judge in Leeds the power to do this.
I also cover my background with Tommy Robinson and how I come to know so much about him.
Sign the petition: this will help keep Tommy alive I can assure you.…
Previous videos on this:…


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
False teaching has entered the Church like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, masquerading as “Social Justice”, but bearing sharp teeth of division concealed behind puckered up lips. The wolf is intent to tear the Church apart, ripping and pulling wherever it can. It finds especially vulnerable issues wherever worldly culture has Christians thinking wrongly.
Those sensitive places will open up deadly wounds and sharp divides in the Church unless someone kicks the teeth out of the wolf. That’s what pastors need to do. Call us shepherds. This article is one pastor’s attempt to neutralize a wolf that has been wreaking havoc in the evangelical Church recently.
Let’s pull the mask off the wolf and see if we can recognize who’s under there.
Who is it that always seeks to steal, kill, and destroy? We know that to be the devil. But what worldly philosophy did Satan use to kill upwards of one hundred million people in the last century? That would be called Marxism.
Marxism is, at the root, an attempt to divide the world between oppressed and oppressor (supposing to make things better for the oppressed), which, ironically, achieves its divisive end when those in power become the most oppressive force the world has ever seen.
By God’s grace, America defeated Marxism last century. But Marxism never truly went away. It just stopped trying to overthrow our government from the outside. Now Marxism works its way into American culture to accomplish its ends more slowly. Call that “Cultural Marxism.”
Cultural Marxism “is a revolutionary leftist idea that traditional culture is the source of oppression in the modern world. Cultural Marxism is often linked to an insistence upon political correctness, multiculturalism, and perpetual attacks on the foundations of culture: the nuclear family, marriage, patriotism, traditional morality, law, and order, etc.” (Source).
To understand Cultural Marxism, one must consider it’s progenitor—Marxism.
The Marxist worldview is built upon two presuppositions, both of them wrong.
First, Marxists assume that human beings are essentially morally neutral, born “tabula rosa” (blank slate). As Immanuel Kant theorized, bad behavior in humans is culturally conditioned, not innate to the human condition. Marx and his followers picked up on that. Therefore, they reasoned, if we could only transform society, then people would behave well and ultimately thrive, prosper, and be happy under the improved conditions.
Second, Marxists assume that society as we know it (that is, Western capitalistic society) is fundamentally a class struggle between the rich oppressors and the poor oppressed. The Bourgeoisie own most of the wealth and means of production. They are the oppressors. The Proletariat lack those privileges. They are the oppressed. From these presuppositions (optimistic anthropology and victimology) rings forth the cry for Revolution.
Cultural Marxism keeps the presuppositions but lays the Marxist solution of Communist Revolution to the side.
It still aims for more-evenly distributed economic outcomes. But it doesn’t seek to overthrow society in one fell swoop to make that happen. It is content to work along the edges, moving the boundary between rich and poor a little at a time. But the dichotomy between rich and poor remains. Never mind that wealth is an unbroken spectrum. To the Cultural Marxist, wherever the line between them is to be drawn, there is still a division between rich and poor, which is still characterized as a division between oppressor and oppressed.
But the insidious genius of the Cultural Marxists is that they have taken their oppressor/oppressed presupposition outside of the confines of wealth and the means of production and recruited “allies” from across the spectrum of society. Wherever there are differences among people, the Cultural Marxists swoop in with their oppressor/oppressed construct and force that construct upon the differences, casting everything within this narrative of victimization.
So, Cultural Marxism is not limited to financial concerns. It is just as concerned, and probably more concerned, with issues of race, gender, sexuality, and government. The second presupposition of Marxism—the classification of people as either oppressed or oppressor—is now being applied more broadly by Cultural Marxists.
The oppression that is keeping good people from utopia is no longer just the unfairness of capitalism
Whereby those who have wealth and the means of production are able to produce more and more wealth, while the have-nots are forced to work their tails off without the prospect of enjoying very much benefit from their hard work. Now, under Cultural Marxism, oppression is the unfairness of being black in a white world, female in a patriarchal world, an LGBTQ+ minority in a heterosexual world, an “undocumented” immigrant in a xenophobic world. Cultural Marxism marshals allies from a broad spectrum of society, wherever differences, especially minority status, could be called into question and the oppressor/oppressed construct forced upon the difference.
So widespread is the use of the victimization construct that individuals actually begin to categorize the ways (that’s plural) they are victims, ranking them and weighing them against the victimization of others!
This concept is called “intersectionality.”  The question becomes how the interplay of multiple layers of oppression affect a person. So, white, male, heterosexual, wealthy, American citizens get zero oppression points. Their oppressor ranking is necessarily very high. Conversely, a black, female, gay, poor, immigrant gets off-the-charts oppression points. Her oppression status is a multiplier—victim to the fifth power. She would be an uber-victim, deserving of uber-rights and uber-reparations.
Now, if proponents of intersectionality were rational and sincere, they would realize that there are literally as many ways to divide humanity as there are people on the planet (they would arrive at the individualism upon which Western civilization is based!). The relative privileges of any individual born into this world involves too many factors to calculate. For example, what if our white male above is devastatingly ugly. How will that affect his ability to get jobs, or get married? What if our black female is born with an incredibly high IQ of 190? How will that affect her ability to get jobs, or get married?
What if one or the other of them is extremely tall or short? What if one has Bipolar Disorder? What if the other is predisposed to pancreatic cancer? What if one is lactose intolerant? What if one has an abusive father? What if one has a loving father and a loving mother, who spend time with them in the home and who raise them to love the Lord Jesus Christ with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love their neighbor as themselves? How will those factors affect the outcomes of their lives? What we are given, and what we are not, is—in fact—determined by God, who is both just and free.
The problem that our culture and our churches are encountering nowadays in the areas of race, gender, sexuality, wealth, and government are not as the Cultural Marxists presuppose.
There is not widespread implicit bias. There are not micro-aggressions constantly being perpetrated by the dominant race, dominant gender, dominant sexuality, dominant financial class, and dominant American citizen.
There are not even two identifiable groupings by race, sexuality, wealth, or nationality. Gender is a God-ordained binary, but the others are not. All of these other classifications involve spectrums, not binaries. For example, contra the assertions of Critical Race Theory, there is no such thing as “black” and “white” people. If there were, then Barak Obama would be as much “white” as he is “black”, since his mom was one and his dad was the other.
But to maintain the binary, Critical Race Theory makes the ridiculous assertion that anyone having even one drop of blood with African descent makes a person “black”. And, of course, the Cultural Marxists go on to assert that “whites” are oppressing “blacks”. Such thinking is not biblical. It is Marxist. The problem is not “implicit bias” whereby two groups always exist and the dominant always oppresses the sub-dominant. In truth, the problem is called “Cultural Marxism”, and it has an ugly offspring called “intersectionality.”
It has been sad to watch how successful Cultural Marxism has been in American culture. Sadder still is the reality that it is working its way into the Church. Amazingly, even some of our best teachers don’t seem to recognize it. But listen to their conferences, read their books, hear their sermons, and the sad reality will soon be seen. Well-dressed in sheep’s clothing, a wolf called Marxism has entered our building. Let’s unmask this wolf and clear the Church of it the way Jesus cleared the Temple.
[Editor’s Note: This post was written by Jeff Kliewer, as posted at Bible Thumping Wingnut]


Paris demonstrations against Macron’s social policies turned violent on Tuesday as protesters hurled projectiles at police and broke shop windows. Officers deployed tear gas and detained several protestors.
‘You can’t buy France!’: Thousands rally against Macron’s reforms 
France’s President Macron may have been talking up his ‘people-focused policies’ in recent days, but, in Paris, thousands have rallied against his reforms. RT’s Charlotte Dubenskij was there, as the protest became increasingly agitated.
Germany: Thousands take to Berlin streets 
against AfD demo
Tens of thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the Alternative for Germany (AfD) demonstration in Berlin on Sunday, reportedly vastly outnumbering AfD supporters.

Local media estimated the number of pro and anti AfD protesters at 25,000.

Supporters of the AfD reached their destination at the Brandenburg Gate, but were met by counter protesters on all sides. Riot police stood in guard between the two sides. At least one counter protester was detained with no further information on what grounds.

According to German media, more than 2,000 police officers were deployed including K9 units and police officers on horses.